Behold Something of Beauty

Sunday, 13 October, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
There is a saying on your world that “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.”  While this is certainly a valid philosophic euphemism of individual choice, it does require that you actually take the time to “behold” something of beauty.  The minds of Urantians are often busy with the mundane experiences of their labors and filled with the shocking news of how cruel their world is and the perplexing behaviors of people who cause suffering for themselves and others. If you were to chart how much time you spend in an average week beholding something beautiful, you would be shocked to discover how poor in spirit you really are.  Beauty can disarm even the most aggressive behavior and inspire creative genius. When you make more time for beholding the beauty of your world, instead of the ugliness, you will discover that you want more of this in your life and you will want to share it with others.

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Recognize the Divine Pattern

Sunday, 6 October, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
To understand the love of the Universal Father requires that you understand how to love your own children and to recognize the divine pattern in all things.  The parent/child relationship is the greatest human example of this kind of love and it teaches you how to understand forbearance, forgiveness, and kindness—the very things your Heavenly Father extends to you.  When you were a child, you depended on your parents for all your needs, and this dependency is required to see that you were provided with those things you needed to survive in a world you did not yet understand.  When you make the inference with this parent/child relationship and extend it to your Heavenly Father, you will see the divine pattern.  He wisely chose this type of creation for those beings farthest from Paradise as a way to quickly orient them on a path of trust, faith, and hope that they would grow and survive and find their way home to His loving embrace.

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New Era Transition 74 – Consciousness; Philosophy and Spirituality; Higher Interpretations of Life and Living

Monday, 7 October, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Becoming a conscious partner of our work together
  • Engaging a new nexus point
  • Moving forward with events
  • Input by the Most Highs
  • World is highly involved in materialism
  • Movement toward philosophy and spirituality
  • Morontial communication would be very different
  • Social progress must evolve before spiritual era
  • Seeing the strategic aspects of our work
  • The future of money
  • Examining your quality of life
  • Needed is a change in philosophy
  • Learning the higher interpretations of life and living
  • The myopia of materialism
  • Where best to apply the new pressures to society?
  • Have faith that we celestials are working with you
  • Clarify “foghorn” and “hinges”

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Lessons on Stillness

Sunday, 19 February, 2012

A Thought Adjuster Speaks:
Today I desire to teach you a lesson on Stillness. (The word is capitalized due to its importance.) It is not just the Stillness of your prayers. If you would sit awhile longer in a prayerful attitude, I would get a chance to give you an answer. Here lies the problem for you as humans; when you pray for ‘something,’ you never sit still for long enough to listen and hear an answer. This is the reason why it is so difficult to ‘hear’ because you don’t train yourself in this as you are too beset with the busy-ness of life. Life would become so much easier if you would develop a calm demeanor, which, again, you can only develop in the Stillness of your heart.

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New Era Transition 73 – Crises; Epigenesis; Shining Points of Current Era

Monday, 23 September, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Micro-plastic particles
  • Indebetedness during the crisis
  • “The Son is always shinning where we are”
  • The Chief Life Carrier of Urantia
  • More advanced Homo sapiens
  • Epigenesis
  • Overcoming fears concerning those lost during the crises
  • The destruction of Saudi’s oil production
  • “Following the money trail”
  • Are there unusual activities in the celestial realms because of this event?
  • What are the shining points of our current era?
  • Do you foresee a group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms?
  • What are the critical human institutions required for survival?
  • Financial survival in the near future
  • Will there be Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding in the Bahamas?
  • Mass relocations
  • Are there any collective spiritual lessons from the Dorian disaster?
  • Was the Dorian’s speed controlled in any manner?
  • Preparations for the Mid-West of the US

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Lessons on Motivation

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019
Thought Adjuster

A Thought Adjuster Speaks:
Allow Me to lead you into the subject of motivation, and what it is that motivates humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts in a certain way, because most acts are instinctive and have become habits, which are ingrained, and therefore also hard to change. Underneath all of this, however, is a cause which has been set in motion, and which is part of motivation.

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The Noble Authority of Absolute Values

Wednesday, 31 July, 2019

“Thirty prejudiced and tradition-blinded false judges, with their false witnesses, are presuming to sit in judgment on the righteous Creator of a universe. And these impassioned accusers are exasperated by the majestic silence and superb bearing of this God-man. His silence is terrible to endure; his speech is fearlessly defiant. He is unmoved by their threats and undaunted by their assaults". [The Urantia Book, 184:3]

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Iniquity will never be comfortable in the presence of righteousness. Such is the supreme authority of absolute values over their total disregard. The so-called trial of Jesus was a travesty of justice. The corrupted judges’ bias against Jesus led them to render a guilty verdict before any semblance of due process.

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Reality Hack—Bring the Power of the Universe through You

Sunday, 29 September, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Taking time to visualize what you desire to see in the world is important to construct a framework for co-creationism.  Without your active participation; your vision; your will to move; there can be no action by Spirit.  You are the vessel for the expression of Spirit—it is your will and personality that provides the basis for conscious creationism.  You are a partner with Spirit and therefore are you a necessary part of the process to bring light to your world—to see the change and to become it.  When you become conscious that there is a co-creative process—that you are working together with Spirit, you become powerful—more powerful than projecting a vision as a lone actor.  The more you believe and understand this, the more expression do you give to Spirit to bring the power of the universe through you and into your reality.

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The Dark Night of My Soul

Thursday, 18 July, 2019
Christ Michael/Jesus

Christ Michael/Jesus:
My earthly life was coming to an end and, as you will be prompted to do when you reach those crossroads, I performed a life review. At first, I had to deal with My many disappointments and regrets. The absence of the members of My physical family weighted heavily on Me. I felt utterly alone in My greatest time of need, as My three trusted disciples were not able to stay awake to pray with Me and give Me the emotional support I required. I also grieved for those who rejected Me, knowing that many tribulations would befall them, and I was concerned about the welfare of My dear followers.

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Take Your Vision to the Next Level

Sunday, 22 September, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
There are many creative ways you can work together with your spirit guides (soul family), and when you understand something about how they operate, you can then leverage their collective expertise and bring them all together into a powerful benevolent team that can help you accomplish your personal goals. To be effective in your creativity requires that you actually have personal goals—something many people fail to define for themselves.  When you can state these goals and visualize them from a place deep within you, this is where Spirit can step in and “go to work” for you.  To take this vision to the next level, you express your goals by recognizing the relationship you have with Spirit and then assign these tasks to your team with the assurance that you and Spirit shall put these thoughts and ideas into action.

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Be the Living Proof

Saturday, 13 July, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

“Dedicate your life to the great work of showing how the critical material mind of man can triumph over the inertia of intellectual doubting when faced by the demonstration of the manifestation of living truth as it operates in the experience of spirit-born men an women who yield the fruits of the spirit in their lives, and who love one another, even as I have loved you”. [Urantia Book, 181:02.26]

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Indeed, man’s material mind is critical by nature, as it believes what it sees but doubts what is not part yet of its experience. The above recommendation was Jesus’ intimate farewell admonition to ‘doubting’ Thomas. Thomas did, at times, waver in his faith, as he filtered his beliefs through the sieve of his imperfect intellectual understanding and sense of discernment. However, once they passed that test, he never failed to take bold action.

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New Era Transition 72 – Quivering on the Brink; Anxiety; Cascade of Cataclysms; Life Carriers

Monday, 9 September, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Quivering on the brink
  • “The event”
  • The effect of prayers
  • Conflict
  • The definition of “evil”
  • Anxiety level of this stressful environment
  • How to handle anxiety
  • Natural chemicals to enhance health
  • Improving nerve health
  • Does the 10-fold increase in anxiety affect everybody?
  • The cascade of cataclysms
  • Confronting conflict or escaping it?
  • Capitalism is not working
  • Developments are too slow to “save the planet”
  • Using our thoughts to lessen the outcome of cataclysms
  • Accelerating social improvements
  • Life Carriers of Urantia
  • Flora and fauna evolution on a decimal planet
  • Invitation for the Chief Life Carrier of Urantia to join our forum
  • Focus of situation
  • Closing statements

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Your Real Needs

Wednesday, 8 May, 2013
Teacher Thought Adjuster

Teacher Thought Adjuster:
It is possible to obtain relative freedom from material pressures and false needs. Social influences push human beings to believe that they need to make, achieve, or obtain certain things that in the end are not necessary nor contribute to happiness or lasting satisfaction. Today there are many who place heavy loads upon their shoulders, struggling to obtain things that will not add any value to their lives. How can you break this vicious circle?

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Stay with Me on this Journey

Sunday, 8 September, 2019
Teacher I AM

Teacher: I AM
Dear One,
When you find yourself in a sea of doubt and you cannot see the shoreline, hold tight to the stern of the ship and let my guidance steer you home.  Many in these times of correction are uncertain about their future and with this uncertainty comes fear.  Fear and uncertainty do not have to co-exist together, for uncertainty will always be something you will face throughout your long universe career, and fear is  not an adjective to uncertainty.  Faith is your “wind in the sails” that shall carry you home and it is during these times of great uncertainty that faith is needed.  Open your sails to it and steer clear of the fear, for in doing so, you will find that guidance comes when you need it most.

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I AM Forever Yours

Sunday, 25 August, 2019
i am

Teacher: I AM
Dear One, there is always time available to talk together and this is something that many do not understand.  When you sit in stillness and listen to my voice, I will whisper my guidance to your soul, but when you come and speak openly with me in conversation, I will also speak to your conscious mind in a subtle way when you are being calm and open to receive.  I understand what you are asking and needing even before you ask it, but it is important for you to express these things with me as a way for you to strengthen this Parent/Child relationship in your mind.

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