Beware of Rogue Thoughts!

Sunday, 5 August, 2018
Beware of Rogue Thoughts!

Teacher, Thought Adjuster:
How do you treat your mind? Do you use it wisely or do you abuse it foolishly? Your mind is an amazingly complex organ, as its outreach goes far beyond the limits of the material world you live in. You lead both an inner and an outer life and the way you run your outer life says much about the quality of your inner life.

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Waiting to Throw the Switch

Sunday, 4 November, 2018
 Posturon - System Center

Teacher: Posturon - System Center
Greeting to you my new friend! I AM Posturon, and I AM a System Center of the order of the Supreme Power Centers. It is my responsibility to dispatch certain energy lanes of power to your planet, Urantia. Specifically, these energy lanes serve mind capacity and the interface between the Thought Adjusters, and creature mind, with the influence of the Supreme Being in the system of Satania. When a planet is subjected to rebellion, all superfluous and non-vital circuits are cut off from that planet and are isolated from the rest of the local universe--and this includes certain aspects of the Supreme Being's influence and His emergent activities with those systems in rebellion. Because your world and the other former apostate worlds are now in recovery, mind circuitry and its originally intended function with the Third Source and Center, through the Local Universe Mother Spirit, are to be expanded to enhance creature mind capacity for greater spirit receptivity.

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New Era Transition 50 – God’s Will; Days of Light and Life; Motivation

Monday, 22 October, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Reframing God’s Will
  • Can we come back to Urantia to continue this work?
  • A remote possibility that the Life Carriers might come back
  • How Urantia will come into the Days of Light and Life
  • You are making your contribution to Urantia now
  • Coarse and blasphemous language that is current in our culture
  • Bringing back a civil society
  • Under what conditions could Life Carriers return?
  • Use of CRISPR and gene splicing
  • Homo spiritus
  • Clarification on communism and socialism terminology
  • Mass migrations of uninvited immigrants
  • Prevailing emotional behavior in our society is fear
  • Thoughtful contributions by citizens are needed
  • Lack of interest in design teams
  • Reaching out to civic organizations
  • How do we motivate people who are satisfied with what they have?
  • The egotism of the dysfunctional political ruling parties
  • Reaching out to PTA groups
  • The greater responsibilities of Planetary Management
  • Benediction

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Introducing The Entourage

Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Teacher, Master Physical Controller, Slyonia:
A warm welcome to you, my friend! I AM Slyonia (SLEE-OWN-YA) — a Master Physical Controller from Orvonton. Although we made our acquaintance just last night, I AM here with you today to co-create a message for those participating in the corrective movement to ‘normalize’ mind on Urantia. Master Physical Controllers from the super-universe work with energy and in coordination with other orders to control energy, create communication lines; energy circuits; and power lanes to connect vast areas of the universes together. We also do specialized collaborative work in teams that provide the energies necessary to serve the more physical aspects of creature mind. It is in this capacity that we are here on Urantia.

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Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Sunday, 21 October, 2018
Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Teacher, Universal Censor - Qussi:
Greetings to you, dear friends, for I have been with you for some time during this campaign of correction on Urantia.  I AM a Universal Censor and I AM here as an adjudicator in the affairs of the deceased working with those detained energies in what you call, "The Borderland."  I AM a Trinity Origin being and I represent (in this case) the Ancients of Days and the Deity Absolute.  Similarly as the Absonites are here to see that Ultimate realities are served, I AM here to expedite the adjudication of matters concerning the I AM and Absolute destinies.  Urantia is a most unique sphere in the universe and could be considered the most unusual sphere in the super universe of Orvonton.  Because of its uniqueness and checkered history, the ripples and injustices from the Lucifer Rebellion have echoed far into the future affecting not only events in this local universe, but into the far outer space regions that have yet to be inspired--a delicate balance between opportunity and disaster.  I AM here to see that the unfolding events and the repercussions of the past on Urantia stay on the side of future opportunity.

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See it―Feel it―Become it!

Sunday, 14 October, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Greetings my dear Students,
I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah and I welcome all of you to connect with me and feel the vibrations of the Trinity.  When you ask your Thought Adjuster  to connect you to me, does the Divine Operator make contact with those circuits that are necessary to tap into my consciousness here on the Circles of Jerusem where I can process any number of conscious connections with all of you.  Never am I too busy to speak to those who truly want my attention.  This receiver noted upon our connection this morning how beautiful, warm, and loving is the initial connection with me and made comment how he desires that all people could feel this wonderful loving vibration when speaking with spiritual beings.  It is possible for all of you reading this message to feel these spiritual vibrations that pluck the heart strings of the soul, for to reach for these connections with an attitude of sincerity and loving expectation, conditions the circuits of your mind to meet me on the common ground of love.  What experience can you share with me that brings you to this place of high vibration in love, truth, beauty, and goodness?

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