Winds Of Change

Sunday, 6 March, 2011

Teacher Ophelius:
Today I would like to talk about the recent unrest in the world and why we are seeing it sweep across the nations like a disease-producing agent. The changing times are witness to the increased spiritual pressures that are being brought to bear on the planet. The Spirit of Truth is beginning to function in the hearts and minds of many new souls that are now just awakening to the inner voice, and who no longer believe in the words and promises of men in power who abuse the trust of the people for personal gain.

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Being Available

Tuesday, 25 January, 2011
Prolotheos: Being available for service is one of the most precious secrets of ministry. You cannot be of service to anybody, if you are not available. What I mean by ‘being available?’ Being available, from a spiritual viewpoint is to be willing to engage or be engaged in an activity that is not primarily for your personal gain. It is the disposition for being a channel to minister to others -- to bestow goodness upon others. Your benefit from being available will be a consequence of the fact you made yourself available, that is, the spiritual satisfaction that it grants.

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What Is Love?

Wednesday, 16 March, 2011

Nebadonia: My dear child this is your mother Nebadonia. On this planet there are questions concerning love and what love really is. You have all learned conflicting lessons concerning this topic. It is no wonder that you are all confused. You all receive confusing messages concerning love and concerning love’s application. I would like to answer your question my child. I would like to answer your question concerning love.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter, my beloved children! This is Michael, who once lived in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. On this day when many people remember my resurrection, think of me as your brother, one who understands the human condition and how life is lived here on this world. My death on the cross was NOT a sacrifice to appease God for humanity’s sins….NO! I willingly went to the cross to demonstrate the natural outworking of events that human free will choice makes. My resurrection is proof positive that LIFE exists beyond the physical realm, and that I go before you to prepare a place for you in the universe family once you leave your planet of nativity.

The Enduring Way

Monday, 28 March, 2011
Christ Michael: My dear child this is your Father Michael. Today I would like to speak with you about the enduring way. On the earth there are many ways, many paths, that people walk upon. All of your brethren muddle through in one way or another. They choose that path that seems the most reasonable. They choose a path that seems the easiest. But I tell you my child that the enduring way is fraught with the pitfalls and the ravines which are thrown into your path.

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Mercy and Love

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

Paradise Son Monjoronson: I see that you have received a message from Mother spirit. It is indeed true that the time fast approaches for the coming cataclysm. These cataclysms will be devastating. These cataclysms will bring a radical change to Urantia. This is why we have come here. We have come here to help you all to prepare for these sudden and shocking changes. Is there a better time to speak about love and mercy? For this is what is needed now and especially in the time to come. It will be necessary to develop your love and mercy to a high pitch, so to speak. Because then man will be stripped. They will be stripped of all the accouterments that have been in their way for so long. They will be stripped bare and they will be forced to take stock of what is on the inside. For those of you that have already begun this journey it will not be as much of a shock to the system. But for those that are unprepared this will be a very trying and arduous time. All of you can be there to help your brethren at that time.

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The Coming Cataclysm

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, I received this message last night. At first I was receiving a message from my personal Destiny Guardian. After she finished her message she told me that she was stepping aside for Mother Spirit to come through. Nebadonia brought this message to me. After her message she told me that she was stepping aside for yet another. It was Monjoronson. It was a coordinated effort. They have some pertinent things to say to all of us. They want us to be prepared when the cataclysms start to occur in a large way. They do not want us to be caught off guard. They want us to be ready and to help our brethren when that time comes.

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Gaia - To The Healers Of Earth

Wednesday, 22 June, 2005

Gaia: To those who are the healers of the earth: I am that which you call Mother and I would speak to you. I am the life force pulsing through this world. I am the rhythm of all created life. The song of my love harmonizes you with the divine essence. And I would draw you closer into the dance between human and divine. You hold a special place in my heart, you who are the caretakers of the world; you who lovingly restore the light of the intention of Spirit for this world. You are that which are necessary for the reclamation of this planet into the family of light.

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Urantia Census By Adjuster Status

Monday, 16 May, 2005

The following population census of Urantia was broadcast (shown below) from the Planetary Supreme through the T/R’s Thought Adjuster. At least that is how we understand the process took place at this time. We are told that the liaison is much more complex than that, but understanding will have to wait because it involves concepts not yet revealed. The census given is a snapshot since every minute there are deaths and births that will vary the total numbers at any given time. The exact time the message was received is recorded above.

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Preparing for Cataclysm - Working Teams - Leadership

Sunday, 20 May, 2007

SONDJAH: My work with you and all is related to the development of what is known as "working teams." This is the next phase of cooperative effort between the celestial realms, divine realms, and mortals on this planet and other planets. This is timed for the needs of your planet, in particular, and I am here to help assist you. My function as a Melchizedek teacher on the mansion world schools is to instruct new morontial students in how to relate to celestial entities, one-on-one, in the realm of Mansonia.

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Will You Open Your Hearts

Saturday, 5 February, 2011

From the Transmitter: I have been having a strong urge all day [February 05, 2011] to take a message from Siraya, the voice of the Father. When I did finally sit down at the keyboard the words flowed. The beauty coming through is overwhelming at times. I know that our Eternal Father loves us more than we can know. He wants us to know how precious we are to Him. I have excluded the first paragraph from this message for personal reasons. I may share it with you one day, but I can't do that now. I hope you are as touched by this message as I was. - Paul Conklin

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Model for Sustainability, #95

Sunday, 17 December, 2006

Paradise Son Monjoronson:

  • Universe Model for Sustainability
  • Continued Even, Stable Growth
  • Opportunities for Growth, Variation and Service
  • Affects of Isolation
  • The Plan Optimizes Maximum Potential
  • Allowance for Possibility of Rebellion
  • Abundance of Resources Provided for Growth
  • Orderly System of Upliftments
  • Disarray Due to Decay of Civilization
  • Exceptional Management
  • Freedom to Choose
  • Finding All the Pieces of Universe Pattern
  • Justification for Doing Nothing Before Catastrophe
  • Disagreement about Realities
  • Stark Differences Between 2 Missions
  • Seemingly a Contradiction Between Transmitters/Receivers
  • Why Do Humans Persist in Looking for Apocalypse?
  • Who Serves in Monjoronson’s Mission?
  • Extraction of Minerals from Seawater
  • Any Repercussions for Human Caused Extinction of Species?
  • Question about Disposal of Millions of Bodies
  • Final Intention of this Series

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About Faith

Sunday, 6 June, 2010
pray God

Paradise Son Monjoronson: Each time you are confronted with the limitations of your faith, the creeping in of doubt, the presence of uncertainty, those are the moments when you are on the edge, when you are taking your next step and are expanding your capacity to the next level. When there is a sense of discomfort and you are confronted with evidence of your boundaries and connection to elements of the equation such as doubts and fears, these are the moments where you are perched on the edge and ready to take a dive into the next pool. But there are moments when you gaze down and wonder if the water is fine, wonder if you will be okay having made this leap. But all you need do in your life is reflect on past episodes when you have walked out to the end of the board with intention and stared down the fears and doubts and uncertainties and made the move, pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010
four horsemen of the apocalypse

MONJORONSON: Today I wish to speak about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, as it has been called. This comes from the “Revelations of John,” in the New Testament. The fact that John mentioned them as a part of the apocalyptical revelation does not diminish the fact that they existed beforehand. You are also aware that war has been persistent, continuous and endemic to the cultures of your world since the writing of Revelations. You live in an ongoing apocalyptic era; this is common knowledge to us. You have put the apocalypse as something occurring at a future date, but my friends, you are living through the apocalypse now.

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