New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 44 – Reserve corps, Be wise, The State

Monday, 14 November, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Reserve corps of destiny activation (partial)
  • Early morontial connection after meditation or Transmitting/Receiving
  • Be wise, be discerning, and make careful choices
  • Preparation for the coming decades
  • Cultural civil war in the west
  • A witness in the trenches
  • Discover the truths that are common to both sides
  • Separation, war, and getting to Peace
  • What can we do to advance your plans
  • State of being and becoming
  • Become powerful in your peaceful emotions of compassion and love
  • On a universal constitution
  • Moving toward a council of “democratic” nations
  • Separation is in vogue in a viscous way
  • You must teach the underlying truths
  • Vision, intention, mission, goal setting
  • Include a process of adaptation
  • The State and social evolution
  • Enclaves
  • Future of enclaves—equality, sameness, and unity
  • Process of partial reserve corps activation
  • Programa Puente model from Chile
  • Design the future you want your children to live in
  • Rick Brunson update
  • Full text of G’s submitted questions:

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Jesus: The Meandering Road of the Human Condition ― Vol 3 msg 12

Wednesday, 20 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I come. I am Jesus. I wish to talk of the experience of life that most have in this world, that indeed for many, their path for life is a meandering one, one that is not truly focused, one that is filled with unexpected events and outcomes. Unfortunately, most upon your world feel that they have no control over the events of their lives. Rather, they respond and react to whatever is happening for the moment and make their decisions and choices in accordance to this event.

Of course, your culture, your educational institutions and other institutions that are important to society, lay out a framework, a paradigm of expectations and possibilities for the individual. Most often, the individual falls into alignment with this and takes great comfort in their place in society. Others are rebellious and stretch the limits of the tolerance of their society. It was always thus in this world of yours. Those who are compliant and those who wish to see change or do not feel comfortable within the usual ideas and expectations that come with life.

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 43 – Universal Constitution, Autonomous eco-communities

Monday, 31 October, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Best practices
  • A universal Constitution based on the seven universal values
  • Removing separation
  • Working at the local level
  • Autonomous eco-communities
  • Sequences and priorities
  • Celestial help in removing morally bankrupt mortals
  • Human community removal of morally bankrupt mortals
  • Live-or-die
  • Why are we drawn to the recalcitrant miscreant?
  • Creating enclaves
  • The darkest hour before the light of dawn

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Jesus: The Nature of Mind and Soul Consciousness ― Vol 3 msg 11

Monday, 18 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
Beloved souls, I am Jesus. Again, I come to speak to you and to the world regarding the need for a shift of consciousness and soulful awakening in the world. How important it is for humanity to embrace a new way of living in your world. How important it is, for the present activities and ways of interacting with your world must be transformed and changed to something more harmonious, something that will bring the will and power of humanity to sustain life, the flow of life for themselves and the flow of life that is the world.

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 42 – Being a Planetary Manager, Revision of the human culture

Monday, 17 October, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • On questions and answers
  • Your assignment
  • This is for all future generations
  • Timing of the end of Machiventa’s incarnation
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication during divine communion
  • Speak your words out loud
  • Why 46 chromosomes?
  • Inequalities in the Americas
  • The need for a new culture after the impending collapse
  • Begin your planes for future societies at the family level
  • Best practices
  • Ethics, morality, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Hope, faith, belief, trust, and knowing

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Jesus: Understanding Free Will and Its Limitations ― Vol 3 msg 10

Wednesday, 13 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
Beloved souls, I am Jesus. I come to fulfill my commitment to my brothers and sisters upon the Earth, to speak of the truth that I understand and wish to share through this instrument. How wonderful it would be if I could manifest in the flesh and speak to you directly. Yet, through this instrument, the flow of words and truth is adequate for he receives them well. We are bonded well in love.

We continue on this journey of sharing truth in the hope of inspiring and uplifting humanity for there is so little of this truth available to my brothers and sisters. They are more likely to read books or know sermons from those in churches and think with their own idle thoughts of that which they accept as truth but in many ways is distorted and often reflect the human condition rather than that of the Mind and Nature and Soul of God.

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 41 – God’s Will, Life plan, Relationships with celestials

Monday, 3 October, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Consciousness rising
  • Sequencing of developments in a life plan
  • Service in the sequence
  • Steering conversations
  • Relationships with celestials
  • What does it mean to be enlightened
  • Political shredding
  • Nature of past and future
  • Request for intervention to thwart use of nuclear weapons
  • My will is to do Your Will
  • A question about public health in the pandemic today
  • Progress on becoming a Transmitter/Receiver — opening a beach head
  • What is a circuit
  • Questions of consequence
  • Future progress lies in the expression of latent genomic instructions
  • The great vibration of goodness

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Jesus: Soul Consciousness is the Key to the Birthing of a New World ― Vol 3 msg 9

Monday, 11 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I come once again to bring the messages of truth, encouragement, and light to humanity. My desire is that there is a great upliftment and awakening amongst all peoples of this world so that they may come to know their true selves and know their souls which reside within their being.

No matter the race or culture or circumstance of each individual upon this planet, there is an opportunity for each one to have a personal relationship with the Creator. This is not relied upon specific religious doctrine or ideas of the mind which may be a contradiction to this possibility of soul connection with God. These things matter not, beloveds, for God loves each of His children equally whether they are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Taoist or whatever religion they may carry and it does not influence nor diminish God’s love for them. Religious doctrine or belief is often the result of a mind projecting and imagining spiritual truth, the Truth of God.

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 40 – A time of tremendous change, Matrilineal culture

Monday, 19 September, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • The early years of the Teaching Mission
  • Not like a church
  • A time of tremendous change
  • Patience is required of a Planetary Manager
  • The old must change
  • Lucifer’s folly
  • Evil in the world today
  • View of the enlightened in the East and West
  • Matriarchal and patriarchal cultures
  • Self-realization or focused effort to change your culture
  • Employed automaton or quality of life
  • Taking personal responsibility for cultural change
  • Where is all this leading to?
  • Radical change
  • We bless you
  • Be kind to yourself

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seven human valuesABSTRACT
A Precis of Social Sustainability provides an understanding of the logic of the holism of human existence. What is necessary to grasp the logic of social sustainability is an understanding of human motivation. The Homo sapiens species is “programmed” by the program code of its genome to survive without conscious or intentional thought. However, this code can only be applied to the survival of the civilization of humanity by conscious, volitional decisions.

Abraham Maslow paved the way, but knew at the time that his theory of human motivation was not yet complete and that further research would be needed to bring it full circle. That circle has been completed with this precis and the referenced paper in the footnote.

Social sustainability2 will not become fully operational until the program of the human genome has begun to be exercised to bring about social stability and peace. And this must be done with conscious intention, plus appropriate proactive social policies and social programs the intentionally bring about social evolution.

2 Raphael, Daniel 2017-2022 Understanding Social Sustainability

Jesus: Reflects on Our Collective Barriers to Soul Consciousness in the Human Condition ― Vol 3 msg 8

Friday, 8 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I come once again to speak of things pertaining to both your soul and your mind, and your life upon this world of yours, how your reality is crafted by the environment in which you live, the values that you keep, the priorities that you have, and most importantly, the thoughts that you sustain. Humanity is God’s most glorious creation upon this planet. It is God’s most glorious creation because the individual possesses a soul with all its potentials and possibilities. Yet, humanity continues to walk a road that precludes the soul and the possibilities of insight and experience that the soul may provide to the life of each individual. Instead, many continue to experience life, as do many of God’s higher creations, creatures upon this world, that relies upon their five senses and their material minds to make sense of what their experience is at any given time.

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Actors or spectators?

Friday, 7 May, 2021
spiritual service

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
Action; activity; activation; actualization; actionability; activism. Those are a few of the many variances of proactive initiatives. Nothing of substance will ever magically shape up if you do not find practical ways to translate the potentialities you envision into reality.

The value of your life portfolio is not assessed according to the quality of your daydreaming. What would be the point of having a material body if you did not use it as an instrument for creative undertakings?

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 39 – Liz Brunson, Forming the future, Human motivation

Monday, 5 September, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • The passing of Liz Brunson
  • A time of great change—forming the future
  • Tremendous discovery, necessary closures
  • Avahlah’s concepts of organic, human motivation
  • Everette Guy Travis
  • Closure
  • Status of Liz Brunson
  • Transmitting/Receiving for future generations
  • Your grief today
  • Sharing from your hearts

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Jesus: The Nature of Our Growing Soul ― Vol 3 msg 7

Saturday, 2 July, 2022
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I come once again to speak, to share truth and upliftment for my brothers and sisters upon the earthly plane. I wish to share my perceptions on what is Divine consciousness compared to the consciousness of the material mind and the material experiences that you have upon the earthly plane. This, of course, is a very difficult subject to speak of and to share these truths because we are communicating from soul consciousness and you are receiving through a combination of mind and soul consciousness, primarily from your mind.

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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 38 – Social integration, Share celestial knowledge

Monday, 22 August, 2022

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Planetary consciousness and planetary management
  • From separation to integration
  • Social integration and the state of the social and physical sciences
  • We appeal to the open minded—reach out
  • Sharing our knowledge
  • Latin American opportunities to promote global union
  • The social institution of motherhood
  • Perpetuating harmful intergenerational patterns of behavior
  • Thinking about prioritizing the future
  • Duties and obligations as parents are paramount
  • Abuse of a work for hire arrangement
  • You are the pillars of light

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