Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1

I. Foreword 10

1. The Source Of Truth Is The Self From The Father 19

2. Why Are These Teachings Revealed? 20

3. Episodes Of My Life In The Human Flesh 21

4. My Prayers 23

5. Vibrations Of Reality 25

6. The Concept Of God To Me As A Child Who Was Searching For Answers Within Himself 26

7. The Importance Of A Living Contact With People 27

8. The Problem Of Psychology And Psychiatry 28

9. My Environment 28

10. My Reflections 30

11. My Loneliness And Association With The Father 32

12. “My Conversations” With The Father 33

13. A Child’s Up-bringing 34

14. No Need To Fear Death 36

15. The Creation Of The Reality And The Creator 38

16. The Creator And Reality 41

17. Creating 44

18. The Simplification Of The Creator 46

19. The Paradise Trinity 47

20. The Spheres Of The Activity Of The Paradise Trinity Members 48

21. The Present Universe Age 52

22. What Is God? 53

23. The Lower Consciousness 53

24. My Searching 55

25. Walking With John The Baptist Towards The Mountain 56

26. The Vision Of The Creation Shown To Me 57

27. The Information Energy Vibrations 58

28. A Colorful Ocean Of The Energy Vibrations Of The Creation 59

29. My Desire To Reveal The Father To Men 60

30. Everything Is Possible With The Father 62

31. My Decision 63

32. After I Had Descended From The Mountain 64

33. Faith 66

34. Everything Is In Motion 68

35. My Good News 70

36. Why Do I Address You Myself? 72

37. I Am Happy About Your Sincere Prayers 73

38. The Environment Of The Apostles 74

39. My Spiritual Status 76

40. The Staircase Of One’s Spiritual Career 76

41. My Mission In The Profound Sense       77

42. Mary And Joseph 79

43. My Education 81

44. There Are No Miracles 82

45. Take Me Off The Cross And Worship The Father 84

46. A Free Will 86

47. Slavery Of The Soul 89

48. The Cause Of Distorting My Teachings 91

49. Communion With The Father 93

50. A Living Experience Of The Father Within Your Own Self 95

51. Spiritual Teachers 96

52. The Body And The Personality 97

53. Your Physical Body Is From Your Earthly Parents 98

54. Who Are the Loving Parents? 99

55. Eliminating Disorders Of The Material Body And Their Wrong Treatment 99

56. What Is Inanimate Turn Into The Animate Within Yourselves 101

57. The Path 102

58. Your Church Pronounces: “And The Word Turned Into The Flesh“. Did It Really? 104

59. The Dead Prayer Service 106

60. Deliver Yourselves From The Dead Rituals 107

61. My New Command To You 109

62. The Living Church 110

63. Life Is A Meaningful Game Rather Than Idling Entertainment 111

64. The Principle Of Cause-Action-Consequence In Creation 114

65. Expansion Of One’s Own Self 117

66. Turn Into Being Me 121

67. Let Us Worship The Father Together 122

68. A Live Bond With The Father Builds Up Each One Who Is In Communion With Him 124

69. I Could Not Teach You Everything That The Father Taught Me 125

70. A Better Knowledge Of Creation Is Necessary 127

71. The Scientist Must Lean Upon The Creator 129

72. Democracy Is The Grave-digger Of Your Future 129

73. A Spiritual Aristocracy Is The World’s Future 130

74. The Soul Dominance Within Human Mind 133

75. Democracy Is Worn Out 134

76. Cooperation Instead Of Competition In All Spheres 135

77. The Harm Of Modern Sport To Humanity 137

78. The Limitedness Of The Present-day Economy 139

79. Spiritual Leaders Are Real Yet, So Far, Invisible 142

80. Pass Your Hard Burden Over To The Father Or To Me 144

82. Low Vibrations Are Harmful To All 148

83. Heart And Mind 149

84. A Real Replacement Of Your Mind By That Of Mine 152

85. My Childhood Was Not Perfect 154

86. Energy Vibrations Pass Information Through Consciousness And Sub-consciousness 156

87. Assistance By Prayer Is The Most Effective 159

88. Those Who Nailed Me Down On The Cross Were Innocent 161

89. Whose Darkness Is It Today?       162

90. The Double-dealing Of Modern Pharisees 164

91. Send The Vibrations Of Love To The Present-day Pharisees By Your Sincere Common Prayer 166

92. My Warning To You 167

93. Once Again About A Spiritual Teacher 170

94. The Idea Of Reincarnation 172

95. You Change Humanity While Changing Yourselves 177

96. The Father’s Love Is The Universal Medicine For Vices 178

97. The Impact Of Bribery 179

98. A Parable? 183

99. A Spiritual View Of The Environment And The Destruction Of Negative Emotions 187

100. The Help Of The Father’s Spirit Is Everywhere And Constant 191

101. Relationship With The Father Does Not Come At Once As Is Also Witnessed By The Experience Of My Apostle 192

102. The Bird Of The Soul Presently Is In Captivity In A Cage 194

103. Women Must Become Clergywomen As Men 197

104. Catholic Priests Must Have Their Families 200

105. The Father Has No Exceptional Son Or Daughter 202

106. Mutual Relationships 208

107. Your Faith And Birth Of The Spirit 211

108. The Establishment Of A Living Relationship With The Father 216

109. Association With Ordinary People Of Other Lands Draws These Lands Closer 219

110. Low Vibrations Of The Present Television, Radio, Press, And Online Do Harm To Humanity 222

111. Humanity Has Become Hostage To Advertisements 225

112. What Is One’s Learning And Its Meaning? 228

113. Your Interests And Needs Have Impact On The Whole Of Creation 231

114. Verification Of Spiritual Teaching By One’s Experience 232

115. The Sprout Of The Mortal Soul Is Within You 234

116. The Flourishing Of The Current Vices Can Cross Out Your Survival 237

117. Teach Children To Discover The Father Within – It Is The Greatest Gift To Them 240

118. The Development Of The Soul After The Resurrection 241

119. Give Up Avoiding Decisions 244

120. One’s Growth Is Due To One’s Experience At The Present Moment 245

121. The Significance Of One’s Desire To Grow Spiritually And To Experience 246

122. The Depth And The Foundation Of Children’s Up-bringing 250

123. The Meaning 256

124. The Purpose Of My Teachings 262

125. Different Views Of Death 265

126. Once Again About Non-existent Reincarnation, Faith, And Your Experiences 268

127. The Reward For Your Faith Is Your Resurrection 271

128. Dead Rituals And Dogmas Are The Greatest Obstacles To Your Relationship With The Father 273

129. My Address To The Clergymen 275

130. Faith And Food 277

131. The Mode Of Living And The Diet 280

132. The Knowledge Of The Environment 282

133. The Good Pilot And The Captain 284

134. The Present Time And Your Decision 286

135. After Your Resurrection 288

136. Educational System Must Educate Children For The Benefit Of The Whole Rather Than For That Of The Individual 296

137. Patience 299

138. Ravaging Of Natural Resources Is Destructive To You 304

139. Do Not Waste A Single Moment 308

140. Expand Your Concept Of Creation 313

141. My Teachings Lead To Love And Truth And Point The Direction To One’s Survival 318

142. Create A New Life And Cherish It Only Together With The Father 322

143. The Child And You 326

144. The Wasting Of Energy Is Harmful To One’s Body 329

145. A Wise Consumption Of Energy And Restoration Of Its Balance 331

146. The Father Provides You With Wisdom To See Further 334

147. Light Experiences Resistance Of Darkness 336

148. Vibrations Of Man’s Thinking 339

149. The Brain Is Given To Man To Grow Rather Than To Degrade 342

150. Help Yourselves 347

151. Your Deposit In The Father’s Bank 348

152. Our Family And Your Assistance For Me 350

153. Your Earthly Loving Family 352

154. The Current Tragic Family Situation Is the Consequence Of Your Selfishness 354

155. A Bent Tree Of The Scriptures And This Teaching Of Mine 357

156. My Second Coming 360

II. Note 362

I. Foreword

1. The Source Of Truth Is The Self From The Father

2. Why Are These Teachings Revealed?

3. Episodes Of My Life In The Human Flesh

4. My Prayers

5. Vibrations Of Reality

6. The Concept Of God To Me As A Child Who Was Searching For Answers Within Himself

7. The Importance Of A Living Contact With People

8. The Problem Of Psychology And Psychiatry

9. My Environment

10. My Reflections

11. My Loneliness And Association With The Father

12. “My Conversations” With The Father

13. A Child’s Up-bringing

14. No Need To Fear Death

15. The Creation Of The Reality And The Creator

16. The Creator And Reality

17. Creating

18. The Simplification Of The Creator

19. The Paradise Trinity

20. The Spheres Of The Activity Of The Paradise Trinity Members

21. The Present Universe Age

22. What Is God?

23. The Lower Consciousness

24. My Searching

25. Walking With John The Baptist Towards The Mountain

26. The Vision Of The Creation Shown To Me

27. The Information Energy Vibrations

28. A Colorful Ocean Of The Energy Vibrations Of The Creation

29. My Desire To Reveal The Father To Men

30. Everything Is Possible With The Father

31. My Decision

32. After I Had Descended From The Mountain

33. Faith

34. Everything Is In Motion

35. My Good News

36. Why Do I Address You Myself?

37. I Am Happy About Your Sincere Prayers

38. The Environment Of The Apostles

39. My Spiritual Status

40. The Staircase Of One’s Spiritual Career

41. My Mission In The Profound Sense

42. Mary And Joseph

43. My Education

44. There Are No Miracles

45. Take Me Off The Cross And Worship The Father

46. A Free Will

47. Slavery Of The Soul

48. The Cause Of Distorting My Teachings

49. Communion With The Father

50. A Living Experience Of The Father Within Your Own Self

51. Spiritual Teachers

52. The Body And The Personality

53. Your Physical Body Is From Your Earthly Parents

54. Who Are the Loving Parents?

55. Eliminating Disorders Of The Material Body And Their Wrong Treatment

56. What Is Inanimate Turn Into The Animate Within Yourselves

57. The Path

58. Your Church Pronounces: “And The Word Turned Into The Flesh“. Did It Really?

59. The Dead Prayer Service

60. Deliver Yourselves From The Dead Rituals

61. My New Command To You

62. The Living Church

63. Life Is A Meaningful Game Rather Than Idling Entertainment

64. The Principle Of Cause-Action-Consequence In Creation

65. Expansion Of One’s Own Self

66. Turn Into Being Me

67. Let Us Worship The Father Together

68. A Live Bond With The Father Builds Up Each One Who Is In Communion With Him

69. I Could Not Teach You Everything That The Father Taught Me

70. A Better Knowledge Of Creation Is Necessary

71. The Scientist Must Lean Upon The Creator

72. Democracy Is The Grave-digger Of Your Future

73. A Spiritual Aristocracy Is The World’s Future

74. The Soul Dominance Within Human Mind

75. Democracy Is Worn Out

76. Cooperation Instead Of Competition In All Spheres

77. The Harm Of Modern Sport To Humanity

78. The Limitedness Of The Present-day Economy

79. Spiritual Leaders Are Real Yet, So Far, Invisible

80. Pass Your Hard Burden Over To The Father Or To Me

81. The Most Efficient Economy Is The One Grounded In The Father

82. Low Vibrations Are Harmful To All

83. Heart And Mind

84. A Real Replacement Of Your Mind By That Of Mine

85. My Childhood Was Not Perfect

86. Energy Vibrations Pass Information Through Consciousness And Sub-consciousness

87. Assistance By Prayer Is The Most Effective

88. Those Who Nailed Me Down On The Cross Were Innocent

89. Whose Darkness Is It Today?

90. The Double-dealing Of Modern Pharisees

91. Send The Vibrations Of Love To The Present-day Pharisees By Your Sincere Common Prayer

92. My Warning To You

93. Once Again About A Spiritual Teacher

94. The Idea Of Reincarnation

95. You Change Humanity While Changing Yourselves

96. The Father’s Love Is The Universal Medicine For Vices

97. The Impact Of Bribery

98. A Parable?

99. A Spiritual View Of The Environment And The Destruction Of Negative Emotions

100. The Help Of The Father’s Spirit Is Everywhere And Constant

101. Relationship With The Father Does Not Come At Once As Is Also Witnessed By The Experience Of My Apostle

102. The Bird Of The Soul Presently Is In Captivity In A Cage

103. Women Must Become Clergywomen As Men

104. Catholic Priests Must Have Their Families

105. The Father Has No Exceptional Son Or Daughter

106. Mutual Relationships

107. Your Faith And Birth Of The Spirit

108. The Establishment Of A Living Relationship With The Father

I have already mentioned to you about that path how to set up a sincere and live relationship with the Father. Now I shall repeat it once more for it is the most crucial thing in man’s life – to establish a living communion with the Father.

109. Association With Ordinary People Of Other Lands Draws These Lands Closer

110. Low Vibrations Of The Present Television, Radio, Press, And Online Do Harm To Humanity

111. Humanity Has Become Hostage To Advertisements

112. What Is One’s Learning And Its Meaning?

113. Your Interests And Needs Have Impact On The Whole Of Creation

114. Verification Of Spiritual Teaching By One’s Experience

115. The Sprout Of The Mortal Soul Is Within You

116. The Flourishing Of The Current Vices Can Cross Out Your Survival

117. Teach Children To Discover The Father Within – It Is The Greatest Gift To Them

118. The Development Of The Soul After The Resurrection

119. Give Up Avoiding Decisions

120. One’s Growth Is Due To One’s Experience At The Present Moment

121. The Significance Of One’s Desire To Grow Spiritually And To Experience

122. The Depth And The Foundation Of Children’s Up-bringing

123. The Meaning

124. The Purpose Of My Teachings

125. Different Views Of Death

126. Once Again About Non-existent Reincarnation, Faith, And Your Experiences

127. The Reward For Your Faith Is Your Resurrection

128. Dead Rituals And Dogmas Are The Greatest Obstacles To Your Relationship With The Father

129. My Address To The Clergymen

130. Faith And Food

131. The Mode Of Living And The Diet

132. The Knowledge Of The Environment

133. The Good Pilot And The Captain

134. The Present Time And Your Decision

135. After Your Resurrection

136. Educational System Must Educate Children For The Benefit Of The Whole Rather Than For That Of The Individual

137. Patience

138. Ravaging Of Natural Resources Is Destructive To You

139. Do Not Waste A Single Moment

140. Expand Your Concept Of Creation

141. My Teachings Lead To Love And Truth And Point The Direction To One’s Survival

142. Create A New Life And Cherish It Only Together With The Father

143. The Child And You

144. The Wasting Of Energy Is Harmful To One’s Body

145. A Wise Consumption Of Energy And Restoration Of Its Balance

146. The Father Provides You With Wisdom To See Further

147. Light Experiences Resistance Of Darkness

148. Vibrations Of Man’s Thinking

149. The Brain Is Given To Man To Grow Rather Than To Degrade

150. Help Yourselves

151. Your Deposit In The Father’s Bank

152. Our Family And Your Assistance For Me

153. Your Earthly Loving Family

154. The Current Tragic Family Situation Is the Consequence Of Your Selfishness

155. A Bent Tree Of The Scriptures And This Teaching Of Mine

156. My Second Coming

II. Note

I. Foreword

I am writing this Foreword after I have completed receiving the teachings of Jesus.

During my communion with the Father I have asked Him if there is a need for any introduction, foreword, before reading the teachings presented by Jesus. The Father has requested that I would write the foreword explaining as to how I started communing with Him, how I started receiving His teachings, how the presentation of the teachings of Jesus was progressing so that people would understand, at least to some measure, how these things are possible. And I have also been asked to divide all the teachings into the chapters and as well as to give them the titles. I have done all that with a big love and devotion.

Since the Father has been teaching me all the time that I would look upon everything as a system, all the parts of which are directly – or indirectly – interconnected, I must give you some broader context so that you would conceive that the association with the Father, and with Jesus, has not been my personal whim or a sudden fancy. There was a long leading and preparation from within, imperceptible even to me, and very often difficult and painful to me.

When thirteen years ago I was given The Urantia Book in English I had no idea that it would change all my life, would lead me to a direct communion with the Father, with Jesus of whom I have learnt so much from this book like from nowhere else.

However, the Father has been changing my life already since my very birth. Now I will mention just some of the episodes.

Since my very childhood, all the time, I had been planning to become a military officer while I got enrolled in the Vilnius University, in the capital of Lithuania, to study the English language and literature. Meanwhile at high school in the penultimate grade my marks in English in the term would still balance at the brink of “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory.” My command of other subjects was good while as to the English language I was simply neglecting it and calling it as the language of “birds” because I understood nothing during the classes in English.

However during the final high school summer vacation, absolutely unexpectedly to myself, I began to study English just by myself. And I studied it every day according to a program presented to me by the unknown and invisible to me forces. I neither saw nor felt these forces while the system of learning I applied every day, I considered to be designed by me. It is only now that I realize that I had no idea as to how I had to study the English language that I disliked so much. Even today this method is not being applied by any schools and universities.

Just envision me being merely a seventeen-year-old lad to whom English is the most disliked subject taking up this very subject during the summer school vacation without any reason, and just by himself at that. And the system was so wonderful that after the three months of my daily work I did outmatch all the top students of my grade. My teacher in English and the class-mates could not believe it. But I had no intention of topping anyone in the subject. That was just my daily routine for the three months without any clear goal. I had no definite conscious motivation for this study.

However, I got surprised by the fact that I enrolled in the university to study English rather than a military academy as I had planned before. Therefore, in the course of the first two years at the University during the classes my mind would wonder: “What am I doing here? Why am I not at a military academy? What am I seeking by such a choice? All those who graduate from the University English Department become teachers.” And not only could I not imagine myself as a teacher but I did not even allow my mind to entertain this idea at all. That was the profession I would not have agreed to choose for any money.

During the second year of my studies at the University, for the first time in Lithuania, there was formed a special study group of translators that I was enrolled into, without any request on my part, without having been asked whether or not I desired to study in this group. Its curriculum included additional subjects to the ordinary ones studied by the students of English. These were the theory of translation, the history of translation, the practice of translation, the grammar and syntax of the Lithuanian language, the stylistics of Lithuanian, and the text editing. We also had to accumulate our practical skills not only during our practice term as high school teachers but also in a publishing house. Therefore, the study curriculum of this group was much more intensive than that of the other Department. And, in general, the curriculum of the Foreign Language Department was very hard, for nobody could learn a foreign language for you if you did not study it yourself.

Some five months prior to my graduation from the University it was suggested by one teacher that I apply for a vacancy in the Lithuanian National Television and Radio Company where he had a part-time job. He was a radio presenter in English at the department of Radio Programs to Overseas Listeners that was reporting in three languages – Lithuanian, Polish, and English. This Radio Service was meant for the Lithuanian emigrants since around one million Lithuanians lived overseas out of the total population of 3.5 million. He informed me that there was a vacancy in the English section. Thus, several months before the end of my studies I started to work in the National Television and Radio Company. Unfortunately, at least I thought at that time, not in the English but, for the unknown reason to me, in the Lithuanian section. I was making programs on economy and youth life since I was also well versed in these fields. But that is a different story.

And very soon my mind was again, raising these very similar questions to the ones of my first two years at the University: “What have I studied English for to be working as a journalist in the Lithuanian rather than English section?” Even though there was a vacancy there I was not transferred to the English section during the whole year. Therefore during all this year I was really intensively pondering over this issue as to how I might be transferred to this section, and why they were not doing it and only giving me vague explanations and inventing ever new excuses.

That was my training for my future encounter, after nearly two decades, with The Urantia Book, and for its translation into Lithuanian. This way the Father helped me improve and brush up my skills in Lithuanian, including its style. And once I mastered it to a professional level He allowed me to submerge into a practical application of English. Eventually I was transferred to the English Section.

When I was given a copy of The Urantia Book in English I had no idea of either the book itself or how it appeared on the planet altogether. It was simply brought to me and handed in a cardboard box. It looked enormous. A book of 2,097 pages, plus 60 pages of the Table of Contents, and of a big size.

While reading it I was receiving the answers to questions I had previously raised which had not been convincingly and reasonably answered by anyone – either by priests, philosophers, theologians, books, or by my own speculations.

Having read The Urantia Book I felt within me that it was necessary to broadcast this book to people simply on the streets, in big and small cities, villages and farmsteads. It has such power that it is beyond understanding how a book can have such as that. It is only thanks to it that I began to realize ever more what God the Father is, who Jesus is, what the divine universe is, and how it operates.

I began delivering lectures in the House of Teachers, in the capital city of Vilnius every Friday. I was preparing for my classes very hard, every day. Actually, I have been doing it up to date because the Urantia group still has weekly classes on Fridays since February of 1994. It is during these classes, actually while getting ready for them by translating a small portion for each week‘s reading, that I have taken up the translating of The Urantia Book from English into Lithuanian. However, I did not realize, for a long time, that I had already started the translation process. I simply was targeting weekly sessions with the Urantia group, and for that I needed the twelve pages of the original text to be translated for reading during a two-hour class. I had no idea at all of translating such a huge book and of such a difficult text. Moreover, I was certain that this book was actually beyond translation into any language. The only book on the planet, because its information was so profound and presented in such in-depth and huge layers that are so subtly interwoven into one united system. And today I can firmly state it is really impossible to translate it properly without the Father‘s assistance.

However after some two years of this work, an idea struck my mind that it would be wonderful to have this book in Lithuanian as well. How many more people could read it? But even then, I would drive away this type of an idea that it would be possible to translate the whole book. And it was only when I had already accumulated over one thousand pages of the translated text in handwriting while preparing for the Urantia group classes that I began to feel a tremendous resolution within me, as if someone had wakened it up from the sleep, to translate the whole text. And by this time I had already gained self-confidence as to how to deal with this sophisticated and very unusual text.

And once I made a decision to translate The Urantia Book and get it published in Lithuanian, I began to feel as if some invisible force started leading me from within so strongly and assisting me in formulating those long sentences, as if prompting me that I must correct something on some definite page of the translated text, even several hundred pages back, and it seemed to me that this invisible power is very close and dear to me, and it has a desire to help me. And that made me smile as well as it caused my curiosity whether it was really so, the way I was feeling. And then I would go back in the text looking for mistakes on the pages pointed out, and I would really find them.

At home, just before falling asleep, I started contemplating-praying in my own words. I was very careful while choosing the words merely not to pledge too much to God. I was abiding by the principle if a word was used in my prayer I also became responsible to follow that word in my life. If I prayed for a bigger understanding of God it meant that I had to seek a bigger understanding of God, if I prayed for a bigger mercy, I myself had to be more merciful. If I agreed with the will of God, it meant I had to acknowledge it without any excuse for having the situation in my favor. Therefore, my prayer might have been called as my haggling with the Father while searching for such words that could be acceptable to Him and at the same time would not obligate me and would not restrain the-then freedom of mine. However, the words of my prayer were changing. They became ever deeper and I started experiencing a sense of peace.

Once, while translating The Urantia Book in a small dark room, when only a desk lamp was lighting up the book, I suddenly, experienced a tremendous blast within me… I was exclusively over-flooded with warmth and a love surge. I desired to thrust myself out on the street and cry out to all: “My dears, I have discovered Him, and I do desire to share Him with you, whether you are healthy or ill, even with the catching diseases, whether you are rich or poor, I do desire to explain to all about Him.” I discovered that all my fear had evaporated. I simply noticed I had no sense of fear any more. It was replaced by the fullness of the feeling of love. That was my birth of the spirit that Jesus had spoken about. The flesh of man is the same but absolutely different is his character. The feeling of love for all, without any preference for those who are of my own kin and who are not, has all the time been growing and strengthening since that moment. All have become of my own kin. It was then that I realized or rather began to feel that I became free. Free from fear, free from anger, free from irritation, free from jealousy, free from the desire to dominate others. And the negative qualities have been replaced by a wonderful sense of love, by an enormous mercy, by a desire to serve all without seeking any reward for it. It was only then that I realized why Jesus was called the Deliverer.

When I started my regular classes in the second largest city of Lithuania, Kaunas, in addition to those in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, I began to experience, in the course of the class, that somebody was helping me fluently form up my thoughts, convey them, and even with a certain modulation of the volume of my voice. My preparation for the class would always include my prayer in the car on the way to Kaunas, that is about 65 miles, and my petition to the Father, to Jesus that I would be assisted to express the ideas they wanted me to. I would simply pray that the Father speak through my lips. And He spoke so marvelously that even during the very class at some moments I would also feel as if listening from without to what He was saying. At that time I did not share this experience with my brethren so they did not know anything about my own personal experiences during these very classes. And on the way back home in my prayer I would always express my thanks for this wonderful leading and experiences during the class.

It has lasted for several years, and this long term experience has enabled me to know for certain that the Father does really operate through a human being. He is speaking through a man so that another man would be able to hear Him, since this man cannot yet hear the voice of the Father on his own.

When I set up the temple of God the Father and His Son Jesus and started leading the service every Saturday, then I began to feel how the prayer was pouring out of the very depth of my soul rather than from my human mind. When during the first prayer service in a small park, a wonderful odor was emitted, then I sensed, rather than realized, that we were given this physical sign to the end that the Father allowed us to feel with our sense organs that He could provide us a message of His presence among us. But He was giving us such a message that would provide us bliss, that would not frighten us, on the contrary, that would give us that sort of peace that we cannot feel in a our ordinary state.

Then I recalled the episode of several years past when, while flying from Paris to Vilnius from an international conference of the translators of The Urantia Book, I was shown in the air the sign of the three concentric circles, the symbol of the Paradise Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit – being used in our local universe.

Therefore, I was not surprised by the pleasant scent poured out upon us in the park during our prayer service. However, when this odor caught up with me while I was riding a bike out of the city, then I also began to feel warmth within me and a surge of love. And again I recalled the same experiences I had both while flying from Paris and when my birth of the spirit had taken place. And after cycling having returned home I sensed the same scent in the bathroom. And it was so strong that I started sniffing a lump of soap whether or not it was from the soap. The scent of the soap seemed to be very crude. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I smelled already a different scent, even more pleasant, and in the room there was still the third type of odor, out matching the previous two. I had no doubts about a spiritual origin of these three different sorts of fragrance. I had the incense I enjoyed very much and to my understanding of a very refined taste, yet as I compared it with the odor poured out in the room, the incense was far from matching that unearthly subtle fragrance. It is beyond description, it was so subtle, soft, and refreshing. That was a reward to me for establishing the temple of God the Father and His Son Jesus and the service of the worship of the Father of spirit.

After some time I started applying a stillness practice when after my personal worship of the Father I would sit in silence for a while just awaiting to hear what the Father was telling me. As I had made an attempt doing it several years earlier I had failed to hear Him. Therefore I gave up this stillness practice for I was even thinking it might be not exactly real, or my level was not yet up to hearing the Father‘s teachings being passed personally to me as well as to any other human. Yet the leading from within was such that maybe some two years later I again returned to this practice. And this time I did hear the Father. I was overwhelmed with joy that I was receiving His teachings and that I can talk with Him whenever my soul desires this communion and opens up for this association. That was such a tremendous encouragement to me while walking on the spiritual path and that I had not experienced anything of the kind before even though I had many different spiritual experiences on that path, even appearances to my eyes.

Therefore, I started ever more urging all my brethren to seek a personal relationship with the Father, with Jesus, so that they could also feel these, priceless to the growth of one‘s soul, direct teachings that were being adapted to each of us individually, according to that person‘s ability to understand and receive them.

As I began to keep this sort of the relationship with the Father every day my communion with Him was deepening and strengthening. He often is telling me: “You must trust me more. The more you commune with me the bigger is your trust in me, as well as your self-confidence, the more sophisticated teachings of mine you are capable of receiving. This association is necessary to everybody yet not everybody is ready for it. Therefore you must also urge others to look within and discover me within themselves and establish this bilateral communion.”

When my communion with the Father had become an indivisible part of my life, it was only then that I did realize how Jesus had managed to talk with the Father. And it was then that the Father urged me, in addition to my communion with Him, to associate with Jesus as well. Thus I started short sessions of my association with Jesus even though my soul was leaning to the Father. However, gradually, while associating with Jesus, I developed a bigger desire for this communion with him too.

Some five months ago I was e-mailed by my brother in spirit some spiritual teachings of Jesus. They were named “Letters of Jesus.” They had been revealed in English. Once I read them I had a strong desire to translate them into Lithuanian. They were so profound and assisting man in taking a deeper look upon the reality and upon Jesus as well as upon the meaning of one‘s own life. They have been revealed through a woman in Africa.

I was pondering for several days whether or not to take up translating the Letters of Jesus into Lithuanian so that other people in Lithuania might also get acquainted with them. Our people do need such teachings of Jesus. However, eventually I made up my mind to take counsel with the Father on this issue. The Father backed up my idea and suggested that I would talk this matter over with Jesus directly: “The way you both shall agree upon shall it be.” However, prior to addressing Jesus my mind was pierced with the thought that instead of asking Jesus for the license on translating his Letter into Lithuanian I would rather ask him for being given similar teachings in Lithuanian so that it would be the original teaching meant for our people rather than the translation of his Letters.

Once I established communion with Jesus and told him that I had an intention of asking him for his permission for translating his Letters revealed by him in English and right before establishing that association with him the thought had cut through my mind that perhaps he could also dictate me the original teaching that would be more fitting to our people so that they would know it was not a translation but his original teaching.

Jesus supported this idea and suggested our daily association at six o‘clock in the morning. It was an early time for me. Usually I would go to bed past midnight and would wake up at about half past seven. Earlier the Father had recommended me, even several times, to change my daily routine – to get up at least at six o‘clock in the morning. However, I could follow this daily routine just for several days since having gone to bed late I had much trouble at getting up at six. And still having gotten up at this early hour I was feeling sleepy during the day so that I had to take a nap.

However, the desire to receive the teachings from Jesus generated a great impulse to transform my routine. I did accept the time proposed by him.

On the eve of our first mutual cooperation session I was feeling a much stronger anxiety than during the several other days prior to it, whether or not I shall manage to get up in time, whether I shall have enough of sleep to receive his teachings at such an early hour, what sort of teachings they shall be, whether I shall manage to receive them, and many other questions were circling in my mind.

From time to time, the teachings being given to me by the Father, I took down both in English and Lithuanian. The English texts I mailed to my brethren in the United States onto a conference list while the translated texts into Lithuanian I put on our website – or If the teachings of the Father I was receiving in Lithuanian then I would translate them into English, and vice versa. In a word I had some experience in receiving the teachings of the Father in both languages and taking them down while receiving them. That was also a long progressive step of my growth from hearing the Father, for the first time, to being able to take His teachings down on paper. However now Jesus shall be giving me his detailed teachings that I have no idea as to what way they shall be developing and when they might be completed, maybe making even a separate book. Therefore they most likely shall be consistent and extensive and of the sort I have never received before. Thus it had to be a new experience to me as well. However, I was certain that everything was possible with the Father. Therefore I began to worship the Father and pray for all even more intensively. And I was petitioning for myself a bigger devotion to the Father and a deeper wisdom from Him.

Every morning, even before six, I would begin with my worship of the Father and a petition prayer for all, and for my complete devotion to the Father‘s will and the reception of the teachings of Jesus. I would feel a little quiver within as if somebody would connect me to a different frequency of vibrations where my own thoughts, just a moment ago, as if sinking down to the bottom of my own mind and I would be filled up with completely different thoughts from Jesus. I merely needed to register them typing them on computer the way I had been doing while taking down the teachings of the Father.

This type of association with Jesus lasted for two months. When it was completed I began to correct my typing mistakes. However I did not correct either grammar mistakes or style, apart from very few instances with incorrect cases of nouns. Therefore you must not be strict in judging a rather difficult style for I had no right to make it easier. The sort of the text I have received from Jesus, this very text, I am presenting to you. The teaching is by Jesus. Its receiving and its transcript are mine. Its study and application are yours.

I express my deepest gratitude to the Father for leading me to the idea of translating this revelation from Lithuanian into English and for His hand of help through Martin Greenhut and William Hays, both of the United States of America, for their exclusively wise editing of the translation so that the style of Jesus Christ in the Lithuanian revelation is preserved, as well as for formatting the text for digital use and printing, and for fund raising and printing the book in the USA.

Peace be upon you.

With brotherly love,


The reception of the teachings by Jesus started at 6.15 a.m. on September 29, 2006

In Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania


1. The Source Of Truth Is The Self From The Father

My beloved brother, and all other beloved brethren who are currently reading these teachings of mine, that are being transmitted to you through this, my beloved brother, even as all my other equally beloved brethren, you shall have a chance to experience greater light compared with the one you have experienced to date while reading the description of my teachings in the Scripture called by you The Holy Scriptures, or The New Testament.

The truth and light of these Scriptures had great significance two thousand years ago when humanity had different conditions of living, conditions of great danger and violence. Now the time has come when humanity has a large variety of choices of their own free will as to what they might relish and show interest in and follow.

How can a man follow something having just one source in writing, which he has named The Bible, and he lays his trust in it merely because its truth has survived for two thousand years?

The truth has no time frame and bears no meaning in time if it is felt by man’s heart. And man’s heart equals man‘s inner voice that is understood more simply as his conscience, as the voice of his soul, as the voice of God, as the true measure of his fairness and morality that, on the highest level, discerns truth even though he does not yet perceive consciously, what is the truth.

To feel your own growth as well as that of your brethren, you must have greater written papers of truth and light that you can verify with your own inner voice, with the voice of your own soul. And this verification is live. It is the voice of God from within. That is why it must not be of importance to your inner voice whether this written source has already survived for two thousand years or if it has just appeared amongst you.

It is your own inner self that gives the solid confirmation of whether you have run into a greater light, or, on the contrary, this light suppresses you and distracts you from revealing yourself and blossoming in new colors of your own self.

Now I am beginning to transmit to you my new, and closer to the concept of the present-day development of your civilization, updated teachings that will raise each of you to a higher level that you need, a level higher than the one you might have experienced while perusing the so-called Holy Scriptures – The New and Old Testaments. And this portion of truth that you will receive from my teachings that I am passing through my beloved brother to you, is meant for your own development and for the expansion of your understanding both of my own person when I lived while in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth and of the supreme divine reality of the person of the Father that I as well as you are within.

Each of us is within Him, and we cannot transcend Him. No creature can transcend the Creator however developed that creature might be and whatever desire to grow that creature might have.

2. Why Are These Teachings Revealed?

Right from the very beginning I want to explain to you, my beloved brethren, as to why I have undertaken this task of transmitting these teachings through my beloved brother.

I have transmitted my teachings through my beloved sister who lives in Africa, and these teachings have been named Christ’s Letters. This brother in spirit, who is currently receiving these teachings of mine got acquainted with them. I am also giving them to him so that you who are not yet able to directly commune with me might also read them.

Christ’s Letters were transmitted through my beloved sister in English so that it would be easier to translate them into other world languages to spread them all over the world. Your brother in spirit who is taking down these teachings of mine, having read Christ’s Letters, felt an ever-growing desire to translate them into his native tongue. He has been directly communing with me for many a year and receiving teachings from me the way my beloved sister recorded my teachings and named them as Christ’s Letters.

Once he addressed the spirit of the Father for assistance, the spirit of the Father that also indwells each of you and which each of you can also establish a direct communion. He was asking the Father for help in translating Christ’s Letters into his native language. And then an idea struck his mind to record Christ’s Letters directly in communion with me rather than to translate them. The Father has approved of this idea and let everything proceed according to our mutual agreement.

This decision of my brother in spirit was exactly what the Father wished and I desired, and for which my brother in spirit had been prepared during many a year to take up. That is why I am happy about such a decision of my brother in spirit, and I have accepted his offer with pleasure to pass on to you, my dears, such a teaching that corresponds to the teaching transmitted through my beloved sister in spirit in Africa in English and titled Christ’s Letters. But, this is not the translation of Christ’s Letters into the Lithuanian language. Neither is it their retelling in your native language. It is my teaching to you who read it in Lithuanian. Irrespective of the mortal‘s nationality who is reading it. Irrespective of one‘s religion. Irrespective of what race one is a child of. These teachings are meant for all those who desire to grow in spirit even beyond the limit of their imagination. In reality this growth is endless.

One‘s spiritual growth is infinite. It is eternal. As equally infinite and endless is the knowing of all the creation. It is only you, each of you, making up the limitations of your own growth – if you tell your own selves that you do not want to grow any more, that it is enough for you, it is this that makes up the major obstacle and the principal limitation to your personal growth. There is no other force in all of Creation for your personal spiritual growth and to the growth of your personal knowledge of the creation apart from your personal will.

3. Episodes Of My Life In The Human Flesh

For you to feel stronger while reading these teachings that I am presenting you, as well as to feel the person of Jesus as the one who has come in the flesh amongst you, I will relate to you some things from my human life that have not been recorded in any other scripture.

Those of you who are familiar with the Revelation, called The Urantia Book, might get a deeper description of both my life and my teachings, for this portrayal of my life has been presented to you by creatures superior to man. It is due to them that you have a broader picture of my life two thousand years ago. But they did not dare to depict their Creator of the Universe as such who might also have negative traits, even though they did say that I was born exactly the way all the other babies were born both prior to and after my birth on your world. I grew up and matured exactly the way all the other children grew up and matured before me and after me on your world. However, my life has been presented exclusively as a collection of my positive qualities from my very birth up to my ascension to the Father “on the right.” It was mentioned on very rare occasions that my vigorous and inquisitive character caused problems to both my parents and my teachers at the synagogue school. But even in this case the problems I gave them have been presented as such that seemed to be very innocent and pleasant to the reader.

However, while growing and maturing, I experienced very similar problems to those of all the other children. Being vigorous at the same time I was not only inquisitive but also hot-tempered, like any other child of that age. Just because my parents were understanding and truly loving, that provided them enormous patience to deal with me so that I did not take on a path that would have led me to greater wrongdoing. I had a strong inner force and I was only able to keep from elevating my own self above the others after my childhood was already in full swing, when I reached a higher level of understanding of my environment. My contacts with Joseph and Mary were not that innocent as some of you might think. I also had moments of angry outbursts when my mind was unable to understand why my parents tried to look upon me as though I was a special member of our large family, as compared with my other brothers and sisters. All this would seem to me unfair and I would resist it. I would resist it from within and then I would start to resist from without by actions. Meanwhile I was doing it, not because this greater attention to me was disturbing or unpleasant, but rather because it would harm my other brothers and sisters. And this I was taking as my own offense, and that was being felt by my own inner self.

My parents, neither Joseph nor Mary, did not explain to me anything about my higher mission on this world that had been revealed to my mother by Gabriel who had appeared to her even before my birth. Therefore my ego would take offence if they tried to pamper me more than their other children. And the role of the mommy’s molly-coddling was absolutely unacceptable to me. Thus my inner self would flare up to reject the situation of being treated like this by my parents, especially on the part of my mother. It was obvious that it did hurt and offend them. However, at that time, I had a feeling that I had to behave exactly that way. Such was the leading of my mind by my own self that was not yet mature at all. Therefore such impulsiveness of mine would cause considerable pain and uncertainty for my parents. They were expecting from me some out-of-the-ordinary attention for them and my exceptional interest in God, since all their life was filled up with the message received by my mother from Gabriel that I would be that promised child who would reveal light to all those who would accept it. And my parents, as well as all the other Jews of that time, had a deep imprint, even in their sub-consciousness, formed up through generations, of expecting a Messiah who had to liberate their nation from the gentile oppressors.

Therefore, in any family, of any generation, having more than one child, the parents must never divide their love in different portions. It must be shared equally with all. And such a love must be always shared as if each child, even in a large family, were the only child in all the family.

All, and each, of us are being loved with this sort of love by that Great Source and Center that you call God.

And it is only after having felt His love within that it is possible to share one‘s love with one‘s children equally as if all these children, and each child taken separately, would be the only and most beloved child in all the family. And exactly the same approach must be taken towards each child within that large family.

4. My Prayers

While I was growing up within my family I was taught at my parent home and the synagogue school the set forms of prayers as the means of my communion with God. I could not understand this type of a path. I would ask my parents as to why it was necessary to talk with God not the way I talked with my own father, why it was necessary to talk with Him by using only the set forms of prayers. How could I express to Him my thoughts, my love, my petitions that my mind was feeling and that could not be expressed by the words of those set prayers for they did not include such petitions that my mind did strongly desire to present all the same? My parents and my teacher in religion were scared by these speculations of mine. These were solid and painful speculations both to my parents and to my teacher for they had not adapted their mind to the freedom of such considerations. Therefore they would not know in what manner to deal with me, and they would merely sharply retort: “We follow the law of Moses. He is our prophet and he communicated with Jahve and received teachings from him and he left his regulations over to us as to how it is and it is not allowed to commune with Jahve. That is why we pray the way we are instructed by the Holy Scriptures for it is only they that hold the truth. You are not the one who would be wiser than Moses to abrogate the laws he has left over to us. God shall punish every one who will attempt to equal Him. Thus, do it the way our ancestors did it and the way we do it.”

However these explanations were not convincing to me. It was beyond my understanding as to why it was not allowed to talk with God with love the way one would like to talk with one‘s most beloved friend, with one‘s most beloved and closest father or mother. I did desire such a real and live communion so that my own inner self was boiling with a protest against such a concept of God that I was being offered both by the Scriptures and by my parents – to address the God of Israel, Jahve, by only a fixed form. Therefore I would revolt at home that it was not true. God wants our sincerity and not these very same words being repeated daily. I would ask my father, Joseph: “Father, would you be satisfied if all your children repeated to you these very same words every day. How could you know us better, how could we love you more if all our communication were always the same words; and if all of us were speaking the same words. And not only within our family but in all the Jewish families all the children would be talking with their parents using the very same words. How could you know, then, our wishes? How could you know what we have already achieved, and what we do not need to reach out for at all?”

However, neither my father nor my mother could explain to me anything. They would get irritated and command me not to bother them with such blasphemies. And they would ask me to tell others nothing of this sort for I would run into big trouble.

But how could one, while being a child, begin to listen to the words of one‘s parents when the parents could not provide any satisfactory answers to any of my questions which I was unable to answer for myself either. Therefore I would discuss even these very issues with my friends. I would also put these questions to my teacher at the synagogue school. But nobody could ever give me an answer. They were feeling I was sincere, they were feeling that their uniform answers which I also heard from my parents at home, did not convince me. And sometimes it aroused their strong irritation that I was still searching for something else, that I was not satisfied with what I would hear from them. In no way could I fit within the frame offered to me by the so-called Holy Scriptures. Therefore I was left alone with these very questions to ponder upon: “Why do I have to commune with God only by the established forms of prayers? Why does Jahve punish people for sins if God is a merciful and loving Father of Israel? Why do people have to suffer and be sick? Why is there so much evil? Why are we not alike? Why are not all the people reasonable and good? Why does God allow to kill?” and many others.

Since my sincere desire to question caused irritation to many, I noticed that people lost their temper merely because they did not know the answer. And once the question would lead them out of an established framework of thinking, then they would feel like they were losing ground under their feet and would get frightened as if I had told them something wrong. And then out of fear, automatically, they would begin to defend themselves by attacking me back.

This is common to all people of a low spiritual level, that fright and fear automatically command a self-defensive reaction which is always an attack against that person who has caused this reaction. And instead of thinking about the question itself, they snap out right away: “What nonsense are you talking? Have you lost your common sense?”

5. Vibrations Of Reality

My beloved brother, all my beloved brothers and sisters in spirit, I am transmitting these teachings so that you can look deeper into the reality around you, into this very reality that you find yourselves in. Nobody, not even I, can escape the vibrations of this reality for it is of these vibrations emanated from the First Source and Center that reality is made up. And it is made up of the energy vibrations that are exclusively of a different frequency. Your scientists already research some of the vibrations and penetrate ever deeper into them. But they do not pose the questions, even to themselves: why and where from are these vibrations? They begin to understand that every substance, even a material one that is seen by the human eyes, is made up of adequate energy vibrations. They already speak of and research the diffusion of the nucleus of an atom during the nuclear reaction. They make attempts at the research of the structure of an atom on a theoretical level. So far they do not speak about the structure of smaller units – electrons. And these also have even greater energy vibrations than the vibrations of an atom, and the frequency of these vibrations determines the structure of an atom.

The whole environment you have named as inanimate is also animate. Only, the life of this, according to you, inanimate nature, possesses the energy vibrations of a very low and crude mode. And every single particle is in motion, in vibration, and in revolution. Every single particle, even the smallest one, of whatever solid substance seen to your material eyesight it might be, such as the rocks of the biggest mountain or the hardest steel, is also an animate substance. Only the motion – vibration – of these component particles of this animate substance is of a very low frequency. Therefore you do not see them. That is why you take such objects of the environment seen by your own eyes to be of an inanimate nature.

Neither can you see the vibrations of a very high frequency. Therefore you cannot see me in my present and real form; neither can you see angels – your guardian-seraphim – who are even by your side and do serve you; nor can you see many other spirits that are higher than the seraphim and who do really serve you with their devotion to the Creator of the Creation and the Emanator and Center of all these energy vibrations, whom you have named God.

It is both true and untrue. God is all-embracing and omnipresent. He has no definite form and appearance. He is the First Great and Eternal Emanator and Upholder of all the supreme vibrations and The Source and Center of the Universal Consciousness. He is the only One who is all-perceiving and omniscient, and who sees everywhere the whole beginning from the end throughout eternity in the past and in the future. And while being such, to you who are of the lowest mode of vibrations and who have disclosed only the very initial and the simplest understanding of His Universal Consciousness, He is still a person and personality that you can commune with even as with the most beloved person who is The Source of Love himself. He is the Source and Center of love for the whole creation.

6. The Concept Of God To Me As A Child Who Was Searching For Answers Within Himself

When I was in your very lowest material form, in the human flesh, and when my human consciousness was also on the very lowest mortal level, I was also unable to perceive who was Jahowe-Jahve as the Jews were calling the God of Israel, the Father of Israel. I, even as a child, could not understand why there was some higher Power that was called the Father of Israel, and who had to be feared because he would punish one if he was not obeyed.

How could a loving Father punish His children, while even a human loving father would try to find a way to reach the mind of his child so that the child would understand his teaching and explanation, and he would not resort to punishing the child right away if the child did not understand and did something not the way the earthly father was asking him to do?

It was beyond my understanding that such a Supreme Power could behave worse than an earthly father, and an unwise father at that, to demand a sacrifice of live lambs or other animals and birds so that man would receive a reward from it.

All this seemed to my mind that this Supreme Power, that was even called the Father of Israel, had less wisdom than earthly parents had, for they did not demand that their children kill any animals to make their parents love them.

And when such thoughts were permanently arising in my mind, I had nobody at hand whom I could ask. Why was God so relentless? Why was He so revengeful? Why had He to be feared and obeyed all the time? Why could not I commune with Him directly but rather through rabbis?

My mind could not find convincing answers so the arguments remained solid. And there remained nothing else to my mind but to talk with itself. And that type of directing my view to my own inner self would bring me ever growing satisfaction because, surprisingly to myself, I felt that I began to find some answers. And those answers were so convincing to me that I started to ever more relish this conversation with my own self.

And why should not my mind follow those responses that it was receiving, even though being unable to understand how those answers were generated in it? However, I began to trust ever more those responses that God did not really punish anyone and did not make anyone suffer, He loved and shone light, and it was the people, due to the fears passed over to them by their ancestors, that were afraid of that light, for they did not know that the questions I was posing to myself they could also pose to themselves. And they might also receive those responses that would soothe them and explain to them in what way they could cease being afraid of God that He would punish them each time. Even though being unable to know the source of those thoughts of mine that were piercing my mind deeper and stronger to dominate it, I started trusting them ever more. However, I could not talk frankly about it with anyone else, for nobody wanted either to understand it or at least to talk about my mere hints that God loved no less than an earthly father did and that He did not punish anyone more than an earthly father would.

Thus I had to address these same questions to myself and discuss them with myself further on; and from my very early age. But as my own thoughts were becoming more different from the ones dominant in my environment, people would get irritated very easily if I told them something contrary to what they had been taught by the so-called Scriptures of their parents, grandparents, and all the other ancestor generations. Due to this fact my environment by no means could render me any assistance in finding answers to new questions ever coming to my mind.

7. The Importance Of A Living Contact With People

Inquisitiveness is a marvelous quality for everyone when questions are raised and answers are sought sincerely. However, when the depth of the questions is beyond man’s understanding, such questions right away arouse in him a sense of fear and irritation so that he immediately takes a pose of self-defense, and by this puts up a barrier for any sincere desire to get an answer to expand the understanding of his own mind as well.

It was exactly this sort of environment that prevailed two thousand years ago when I walked on your world, when I journeyed around the lands of the Mediterranean and studied people, and by these travels, I was expanding an understanding of my mind as to how people lived, worked, and what was on their minds in different places; the people of different character and different races. And these living studies provided me many more answers than I could receive from the then-Scriptures, to the questions I would pose to myself.

A living contact with people always exceeds any theory since theory is merely a speculation based on a limited experience and an attempt to draw generalized conclusions. Meanwhile, a living contact with a person provides you the living vibrations that the person – you are in a direct relationship with – is emanating both to you and to the environment. And theory does not investigate these vibrations for it is impossible to define them by some definite conclusion, since these vibrations are all individual and unique, for they are living and ever changing. And even the vibrations emanated by the same man might be of one frequency at one moment and already different at another moment – vibrations emanated by the same man.

8. The Problem Of Psychology And Psychiatry

Today, your science investigates only man’s psychology while absolutely leaving out from its view both a living and real Source of the investigator of this very psychology and man’s living relationship with this Source. This Source is that very First Source and Great Center that is holding the whole creation in His arms. That is why it is impossible to have a scientific theory that denies the Source of the phenomenon under investigation. And it is namely psychology and psychiatry that deny the Source of man’s origin and the Source of all wisdom – the First Source and Center that you call God and that I called a loving Father of all, and of each of you, when I walked around as one of you and among you as Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago.

That is why your psychology and psychiatry have found themselves in a deadlock by trying to solve the problems of man’s disrupted spiritual-energetic inner vibrating that causes suffering to man ever more and deeper. And these problems shall ever increase while the chances for psychology and psychiatry to help such poor and despairing people by no means shall change if the psychologists and psychiatrists, making attempts to render assistance, will not experience the operation of the The First Source and Center within themselves and will not realize that all the diseases start with the disruption of the vibrations of His love ocean that are being poured out evenly and ceaselessly upon all creation and upon every creature. It is only by helping these poor and suffering brethren of mine, and who are also their brethren, open up to these love vibrations permanently and ceaselessly being sent by the First Source and Center that they shall cure them from such diseases that in reality testify to nothing else but a shortage of these love vibrations within them.

9. My Environment

I did not come to this world entertaining a desire to bring to the people a concept of a theoretical Supreme Power, of a theoretical Supreme Mind, of a theoretical Supreme Consciousness, of that which you used to call Jahowe or Jahve, God of Israel, the Father of Israel. But rather, I came to this wonderful world to show you a way that you can find peace and bliss, and experience a real satisfaction within your own selves by having a real and living bond with these love vibrations of that Supreme Power, of that Supreme Mind, of that Supreme Consciousness truly bathing you as a space ocean, even within your own selves, as well as to show you how to feel and discover these love vibrations.

And after that you could believe my words, for you could experience all this by yourselves and by this confirm the truth of my words in your own living.

I chose simple, ordinary young men who had a better chance of not getting frightened by such a path to within that would completely deny the path that had been laid down for them by the rabbis and Pharisees, by the scribes and teachers of the scriptures they called holy in the course of centuries.

By saying I chose ordinary men who lived in that generation and in that place where I was on my mission of revealing that very same God – Father – to all men, I mean ordinary people who were inclined to believe my word and my teaching of one God the Father to all people and a brotherhood interrelationship among all men.

However, you must not think that those simple men were uneducated at all, and could not even read. They were all graduates of the-then existing synagogue schools. While at those schools, they were given a good training in both writing and reading, and in knowing the world of that age and in understanding the so-called Scriptures to the measure taught by the teachers of that time. And that understanding helped them in a way deal in their daily living because every difficulty or failure, they attributed to God’s favor or disfavor with man. If a man had his life in abundance it meant that God loved that man and showed him favor by demonstrating greater attention that was manifested in material wealth and a better material living. Meanwhile for those who had a hard life, who were crippled or sick, who had to suffer physical afflictions and who, according to the-then understanding, were repudiated from the abundance of God’s mercy, testified to nothing else but the fact that God did not love those people that much.

Due to those beliefs that they received at the synagogue schools, while rabbis, in addition to it, at their academies where the then-teaching of rabbis was laying emphasis that it was only they and the scribes who had exclusive authority given to them by God to teach all the other Jews what they considered to be the truths of the Scriptures, and by this God showed them even greater favor and came closer to them. Such a stratified society had no remorse that everything was regulated that way from the very moment of man’s birth. The more so that in this structure no place was left for women. They did not receive any education at all even at those primitive synagogue schools. The Jewish standpoint upon women was degrading, as upon a second-rate person whose only task was to give birth to children and care for the upbringing of children up to the age of five. Beyond this age all the responsibility for the child’s upbringing would pass into the hands of the father. True, that applied only to boys. The care of girls remained in the hands of their mothers. However, their only duty was to prepare the girl for motherhood.

Meanwhile, the gentiles were not considered by the Jews to be even people. They were equaled to animals. And even the killing of a gentile was not considered to be a sin. This wrong attitude within the society that looked upon itself as an exceptional people, that had been entrusted by the Father of Israel, Jahve, with a special role – as the only people to deliver a teaching from their own Scriptures as from the true source – could by no means bring in a mutual love and a strong spiritual bond and association.

Since this system was introduced right at the birth of a child and continued on throughout man’s life span, dominated by the role of the rabbis with their distorted teaching about God who chastised a disobedient man and showed an exceptional favor to those whom He liked, it was a slim chance that among the Jews there might appear a free man who could surpass this teaching enslaving the mind, so that by his own teaching he would make an attempt to explain to others that God loved all uniformly and without any calculation. He equally loved not only the Jews but also the gentiles that were hated by the Jews so much they were not even treated as humans.

And the Roman oppression was despised by the Jews, even though they could not resist it due to their small numbers. However, being not a numerous people, they satisfied their inner ego by showing their disdain to the gentiles, even to Caesar, that those oppressors were not worthy to be treated as their equals.

That was the situation I could not take. How was it possible to live under the conditions of such unfairness? How was it possible to teach such a god who loved some while he did not love others, who provided wealth and living in material abundance to some, while he denied this similar living and sent suffering instead to others? How could there exist such a god who required a blood sacrifice on the altar to give his forgiveness and show his favor? And he would not manifest any favor to a gentile even for the sacrifice, merely due to the fact that the person was a gentile.

This type of environment and life were by no means acceptable to me.

10. My Reflections

My mind would also begin to strongly resist from within as soon as I would start reflecting on the meanings of our living on this planet.

As soon as I started to sense ever deeper that while alone communing with God of Israel, the Father of Israel, in my own words, I would begin to feel some peace and tranquility within me, I got engaged in my reflections to the effect that I did not follow the rituals prescribed by the rabbis and scribes. Yet all the same, I did experience peace within me. It means that a ritual does not give one anything. It does not, by itself, replace a living bond with God. It is not enough to perform a ritual to feel a living relationship with God. It is the ritual that impedes man’s live association since in that case man’s attention is directed to the performance of the ritual rather than to the very relationship of man’s inner self with God.

My personal experience, as far back as in my adolescent years, convinced me that it was not the ritual that was important to God the Father but man’s communion with Him out of heart. I would hint about it to my parents. However, because of such speculations of mine, they both got frightened, so much, that right away they would resort to talking me out of those, unfamiliar to them, forms of communion with God. And each time they would emphasize to me that their Scriptures were so old that many generations had lived abiding by them, rabbis and scribes knew them very well, and they always did teach to pray to God by the set forms of prayers. The same things were also taught in synagogues. Therefore, they would get very irritated by my conversations and I had nothing to do but, again, to keep everything within myself. I could find a common language with nobody the moment I started saying that God loved all.

There cannot be such a God who would love some more, while He would hurt others. In that case He must be a very ruthless God for even a good gentile is worthy of both love and similar treatment to a Jew. However, such speculations of mine might only scare my friends and teachers at the synagogue school. Thus, from my very childhood I perceived well that even well-intended conversations did not always lead to benevolence on the part of the children, even of my age, if they could not understand my words while being unable to escape from their own concepts. Therefore, during all my life, I had no one to talk with frankly about the things in man’s life that both moved and anguished me.

Therefore, the questions did strike my mind ever more often as to why others did not notice such obvious things that I could see so clearly? Why do others take everything for granted rather than think about the deeper causes? Why cannot they realize that this type of living is leading people to even greater alienation and division, and even to a greater suffering? Why do I see much deeper than my friends? Do I even understand many things that even rabbis and scribes are unable to understand? Such questions were permanently tickling my mind but I did not find the answers that would be obvious and clear to me.

11. My Loneliness And Association With The Father

Thus, I had to mature in this environment alone since I had not a single helper who could have been able to explain to me all this. And, again, I had to leave everything to my contact with my own self and with God the Father.

But my thoughts, for a moment, did get more enlightened. I did not know how it happened but I did feel that a clear thought arrived to give me an explanation about the issue I did not understand, and the one I had been reflecting on in my mind, and which I had even related to my God the Father; not only to the Father of Israel but also to my Father. I would receive such thoughts and they would consistently tell me that God was one and He loved all, and He was everywhere and always, and with all, and uniformly, with the poor and rich, the Jews and gentiles, the sick and healthy, children and elderly, women and men, and it was only man that could turn away from God while God never turned away from man, and only a man could punish another man while God never punished anyone. These thoughts were so close to my heart and so strengthening me that I would always enjoy them and I would await. Maybe some other thought would visit my mind to strengthen and support me in such a difficult and unfair situation for the Jews.

It was very hard for me since I could not share these thoughts with anyone. Nobody could understand them because they did not match the beliefs presented by the Scriptures. Therefore, they were always pressing upon me from within. And I was tormented by the question; what had to be done so that I could also share these thoughts with others to enable them to feel the light of similar thoughts? How to make these thoughts available to all so that it would become possible to preach them even in synagogues, how to achieve the situation that these thoughts would dominate within the people’s hearts?

I did not know the path, but I felt I had to do something so that this light, burning and simultaneously soothing me from within, would be proclaimed. But in what way? How to preach it when the environment was so restrictive; when any word and thought not from the Scriptures was attacked right away, even in my own home, by my beloved parents?

My thoughts about God would always soothe and strengthen me. That was the only refreshing thing in this environment that rendered neither freedom nor room for the manifestation of my thoughts; and since I did feel such a comfort within my own self I started more often to pass from my conversation with my own self to my conversation with God. I wanted to compare Him not with God of Israel, not with Jahve, not with the Father of Israel but rather with my Father.

I enjoyed very much to begin to address Him as “My beloved Father.” This address matched my inner state: “God loves, and I must love Him rather than be afraid of Him.” And who can love any child more than the father or the mother of the child. I had a feeling that mother’s love was very tender but I could not address God by “My beloved Mother.” That address could not come to my mind. I was also influenced by the Jewish Scriptures, by the family education, by my friends, by the teachers at the synagogue school, by the rabbis preaching, by the explanations of the scribes, by the stories of the caravan travelers that I would hear from my childhood in Nazareth situated at a caravan cross-road leading from the outskirts of the empire. I had also limitations of my mind as to my way of addressing God. Thus, I chose my address close to my soul and warm as “My beloved Father.” And in this manner I would start relating Him my hard thoughts, and the issues that my mind could not solve. I was very much surprised and gladdened when thoughts arrived that began to appear to me as the answers from the Father.

12. “My Conversations” With The Father

Such an experience was new and unusual to me. Therefore I could not understand how those bright thoughts were reaching me. Where were they from? But I decided for myself that they might really be from the Father. If I put a question to Him and after a while such a thought arrived that helped me understand the issue I had not understood before I attributed that elucidation to the Father. And I started saying to myself that I was responded to in that way by the Father.

Gradually, I began to call such conversations of mine, “My conversations with the Father.” Even though I could not tell anyone about it, even within my family, for I would have been taken for a child beside himself. But personally I was feeling a pleasant sensation after those, as I had named them, “My conversations with the Father.” And I was experiencing a joy of having a secret that was known only to “My beloved Father” and me.

The deeper I submerged into those periods which I could not understand and for which I used the name beyond understanding to anyone in my ambience, the more I began to experience that such conversations with the Father as mine were necessary to all people. For it started to influence me from within to a greater extent; but to influence me for the better. I began to feel that I was turning from a quick-to-flare-up young man into an ever more patient one. If previously my words had hurt many merely because I had bravely spoken them out to stand for my opinion, then I began to realize more clearly that everything I was understanding and feeling was not understood and felt in a similar way by my friends or by other people who did not want to listen to my truths because they were scared by them. Then, I began to realize that I should not tell others everything in such an open manner, to arouse fewer contradictions, and to set fewer people against me. Thus, gradually, I was learning how to deal with all – even with my parents, since they were objecting to my views even though they did not resist them like the others did, so fiercely.

I was always saved by my sincerity. The majority did notice that I was sincere and not seeking any benefit for myself. They would forgive me for those outspoken words that were unacceptable to them, while the questions simply scared them, and they could not find any answer to them. Even such a thing as this one when I asked my father for the cause of lightening and thunder, he frankly confessed to me that he did not know it. He did not know it since the Jews had not been taught such things. Such ignorance was strange for me, for at that time I was only eight years old and considered my father to know everything and able to explain to me many things that I had no idea of. Now it appeared it was not true. Even my father’s authority in my eyes faltered. And again I would bring up this issue to my own consideration and subsequently, as I had mentioned, those conversations with my own self transformed into my talk with the Father on high.

13. A Child’s Up-bringing

While growing up, a child is naturally seeking answers to everything that surrounds him and that he sees. Therefore one of the most significant parts in the raising of the child by the parents is their explanation of the whole ambience to their child with much love and patience. And that means the parents themselves must also be well-educated people. They must know how to explain all these things to their children in simple and easy-to-understand words. But it is not enough to explain it. It is necessary to let the children experience it, to experience many of the things that might be experienced at their own age.

Meanwhile, now, many of the contemporary families have distanced themselves from their children so much that the responsibility for the broken off relationships of love and respect among generations throughout the planet exclusively lies on them. The rhythm of man’s life is very fast, his material way of thinking has completely obscured his spiritual bond among generations as well as that of individuals one with another. It is due to these broken off bonds that all conflicts and tension arise.

I was a happy child since in our large family of nine children, all of us were always shown by our parents a wonderful feeling of love. Therefore we could ourselves also experience what it meant to love. I was extremely happy when my father started to take me to his carpenter’s workshop where I saw with my own eyes how he was working, how he was creating a piece of furniture. Therefore I myself desired to be like him. And I was even happier when he was patiently teaching me how to handle the tools, how to create something by myself.

My father could not explain to me many things that I showed interest in but he always did confess to me that he did not know it. And his confession did not in the least reduce my love for him. It seemed to me, still as a little child, that he had to know everything, and about everything, for who else could know more than he. And his first answer about thunder and lightening, “I don’t know,” upset me that he was not the one to know all things. But because of this answer, my love for him did not change.

Therefore, parents must always remain sincere so that their child would feel the same vibrations being channeled through their sincere confession that they might not know something. But at the same time they must also know more not to let down their little ones the least, because the environment around them is so diverse and their searches are so penetrating and pure, and they desire to experience everything so much. These desires are natural; every baby is born with such desires. And the parents can efficiently handle all their sincere questions and satisfy their inquisitiveness only if they were striving for a deeper knowledge and perception of the ambience themselves.

Parents, by their attitudes, lay the foundation for their own future through their children; and not merely for their own personal future but also for that of the whole society; of all humanity.

While I was growing up, my conversations with the heavenly Father became more frequent and deeper.

I enjoyed climbing together with my father up a big hill on the outskirts of Nazareth and looking around the vicinity stretching out far before us. On a sunny day I would even see a dim view of the sea at a great distance. And such outings were among my most pleasant experiences. During these trips my father would show me where there were Greek-gentile cities; he would point out the direction of the Jewish holy center of Jerusalem with its grand synagogues and many magnificent Jewish festivals. I could grasp quite well from these stories how unhappy the Jewish people were. My father would sigh in sadness because they had to serve the gentiles rather than the Jews since they were under the gentile oppression.

But most deeply, I was moved by my father’s sincere desire to enlighten me, to teach me, and to allow me to experience everything that would be fitting to experience for a child of my age. He would never forbid me to work together with him, and would never turn me down even while being very occupied. And such a relationship is especially necessary for a child, because it is only by this bond that the child is developing within himself his respect and love for the person he is in contact with; and not necessarily with his father or mother; but with every person playing and growing with him that sincerely.

This attitude is missing within the present-day families because they devote their greatest energy and effort only to ensuring the material well being of their children while altogether neglecting their patient and fully loving upbringing by associating and growing together with them. The raising of a child is a sincere and fully loving association with him aside from the material environment. While the father or the mother is associating with the child, there must exist at that moment this relationship only. It is of no importance whether the father is engaged in some activity, busy with his car, writing the most sophisticated thesis, getting ready for the next day‘s work, washing dishes, cleaning up his clothes, or polishing his shoes; whether the mother is taking care of the family work for the next day, preparing dinner, or talking with her friend who is visiting their family, the child must always be included in this activity and in this process, as an equal member of the family. The child must participate in all this as a partner and not as the little one.

And you, dear parents, must sincerely explain to the child in simple words, so that he would understand what you are busy with at this moment. And you must also allow the child to participate in this process. It is not important that the child will fail to perform some function the way you want it. This is the purpose of your fatherly-motherly love; that with divine patience, you would teach him all these things that are up to his shoulders, so that while associating, even with your friends, you would not turn him down but also show him your attention. This attention and sincerity make up that living bond that love is based on.

14. No Need To Fear Death

Whatever has happened pleasant, or unpleasant, never try to hide it from the child so that the child would be seemingly protected from an unnecessary suffering and pain. It is necessary to explain life to the child in a language he can understand and to allow him to live this very life in his own understanding. And it is the role of the parents to expand his understanding. A child being raised with love and sincerity shall start asking such questions that sooner or later shall bring issues that even the parents themselves do not dare to answer. Why has grandmother or grandfather died? What can the parents tell the child if they do not know themselves why the grandmother or the grandfather died? Why do people die? Thus, in a very distorting way, they try to protect their child from all such phenomena that according to them are tormenting and painful even for them, not to speak of their little beloved one.

This is the biggest mistake, from the material point standpoint, that is being made by developing humanity. No one can ever escape the experience of one’s material death. Therefore it is necessary to know its meaning and purpose. It was for this greater enlightenment of man that I also came to this wonderful world of yours two thousand years ago to enlighten and comfort people rather than to redeem people’s sins and scare them when they saw how I was tortured to death by my beloved creatures – my brethren. I came to this world to bring light, to bring light about the Source and Center of All Lights that you call God; and the Jews, in my times, called Jahve, or God of Israel, the Father of Israel. I came to this world to explain in the-then environment and to the people of that time that this very Jahve, this very God of Israel, the Father of Israel, was the Father of each, a loving Father, a non-punishing Father. He had no inferno to torment souls in. And one’s death was not man’s frightening end but rather only the very beginning to a real eternity.

However, I had to adjust myself to the then-concepts of the Jews. Even though the Jewish fathers and mothers did love their children so much, like nowhere else in the world, they treasured a family life so highly, like nowhere else at that time, still even the Jews were afraid of death, and let tears roll down once death visited their families. I desired to provide them a bigger light and to show the way to reach it. But the dominant rituals of that time had managed, generation upon generation, to control and subdue the sub-consciousness of the Jews so much that my light frightened them, and they did obey the dead rituals devised by the rabbis and Pharisees rather than the liberating good news – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – that I brought in.

And this constraining darkness of rituals, as well as enslaving them, does not allow even the modern families – already in the twenty-first century – to feel a liberating impact of my gospel – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. And without this impact, it is impossible even for the loving parents to raise their children as free and loving children who in their turn would raise their own children with love and mercy as the children of one Father and as brethren among themselves. Without this type of upbringing of children, there shall never rule peace and comfort in such a wonderful world of yours. And never shall man deliver himself from the fear of death.

For you to be able to experience the sensation of a spiritual freedom so that you would make certain by yourselves that your life must be lived as real and in reality rather than as seeming and in illusion, I am presenting to you this much deeper and more expanded concept of reality. A fairly large part of you is ready for such a concept, only you do not know where this deeper wisdom can be found. It is this book that shall be that step that will lead you to this magnificent experience so that you will begin to experience the reality of my words by yourselves. It is only then that you shall notice that the dogmas and rituals that have incarcerated you shall have disappeared as an opaque fog that has just recently held all the reality surrounding you under a complete cover. Now that you have recovered your eyesight you shall feel the impact of freedom and space on your soul. And this experience will let you perceive that there is no death. Therefore there is no need to protect your children from it by fearing to explain to your beloved little ones about the death of grandfather or grandmother.

Meanwhile, at first, it is you who must learn that there is no death. There is only people’s ignorance and unwillingness to know what this reality is.

In order for you to know what Reality is I invite you to travel with me in a similar way as when I used be taken by my father on his outings around the Nazareth vicinity and explained what we could see from that high hill.

15. The Creation Of The Reality And The Creator

You envision reality only as such as that which is experienced by your five senses; touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Some of you still add to this your imagination thanks to which you can transfer yourselves to the venues you have visited or your dreams which can take you back to where you have been or even take you to where you will be. However, in this latter case, it is also related to your past experiences, conceived or registered subconsciously. And viewing this reality and evaluating it in this manner only, you greatly belittle its diversity. If only you could know what a diverse, beautiful, and good reality it is, you would be looking upon even that small part of the reality surrounding you directly, the only part of it you are capable of perceiving, in a totally different way.

Reality is made up of such a multitude of energy vibrations emanating from The First Source and Center and they are all being radiated with such an enormous love that its luminosity would be blinding and by all means unbearable to your eyesight were you to be transferred to the center of creation that we will name Paradise, from which The First Source and Center is operating. Since this is The First Source and Center it is fairly natural that He must be in the center of creation so that all the reality in existence would be able to grow and expand ever more, originating out of these very energy vibrations. The First Source and Center must always be bigger than that reality for it is absolutely logical that the bigger can create the smaller while no smaller can create the bigger. A child cannot create a grown-up however hard he might be attempting to do this. No creation can create the creator. Just the opposite, a grown-up can create the character of a child, meanwhile, a creator can create a creation.

This very Creative Center must also be alive if He can create living parts of the creation you can perceive. For it is only the living that can create what is also alive. But not the other way around. This very Creator must also have an adequate abode from which to operate while creating. Therefore, this Source and Center must be creating from such a center that corresponds to and matches the Creative Powers of this Source. And this very Source and Center, while creating such a vast creation of which your material eyes can see only a tiny part, while your mind cannot yet understand it, must be as the one who would both understand and embrace His own creation for it is only such a Source and Center that would be capable of producing a reality of that size and inconceivable and clever control. However, this Source and Center, had He a body or form that you might try to envision, would in no way be able to embrace His creation so that a certain order would prevail in it; that stars would twinkle to you at night and they would not collide among themselves, disrupting the order of creation. This very same Source and Center must not be debasing and hating either, because He would start destroying himself. For there is not such a case that even the smallest creator-man can produce a beautiful, small piece of creation on his own level while being angry and hateful. He can create what others would consider to be beautiful and good only while feeling love himself. Therefore, lovers who have never written poems start writing them because the feeling of love elevates them for an outburst of such poetic thoughts. Therefore, such a vast creation, even beyond the embrace of your eyes, cannot be without such a Center and Creator who would not love His creation and who would not create it out of love. The Creator must pour out such a powerful vibration of His love that it would reach all, even in the most remote corners of creation so they could feel His love and His marvelous attraction. Therefore the whole creation must find itself in a vast ocean of the Creator’s love vibrations. It must be saturated in the love vibrations of the Creator and Center to be expanded from within the center and out in any direction.

Since the creation is so enormous and so beautiful, since it is such that is beyond the human mind’s understanding, it means that it must also have even a Greater Mind that would be capable of creating and controlling it; for it is only a clever mind that is capable of producing such a creation that would also have clever creatures. And even if the creatures themselves cannot fully understand the creation it means that this Mind must transcend all the mind of all the creatures to be able to generate and govern such creatures with such a love power that would uphold them and let them feel this very love.

Since the creation has within itself different forms and levels, for even in your own environment you experience that there are liquid and solid, cold and hot, moving very fast and very slowly, visible and invisible forms, therefore the Creator and Center himself must also have the power and capabilities of changing these forms and the knowledge how to change them. It means that this Source and Center must be Omnipotent for He is capable of performing all of these transformations.

I am giving you this description of the Source and Center of Reality so that you would begin to ponder, at least a little bit, that reality itself is a very sophisticated mechanism, the operation of which no one is capable of explaining in full. This can be done only by The One Who has designed it, and implemented it. It is only He who is aware of all the designs and goals. Therefore such a Creator-Source and Center must know everything that cannot be known by the separate parts of the reality created by Him. It means that He must be Omniscient to be able to understand and know how to create and maintain such a creation.

Can a first grader who has just started attending school have the same knowledge as his teacher who has just begun to teach this very little child the knowledge of the first letter? Can a creature who is watching the vastness and might of such a boundless creation understand the knowledge and thoughts of the Creator and Source and Center himself at this very moment to be able to perceive His plans and the principles behind His actions that are being manifested in a visible manner to his eyes as well as to his feelings that are being born in his heart?

Since the creature is incapable of perceiving all the plans and goals of the Creator, as the plans and goals and wisdom of the Creator are too great even as all the knowledge of the teacher is too great for a little first grader, so must the creature be content with what he experiences and conceives, however little that understanding might be, and he must not seek to perceive the plans and goals of the Creator with the creature’s mind.

I am trying to reveal the nature of the Source and Center of Reality in a simplified way so that you might expand your concepts about Him by merely trying to ponder within the framework of the logic I have passed to your psyche. Expand your thinking. Stir up the stasis of your thoughts a little bit so that they might be exercised, and the stagnation itself like stiffness in your difficult-to-bend joints would begin to vanish by bending and training them.

Your mind can perceive much more, beyond measure, and the current stagnation of thinking can be replaced by a flexible way of thinking and by an expanded perception of Reality if you devote more time and attention to it. Then you will see what a magnificent thing is the exercising of your mind. You will see how your mind is ever more penetrating into a deeper and broader knowledge of Reality. Even as it was very difficult for a first grader to understand the truths of Reality that were explained to him by the teacher and that were so obvious and understandable for the teacher, so it is difficult for you, on your present level of development, to understand that part of Reality I will try to present to you now.

Therefore, I ask you to let your mind freely think rather than look for any contradictions to the things I am going to relate to you. Contradicting is nothing more than even a greater narrowing of one’s already narrowed mind. Meanwhile, a neutral reaction is a step-stone on which your mind can make an attempt to expand its concepts and even to change from a previous perception in relation to this or that phenomenon.

16. The Creator And Reality

Reality is all the space and all time that today, a creature is incapable of either seeing, feeling, or perceiving. Space and time make up movement since one point is reached form another one during a certain duration of time. If there is space and time such a reality must have movement. Otherwise it cannot exist. Where there is space and time there is existence only in the motion there. And on the contrary, The One who creates time and space must transcend time and space for even in this part of Reality the Creator cannot be only as such what He creates, He must always surpass what He creates for it is only the one surpassing that can create what the one creates.

It means that the Creator, The First Source and Center, must transcend both space and time. And that cannot exist in any other manner but for the Creator himself having no motion. Movement means changing. It also means that the Creator himself cannot change. He must be changeless and motionless. Therefore, He must be such who would embrace all the movements and all the changes in the whole creation while himself remaining changeless and motionless. It also means that the venue of His operation, the place He is emanating His vibrations from in order to form up all the reality, the place I have named to you as Paradise, must also correspond to the level of the changeless and motionless Source and Center. Thus, Paradise itself must also be changeless and motionless. It also means that this place must be the only place in all the creation without having movement and being static itself.

Exactly the same might be said about space. The First Source and Center, being capable of creating space, must himself transcend space, and He must be more than space. In a similar way, His abode, Paradise, must be adequate to this Creator, this Source and Center. It means that Paradise must also transcend space even as it transcends time. It also means that Paradise has no space. It is spaceless and timeless. However, it produces space and time. And the movement of the whole creation is going on around Paradise and in respect to Paradise.

Since the First Source and Center is pouring out His energy vibrations upon the whole creation for the reality to appear, it means that He must be as the One who precedes this reality himself. And it means that He transcends the reality. The First Source and Center has to be transcending the reality, bigger than the reality, prior to the reality, more powerful than the reality, wiser than the reality, more flexible than the reality, and by all means He must be alive because He creates such a reality that also has life.

And since He is The First Source and Center nobody could create Him. It means that He always was, even when there was no created reality in existence. It means that He is eternal, looking back upon all the past eternity.

Since The First Source and Center is the Creator of the reality, it means that He creates the reality by ever expanding it even as He has started doing it in the past eternity; and even as He is doing it now; and even as He shall be doing it in the future eternity. And that means that The First Source and Center, the Creator, is not only eternal, but He is even the Source and Center of eternity because He embraces all the eternity in the past and into the future. Therefore He is the Absolute that accommodates within himself everything that was, is, and shall be. And that means that The First Source and Center is always in the present because for Him there is neither past nor future in existence. He embraces it all, simultaneously, and everything moves and develops, changes and grows in His hug that is the only and all-encompassing one. He is holding us all at once like a loving father holds in his arms his beloved little one. But for the earthly father the moment of holding consists of the duration of holding his little child in his arms. While for The First Source and Center this moment continues from the very first moment He has taken the creation in His Creator’s loving hands, and He shall be holding it during all the future eternity; and all the time He shall be holding and cherishing the creation like an earthly father is holding his beloved little child in his arms.

The dwelling abode of The First Source and Center He is emanating His creative vibrations from must also be eternal and absolute for it is from this abode, Paradise, that The First Source and Center is operating.

The First Source and Center cannot be anything lower than a person and personality or else He would not be capable of communicating with that multitude of other personalities who live in the whole creation. I, being created by this First Source and Center, by my Father and the Father of all, can communicate with Him in any place and at any time. Were He not a personality I would not be able to commune with Him because that one who is lower than a personality can never perceive the one who is a personality. Therefore, that one’s communication with a personality would not be of the sort to bring in a reciprocal understanding and cooperation as among equal persons.

For you to understand it easier, envision any, even the most developed animal on your planet, and ponder to what degree this animal can cooperate on the equal grounds with man who is of a personality status. Personality is such a form of life whose mind is capable of conceiving such categories as goodness, love, mercy, truth, fairness, value, God, post-mortal life, service, attentiveness, care, and the like. Only a man can perceive these categories on your world; however much you would train an animal it cannot posses that developed brain. Therefore, a mutual association on equal grounds can be among people only. The association of animal with man is not on an equal basis. An animal shall always remain of an inferior status to man, even to a man of the poorest intellect.

Personality can perceive a certain grading of values and can strive for these values and foresee the consequences of this striving for others; even for all humanity, provided that such a human personality has a highly developed cosmic insight. Meanwhile, the animal lives exclusively on the level of its instincts.

Therefore The First Source and Center by no means can be lower than a personality for He is capable not only of associating with other personalities but He himself creates the very first personality and by this becomes The Source of Personality to other personalities. And the first personality created by Him must also be in a similar way eternal and infinite as The First Source and Center being eternal and infinite cannot create anybody else but the one who is eternal and infinite. The One who is eternal and infinite himself also creates such who is eternal and infinite as well.

It is very difficult for you to perceive that The One who is eternal and infinite also creates another eternal and infinite person because this person if he has been created can have no beginning. If he has any beginning, if he has been created he already will not be either eternal or infinite. That is really true. But even the fact that man’s mind is of a personality order and can be ever more developed it is really unable to perceive what eternity and infinity are. It is also unable to perceive that The First Source and Center is permanently operating throughout all eternity without a beginning and end and that He has not been created by anyone. Then where could have He appeared from, how could have He started acting if no one has created Him, how come He has created another similar, eternal, and infinite personality, once He started creating, and how come that other created personality is equally eternal and infinite if he has been created?

Reality is billions upon billions of times more complex than your present mind can perceive it. Therefore, do not attempt at envisioning what, presently, you will not perceive all the same. But always keep in mind such a vantage point that some day in the future you shall stand in the presence of this First Source and Center, the Universal Father. Thus, it will be then that you shall answer the question in detail how it could have been that The First Source and Center could have started existing and acting without the beginning of the beginnings since He has always been present and acting and there has never been such an eternal past that He has not been present and acting in.

And now presenting this narrative about The First Source and Center to you I am making such an enormous simplification to your mind in order that you could perceive not only the qualities and operation of The First Source and Center but also His relationship with His reality, with the creation and life within it.

17. Creating

The first creative process of The First Source and Center marked the creation of both matter and spirit. Matter, per se, created, out of energy, by The First Source and Center himself was also eternal, even as spirit. Creation by The First Source and Center is the transformation and changing of the energy, created and emanated out of Him, into such a mode that would provide the origin of the beginnings for the development of creation in space and time. The matter directly created by The First Source and Center was nothing else but His own dwelling abode; the model of all the matter of creation according to which are fashioned the other lower material segments of creation. And this model of material creation is the very same Paradise I have mentioned before. It is Paradise that is the accumulation of all the energy of creation, for it is in Paradise that The First Source and Center keeps all His energy. And the moment The First Source and Center created Paradise, the material model of the whole creation, He also created equal to himself the eternal and infinite spirit, The Second Source and Center. But He did not cease His creative action by this for the two of them created the third personality equal to them, The Third Source and Center. Thus now the creative potential of The First Source and Center has been made actual, i.e., it has become manifested in reality, it has become really implemented.

The First Source and Center, had He stayed alone, His potential would have never been implemented in action. In that case, creation would have never had its beginning and manifestation as the reflection of the love and goodness of The First Source and Center for all the creatures created within it. In that case, there would have existed only The First Source and Center exclusively with His own potential and unused opportunities. However, it has never been possible for The First Source and Center to remain alone since His creative potential, omnipotent potential, produces such an enormous pressure of love within himself that it is necessary to equalize this pressure by emanating it out into space by creating the creation with all its life. However, as long as there is only The First Source and Center, no cosmic space has yet been emanated out of Him, and so far there are no parts of the creation in space. And the very first creative act by The First Source and Center that I have already mentioned before cannot produce anything less than the one who is equally eternal and infinite as He himself. And as the two eternal and infinite beings create together, the fruit produced by them cannot be less than eternal and infinite. Therefore The Third Source and Center is also their co-ordinate, even as co-ordinate are The First Source and Center and The Second Source and Center. They both created The Third Source and Center who is equally eternal and infinite, even as are the two of them. With the creation of The Third Source and Center, the operation of eternity and infinity acquires a mutual relationship of the persons of eternity and infinity.

The First Source and Center, by creating the first absolute spiritual personality, The Second Source and Center, becomes the Original Father to this absolute personality created by Him. And the latter becomes the Eternal Son, originated from the Original Father. The Fatherhood of God begins this way.

The First Source and Center by this creative act has limited His personality, for He has created one more, and co-ordinate to himself, personality – the Eternal Son. He not only has just created him but he has created him being influenced by an enormous love energy pressure within himself. He could not equalize the pressure in any other way but by directing it to a creative act.

The First Source and Center has reproduced himself as an absolute personality with all His own qualities in the absolute personality of the Eternal Son, because The First Source and Center is also the Source of the Absolute Personality. Therefore He cannot create anyone less than the absolute spiritual personality – the Eternal Son. The First Source and Center cannot experience eternal Fatherhood without the creation of the Eternal Son.

The First Source and Center is the Universal Father to the whole creation. And He is the Thought. The Second Source and Center is the Universal Mother. And He is the Word. They both, by creating The Third Source and Center, who is their co-ordinate, create the Source of Action who is also known as the Infinite Spirit. The Third Source and Center is the Action. He is the Conjoint Actor. He is that minimum third segment required to experience the brotherhood. The Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit both of them being created, also experience a mutual brotherhood. Meanwhile the Eternal Son, in addition, undergoes the motherhood experience for he has created The Third Source and Center together with the Universal Father.

18. The Simplification Of The Creator

However, once again, I do desire to repeat that in eternity, throughout all the past, the process I have just explained to you has never occurred for there has never been such a moment during all the past eternity without the existence of The Three Sources and Centers, and Paradise, as their dwelling abode.

The narrative you have just read is, by my efforts, a very simplified portrayal of The Three Paradise Eternal Personalities – the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit – to your mind so that you can ponder at least something about their greatness and boundlessness. In any other way it is impossible to reach the human mind that it would form up at least some concept of the presence of the eternal personalities as well as of their mutual relationship.

However, even from this little example, you can clearly understand what an enormous depth lies hidden in these eternal and infinite Three Sources and Centers; and how much it is necessary to simplify them, and by this, distort the description of the reality so that your mind could understand this. And still, even this distorted picture shall enable you to form up much greater concepts about God and the creation than the ones you have entertained to date. For now I am going to speak to you about the Paradise Trinity.

19. The Paradise Trinity

You heard such statements in church or read in the Holy Scriptures, as you call them, that there is the Holy Trinity. And I am also being attributed to it. I do desire to tell you right away that I, known to you as Jesus of Nazareth, do not belong to the Paradise Trinity in that manner as to be its member. When you say in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, you keep in mind the Son in my person. I am not that Son from the Paradise Trinity.

You have just read my narrative about the Three Sources and Centers. It is THEY that make up the Paradise Trinity. You have confused me with that really only Son of God who has been directly created by God the Father himself. And his name might differ for in different parts of the creation these Three Sources and Centers are called by different names. One of the names by which The Second Source and Center is called is the Eternal Son. He is also called by such a name that means not only the Son of God but also God the Son.

In order for you to have a better understanding, I am going to give you a short explanation about the Paradise Trinity; what it is, so that you would not confuse me with the Eternal Son and would not consider me as The Second Person of the Paradise Trinity any more, even though I am very closely associated with him. But I shall tell you about this relationship a little bit later.

When The First Source and Center, as the Universal Father, The Second Source and Center, as the Eternal Son, and The Third Source and Center, as the Infinite Spirit, operate, and when they operate together as a collective body, in that case they operate as the Paradise Trinity. This is a similar minimal family, even as on your own world.

And your families might be, at the minimum, made up of three persons: the father, the mother, and the child. And if this family is a loving one then each member shall listen to each other’s requests and then decide what to do and how to do it. All its members shall speak out their mind. For example, how to spend a vacation that might be still in a distant future. However, each of them desires to spend it well, in a meaningful manner, maybe while traveling, maybe at the sea, maybe by a lake, or in the countryside. Each one entertains one’s own desires and goals. For the vacation they need money, certain clothing fitting the occasion, and even a theoretical knowledge as to what, and where, they might be doing at that time.

Thus, some time in the evening, the whole family gathers together at the common table to speak out their plans with love and sincerely what each member of the family would expect from the vacation. And then they begin to discuss whose designs and plans are such that they will be implemented by all of them. A common agreement is being born and one decision is made. Thus, in that case, each member of the family is striving to make his/her contribution, according to his/her understanding, to the best implementation of the decision made: one, or all, of them takes care of the funds, another one uses his/her organizer‘s skills and prepares, say, where and when to travel, where to make a stop for the night, how much it shall cost, what they can see during the trip, how to distribute the travel funds, and the like. Each of them is trying to implement the decision passed by the whole family, even though he/she alone is not that family. But even being alone, he/she has his/her relationship with the whole family, has his/her attitude to it. Maybe he/she has desired a different way of spending the vacation but now he/she agrees with the choice for it has been decided by all the family. His/her relationship with the family as with the smallest human group, or association, is based on love. Therefore he/she is contributing to this joint family decision willingly and enthusiastically. Maybe next year the family will support his/her plan. In this case the other members of the family shall contribute to its implementation also willingly the way he/she is doing it now.

It happens this way in a loving family. If the family experiences a deficit of love, common decisions are not that easy to make. It is more difficult to concede the implementation of such decisions. Therefore, each member has his/her personal relationship with the whole family. It might be based on love for one member of the family and coolness for another, or it might be based on a uniform love for all the family members, or even on hatred for some member.

Therefore, each member of the family has his/her attitudes to the family as the whole as well as to its separate members.

20. The Spheres Of The Activity Of The Paradise Trinity Members

The same is with the Paradise Trinity. Each member of the Trinity has his sphere of activity as well as his attitude to the whole family-creation. And each of them is in contact with one another but, as the Paradise Trinity, they act only when they act all three in making unanimous decisions in respect to the creation. They can, and do, act as three separate persons as well. But in that case they do not act as the Paradise Trinity.

The Paradise Trinity takes care of the implementation of justice in the creation family. Therefore, the decisions made by the Paradise Trinity are only such when the opinions of the three persons making up the Paradise Trinity are absolutely unanimous. Divine justice is not the justice of one person. It is a collective justice. It is not the justice of God the Father but the justice of all the three eternal and co-ordinate persons of the Paradise Trinity, and it is always just and perfect.

Divine justice is always based on the divine mercy and divine love. It is only due to this that this justice is always perfectly fair and achieves such a degree that even the very creature who has committed even the biggest iniquity, sincerely perceives that he has committed it. And it is only then that the mandates of justice are implemented; and by no means sooner. And even at this moment once the verdict is being passed, it always corresponds to the creature’s will.

Therefore, for mortals, it is very difficult to grasp the manifestation of divine justice, because from the moment of the crime committed to the pronouncement of the verdict, corresponding to the sincere will of the creature, there might intervene even hundreds of thousands of years measured by the time of your planet. Nevertheless, according to the Paradise Trinity that transcends time, this intervening span does not exist. Therefore, it is equal to committing a crime, investigating it, sincerely confessing to the crime committed by the wrongdoer, passing the verdict, and carrying it out within the very same moment. Even though to the creatures, this moment might really seem to be long and lasting for several hundred thousand years. And still, the justice of the Paradise Trinity is always triumphant and it is always perfectly fair. It is always sincerely recognized by all the creatures, even if they make a choice of the annihilation of their personal identity. And it means that this creature shall never be in existence throughout the eternity of creation and the name of that creature shall be deleted from all the registries of the creation and it shall be as if that creature has never existed in the creation. And even in this case it is the implementation of the choice of the creature’s will.

Paradise Trinity justice is inevitable, and always is based on love and mercy, but by all means it is. Even though love and mercy are eternal and endless, yet, always justice eventually reaches such an expression of its manifestation that a verdict is passed; because even the wrongdoer sincerely chooses the path of the implementation of the mandates of the Paradise Trinity justice.

Divine justice never implies even the slightest shade of violence or any other violation of the will of the creature.

All the three members of the Paradise Trinity are equally eternal, infinite, omnipotent, loving, serving, and acting in unison. And still, each of them has his own sphere of activity so that by this division they might demonstrate to the whole of creation, a perfect cooperation in their relationship of love that must be sought by all the free-will creatures; whatever free-will creatures might be created in the lowest spheres of the creation. Meanwhile, the creatures created directly by the three persons, or by any two persons, or even by any one person of the Paradise Trinity, are all perfect and full of love and perfection; even that perfection as is being demonstrated by these Parents of creation. But even these created and perfect creatures have their own free will and they may use it against the Paradise Trinity will. However, this sort of a free will expression has never been registered in the course of a tremendously long history of creation that stretches back to the billions upon billions of years to a far-away past. All the violations have been done by such creatures who have not originated directly from the Paradise Trinity, but rather from the Trinity-created creatures that also possess both the right and power, delegated to them by the persons of the Paradise Trinity, to create lower beings.

The First Person of the Paradise Trinity, God the Father, has delegated all his rights to his Original Son, the Eternal Son, whom He has created alone by himself. And the Universal Father has created no other personalities alone. Since the creation of the Original and Eternal Son God the Father does not create any other personality in any other manner but in pair with the Eternal Son.

The same might be said of the Eternal Son. He does not create any personality alone. He always creates together with the Father, or with the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of the Paradise Trinity. The Father delegates to them all his creative powers out of a perfect and eternal love for them. And this passing of his powers, delivers the Father from such an absolute pressure within him because now it is shared with the other two members of the Paradise Trinity. However, the Father can take all the delegated powers back at any moment, but He has never done it during all the past-eternity. And yet, even now, the Universal Father is the only Paradise Trinity member who bestows one exclusive gift – the gift of personality. And when personalities are created by the other two members of the Paradise Trinity, or when the creatures created by them produce still other creatures, it is always the Father who bestows the gift of personality upon these created persons. There has never been an exception in which it would have been otherwise. Therefore, the Father, out of himself, has emitted the personality circuit throughout creation. Out of this perfect and eternal channel leading from the Father, and which emanates from the personal and spiritual Father himself, the gift of personality is bestowed even upon such a creature who is at the greatest distance from the Father, as a material mortal whose original form, a material body, as a helpless babe is born out of an intimate relationship of a woman and a man.

The Eternal Son is the first spiritual personality that has originated from the Father; therefore he is the absolute personality and the absolute spirit. Thus, the Eternal Son, of himself, spreads out the spiritual circuit. And all free-will creatures may make use of their spiritual growth due to this spiritual circuit spread out to all by the Eternal Son. No one could have ever grown in spiritual height in any other way but thanks to the existence of the spiritual circuit of the Eternal Son. This circuit is inviolate. Whatever might happen throughout creation, the spiritual circuit of the Eternal Son shall exist for ever and shall always be available to free-will creatures however much they might be isolated in the lower segments of creation.

It is through this spiritual circuit that all prayers reach the Father, and the Son.

The Third Person of the Paradise Trinity, the Infinite Spirit, has hardly been created by the other two members of the Paradise Trinity, than he has become the God of Action, or the Conjoint Actor. He acts together with the Father and the Eternal Son while creating the personalities that make up an enormous corps of the clever-minded creatures of the merciful ministry of the Infinite Spirit. It is to his sphere that the creation of the vast seraphic multitude belongs. And the Infinite Spirit has an exclusive circuit, the circuit of mind. All the clever creatures in creation receive their mind from the Infinite Spirit, through his circuit of mind.

As the Eternal Son is the absolute personality and spirit so is the Infinite Spirit the absolute mind. And everything that has relation to the mind activity, throughout all creation, operates in no other way but through the Infinite Spirit.

The Universal Father, the Source of the absolute spirit and of the absolute mind has thus delegated every sphere of His activity He could delegate to His other two co-ordinate Partners. He has left to Himself the spheres of personality and free will bestowal. These spheres are indivisibly interrelated because a personality is such a life category that has a free will.

Why the Father has left to Himself the spheres of conferring personality and free will, I do not know. It is only the Father himself and His two co-ordinate Partners in the Paradise Trinity that know it. They are omniscient. We may only imply that this activity division has been performed by the Father because of His desire to share these co-ordinate circuits with his co-ordinate Partners whom He loves, and to leave to Himself only the circuit that is, most likely, inseparable from the Father. However, this is only a speculation by us, lower spiritual creatures, even though of perfect status. Not everything available to the Three Persons of the Paradise Trinity is available to the beings created by them: at least in the present universe age.

21. The Present Universe Age

When I use such a term as the present universe age, I refer to such a level of the universe development that has been achieved since the time when beyond the boundaries of Paradise the creation of galaxies as well as of different orders of life in them has been started. And this life has been developing from the very lowest segment, such as the material mortals that you are accustomed to calling humans, throughout the stage of the soul, up to the level of the spirit. And this spiritual growth even on the lowest-life level, or in the least-life form, on the level of the material mortal, has not yet reached my level when I was present two thousand years ago in your own form and among you as Jesus of Nazareth. When humanity reaches the level of my spiritual development, and not only on your planet but also on the other planets that I was speaking of as my sheep in the other sheepfolds, then another universe age shall be achieved.


Now I am not going to speak about it in detail for it shall be difficult for you to perceive all this anyway. Have a little bit of patience until you get accustomed to the rendering of my thoughts. The more so that my receiver/transmitter begins to feel tired and he needs rest.

The heavier turns the mortal mind, the more in error it can be while receiving my teachings. We must not be in haste. Our goal is not to reach the finish line as soon as possible, but to relish in the course itself, in the very process of acting.

Therefore, I do want to stop my dictation for several hours, and my receiver/transmitter, so very devoted, might recuperate his energy that is being fairly well exhausted during this type of cooperation, when such teachings by spiritual beings are being taken on the record.

This type of activity for your mortal mind is still a new thing. Thus, the mind itself is not accustomed to working this way. Even though my receiver/transmitter has already been communing with the Father and with me and this process is not totally new for him. However, the work of this scope, and such a daily spiritual communion with me and, at my offer, early in the morning, he is also performing for the first time in his life. That is why I have made a suggestion that he would take a break to recuperate his energy which is exhausted, and then we would be able to continue. Meanwhile, there are wonderful narratives awaiting you all that neither my receiver/transmitter nor you know anything of.

22. What Is God?

The time has come for all of you to know that what you call God is nothing else but the Supreme Consciousness that has the Divine Consciousness. The Divine Consciousness is also the Universal Consciousness. And all this makes up the Absolute Consciousness taken together. That is what you understand as God. Yes, that is the Source of love and knowledge; the Personal Source who, being a personality, can also create other personalities to associate with by keeping a multilateral relationship, by governing all the creation.

In order that the Absolute Consciousness could participate in the activity of the creation He must split into the Universal Consciousness and the Divine Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness embraces all that part of the creation which according to your understanding is an inanimate part of the creation, such as a solid matter and a soft matter, including a liquid and gaseous matter. The Divine Consciousness embraces that part of the creation that is the animate matter, the substance of the soul, and the manifestation of the spirit. The Absolute Consciousness makes up that part of creation that will appear in the future during all the future eternity and infinity; and these three types of consciousness manifestations make up that which is God. It is only consciousness that can love, be a personality, be a person, can create and acknowledge. Anything less than consciousness is non-reality, for reality is made up only of these three types of consciousness – the universal, divine, and absolute.

God is reality, therefore consciousness is reality. What is non-consciousness is not God and that is not reality. That cannot ever exist in any way. Reality is existence in the past, present, and future. Non-reality is non-existence in the past, present, and future. But there is not, and cannot be, such a thing as a real non-reality because the Absolute Consciousness embraces as God, everything; and due to this there cannot be anything that would not be embraced. Therefore there cannot be anything that cannot exist.

Everything is in motion and in operation due to Consciousness and within Consciousness. And there cannot be anything that can shoot out beyond the boundaries of Consciousness.

23. The Lower Consciousness

You believe that a person, being in an unconscious state, has already lost his consciousness. He is merely emanating his consciousness vibrations, energy vibrations, at a different frequency. But by no means does he get away beyond the boundaries of Divinity, or Divine Consciousness. The fact that you are unable to associate with such a person any more in no way means that Divine Consciousness does not feel the information of the changed energy vibrations emanating from this mortal, say, in the state of a coma. It is only your level of consciousness that is losing contact with such a mortal. However, it does not mean in any way that Divine Consciousness severs the energy relationship with such a mortal.

And some of you have chanced to either read or hear how mortals themselves, having experienced what you call clinical death, spoke about a tunnel of light and they saw their own material body from above, and they called this vision their soul’s leaving their material body. It means they were capable of even perceiving and remembering this information. How come that an unconscious man consciously remembers these visions and subsequently relates them to his associates once he regains such vibrations of his consciousness that again allow him to communicate with these associates? Were this mortal unconscious, at that time, he would definitely be unable to remember any information. He would not be influenced by any energy information vibrations. Then he would not be a part of reality any more. In this case he would not be within the sphere of the operation of the Absolute Consciousness; he would not be within the sphere of what you call God. However, there cannot be such a sphere for there is only the Absolute Consciousness-Reality.

You are also unable to communicate with a much lower animal life, with insects, fish, reptiles. You do not perceive the information vibrations emitted by their consciousness at all, therefore you scare them and they attack you in self-defense, since the energy-information vibrations emitted by your consciousness are too high, and thus, incomprehensible for them. Therefore, everything that does not correspond to the energy information vibrations of their own consciousness they take for a foreign field and start defending their field, the activity field of their information energy, by attacking you. It is only due to this that you fall victim to sharks, crocodiles, lions, or even to the grass-eating elephants. You do not know how to change the energy information vibrations emitted by your own consciousness to your environment, to match the frequency of the energy information vibrations emitted by the consciousness of that environment.

And since the frequency of the energy information vibrations emitted by your consciousness is different in that area, therefore you do not understand the environment while you try to study it only on the surface, and in no other way deeper. This type of study will not be beneficial because all the same, you do not know the energy information vibrations of the consciousness present in that environment. Meanwhile, it is a rather silly occupation to study merely the consequences of these very vibrations, i.e., their actions, without perceiving the motives of these actions. Moreover, to many it causes not only pain but also a tragic outcome, even though there is no use in it either to you or to the environment. On the contrary, you are merely devoting yourselves to this study of the environment from without while not even making an attempt to open up to the Divine Consciousness and, through this opening up, to raise the energy information vibrations of your consciousness to the level that you would also begin to feel the energy information vibrations of the Universal Consciousness that would enable you to study and know all the matter around you from within rather than from without.

24. My Searching

For many of you this explanation of mine seems to be incredible and impossible. However, do not make haste with your conclusions. When I was on earth as Jesus of Nazareth, I was also of the opinion that I would not know more than my eyes saw and my ears heard. However, I was trying to raise questions to myself all the time, for I had no one to consult with on these very questions. No one desired either to talk about these issues or to bother with that which was not related to the reality they perceived which their material eyes could see and their material ears could hear. Therefore my questions remained unanswered. And still, I desired to know the answers as to who built the mountains? Who devised water? Where did life come from? Why was it so diversified but still managed to re-adjust itself to survive? Who caused anger in man? Why were there jealousy, wealth, and poverty? Who was that God who controlled all? Who produced Him? How could He be invisible and still have more strength than the strongest beast that could not be conquered by any man? And these questions were piling up ever more while in no way could I find any answer that would convince me.

It was only after I had been baptized by John the Baptist, in the river of Jordan, that I was shown a remarkable vision. That was the vision shown to me, to my divine and universal consciousness, rather than to my material eyes, by the Father, revealing to me that I was on that planet, in that form, and in that environment, to be able to perform a task of a much higher Divine and Universal Consciousness; a mission in the field of the lower consciousness energy information vibrations, in order not only to know that very field of lower consciousness energy information vibrations from within, that I had also known before, but to experience that level of consciousness by becoming one of the emitters of the vibrations of such a lower consciousness. It strengthened me and enabled me to realize what a remarkable and noble mission of light that was, to step down from my higher consciousness vibrations to the lower consciousness vibrations and to try to raise the lower consciousness vibrations back to the higher ones that I had stepped down, to have this new experience.

One‘s experience is the only reliable and firm way to nurture the character of any personality. Whatever the circumstances, it is always possible to raise the energy vibrations of one‘s consciousness, at least by an iota higher than they are at the moment. There is no environment in which it would not be allowed and possible to do it. And it is only when the energy information vibrations of one‘s consciousness are raised to a higher frequency that one‘s character gets stronger. So does the material vehicle which you call your body.

Therefore it is necessary to raise the vibrations of your consciousness ever higher, however high you might have already raised them. There are always conditions by which to raise them one more step upwards.

25. Walking With John The Baptist Towards The Mountain

When, after my baptism, I was walking to the mountain, I was accompanied to the foot of the mountain by John the Baptist. I did not talk with him, I did not say a word to him, even though he was telling me, for the first time, what his mother had been told by my mother, Mary, that I was a Messiah, that my mission was very high and significant to all, and that he had promised his mother not to tell me anything about that mission of mine, and that he had kept his word. But now, he was feeling within his own self, that the time had come for me to know it as well. He could not explain what power had instigated him to reveal that very secret he had been keeping for many years.

I was walking and thinking about the vision I had just been shown, how I had looked prior to my descending to this lower level; and even the vision of what was awaiting me after the completion of my mission and after my return to the Father of all Israel, to my Father, and the Father of all. It was during this musing moment within my own self on the way to the mountain that John was telling me about my mission, the mission of the Messiah among the Jews, incomprehensible to him up to that moment.

I did not explain to John anything, for I realized it would be too difficult for him to grasp what I had seen. How could have I explained to him that I was not the Messiah, while he had cherished a hope for a long time that he had been paving a road to the Messiah who would set up a new kingdom of God. How could have I explained it to him so that he would be able to understand it, that my mission consisted of my own consciousness lowered from the high energy information vibrations, to be brought back to the vibrations of my higher consciousness through my own experience. And that mission was already completed. My mission was already finished. All that was in the offing depended on my own personal and free will.

I was walking submerged in my deep thoughts. I was feeling at the bottom of my own self that I was walking, being led by the Father from within, to stay alone, to commune with the Father without being intervened by anyone, to talk with my own self as to what I might do next. Now everything depended upon my free will decision.

John noticing that I was showing no reaction to his words, even to his question of what he had to do next – whether or not to continue to baptize people and preach that the heavenly kingdom was at hand – started gradually lagging behind me. And, seeing that I did continue to walk on to the mountain, he returned to the river.

26. The Vision Of The Creation Shown To Me

On the mountain I was shown even a more remarkable vision. I saw that the whole creation was enveloped in the marvelous love vibrations emanating from the center of the very Absolute Consciousness. I saw them all in the beautiful colorful shades that my material eyes had never seen before anywhere. That was such a vision of joy and bliss that my soul was moved from within. I started weeping. I was sensing not only the state of bliss but also an incredible gratitude to My Father, and the Father of all. Gratitude for being able, thanks to the Father, to descend to the form I was in, to experience such wonderful joys and pains that the creature of that lower consciousness experienced. It was such an outstanding experience, such a marvelous expression of the Father‘s love, that I fell down on the ground and burst into tears. I was weeping out of my gratitude to the Father for those experiences that no other spirit could experience had they not been incarnated in the human flesh.

And in what way then could I relate this state of mine even to the high-ranking spirits who had not experienced it by themselves? I kept repeating: “My most beloved Father, thank you for all these unique and dear to me experiences, I love you so much that I desire to submit myself to you out of love, and serve you. I am ready to continue to reveal you to my creatures, my brothers and sisters in spirit, up to the very last moment in this form.“

Soon I was shown even a more majestic vision. I saw that the whole environment, all of nature, everything in existence, was in a wonderful state of motion. And that state, invisible, imperceptible to material eyes, was the expression of the information vibrations of the lower level consciousness that was actually providing forms and states to the things of the so-called animate and inanimate nature. And all this was in motion. And it was moving, not chaotically, but in a certain order. It was due to this that different forms and states were in existence. Even seemingly a chaotic movement to our eyes abided by certain laws, and by this made up a certain order. And all those forms and states, per se, were maintained by the energy information vibrations of the consciousness level rather than by the attraction and movement of the particles. And it is only these vibrations that the forms, visible to the material human eyes, obey. The lower the vibrations, the slower is the movement, the lower is the consciousness information.

What I was shown surpassed my human level of consciousness as that of the receiver and transmitter of these vibrations. But my level of divine consciousness clearly perceived that and everywhere it did see an order and a marvelous Mind operating through those invisible consciousness vibrations. I merely needed to ponder how I could manage to mutually relate those two levels of consciousness vibrations – the divine and the human.

27. The Information Energy Vibrations

When I stopped seeing the vision, I was feeling somewhere deep within my own self, that by raising the level of the human consciousness to the level of the vibrations of the divine consciousness I could also make the lower energy information vibrations into the visible forms to the human eyes. Everything depends upon the energy vibrations of my own consciousness, the higher I raise them the more I am able to impact the energy information vibrations of the lower consciousness. Energy and information are transmitted directly by vibrations even without any subsidiary material means.

The information vibrations, as any other form of energy, have their weight. They are real, as is weight. The present type of your mind is material. It is maintained by your material brain. Had you not your material brain you would be unable either to think or perceive what your other brethren think. But without consciousness, even your brain, while functionally normal, all the same, would be unable to perceive what it perceives. But what you call both consciousness and an unconscious state of your consciousness is nothing else but different forms of the manifestation of the vibrations of consciousness; different waves that you receive and transmit. And your material brain, being of the lowest energy information vibration of consciousness of all creatures in creation, right away begins to feel fatigue whenever it runs into somewhat higher energy information vibrations of consciousness that it desires to either assimilate, i.e., perceive and pass them on to others, or when it desires to create something by itself. At that moment, as at no other time, the brain starts feeling the weight of these vibrations which begin to wear the brain out. The weight of the energy vibrations of consciousness varies, depending upon their frequency. The higher the frequency the lighter their weight. However, there is a strange thing; the lower the weight, the higher the tension to the consciousness of the lower vibrations produced by these energy vibrations of consciousness.

It is due to this that the lowest human free will form of consciousness feels an ever growing tiredness whenever it gets any harder to perceive information of the higher energy vibrations. This tension is created by the inadequacy of these energy information vibrations of consciousness. And the greater the inadequacy, the greater the tension. The energy information vibrations of a higher consciousness always embrace the energy information vibrations of a lower consciousness. But it is never the other way around. The information vibrations of the lower consciousness can only raise the information vibrations of their consciousness merely to the level they merge with the higher ones themselves. And it is this inter-flow, a joint field of these information vibrations of the consciousness, possessing a free will, that turns into the actual by growing, maturing, and expanding; and by ever more approaching the Universal and Divine Consciousness.

28. A Colorful Ocean Of The Energy Vibrations Of The Creation

While on the mountain, and while all the time intensively thinking about my further activity among people, I was shown an expanded vision of the ocean of all such vibrations of the Divine and Universal Consciousness. How magnificently it was glistening in its various colors, in the colors of the light spectrum. Or as it seemed to me then that I was seeing a whole ocean of the rainbow colors in all creation. Everything was bathed in the gamut of light rays with its billions of shades and vibrating frequencies. It was similar to what you might produce with various laser beams or by computer graphic expression, trying to create such a space in which everything, absolutely everything, would be in motion and in different directions, so that at first sight it might seem to be in a chaotic motion the further away from the most brightly shining and even blinding center.

However, soon I noticed that those energy vibrations that were the most marvelous and of the brightest luminosity, embraced an ever larger part of the creation. But, the further away they were from the very center itself, the darker and more shadowed were the shades of those marvelous vibrations. And still, they were dominating and ever embracing everything. And nothing could surpass them in luminosity. Neither could anything escape beyond their boundaries. Someone could either distort those vibrations of splendidly blinding luminosity and whiteness, or even totally smear them, just like someone could spill black tar on a white shirt. But even in that case, that wonderful vibrating was beyond surpassing and it did not disappear in the general background of creation. Even though in some part of the creation there was a black patch of those low frequency vibrations of consciousness, and somewhere even changing the direction of its motion compared with those brightly shining vibrations, all the same no one could generate such vibrations that in the least could impact the luminosity of the whole that was so mighty and all-enveloping, so full of love and light that I did truly realize that everything, absolutely everything, being unable to resist them, surrendered to the influence and effect of these vibrations of the most powerful consciousness luminosity. And being unable to resist them because they had a living and invincible content of a living love rather than due to the fact they were so powerful. These vibrations contain the information of love. And it is the information of these vibrations that is capable of removing the tar patch out of the shirt of a remarkable whiteness.

Therefore the information of the energy vibrations of consciousness is changing their frequency, the quality of their vibration; their content. It is only the content that has an impact. It is only this living information that influences the color of these energy information vibrations. And all this is marvelously interwoven into the cloth of the unified system, but with such a variety of patterns of the sublime Absolute Consciousness.

29. My Desire To Reveal The Father To Men

Having seen it I could not help falling down on my knees and crying, out of an enormous love within me for that magnificent Creator and Source. I was weeping out of happiness, out of love, out of that sensation that I was not separate and lonely in that tremendous ocean of the vibrations of Consciousness but rather I was being cared for and supervised as a living creature of that wonderful creation and who is capable of making his own contribution to enlightening that very creation and removing that black tar patch on the shirt of a blinding whiteness.

Then I felt that the most remarkable part of my mission on this world, as well as on my other worlds, would be to reveal that very enormous love from the Center I had just experienced.

And I would be able to pass the power of that brilliant luminosity over to my brethren best of all by the symbol of the Father who loved all and each. That is it, by the symbol of the Father of all, and of each. By the Father symbol not only of the “chosen“ people, not only of the Jews, not only of the rich but also of each poor one, of each gentile, of each child who opened up to that magnificent love. The way the Jews honored the family and the father‘s role in it; that way I would expand my teaching about the Father on high.

My desire was so great to help those brethren who were hurt and full of the fear vibrations feel what I had felt; see what I had seen; comprehend what I had comprehended; live all that meaning which changed everything from within so that even the most evil and angry man could turn into a pure and marvelously shining person.

I was feeling such a love within me that also turned into a powerful and knowing-for-certain faith in that only Center. And it was obvious to me that by fusing with His vibrations I was turning into such as He was. And I was turning not only into such as He was, but I also could do what He was doing. He created these marvelous waves of love by His vibrations and everything was filled with bliss, and I would also be able to send that bliss to others. He could effect those vibrations that were the most unsuitable and least adapted to His luminosity by His blindingly shining vibrations. It meant that I could also do the same. Therefore, any physical suffering and affliction that did not match that blinding luminosity of the energy information vibrations could be substituted by the vibrations emanated by the Center to remove that affliction.

It was completely obvious to me that everything was in such a tender and soft motion that any painful experiences were only due to man‘s ignorance that his own low consciousness energy vibrations were to be purified up to the higher ones. Then, all the diseases, all the suffering, all the discrepancies would fade away. A beautiful concord which I had watched in the vast creation would step in.

I was watching my own role in it. The one I had played prior to my appearance in the human flesh on this world, and the one I would play after my ascension to the Father from this wonderful world on which I saw so much pain and distorted vibrations that were not in accord with those vibrations that were embracing each of us on this world. The only thing that remained for men, in order to really believe it, was to know about it and experience it.

It was in this sphere that I saw the path of my mission. To bring man to such a concept that there was a marvelous Center, Father, loving all and each, and His love was already enveloping us all, and each, like a fog enveloped a valley. The only thing that we needed to do was to feel it within after we let it in, while entertaining our faith that this love was for all, and for each; for each rather than for those singled out. And it is only we who can decide as to when we might learn about it, should we believe it or not, should we discover and experience that love within or not, should we share it with all, and uniformly at that, or not.

30. Everything Is Possible With The Father

That was the light that I decided to take to all the people down from that mountain, after those considerations and my communion with the Father on the mountain during the forty days. My own human consciousness, after all those visions and all that communion with the Father, had been so purified, so expanded, the vibrations of my consciousness had been elevated to such a high vibration that I was certain had I wished anything it should momentarily turn into the real. I was in such an acme of bliss and human faith that I perceived absolutely well that I needed only to consciously desire it and there would appear before me food and clothes, and a wonderful bed. “Everything the son desires and the Father wants IS.“ This assertion was so close and obvious to me, that the Father wanted that I would not suffer, that I would be in bliss, full of His love vibrations, and that I would share them with others.

I recalled that after I had been baptized, and when I was standing in the river of Jordan I was shown a vision of where I had come from to this world. That vision was from the Father. And His encouragement had been passed over to me by His fragment: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.“ That voice was also heard by John the Baptist and my brothers of my earthly family, James and Jude, who were standing nearby. However, what I was seeing now was the vision transcending my human imagination. I was seeing a multitude of different beings that were ready to come to my assistance while I will carry on my mission. I was the Creator and Ruler of their universe who had come down to this wonderful world in the human flesh to know and understand the experience of the human life from within. That could be understood only by the one who lived such a human life himself. And by my own living I desired to show what that Supreme Source and Center was like and the one who allowed me to live in love and truth every day, loving all and serving all.

At that very moment I did realize fairly well that I needed merely to wish it and in front of me there would be plenty of such food to my human flesh, that no human had even imagined. I might have had even such a food that had been eaten by the people who had lived there many thousand years before, when even the Jews themselves, amongst whom I was born, had not yet been on earth. Yes, I just needed to wish something and that would be. However, would it reflect the purification of the vibrations of my consciousness, the change of their frequency, if I desired something and received it even without stirring a finger? How, then, should I be with my brethren so as not to scare them but rather to attract them to search for an impact of the Father‘s wonderful love within?

31. My Decision

Thus, my decision was firm and ultimate: “I must behave exactly in a similar way as all other people do without distinguishing myself from the rest of them. Only when they notice that I behave the way they do, while always remaining within the love, truth, and mercy of a higher consciousness, will they be able to follow me, and to walk together with me, because neither will I be beyond their reach nor elevating myself beyond their understanding. I must show them only what they can understand and do by themselves.“

Therefore all my decisions were to the effect that I was not to use any additional means in trying to attract them to my side. I would attract them by my living full of the Father‘s love, as one of them and among them; and not only in that generation, but throughout all the human generations; and not only on this planet but also on the millions of other planets. Thus, I would not meddle with any economic and political events but rather by my living, I would show in what manner wiser human minds by having achieved the higher consciousness vibrations, being emitted by The First Source and Center, would be able to settle economic, political, educational, family, every day life, and other affairs. It was my enlightenment that they needed; to get enlightened themselves, and while being enlightened they would know how to tackle those problems that worried them at that time. If I started counseling all of them on how to run their economic and political, financial and educational, family and community matters in every definite situation, very soon, after some change in the situation, my advice for them would not be fitting any more.

Therefore, it is more important to show to man a path to light and greater wisdom so that by using it he would be able to solve the issues that spring up in any generation and in any century.

Thus, I decided to apply no supernatural means so that it would not run against the Father‘s will that I had arrived to demonstrate to all my brethren; so that they would also know how to do the Father‘s will, daily, at every single moment.

32. After I Had Descended From The Mountain

When after the forty days, I returned down from the mountain, my soul was so full of the love and light I had taken in from the Father, that I could not understand the contrast I was seeing around me. People seemed to be living on a different world than I had just been on. They saw each other only the way they looked by their outer appearances. They did not see anything that was deeper and beyond the outer material human body and what I had been shown by the Source of All Sources on the mountain. That most powerful of all the states of consciousness and these energy information vibrations that were so splendidly, and in various colors, shining throughout every aspect of creation – matter, soul, or spirit. The whole creation, even around us, was permanently pulsating and it was so alive and interrelated – plants with plants, animals, and people; people, with animals and plants and among themselves, everything, truly everything around was also linked up together with what you call the inanimate part of nature – the ground, lakes, rivers, seas, mountains; even with clouds and the sky. Everything was tied up into living and waving mutual bonds. Even by means of one‘s thoughts, they were diffusing throughout a visible and invisible part of the whole creation. It was difficult for me to get reconciled with the idea that no one around could even think that everything, absolutely everything, was in motion and pulsating by its energy state both within and without. And all this is not altogether what our eyes see or our hands touch. All this is much more than this, and much more beautiful and much subtler. If only man‘s enlightened consciousness could see it, right away, man would perceive and fall in love with everything that is in creation, and at once he would feel that the Creator – that very most powerful Creative Consciousness – is only loving and helping rather than chastising and repudiating anyone.

It is this, who God actually is, according to the human understanding. And He is not any other but the Father who loves each one. Thus, how cannot man love each other and the whole environment and the Creator himself.

At that time, the servility of man before God, caused by fear, had nothing in common with the feeling I had experienced on the mountain and with the one I was experiencing in a blissful state after having returned to the people again. I saw it and desired to explain to the people what I had seen on the mountain with my soul vision and what I had felt with my soul heart, to explain it to all my brothers and sisters in spirit I encountered. I was feeling that my soul was burning with love and desire to help all who wanted my help; and whom I should really help so that they would also be able to undergo, at least to some degree, similar experiences and love vibrations within their own selves. That would give them comfort and bliss that had already been delivered to them in the love vibrations by the Creator and All-embracing Source that was called by the Jews as the God of Israel, the God of their “chosen people,“ even as the Father of Israel.

No, that Source and Center belonged to the Whole Creation rather than just to one “chosen nation.“ He belonged to all, and to each. As much as one opened up to Him, that much one began to feel His vibrations within oneself. As much as the Jews opened up to Him, that much would they start experiencing His operation within their own selves; that much would they start looking upon others, upon all, with love even as upon their brethren.

I came down from the mountain, full of love and resolution to help those people who, in their daily existence, were suffering in the slavery of fear and anxiety, rituals and dogmas, and all of whom I loved so much. And I was resolute to share my love with all. Not because the world was in need of it but rather because I could not live otherwise. I was abiding by the only law of the Father – the law of His love. And the whole creation also abides by this very law because all the superior creatures in creation see and feel much more beyond what is merely a form. They also feel an ever deeper quality in that form the more they merge with the Divine, Universal, and Absolute Consciousness, with the Creator; who is the Love Consciousness Himself. I am His ray. And I can and will enlighten all the people, animals, and plants, without any exception along my path wherever I might find myself. And whoever shall desire this light from the Creator of mine, the Creator of all, from the loving Father, that one shall receive it. Even now each one has already received it. All have received it. I will merely help them open up their hearts and feel His warmth and love, and see this light of love with the eyes of the soul.

My heart was singing the hymns of love and glory to the Source and Center of the whole creation, to such a wonderful Consciousness of such great vitality who creates life and love and pours it out upon the whole creation so that it would begin to feel it and direct it to all around. Is it possible not to love such a Creator, such a Source, such a Center who Himself is Love and Wisdom, even the Source of Love and the Source of Wisdom. And He is teaching us to love and to live wisely.

I was feeling such bliss within that the song of my soul was nothing else but my soul‘s live response to the tremor of the love vibrations excited by the Creator that were, are, and shall ever be sent by Him. And everything I was feeling I desired, and I desired very much to be experienced by every single soul. I was walking so overwhelmed with bliss, so calm within, and so firm in my faith in the Creator, that there was no force that could suppress my love vibrations for all the people. There was no one that might present to me anything in opposition that would surpass love. Nothing else existed to me but love, love, and love, as well as my soul‘s powerful desire from within to share it with all, to help all achieve inner peace and begin to love such a wonderful Source – the Father who is within us.

And I was well aware of how that feeling must be maintained ever stronger and without any misgiving. I knew that only a sincere relationship, a sincere prayer was the way that would let man open up the gate of that channel for that very drink of love to start flowing into each soul. I must teach them so that they might begin to feel that living, running stream within themselves. It was only that way that they would experience love and tranquility within themselves. It was only that way they would radiate their love and peace.

I had such a bright and pleasant sensation within me that the whole environment looked to me like a wonderful garden in blossom that neither my eyes could marvel at nor my heart could rejoice in enough. I was looking at the rocks around and I was seeing a blossoming garden. I was looking at the desert and I was seeing green pastures. Everything seemed to me to be replenished with goodness, freshness, beauty, concord, and harmony in the vibrations of love. I realized that it was the type of vision that my heart had been crying for. It desired to move forward to goodness and beauty and contribute very creatively and actively to making that beauty envelop the soul of every creature. Wherever the soul might be, I desired that it would always be feeling like it was in a blossoming and refreshing garden full of wonderful life, pursuing the only goal: to pulsate with all that beauty and freshness while drinking the Creator’s love nectar in all sincerity, even fusing with the Creator.

33. Faith

I did realize very well that the whole environment was not yet saturated with those high vibrations of love I was feeling. Therefore the energy vibrations of the people’s consciousness were very low and heavy. And due to that, people were suffering. They were suffering and complaining. And they scared each other with the scourge of God.

It is merely even just the very thoughts of this kind that strongly block any higher and brighter vibrations of the souls’ living energy and do not allow them to manifest themselves vitally from within. That is why the soul cannot feel inner satisfaction and energy to be able to stretch out its wings for the good deeds.

I did understand very well that people, by themselves, without my help, cannot know that they had God the Father who loved them and served them rather than such a god who was demanding obedience and who was chastising. But it was not enough only to know that God the Father did not punish them but rather loved them, it was also necessary to have faith in this loving Father. And in that part I was helpless to assist them in any way; that man would have faith within him. That step must be made by man himself. He must dare to break within his own mind the concepts about God, sown and greatly distorted through generations, about such a God who was angry, revengeful, and chastising. That is a very hard challenge to every man; not only to the Jew, but also to the gentile. Most of all man is afraid of uncertainty and changing. Uncertainty is scaring him while changing is wearing him out and causing anxiety for he must step upon where he has not yet been before; he must become what he has never been before. And this also produces uncertainty. Therefore man’s mind, his human ego, is looking for even a deceptive peace in what is known and verified, what is understandable and comprehended, because it is only this that he relies on. It is here that human faith must manifest. Faith in The One whom he cannot see but whose fruits he can feel within himself after his soul opens up to Him to its very depth. His fruits are love and peace.

Therefore, faith is like a cane to a sick and weak person to lean on to be able to walk. As one’s faith grows there is less need for such a material cane support. Faith is not only a cane to make one‘s pace easier but it is also a medicine. The deeper faith one has the healthier one gets. The healthier one gets the less need is there for this material cane to lean upon. Moreover, faith is such a medicine that when the weak and sick man recovers and becomes so strong that he does not need either this material cane or medicine then this mortal of faith is born of the spirit and his soul is all filled up with the love vibrations of the Creator and it desires to glide in a free flight above all the dark tribulations and anxieties. It desires to help others by sharing its own experience so that other souls would also take off into this free flight in which the soul can fly propelled by the driving power of the good deeds only. And faith becomes as a fuel to provide impetus to doing such good deeds. Faith has transformed out of the material cane to the sick and weakened man into the impulses of a powerful driving force for good deeds. Now, faith starts changing man’s character so that he ever more desires to lead such a life that his soul, in its free flight, would ever more fuse with the very Source of the impulse inciting it for the good deeds; together with the Creator whose little sparkle is causing this very faith. And this little sparkle of the Creator is called His spiritual gift. It is His spirit. And it effects man’s mind from within but by no means violating the principle of a free will.

I did know that people would not be able to understand me. The majority would not be interested in my teaching at all since they were too frightened to embrace the one who carried a light blinding their eyes. Therefore I had to descend to the level of their understanding so that I might raise them all at least to a little higher view of the whole environment than they had before.

34. Everything Is In Motion

People are too faint-hearted to know the real truth about the environment that surrounds them; even about themselves, about their own material body. For the body their eyes see is not at all of the type my eyes saw while I was on the mountain, when I was shown that marvelous and pulsating vision of reality. The vision was pulsating in different colors; all the time in motion and radiating. And every cell of my body, as well as that of anyone else’s, was moving in a similar manner and radiating splendid, orderly and live information waving, when I watched it. Each cell, covered with its membrane, was made up of living electrons, revolving around their own center and circling around the center of an atom, proton, in a very orderly fashion by corresponding vibrations, and the frequency of that motion-vibration determined not only the body organ, comprised of the cells, and its function, but also the inner state of that very organ and its health. I was watching that inner movement in the body even as your scientists watch it through the most powerful microscopes when they investigate that very cell. But they cannot see that waving and the motion within the cell that my consciousness watched. I saw there was no such spot even in a huge aggregation of the motionless matter of the mountain, motionless to the human eyes, to be static, not to be in motion. Motion was so enormous, so various and colorful that while watching it I was sensing behind all this a mind and a hand of love, beauty, and goodness beyond words.

Your vision is not that comprehensive and broad because your consciousness is not yet ready to see such a view all the time. Therefore, you do see only a flat view of creation, of reality. You lack such a view that would cut reality by an inner and invisible scission to enable you to have a sense that you got to the inside of that very reality. Now your vision gives you only a view of reality from outside. And even this view of the reality from the outside makes up but a tiny part of it.

It is even more upsetting in your situation, that by seeing no inner view of creation, you do not even show any desire to believe a greater light and a deeper wisdom, but rather you always cling to the easier and dogmatic beliefs that are dominated by rituals without a living spiritual vibration. Therefore, at first you must broaden your inner faith. Then this faith will expand your vision of a larger part of creation. And you will be able to see even these living and versatile vibrations inside creation, inside the body. If you start to open up ever more to the Divine, Universal, and Absolute Consciousness; the Creator, your vision will broaden that much that you will also see what I have seen. That will be seen not by your material eyes. That will be seen by your expanded inner, soul and spirit, vision.

It will not be available to you all the time. Just while developing your soul you will expand its vision. The Creator has arranged a marvelous order of creation that enables every form of life to see these energy vibrations that are similar to or lower than the ones of this life form in particular. Therefore, by ever developing your spiritual level, even now, your growing soul is expanding its vision and hearing. It is due to this that you can establish a living communion with the Creator, The First Source and Center, whom I have named the Father of each and all, and hear the energy-information vibrations of His consciousness that are being poured out into you and that you may call the teaching of God, the voice of God. Once you develop your soul to the spiritual, high frequency vibrations that equal the frequency of the spiritual vibrations of the energy-information of the Creator consciousness being transmitted to you, it is then that the ear of your soul starts hearing, starts feeling these vibrations.

Since everything is in motion, there is nothing that would be in stasis and not alive. And the soul, if it chooses a higher frequency of consciousness vibrations, can also receive even more subtle teachings, even the higher energy-information vibrations of Creator consciousness. Such is the bond of the whole creation – through turning to the vibrations transmitted by the Creator of All Creation. And the whole of creation is reacting to them. There is not a single spiritual quiver that would not react to them. Only, one form of vibrating is deeper, another one is just on the surface, still another is nearer to just superficial reacting. Even the consciousness energy information vibrations of the so-called inanimate nature do also react to the energy information vibrations of the Creator’s consciousness as they must react to remain in their corresponding frequency, thus producing corresponding elements of matter which by their expression seem to you to make up mountains, water, or desert. But even this is also in motion and changing. The mountain is in motion both inside and outside. And this motion is determined by the vibrations of the Creator’s consciousness that reach all the corners of creation.

If now I tell you that the time shall come when all the world’s people will achieve the level of my spiritual development while I was in the human flesh that you have named as Jesus of Nazareth, very few of you will believe this statement of mine. It seems to you that I am an ideal beyond reach. You do not even let yourselves think that it is not only worthy, but it is also necessary, to reach out for my level. It is this level that shall open up to you a path to tranquility and health, since all of you shall feel the energy spiritual vibrations of your consciousness in fusion with the vibrations of the Creator’s consciousness. Then, you shall experience what the Creator’s love and goodness radiated to all of you means so you shall not want to step out of this ocean of bliss any more. You shall desire to bathe and saturate in it. And then you shall begin to sense that you have achieved that unachievable ideal that you have been calling, Christ.

35. My Good News

My life as of one of you and among you was devoted neither to have my blood shed nor to leave you such a message that I have redeemed your sins with my blood. That would be a big untruth. Such a message of mine has nothing to do with the love and mercy of the Creator, the Universal Father. Such a message is very cruel to all the generations that have been passing it from one to another.

I am that Christ, that Jesus of Nazareth, who has really experienced that cruel and tormenting death on the cross. However, my news was being carried to my brethren at the time when I walked across Galilee and Judea and traveled across other lands of the Mediterranean. At that time I was not hanging on the cross. It was at that time that I was carrying my news that was to remain in your hearts to release the spiritual vibrations of your soul so that they would fuse with the vibrations of the spiritual luminosity of the Creator, the Father, being sent to each of us. And at that time there was no cross at all. And I did not speak about any sin redemption either. And no one had even the slightest idea that I would be so cruelly tortured to death on the cross. Meanwhile thousands listened to my news; to the living news of my living Jesus.

When thousands listened to me, when thousands believed the good tidings pronounced by me, nobody, even in their mind called me Christ. They rejoiced in the good news that I brought, and it was that good news that should save each; that good news in particular and not my death on the cross, which only ended my mortal life among you. That was the very end of my mission. Meanwhile, I had been preaching my good tidings for many years; at first, spreading it alone by myself. Wherever I found myself, wherever I traveled I explained to the people that good news. When I saw that people were receiving the good news with great hope and trust, that the good news was comforting and strengthening them, I decided that I had to train my disciples who would preach the good news of mine after my departure from this world when they would no longer be able to hear and see me teaching them in the human flesh.

And I did know about my future tragic departure. And I did not pay much significance to that departure. All my attention was focused on preaching the good news and on training my disciples who would be carrying that news across the world and preaching it fearlessly after my departure from this world.

My good news was, is, and shall be only this – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – and some of you already now preach this very message even in an expanded manner, and that is correct – the brotherhood of the whole creation. But two thousand years ago I could not preach the brotherhood of the whole creation because man’s concept of the creation was very poor. Today it is still poor even though the number of such people who understand that your world is not the only planet that holds life on it is ever growing. And the number of such brethren of yours who will be looking upon the creation in a still deeper way will ever increase as well and they will perceive that the other planets holding life forms of the human level are not the only planets with life as there are also other worlds with different spiritual life forms designed by the divine life. And an ever greater number of your brethren will start to realize better that in creation there is such a life form that is in-between the material, human life form and the divine spiritual life form. And this intermediary life form is a transitional life form, the soul life form, while it is passing from the material life vehicle, or the body, to the spiritual.

Therefore, I congratulate all these brethren of mine who have already expanded my good news from the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man to the brotherhood of the whole of creation.

When I was in the human flesh on this word I had to adapt myself to the concepts of the people of that time. But I wanted to both strengthen the concepts and straighten those concepts that had been distorted. I cannot tell you the things that your mind is unable to understand today either. But you must know that the reality is so sophisticated, so versatile that it is impossible to completely comprehend it even for me, even though my origin is divine, for I directly come from Deity. However, it is this partial unknowing that provides one an urge to strive for still more and to strive for what has not yet been known because reality itself is being developed by the Creator, who is infinite and eternal. It is only He who knows the panorama of the whole reality.

When I was in the human form on this world I had to expand the spiritual vibrations of the people’s consciousness very carefully. Even my good tidings were too blinding for the majority. But all the people of good-will, common and poor people, listened to my good news – God the Father is one to all the people, and all the people are brethren – very sincerely. And whoever believes this good news, that one is received by the Father into His kingdom.

The explanation about the Father of all and His vast family was much closer to me, but this teaching was not yet received by the Jews, that God the Father had His family which was one, and common to both the gentiles and Jews who started to have faith in the Father. For the Jews, it was too hard to see themselves in one family with the gentiles, who, according to their understanding, had no belief and were unworthy of an adequate attention and similar love as the Judaic believers.

Therefore I had to adapt myself to their long cherished message of the Messiah coming; when through generations it had been expected that a Messiah would come and step onto the vacant throne of king David and liberate them from the yoke of the unbelieving gentiles. In that environment the concept of the family was the light that was too bright and blinding. And because I had to diminish my teaching light I was a little bit upset for I had to distort my own teaching about the Father. However, compromises are necessary if one desires to reach a less developed, from a spiritual standpoint, human mind. And that compromise I did make on purpose.

For the Jews, as well as for the other believers, I introduced the metaphor of the heavenly kingdom rather than the Father’s spiritual family.

36. Why Do I Address You Myself?

My mission among you, as a man among men, and my teachings, have been distorted so much, even by the very people that I had a close association with, that I made a decision to address you directly, my dear brethren, so that you might receive my original teachings without any human distortion. The receiver of my teachings and explanations does not add anything on his own part. He is ready to take down only what I am transmitting through his mind, by means of his super-consciousness. He starts taking down the text at six o’clock every morning.

He has read my teaching transmitted in English through a sister of mine in Africa who has been prepared for this by me. He desired to translate these messages of mine into Lithuanian so that the brethren of his nation might also get acquainted with them. However, after his communion with the Father and with me it was decided that my letters would not be translated from English but rather my teachings would be received by him directly from me, the way my sister from Africa had received them. My brother in spirit who is taking down my teachings is an experienced mortal who has already been on the path of his spiritual development for fifteen years. During this term he has become a spiritual teacher and is in communion with me and the Father the way I was in communion with the Father when I was on your planet as Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago. Therefore, my teaching being taken down by him is not distorted and is as reliable as is this brother in spirit of yours, doing the Father’s will, and being about the Father’s business on your world, even as I was doing it while in the human flesh. Thus, I have tested him many times, and I trust him, even as the Father trusts him. These were the reasons that we had agreed upon my teachings to be transmitted through your brother in spirit directly, so he would not have to translate them from English into Lithuanian and you would have my teachings in your native tongue, as transmitted in your native tongue.

37. I Am Happy About Your Sincere Prayers

My dear brethren, I am sincerely grateful to you that my name is so cordially and so often mentioned in your country, that my name inspires good thoughts and incites many of you to do good deeds. I am happy about the light and truth of your brethren that elevate my name and my person each time you pray in church or at home, whenever you open up to me sincerely. I thank you all who so sincerely defend my name whenever someone starts tarnishing it, for you do this out of love for me. I salute you that you build up new prayer houses for the Father and glorify and worship the Father in them. By this you all, and each, become even as I was, for I also glorified and worshipped the Father while in the human flesh. Even the interval of the two thousand years does not prevent us from getting connected by a joint act that is one and the same act in spirit – glorifying and worshipping the Father out of love.

It was this that I was striving for; that people would know the Father through me, and start glorifying and worshipping Him while feeling His love within themselves. I did want all the people to begin to feel that real love of the Father within their own selves, and having felt it, to respond to it by glorifying and worshipping the Father. Therefore, now I salute you all as my brethren, who do cordially mention my name with such a deep love, and who have opened up their hearts to both me and the Father.

Father and I are one in spirit. Therefore, if you are sincere, whenever you glorify and worship me, at the same time you also glorify and worship the Father. For I always see to it that this sincere glorifying and worshipping of my person would necessarily also reach the Father, since I strengthen this glorifying and worshipping and pass it on to the Father. The most important thing, to the Father and to me, is your sincere opening up so that your soul would desire a living communion with me out of love for me and for the Father.

Therefore, my heart is always within reach and it is happy about your sincere opening up to me. It is even happier when you sincerely pour out to me your problems and hardships, your pain and suffering, your sorrow and despair. However, it is even still happier about your will, courage, and resolution you apply to tackle these very problems and hardships by devoting yourselves to doing my and the Father’s will

My will completely fuses with the Father’s will. If you agree with my will it means you also agree with the Father’s will. If you agree with the Father’s will you also agree with my will. The Father’s will and my will are one in spirit. And whenever you agree with the Father’s will or with my will, then, your will also becomes one in spirit with the Father’s will or with my will. This way we are unified in spirit thanks to the Father’s love. Only this type of bond is living, vital, and creative. And it was that relationship that I came to your world to speak about to the people, to be heard by humanity on your world as well as by the inhabitants of other worlds: material mortals, souls progressing on already after their resurrection, or spirits that are eternal, when their will is fused with that of the Father. I came to this world to enlighten people by love and truth, goodness and beauty, mercy and service.

And life would have changed had I been understood and had my life and teachings not been distorted, even by my immediate disciples whom I singled out from the rest of humanity by the name of “the apostles.”

38. The Environment Of The Apostles

They were not out-of-the-ordinary men. They were not exceptionally clever or spiritual men. In no way were they different than other people of that time. They had their jobs. They were all representatives of their generation; and of that time. They did not show greater interest in a spiritual teaching than their contemporaries. Even though they had finished school according to your understanding, and they could read and write very well, they could render their thoughts in a clever fashion and bravely communicate with their own environment, but apart from their studies at the synagogue school, none of them had received a special education about God provided by the rabbinical academies. They were aware of God as much as their environment provided such awareness. Therefore, the teachings I had brought were difficult for them to receive unaltered, so that after assimilating them, they would remain unchanged and would not break the rituals and dogmas imposed on them by the environment. Such a step requires an exceptionally deep faith in the Father and devotion to Him. One takes such a step after having felt a tremendous love of the Father within one’s own self. And fairly often, this love of the Father being felt within, ignites such a great fire within man, that he begins to burn with a desire to carry this very fire to others. However, this fire, set by the love of God, if carried unwisely, can blind and scare others; those who have not yet felt that love, who have not yet experienced it, and therefore do not know that love. And what is not yet known and understood by man, always causes fear and anxiety. Therefore, man is inclined to cling to that which is already known and understood rather than to step away from what seems to him to be close and clear, for that which is unknown and obscure.

When the fire of the Father’s love is lit in one‘s heart, powerfully driving one forward, and when there is no deep understanding and experience as to what this fire of the Father’s love desires to convey by its burning within this person’s soul, within the heart, this person, burning with the love fire, is apt to distort many things, and to tell many things not the way they are in reality, just to make others listen, and also catch this fire from within. But the environment that this fire of the Father’s love is being taken to, is even less ready to immediately receive my good news – The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – even as it had not been immediately received by my apostles either. And I had to teach them constantly for more than three years. I had to explain to them all the time that all are equally awaited in the heavenly kingdom; not only the Jews but also the gentiles; all, without any exception.

Thus, when the ambience is neither ready nor open to such an idea, and a burning fire within is urging to move on and act from without, it is very easy to get tempted to replace the true tidings by a simpler message that would not be rejected by the environment.

But a surrogate shall never be as the original. It is especially important in spiritual matters where an idea and teachings are not instantaneously verified by the eyes and hands. One’s inner vision, the vision of one’s soul, is necessary for this purpose. And it is achieved only because of one’s sincere, persistent, and resolute efforts.

Since my apostles have failed to comprehend my good tidings in full, so that they would have preached that news to the whole world even as I have preached it to them, the time has come that I myself must address you once again; address you in order to straighten out that distortion of my teachings, so that eventually, you would be able to experience the reality of my teachings, and judging by your living, by your acts in everyday situations, even those who do not yet know this teaching would discern that you are walking on the path of my teaching.

39. My Spiritual Status

I am a Spiritual Ruler of the Supreme order in all my universe. I am The One whom you have taken for the Trinity Son. I myself have originated from that Son and the Father. And it is only this Only Father’s Son, who is that one; the only Father’s Son, and who is The Second Member of the Paradise Trinity. I have never been, neither am I, nor shall ever I be That Only and Eternal Son of the Father. The Eternal Son has no beginning and no end. I do have my beginning for I have received it from this very Son and the Father. Neither this Son nor the Father operates otherwise but through such Sons as I am. And you must not get frustrated, or even irritated, that I am not that only Son of the Father because, with him, I am in spirit exactly like he is. By some qualities of mine I am even more like the only Son of the Father rather than like the Father himself. I have mentioned to you that the Eternal Son is God the Mother to all of creation. And his Motherly love is warmed up by infinite mercy. And one of my qualities, more resembling the Eternal Son, is mercy. It is this mercy that allows me to reach the hearts of people even though they seem to have been long lost to love and truth. It is love tinged with mercy that can seek till the very final moment, to open up the soul of man, even when all others might have already turned away from that man with such a hardened heart.

Thus, be certain that I am exactly as the Father, and as the Eternal Son, and I possess all the authority and power throughout my universe, even as the Universal Father and the Eternal Son possess all the authority and power throughout creation.

40. The Staircase Of One’s Spiritual Career

It is characteristic of man to rise up upon his career ladder so that others would attribute to him more value and show him more respect. But it is not the case in the Father’s spiritual family. Greater authority is conferred on a creature once the creature achieves higher spiritual vibrations, and by means of them merges with the higher frequency spiritual-information vibrations emanated by the Father. And this higher frequency vibrating is achieved, not only by greater knowledge of creation and of God, but also, and especially, by the application of that greater knowledge in everyday service for the benefit of the whole. This is the only path of progressing to light by taking up an ever higher and more influential, according to your understanding, position. According to our understanding, it is assuming an ever more sophisticated task, so that while carrying it out, you would give creation all the light accumulated before, while investigating creation. And this path is eternal.

And every creature, irrespective of his rank or order, always has free will and uses it following his own wisdom only. No creature can ever do anything to impose his will on another; not even on another human being. Everyone makes one’s decisions following only one‘s own wisdom. Even the greatest sage, however long ago he might have lived on this world, was trying to expand his wisdom and to make use of it and spread it to others. But the wisest way to expand one’s wisdom is to use the superior sources, even the divine sources, especially the wisdom of revelations that are passed down to the mortals by the spiritual beings; as in this case as you are receiving this revelation. However, the decision whether or not you are going to use it, all the same, will rest upon you, and personally, at that.

And you would deliver yourselves from darkness and straying, as well as from wrong concepts about me and my life in the human flesh, while relying on both the wisdom you have accumulated and this revelation being passed down to you.

Therefore, looking upon my thoughts wisely, you are certain to perceive that nothing has really changed for you even now, after you have come to know that I am not the Only Son of God the Father that you have been considering me to be for two thousand years. However, the time has come that you might know more about me for certain, and even that which no other creature of my universe knows, for I am speaking to you about myself. And no one else throughout my universe can know better than I what and how I have experienced during my life span in the human flesh. And these experiences reflecting my own thoughts have never been related in any other source; told through my own lips.

It is now that the time has come to spread this information; to spread it to explain my mission among you.

41. My Mission In The Profound Sense      

I have mentioned to you that my mission was to reveal the Father and to demonstrate His qualities by my living; but by no means to intimidate you by my death on the cross for the supposed sins of yours. However, I have come to serve not only you but also all my universe. I have bestowed myself as a greater light that has descended and incarnated in your crude material body, or in a low energy vibration. This experience in the very lowest, material form of the creature, provided me such an experience that I never had before.
I am a Creator and Sovereign of my universe. And I do govern it. And I do it not alone but together with my co-ordinate partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, who does pour out upon the whole universe her spirit that is called the Holy Spirit. Now you must know that the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of my consort, my partner, my co-ordinate Mother Spirit of the Universe, in our universe. The Holy Spirit is not a person. Therefore it is not a member of the Paradise Trinity.

Your forerunners, those who were the first to have experienced the effect of my spirit, the Spirit of Truth, after my resurrection and ascension to the Father as I had poured it out upon the world, and as the Father, at the same time, had sent His own spirit, Thought Adjuster, to His every child, and as this spiritual elevation was experienced by my apostles and by my disciples from within, it was then that they called this spiritual enthusiasm as the Holy Spirit. And they attributed it to the status of the Third Person of the Paradise Trinity; to the status of the Infinite Spirit. It was the Infinite Spirit that supplied me with his own daughter, Mother Spirit of the Local Universe, as my co-ordinate Partner.

Therefore, after we had jointly created different orders of life in our own universe I had to experience my incarnations in these same life forms to know that life variety in the universe of my own creation not only from without but also to experience it from within; what it means to be and serve in that life form. And I also had to experience my bestowals in the form of those creatures, to demonstrate to that order of life I was incarnated in, what magnificence of the creature of that order might become, once there was a sincere and infinite desire and devotion to do the will of God.

Not only was I accumulating the experience of those creatures, of all the creatures of that order throughout my universe, but at the same time I was also demonstrating a service example of the creatures of that order. And even though my bestowal upon a certain life order on a certain planet was only once, I did accumulate the experience of all the creatures of that order on all the planets.

I say exactly the same to you about my last bestowal in the human flesh. By having lived a human life span on one planet I have a power to accumulate the experience possessed by all the people on all the planets. This ability was given to me by the Father. And I was demonstrating by my incarnation how man can live with the Father’s love for the whole; for all. Due to this fact, I revealed greater light to people, brought a greater love to them, showed them the direction to tread, and my incarnation was a bestowal upon all the mortals.

My arrival is not the message of fear and punishment to the effect that those who will not repent and who will not allow me into one’s heart, those will not get into the Father’s kingdom. My coming is a gift of joy to all for it enlightens and warms all, yet it does not intimidate and compel anyone.

While in the human flesh I lived like any other man did. I was open to any concepts of goodness and evil that existed in the-then society I lived in. Therefore, this incarnation of the Creator and Sovereign of the universe is the most dangerous of all, for he is born of a woman, as a helpless babe, and grows up and develops exactly the way the other children of that time and generation do. I was no different either by my appearance or the structure of my body than any other child of my age. Nothing about it showed that I was the Creator and Sovereign of all the planet, of all its animal and vegetable life, and that I was governing my universe in the name of the Universal Father as His representative. And by accumulating the experience of the creatures created while incarnating in their form, I was accumulating their experiences by comprehending the meaning of that creature’s life to all the universe. And, through the experience of these incarnations, I was deservedly earning an ever greater power in the name of the Father, approaching my last bestowal when after its successful completion I received from the Father the supreme sovereignty and started governing my universe not as the Father’s representative but rather even as the Father himself would He be present in my universe personally. And that supreme power to govern my universe is already in my own name rather than in the name of the Father. I have received it from the Father himself; having earned it by means of my bestowal experiences.

Imagine such a situation of mine, that while as an ordinary child of that generation, I am affected by all the impacts from without and I grow up into a man who would start instigating his brethren against doing the will of God. It would mean that my whole mission has failed. Therefore, in order that this could not happen so easily, the family that my birth had been designed in was very scrupulously selected under Gabriel, who prior to my birth had appeared to Mary and he had revealed to her the glad tidings about my future birth.

42. Mary And Joseph

Mary and Joseph, recently married were both very young. However, all their ancestry had been checked generation upon generation going further down through human history. And the Joseph and Mary family was chosen personally by Gabriel out of the last three selected couples whose ancestral genes had been checked in the divine data registries. And you have distorted my life story to have taken away from me even my birth in the family of Mary and Joseph by claiming all the time I was born out of the womb of a virgin. You do not know all the esteem to the family among the Jews that has been dominant during those far off times two thousand years ago and that is dominant now.

How can you say this and call it the word of God when you portray my birth as beyond the family boundaries; and my birth within the nation that so highly esteems the family itself and the role of the mother and the father within it. It is the mother who is responsible for bringing up a boy till the age of five. And, at the age of five, the up-bringing of a boy is taken over by the father. While the mother is engaged in the up-bringing of girls further on till they get married. And even a married daughter, until she gives birth to the first baby, is still considered to be a virgin. Only having given birth to a child, she enters into a full-fledged womanhood.

Therefore, until Mary gave birth to me, as I was her first child, she was not yet into her full status of womanhood and was considered to be a “virgin” even though while having her husband.

There are many more similar distortions in the scriptures you consider to be holy. But even in these Scriptures you shall find the names of my other brothers, as well as a mention that I also had other sisters. Just read these very Scriptures you call holy, attentively, and you shall come to know more about my family, the Joseph and Mary family.

And it is painful to me to see the distortions being invented about me and about our family that was large. Mary gave birth to nine children, my younger sisters and brothers whom I had also to raise after my father, Joseph, unexpectedly was killed in an accident on a construction site. After his death I became the sole support of my family providing my mother both financial and moral support.

And it was such an experience to me that no other child had throughout the planet. I was just fourteen at the time and I had to shoulder all the burden of providing food to all of us and bringing up the children. Being only fourteen years old I suddenly became the elder brother-father to all my junior brothers and sisters.

Those experiences were very hard and bitter for my young mind and soul; and for my body. Since, in my adolescence I had to give up the pleasures of the joyful adolescent period that were enjoyed by the boys of my age. I could not participate in these pleasures any more because I had to shoulder the burden that would be hard to endure even for a grown man. At that time it seemed to me that I could break down and could not hold that heavy burden on my still immature shoulders. The more so that prior to that tragic outcome with Joseph I had been known as a child who was very energetic, agile, and full of resounding laughter. My agility and speculations had caused anxiety not only to my parents but also to those whom I had associated with. They had known me as a son of Joseph the carpenter and therefore they had been looking upon me with a certain forgiving attitude for they honored my father, Joseph, very much who was a very industrious and sincere man.

My mother, Mary, was also a very devoted wife to him and the mother who loved us, all the children, very much. However, her character was not that stable as that of Joseph. The tranquility of Joseph and fluctuations of Mary had also impacted the building up of my character. Prior to my father’s death I had rather resembled my mother by my character. All the scenes were filled up with my presence. And everywhere I was feeling that other boys of my age were tending to obey my influence. Therefore it seemed to me fairly natural that my junior brothers and sisters had to obey me as well, the more so they were younger. It was only after having become the sole bread earner in the family that I did realize that I was shouldered with responsibility.

43. My Education

I had finished the synagogue school more than one year early and had become a son of law of Israel.

The Jews had a tradition according to which boys after their graduation from the synagogue school went to Jerusalem together with their parents and were consecrated into the sons of law of Israel in the main synagogue of that city. This way they were passing from their adolescence into their full manhood. And that usually happened at the age of fourteen. However, I was accepted into the sonship of law of Israel earlier due to my greater inclination to my studies at the synagogue school; and also due to my greater devotion to my education by my father, Joseph, who was responsible for my education as of a future son of law of Israel since the age of five. I received from him fairly thorough explanations about nature, about people’s living, about earning one’s living, about associating with other people, with the children that were my contemporaries. My father would often take me together with him for outings beyond the city of Nazareth and would show me the surrounding environment and explain to me history. I watched him while he was at work. And I helped him since he had made me a small workbench so that I could also practically experience the process of his work. And the explanations about God by my mother, Mary, had also a big impact on me.

But the explanations by my parents were not sufficient to me as to why God had to be that merciless as to punish His erring children. Thus, I was thinking about God quite a lot by myself. And these meditations provided me deeper thoughts in my own mind. My father had taught me to read not only in Aramaic but also in Greek. Therefore, my diligence at school was not that extraordinary, my mind was just accustomed to looking for the causes of every action. I was not satisfied with the traditional answer: “Such is the will of Jahve.” Thus, I was keen on the issues as to why the will of Jahve was such? And my questions caused much embarrassment to both my parents, grown-ups around in Nazareth, and my teachers at the synagogue school. And still my mind that was searching for deeper answers about many things that would satisfy it, allowed me to understand and assimilate the subjects instructed at the synagogue school much easier. Therefore, I finished the synagogue school even before reaching the age of thirteen. And I became the son of law of Israel when I was taken by my father to Jerusalem for the first time.

44. There Are No Miracles

All these teachings of mine are devoted to you so that you would realize at least to a certain extent that I, even though being the Creator and Ruler of the Universe, together with my partner Mother Spirit of the Universe, while incarnated in the human flesh I was growing up as a human in an ordinary and average family, that had been carefully selected out of the multitude of the other families. Eventually, out of the final three families the choice of the young family of Joseph and Mary was personally made by Gabriel. During his appearance to Mary he made his first open announcement about the coming of greater light on this world. However, everything, and always, during various periods of my life transpired in a natural way. Even the fact that my life was accompanied by the episodes called by you as “miraculous healings” or any other supernatural things, were nothing else but a natural process in the developments, shortening the element of time, which is inherent to you. It is merely due to the fact that you are not aware of the causes of these actions or of the very process of the actions, even though you see the ultimate effect of that action process occurring within a moment, you call it a miracle. There are no miracles throughout the creation, and there cannot be any. There is just your ignorance as to how these things can happen. Therefore, my current presentation about myself might disillusion many of you, for you do desire to continue under the influence of the illusionary stories about me that have nothing in common with reality. To live on without thinking about anything deeper, for it has been written that way in the so-called Holy Scriptures and that it must be this way only and no other way. And it must be as much as it has been written there. It cannot be more.

To follow your distorted common sense I should have never been a little child, I should have never associated with the friends of my age, I should have never derived greater wisdom and knowledge from my association with my parents, my friends, with my teachers, for your New Testament does not write anything about it. And it is not allowed to add a word to it. Then you can arrive at the only conclusion that, from the born baby, I should have grown up miraculously without my childhood, without my meditations about God and about the environment. But I have already mentioned that I have arrived on this world for the purpose of experiencing all of a man’s life – from one’s birth to one’s death. I had to experience both my birth and my death; only not necessarily such a violent death.

I have a power to lay down my life and bring it back again. And this power has been granted to me by the Father of All. Therefore, had I chosen a human experience on some other world of my universe with a much higher level of civilization and spiritual development than yours, I would have experienced my death, the death of the material body, by merely passing through such a transformation when from my material human vehicle I get back, again, to my ordinary spiritual form that I am in at the moment while transmitting these teachings to you.

A violent death, in any manner, is evidence of a very low level of the spiritual vibrating in the soul of that individual, or of those mortals. Any spiritual development, even the slightest one, always, raises up these very lowest energy vibrations that are the cause of any act of violence to the higher frequency vibrations, and then it becomes merely impossible for that same man to perform an act of violence. Every spiritual vibration is generating an adequate effect. But it is only the low and very much material vibrations that completely dominate the human mind ego that produce the cause for the animal mind to resort to a violent action in relation to another person or even to one’s own person.

Throughout all creation there are no miracles. God is not a wonder-maker. He pours out His love throughout the creation, and uniformly to all. And love, by manifesting itself, produces the principle of the cause, action, and consequence. Apart from love there is nothing else in creation. It is real and certain and you can also sense it, even now, while reading these teachings of mine. However, to sense it you also have to grow spiritually to reach these very vibrations of the Father’s love being radiated to you while their frequency is very high. And then you shall notice that this wonderful and new sensation produces within you a cause for an action of goodness and love for the benefit of all creation, for the benefit of all the people. And this will be evidence of the manifestation, action, and implementation of the principle of the cause-action-consequence of the law of love by a free will personal decision and action. And those who do not feel these high vibrations of the Father’s love being sent by Him cannot follow that very law of love, but the principle of the cause-action-consequence has its effect upon them all the same. Therefore, the causation of their actions is the vibrations of a much lower frequency. Thus, the consequences of their actions also have the vibrations of a low frequency. They are painful. Only by raising your spiritual level, and by raising your own spiritual vibrations, you will also start looking upon all of creation with your spiritual eyesight. And then you shall really begin to comprehend that the principle of creation is inviolate. Therefore, there are no miracles in it. There is only your poor understanding that you must expand.

45. Take Me Off The Cross And Worship The Father

Therefore, I am presenting you with these explanations to assist you in taking a deeper look upon your environment, upon creation, and upon my person, as well as upon the place of your own selves. Without these explanations of mine, you would carry on along the course of living that is painful and tormenting to your soul from within. I have told you, and now I repeat it again: “I am that path.” But rather than walking on my path you still exalt my death on the cross. I do desire to deliver you from death so that you boldly, without the slightest shade of fear, would tread along my living path together with me who is resurrected and is alive.

I do desire that the Father‘s love and peace would rule rather than the vision of my death. You must create life in love rather than in pain and anguish around yourselves.

Can you explain to your little children about the Father’s love, and experience it by yourselves while you are depicting me as suffering on the cross? Then a feeling of fear is creeping into the little heart of a little child. He does not see love where somebody is suffering and shedding their blood. He notices love only where there is a hug by one’s mother or father out of pure feeling and tenderness, where there is encouragement and support.

Can a little dear one, seeing me on the cross, bleeding and exhausted, sense within his little heart that the Father loves me and gives me a hug, warms me up and comforts me, helps me and strengthens me?

How many questions pop up in the head of that little one when you are explaining to him about me that I have died for the sins of the people also to save even sinful children since they are born already having a sin. Can such a little dear one understand where he has committed a sin that I had to die even for him? Where was my loving Father that He allowed me to suffer so much?

It is true that my hanging on the cross produces fear within the little one. And already, from the early and first days of his life, he is tending to hide from such a God so that he would not suffer the way I did. The child begins to fear God ever more.

I have brought the concept of a loving Father to humanity, and to my entire universe. Not the concept of an intimidating and chastising Father. Only you have failed to understand me and you have distorted all of my teachings by turning me into the symbol of suffering to all humanity. I did not teach you that. Would you find at least one hint even in the so-called Holy Scriptures about putting me in public places hanging on the cross and showing me suffering. Did I teach you that? No, I did not teach you that.

Then why do you do what I have not taught you to do?

Did I teach you that God is the Father and one to all, and that all the people are brethren? Yes, I did. But you have distorted my teaching and you glorify me instead of the Father.

I did not teach you to glorify and worship me. Then why do you always glorify me, and not the Father? I worship the Father even now.

And now I am addressing you so that you would start glorifying the Father, and only Him. He is the only God the Father. And it is He who is glorified by all of creation, and by me as well. I am not God the Father. God the Father and I are one in spirit. And despite this spiritual unity of ours we are two separate persons.

The time shall come when after your resurrection you will become the manifestation of your spiritual vibrations that will be much higher, or the soul form, possessing your present self that is eternal, since it has been bestowed upon you by the Father. You shall stand in my presence after having covered the whole stage of your soul development, and having become an eternal spirit with a still higher manifestation of your spiritual vibration, or in the form of a spirit, then we bid you farewell and you shall proceed further on, out of our universe, and closer to the Father until you find yourselves in the presence of the Father himself in the very eternal center, on Paradise. And even then you shall glorify the Father. And throughout eternity you shall glorify only Him; and even then you shall glorify the Father. And throughout eternity you shall glorify only Him, the only person to be worshipped.

Thus, even now I am explaining to you so that you would hear my good tidings that I pronounced two thousand years ago; my gospel to your whole world, and to all my universe – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – and now by my present-day disciples and apostles expanded to include the brotherhood of all creation; so that after having heard it you would begin to follow it and live every day comprehending ever more deeply that we all are brothers and sisters; all of us. The Father of us all is one. He is the Universal Father, The First Source and Center. Therefore, I am also your senior brother. I am teaching you and helping you proceed on to our Father. Thus, the time has come to tell you frankly that I do desire that all of you would experience the depth of my words together with the Father, sensing it within yourselves. I am together with you. With all of you, through my Spirit of Truth poured out upon you. But the Father is always within you, each of you; all the time. And He is inside you for He has sent to you, to each of you, His spirit, Thought Adjuster. And it is His spirit that is leading you all the time unwittingly from within. And I am always knocking from without. I am knocking and I enter the heart of each whoever opens it. And then, together with the Father, I begin to influence you from within. And our joint operation has one more helper – the Holy Spirit. I have already explained to you that this spirit is the spirit of my Partner – Mother Spirit of the Universe. And we, in harmony, even in a perfect concord, are leading you all, but each one individually, to the Father. We are leading you along the only path – the path of your inner faith. It is only faith that is the way to the Father. And it is through me. In no way shall you ever escape my path until you stand in my presence having become an eternal spirit. Even though there are countless roads of experience leading to the Father, the main and the only path that saves everyone is one’s living faith; not a ritualistic belief but the living faith.

46. A Free Will

My dear brethren, you have free will bestowed upon all of you, and upon each of you, by the Father; by the only Father of all. It means that you may behave in this or that way, and the Father shall not contradict you, neither shall I. If the Father did not allow you to use your own free will you could not be the mortal children of God, who have their destiny, by ever more experiencing Him, through many stages of His manifestation in your life both now and in the future in the form of the soul and still later in the form of the eternal spirit even as I am also, to develop into better and perfecting persons, into your own better selves. If you had no free will you would not differ from any animal that has no such destiny as you have – to ever more experience the Father, and ever more spread love and goodness to all and fuse with the spirit of the Father indwelling each of you, and reach the center of all creation, Paradise, to be able to receive the confirmation from the Father that you have used His mandate in full and carried out His command: “Be perfect even as I am perfect.” And that you have done it out of love for Him and of your own free will.

It is only due to his free will that a creature that you call a man, can develop and grow. And even in such tragic circumstances, when danger arises to the vital existence of your material body, when you are under a threat that the flowing of the vital energy to your material vehicle will be cut off you still have free will to remain loyal to the Father, or to turn away from Him.

And you do that of your own free will.

However, the majority of you erroneously claim that you have been made to behave one way or another because somebody forced you to do that. Nobody, not even the Father, can make you do it. The decision is made by your own mind all the same. And each of you makes a decision personally, and of one’s own free will. You may be influenced by some circumstances to behave one way or another, in a good or bad way, yet it is you who make the decision while making the ultimate choice personally.

I have told you many a time while in the human flesh: “Fear not those who could take away your life in the flesh, for by this they end their power over you. Fear those who could kill your soul. What is the use of preserving your life in the flesh while losing your soul?”

One thing is unshakable and indispensable – a free will bestowed by the Father is a steadfast, sole factor of the growth and development of the creation. Without free will the creation would be but a vast operating field of robots, incapable of reaching anything more than that already achieved up to the moment since an automatic machine cannot strive for more than it has been provided function to perform.

Even within your own environment you have similar machines that perform monotonous even though top precision operations in industry, and they cannot choose any other operating function for they are not designed for other functions. Neither can they change the functions of their operation by themselves.

I have given you this example so that you might understand better what it means to abolish free will. Even though the automatic machines you have designed do not have that living energy, and they are but machines from the standpoint of their functioning, the situation would also be very much the same with mortals if they had no free will any more.

Therefore, you must realize that it is only free will that can provide such an inner environment to a free will creature; that the creature is capable of making a decision about how and what he must do. And having done it and having seen the consequences of the actions, he can even change his decision to encounter another sort of outcome. And he can change his decisions just because he enjoys free will bestowed upon him by the Father.

You do not think about free will in your life at all. And you believe that you make use of it very little. But it is just the other way round. Every decision you make, you make on the basis of free will. Even though it might seem to you that you arrive at your decisions just automatically, without much pondering, still they are free will decisions. Even the ones that have already been formed into your habits and that have turned into an inherent part of your own manifestation.

Free will begins to impede you only when a conflict arises in-between your inner ego and the budding ego of your soul, or your divine ego, your true ego. Then you start thinking hard as to how you should act. Then you are torn by the inner contradictions that are absent in the mind of the most primitive man, for he is totally devoted to his instincts of saving his life and he does not think anything at all about the consequences of his actions to his brethren. Neither are there inner conflicts within the mortals in a highly spiritual civilization that awaits you. In this civilization the stage of conflicts, both from without and from within, is ancient history, and now all the people have set up a spiritual community by serving one another. And this harmonious interrelationship and inner devotion to the Father discovered within eliminates all the conditions for the outbreak of spiritual shocks and conflicts. It does not mean that this society has nothing to tackle in their lives. They can continue to strive, and do strive, for a greater revelation of the individual’s self, by bestowing one’s self – by good deeds – upon the whole environment – children, classmates, colleagues, society, all creation, and the Father. Therefore, this sort of development is truly based on the Father’s love and truth. Tension and stress disappear from life, man’s life acquires the vibrations of joy because man’s ego ceases to gain profit at the cost of others, and is trying to use his own self for the benefit of all. And all this adds to the material welfare of society itself. Science and the economy are developing to meet the needs of the whole rather than the interests of separate groups seeking a profit.

And it is only the formation of such conditions in the course of a long developing humanity that allows competition to be replaced by cooperation out of the depths of the heart under the leadership of the Father from within. And once this community is led by the most spiritual members of the society, this type of the society then becomes an effective implementation of free will, of each person, out of love for the Father and for one another; as for brethren.

You can also receive evidence that this sort of living is much higher in all, absolutely all, walks of life of the society. Try to set up a group of such people who have already experienced the Father within their own selves, who have already established their intimate cooperation-communion with Him, who have already felt His love within themselves, and let this group undertake some joint venture; even the one that might have already been undertaken by others. And you shall notice that after some time, the results of this group shall outstrip the performance of the other groups, and moreover, the feeling of love for each other, even within this same group, and for all, beyond its boundaries. The energy manifestation of the group activity will increase. That will provide them additional power. And soon all this will also be noticed by other people around.

Now my words sound like a fairy-tale or a fancy. However, I am telling you all this for you to verify. Meanwhile, to carry out this verification the only condition that is necessary is that – all the members of such a group must have faith and their free will must be devoted to doing the will of the Father. It does not mean that they, all, must become priests, spiritual teachers in the direct sense of the word. It means that they must believe in the Father, not by performing dead rituals and professing dogmas, but rather by having felt the Father’s love themselves, within their own selves, would share it with all, and commune with the Father through their sincere opening up in personal and collective prayer. Then the life of such a man turns into a spiritual light and becomes a spiritual teaching to others who are striving for this path. And such a man can carry on doing different jobs. Only his attitude to his work shall be different. He will work out of love rather than for a reward. The same job but the motive is completely different, and the reward shall arrive soon; even greater than the man might have expected. That is the condition for all the members of that new group that has formed by itself or has been formed by others to confirm my words in practice. The time shall come when my words will become clear even to children.

47. Slavery Of The Soul

The distortion of my teaching – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – and now by some of my brethren it is being preached even as the brotherhood of all creation, not only of man, and that is true – has been caused by too-big an ego of some of you that did not allow the ego of their soul to manifest. That inner voice of man that wants everything for itself ever more, at any cost, enslaves its real self that the Father has bestowed upon each of you as the gift of personality.

And this gift can develop on, ever becoming more, even as the one the Father has supplied with all its potential of eternity, provided that its development is not impeded. However those who persecuted and killed me had their souls taken by their ego, not only in captivity, from which it was still possible to get liberated, but they were completely enslaved by their egos. One’s soul enslaved by one’s own animal self has no chance of escaping to freedom once it is kept enslaved all the time by the human mind that establishes the dead rituals and abides by the dead dogmas. These are the additional factors from without that strengthen the straying of this type of mind and take away the chance for delivery of the soul.

And this path is more comfortable to one’s mind but very dangerous to one‘s soul. One’s mind is glad to have scrupulously performed one more religious ritual and by this to have even earned more of God’s favor. And it falls asleep peacefully. Meanwhile the soul is crying for freedom. It is seeking a living manifestation that would not be restricted by any ritual. It desires a live communion with the Father, to be able to ever more replenish itself with His love vibrations, and while gliding in a free flight, to glorify the Father by good deeds and carry beauty to all.

And this conflicting situation is inescapable within those mortals who begin, at least to a little extent, to feel that merely the ritual itself is not enough for them. They feel emptiness and fear, they feel a lack of something within themselves. They cannot name that feeling precisely, they cannot describe it, but they know they feel it. Then to some of them a desire arises, even though weak, to commune with God even in that very church, synagogue, or mosque when there is no service in it, when there is tranquility in it. He goes there to be alone, by himself. And even without realizing it himself, he is communing with God. He is not praying in these ordinary prayers, he is not performing any rituals visual to one’s eyes. Just in a state of tranquility he is sitting or standing there and that is the environment in which the soul itself is talking with God. It can open up to God only when there is a peaceful environment, when a dead ritual does not disrupt that tranquility in which the soul can talk to God. The human mind might not even realize this. Most often this is exactly the case. However, after having been in this tranquility, man begins to sense the state of a deeper peace within. Even the most acute problems appear to be less painful. Insurmountable obstacles are not that big any more.

This is the way it is in reality. The soul receives this comfort and guidance from the Father so that even the problems are less painful and the obstacles do not look that big any more. But the human mind since one’s childhood has been unable to grasp this for it has not been accustomed to commune with the Father through one’s sincere opening up and conversations with Him in its peaceful state. Therefore, as the child grows he begins to turn away ever more from the dead rituals and dogmas of the church, since among the multitude his soul cannot experience peace and feel the joy of a free flight. It cannot relish in joy after the prayer service as having been more replenished with spiritual energy for such a free flight of the soul, to have felt in reality that it has turned into a more loving and more merciful soul who is more eager to live in truth.

48. The Cause Of Distorting My Teachings

My teachings have been distorted only because instead of a living relationship with the Father there has appeared a dead ritual and dogma that have tried to substitute for that very living relationship. However, nothing can substitute for this living relationship since it is from the Father who is changeless and not from man who is changing all the time. Man can only discover this living bond with the Father by discovering the Father himself within his own self. As long as man has not discovered this relationship through the discovery of the Father within his own self, he has no other evidence that would be sufficiently substantial against the dead rituals and dogmas. He either follows them, or even turns away from Him altogether and starts denying the presence of God. Such is the choice of his own free will.

Your present day life has changed so much since the age when I walked as one of you and among you having the human form. Many, fairly many, of you do not believe in the real existence of my person altogether. And this disbelief is due to no other fact but the distortions of my teachings that have been performed by my beloved disciples that I have singled out as my apostles. They have failed to understand my teachings. And you have been paying a very high price for this misunderstanding, and this price will even go up during the lives of the generations to come when the distortions of my teachings will still bear their fruit to other generations for a long time.

It is namely to restore the truth that I am presenting my own teachings through my present apostle, through my disciple who is walking along my path himself and leading others. Therefore, I trust him. Meanwhile the Father’s will, and my will is that he would receive my corrected teachings and would pass them to all of you so you would be able to read them and apply them in your personal living. This path is the only and true path to feel me as alive, as the one resurrected from the material death.

If the then-apostles of mine had abided by my precise teachings, today you would not be faced with such a confrontation between Islam and Christianity, and the confrontation of these two with Judaism. You all would have one and the same Universal Father who would unite you all into one family, even as I have taught you. While now, those who have the religion bearing my name cannot arrive at an agreement even among themselves as to how to profess me. Your rituals from without have divided even Christianity into smaller segments so that they separated you out of a loving family to the churches and the church communities that do not associate among themselves. It happened merely due to the difference in the outer rituals and due to the professing of the dead dogma that I came to this world and by dying on the cross I redeemed your sins. You have been implanting that generation upon generation, from one’s young age, and by this, disrupting the peace and mind of all. That is not true.

Never can anyone redeem a single sin. Sins are not redeemed. That is the old belief of the Jews which since the times of Moses has always been spreading the understanding that a sacrifice to God is necessary to have one’s sins redeemed. Prior to the times of Moses the Jews had practiced the sacrifice of what was the dearest to man – the first-born son. Moses has stopped this cruel and savage sacrifice and replaced the human sacrifice by the animal sacrifice. But very soon the smart-dealer-clergy turned it into a good profit once they started introducing their own grading standards of the size of the sacrifice, depending upon the size of an animal the size of a sin was redeemed. Still later they came to an idea of a monetary ransom so that it was also possible to ransom one’s sins by giving money instead of an animal.

That is absolutely a wrong path leading away from God. It is similar to any restraint of the needs of one’s body that is presented as a sacrifice to God so that He would be merciful and forgiving. All your inventions that fasting or any forms of vows that you shall become good if you receive a cure from some disease or if you get out of some, seeming to you, difficult situation, are nothing else but this very same sacrifice of the Jews attempting to bribe God.

If only you could know how loving and merciful the Father is you would certainly not try to bribe the Father by this artificial and ritualistic behavior and by living in that childish and unwise manner. The Father is so loving and so merciful that He does not need any sacrifice from you. He forgives your sins even though you do not ask Him to be forgiven. Only you shall not feel this forgiving within your own soul until your soul opens up to Him in all its sincerity. It is only in this case that you shall really experience a feeling of relief within; without any other sacrifice; merely by becoming sincere with God himself. This is the only, seeming, sacrifice that satisfies the Father. And still there is a better gift to Him which is your sincere love for Him, me, and any other brother or sister of yours. You cannot give the Father anything greater as your own gift since it is the Father himself who is the Source of all abundance. Thus, what else can you present to the Father once He has everything? He has got even all of you, and each of you, within Himself, and He has bestowed His own fragment, the Thought Adjuster, upon each of you. And this spirit of the Father indwells each of you and all the time is leading you further away from the sin.

Therefore, the greatest gift to the Father is the one that is also the most necessary to you; to each of you; without any exceptions; whether you are a president or a poor homeless one. The best gift to Him is the only one – the discovery of the Father’s spirit within one’s own self and the feeling of His love for both the Father and all brethren; without any material gifts or any renunciation of one’s own self.

You must also know one more very important thing as to why I have not come to redeem your sins. I have just told you once again that it is your love that is necessary to the Father. And it is the only thing that can deliver one from sins. Now I shall tell you the following: Nobody can, as you say, redeem the sins of others. It also means that nobody can redeem the sins of all the others. Therefore, however hard was my physical suffering on the cross I could not redeem even the lightest sin of yours. And why is it so? I have just told you. The Father is merciful and loving, thus He does not require any suffering on your part so that having satisfied himself by your suffering He would pronounce to you: “Enough, I forgive you.”

49. Communion With The Father

The time has come to hear my words without any distortions and admixtures which not only distort the luminosity and peacefulness of my teachings, but even destroy them altogether. That is why I say to you that the time has come for you to start the search of the Father within your own selves rather than within the present-day dead rituals of the church.

A living spirit of a living Father lives within you. It is this spirit that leads you to church. However, He does not receive room for His live blooming out and for revealing your own self because nobody is explaining to you how He might bloom out within your soul so that your soul might feel this wonderful and living fragment of the Father. Now I am telling you that in church you must not follow the dead rituals and preach the dead dogma but rather you must begin to open up in all your sincerity, to the Father who is within you. But you will do that even better in a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed. You may find this peaceful ambience anywhere and at any time. And then in peace, but very sincerely, pray in your own words. Have the communion with the Father as with the best friend to whom you may relate all your secrets. And then stay for a few minutes without saying a word. It is in this state of one’s opening up that one’s soul is opened up by itself to the teaching of the Father’s spirit that is being permanently provided to you. Only it is not that simple to hear this teaching. One’s soul must be very much at peace and opened up to the very depth of its sincerity. Only such a soul can hear what the Father’s fragment, Father’s spirit, is saying.

And it is this opening up and association of each of you with the Father that is the communion, a live communion. It is this gift that the Father needs, but by no means a sacrifice. And it is this gift that surpasses any sacrifice that a mortal can ever envision. It is this gift that is living, therefore it has a real impact not only on the Father but also on the man himself who is participating in this communion with the Father and who is feeling the Father in his own soul. It is this communion that I came to this world for; to show you the direction to the Father, to explain to you the reality of that path to the Father through opening up your heart by means of faith, a living faith, instead of the dead rituals and sacrifices.

My life among you was really such that I showed you the path and I became that path to you myself. Therefore, you may call me the Deliverer, but by no means a redeemer. I have delivered you from the slavery of prejudice. But it is you who have rejected the path I have shown you; even my closest apostles. And the most loyal disciple of mine, the leader of the apostles of John the Baptist, had even to leave for Philadelphia because of the quarrels with Peter and Paul. He was rejected by his brethren for remaining loyal to preaching my gospel. It is because of this that even his name has not been mentioned in the gospels. The name of that disciple of mine who while even being alone was carrying on my light undistorted. Unfortunately, the endeavors of that one were too insignificant when all the institution of the church of Rome took efforts to turn my religion into a business with grand edifices, expensive embellishments, golden articles, extravagant clothing, and, what is most upsetting, with the dead rituals without my light and life.

I have said to you two thousand years ago that I am that good shepherd who enters a sheepfold only through its unlocked door. I am that good shepherd who goes to look even for one lost sheep. I am that shepherd who will even sacrifice his life to keep his sheep safe. I am that good shepherd whose voice is recognized by my sheep. I am that shepherd who has his sheep in the other sheepfolds. Now that a material level of your civilization has marched forward beyond comparison, I may tell you that my mission in the human flesh has also been devoted to my sheep from the other sheepfolds. At that time I could not speak openly to my disciples that there were also other planets inhabited by people. And people on those worlds were receiving information on the progress of my mission. And among the multitude of the worlds inhabited by people there are such worlds that have achieved a much higher development than that of your world – both materially and spiritually. And my mission has been understood by these worlds much better than it has been understood by the people of your world even though it has transpired among your ancestors of former generations in ancient times. If those mortals, from the more civilized planets were moved to your planet their reaction to all your daily living and your relationship with God would be very much similar to that of yours in relation to those tribes who live in the jungle and who do not keep any relations with an outside world. Even as you would see the primitivity of such tribes so your primitive bond with God would also be unacceptable to the more developed mortals and it would even cause their sympathy for you as to why you punish yourselves this way and do not desire a living relationship with the Father, replacing it by the performance of the rituals only.

There might be only two rituals in your life. And they are both live. One ritual is your living communion with the Father. The other ritual is your personal service with love and out of love for the Father. There may be no other rituals, and whatever other rituals might be invented they shall never transcend these two living, rituals. And it is the adherence to these two rituals that will give you a wonderful sensation – a living bond with the Father, and that will be your reward, a reward by the Father for your sincere and steadfast efforts. And again you will feel this reward in a similar way as you feel your love for the person who is the dearest to you. That will be your living reward through your inner sensation.

50. A Living Experience Of The Father Within Your Own Self

And then you will realize, and you will also even witness to others by your own experience, that only a living relationship with the Father allows you to experience Him, and even provides you self-confidence and trust in the Father ever more. And this growth of confidence and trust leads one to an ever greater devotion to one’s service for the benefit of the whole; and without any obligations, without any restraints. This driving power is within you – the impulses of the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster, that are being understood by you better all the time and which you begin to feel in a subtler way. Gradually, the vibrations of your consciousness grow ever more and are merging ever more with the Divine, Universal, and Absolute Consciousness, with the Creator Consciousness.

It is this sort of teaching that is missing in your present-day ritualistic churches. And it is this teaching that your soul is crying for which is not so strong within the present vehicle of your material mind. It is not strong because your mind does not receive the higher vibrations of a spiritual teaching either from your parents at home, from teachers at school, from priests in the church, from chiefs at work, or from wiser brethren on the street. Therefore, the soul cannot get stronger. It is feeling the teaching by the Father’s spirit but a material mind of man suppresses it right away by its selfish desires and by its absolute devotion to the implementation of these desires were they for the benefit of one’s own self or for the benefit of a group. Mind being led by such desires is the major obstacle for the soul to feel the Father’s teaching and leading from within. And this leading does not need any mediator. Therefore, there comes such a time that you must learn that there is not, and cannot be, any mediator in-between you, each of you, and God. God is the closest to you, even within your own selves. What other, and better, mediator could there be when you, each of you, are within each other – God is within you, within each of you, while you, each of you, are within God. There is no one who could not be within God, who could be beyond Him. He is an unsurpassable reality. It is due to Him that each of you receives a fragment of His own, His spirit, Thought Adjuster, in order not to look for any mediator in your communion with God.

51. Spiritual Teachers

You may have a spiritual teacher who would show you a path how to discover the Father within your own selves. But he will not be a mediator between the Father and you. Now I am also acting as your spiritual teacher. And you will also encounter many good brethren of mine who will be spiritual teachers to you. We are all spiritual teachers to one another. But at the same time we are also spiritual disciples. By teaching others we also learn by acquiring ever new experience.

Now I am presenting these teachings to you that do not require any financial resources so that you would expand your own thinking and grow in your own character. Now you can also teach others whenever you start feeling the operation of the Father within your own selves. Then you will be acting as spiritual teachers sharing your experience with others. And that experience will also enable other disciples of yours to experience similar live experiences that you undergo. And in their turn they will also become teachers to their disciples who will not yet have undergone through these experiences. But even they will start experiencing what your disciples will have experienced and what you will have undergone as well. This way, generation upon generation, spiritual teachings will expand and the numbers of the spiritual teachers of these teachings will grow all the time. Parents will become teachers to their children, senior children, to their junior brothers and sisters, teachers at schools and universities, chiefs in enterprises and offices will also be spiritual teachers. This way, generation upon generation, a living Father shall enter each heart as a real Father.

And you have already embarked upon this path once you have first thought there is still some greater power in space, still some greater mind, some energy that so orderly arrays the stars and enables that beauty to exist in such a space-dome so abundant in luminary space bodies and of which only a tiny part, even an unnoticeable part, if compared with all the sky dome man begins to know by launching man-made flying apparatuses and starts boasting of his achievements before others – one state before another one, one society before another one. But, so far, you do not look upon your own achievements in such a manner that you would be able to answer the question as to why all this happens, why you have managed to achieve what you have managed to achieve. It seems to you that all this is but a natural and self-contained thing that your civilization is progressing and you manage to manufacture ever better means by which you can move from one place to another one, and establish connection with each other.

It is not a self-contained thing. It is nothing but an impact on your weak mind, which is distorted at that, by a greater and invisible Mind. Since you do not know anything about the influence of the Cosmic Mind on your mind you believe that your brain capability is the only cause for the development of civilization.

What naivety! You do not comprehend it at all, by yourselves, and you are unable to answer the most crucial question – who are you in general? What is this life of yours and why do you live it?

Having not responded to these questions, you will not become wise. Therefore, you will not be able to make wise decisions and lead a wise life.

52. The Body And The Personality

The Supreme Mind of Creation is the Source of Wisdom. If you do not seek greater wisdom, you do not deepen your mind. You do not grow in your own self. A physical body grows, develops, meanwhile your mind begins to lag behind the developed beauty of the physical body. You must understand that creation is an operating, masterfully designed, system. Therefore, each smaller element of creation is related to the whole. Likewise the whole is related with its smaller element. There is a system only when three or more elements are connected into one whole.

Therefore your own self has a spiritual gift received from the Father; your personality, that self of yours which must reveal itself through love and goodness, through truth and mercy by service, in one‘s material body that is very temporary. Your inner self may be eternal if you discover the spirit of the Father within yourselves. Meanwhile, a material vehicle that you call your body, and which is designed for the manifestations of your inner self, can never be eternal. A material energy that constitutes the energy vibrations of low frequency wears out and has to change its form of expression. The flesh disintegrates for it no longer has the higher energy vibrations providing it with life and the frequency of the disintegrated body particles drops still lower. That form of energy that has sustained life in a physical body has passed to another form which cannot maintain the previous life form any longer. However, as long as your body receives the energy of the higher vibrations, and as long as it is being sustained by it; that long your inner self must have a feeling that this very self and its physical vehicle, a living vehicle, and the Father, make up a system within which each element is interrelated.

The Father bestows the gift of the personality upon each of you; your own self that is a spirit, that is spiritual and that is eternal. The One who is Eternal bestows that which is also eternal, for He is even the Source of Eternity. Therefore, your true self, in order to reveal itself by its true character, by its shining, must have some form of its identity. It is this form that constitutes your material, or physical, form which you call your body. But this body is not your own inner self. It is only your outer form.

53. Your Physical Body Is From Your Earthly Parents

This outer form for your own inner self is provided by nobody else but your material parents who during their sexual intercourse fuse the masculine seed with the feminine ovum. And this embryo is the expression of their mutual spiritual relationship through the future physical form for your own inner self.

If both parents lead an honest and spiritual life, and if their mutual love is consciously comprehended from the very depth of their souls that it is not created by them but rather received from the Father, and tinged with the shades of their personal experiences that provide various spices to the Father‘s love in the form of vibrations, then a fetus produced by these parents shall be co-created together with the Father. The Father shall participate in it as the most beloved and awaited person. Therefore that fetus shall be developing and be born healthy. And the baby shall have greater and healthier genetic hereditary characteristics as against the children born out of those parents who consider all this process of creation merely to be an expression of sexual satisfaction to their physical bodies.

Therefore, the children who are born of their earthly parents who love the Father and who have discovered the Father within themselves, are healthier and stronger. Even though their former genetic heritage has not been good enough, this very process of the procreation of new life can correct it to a fairly high degree as the energy-information vibrations of the parents, of a much higher frequency, suppress the lower energy-information vibrations that have been accumulated by them along the lines of their ancestry.

54. Who Are the Loving Parents?

I must explain to you the concept of “the loving parents,“ so that you would understand a very precise meaning of these words. You already know well that the Source of love is the Father. Therefore, it is possible to feel love and experience it with all its sweetness and tranquility, flight and freedom, provided that the Father is discovered within oneself. Only then do the parents stand firmly in all their life circumstances, loving each other in the strict sense of the word. In all other cases they are not the loving parents. They merely have their own interests and strive for satisfying them: some by coddling their children, others, by teaching them very strictly, and still others by intimidating them. And they always believe that they love their children. The same might also be said about the parents themselves in relation to each other. They keep asking each other: “Do you love me?“ Why would one ask about the very thing that one must be feeling every single moment? If this question comes up, it means there is no feeling of this sort. In this case there is only a distorted concept, an illusion, of loving.

Therefore, when I say, “the loving parents,” I speak about the truly loving parents, rather than about the self-deceiving parents who believe they are the loving parents. Simply there cannot be any father or mother who would be loving if the father or the mother does not reveal himself or herself in all his or her soul and heart to the Father, if he or she does not commune with Him with all his or her soul and heart. Only this type of communion with the Father truly enables the parents to become the loving parents.

Meanwhile, an otherwise instinctive love for their children, characteristic of parents, is the very same love from the Father, only on a level of instinct, that all the fairly large mammal families live on. But man is the only one to possess the gift of the personality provided by the Father. Therefore, he must raise the Father‘s love that he is receiving from the Source of personality, from an instinctive, and at the same time animal level, to a higher level - to the human level of personality. But it is actually impossible to do it without having found the Father within oneself. Moral principles, the norms of ethics, the postulates of a religion can help only partly; and only to those who still seek God, who are not satisfied with merely performing the church rituals.

55. Eliminating Disorders Of The Material Body And Their Wrong Treatment

Children born of loving parents will be healthier and more receptive to spiritual growth and spreading new light. They will look upon their material form as upon that which is no more than a vehicle of the manifestation of an adequate energy in the form of low vibrations. But they will care for and look after it very scrupulously as it is one of the significant elements of its present system and once its operation is disrupted, the inner self has to make a stop at a wayside where it engages in equalizing the broken energy circuit of this energy vehicle and restoring the energy vibrations back to a normal range. The human mind, by opening up to the Father, is capable of restoring this body’s order by raising the vibrations of its consciousness to a higher level. But your mind is not taught these things by anyone either at home or at school.

Moreover, medicine is based on the extortion of exorbitant profit. The drug industry makes its own impact to distract human mind from the idea that it could, by itself, eliminate the afflictions of the body by a deeper and more spiritual activity. Since mind is not accustomed to operating in independent thinking, or as the self desires counseling that it might apply for it to the Father, it easily gives in to inertia and follows what it is being told by doctors. Meanwhile the doctors speak of things they have not researched themselves, but rather what they have been instructed by the monsters of the drug industry, to which the true healing of man is like a knife at their neck, for it will ruin all their hypocritical activity, under the cover of the lies that they strive to solve the health problems of your physical body.

It is a lie. They will never give up this lie that is feeding them.

Each of you can understand very well that each man is different. He has a different character, temperament, weight, height, the volume of his bones, their density, even one‘s blood is different. But you cannot notice these differences so clearly for they are not that definitely expressed. Therefore, you group only the most obvious qualities and you try to generalize them accordingly. Therefore, doctors do not even bother themselves to look upon each patient visiting them from the standpoint of what he looks like, what might be his reaction to the dosage of the drugs which must be individually set rather than as has been seemingly set by the drug manufacturers. However, an average dosage does not mean it is fitting. Each, even the slightest, difference while prescribing the medicine, has a tremendous significance. But the worst thing is that no doctor dares to tell the people that they are not really doctors because they do not really treat patients, they merely suppress the sensation of the vibration signal of the disrupted energy circuit and they do not restore the vibration frequency of the energy circuit itself, the disruption of which is causing a particular physical pain. Therefore, a reaction to the signal is suppressed by chemical and other means. And this is being done through suppressing the sensitivity of the brain centers while the very cause remains, is not eliminated, and is even completely unknown.

These things, I am speaking of to all of you now, still must be discovered and verified by your experience. However, the time has come for you to look upon the reality that surrounds you in a broader way – both visible and invisible to your material eyes. Therefore you must also become the doctors of your own flesh. And you must start with the blossoming out of your soul.

56. What Is Inanimate Turn Into The Animate Within Yourselves

As soon as the soul starts breathing freely and manifests itself in goodness, your body shall regain its health without any chemical drugs. But for your soul to take off into free flight within your own selves, and thus resolutely call you to manifest yourselves without, in love and mercy for your brethren, you must make permanent and steadfast efforts by turning to the Father indwelling each of you. And this stage of your inner turning, to many is tedious and difficult. Therefore, you cling to the dead rituals and dogmas that you have been erroneously taught for more than two thousand years by the top leaders of the church who have not discovered the Father within and thus they cannot lead you to the Father‘s love and truth.

It is to help you find your way and stop remaining in the skin of a lost sheep that I, whom you call Christ, am giving you these teachings to liberate you from an erroneous path that has been and still is being imposed on you by the church.

All of you must know that by walking on my living path, by walking through me, you may find the Father within your own selves. By saying, “I am that path, I am that living water, I am that living bread,“ I did not mean that you must believe in me by performing rituals and professing me, but I meant that you must vigorously and in faith, live my good news that I brought to you – the Father is one to all and each, and, among yourselves, you are all brothers and sisters in spirit.

And now this live teaching of mine has been distorted and imposed on you by the church hierarchy that do not know themselves what they are teaching you since they are teaching a dead, and therefore non-existent truth, they profess that I have set up the church and that I am the head of the church, and that you have to support the church and devote yourselves to your service to the church.

No, it is not true.

I have never provided such untrue teachings to anyone. I always taught only – the faith in the heavenly kingdom is in one‘s own heart. And at the head of that kingdom is the Source of All Sources – the Father. All the time I tried to strengthen and comfort you so that you would merely have the experience of a living faith in the Father within yourselves. Therefore now I frankly and resolutely repeat it with this teaching that I present to you through my apostle of the present times and the Father‘s ambassador, since he has devoted himself to preaching my gospel. And this authorization has been conferred on him by me; and it has been confirmed by the Father. My gospel is equally valid today even as it was valid at the time while I had been in the human flesh and walked on this wonderful planet among you. And today, I support in the very same manner, my gospel, even as it has been expanded by my apostle – The Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and even of all creation.

It means that all creation, all the universes, all the personalities inhabiting them are friendly disposed toward and in love with you, for they have one and the only, Father who is also my Father. I also do urge you to bravely turn to the Father who has sent His own fragment, His own living spirit, to indwell you, each of you. And it is only this message that is my living path. It is only this path that I am because the Father and I are one in spirit even though we are two separate personalities. My personality order has originated from the Father himself and The Second Person of the Paradise Trinity – the Eternal Son, who has been presented by your church authorities as my person. I am a separate and different Son of God. But with the Father and with the Eternal Son we are one in spirit. Therefore, you must separate my person from the person of the Eternal Son even though in my universe I do represent both of them.

Therefore, by walking on the living path, walking through me, through your living faith in my gospel, you are also walking to the Father. And this is the only path leading to the Father – one‘s living faith. But there are many smaller paths to walk on to one‘s living faith, yet at the same time they are more erroneous.

57. The Path

The more erroneous the path, the greater suffering your soul shall experience. Therefore, I address you now to show your soul the right and the most certain path, the reality of which your soul shall feel through its living relationship with the Father himself. While having felt peace and bliss within itself, your soul shall know the Father, and suddenly it shall discover within itself that it has been born not as an abandoned orphan, but as a soul that is loved by the Father and that is truly experiencing the Father.

It is due to this living experience that the soul desires to devote itself to the leading of the Father from within, and to the relationship with the Father himself, because it feels bliss. And the feeling is so real that it cannot be replaced by any other outer, and already unnecessary to it, rituals and dogmas. It is well aware of the fact, and certain that it knows the Father. It knows Him for it is becoming, by its purity, similar to that of the Father, it is getting, by its deeds, similar to the deeds of the Father‘s love, therefore the vibrations of the Father‘s love have also come within the reach of the opened soul.

Therefore, now I do desire to urge you, each of you, wherever you might be, whatever you might be doing, to ponder the thoughts that I have just presented to you and that you have read, and that are comprehensible to all of you. However, you cannot believe they are from that very Christ himself who lived two thousand years ago. I cannot prove it to you by any other argument but by my own assertion that I am that Christ and what I am saying is the Truth. And this Truth is live. Therefore it is reachable to everyone who opens up to this truth with all their heart.

And after this sort of one‘s opening up, one does experience all the words I have spoken about the Father – The First Source and Center – the Source and Center of Consciousness and Mind, Love and Service, Goodness and Beauty, of all creation.

And now I am telling you what I have never told either when I walked among you in the flesh or at the present time. I have said to you that I am this path, that I am this bread of life, and that I am this living water.


From now on, during all future eternity, shall ever be this gospel of mine, even as it has been expanded by my apostle of the present times, The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and even the brotherhood of all creation. And the Father is this path, this bread, and this water providing eternity to everyone walking to Him through one‘s living faith.

It is only this path that is the only one along which you can walk both bravely and resolutely being given the guarantees of mine and of the Father that you shall reach the Father. All the other paths, even though they might lead you to this living path, do not give you such assurances. It is you who must choose what you desire.

I do not impose this path upon you. I do explain to you and help you make a wise decision calling on you to be unafraid of treading along this living path of the Father. I know of what I speak for I have always been walking on this path since those times when your world was not and even our universe was not. And I have my experience of billions of years, estimating it in your years, this living experience that allows me to speak out to you with love – do not fear. Embark upon this path of the Father. And always be certain that the Father and I are permanently with you. The Father is even within you; within each of you. And I am by you and go everywhere even ahead of you. However, as soon as you call me I shall enter you through my Spirit of Truth to calm and strengthen you, to urge you to walk on without fear along this very path of the Father.

Therefore, the certainty of my words will also be witnessed by your inner tranquility as soon as you pass from your ritualistic and dogmatic belief to your living faith. Then your soul will experience bliss and it shall be surprised by the reality of this bliss and its existence within the soul itself. It is this that will be the confirmation of my words, and for your soul this will be a new sensation and an enormous discovery of what an incomparable difference is between a dead, ritualistic, and dogmatic church belief and a living blossoming out of the soul and its faith.

Since all creation is the Father‘s, and the Father is the Source of love, therefore all His creatures throughout creation, after having discovered the Father within themselves, experience these very vibrations of the Father‘s love. It is only then that they can confirm that truly the Father is love and creation is friendly and even loving, that they begin to feel the reality of that living path of the Father as well as the joy of walking on it. And then a soul or spirit starts penetrating still deeper into that very living path of the Father that is virtually nothing else but the Father himself. The creature begins to penetrate ever deeper into the Father himself by comprehending and experiencing Him ever better through service to other creatures, also the children of God. It is only then that the differences among the mortals occupying different positions cease to exist for they are being united by this very spiritual love and spiritual kinship. It is only then that a politician starts serving all of the society rather than a party, since all the parties as groups of the people that single themselves out seeking the implementation of their own interests through the achievement of power, vanish. It is only then that people begin to comprehend and even to experience that they belong to one family – to the family of all humanity. And this one is an inherent part of a greater family – of the family of all creation.

58. Your Church Pronounces: “And The Word Turned Into The Flesh“. Did It Really?

When I was in the human flesh the situation of your world was totally different. People, apart from animals, had no machinery, did not know any conveniences, did not see any pictures from other countries, or even planets. Now the level of your knowledge of the universe has enormously broadened. Your mind is not scared any more by such things as images of a locomotive in a movie or even atrocities you watch on television that are being constantly pressed on you by absolutely unspiritual and only profit seeking television and newspaper companies. At that time people lived under the stress of a permanent fear. They were afraid of losing their lives due to the assaults of robbers that were common, people scared of the punishment of God, they feared to disobey the rabbis, they were afraid of suffering in hell. Since that time humanity, outwardly, has changed beyond recognition.

But the inner changes of man have not experienced such progress. On the contrary, the inner self has become even more miserable, and it has become even lower so that today you have stopped discussing God the way people would do during those times. And they held sincere discussions and put questions to wiser men; even after the prayer service in the synagogue. Discussions also served as a means of intercommunication. Nowadays you do not talk about God at all, either at home, at school, or at work. Therefore your inner self has become moldy and it has drowned in the quagmire, in the bog of only things material, where you have not preserved any room for the spiritual refreshment of one‘s soul. The soul is suffering and it is upset, yet all the same you steadfastly continue teaching your children to strive for material wealth and position only, so that their life would be comfortable for their body. You have completely abandoned the spiritual business of the soul. And it is the church that has abandoned it in particular even though it has been claiming to itself, as well as to you, that it is about the business of your soul. In church from time to time you do hear priests say during their sermons “And the word has turned into the flesh.“

That is why there is no vitality in your churches. That is why young people do not attend them, that is why the churches are gradually getting deserted, that is why new sects are being set up; because the church pronouncing “and the word has turned into the flesh,“ and having pronounced this, does not turn into the flesh itself. It must turn into a living flesh. It must stop abiding by any dead rituals and dogmatic assertions. It must give freedom to those priests who are opened up to both me and the Father with all their soul to lead a prayer service without following the rituals but rather to lead the prayer the way they are being led by the Father‘s spirit from within. It must allow their souls to bloom out in a free spiritual glide so that the souls of the believers who have come to the church would also feel these live spiritual vibrations that are being radiated by the soul of the priest already experiencing this free flight.

It is then that a live relationship shall be established between the Father and the priest, between the believers, each of them separately, and the Father, and between the priest and the believers, as well as the interrelationship among all the believers. And this relationship is live and experienceable. And then the opened up souls of the believers shall start experiencing within themselves such sensations of bliss that they shall desire to take off and fly, sharing this love they will experience within, at this moment. They will desire to fly, to share the Father‘s love, since at this time they will experience a pressure of the Father‘s love within themselves; and such a strong pressure, that it will become unbearably hard to withstand it without sharing this very love of the Father with others.

And it is only in this way that the soul itself can equalize the pressure of this real love of the Father by sharing it with all and each, without any calculation. It is then that “the word turns into the flesh.“

It is then that the dead rituals abandon the walls of the church and they are filled with the vibrations of the Father‘s love that are experienced by every open soul. It is then that the prayer-books are given away to the museums as a historic heritage to get acquainted with for the generations to come, and the vaults of the church are filled with the living prayer of the priest. And it is pouring out from the very depths of his soul. And it is not required to remember the words of this prayer. For each time the soul supplies such words which match the spiritual vibrations of his opened up soul and which are also recognized by the opened up souls of the believers present in the church. They are being recognized because all these vibrations are out of the love vibrations of the Father, and they can also be recognized only by the soul opened up to the Father. And no ritual shall help here. The only ritual here is a live communion with the Father.

59. The Dead Prayer Service

The time has come when you must wake up and start to comprehend that God, in reality, is not such a Source who would punish, hurt, and torment all, and each of you. And if after the church prayer service you walk out without a stronger feeling of love for people, and for all of creation, if you are not feeling within yourselves a greater devotion to the Father due to His love being experienced within yourselves, it means that your praying was nothing but performing the dead ritual in particular. It did not give a living water of the Father to your soul at all. This type of prayer only calmed down your mind, even though in reality it deceived it, as if you communicated with God, since you participated at the prayer service that was devoted to communication with God in particular.

Watch yourselves after each prayer service whether or not you have become better; more merciful, loving each other more; and not only the members of your material, earthly, family but as well as all the other members of the vast spiritual family, the Father‘s family, who are uniformly loved, even as each of you is uniformly loved, by Him. And if you do not feel such transformations within your heart, it means that you only perform exclusively a dead ritual that cannot supply you with a real and living experience of a live relationship with the Father that your soul would feel. It also means that you are robbing yourselves of greater growth of your own selves. You are taking away from yourself the real and blissful daily living of your own true self that has been bestowed upon you by the Father. It is beyond your understanding how severely you are punishing yourselves. However, it is you who are suffering because of this.

All those, without exception, who have incarcerated the growth of their souls within the impact of such dead rituals do not experience the joy and freedom of living; the fullness and bliss of the experience provided by this living, but instead, they experience enormous anguish and fear of any possible failure, either personal or of their earthly family members. And this painful and anxious life of yours has been produced by you rather than provided by the Father. Therefore, never blame the Father for causing your anguish or pain, for your hard living, and for turning away from you without coming to your assistance. It is you who are supplying yourselves with all your negative emotions by leading such a dead and unreal life.

60. Deliver Yourselves From The Dead Rituals

It is only you who are the masters of your own future. And it is this future in particular that your soul desires. And it is that future in particular that has been prepared for you, each of you, by the Father. And I am helping Him in order that you, after having read these teachings of mine, could start a live communion with the Father by yourselves, without any priests or any other mediators.

This way you will make the very first and real step towards your own delivery from the captivity of the rituals and dogmas that your mind is in at the moment.

It is sad for me say this, but the truth is that your spiritual leaders who now wear expensive and glistening-in-gold ritualistic attire during the prayer service, and even change it depending upon the occasion invented by them, are blind. They are not blind with their own human eyes. They are blind by their soul vision. And it is due to their spiritual blindness, however loudly they might be calling my name, they do not become such spiritual leaders who have their inner spiritual eyesight and vision.

Therefore, it is you who must be more active and look for such spiritual leaders who are exactly like you but only they shine from within the way I was shining when I was among you in the human flesh. And I was not sought by those who possessed their own self-acknowledged exclusive right to teach others the concept of God. According to their understanding and conviction I did not have this right. Therefore, I could not understand God better than those who possessed that right for they had studied at the rabbinical academies that had also been designed by them. And it was only those who graduated from those academies that were authorized to explain to the people about Jahve.

Is it not also the same today? Are not your priests the slaves and captives of the teachings that have been invented by yourselves? Cannot you perceive that God is boundless, that His manifestation is infinite? Do you believe that by using the books that have been written by people many centuries ago, you match the soul of a contemporary creative and seeking man? Can any book eternally remain as disclosing the Truth of God whose ever new aspects man sees in the environment that surrounds him? Why, then, are you always changing the descriptions on the application and investigation of your own scientific discoveries and inventions and their presentations to others if you are clinging, all the time, to the same stagnant concept of God? Why do you grant the right to a scientific research to be supplemented with new data while you deny this very right to your concepts of God to be expanded and to grow? Why are you so inconsistent even in treating so one-sidedly the so-called Holy Scriptures – they are full of footnotes that give even several variations of the same idea? Is this not already a supplement to these very same Scriptures you call holy, and is it not at the same time their distortion? You do not notice this multitude of notes but you are very quick to judge those who express their own concepts about the so-called Holy Scriptures, about me, about God, about the Father. And you judge them one-sidedly – they are wrong, they have been misled by the iniquitous one, they are possessed by the evil spirits, they shall go to hell, they shall punish themselves by dooming themselves to suffering, they are impostors, they do not understand anything about God, and by a multitude of other judgments.

This is why I am giving you these teachings of mine. And I do know they shall also be attacked by many who shall call them misleading and distorting the truth.

Two thousand years ago I was also called a child of Beelzebub and Satan. And I was called by this name by those who did not see the light of the Father being sent to them and who did not feel His love themselves. But those who were sincere and who were honestly seeking God did find faith and were resurrected after their death; and now they progress on in my universe in ever more understanding of God, their Father. Now I would like to tell you even more about the Father but you are not yet capable of understanding still a bigger part of His Truth and Light.

61. My New Command To You

Now I have already given you truly, at first sight, a very hard command – get delivered from the dead church rituals and dogmas and seek and discover a living Father within your own selves, each of you. And this commandment of mine is to all of you, including the priests.

And when the priests discover the Father within themselves they will become aware of how great a light fills their souls so that they certainly will not have enough room within the framework of these dead rituals and dogmas of the church for that ostentatiousness and theatrical performance of the canons and laws set up by the church hierarchy.

They will start breathing with their liberated soul experiencing the Father‘s love, rather than with their pragmatic ego, seeking benefit for itself. And this rhythm of breathing shall be completely different than it has been before. Then, the priest will begin, carry on, and finish the prayer service as one who has turned into a living spiritual guide for the opened up souls of the believers, helping them get united into God‘s vast family in spirit rather than the one who is following the established rituals.

Then, the souls of the believers, even those full of anguish and suffering, will begin to calm down and feel an inner desire for communication with this priest. They will feel the spiritual vibrations of the soul of this priest that will also reach any worried soul that will be opening up ever more.

It is only this sort of change by the priests that will manage to bring the souls back to the church.

But a long period of church desertion is awaiting you until that time.

The Father‘s spirit makes an impact on everyone irrespective of whether or not that man attends church. Those who attend church can experience the moments of their soul opening up there as well. But that mortal who begins to feel bliss within his soul desires then, to prolong this sensation. And he desires to feel this spiritual relationship with his brethren who are praying next to him, and he even desires to receive a similar spiritual feed back from them the way he is feeling towards them. And due to the domination of the ritual during the prayer service, not only in the Christian churches but in all the churches, it is impossible to establish such a mutual relationship because it is this dead ritual that is preventing it.

Then a believer, after some time, will start feeling disillusioned since he, alone, by himself, cannot maintain this spiritual bond without receiving a response from others. He shall be feeling the absence of a spiritual fullness. He shall be feeling that something is missing in it. It is only his duty and his will that still will be leading him to church. But only very few will be attending this dead church because many of you will hear about the living church.

62. The Living Church

Among you, there is already such a living temple named after my Father, and the Father of all, and after me. At the present time there are only few sincere sons and daughters of the Father being sincerely led to the collective spiritual worship of the Father – Communion, only by the driving and very powerful inner force of the Father’s love, being felt by their opened and free souls within. And they do go and worship the Father, even as I do, without even having any shelter, even in the open air. They do come together to worship, for they feel these changes within their own souls as they open up during the moment of worshipping the Father. They feel this living bliss within their souls.

And those believers who are truly sincerely striving for the perception of the meaning of their own selves, for a deeper knowledge of the creation, shall also sooner begin to feel their soul’s desire to associate with somebody greater and mightier that is beyond their mind’s ken. And they shall hear about the existence of this living Temple. And they shall come to the living worship service of the Father when a spiritual relationship is established both with the Father, with me, and among the brethren participating in this communion. But even this is not yet everything. During the worship of the Father they are being joined by a great many unseen by the human eye spiritual beings that are both far away from this place and near it.

And all these vibrations of the Father’s love being emanated from your tiny world are felt by all creation, they are felt by me, and they are felt by the Father. It is the vibrating of your opened up souls that He desires to feel rather than the words uttered mechanically when your souls are not yet awakened from a deep and long sleep. The Father takes in all the vibrations being sent by all the souls, collectively, and by each soul, separately. And it is namely the vibrations of the living faith of a soul that reach Him since this soul has already attuned its vibrations to those of the Father. Therefore, the Father can also hear and feel, the waving of the soul corresponding to His vibrating. However, the soul can vibrate in this manner only when there is a live contact with the Father, when there is a live communion with the Father, when there is no ritual and theatrical performance for they lose their meaning.

Therefore, I greatly commend those of my brethren who possess the resolution and stamina to walk on this path of mine when it is necessary to lean only upon the Father, to trust only Him. And they do walk along this path boldly and steadfastly attending this living temple and having a living experience of spiritual communion with the Father, and among themselves. I do hear all their prayers. It is namely because of this that my heart is filled with joy because while millions upon millions go to where there are many of them and where it is easy to perform only the ritual of participation, they, just a handful of them, are walking in the opposite direction. They are walking to a meeting with the Father, and with me, and among themselves as full members of the one and vast spiritual family of the Father.

And I am really happy about the activity of this live temple that has come into being on my suggestion. And the number of such living churches shall ever increase. And they shall be attended by those who shall desire an in-depth bond with the Father and with me. And they shall experience that relationship. At first, some of them will experience it stronger, others, weaker, but if they steadfastly pursue this living path, the path without the dead rituals, they will ever deepen this relationship. And the time will come when the big churches will get empty, and it will be sad that they shall have become deserted. But after a period of desertion, they will gradually start to fill up again with people. People again, will begin to gather in the churches, for there will be many of those who will have discovered a living Father within their own selves and they will desire to get back to the places meant for the worship of the Father. And the people shall return under the true spiritual leaders truly serving the Father, me, and creation.

63. Life Is A Meaningful Game Rather Than Idling Entertainment

Modern times distract man’s mind much more by various temptations. Therefore it is very difficult for it to get focused and quiet so that it can really become the one that it truly is in reality – looking into everything profoundly rather than superficially.

Now you are digging a pit for your own undoing by turning your whole life into the anguish of idle entertainment, rather than turning it into a meaningful game that is being played by all creation under the Father. You are not an exception either. All of humanity on the planet is involved in this very meaningful game of the Father’s creation – to grow in one‘s character, in His love and truth by one’s daily deeds for the benefit of all.

Those of you who have started to take a more profound look, do see very well how much the present trend of the world community development and the attitude of the meaningful game, I have just mentioned, crosses each other. You do not play it but rather entertain yourselves. Even while doing a hard and truly sophisticated job, you do not dedicate it to your service to the Father. Therefore, you get tired and cannot concentrate your efforts for long on such necessary things as generating thoughts of creating a better life, and of implementing them. At the moment, you are merely the sum total of separate individuals, alien to each other, individuals having no united and living link that would turn you among yourselves, into brothers and sisters.

It is due to this alienation that you have turned your life into entertainment only. Each one is waging a war against each other, and against oneself, just to meet the endless desires and strivings of your ego at any cost. It is just this manner of living that is ever enveloping your soul into a web that you do not clean away, and you do not even notice altogether that it has appeared.

Therefore you are seeking to benefit yourselves at the expense of others, irrespective of whatever the cost might be to their health or even their lives, and at the same time, at the cost of your own life. You have turned each other into slaves of the new age, and have started assessing each other only by one’s outer appearance, by whom one associates with, what one’s status is, how much one earns, what material wealth one possesses, and what an impact one has on others due to their accumulated wealth and status. You even have the saying – “the first million is always unfair.” And with this saying, you attempt to justify your own actions. But how can this million appear by a fair service? Your separate groups impose their rules of the game, even of this very entertainment that currently comprises your life that you are not leading meaningfully, and with the Father on the whole, at the cost of annihilation. You have launched a multitude of legally operated gambling and entertainment institutions – restaurants, casinos, and in some places there is even a legal operation of the public houses abasing women. You do not understand what you are doing to yourselves. All this slavery of the passions of mind needs slaves, or else it shall go bankrupt; and those millions, that at the present time pour into the hands of a small group of people, shall also disappear. Therefore, you begin to command others, because you have more money, and you buy everything as to what and where you desire to build, and when and in what manner you want to recruit new slaves into this slavery of entertainment. And for this you have designed such lessons at school as the rudiments of economics. You start teaching your children at a young age, how to count money into their own pockets, how to accumulate and increase it so that it would be better for those little ones you teach. By stuffing their minds with these instructions unnecessary for them, on dead economic issues invented by you, while keeping silent about their living soul, you are annihilating the soul of those little ones that are at the point of blooming out. In the very same manner you are scared to open up your own eyes because the church is also playing with you speaking out the right words, just for the sake of appearances rather than believing in them.

Thus you do not have the spiritual leaders who would help you get on the right track while in your slavery within the present-day economy, politics, moral decadence, alienation of society, violence, and striving for the possession of the material wealth.

You all contribute to keeping up corruption since you all tacitly make use of it if it is just profitable to your own interest. If it impedes your own personal interest, you start crying out. But this makes the very roots of corruption even stronger, because it begins to mislead others, for they believe that each one crying aloud is a pure and fair champion against corruption. Your entire medical system also contributes to the strengthening of corruption, and some of you see this but nevertheless, get reconciled to it.

Your politics is at a dead end for it does not comprehend the crucial thing – the serving, out of love for the Father, all the community rather than separate parties and economic groups.

Your system of education does not remind even remotely of that pure teaching that is necessary for the soul of a child, that would strengthen and elevate the child from within, to strive for goodness to all, rather than for the knowledge on how to adapt to these detrimental conditions that have been set up by those more active yet lacking wisdom.

These rules of the detrimental game are being enforced upon you, and you are sticking to them even though you resist them from within and violate them when others do not see it; even these very traffic regulations which you are changing and still breaking. Do you realize that rules become meaningless if they are being broken by a larger part of your brethren? All the laws lose their meaning if they are not adhered to. And you do produce such laws that do not make your life easier but rather on the contrary, they make it ever more difficult, so that man, having a desire to make it easier, by pleasing his ego, looks for different ways of breaking them. And he does find these ways. And by this action, the whole society is degraded. It is demoralized no to mention losing its spirit, because of the fact that what has been agreed upon by the representatives you have elected and who, according to the rules designed by some of you, are empowered by you to adopt laws, is being violated every day.

But where what has been agreed upon is being violated, the spirit cannot bloom out there, because the spirit is the gift of the Father’s love. And love does not recognize deception. Your entire so-called economy is based on what has no leading of God. This sort of economy shall not survive for long for it violates the principal law of love that is valid throughout creation. And you are also an indivisible part of creation. You are not granted any exceptions to the effect that this only law of love would cease operating on your world.

The evidence that the law of love in creation is real and live is also provided by the living and daily acts of some of you who are devoted to the Father and who love Him and their brethren. All my brethren who fairly and honestly work even under the conditions of the slavery of this age, who keep me and the Father in mind with love, who do good to others even where others see nothing but folly, it is they who do follow the law of the Father’s love. It is the Father’s love that enables them to respond to evil with goodness and to continue growing in the Father’s love and truth. It is only these brethren of yours that are the salt of life, of the meaningful game of living. It is due to them that you feel the taste of your own life once you begin to ponder it. And it is for them that I am giving this fairly lengthy teaching of mine so that they could become stronger and continue to grow still more resolutely, and walk on this path of the Father, leading to Him more steadfastly, so that while reading it they would feel within their own soul that the Father does hear them rather than leaves them unnoticed and unseen, with their actions being unnecessary to anyone, and themselves being helpless and abandoned.

64. The Principle Of Cause-Action-Consequence In Creation

I teach you all, and with the same love I teach you who are unfair and who are fair. Only those unfair neglect my teaching and carry on with their devotion to outer attractions instigated by their mind. They ignore my words and do not believe them. But I do know what I speak of for I had been even before this world was, before all the other worlds of my universe were created. I have created all these worlds and life on them. And I am aware of the manner in which it must develop. And even the hardships that torment your world at the moment are temporary. They shall all be overcome for I, together with the Father, govern this whole universe. And there is the principle of cause-action-consequence operating within it that puts everything in array.

Even you, some of you, begin to understand that the drugs, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling have brought very painful consequences to many people who have even lost their lives. However, prior to losing their lives they have absolutely ignored the manifestation of this very principle of cause-action-consequence in the life of every individual, nation, race, humanity, and the universe.

If someone ignores this principle, it does not mean it ceases to work. If man closes his eyes in the daylight, this does not make the day light disappear. No one can stop the operation of this principle throughout creation; even the Father. The stoppage of this principle would destroy the composition of all creation, its development, and would annihilate the Father himself. But this simply cannot happen because the Father is live and He is The First Source and Center. And it is He who is the Source of love, pouring it out throughout creation uniformly. He is also the Source of free will to personalities. He bestows free will upon all personalities – upon the highest and the lowest. And each personality can get saturated with the Father’s love as much as it is capable of opening up to it. Getting saturated with love and feeling it within one’s personality, is the consequence of possessing free will received by this personality from the Father which comprises the cause for this personality’s opening up to the Father’s love, already present within that personality. And when there is free will, as the cause, and when the action is the personality’s opening up to the Father, the consequence shall be the feeling of the love of the Father within this personality.

Causes-actions-consequences are the ceaseless manifestations of this very principle connected to an endless chain of the system of all creation. Having performed any action, right away ponder the causes of that action performed as to why you have behaved this way. What has made you behave this way – love, ego, fear, the lack of knowledge, intimidation, violence, wisdom, Father, family, a desire for career, for money, for the pleasures to your flesh, duty, friendship, striving for the truth, jealousy, revenge, sympathy, mercy, a creative flight, a desire for popularity, the life environment, the morals, the conscience, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, your birth of the spirit, the influence of books or information, or a multitude of any other different causes? Even the actions you consider to be automatic such as a sudden pulling of one’s finger off a hot pot is the cause of that which your brain information center, having instantaneously felt the pain, has sent an impulse, an information signal, to your muscles, through the nerve channel at that very instant, to pull the finger off the hot pot, and the muscles have carried out this command instantaneously. Your mind has registered all this on the level of sub-consciousness rather than on the level of consciousness, and it is due to this that your brain managed to receive the signal, make its decision, and send its decision to the muscles, and they carried it out that quickly. But even in this action the principle of cause-action-consequence is also operating. The touching of the hot pot was the cause for the brain to receive a nerve signal of the pain and due to this it made its decision to remove the finger away from the pot to eliminate the unacceptable nerve signal of pain. And this decision-making by the brain is the action provoked by the cause of the pain impulse and at the same time, the sending of this decision to the muscles is the consequence of the action of making the decision to send this signal. Meanwhile this very channeling of the decision signal from the brain through the peripheral nerve cells of the muscles that are clever enough to react to the command by the higher center and make their own decision to remove the finger from the hot pot is the cause for removing the finger off the pot. Therefore, each cause produces a decision-action, and this decision-action produces a consequence that, again, is a new cause for a new action and for a new consequence.

However unimportant a cause or insignificant an action, or minor a consequence might be it is only according to your understanding that it winds up the process. No, right away all this is connected to the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence throughout creation. Even though you have not performed any material action, visible to your eyes, that you tend to consider as an action, yet you have generated a thought in your mind and by this you have already produced such a cause under the influence of which there shall be performed an action, and another thought shall spring up within you, and that will lead to the consequences in your own inner selves. You, anyone of you, cannot escape the operation of this principle of creation. The vibrations of your consciousness are real and they are being emanated by you into the environment around you and even throughout creation. Therefore, by low vibrations of your consciousness you impede the smooth development of millions upon millions of your brethren to make this only law of the Father’s love dominant amongst people the operation of which would provide you such a bliss from within that the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence would enlighten you, and bring you closer to the Father, and not the other way around leading you to lower and meaner actions of your own ego.

Therefore, your actions against the law of the Father’s love produce an enormous anguish and suffering, intellectual and physical within yourselves whenever you consolidate the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence in these low vibrations of your activity that are generated by the profit motivated economy. Walking on this path you shall never reach your inner peace: either those of you who are at the top, and who are ruling your slaves of the modern times that are nobody else but your brethren, or those of you who are at the bottom, in the position of slaves. For neither of the two sides has the Father’s love manifestation in its daily living – in your thoughts, in your hearts, in your souls. You are missing a connecting spiritual link in the chain of your interrelationship. You do not have, among yourselves, a relationship of spiritual love, experienced within your souls, of the living Father who indwells each of you. Some of you desire more material wealth, and thus you generate your thoughts on how to increase your possessions, by exploiting your brethren. Others think about how they are severely oppressed by those at the top so that they cannot even put both ends together. You do not treat each other as your brethren. And you do not look upon each other as your brethren because you have not discovered the Father within yourselves, you have not experienced the Father’s love. You are orphans since you do not have the Father within your hearts even though you speak out nice words about Him. Words are no more than symbols while the experience of the Father’s love, by each of you personally, is your soul‘s living relationship with the whole environment, with the Father’s other children and creation, and with your environment; with nature.

65. Expansion Of One’s Own Self

The only obstacle that is really hard for you to perceive is your own unwillingness to become better, more merciful, more loving, more serving the whole. And this obstacle must be overcome by each one of you personally. It is you, personally, and no one else but you, who can desire to become such, as to be better than you were yesterday.

Each of you desires to live better. However, this desire has a benchmark of your personal egoism. You desire that it would be better for you personally, that you would have a better material life, or a more peaceful life, and all the same you think about a more peaceful or healthier life of your own.

And you are not making even the slightest hint to yourself, to your own self, that it would be nice if others would have a better life, if others would have a healthier life. If others, not me, would be richer, if others, not me, would be healthier, if others, not me, would have a better life.

When I lived among you two thousand years ago I really did not think about myself at all. Not a single thought occurred to me to direct my life for the benefit of my own self rather than project it for the benefit of the whole of all people. I caused plenty of trouble due to my probing character and my endless interest in the environment, and by asking both my parents and teachers about the causes of the manifold thoughts being spun in my head. Why a thunder was thundering, a lightening was striking, why women among the Jews could not be equal with men, why other people who were considered to be the gentiles were offended even by the Jews who looked upon themselves as the believers in Jahve, why girls did not study at school, why the up-bringing of a child was split into the periods when up to the age of five the boy’s up-bringing was exclusively in the hands of the mother and from the age of five that responsibility was transferred onto the father while the girl’s care remained exclusively with the mother, why the gentiles ruled over the Jews, why the gentiles were more joyful and relaxed than the Jews, why the blind and beggars were cared for by Jahve more than the healthy ones, why the rituals were so intimidating, requiring the slaughter of a lamb or other animals to be sacrificed to Jahve for the cleansing of one’s soul, why Jahve could punish people if he loved them, why the Jews considered themselves to be “the chosen nation,” and a great many of other questions that did interest me so profoundly and aroused the inquisitiveness of my mind that nobody was able to satisfy. Therefore, I would ever more address the heavenly Father with these very same questions which were too difficult for me and to which my mind would not find answers. And my mind would get enlightened with marvelous thoughts which would come from the Father and explain to me, very precisely the causes of all those things. And this relationship with the Father would direct me ever more away from coddling my own ego, towards thinking about how to assist men in enlightening their minds so that they would feel a similar light and peace that I started to feel within me ever more.

My strong desire to help people originated as far back as in my early childhood when my mind had really no idea that it was communing with the Father. Even though I talked to Him while I was alone after my joyful playing with my friends throughout the day, even though I did not hear any answers from the Father yet, due to my permanent communication with the Father, I developed such a habit that I called it “My prayer and thoughts to the Father.” During these moments I would feel a pleasant tranquility within me. And I enjoyed them very much. Because of this pleasant sensation, I tried to stay alone ever more. And not only before going to bed at night but also in the daytime when I would go out of our house in Nazareth and walk up on a big hill and while viewing a panorama stretching far off to Mount Hermon and even with visible cities within the range of a score of miles, and on an especially clear bright day, with a fringe of the sea, I would sit down on the ground and embrace my bent knees and I would try to imagine what might be beyond that view visible to my eyes, what was in the sky where I would see so many stars at night? What was in these stars? What was in-between them? Why didn’t they fall to the earth? Why didn’t they get dispersed? How did God keep them all within His grasp without letting a single one go? And after these moments of deep and sincere pondering on the Nazareth hill, some bright thoughts would strike my mind providing answers to my questions. And I realized that within me there was some invisible link with God. I tried to talk about this with my father but my ideas were incomprehensible and unacceptable to him since he was an ordinary Jew. Even though he was an honest and sincere man, he was also in the captivity of the rituals imposed on all by the Jewish religion. And any thought of mine about God contradicting the then-rigid religious dogma and any critical approach to the ritual performed, would immediately arouse his irritation and he would right away scold me that I would get this nonsense out of my head for it would lead me to no good but rather attract misfortune. My mother was even more rigid, as she did not want to hear anything of this kind from me. Such conversations scared her very much. She was such a patriotic Jewish woman that she did not entertain any idea in her mind that in the Jewish religion anything might be not the way God desired it to be.

I did not have anyone with whom to discuss these issues that moved and interested me so very much. Therefore there remained only these conversations of mine with the Father in solitude. To my parents, these changes of mine, from a joyful son who had just run out of our house to the Nazareth Mount, and who would return too serious for his age, and start teaching them that it was necessary to believe in God in one’s heart, rather than to cling to the meaningless rituals that produced nothing in the heart, and therefore did not turn one into a better person, would always cause not only their anguish but also irritation, because by starting such incautious conversations among people I might be excommunicated from the synagogue and named as the one who was possessed by the devil.

Such considerations of theirs did not affect me at all, but I started pondering once that if even my closest people could entertain these thoughts about me, the others would certainly take me for an abnormal person. Therefore from an early age, I began to realize ever more that I could not share everything to the same extent with all. To those who were unable to understand it I would rather explain nothing, for having been scared, all the same neither would they listen nor understand it and their fear would only increase. This is why I could not explain to the people how they could find peace in their communion with the Father, by communicating with Him in their own words. That would have been an enormous challenge to the whole Jewish ritualistic and dogmatic belief system that was generating a lot of money for the priests.

However, at home, I kept explaining that the Father was a loving Father, and He loved even more than any earthly father. And He did not need any animal sacrifice or any other sort of sacrifice, money or vows. I would ask my father: “Would you, while loving me, require any sacrifice from me for your love?” Joseph would always consider my words. He never tried to reply to me at once. He was opposite of my mother who was steadfast but impatient. My father was not that enthusiastic, he was rather thinking tacitly within himself. And after a while, as if continuing the conversation, he would get back to some idea exposed by me earlier and would pronounce approvingly: “My dear son, you words are still ringing in my head, you know, you are right, maybe God does not need that sacrifice of ours. If He loves us, most likely He loves us not for our sacrifices. Well, all of us are doing it; and Moses did it. We do not have to break the laws left over to us by Moses. Or else we shall cease being the people of God, and we shall not be any different from the gentiles that do not need any Jahve at all. You would rather not speak out this aloud to anyone. At home you may do it but not anywhere else. You will bring trouble to our home. You will not manage to clarify it to others, all the same.” I would tell my father who was the only one within our large ten-member family that I could talk with frankly since my mother did not want to hear about my pondering about God, while all my other younger brothers and sisters were too young to comprehend my words: “By offering any sacrifice to Jahve we are no different from the gentiles who worship the idols. For you that sacrifice is also like an idol because you believe that the Father does not love you without a more valuable thing to Him than yourselves. You have to sacrifice something that is beyond your sincerity and your open heart to Jahve. It means that you value that very sacrifice higher than your own open heart. Just an open heart, according to your comprehension, is not yet a sufficient sacrifice to God since it is still necessary to add a material sacrifice as well. It is exactly what the gentiles do whom you despise so much and do not consider them to be worthy of you.” Joseph would lack arguments to respond to me, he would only say in short: “Well, well, I shall ponder this; you are telling me something that my mind cannot understand at once. I need time.” And subsequently, after a day or two he merely would continue: “Maybe you are right. But all the same do not speak out these things to others. They will not understand it.”

I have related to you this episode from my experience in the human flesh so that you – my brethren of the present age – would also be able to realize that the Father does not need any sacrifice from you, any restraint of your body such as fasting or refusal to partake of some food during the religious holidays, or on the contrary, partaking of some special food in particular, He does not need any sacrifice of your vows and the ritual performance, and the sacrifice of your believing in dogmas. He needs only that in your faith, after having felt His spirit already bestowed upon you and operating within you, and His love constantly being radiated by this spirit, you could lead a joyful daily life in bliss that can be experienced only by the soul opened up to Him; and nothing more.

It is upon opening up your soul that the Father’s spirit, indwelling you, shall fill it with the Father’s love as much as that soul shall be sincerely opened up for its replenishment. And it is then that your mind shall experience bliss and shall be able to start leading you in wisdom and with love for all, and that shall be the cause of all your good deeds to all; your good deeds to all rather than to yourself.

But the soul and your mind of higher frequency, the mind of your soul, will be telling you ever more what bliss it is to spread love and goodness to all. And this sort of man will really begin to feel that he has become exactly as I had been in the human flesh two thousand years ago.

66. Turn Into Being Me

It is then that you shall embark upon my path. And then that my words, “I am that path,” shall become your life rather than the words. While treading on your own life path you will be walking on it being me, not through me, but being me. This way you will begin to live love and truth for you will live as being me. But each of you will be doing your own job, but you will do it being me, with my breath, with my spiritual vantage-point, with my eyesight. You will measure everything by me. And all this will be just a means to reveal ever more the Father’s character of love, truth, and goodness, all of whose activity is devoted to us; to all of us; and to each of us. And the Father is filling up Himself with your goodness and love as a person and personality, even though He is the Source of that love and goodness. He is filling Himself in His wholeness with the accumulation of the manifestation of goodness and love shown to your brethren by each of you. And by this you become similar to the Father. While spreading love and goodness to others you also replenish yourselves with these gifts.

And I am this yardstick assisting you so that you can reveal the Father better. Turn into being me. And do not elevate and glorify me but rather elevate and glorify the Father even as I elevate and glorify Him. And by this worshipping you also turn into being me. Then, you all begin to really feel within yourselves, that my life in the human flesh could not have been lived otherwise. For you also begin to see meaning where I saw it. And this spiritual insight of yours is not because I teach you this, but because you have the Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, even as I had it at that time. It is this spirit that enables the human mind of higher spiritual vibrations to feel profound meaning the way I felt it.

And having seen this profound meaning of his life, man immediately removes this dead veil that has been hiding his true inner self. Man, himself, gets surprised as to why he walked on this world, saw the sunlight, traveled around different lands for so long, while in reality he was in prison and in darkness, he was blind and deaf for so long.

And with my current teaching, I am just a step-stone on your path to removing this veil that hides you within your own selves, so that you, each of you, would personally experience the birth of your own true self. This self which is going to the Father, and which, on the way to the Father, will associate with me as with that step-stone to eternity for many thousands of years ahead. Get onto my step-stone, laid before you today already now, without any delay or putting it off for the future. I call on you already now to become Jesuses in your faith and in spreading the Father’s love by good deeds to all. By this you shall make the most crucial decision in your life up to date. And that is the only sacrifice the Father shall receive but He will not receive it as a sacrifice per se, but rather as the most precious gift which can ever exist in the whole of creation, of His love warmed up by your soul. It is for this that you are on this world. This is the meaning of your living; the meaning of all of your eternal life. But the desire is yours, as is the personal decision of your own free will.

67. Let Us Worship The Father Together

It is a great pleasure for me to provide you a simple truth that is well understood by all of you by means of these teachings. And I do desire that you would comprehend these very words even the way I comprehend them – I am not your ruler, but I am your senior brother. My Father is even your Father, the Father of all, and the Father of each. We are all His one and loving family. And the family He loves. The time has come that you would not only comprehend my words I am telling you but also instead of worshipping me you should really begin to worship the Father. I worship Him as well. Therefore, I am very sincerely urging you all – join me in worshipping my and your Father and let us worship Him all together; always sincerely, out of heart, with an open soul, and from its very depth.

Worshipping is the supreme desire of your soul, and spirit, once it is all open as if it were transparent, once there is nothing else remaining within but an infinite desire to fuse with the Father as close as possible when your inner self is speaking and which during all the time to fairly many of you is hidden under a veil seen to one’s material eyes; and the actions motivated by jealousy, anger, irritation, fear, selfishness, a strong desire to do wrong to others, to achieve a goal at any cost, striving for a material wealth to feel your self-significance and established position, seeking power, to satisfy your desires at the expense of others, and many other turbid qualities that hide your true self and grip you painfully from within.

And once your true self is in bloom in all its sincerity, in its relationship with the Father, while worshipping Him, and nobody else but Him, then this true self, within itself, is experiencing the true qualities of its character which are necessary for this self to associate with its other brethren within all the vast family of the Father. It is then that such a soul that has risen from the low frequency vibrations of its ego to the higher vibrations of its consciousness, experiences that live and ever more connecting bond with the Father by means of the whole of its selfness and fullness, ever expanding and deepening, so that these very same vibrations of its consciousness are always growing and striving for a sensation of still higher vibrations when the soul can freely rise beyond the present material environment which is so hard to your human ego.

This type of the Father’s worship is the expression of your soul’s love for the Father and for the whole of creation. The soul does not ask for anything at all. It is merely flying to the Father, fusing ever more with the most supreme and purest love vibrations radiated to it by the Father’s consciousness through His spirit, your Thought Adjuster. This way your soul is beginning to taste the Father’s love and desires for this communion of the infinite sweetness ever more.

The Father’s worshipping is a living relationship, and it is not a ritual invented by your mind. Therefore, your soul is able to experience that which is live and even at the same time, as the most real and most living aspect of the manifestation of your true self. It can develop on and grow in and through this live relationship with the Father. Therefore I am sincerely urging you to start the worshipping of the Father, already today.

Know it, whenever you are worshipping the Father, individually or in a group, I am also worshipping the Father, through my Spirit of Truth. The Father has given me the power, even the way He can be, through His spirit, Thought Adjuster, within you, to be present, through my Spirit of Truth, together with you, wherever and whenever you might be. Therefore, I have the only desire that you could also experience this live relationship with the Father of all, and of each, that I have experienced while I was among you in the human flesh.

68. A Live Bond With The Father Builds Up Each One Who Is In Communion With Him

Two thousand years ago I experienced such moments of my soul elevation that it was these moments that gave me power, resolution, and certainty to spread the Father’s love to all, even to those who were persecuting and killing me. Without the Father I could not have managed to do it. It was only due to the feeling of the Father’s love within my own self and due to a living relationship, a living communion with the Father, that I could perform these very deeds that you too can do. And even more, since now you see and experience the creation of the Father, and of ours, much more than those brethren of mine did at that time when I was walking among them in the human flesh visible to their material eyes. Yes, I started receiving the teachings from the Father ever more and due to that communion with the Father, I began to realize ever more that I had come here on a wonderful mission – to feel, to experience your life and anxieties, rather than to know of it from the outer information channels. To experience it all by myself by having lived each day in exactly the same environment that you, each of you, live on that day, and to know personally what it means to be humanly hurt and despised, rejected and tortured, yet all the time to stay in living and intimate contact with the Father who enables man to do goodness even to those who do evil to him; to love them uniformly, even as those who do good to you.

It was only while communing with the Father that I was receiving ever more the teachings through His spirit, Thought Adjuster, to the effect that I was not only a human, flesh, but also a spirit, and a spirit of a very high rank. And I would start to realize ever deeper that all the people who lived on this world, and on a great multitude of other worlds, while communing with the Father, the way I was communing, would also receive the teachings from the Father to the effect that they were also spirits; only they did not know it and they erroneously considered themselves to be merely those material forms their material eyes saw. However, the true manifestation of their spirits would still reveal itself, after their resurrection from the material death sleep, on the third day after the death of their material body. And it is I who is that living guarantee that it would develop this way throughout the universe, and also on your world, because I have laid the foundation of the path of the living and loving Father and pointed out the direction where to find that path of the living Father – discover the Father within yourselves and start a living communion with Him in His worship.

69. I Could Not Teach You Everything That The Father Taught Me

As the Father was revealing His love vibrations to me ever more, as my soul desired to experience those very same vibrations ever more, I started trusting ever more that communion with the Father rather than the prayer service I would see in the synagogue or during the family prayer. I began to perceive that the Father created the whole of creation not without a purpose. He made it in order that all would feel bliss and love within creation, the way I also started feeling it ever more. And gradually it was becoming ever clearer to me that what I had to teach all people irrespective of their ranks and possessions, thoughts and actions – the Father is one to all, and to each of you, and He loves all, and each, much stronger than a loving earthly mother and father love their child, however strong their love might be, even taken together. Even the love of all the parents taken together, cannot, by far, match the Father’s love that demands nothing from the child who is loved; it demands nothing. It only elevates the soul of the child to such a level that the child ceases to behave in a bad manner and stops doing evil. The child ceases to be angry and revengeful. And it is not just that he would be taught this by his loving parents, but because these very loving parents love him with the very same love vibrations of the Father. They treat him the way their souls feel that the Father is treating them. And the child starts feeling these very vibrations of his parents very early; since the cradle, since the very birth, since his development in the mother’s womb, since the very sexual bond of the two children of the Father of the opposite sex who love each other and the Father, and all, so that all these love vibrations of the Father they would also pass during their most intimate physical relationship of their two bodies filled with the love vibrations of the Father. And bathing in these love vibrations of the Father, together with the invited Father with whom they would all together participate in this love procreation process, and even prior to this, when these two children of the Father of the opposite sex had been brought together by those very love vibrations of the Father, formerly even strangers that had known nothing about the existence of each other, to be the future earthly parents, loving their children, and who became not only a part of the family but also the co-creators of the new life of the Father, together with the Father himself.

I had a desire to explain this to my brethren while in the human flesh two thousand years ago. However, at that time the human environment, traditions, and views on the family, religion, and God did not allow me to present this marvelous light. They were incapable of understanding it. They could not even understand my explanation about a common family of the Father. Therefore, I had to attune myself to the concepts of that time and expand them as much as possible. And the fact that John the Baptist, prior to me, had already been preaching for about one year, according to his own understanding, the coming of a new kingdom, and calling on all to repent and get baptized for the kingdom was already at hand, also had an impact on me. And right before encountering me in the river of Jordan, when he baptized me, he had already started preaching that he had been baptizing with water but after him there would come the one for whom he had been paving the path who would baptize with the spirit. The prophesying by John the Baptist had also put me within the concept of the kingdom rather than within that of the family.

However much my heart was tending to preach the Father’s family, I did not want to confuse the people and cause them even greater bewilderment between the prophesy of John the Baptist and my message to all people, to all – the gentiles and Jews. Therefore, I was using such a significant, and dear to the Jews, concept of the kingdom, for they had been waiting, had been waiting so long, for the Messiah to come and occupy the vacant throne of king David and to liberate them all from the oppression of the gentile empire. Then I decided, being alone on the mountain, when the Father showed me a magnificent vision of creation and when I saw my true place within the whole hierarchy of creation that was full of love, and in service to creation, within the Supreme Authority, I made my decision of carrying the Father’s message through setting up a spiritual kingdom in the hearts of men that all people would establish in their own hearts. It is then that the true spiritual kingdom will reign throughout the planet and match the quality of the Father’s family, being different merely by its name.

However, now while I am transmitting these teachings of mine through the apostle of the present times, I say to all of you, and each, that you are ready to hear my teaching about the Father’s family. And even more, that all creation, even as the family itself, is made up of a different frequency energy vibration. And within the framework of these teachings of mine my concept of the kingdom is expanded very much. But your soul and mind have sufficiently progressed forward to receive this type of teaching as a deeper teaching than any other teaching up to date has been explained to you by anyone.

The fact that your soul and mind have achieved this readiness is testified by the open soul and developed mind of my present apostle, that he can receive this teaching of mine and pass it on to others. And you can do it too. Two thousand years ago this was still impossible. Exactly in a similar way the mind and soul of my apostle expanded my gospel from the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. This was not possible two thousand years ago.

The evidence of this is not only my tragic death, but also even the distortions of my teachings about the kingdom and the brotherhood that are still restraining you up to date. But you are mature enough to comprehend and receive a deeper truth, as well as to share it with others. Two thousand years ago I could not explain to men anything about life on other planets where my other brethren lived as well. Today, at a young age while still being children, you hear about aliens from other planets, you are also seeking contacts with the intelligent living entities on other planets. And they do exist. And you still have encounters with other life forms in store. Only you are not yet fully ready for them. You still have too much fear that is being converted into your aggressive self-defense. You still need to open up to the Father from within to become hospitable hosts to your brethren from other planets rather than annihilating them out of fear, taking them for your enemies.

It is particularly now that your mind has achieved a really high level of material development, as well as that in the field of ideas that it is necessary to supplement it with high ideals and a spiritual bond with the Father, your brethren, and the whole of creation.

If only you open up to the Father with all your soul, if only you set up a living communion with Him, then your mind shall achieve such spiritual changes that now are beyond its imagination. And that what you consider now as the acme of you mental achievement – the space ships, aircraft, computers, automobiles, telephones, and other means meant for communication, travel, and your sustenance – you will look upon it all as toys for the children the way now you look upon the toys the children play with.

70. A Better Knowledge Of Creation Is Necessary

Creation, the whole of creation, is a living energy system. And everything is interacting within it. Therefore, to have a harmonious operation within this interaction it is necessary to know creation well. It is impossible not to violate this interaction without knowing it. However, one’s knowledge of creation is profound provided that one is merging with its Source and Center, with the Father, ever more. It is impossible to know the operation of creation without Him. In this case it is possible only to produce plenty of problems to oneself. Some of you already begin to comprehend it as you see how much in a chaotic and plundering way, and exclusively out of your selfish interests, forests are being devastated, oil and gas are being pumped, wildlife are being annihilated, fish are being ravaged, nature is being contaminated, ever larger cities are being built which introduce more confusion and criminal activities into that very community that plans the construction of this very city.

There is not a single life form throughout creation that would harm itself; that would contradict the law of the Father’s love. Therefore, the lowest life form, a material life, has either instincts to follow, to survive in a long evolutionary chain, being unable to do harm to itself, or possesses a free will, and being at the very bottom of the evolutionary ladder, man, the only material life form possessing free will, receives the Monitor from the Father to help him use his free will in a wiser manner.

The biggest obstacle for man is the haughtiness of his inner ego. He cannot believe that there are higher spiritual and real beings, spirits, who also have their own bodies, only these bodies of theirs do not have material expression, thus it would be more appropriate to call them individual forms of energy vibration rather than bodies. Each of them is as individual and different as that which you call a material body which seems to you individual and different. Only your current body is very heavy and consists of the energy vibrations that are very low, and because of this your material eyes can see it. Our vision is the reflection of such a high energy vibration in our consciousness, individual consciousness, that matter, as the lowest form of energy vibration, is not seen and registered by many spirit orders. Therefore, such small bodies or buildings of yours do not exist to them altogether. Thus, to get an idea of their significance in your life, they have to receive adequate clarification from other spirits of lower vibration, by comparing the form and spiritual structure that is of equal significance and service for them on their spiritual level.

Since you cannot perceive these things with your mind, nor see them with your own eyes, you do not believe that there are higher, spiritual helpers of yours who are real, alive, and acting for your benefit. And because of this, you fail to accept a simple idea that you can receive assistance from greater and more profound minds to the effect of how you might lead a meaningful life.

And it is merely due to this that you trust that what you are being told by a small group of people, who are far from being the most intelligent among your brethren, and even such a group of people who do not follow wisdom altogether, and whom you call scientists or politicians.

By refusing to look upon the ambience with a more penetrating mind, you completely miss a possibility to expand the keenness of your mind, since you trust a fake infallibility of democracy or science. This direction is leading you to degeneration because you stop growing as individuals by your own activity, by your own creative activity.

71. The Scientist Must Lean Upon The Creator

It is only when the scientist begins to lean upon the Father as the Source and Cause of the manifestation of all the energy phenomena, that science has its value. When the scientist is investigating any manifestations of energy vibrations that he might call biology, botany, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and the like, but absolutely ignoring the very Cause and the very Source – the Father – of their definite energy manifestation as animals, people, plants, atoms, and space bodies, then this type of science will never bring man to the light of true science so that man would perceive both Cause-Source and Consequence, and that he would relate all this into a system.

72. Democracy Is The Grave-digger Of Your Future

The model of democracy being promoted by your politicians is leading to suppressing your initiative and to elevating mediocrity. It is under these conditions that the whole is being split so that any of the divided groups would impose its decisions on the whole, and which definitely does not conform to the law of the Father’s love. And that is felt by the major part of your brethren who have a deeper insight. You begin to realize that political parties are seeking their own group interests, that they are corrupted, that power has sucked in all the possible mud of humanity which is nothing else but corruption and has become the main engine of democracy.

Human mind, unthinking and failing to comprehend the cause-action-consequence principle of the Universe of the whole of Creation, also fails to realize how to get out of this situation.

Democracy is the grave-digger of your society, while you are holding the shovel in your own hands, each of you who refuses to think in the love vibrations of the Father. Therefore, politicians are making use of you as a cover to expand corruption throughout the world.

A democratic society had a progressive goal at its initial stage, when slavery did not allow man to speak out his mind and to have his own say while making a decision. When slavery was abolished, with time, democracy started blocking the community’s spiritual and even moral, economic, and political development.

Take a simplest example: If you have attracted a substantial number of those in support of your idea to have a one-vote majority in voting, your idea wins, and it has to be accepted even by those who see its erroneousness, and even its harm.

You are capable of perceiving that the right idea might be voiced even by one man, while all others might err. And in no way shall he implement it into deeds by means of a democratic way. However, if he manages to convince others, one by one or in groups, and even worse to reward them for the future support of his idea, then his idea will be accepted by winning the vote. But the idea has not in the least changed. Merely those who make decisions by voting, influenced by different means, have achieved the majority and allowed this idea to spread out its wings.

That is why democracy is the seat of corruption, or its instigator. And the old saying that democracy is being cursed by many but nobody has invented anything better very soon must be replaced by the autocracy of spiritual leaders, if you desire to survive as the society, as humanity.

73. A Spiritual Aristocracy Is The World’s Future

The autocracy of a spiritual aristocracy shall not enter within a year or two, it shall not come even within several scores of years, but the beginning to the whole world might be given by Lithuania already in the near future. The time has come that Lithuania out of a democratic political Presidential Republic must turn into a Spiritual Presidential Republic that must be governed by the sons and daughters of the Father who are the most spiritual and most dedicated to His service. It is only these people that will be able to make such wise decisions which would primarily take care of the Father’s business in the state rather than of meeting the interests of their own political groups at the expense of all others.

The Father’s business is the spreading of a living love for all and to all, even the so-called enemies who, in reality, are not enemies but your own brethren possessing their consciousness of lower spiritual vibrations. They are called enemies only by those who themselves have a very similar consciousness of low spiritual vibrations. Therefore, from the vantage-point of your country, of the state of Lithuania, the greatest concentration of love vibrations must be directed to those whom you consider to be your political enemies inhabiting such states that you look upon as unfriendly such as Russia, Byelorus, Iraq, Afghanistan, the leaders of Al-Qaeda, terrorists, all those who, today, are being painted by your politicians in the darkest colors. You must send to all of them only your love vibration, only your spiritual luminosity that is truly spreading all over the universe and reaching those to whom it is meant. And you must radiate this luminosity of vibrations which is being received from the Father every day by the whole of creation, by all of you and not only by the leaders of the state. You do not even realize what a powerful force it is, and it is the mightiest weapon far transcending any nuclear weapon, even of the most powerful charge. Similar love vibrations you must send, also every day, to all the people of North Korea, to all the people of Iran, including their leaders. And that is not a decision made by a democratic poll, it is your soul’s profound and wise choice to share your love with those who cause many problems to the world. You must send your love vibrations to the people of the United Sates of America and to their leaders, to the people of Great Britain and to their political leaders so that their present-day wrong and unwise decisions would not lead to more tragic consequences for the whole planet. You must also look upon your own political leaders in love and send them the love vibrations of the Father. You must also send, with your opened up soul, these very top frequency love vibrations of the Father to each other.

It is not democracy. This is an autocratic spiritual governing. I have just told you what you must do but I have not asked you to discuss my choice and vote for or against it. Possessing a higher and deeper cosmic insight that is far transcending that of yours and knowing the operation of the Father’s love in creation, I also know the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence in every, even the smallest, corner of creation, and even within the heart-soul of the least creature. Therefore, based on my deeper wisdom and light, I present the direction of your acting, acting by each of you. But I do not interfere in your free will neither do I impose this teaching of mine upon you. I just explain in broader terms to you the Father’s love and the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence. Meanwhile, it is your opened soul that shall dictate personally to each of you your choice and actions.

And if you send this gift of love vibrations after having gathered together in a group, the effect of this action shall increase exponentially the number of people present at the gathering. And always this action of love shall be joined by the spiritual personalities of creation, by those who, today, are invisible to you. But some of you, whose souls will be opened up more, will be able to feel their participation in this wonderful process of love. Only you must participate in it very sincerely, with your devotion, and of your own free will.

When I say that it is the time for Lithuania to change the foundations of its governing I mean not only its political governing but also that of the other fields – education, family, science, economy, sport, and of an individual. Everything must open up to the vibrations of the Father’s love present within each of you already now. It is only then that you shall begin to feel their effect in your daily living by yourselves. It is only then that your general and profound mutual relations within the family, at school, at work, in the state offices, and within the top political authorities of the state shall start changing as if by a swing of a wonder-working wand even though without any miracle. And then you shall get evidence that this law of the Father’s love and His principle of cause-action-consequence are real and operating; and absolutely in all the spheres. Now it sounds to you like a fancy and an invention. However, it is more real than your present political-economic reality that is jerking due to the discord. You do not even let yourselves think that something invisible to your eyes might have such an enormous impact on that which is seen to your eyes.

Gradually, walking along the path pointed out by me, you shall completely change your views on both democracy, church, politics, and any other field of man’s activity. It is only then that you shall notice what sort of sons and daughters of the Father can become the leaders of your state who would show the path of the Father‘s love and truth not only to you but, together with you, to the whole planet as well. And this path is the Father’s path. And at the same time it is also my path.

I am the Creator and Ruler of all this multitude of invisible, to you, but inhabited worlds, and visible stars-suns, together with my co-ordinate Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, whose spirit, the Holy Spirit, you, fairly many of you, attribute even to a higher hierarchy structure – to The Third Person of the Paradise Trinity, the Infinite Spirit – we govern them all following only the law of the Father‘s love. Therefore, if my whole universe is based on this method of governing, and as the Supreme Rulers of all the other universes also follow this very law of the Father’s love, and taking into account the principle of cause-action-consequence, neither you are an exception in this creation. And your top leaders of state must begin to follow this, very only law of the Father’s love and realize that it is operating by the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence everywhere, irrespective of the place, race, nation, religion, wealth possession, level of one’s intellectual or spiritual development.

And then you will discover that thanks to your sincere efforts you can change around yourself everything that you have considered to be impossible of changing, for you have looked upon yourself as a little man being unable to do anything that might improve your life and make it easier. Now you can start a new stage in your life – an opening up to the Father with all your heart-soul and sending love vibrations to all those who hurt you, despise you, slander you, and cause pain to you. This act of yours will be nothing but the very turning of your other cheek to the one who has already struck you. That is an active conquering of evil by goodness. And it is more effective than any other method applied by you to date. You have been voicing this method with your lips but your hearts have not been feeling these love vibrations to turn the other cheek in a painful situation.

Now I am teaching you that the vibrations of the love that have already reached you from the Father are real and that you must direct them to all, but especially to those who cause you pain and who hurt you. Only do it with all your soul, without even thinking that you are doing it and relishing in that you are doing it. By this, right away you block the spreading of love vibrations. By this, your ego is happy about an act of goodness produced by it and is commending itself for it, and at the same time it cannot radiate a spiritual love any more, which is bathing your inner and selfish ego in its rays and making it fall asleep. Love vibrations are being emanated out provided that all your heart, all your soul is full of these very vibrations so that it is unable to contain them within any more, therefore your selfish ego has not even the smallest cleft to break through with its pride for its own goodness into such a soul that is opened up and filled up with love to its capacity. The soul radiating love is melting in these love vibrations so that it cannot think anything about itself. Even a flash of this type of thought is just impossible.

74. The Soul Dominance Within Human Mind

Then each one who has thus opened up their soul shall experience not only the Father’s love, but also shall feel ever more and ever clearer the layers of wisdom being revealed within oneself. And these layers will be so deep that they will surpass these faintly understood truths offered by science. And these layers will make up the wisdom of each soul, taken in from the Father, through His spirit, Thought Adjuster. It is this opening up of the soul that is purifying a profound mind of man, and purifying it so much that the soul begins to dominate a material mind ever more. You must realize that this domination of the soul does not deny human mind but rather raises it to a higher level onto which it is capable of seeing a broader view of all the ambience and invisible interrelations within it among the things that might seem as having no interrelationship whatever, and even it is capable of foreseeing its actions as well as the consequences of these actions and thus of making wiser decisions. And mind does not receive all this due to some university, or because of some scientific books, but rather due to a deeper relationship with the Father through the soul’s opening up to Him.

And then such a man comprehends what wise decisions must be made in the family, politics, economy, and education, to meet the higher spiritual vibrations of the society’s development, which in their turn are being developed by the highest vibrations of the Father’s love. It is only then that man will notice these brethren who can lead Lithuania along the path of the Father’s love and light so that all would feel this leading as one‘s care for all and each, by the truly spiritual relationship and service to the whole, when one’s selfish ego is totally melted within a daily manifestation of the eternal and divine personality ego bestowed by the Father, rather than by the idle programs of political parties that are very much similar, as two drops of water, since they are all motivated by receiving as much support as possible, at any cost.

75. Democracy Is Worn Out

When I was in the human flesh among you, I saw a better political and economic structure of the state and the path to achieve it. However, to speak about democracy under the conditions of slavery was too-blinding a thing. Had I hinted at least a single word of it then you would have taken that word for holy and irrevocable; the way fairly many of you still consider the Bible to be the holy and irrevocable word that is not allowed, in any way, to be supplemented, expanded, or changed. Even now as I have left with you no word about democracy you still look upon it as the best way of adopting any decisions. Therefore, I have also told you now, and I am telling you again, that the resources of democracy have been run out and the time has come to think it over and replace the outdated concepts by the highest ones, for you are mature enough for them.

All evolution up to date, within which man had already become the key figure, has been providing man a growing development all the time by means of the ability of his mind, its application in industry, and by ever better decisions he has been making. Now the time has also come for you to make such a new quantum leap similar to the one made by your ancient ancestors while changing one social order by another, by a better one, of a higher level, and matching a higher level community. At the present time you are experiencing the very beginning of such a stage of a spiritual transformation, of a spiritual quantum leap, that might even cause a shock to fairly many of you. And still such an evolutionary progress is inevitable. To have it going more smoothly I am giving you this teaching. I want to comfort you that this spiritual transformation is not invented by you. It is provided by the evolutionary plan of the Father. When one part of it is implemented then another one is started, and necessarily a higher one.

However, those of us who are on a much higher level, merely watch your evolutionary process and assist it, but we cannot grow and develop instead of you. Therefore these quantum leaps do not happen at the same time and everywhere on the same scale. But they are irrepressible as is the energy of the Father’s love reaching your souls that are blooming for a greater evolutionary level within themselves. And the greater the number of souls blooming out within themselves, the more members of the society who also experience this manifestation of the higher spiritual level in their interrelationships, and in all the decisions made, on all the levels, and all the time.

It is only then that you shall know to whom to entrust the leading of the country, what people you shall commission with this marvelous and noble spreading of the divine love and light to all Lithuania. It is only then, and not sooner, that you shall comprehend and feel within yourselves that a spiritual aristocracy has nothing to do with your fake concepts on the human aristocracy, governed by the low spiritual vibrations, and that is clinging to the ostentatious body manners and pretentious behavior rules, and that puts on, from without, nice clothes but does not have the Father’s light within, does not feel the Father’s love that would transcend all artificial requirements of the outer affected manners and clothes.

A spiritual aristocracy is the only type of aristocracy in the whole of the Father’s, and our, creation that is radiating the Father’s love to all without awaiting any reward for it, that serves all without even cherishing the slightest idea about a reward for this service, that goes to where no one dares to go, that shares everything with the whole, and even breathes this very sharing – spreads love, goodness, truth, mercy, even though it is being slandered by some for this very spreading, even though it is being jeered at, and accused of this very spreading, that knows for certain the direction to the Father’s love and light for all – to discover the Father within, to set up a living relationship with a living Father indwelling each – and it is even already steadfastly walking on this path itself, that never, under any conditions, violates the truth, and that it is still spreading the energy vibrations of love being received from the Father, to its accusers, slanderers, and malicious brethren even at the time of the unjust accusations against it. It is only these brethren of yours that can ensure a spiritual revival and political-economic flourishing of Lithuania, and of the whole world, by means of service and cooperation.

76. Cooperation Instead Of Competition In All Spheres

A competitive struggle in any field; politics, economy, science, art, sports is nothing but the consequence of the dominance of low vibrations when any group or a separate individual desires by any means to satisfy one’s own ego only, following the lowest energy vibrations characteristic of animals and beasts. And this attitude is the vestige of the past. The time has come for you to hear that there is a better and higher path in all the spheres of your activity – the path of a fraternal cooperation based on the Father’s love vibrations that leads to brotherhood in all the fields.

For the absolute majority of you, it is still difficult to perceive as to how you could relinquish a competitive struggle among the political parties, among business companies, among science groups, among sports squads or individual athletes, among individual workers, university and high school students, family members, for according to your distorted understanding of reality it makes up the main driving force for the development and the insurance of a better life for a civilized society in any state, and even throughout the world.

Such a vantage point is highly backward and has nothing in common with that of a developed and spiritual man who has really started feeling that he is a son of God. Such a vantage-point is still an undeveloped attitude in a barbaric mentality that is directed to meeting one’s selfish interests at the cost of the whole.

Such a vantage point is directed against doing the Father’s will. And the Father has commanded each of you: “Be perfect even as I am perfect.” And this mandate cannot be denied, supplemented, or surpassed by anyone throughout creation. This is the most marvelous mandate that transcends even my gospel – the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and even as it has been expanded by my apostle up to the brotherhood of the whole of creation – for it is only such a perfect creature in his own sphere, in the sphere of the mortal finite creature, that acquires similar aspects of perfection which have been spread by the Father to the whole of creation. And the Father does not emit anything else apart from His love vibrations. Therefore, you must also radiate the love vibrations, and nothing but the love vibrations, to each other, and everywhere – in politics, economy, within the family, in sports, science, and wherever a thought of yours can fly. And if only you start communing with a living Father, indwelling you, each of you, you cannot reach out for a victory for yourself only. You begin to realize the harm of this path for all humanity, and even for creation.

Once you seek to benefit yourself, by means of money or power, popularity or efficiency in the fields of your activity, then you destroy the love vibrations of your own self, your own soul, received from the Father, with low vibrations from your own animal ego, your own self of the animal genetic inheritance, by disdaining and belittling the striving and efforts of others which are also demonstrated by your opponent’s self, controlled by the animal and low frequency vibrations. Therefore, after great victories some are restlessly jubilating and drinking champagne, others cannot hold tears and are unable to regain balance in disbelief that everything in their ambience has suddenly changed – instead of the planned achievement of the goal and the joy of reaching it, the moments of sorrow and emptiness and dark sadness have arrived to the participants themselves and even to their neighbors and fans.

This cannot be so among the children of the Father’s family from whom love is radiating, that it is being truly felt by them, and therefore they are also able to spread it to others. And under no conditions shall any loving brother or sister in spirit agree to hurt or humiliate another brother or sister in spirit to make him or her weep out of sadness. That contradicts the will of the Father. And all those who arrange such spectacles of life, such performances, who by this method rule the state, they all do not realize the wisdom of the Father that speaks to all, and to each, every day, every single moment: “Love each other, comfort each other, help each other, serve each other, get united, through Me, in spirit, feel bliss in this relationship with Me, relish the freshness of the spirit of My game that is called eternal life, the freshness that is being experienced by the soul while doing good to all.” And to achieve that, to have this inner state of life dominating within one’s own self, it is necessary to have a living relationship with the Father within oneself. And then any competitive struggle shall turn into brotherly cooperation that far transcends any competition since it has the only motive – to share, in love, everything that has already been achieved by one in order to achieve even more for the benefit of the whole. Any sport games, any events within which everything might be assessed in money and in other material prizes, and any lotteries, all these things shall lose their meaning. Sport games shall go on so that man might demonstrate the capabilities of his body, a healthy body, for the cooperation among nations, races, and states, out of love rather than for the prizes and places, rather than to receive a lot of money for that. You have turned the wrong side out of the original motto by Coubertin “It is important to participate rather than to win,” and now you are already following your own motto: “To participate to win.” You have even started counting what states and how many gold medals win.

77. The Harm Of Modern Sport To Humanity

You are playing down the sport achievements that you have made into a dirty business by traumatizing athletes with stimulating additives and harmful ideas. And to make the athletes into unthinking men-animals you have set up big preparatory teams – different coaches, doctors, psychologists, massagers, managers, drivers, and many other support people so that your man-robot would show the best possible performance and would bring a profit into your own personal pocket. And chemical factories make their own contribution to this dirty business by manufacturing, against the Father’s will, such products that suppress the brain activity by artificially stimulating blood and muscle activity within an otherwise already exhausted body of this man-robot who does not think about the deeper consequences to himself and even to all humanity.

And you have subdued your undeveloped mind to such functions that these events would be seen by the greatest possible number of spectators, and you have even designed for the purpose the copyrights to show them for enormous money to the whole world by means of just one television company. And by this you do desire to involve even a bigger number of people in the participation of this absurd and man-degenerating performance.

And it starts affecting, to a very high degree, the sub-consciousness of the children who watch these spectacles because they also, gradually, begin to desire this sort of glamor. And as they grow, their parents make their own contribution to this end by stimulating their children’s attitude, already distorted, once they offer their own concepts as to how their children might find a better place in their life.

Therefore, the whole system of any competition, currently in existence, is harmful to all people, starting with the psyche of children and ending with that of the grown-ups, and it is degrading their consciousness to the low vibration level that is destructive to the soul and that is killing their own inner peace and from which it is becoming ever more difficult to rise.

When I lived in the flesh, still as a child, I visited, together with my father, the Greek city of Scythopolis. That was the first big city that I had seen. My father was showing me the beauties of the synagogue but I took notice of the youth sport games taking place at that time. And I asked my father to take me there to watch them. My father, like all the Jews, looked upon any physical competition of the gentiles with contempt. They considered that for those who believed in Jahve it was inappropriate to care so undivinely for their physical beauty and compete. However after my steadfast persuasion my father gave in. We went to the amphitheater of Scythopolis where the youth sport games were taking place. And I was thrilled by them so much that after the games I even offered to arrange similar sport competition for the youth in Nazareth. I had never seen this sort of competition before because nothing of the kind had ever taken place in Nazareth. And it really appeared to me that our boys would enjoy it very much. However, my father flared up at me so much that he lost all his self-control and started shouting at me: “What liberties do you permit to yourself? You, the ignorant, do you think that our chosen people of Jahve might be seeking after such ungodly, invented by the gentiles, absolutely inappropriate to us, mean sights? I do not want to hear from you a word about similar games staged in Nazareth.” I was stunned by my father’s behavior since Joseph was a loving father, and of a calm temper. And here he was flaring up with such thunder on the head of the twelve-year-old boy that I could not recognize him. And I could not support his thoughts.

However, my idea that such competitions, which are currently being held, are unnecessary and even harmful to humanity, by no means match the quality of Joseph’s idea that no games are necessary. Games must go on. They are necessary. Only they need an absolutely different quality – they must be staged for a pleasant inter-association rather than competing for prizes, for money. There must be no estrangement after the competition. After some sport event is completed the athletes must sit down together and share their experiences as to how they have participated in the event, what they have achieved and what they have failed to achieve and why, what they can tip each other in order to show a better performance.

And there must not be such a strict separation of spectators from athletes. Spectators must be allowed to walk freely and stop wherever they want to listen to the conversations among athletes. And they might also express their own ideas as to what they enjoyed in the event. The core of any competition must be inter-association. It is not a striving for the goal – a victory – at any cost, even at the cost of degenerating man, of becoming a robot, but rather the very process that contains in itself both participation in the sport event, and the discussion of it among themselves and together with spectators that makes the soul more lively than merely a momentary joy to a small group of people.

And the time shall come when the dirty, harmful, and destructive business of sport disappears due to your opened up soul as it shall experience the love of the Father and by no means it shall be able to participate in this immature action that, today, makes up all sports competition beginning at school and ending at what you call the top level professional sport.

By this sort of competition you are chopping off the branch you are sitting on.

78. The Limitedness Of The Present-day Economy

It is even worse in economy since you look upon it only from the vantage point of material wellbeing. If a profitable and huge company pays a lot of money in taxes to the state budget, you highly value that company, and its workers are happy they can earn more than their other brethren in other companies that are not that big and profitable. But even here you miss from your view the crucial aspect – what is the motive of the company, any company? To strive for the good results of its operation – the wellbeing to all humanity or a profit to only those who are in control of and who own the company?

It is only the motive that determines the meaning of every action. And it either matches or disregards the Father’s will by its motive. The Father’s will is one and changeless – to serve all rather than exclusive and supposedly chosen groups, nations, or states.

Economic, political, or family freedom can be had, only when each of you discovers the Father of all within your own self. It is only then that you begin to experience what it means to strive for the benefit of the whole rather than to strive for meeting your own and very narrow interests.

If you are the owner or the head of an economic institution you do everything possible to contribute to the wellbeing of the whole, to the wellbeing of all, rather than attempt to satisfy only your own selfish interests at the cost of the wellbeing and welfare of others.

Will you jubilate, being the head of the family, if you, only by yourself, enjoy the accumulated wellbeing and welfare? If you have a rich table with different foods on it, even such an abundance of food that you are unable to consume and much of it you just throw out since the products begin to spoil and stink? If you have a wonderful home, a nice automobile, and you go in it wherever you desire and you are leading, according to your understanding, a nice life, and this sort of living you emphasize to the other members of your family who cannot come up to the rich table for you have forbidden them to taste your best dishes, you do not allow them to enter the house and live in it, and you leave them outside to freeze or to get wet in the rain. You do not let them in your luxurious car and never take them for a drive that they would also enjoy new trips that lure their souls so much. Could you, being a loving father, behave this way with your family members whom you love so much and for whom you also desire wellbeing and welfare in no way less than for yourself? Would you strive for wellbeing for yourself only at this cost and would you feel happy while seeing their misery and sorrow in your joy? But the Father of all takes care of all to the same degree, even as you personally, being the owners of the company, take care of your own personal interests. Only the Father always takes care of the wellbeing of all, without singling out anyone, and He is teaching all and each, through His spirit, indwelling the mind of each of you, indwelling your own selves, teaching you to behave this way.

Therefore you must open up to the Father with all your soul to feel His love within your own selves, and you will begin to behave the way He does. It is only then that you will feel that you will not be able to meet your interests at the expense of your other brethren whom you love and who love you. And it is just then that you will stop devoting all your business to satisfying your selfish interests and you will begin to care only for the wellbeing of the whole rather than to strive for a profit at any cost.

You will cease stealing from your workers the wages that belong to them by underpaying them those thousands they have honestly earned and that you have put into your own pocket. That is a theft.

Once someone steals money out of one’s pocket you call that one a thief right away. But you are even worse than this thief since you are doing it in a very subtle manner claiming that you care for the standard of living of others only you cannot afford to pay them more. Could you accumulate such possessions were you not stealing from them every day?

Your riches have not been earned in a fair way, and the time has come to pay back, to return to your employees and workers who still work, or who already quit working, everything you have stolen from them.

And it is only your soul, opened up to the Father, that will tell your mind how to do it, where and how to find the people you have hurt for so long and made them suffer, and at the expense of their suffering you have been building up your own homes, sending your children to study, traveling, purchasing luxurious cars, holding parties. You have been doing all this on the money that has not been honestly earned but rather stolen; even though you have not been called a thief by anyone. And it is only the soul, opened up to the Father, that will manage to pay this price of a wonderful light and at the same time also to experience relief within itself.

Now your soul has neither inner peace nor a chance to spread out its wings along the path of fair economic activity. Your mind is silencing your soul right away once it starts to doubt that it is embarking upon the right path, silencing it by another oppressive step once you take up a new decision in favor of your own self, completely ignoring the needs of others.

Profit driven economy has become the biggest obstacle for the future economic development of the world.

It is being demonstrated by the whole of the economic structure of the world when companies, being unable to survive, raise prices on their services, on their products, merge into different transnational amalgamations while no product, no raw material has changed by an iota. Gold, as has been gold, still is the same gold, diamonds, as have been diamonds, still are diamonds, oil, as has been oil, still is oil. It is merely your fear and your actions, provoked by this fear, that have brought you to such chaos in the world economy that you ceased to understand what is going on within the world’s economy.

Economists, businessmen, financiers, or politicians do not have the slightest idea what is currently happening in the world economy and politics. They are as a sinking ship, tossed by the huge oceanic waves, when nobody can do anything however much the rudder might be turned. No turn of the rudder brings any desired effect – at least some stability in economy or politics, at least any minor clarity that would allow you to plan your actions. Any tension, any conflicts – military, political, economic – raise up still higher waves of the ocean and you feel absolutely helpless while even trying to speak about certain crisis cycles in economics, about its stagnation, about a chance to stabilize this situation after you will achieve a victory against terrorism that is being provoked by yourselves. No. You shall never calm down these waves by the means that you are applying now. You are just increasing the storm. And you do not even begin to ponder why?

You are trying to tackle these very issues at different international forums that by no means analyze the true causes of an impending and even greater chaos. You are totally blind not only spiritually but also politically and economically.

You speak about things you do not have any idea of, and your words are meaningless in solving the tasks that you do not comprehend. You do not know the condition of the tasks you are trying to solve. And there is only one way – faith in the Father after having discovered Him within.

79. Spiritual Leaders Are Real Yet, So Far, Invisible

How many scientific forums have you held to which you have invited your brethren who have already discovered the Father within themselves, and who have even been born of the spirit, to be able to explain to you how to tackle the issues of world politics, economy, science, education, and family? Not a single one. No forum of this sort has been held.

Having put on nice clothes you hold expensive reception parties to the participants of such political, economic, and religious forums, you spend billions on guarding the bodies of political leaders, you spend trillions on producing the arms, drugs, alcohol, on the manufacture of gambling machines, and you do not even have an idea that by these very same actions you are swinging the vessel that is already in a disastrous situation in the stormy waves of the ocean.

You do not comprehend it by yourselves, without the assistance of those who have a relationship with the Father, and with me. You do not want to hear them. You do not desire to let them into your forums and into your activity. This is the decision of your own free will.

However, you already know that in the Father’s creation, which your world is also in, and in which everyone is operating, the principle of cause-action-consequence is based on the only law throughout the Father’s creation; on the law of love.

What happens when a law, designed by you, is broken? You make certain decisions and the one who has violated the law, designed by you, experiences some consequences. It is the same with the law of love that operates within the Father’s creation. If you violate it the consequence will inevitably follow. However it will not be due to punishment on the part of the Father but rather due to the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence within creation. You have such sayings: “You get what you ask for.” “If you pour out anger you shall reap anger.” Do you think these sayings are without any reason?

Therefore, if, even due to your ignorance, you break the law of the Father’s love, do you really think that you will not reap the consequences of your own unwise actions? Of course, you will.

And remember, you will reap these consequences because it is you who are behaving one way or another rather than the Father punishing you. The Father is love only. And He never punishes anyone. He only loves. And He loves all in the same manner. He loves you too. And you punish yourselves by your ignorance. And to begin to eliminate your ignorance start inviting to your forums such brethren of yours who see much deeper and further than you can even imagine. Without their assistance you shall really sink your vessel of economy, politics, and family.

Give up this type of thinking, which is harmful to you, that it is only the big states of the world that can influence the world political and economic affairs. Even one man has impact on these affairs once he submits himself to doing the Father’s will, is born of the spirit, and consecrates his will to doing the will of the Father; not to speak of the whole state of such born-of-the-spirit sons and daughters of the Father.

It is particularly a small state that enjoys priorities over the big one for it is only in a small state that it is possible to introduce decisions of men quicker within its economic, political, and family spheres. And while taking part at different world functions and forums such representatives of a small state will deliver their experiences and ideals, and not only ideas, to the huge countries of the world as well. You must always keep in mind that they will be doing it in the Father’s name and in my name. Therefore, their thoughts will be clear, understandable, and full of vibrations of the Father’s love. And all people of good will shall feel these vibrations and favor these ideals and back up their ideas. And not only at these forums but also within their own states, since these ideas will be delivered by the mass media and they will even be passed from person to person.

Now, you have no faith in the Father, and you pray to me while just performing a dead ritual rather than out of heart. Therefore it is difficult for you to understand that my words, that I speak to you now, in reality is that truth that you are going to live in and that you will also contribute ever more to its manifestation throughout the world. And it shall be this way. I cannot act instead of you. I merely point you the direction of your acting and provide you the teaching that is also always received by my apostle. He also receives the teaching from the Father, and he receives it as His ambassador.

This idea surprises you very much and it is hard for you to believe but reality is such that at the present time I, even as the Father, can give you our teachings this way so that you can hear them. The time shall come when such teachings will be received by each of you. Meanwhile now we use such persons whom we have prepared, without violating their free will, and influencing them from within only by the impulses of love vibrations.

Therefore you must be certain that at the present time on your planet there are also such people who can receive these teachings by direct communion with us and even who live these teachings and thus they have already confirmed their certainty by their own experience and witness all this by their living. Therefore, they are our representatives who can counsel you, help you, and who can ask us how to make a better contribution for the benefit of the whole. That is why we need such brethren of yours who are completely devoted to us and who experience love. It is they who help us expand the vast spiritual family of the Father among all men. It is them that you will recognize from their unselfish and full of love vibrations and deeds. And you will start trusting them ever more; even as I trusted you when I was among you in the human flesh two thousand years ago.

80. Pass Your Hard Burden Over To The Father Or To Me

While reading my teachings you will begin to feel their rightness depending upon the degree of the opening up of your soul. The more your soul is opened up, the more it desires the Father’s leading from within, the more it will comprehend the rightness, certainty, and necessity of my words. And in contrast, the more it is oppressed, the more it is driven into a dark corner of mind that is dominated by selfish thoughts, the more it will be irritated by the light, truth, and love offered by my words.

Since the absolute majority of men are not born of the spirit, moreover, I shall tell you that those who have been born of the spirit are scarce among the over six billion of you, thus it is but natural that a very long and hard way awaits my teachings and those who will be carrying the Father’s love and His light to you, until they reach your pure souls, being kept in captivity by your dark mind, by knocking on them. But be certain that your souls shall be delivered. Even though you might resist it very persistently, but it is love and goodness that is the most powerful force, and it overcomes any resistance. There is no barrier that sooner or later would not be conquered by love.

Therefore a blossoming love in your liberated souls will change all your lives the way they desire once you sincerely open up to yourselves at the moments of your solitude and sincerity. It is only such souls, elevated into a free flight in their service to the Father and creation that will cease to seek a preference for themselves or for their own states and will take into consideration the interests of the whole world, of the whole of creation.

Can a man be happy having lost the last source of making a living while there are the sick at home and there is nothing with which to pay for their treatment, when education costs so much and the source of income has disappeared, when the large family has already been hardly meeting both ends together and now there is altogether nowhere to take money from, and a danger is impending that the owner of the house will turn the family out for the debts? And all this happened after the company had gone bankrupt. A company’s bankruptcy is nothing but the consequence of an unfair arrangement of its political-economic life. You are happy about occupying new markets and being able to receive higher profits but you totally neglect the fact that your conquering of the new markets has brought misfortune to other companies which being unable to withstand the competition with you have gone bankrupt. And they have also had people working in them similar to those of you who have taken over their market. Do you think you are better and more worthy than they are merely because you possess more money and due to this you are considered, erroneously, to be powerful? The Father who is within you is also within each of those whom you have hurt because of your selfish desire to control as big a market as possible, to generate as big a profit as possible that is already big now, and you have even been hurting the workers of your own company by stealing money from them since you have not paid all the money they have earned. Therefore due to your greediness, by setting such conditions that your minor competitors get ruined, and because of this, you are even striving for more, to expand your business even in another country, you go against the will of God, against the will of the Father who loves you and all others in the same manner.

You do not even comprehend this destructive step of yours, not only to others, but primarily to yourselves. And you do not comprehend it due to your living in the field of low vibrations and being influenced by the vibrations of evil, as if you were walking all the time at night and were afraid to know that there is still the other part of the day when the sun shines. You are afraid of the sunlight. And out of this fear you are trying to fawn upon the desires of your selfish and animal selves that have no end to their desires and that spring up one after another, since your environment also lives in exactly the same low vibrations. Therefore you begin to compete among yourselves as to who earns more, who spends more and in what way, who gives more parties and of greater extravagance. And all this is nothing but an attempt to run away from one’s own self under the influence of fear in the darkness of a night. This is a trap set up by yourselves that sooner or later will exhaust you, all the same, and you will experience bitter consequences, even tragic consequences, and some of these poor fugitives are already experiencing them.

By means of these teachings of mine, I am addressing all, without singling out any one of you; young or old, rich or poor, healthy or sick, and I speak out that irrespective of your position and inner state, you can still improve both of them by giving me your heavy and seeming insurmountable hardships and you can remain free from such hard burdens that are now oppressing you. And you may do it by very sincerely passing your burden over to the Father, or to me. The Father gladly takes over this burden and it is not difficult but rather pleasant for Him to do since the Father and I are one in spirit. And I do exactly that what the Father does. Therefore, I urge you to pass your pain and misfortune over to the Father or to me immediately, rather than put it off. All that which oppresses your heart as if with a stone within it, I urge you to move onto the shoulders of the Father, or mine. We purport to carry the burden of each of you, that it would be easier for you to enjoy a free flight of your soul in serving all in the Father’s love and truth.

It is only after you give us your burden that you will feel lightness in your heart, in your soul. And then you will be able to give a completely different look upon the ambience. You will realize that you cannot take a bigger payment for your work than you would agree to pay some other worker for doing that same work. At the same time, you would also pay somebody else as much as you would agree to be paid while doing the work instead of that other worker. And that would be your first decision on setting up the heavenly kingdom in the sphere of economy.

81. The Most Efficient Economy Is The One Grounded In The Father

Your motives in all your activity would be transformed from selfish into divine, for the benefit of the whole. Then, rather than expanding your business, you will help your brethren in setting up similar enterprises in the places they reside in so that they could do the same thing that you have been doing successfully.

Then you would not need millions to waste on unnecessary and even harmful commercials because you would not be interested at all in the fact that it is only the operation of your company that is necessary for others and that they would know only of your company. Your efforts for the benefit of all, your real actions would be grounded in the Father’s love for your brethren, and these sincere efforts would be immediately noticed by those who work in your company while the love vibrations being emitted by your soul would be felt by their opened up souls. Therefore, a firm interrelationship, through the vibrations of the Father’s love, would spring up. And the work efficiency would tremendously increase since people would be coming to their work as to a large family cooperation in one or another sphere, rather than to perform some necessary job for which they would be paid little money hardly enabling them to make ends meet, under the present conditions of economic slavery. The work performance of slaves can never be productive; neither is it today, the more so since the presence of a spiritual relationship among the workers of that company, between its workers and its leadership, between the leadership of this company and other companies is completely rejected. And such a relationship, when everything that is best in each company is shared, to achieve the best possible outcome for the benefit of the whole rather than for the benefit of just a separate company, would still increase the labor productivity.

The design and introduction of any equipment, of new technologies, would be achieved in a more efficient and creative way out of love for the Father and for the whole of His creation of which your planet is also a tiny particle, rather than by being driven by a desire to dominate new markets, to receive new orders, and to appropriate the biggest possible profit for the sake of a small group of people.

Because the profit motive would disappear, there would remain no goal to ever increase it in a mad race. Money for living would be in excess of need. Therefore business hours would be cut down until ultimately three or four hours of work per day would be sufficient. The rest of the day would be devoted to meeting spiritual needs as well as to mutual association, education, family life, and worship of the Father.

Such a path of economic development would safeguard the current natural resources, forests, animal and plant life, lakes and rivers. It will totally change the economic structure for there would be no need for huge and harmful chemical factories that contaminate the environment, air, rivers, and forests, and even men. The harvests yielded by soil without chemical fertilizers would abundantly meet the needs of all humanity that, in reality, are not that great altogether. Today, the amount of produce wasted far exceeds the amount raised. And the produce raised is not that which must be grown. People would move out of the cities back to the countryside.

82. Low Vibrations Are Harmful To All

Too great an expansion of the cities sets up a multitude of concentrated venues that are dominated by animal vices and even dooms all the inhabitants to live in the atmosphere of alienation, fear, and isolation rather than in the environment of a mutual association, as the cities ever more install bullet-proof windows, as the number of gambling spots ever increases so that even special cities are built up for that purpose; this merely enlarges the environment of low vibrations that do not disappear. They spread out into the environment and attract similar vibrations from other men, women, and children enslaved by their own animal ego.

Any structures of force such as the police and army as well as political parties, parliaments, governments, kings, queens, shamans, astrologers, and all those who strive for the selfish goals of an individual, or of a group, or of a state, have their own impact on spreading these low vibrations. All this is ripping up a concordant and harmonious, interrelated ornament, picture, and model of the soul vibrations being sent by the noble children of God who are colored with the Father’s love, and tinged with their own experience.

And each bad thought, however unclear, opaque, and incomprehensible it might be, makes its own contribution to ripping up this concordant and harmonious whole. All the same it has its own negative impact on the overall picture of goodness and love. Therefore, you must clearly understand that all your thoughts have an impact on all others whom you cannot even know altogether.

To make it clearer for you, envision entering a room full of light and you are enjoying this light. You are enjoying the pictures hanging on the walls and the furniture made so creatively and uniquely, and so splendidly fitting the room. But as you have not yet managed to relish the joy of the sight, someone, being physically blind, has come up close to a light switch, installed on the floor level, and stepped on it. Moreover, this person had no idea of having stepped on the light switch. And seeing no light, this person has not felt that it has gone out in the room altogether and that no one else can see anything either.

It is exactly the same with a spiritual light. If you, being completely blind spiritually, are permanently knitting such thoughts that are full of anger, bad thoughts, without even realizing that you are standing on the switch of a spiritual light by such thoughts, you are diminishing ever more the diffusion of this light even to those who are on that spiritual path and who are enjoying its beauty. You must realize that your bad inner self is spreading out not only by your thoughts but also by the deeds produced by these thoughts, and the deeds can be felt quicker by a greater number of men. Spiritual vibrations can be felt consciously, only by those who are more opened to higher vibrations. But even those who cannot feel these vibrations consciously, their sub-consciousness feels them. If two people stay in one room without talking to each other, after some time the one who is more sensitive will begin to feel within himself some hard feeling, even sickness, without understanding it, if the other man in the room has a revengeful and angry character. The vibrations of man’s thoughts spread out into the environment. And if that man begins to talk, his low vibrations will be expressed through the vibrations of his word symbols that would be the audio representation of what he thinks, what he desires, and what, and in what manner, he values. And his words will be based on elevating his own self while belittling others. You can test it by yourselves.

That is why it is necessary, for each of you, to be born of the spirit so that these low vibrations would not have so much of an impact on you the way they have on those who are not yet born of the spirit. Therefore, being unable to explain the cause, you call such people who spread low vibrations and disrupt a normal field of energy vibrations of other people, energy vampires. The struggle against them is one’s discovery of the Father within and one’s replenishing with the Father’s love vibrations.

Therefore, any activity leading to meeting the selfish interests, either of one person or of a group of persons, rather than merely satisfying the interests of spreading the Father’s love for the benefit of the whole, is a whimsical activity of an immature and unspiritual child that must be abandoned if there is a true desire to solve the current problems of humanity.

83. Heart And Mind

What I am revealing to you now shall have a big impact on the life of each of you provided that you, each, open up to me and to the Father of all with all your heart-soul.

Very often you confuse soul-heart and mind believing that man, by having abandoned the leading of his mind and having submitted himself to the leading of his heart, or soul, becomes unreasonable. You start wasting your energy in vain by trying to prove that man’s mind is the most crucial part of a normal man’s self and that without his mind he loses the daily and normal manifestation of his personality.

You must distinguish two essential things; the loss of one’s mind in case of one’s illness or an extraordinary shock in one’s life, and the substitution of human mind by a higher leading of one’s soul-heart. Once you submit yourself to a higher leading than that of your mind of the animal and genetic inheritance, then, your mind acquires much deeper and sharper qualities that man’s animal mind lacks altogether. You become even wiser than before even though you have not read any books on how to develop your mind. Simply by having opened up to the Father and having established a still closer live relationship with a living Father who already now is indwelling each of you, you each, open up receptivity of higher vibrations of your mind that can take in an ever greater amount and ever wiser information from the deeper layers of sub-consciousness and super-consciousness passed over to you by the top frequency vibrations of the Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster. And by making use of this information you start to lead a much more peaceful way of living and at the same time you stop rushing so fast in this life race, the tempo of which has been dictated to you up to date by your mind of the animal genetic inheritance. You begin to notice many more things around you that your eyes have failed to notice before since your mind of the animal genetic inheritance has directed its eyesight only to the future, only to the goal, only to the outer desires and dreams, neither having time or wish, nor a developed habit to submit itself to the beauty of the present moment and relish its process. How much beauty could you see if you were always only flying by plane? And how much more diversity you can notice by going in a car or by train. However, if the car is running at a very high speed, could you manage to enjoy this beauty for long when your eyes cannot watch it closely since the car has already passed this beauty at hand? And while riding a bike you can enjoy the colors even more and tinges of the manifestation of the beauty around. However, even while taking a bike ride you will always begin to feel that this speed is also too fast if you desire to feel this beauty with all its shades. Then, it is more appropriate to choose a walking pace and, in addition to relishing the beauty itself, even to feel its rhythm while from time to time making a stop and even getting involved in the creation of this beauty by strengthening and comforting some bewildered traveler with whom you have just started a conversation on this path of beauty.

Beauty is not only an image of a landscape passing through your eyes but also of a man in this landscape as an indivisible part of it. Beauty is your personal touch with your personal action in spreading out love and goodness to all, but especially to those who do not see this beauty and who, so far, even do not desire to notice it. And it is when man’s soul opens up, when man’s heart begins to speak, that the mind of this very same man becomes so sensitive to and noticing of a disruption of the beauty so that soon he begins to see where his personal efforts are required to mend that disrupted beauty and restore it to its normal state. It would be similar to restoring a nicely painted picture with its rubbed off, worn out, and faded colors, or even completely torn off fractions, to the true state of the picture of the living beauty. If someone has offended anyone, if someone has committed an improper act, being led by his ignorant and genetically inherited animal mind, disrupting that picture of beauty, then man’s mind being spiritually awakened and led by his soul-heart and thus being more sensitive and thinking deeper, will find a way to use that episode for the benefit of all, and for the growth of his own character, if not by interfering directly, depending upon the circumstances, at least by praying for that disrupter and mangler of the living beauty, and sending his own vibrations of the Father’s love to this person.

And it is such an action of your soul-heart that demonstrates one, and very significant, aspect; at that moment your mind of animal genetic inheritance has equaled my mind that I followed while sojourning among you two thousand years ago. And by behaving in this manner you are approaching ever more the then-level of my mind.

I shall tell you even more. If during a sincere prayer, while communing with both the Father and me, you pray for the substitution of your mind of animal genetic inheritance by the then-mind of mine, you are certain to receive this mind. Your soul will blossom and your feelings will reach the level of the spiritual vibrations that will be incredibly high while your former animal mind of genetic inheritance will be completely replaced by the then-mind of mine. And it is a real substitution. And you shall behave, in similar situations that I have found myself in, exactly the way I have behaved. You will weep, even as I have wept, being a strong and absolutely grown up and sober-minded man, while seeing the malevolence of my brethren, their spiritual darkness, and their absolute unwillingness to make at least the smallest step towards the Father by opening up their souls rather than their mouths with nice words and exposing their hands to smart and futile rituals. And your souls, the soul of each of you, shall weep seeing such a childish stubbornness and fear. It shall also weep while seeing such beauty that will have been created by a nice thought, by a nice and pure action, by a nice and virgin vibration, as that of a baby, the vibration that will have been emitted from some awakened soul.

Bear in mind for certain, all these tears are not an evidence of one’s weakness, or one’s excitement out of sentimentality or anger, they are a process of the purification of one’s soul-heart mind. And the deeper and wider this soul purification goes the more the soul is blooming and turning ever more sensitive to beauty and its disruption. And it shall react to it with the tears of purification.

However, while acting, it shall always be wiser and foreseeing, noticing the far reaching consequences of its own action even throughout creation rather than merely within an isolated episode in which it is resolutely operating.

For those of you who have not yet experienced it, or who have already encountered such an experience and maybe have been even scared and confused, wondering whether their mind has not gone astray for they do not know what is happening to them, I firmly state to you: Rejoice in these tears of mine that are purifying your soul. It is they that enable you to set up a relationship with the Father as firm as flint, while by its quality as soft as beeswax. Your soul becomes sensitive within and also resolute and bold while acting without. And all the time it remains wise for it is taking in wisdom from the Father, and the mind of animal genetic inheritance is being replaced ever more by the living and spiritual mind of mine.

84. A Real Replacement Of Your Mind By That Of Mine

The assertion: if your mind, rather than helping you is impeding you, then change it by mine, is true, and corresponds to reality. It is your animal mind that you can replace by a spiritual mind that I also followed while making all decisions when I lived among you. Whenever some problem, some essential issue appeared, I would necessarily address the Father and would ask Him for counseling. And He would give it to me through His spirit, Thought Adjuster, that indwelt my mind of the animal genetic inheritance which I had received throughout all the line of the Joseph and Mary ancestry inheritance; not only of their parents and the parents of their parents but along all the lineage back to the very first parent persons of their ancestry.

However strange it might seem, my incarnation in the human flesh has also embodied the whole of this genetic intellectual legacy and all the spiritual potential of the Creator Son, the Son of God the Father, one of the two Creators of the Universe, together with the Universe Mother Spirit. And in relation to me, you must understand that I have possessed exactly the same mind-intellect qualities of the animal genetic inheritance that are possessed by each child, born on your planet, or on any other planet of my universe. It means that all your animal genetic legacy is also passed over to you not only from your parents or grandparents but all along the genetic inheritance lineage of the ancestry that in a similar way goes two thousand years back to the times of my presence in the human flesh and then exactly in this very manner goes further ever back to the past even as the lineage of the genetic intellectual inheritance of Mary and Joseph has gone to their very first human parents.

Meanwhile my Thought Adjuster had been revealing to me ever greater layers of my spiritual potentials that I possessed as a child of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, of my Parents, as a Creator Son possessing his free will. Your spiritual potential, a spiritual potential of each of you, is bestowed upon you each, by the Universal Father as the gift of personality with all its potential and a free will.

Therefore, those of you whose genetic inheritance might seem very poor since the intellectual achievements of your parents or grandparents have been insignificant on this world should not get upset because you do not know absolutely anything about the activity of your early ancestors on this world in the then-generation and in that century. And to be able to make the right conclusions you have to know all the information back to your very first ancestors.

Thus, your genetic research as well as any historic information on the genealogical tree is no more than the investigation of a poppy-seed-sized area and a history of one leaf of that very tree. That is why your conclusions, however you would desire them, do not correspond to the true value either in genetics or in the research of the genealogical tree. It is similar to investigating lava erupted from just under the very crust of the earth, and which is already almost cooled down, and making an attempt to establish the qualities of the nucleus of the earth.

To apply such conclusions, to make any generalizations, in relation to human life is even more erroneous.

Therefore, you must know, and ever more rely on it in your life, that any genetic inheritance, passed over through generations, to a sincere soul who desires love and truth, is not an obstacle to surpass one’s own poor genetic inheritance by its spiritual relationship with the Father, and by this, reveal more of the potential of a spiritual personality. None of you have any insurmountable obstacles to make your personality potential real, actual, assimilated, and manifest in your daily life.

And those of you who find it still difficult to directly commune with the Father because you have not been taught this either within the family, in church, or at school, may address me. It does not matter which of us, the Father or me that you will address, for I know how to meet all your petitions even the way the Father knows it. Thus, you can, while communing with me, gradually ever more trust both me and the Father, for while communing with me, communing sincerely, you shall replace your mind of the animal legacy by my mind ever more, and ever more shall you begin to lean upon the Father, even as I started ever more leaning upon the Father when I was in the human flesh as Jesus of Nazareth.

85. My Childhood Was Not Perfect

My trust in the Father and my leaning upon the Father did not come to me at once. That was a long and tedious path to my mind of the animal genetic inheritance. All the time my mind did not trust many things, like your mind does, it doubted many things, it did not comprehend many things, and all the time it was questioning and searching.

And you must not be scared of not knowing a lot; just ask questions and search. Your animal ego does not allow you to ask that which you do not know. Ask without any fear for there is no man on the world who knows everything. In that case all creation would fall to pieces since growing would lose its meaning. And growth is possible as one can know and experience ever more and share that knowledge and experience with those who are in search of this and who desire to experience it. Therefore, do not stifle your ego with the fetters of fear but rather boldly ask questions and investigate.

At the present time you are the real scientists-researchers who walk on an untrodden path while asking yourselves questions and searching for answers, getting acquainted with the achievements of others and applying them in your own research. Do not be afraid to investigate both your lives and yourselves. The more you investigate the more you experience.

And by no means be afraid of mistakes. There is no one infallible. Even those who claim that I have lived my life without erring are wrong. I was not a robot or a machine programmed beforehand. I also had emotions and outbursts of irritation. Only you do not know it because you have not read the narratives of my life anywhere.

Had I been different than all other children I would not have been understood by my friends. I could not stand out from the others. I was a restless child. I also enjoyed running around and climbing up the mountains like the other children. Therefore my mother would worry that no accident would happen with me. Being totally absorbed in playing with my friends like other children, I would not come home in time and would be scolded by my parents for coming home late, but I looked upon this scolding, as did all my friends, as an inevitable means, on the part of the parents, in their children’s up-bringing. I got into a habit of communing with the Father at an early age because I noticed that neither my friends, nor my parents, nor my teachers could explain to me anything clearly about God because those scriptures that the Jews adored so much seemed to me to be untrue and lacking answers that would satisfy me. Therefore, my association with the Father, my conversations with the Father as I used to call them, soothed me. Had I been supplied with more profound answers by my parents, or my friends, or my teachers, maybe I would have searched for them less from the Father, maybe I would have caused even more trouble to my parents, friends, and teachers.

However, my inquisitiveness and restlessness caused plenty of problems to many. I was not a bully. But, I never avoided conflicts to defend somebody else or myself. That is true I never provoked them, neither did I react to them right away. However, many a time I came home after my clashes with children feeling anger that they had been so silly as to resort at once to fist fighting. I did not like it altogether but I never gave anyone a chance to call me a coward. Even the children who were my senior I treated the way I dealt with the children of my age. Therefore, I was flogged by them many a time. But you must understand one essential thing that Nazareth was a small city where everyone knew each other and therefore there could be no such severe conflicts that would produce very painful consequences that are produced by the contemporary conflicts, even among the teenagers. At that time man’s strong fear of the punishment of God made him, from his very young days, keep in mind this attitude of God to any misdeed.

Life in Nazareth had more freedom than that in the villages and cities of Judea. Therefore, there was more fist fighting among the teenagers here than in Judea. Galilee had a poor reputation among the Judean Pharisees and rabbis. Therefore, according to their understanding, apart from merely problems, nothing good might come out of Galilee that would please God Jahve. Thus, our childish clashes were absolutely possible since our education was not that strict as it was among the Jews of Judea.

In your narratives or writings, when you present me as the one who was only good and only the embodiment of God’s love, you portray me merely from the outside. You do not say anything about my inner feelings and sufferings, which none of you could have ever either known or understood. These are known only to me and to my Father. And no one else other than me can reflect the definite episodes of my life. Meanwhile, not all of them have been only the outbursts of the Father’s love in my life. But the relationship with the Father, ever deeper attracting me from within, ever more enabling me to experience a real impact, allowed me to feel that there was something certain in it and that I was missing this certainty in my relationship with my parents and friends. Therefore, I was leaning upon this relationship within me ever more. It was this relationship that kept me away from the faulty actions that were common at that time among the young men of the Jews such as wine drinking and entertainment with women.

However, I was seeking this relationship not only by my own efforts but also by an incomprehensible-to-me attraction from within. It was really pleasant to feel that peace and bliss within my own self. And this pleasant attraction let me experience that in this relationship there was something much deeper than my human mind could comprehend and explain to others. Therefore, I had to keep all this within me. To keep it within me, since I could not explain even to myself what was transpiring within me, in my mind, that even I was afraid to reveal to others.

This state of mine provided me with both a pleasure from within that I knew some secret, and anxiety in my mind since I did not know what it was. But all the same my inquisitive mind, that mind of the animal legacy, was searching for answers as to who was the source of that pleasant feeling and inner peace, so that I was less disturbed and irritated by even the silly actions of my contemporaries, by their attacks, as I began to react ever less to the remarks fired by them that I was turning ever more into a dreamer-philosopher.

86. Energy Vibrations Pass Information Through Consciousness And Sub-consciousness

When you are searching for answers within your own selves do not think that you get them by merely inventing them. What you have taken in from the books that have been read earlier, from the narratives that have been heard earlier, or from any other sources of information that have already been forgotten by you long before, while that very information has also sunk deeply down into your sub-consciousness, and so deeply that you do not remember any more that you have possessed that information, and all this even provides you the so called phenomenon of deja-vu, as if you had already been in that place, as if it had already happened to you. And many of you attempt to present it as evidence of the existence of one’s other and former lives, what you call reincarnation. This is but a ploy of your sub-consciousness and sometimes this is felt by your brain center, as the emitted subconscious signals are felt as information vibrations on the level of your consciousness. You already know that vibrations have their own corresponding energy information. It is only due to energy vibrations that you are able to perceive, think, and communicate among yourselves. You only erroneously believe that you communicate in words or other symbols that are seen or heard.

You know perfectly well that dolphins do not have their own language that might be expressed in words but you rightly take them for intelligent mammals for they manage to communicate among themselves by means of vibrations. They can communicate even with man. Therefore, all the vibrations that are emitted from your sub-consciousness and reach your consciousness are also supplying you with the information that you, without knowing its origin, begin to attribute to some memories from your past lives or to the places you have not seen before and yet at that time they seem to you as if they were familiar to you. It is namely at this time that from your sub-consciousness you are receiving a great multitude of subconscious vibrations the origin of which is not known to and perceived by you at all, you are focusing all your attention, in your consciousness, to the present moment, tinged with an idea that this moment has already been experienced some time before. One aspect of this subconscious information has been recorded as a word spoken out by somebody even in your childhood; another aspect has been recorded by means of a thought while reading some book; still another aspect has been recorded while listening to the news on the radio; one more aspect has been recorded while talking to your child; and one more aspect has set in, without even being conceived by you, that you have passed through a very similar place, without even knowing that you have passed through that very similar locality many years prior to this moment, and absolutely in a different place, maybe even in a different country; another aspect, unrecorded by your consciousness, has been provoked in a dream; and these aspects, many a thousand of them, scores of thousands, hundreds of thousands of them have settled down in your sub-consciousness which, if taken separately one by one, would tell you nothing, neither would they supply any information to your consciousness since they have not been recorded on a conscious level, they have not been comprehended, they have not been real yet they have been as the subconscious vibrations that have emerged as a separate image but perceived on your conscious level merely as if it has been in your personal experience.

It only shows that your sub-consciousness is an enormous repository of the energy information vibrations that have not been recorded on the level of your consciousness and which you may turn from disorderly and chaotic into a very useful source of information to your own consciousness provided that you would learn to adequately raise these subconscious energy-information vibrations to the level of the information vibrations of your consciousness that your conscious mind is operating on. At the present time, your mind is idling, therefore, you are taking out of your sub-consciousness absolutely nothing unless, under certain circumstances, it is throwing out these very energy vibrations to your consciousness.

However, even in this case they remain to you as puzzling and inexplicable. It is related to such phenomena as spiritism, sorcery, astrological telling fortunes, when the subconscious information vibrations, by some people, are turned into such vibrations that are conceived by their consciousness, but which have nothing in common with a true reality. This is man’s subconscious vibrations being presented as his desires that sometimes might, by chance, coincide with the real developments. However, it is by no means the information that might be arranged the way it can be arranged by the vibrations of the consciousness of a son or daughter of God who has faith in God and knows creation.

Therefore, you must strictly dissociate yourselves from such self-deceiving phenomena as astrology, sorcery, and spiritism. They are no different from drug addiction when man’s brain is in need of such energy information vibrations that are caused by the drug energy information vibrations on a subconscious level. That is why man sees hallucinations, feels elevation, and desires this relaxation ever again. However, addiction to these energy vibrations which are of the lowest level so that even the lowest vibrations of the conscious level produce to this mortal mind a sensation of fear, a physical pain, if the mortal remains for some time on this conscious level without getting back to the level of the low narcotized subconscious vibrations. Therefore, a drug-addict requires artificial means to be able again to submerge down to a subconscious and completely unreal level on which he feels an impact of the low energy information vibrations on his brain center. That is why one is trying, at any cost, to experience again those vibrations that would match the subconscious vibrations of that person’s brain center that are provoked by the low energy information vibrations present in the narcotic substances.

The only way out of this disastrous will-paralyzing addiction is not the different psychological and medical treatment methods proposed by you but rather a sincere substitution of the low vibrations of such a person, who is controlled by the subconscious low vibrations, by higher and brighter vibrations through setting up a live relationship with the Father. And then such a person who has found himself in the slavery of the narcotizing substances, irrespective of the fact whether he is big or little, young or old, is always liberated. The Father has not created this world, and man, to be tormented in the course of his experiences of his many lives or through his experience of the only material life. And if, due to his ignorance or due to some other circumstances beyond man’s control, he has found himself in the captivity of the low energy information vibrations of the narcotic substances his liberation lies only in his faith in the Father and in the experience of the highest, purest, and strongest energy information vibrations of His love within.

87. Assistance By Prayer Is The Most Effective

Being aware that you can help each other, not only to protect someone from falling into such a dependence on low vibrations – the drugs, alcohol, tobacco, telling fortunes by cards, astrological horoscopes, gambling – but even help those who have already fallen into it; those whom you know, or even your own family members. Even the fact that you will sincerely send them your love vibrations, in your sincere prayer, shall also have an impact on their delivery. But the most powerful liberating influence is when you are praying together with that person. Always keep in mind that the effect of prayer equals the squared number of the praying people. And if at the same time they are joined by friends, colleagues of the members of that family, the effect will increase still more. Even though the prayer duration will be exactly the same as it would be while one mortal would be praying. Just ponder what a powerful force of love vibrations will be directed to the one who is in such a hard condition – from the point of view of his body and, what is still more awful, his soul. It is the most difficult moment in every mortal’s life when even his potentially immortal soul finds itself in such danger that it might not deliver itself from the material fetters and might not have a chance to progress to the Father on a higher level – in the form of a delivered soul.

It is namely for being able to help these brethren of yours that you need faith and the discovery of the Father within your own selves. It is only in this case that you will have courage to provide such an effective assistance that is not being offered by any organization instituted by man. You must become yourselves the conduits of the Father’s love to be able to send His love vibrations to your poor brother or sister in spirit. Moreover, by behaving this way you, all of you are taking part in this salvation of a soul, also grow in your own soul, mature in the Father’s knowledge that confirms to you, again, that the Father’s love is almighty once you see your brother or sister in spirit delivered from the drugs. This experience will provide you still a greater trust in the Father. And at the same time your desire will increase to submit yourselves to the leading of this loving Father and to lean only upon the Father who never pushes away and never sends any hard trials to your physical body or to your soul. He sends you only love and nothing else but love. However, it is by declining the love vibrations being sent by Him, and that are already within you so that all you need to do is merely to discover them within yourselves, that you torment yourselves and cause great suffering to others, even to the whole of humanity, and to all creation.

Therefore while striding with the vibrations of the Father’s love within your own selves you are conquerors. However, you are not the sort of conquerors who are happy about being the first but rather you are happy that there is such a loving and living Father who liberates from sin, and who takes into His love embrace, all, and each separately, and fondles all, and each, in a similar way as if that one were the only child of His in all creation; even the one who is in the captivity of the drugs or alcohol, crime or sins. He is all the same, urging that one to step out of this pit and stride into love and light. And it is only after having felt this vibration of love within his own self that man begins to stand up and progress, being led by this very love, to the light and to an ever stronger downpour of love vibrations until his soul begins to blossom due to this living water that is being ceaselessly poured down until it turns into a lake, and it is still pouring down so that the lake is ever increasing while its banks are getting apart ever wider and its depth is getting ever deeper till it makes the whole ocean that a delivered and loved soul is being bathed and immersed in.

And you, each, can become a funnel of that rain to the souls of your brethren who have fallen into drug captivity. That is the only way to liberate those suffering from that pain and slavery.

Those who, due to their greediness and because of a big influence of their own selfish ego, produce and spread the drugs are also in a very similar situation. And you must also pray for them with love and out of heart and in a similar way send them a living water of the love rain.

You are disgusted by their actions that bring misfortunes and destruction to all of humanity, yet you must love these even bigger slaves and unfortunate people that are in the captivity of the lowest vibrations of their own ego. They do not understand that by these actions they are, first of all, ruining themselves. And they do not understand this because they are the poor people, since no one has shown and demonstrated this love and light to them while they have been growing up and when they have been the most receptive to the vibrations of goodness and love. At that time no one had filled them with this living water of the Father’s love. The Father has been pouring His love down upon them then even as He is doing now, but neither then, nor now can they see any living funnel of that love that you have become. Thus they have been deprived of love and light. Therefore they cannot behave the way you behave as you are full of love and light. Nevertheless, they are your brethren. And they are also indwelt by the spirit of the Father, even as you are. Therefore you must love them even as those whom they hurt due to their own darkness and ignorance, and comfort them, because they hurt themselves and annihilate their souls by their behavior.

88. Those Who Nailed Me Down On The Cross Were Innocent

While I was being nailed on the cross as a man among men I could have liberated myself as a spirit, as the Creator and Ruler of the Universe, with all my power and might. But my love for both the Father and you, and those who were nailing me, did not allow me to behave in some other way but in showing to all that with the Father’s love it was possible to endure any pain of the physical body and any derision for the soul, and by this remain in that very love and truth of the Father without accusing anyone, without denouncing anyone, without judging anyone, while merely loving, loving, and loving all equally, absolutely all; even those who were hammering a live body of man with hammers and nails. And sincerely pray to the Father that He would forgive them, those lost and bewildered children of His, for their deeds, since they were doing them because of their ignorance, because of their darkness.

And a much bigger sin is committed by those who sit in high religious posts, who sit in political posts, and who merely in words, in highly resounding words trumpet about me, about the Father, about a struggle against the drugs, about morals, about goodness, about justice, about love, and about beauty, without moving a finger themselves to turn their souls towards the values their lips pronounce, and by their living example show this very path as to how to manifest all these values that all might relish them in joy.

That is why two thousand years ago I blamed the Pharisees and Scribes that pretended to know how to assist man to live up to their God, while they, themselves did not live according to their own teachings.

Thus, by what name must a teacher be called who teaches that which he does not live up to himself? How could people follow such a teacher when the teacher himself does not walk on the path of his own teaching? Who is to be blamed for this, the one who teaches or the one who is being taught, but does not know how to follow the teaching because he does not see an example in the teacher? Can a teacher have sincere and honest disciples if the teacher, himself, deceives his disciples by telling them one thing while doing another?

It was because of this that I overthrew the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, took a whip and sent the animals out of the Father’s house, since the temple was contaminated with dishonest rituals and mean actions that merely caused suffering to the human soul and oppressed him with an unbearable monetary burden which was demanded by the priests – to pay for sacrificing animals and in fees, so that by these rituals it would not be possible to reach out for the Father’s heart. That is why I accused the Scribes and the Pharisees that they cared for their outer shining, completely neglecting their own inner selves. Their clothes were splendid and the rituals were pompous, while man’s soul was suffering from injustice and oppression which were particularly caused by the yoke of these very dead rituals. Therefore, I was pleading to the Father that He would forgive those who were nailing me on the cross for they really did not know what they were doing, or else, by no means, would they have nailed me.

But the Scribes and the Pharisees did resort to the plan of my destruction on purpose. They were doing it while thoroughly considering it and choosing different decisions, and when one of their attempts failed they embraced another, but each new decision confirmed the previous, and unsuccessful one. They did know what they were doing. Therefore it was their fault, their sin.

89. Whose Darkness Is It Today?      

The same is happening in your modern times. And now, among you, there are many Scribes and Pharisees who do evil while being aware of it, by not allowing man to stretch out, under a heavy burden of taxation, under the oppression of dead rituals and dogmas, even though their shining outer world testifies to the fact that they do not shoulder this very same burden themselves with those to whom they are addressing their nice words. By their double life between their words spoken out aloud about my and the Father’s love and truth and the example of their real daily life, they erect an enormous dead abyss that separates them not just from all of you, but also from me and the Father who is also within each of them. Only they do not discover the Father and due to that they behave in this manner.

This is the sort of modern Scribes and Pharisees who are also your religious and political leaders, the owners and heads of newspapers and television companies who present to you the strings of nice words but they do not live up to these same words themselves. Therefore they have a multitude of barriers and guards so that you, whom they teach every day, could not approach them. And they teach you not because they have felt the Father’s love within themselves or because they have opened up to me, but rather because of their desire to be influential and powerful, that they would have something to boast about before others, and primarily within themselves. And the arena where they are supposed to discover the Father, where they are supposed to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love they give the whole of their inner arena of low vibrations, of their ego, for their fake selves to dominate their true selves, bestowed by the Father. Therefore, their true selves cannot in any way experience the living water of the Father’s love, their souls are thirsty for this very same living water; that your souls drink, yet they do not allow their own souls to get refreshed by the water of the Father’s love that is already within them.

And their actions are interrelated. Politicians make such decisions that are in favor of merely small groups of men. And the laws that all must abide by are not valid to these groups for there is no force within the state to make them adhere to these laws. When there is a struggle between the ego of one’s own self and the ego of a divine self the struggle is won by the lower ego if there is no sincere relationship with the Father, if, primarily, there is no striving for the enlightenment of one’s own self, and if there is no desire to become similar to the Father. Then the upper hand is always taken by a lower and material animal mind that shall always dictate such decisions which, by all means possible, shall fawn upon other self-deceiving and fake minds and selves, controlled by similar low vibrations. And they will draw each other by the similar low vibrations. Then, they get united and grouped and begin to think as to how they might satisfy their interests irrespective of the cost to others.

The interests of politicians are to seek favorable conditions for their political parties in order to achieve power, while the interests of the owners of newspapers are to have their own influence and to satisfy their interests by means of generating profits. Therefore, low vibrations of their consciousness emanate only such energy that allows their mind to make such decisions, which are useful to their own ego only. A compromise is possible only up to a certain limit that their mind is capable of perceiving. But, once this limit is reached, then either a split is taking place or any methods are being applied that endanger the elimination of the meeting of their interests. It was particularly because of this that the Pharisees crucified me since I was posing that greatest danger for satisfying the interests of their own ego.

And in modern times, any bright idea, any spiritual manifestation does not find any, even the smallest path to either the newspaper pages, radio, television, government, or any other institution controlled by money and power if this light and spirit manifestation might pose some threat for meeting their selfish interests, both personal and group interests. And your press, television, and radio do not teach you in what way to find love and light within, how to discover the Father in your own selves, to be able to experience that you are one and divine family, that your suffering and pain shall end only after the owners and leaders of the press, radio, and television companies, politicians, and religionists shall discover the Father within themselves.

This will not happen simultaneously. But be certain it shall happen all the same. And it will happen much sooner than the majority of you think. And this teaching of mine is also meant to expand your views on the environment and yourselves, and by this to make its own contribution to your decision, each of yours, on discovering the Father within irrespective of who you are now: a politician, a priest, a teacher, a journalist, a businessman, an athlete, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, young, old, healthy, or sick. Therefore all this teaching is meant for the purpose that the Father’s love and light would ever more draw back the curtain of darkness which at the present time does not let the soul see the Father’s light.

90. The Double-dealing Of Modern Pharisees

Modern Pharisees behave in the same refined manner as they behaved in the times of my living in the flesh. They are trying to look before men as very noble, even nobler than the then-Pharisees. Therefore, they shoulder even a greater responsibility for their own double-dealing. They even speak about the protection of human rights, they even set up different organizations, commissions, and institutions to ensure them, but they absolutely ignore and impudently violate them themselves if only they notice that these violations are useful for meeting their own selfish interests. They even resort to violence, to war against other unarmed or poorly armed states. They boldly sacrifice the lives of others to merely meet their selfish strivings at any cost, even at the cost of the lives of others. And this is especially characteristic of the present day politicians and the owners of the television and radio companies.

Can there be anything more cynical and cruel than to watch a war on television? A war which has been provoked on purpose and shown to the whole world to watch it and tremble without even thinking that it is the children of God who are being killed. The children of the same Father, of the Father who loves them and who has sent me to you two thousand years ago to demonstrate to you in the language you understand and by living a life you comprehend how you must live by loving each other.

And what is being done by your present–day politicians-Pharisees and religious leaders-Pharisees? What do all of you do, those of you who tacitly agree that your brethren might be subdued to your influence merely because their religious beliefs are different, because they live in those parts of the world which are rich in oil? And in what manner: under the camouflage slogans of a struggle against terrorism, for the insurance of human rights, and protection of democracy. That is the most cruel fight of the lowest vibrations of the human ego against a higher consciousness of one’s own self. So far this fight is being unconditionally won by the low-animal selves of your present-day Pharisees. And you are also being led to destruction; to that very same destruction that the Pharisees of my times have led to by their actions.

You even do not give it a thought that in this manner, tacitly, watching the annihilation of your brethren in an unjust war you suppress ever more the blooming out of your soul and its reigning over your animal and aggressive self, over that self which is so insensitive to love and truth that by this you stand on the sharp edge of a blade without even understanding that you have been hypnotized by the speeches and actions of your present-day politicians-Pharisees, by the blank prayers of your present-day rabbis-priests-Pharisees which are nothing else but the dead rituals, misleading you, and in which you agree to participate of your free will that you would annihilate your own souls.

As long as there will not appear amongst you a single one who will openly and loudly begin to speak out that you must come back to your senses and turn to the Father within your own selves, that you must not remain turned away from Him while clinging merely to the dead rituals and believing in the dead truths, that long are you dangerous to yourselves. And it is just due to the fact that you have not discovered the Father within your own selves, that you do not know me either, even though your lips keep repeating my name while your hearts do not feel a living spiritual bond with me. And it is because of this that you treat your brethren so cruelly and unjustly who are also submerged in the dead rituals and dogmas and due to this they also make wrong and suicidal decisions. However, their wrong decisions do not grant you any other right but to pray for them, to love and comfort them.

But that does not correspond to the definite actions designed by your political leaders-Pharisees to satisfy their own selfish interests. You must listen to the voice of your soul, whether it is happy or sad once it sees such actions on your world which is as tiny as a poppy seed. You do not even perceive as to how fragile your world is, how easy it is to break the law of love, of the Father’s love, meanwhile the principle of cause-action-consequence is valid all the time. Do not hurt yourselves. Stop supporting such actions that make your soul weep and feel sad. And boldly submit yourselves to the leading of the Father from within, however painful might be the consequences to your body, and do not risk of the survival of your soul after the death of your body. Nobody, absolutely nobody, can make you behave against the will of the Father’s love. Remember, the Father loves all, even those who are hated by your politicians-Pharisees who impose their decisions, and the vibrations of their consciousness, their animal consciousness, upon you, while you do not have any foundation upon which to stand that you, while standing firmly on it, might submerge their low vibrations into your high vibrations of the Father’s love directed to their souls so that they would open up.

91. Send The Vibrations Of Love To The Present-day Pharisees By Your Sincere Common Prayer

I, whom you know as Jesus Christ, address all of you. Assemble together in collective prayer, open up to the Father, open up to me in your souls, and in this state of openness you will begin to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love even the way I was feeling them while being among you in the flesh. During these prayer services send these united vibrations of the Father’s love to your politicians-Pharisees, to the owners and heads of the television companies, of the newspaper companies, and of any other companies who by their actions promote war and violence, who under the camouflage of nice words and exercising their enormous influence, sending low vibrations of their consciousness, animal consciousness, unawakened consciousness, by their decisions, through the actions, performed by the soldiers and officers of the armies, through television and radio broadcasts, through newspaper articles, through information reports, are flooding your world with low vibrations that start choking and strangling any chance for your soul to spread love vibrations.

Therefore, by means of these common prayer services, pray for the awakening of the consciousness of all, also pray for the awakening of the consciousness even of those whom your political Pharisees call terrorists. They are not terrorists the way they are being seen by your political leaders who are also imposing such descriptions upon you so that you, while absolutely unthinking, begin to look upon them as terrorists as well. They are the sons of the Father even as you are, even as all others are. Just the decisions, made by your politicians-Pharisees to meet their own selfish interests, and the very actions to implement these interests, have driven them into a dead-end, have trapped them in the corner. And they are defending themselves.

However, in their defense, they have a much more solid ground than that of yours. They have their own righteousness – their morals and understanding of God – they are taught very intensively from a very young age. Thus, their concept of both God and their own righteousness is based on much higher values than your selfish interests that are being imposed upon you by your politicians-Pharisees. Therefore, this fight will be unbearable to you, your mind will be exhausted, and you will lose it for certain as it is not supported by your soul growing within your own self. The soul has nothing but a desire to spread the Father’s love, being replenished with it to capacity, yet it cannot do it because your human mind that is so unwilling to renounce material wealth in order to please its animal self, has been even more oppressed by the new fears, instigated by your political leaders in relation to terrorism, and by the new obligations for implementing the concepts of justice which you misinterpret. Therefore, this very same soul that might give you wise solutions as to how to behave in order to gradually clear out all this mess so that it would really see the path of the Father’s love I have shown, now is altogether suppressed and your dark and animal mind cannot hear its desires and crying.

92. My Warning To You

I, whom you know as Jesus Christ, address you by these teachings to warn you, each of you, who have not yet known these things to date. You can violate this disrupted field of love vibrations, of the Father’s vibrations, even more, and envelop everything with the low vibrations of the selfish strivings of your animal ego so much that this planet, all its people, might encounter enormous pain and suffering. And you must not consider it, even in the remotest corner of your soul-heart, as being the punishment or revenge of God.

The Father is just love and nothing else concerns His vibrations being sent to you. You all, and each, receive from Him only love vibrations. And if this ocean of the Father’s love vibrations, in some places, takes on a black color yet the whole ocean does not in the least lose its blinding and glittering whiteness and purity. However, for those who are in that dark spot, which all the same remains within the ocean of the Father’s love, it is ever more difficult to discern and feel the Father’s love and light, and the darkness around is getting ever thicker. And the actions within this darkness are getting ever more aggressive and cruel. And the whole environment begins to vibrate these strong and low vibrations so that many of you might believe that the end of the world has come. These vibrations not only cause ever greater suffering and pain, not only do more mortals perish because of violence, but within this dark spot of the ocean of the Father’s love they form up such an ambience that is formed in a still and isolated water reservoir which is not cleaned and which receives no additional water from another source. In this case, this water turns green, gets covered with water weeds, begins to stink as plants do not receive oxygen and start to decay, spread gas that produces such an unpleasant smell, and this environment is a very favorable soil for bacteria to appear and multiply.

And your black spot, within the Father’s ocean of love of a blinding purity and whiteness, also produces a very favorable environment for new viruses to appear and multiply. And they will also penetrate into your physical bodies enveloped by the low vibrations of consciousness, and they will start multiplying there. And you will begin to experience, yourselves, that you do not care about any terrorism any more, you do not care for any strivings to ensure democracy all over the world that have seemed to you so important because everywhere around an ever growing and deepening chaos will dominate, embracing as pandemic, the whole planet. And you shall have no means to eliminate it because all of you shall be stricken with anxiety and fear as the death of the physical body will not be somewhere in a far off country engulfed by the so-called war against terrorism provoked by you, but it will rave everywhere around you. It will have invaded your own home, it will have also embraced your whole country. Not a far off country, but your own country in particular, as it will have embraced a neighboring country, all the neighboring countries; all countries without limit. You will not know where all this has come from and therefore you will not comprehend how to find the very source of it to eliminate. And that shall generate even a greater anxiety and fear in you, even a panic to some of you, so that suicides will become an obvious fact since men will not be able to bear that invisible hand which so pandemically will be taking away the lives of people who are dear to you and whom you love; even the lives of children. Then, you shall not really care for fighting world terrorism any longer for you shall be in captivity of your own terrorism which you have invented by yourselves. You shall become the victim of your own terrorism, governed by low instincts and leading only a selfish life. But that shall have been done by your own mind, by your poor and undeveloped mind, by your long-term actions.

Even as prior to my appearance in the flesh, the Jews had been killing prophets who had brought greater light to them, but their low and animal ego by no means had desired to submit itself to the control of their real self, governed by the higher vibrations of the Father’s love, and they had been accusing God of sending punishment and suffering to them, so you were unwilling to see my greater light and feel the vibrations of the Father’s love, and you killed me, and subsequently, even under the cover of my name, you were killing your brethren who had different beliefs and you were presenting it as the chastisement of God, and as His desire to convert them into your belief, so now am I presenting to you once again, for the last time, a chance to hear a greater thought, to see a brighter light, to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love, to discover the Father within, so that subsequently nobody would even entertain a desire to think that no one has told them this, no one has warned them that they have been erring, that no one has prevented these developments which at the moment are causing so much suffering for the body and pain for the soul.

I am passing this teaching to you through my apostle so that you would know what to do, so that you would not be at a loss during a hard moment ahead, as there shall be so much pain and fear, panic and depression. But all this shall have been created by your current unwillingness to discover the Father within. And even under these difficult conditions for both your body and soul, exactly the same path shall be valid as to how to find an exit out of this chaos – the discovering of the Father within one’s self. And exactly this very same principle of cause-action-consequence shall be operating unswervingly all the time. Even during these critical moments, each of you, having discovered the Father within and having established a live relationship with Him, will know what to do. And those of you who, having seen this unfavorable environment, will be sincerely seeking a way out, will be given the teachings by those brethren who will have received, and will be receiving, these teachings from the Father, from me, and from other spiritual teachers, so that they would be spiritual teachers themselves, for those who sincerely desire love and light. Even as these teachings are being received by my current apostle and the Father’s ambassador.

Then, this spiritual bond shall be valued in a totally different manner than now, when my apostle is jeered at and ridiculed, when he is taunted even as I have been taunted when I walked among you, only in the then-generation. And now he is being insulted and he is not allowed to carry the Father’s love and living word the way his opened up soul desires, even as I have not been allowed to carry the Father’s living word the way my soul has desired. And I fully trust my apostle even as the Father has trusted me. And my apostle communes with the Father even as I have communed with the Father at that time. Therefore, I do know that you shall find my apostle when your soul is full of pain even as I have been found by the souls full of pain. And he will help you even as I have helped my brethren. Therefore, along with reading my teachings and striving for discovering the Father within your own selves, you must also associate among yourselves in order to feel the brotherly relationship of a family, of a spiritual family that my apostle has also been preaching already for over ten years. Therefore you must hear his words for his words are the words of the teachings of my Father, and the Father of all, the words of my teachings and the words of the teachings of my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, passed over to him. Therefore, you will not hear selfishness in these words and you will not feel self-aggrandizement over you or his self-elevation by belittling you, even as I have not belittled any of you and have not heightened myself. However, you will also hear him say the words that he even himself does not envision today, he shall be speaking out, for these are not the words pondered by him, these are the words of the Father meant for all of you, only voiced through my apostle, in the same way that you can hear a word pronounced by someone into a microphone in a low voice and amplified so much that it is being heard even by those who are far off, yet it is being heard as a transmitted and modulated vibration over the audio appliances rather than the very original voice of the speaker. However, all the words uttered will have exactly the same vibration of the Father’s love, which will touch the vibrations of an opened up soul, within which these vibrations shall recognize each other since they are from one Source, from the Father. And then these souls shall feel an ever bigger mutual interrelationship to be able to manifest themselves more actively in their operation for the benefit of all.

93. Once Again About A Spiritual Teacher

When empires break down there is much confusion around. However, the greatest confusion is not when material empires are disintegrating but rather when illusionary empires created by one’s mind and based on meeting the profitable interests of one’s own self are cracked down within mortal mind. It is then that one’s mind might be at a loss for it does not understand what is going on within it. It has a feeling of being unnecessary to anyone, of being betrayed and abandoned. The former strivings of mind lost their meaning, since one’s inner self began to feel to a certain extent, that everything it had done before had not provided peace and satisfaction, meanwhile now it does not feel or see any new appreciable landmarks of some other path visible and known to it. Therefore, in such a situation there is a special need of a visible interpreter of this path – a spiritual teacher.

It is thanks to him that it is possible to soften and lessen anxiety and apprehension, uncertainty and fear of material mind, when it does not want to walk on the old path any more, yet it does not know where there might be some other path. And such a soul, in order not to lose a striving for its living flight, even in very difficult and unfavorable circumstances, needs such a soul consolidator with whom the soul, having a desire ever more to open up, would be able to associate, and to get a sensation that it has not made a mistake by giving up its old and selfish path, while at the moment it would desire something greater yet it is not aware of what this might be.

A spiritual teacher’s role will always be necessary, for there shall never be a situation in which all the mortals would grasp and experience everything in the same manner. Therefore, those who seek more intensively and more sincerely must have such a spiritual teacher who has accumulated a greater experience; not the one who has more knowledge and a well developed mind, but the one who has already himself, walked up the spiritual path, confirming his spiritual knowledge, that he could teach others by grounding his teaching on the voice of his soul which, on this path, speaks out a living word of the Father and on his own experience which is confirming and supporting the word of the Father that it would be understood by all, and that would be possible to verify by one’s own experience rather than by referring to the quotations accumulated in his mind.

Such a spiritual teacher does not try to recall the books he has read or the conversations he has heard. He just shares his own self. And he develops himself by opening up to the Father with all his soul. It is this opening that enables the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster, to pass to the soul of this spiritual teacher the words that are most necessary for the teacher to speak out to his disciple so that the latter would understand both the teacher and the vibrations of the teacher’s soul.

Such a spiritual teacher is a living teacher who is leaning upon the Father. And he will always be able to help and strengthen a confused and lost soul even though there will be no means that this confused and lost soul could see and make use of. Such a spiritual teacher will help the confused and lost soul with these very vibrations of the Father’s love so that the soul shall feel them and calm down. And this spiritual teacher, having thus soothed the soul, will explain to it how the soul itself can very sincerely ask the Father, directly from the Father for this very calming down, irrespective of the place wherein it might find itself in, and whatever painful and hurting conditions might be for its body, and however frightening and uncertain the circumstances might be for the soul.

The Father never abandons anyone. He is always within the self of each of you. Only to feel Him you have to open up to Him with all your soul-heart. It is these ways of one’s opening up that a spiritual teacher will teach.

The role of a spiritual teacher has never topped the level, in the course of human history, that it is still to reach. And even when among men would appear the representatives I sent, even in the human flesh, they could never reveal the truth they were aware of themselves because man’s mind and his spiritual development were on such a level that he would have failed to grasp that light of truth. Therefore, that light had to be revealed in a much dimmer light than my spiritual messengers desired to convey. They had to adapt themselves to the environment, to man. And these periods, these millennia during which you did not have any spiritual teacher at all, since the spiritual development of your planet was delayed because of the revolt against the Father and against me by your spiritual leader, who went astray, so that even this poor concept about the Father and about me was so distorted and was turned inside out, that for those of us, who really know the Father’s creation and its light, it was so painful to watch your suffering and pain, caused by you to yourselves, as you were distorting the Father’s creation and the Father himself and, due to this, you were building up fear in yourselves, and you were suffering in that darkness of fear and tormenting your children, so that even up to date you fail to realize the light of a spiritual teacher.

And my, Christ’s, teachings are meant for all those who desire the light of spiritual teaching and are ready to follow a true spiritual teacher whom they will encounter on their path and who will be sent by me. I choose many a mortal who would carry my light. I choose such a mortal who desires to be my messenger, and desires freely to cooperate with me and carry the light of my teachings to your brethren out of love for the Father.

94. The Idea Of Reincarnation

However, I have to adapt myself to the thinking of the people I have chosen that cannot be changed by any other way but by their free-will opening to the Father. And the greater the opening the more receptive is the man, the more powerful and precise teaching of mine or of the Father he can present to others. Therefore, by associating and cooperating with each of them I have to adjust myself to the spiritual receptivity of that man and to his trust in the Father and in me. While in the human flesh I had also to adjust myself to your capability of understanding my teaching which I was carrying to you, of my gospel which I brought to you and which you also forgot without even having allowed it to spread out its wings so that it would have risen and enveloped all of humankind.     

The Orient rejected Christianity as the Western religion invented by you and replaced it with other, different beliefs which had no soil in which my gospel could take root. Therefore, the idea of reincarnation, the idea of soul transmigration through many lives, became firmly established in them. Even some of the messengers I chose were unable to fully deliver themselves from the idea of reincarnation, therefore some of them received my teachings tinged with the touch of the information vibrations of their sub-consciousness that contaminated even the present-day teachings with the idea of reincarnation. I have to put up with these distortions or else I shall not have a better choice in one or another place. Therefore, do not get surprised once you come across my teachings which also mention the idea of reincarnation.

However, I commend my apostle and the Father’s ambassador, and I am glad I can use him to give you my teachings which are the least distorted by his sub-consciousness. And now I am telling all of you the time has come to know that the concept of reincarnation has very recent roots in the history of humanity, just several thousand years. And prior to that, during all the time, my spiritual messengers sent over to you, both in the human flesh and in a form invisible to you, and operating through the men, prepared for this purpose, were explaining to you more profound truths of God which were free from any reincarnation idea. Reincarnation is not part of the plan of the Father’s creation meant for man.

The Father needs from you just the very initial step – your faith in Him of your own free will. And it is absolutely unimportant what life experience you will have accumulated – good or bad, or even very bad. But your faith is sufficient confirmation that you might be called to your post-mortal resurrection.

However, the Father does not torment you and thus He does not make you live a multitude of lives just because you might have an experience of evil. Such a Father would not be a loving Father. Such a God simply cannot exist since He is The Source and Center of love. Therefore it is only love that emanates from Him and no man is left behind to repeat his lives until the Father’s hard heart is softened by an endless repetition of man’s lives, and ultimately the Father would get satisfied with such suffering of a man and He would tell him, “Enough, you are sufficiently good to come to me, and do not go back to the earth to repeat your reincarnations to learn more.”

Such a Father could not be the Source and Center of love, for He would contradict His own evolutionary plan designed by Him, and implemented by Him, to perfect an imperfect creature up to His own level, exclusively by means of the force of love rather than by the force of pain, or out of fear of being tormented. Such a Father has never been, and cannot be. Such a God has been invented by you while distorting the spiritual teachings of those whom I sent to you as my messengers. Therefore, now I am repeating to you – the Father is only love. He urges you through His spirit, indwelling each of you, and through me, that you would turn towards Him and feel Him within yourselves, and then you will have your faith in the Father’s reality, and you will experience His love vibrations within your selves, and you will clearly begin to see that there cannot be any reincarnation; that you would come back to this world and live again in pain and suffering to become better.

Even a murderer can convert himself into a gentle son of God if only he is able to discover the Father within himself. But for a murderer to pass through this transformation is much more difficult, and there is no guarantee that he will ever desire to convert himself, in comparison with one who is fair, and consciously and sincerely seeking the Father, and who is just confused and at a loss and unaware of the fact that the Father must be sought within his own self.

You must also know that mortals are making just the first step into eternity. You do not even comprehend the meaning of this very word eternity. Therefore you believe in the distortions of reality such as transmigration of man’s soul into another human body to accumulate greater experience and to become more perfect.

You are unable to comprehend the operation of the true reality principle of cause-action-consequence. Each action has its cause and consequence. Once you desire to become a better one, this desire is the cause for you to perform such action, that imperceptibly, would make you into a better one. If the action is better your inner sensation will also be more pleasant. And all this transpires of one‘s free will. If you desire to walk to the Father, this desire will be the cause for you to begin to search for a path to Him, and the consequence of this search will be your discovery of Him, while the consequence of this discovery will be your resurrection in a higher form of your own self – in the form of the soul.

However, if you do not desire the Father, if you do not desire to become a better one, if you do not desire to stride into eternity, then you will live in such a way that you will not look in this direction. And this will be done by you of your own will. Meanwhile, the consequence of this turning away from the Father will be the disappearance of your own self, since after the death of your material body, you will not be resurrected in any form, because such will have been your personal choice of your own free will – to turn away from the Father. This is the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence. You are responsible only for your personal actions and for the decisions of your own free will. However, your personal free will actions make life harder for the environment and for the whole if they are directed against the whole, against the Father. And, to the contrary, if they are directed for the benefit of the whole, the life of the whole is made easier, more enlightened. But it is not karma that man has to work off in other lives for his errors, or for errors of his parents.

The principle of cause-action-consequence operates within an individual’s life as well as within that of the whole, yet this reciprocal operation is always based on free-will action. And the vibrations of the same love of the Father always envelop that individual or all those who act. And it is a live feeling of these vibrations within oneself that transforms man’s character from bad to good rather than a ransom, working off of one’s karma, a redemption of sins, even the sins of one’s parents.

And this transformation happens to a very small number of people for they do not know how to search for a path to this inner transformation since the misleading ideas of reincarnation do not point to this path, they only intimidate man that he again will have to return to this world many times to work off his karma. And the fact that he might already today experience his relationship with the Father if he directed his sight to discover the Father within himself, rather than attempting to work off his non-existing karma without, is not taught by any religion, including the one promoting reincarnation.

Therefore the time has come for you to learn from me, Christ, who is one of the Creators and Rulers of your universe, and who is known to you only as Jesus of Nazareth, that the concept of reincarnation must be dissolved in the ocean of the vibrations of the Father’s love, which bathes your every living cell and which is awakening your true self which, to your great surprise, you would begin to see, and which will be difficult to recognize even for your own present, fake self, controlled by the mind of animal inclinations.

Do you not desire that love and peace would reign within your own selves and that all the anguish and suffering, anger and irritation, revenge and jealousy, bad thoughts and bad designs would disappear? And your own self has been particularly created in this manner by the Father in His own image – full of love, truth, mercy, service, goodness, beauty, and compassion. It is the character, possessing these traits, that makes up the image of your true self for creation and for the Father. It is this sort of self that you become once you discover the Father and once you are born of the spirit. However, if you fail to achieve these qualities of character of your true self, but you are still sincerely pursuing a deeper knowledge of the Father and trying, of your own free will, to find the Father, even without having the knowledge where to search for Him, and if you desire to submit yourself to the leading of God, if you believe in this leading, even though there is still a lot of pain, suffering, anguish, jealousy, anger, revenge, and other animal inclinations within your own self, thus, even in this case, you shall be resurrected from the material sleep of death. And you will be resurrected, possessing exactly the same negative or positive qualities of your character. And your further perfecting will take place in the soul form. In such a form that will not be your material body any more. This will be a body of higher energy vibrations, visible to you yet having no blood, bone, or muscle. Therefore it will be healthy, and serve your spiritual growth on a higher and better level than your weak material body. However, your further path of progress is still far from the center of perfection, from the source of perfection – the Father on Paradise. Therefore, even on this higher level you will have to study quite a lot, even though you have achieved, according to your understanding, great spiritual heights on this world. Then, you will notice what greater spiritual heights open up before you that you will have had no idea of altogether.

Therefore, to follow an erroneous concept of reincarnation that you have to abundantly experience on this world in order to be perfected is your naivety because of your ignorance. Perfection is not a goal but rather a process. And in order to take part in it willingly you must not stand in one place, or turn downwards, but rather progress only forward all the time to where you have not yet stepped before, to what has not yet been experienced before. And this principle of cause-action-consequence is pulsating throughout creation. Not a single creature can escape it, whatever situation it might be in, and whatever spiritual level it might reach. Thus, in case of reincarnation, if you believe in this doctrine, you shall have no peace in your life. If you replace it by my present teaching – discover the Father within, you shall feel true love – peace shall reign in your life.

However, even though you believe in reincarnation, even though it helps you cherish greater hope that you will be luckier in your next life, even in such conditions of self-deception, if you sincerely believe in God, then, after your death, you will be resurrected in a higher form. Only then, your previous concepts on reincarnation will lose their value since the Father’s spirit, indwelling your mind also after your resurrection shall return to the higher mind of your soul, whose little sprouts you can even feel now, because it is the mind of the soul that urges you to turn towards a sincere seeking of God. And this mind of the soul will be cleaned of all that has no further meaning to your spiritual growth. And you will retain from your human experience only that information which influenced the growth and development of your better character. However, even this cleaning of the information shall not remove the qualities acquired by your former human character, nor those negative aspects which have not yet been eliminated. Positive qualities shall be developed and deepened by theoretical teachings and practical applications of the knowledge, so that during the missions of service, positive qualities should take over the negative ones.

You will be taught by the method of positive assertion rather than by the method of negative statement which is currently employed on your world. Humankind in its present development affirms everything through negation – do not do this, do not behave like this, if you behave badly you will suffer. All your laws are of a forbidding nature, and you follow the principle that once a law does not forbid anything you may do it. And had you received the good tidings – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – that I brought you, your laws would have already developed from forbidding to affirming. And the Father’s love and the principle of cause-action-consequence would be reflected in them so that you would also introduce these two essential things to the whole of creation, to your children at a very early age. You are also a part of this very creation of the Father. You are not beyond the boundaries of creation. It is just your spiritual darkness that does not allow you, so far, to see that the true law can be only one – the Father’s love.

Therefore, after your resurrection you will begin your studies from the positive and true law of the Father’s love. And you will see in what manner it operates in reality that for you, who today still have anger, it will not be possible to maintain this quality for long, as you will feel love around you and care shown for you. In this environment anger loses its basis. And after a while your character will also lose this negative emotion that is harmful to your spiritual growth as well as it is destructive to every living and material cell of your body.

95. You Change Humanity While Changing Yourselves

By this teaching of mine I do not want either to scare anyone of you or to dispose you against me or my apostle who is receiving it and taking it down. You must not direct your still existent anger, jealousy, irritation, and revenge against either of us, for we both – I, by my teaching, and he, by his devotion to me – desire that this light would be available to each of you, that you would be able to study these teachings and would be able to make your own choice; that you would consciously make a decision of your own free will, if the path of the Father’s love and light is acceptable to you, if you are satisfied with your environment which surrounds you from within, within your self, and which surrounds you from without at home, in your city, in your state, or on your planet.

If you are satisfied with this level of light and love, then make an adequate free-will decision and carry on with your daily living up to the level of your concept. If you are dissatisfied with something and if you have a belief that something must be changed for the world to experience more light and love, also make your own decision, freely, how you personally can become more active so that this love and light of the Father would embrace you and would emanate from you out to the ambience, to all of humanity, and to all of creation.

You must make a decision rather than remain in a state of fear and indifference, believing that nothing depends upon you. You are this humanity. Humankind is not far away from you. It starts and ends within you. And it is the same with each of you. If you change yourself for the better or for the worse, humanity is also changing for the better or for the worse by one person. You, each, can also either impede the enlightenment of humanity or contribute to the enlightenment of humanity as well as to the feeling of the Father’s love, by means of the willful decision of one individual; of your own.

Humanity cannot act otherwise but through the free-will decisions of each of its members and through their implementation.

96. The Father’s Love Is The Universal Medicine For Vices

Love, only vibrations of the Father’s love and your complete devotion to Him, is the only means of healing your physical ailments, spiritual diseases, mental dysfunction, harmful vices that have over flooded your world, such as corruption, bribery, desire for power, greediness, violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, family conflicts and divorce, degrading of education, alienation of society, wars, suffering and pains of humanity, fear, anxiety, depression seeming to you without any cause, lack of love, marriages out of calculation, abortion, single mothers, abandoned children, hiding parents, debauchery, prostitution, homosexuality, poverty, famine, a deceptive dictatorship, a gray and faceless democracy which is slowly ruining humanity, gambling, commercialized sports, a dead ritualistic religion, confusion and crisis of the youth, one’s absolute failure to comprehend the meaning of one‘s life as well as of one’s each hour, and similar things.

It is sufficient for you to discover a living presence of the Father within you and all these negative vices will be eliminated; and you will not be able to believe by yourselves that just by one single action – by discovering the Father – you have conquered so many negative influences, vices, and the phenomena which made you suffer so much and which really operated within. You did not do anything special to liberate yourselves from all these negative influences, neither did you study anything special, nor did you look for anything special. You just discovered the Father within your own selves. And just this effort but only a sincere and steadfast effort, daily, was enough that the Father, particularly He, would reward you with this liberation.

In order for you to understand your own situation better, I shall provide you with a greater impact of your environment on you and all others when you make any decisions which play down your honor or, on the contrary, elevate you to the heights of the sons or daughters of the Father.

You are so steadfastly fighting against corruption, against bribery, yet the situation is not improving but rather it is getting ever worse. And that is happening throughout the world, even in the states that some of you consider to be very transparent, such as the Scandinavian states or Switzerland. Corruption is also ever more entangling man’s soul which, cannot take off to its free flight of love, even in these countries.

97. The Impact Of Bribery

When any doctor or any official of a state institution takes a bribe, he believes he has not done anything bad since nobody has noticed his action. He may still remain pure and happy and wear his clean mask before his colleagues, before his children, wife or husband, before all people he encounters. He can even openly speak out against this vice which is destructive to the society. However, in reality, everything transpires in a different way.

When a man just prepares to hint that he wants a bribe, already at that very moment, the high vibrations of peace within him, whatever confusion and worry his inner state might have been in till then, the higher vibrations turn immediately into energy vibrations of low frequency which are transmitted through the blood by a selfish human self, to each cell of the body, and these very vibrations spread out not only around this very person who has made his choice for taking a bribe, but also everywhere out into creation. And these vibrations are spread not only at the time of making the decision, but all the time, and they get-ever lower because mind is preoccupied, even on its sub-conscious level, with planning how to implement that decision so that this very person-body, who is led by this mind, would not be caught while performing this action, and it would be good if the bribe were as big as possible but not too big or else it would not be given at all. But the bigger the bribe the more pleasant it is to the selfish animal ego, to that self who is emitting these low vibrations.

And each new step in this chain, each thought in the preparation of committing such a destructive-to-his-soul sin is lowering these vibrations ever more so that this person is incapable of normally assimilating even the food he partakes of. He feels anxiety. He desires that the designed moment of requesting the bribe would already be in the past. He begins to feel that he is scared by the thought, “and what if the one from whom he is going to request a bribe refuses to give it.” By this thinking his inner, and already unstable state is shaken up even more.

Once these two persons meet together, the emission of low vibrations becomes more intense. And it influences both of them if the giver of the bribe agrees to give it. And his own vibrations, from previously higher, turn ever lower. And during the very transaction of giving the bribe, these low vibrations reach the lowest amplitude, top intensity, and have the greatest impact on both of them; on the one who is taking it and on the other one who is giving it. And it is absolutely irrelevant that this tension drops after the performance of the very action. The low vibrations do not disappear; they are being emitted by these two persons wherever they go; to those with whom they associate. They radiate them, from their sub-consciousness, even during their sleep. Therefore, they can also erupt in the visions of a sleeping person’s dreams. It shows that even in one’s sub-consciousness they have intensified because they might have been provoked by some thought or by some sight, or by some word.

And this spreading of low vibrations does not cease until this person makes such decisions that correspond to higher and brighter vibrations and performs the sort of actions that match these higher vibrations. Therefore, if this person continues to walk on the path of bribery these low vibrations go down even lower and turn even more intensive, but the briber does not feel the embarrassment he was feeling at the moment of his very first bribe. He, like a drug-addict, gets accustomed to a dosage of these low vibrations and they no longer confuse his inner self. But that is an enormous mistake. The low vibrations have already started their destructive job in the brain and it stops sending the signal of anxiety to the central nerve system so that man would begin to experience embarrassment and feel anxiety over his decision. He does not receive this type of a signal unless the bribe is increased or the very circumstances change so that he would again begin to worry if it will go well this time, since everything will have to be different.

Bribing is nothing but bribe-addiction of the mind of one’s fake self. One calms down only after having received a new dose while, one feels anxiety when nobody gives a new dose. Then, one begins to feel within, anxiety, begins to wander, to feel uncertainty for one’s future wellbeing, for one’s inability to match the material wealth standards dictated by the vibrations of one’s own mind and by other minds controlled by similar vibrations.

And due to these ever lower vibrations within oneself which are emitted from oneself out, the human cells, that have been designed by the Father and me to act as healthy and without any conditions of stress, after some time, begin to feel the lower vibrations of anxiety of the person, even on a subconscious level, and they experience stress, a tension that makes the normal operation of each cell much more difficult. They do not know bribes. They just react to the ambience. And the briber, both the one who is permanently giving bribes and the one who is permanently taking them, cannot fully assimilate even the nutritious substances of any food which the briber eats. The cells cease to have a normal environment to operate within and they even stop receiving a normal nutrition since their performance is influenced by the conditions of stress that are produced by the central nerve system. Therefore, after some time, the cells cannot resist this stress and begin to degenerate. Their functioning gets disrupted. Illnesses begin. All the illnesses have one and the same matrix – the broken-down operation of the central nerve system that is very favorable soil for spreading even the most innocent of viruses causing a cold or the flu.

However, it is only the top of an iceberg. This emission of low vibrations is spread by the briber everywhere, all around. And wherever he is, more often or longer, by his low electromagnetic vibrations, he can disrupt the balance of other people so that they might become more nervous, even less resistant to illnesses; especially such people who live together with him; and particularly little children who are especially opened up to the impact of any vibrations – of a high and low frequency.

Therefore, a briber, by believing that he has satisfied his interest and solved his problem at the moment of taking the bribe, does not even comprehend that he has just wound up the very initial circle of the problem while the problem itself will only have ever more intensive and growing impact on a great many people, and especially on those closest to him with whom he lives, and particularly on his little children.

I have already told you that the whole of creation is an interrelated and well operating system which is governed by the law of the Father’s love, based on the principle of cause-action-consequence. Therefore, it is only natural that even when a person who has taken or given a bribe and has not been caught, all the same, by his low energy vibrations is breaking the law of the high vibrations of the Father’s love, the creation law which does not provide for selfishness. And because of this selfish act of a mortal, the consequences have to be borne by all the elements present in that system. The vibrations are spreading to absolutely all, even to the animals and plants. And man does not feel this impact to the measure that he might notice it and perceive its causes. It would be similar to this comparison: as you cast a pebble into a lake, has all the water of the lake moved due to the ripples produced by the pebble that fell into the water? Of course, not, but these vibrations have passed through all the volume of the lake water by a chain of ever diminishing strength. Yet every molecule of the lake water has been impacted by this strike. But neither your eye not the most sophisticated equipment of yours shall manage to register these vibrations. You well know the law of Archemedes: when an object is submerged into water it displaces the same amount of water as the volume of the thing submerged. Therefore, even the smallest pebble has its impact on the whole of the water body of the lake.

The low vibrations of a briber also impact the whole of the environment, and even the whole of creation. And the closer and more often the briber is contacted by another man, the greater is this impact.

Therefore, the time has come in which you must also take a more attentive look upon the mutual interrelationships within all of creation, and upon the mutual influence which you also have on both yourself, since your living body is not isolated from the whole of creation, but is exactly the same living system, and which reacts to the vibration system of the whole of creation, and on others around you, and even on the whole of creation. And once you, personally, or someone else in your family, fall ill or you have some hard, and difficult-to-explain feelings within yourself, then ponder over the impact of your life decisions, as well as upon the actions they produce, and you are just emitting low energy vibrations.

Bribery, or any other vice, which does not fit a son or daughter of the Father, has an influence on the condition of the physical health of society.

It is similar to this situation; if you were all the time amongst those who are shouting, swearing aloud, and fist fighting, soon you would begin to feel weakness within your own self, a physical fatigue, and you would desire to leave that venue as quickly as possible. Your whole nervous system would resist this abnormal situation that you are witnessing.

Meanwhile, low frequency vibrations, that are unseen by your eyes, but rather are felt by your soul very strongly, are even more destructive and harmful than the low vibrations produced by the episode I have just mentioned above. These invisible low vibrations are harmful to the cell activity of your physical vehicle and therefore produce disruptions and illnesses on a physical level, and they also dangerously influence even your soul. It is ever more difficult for it to stretch out for the Father’s love and light, since your own self, governed by your low vibrations, immediately suppresses any desire of the soul to see light and radiate love, because such a desire of the soul right away produces a big obstacle to implementing your selfish interests.

Therefore, very often, man attempts to suppress the pure voice of the soul within by artificial means – alcohol, drugs, and debauchery. And he does it merely to justify his own actions, since man’s mind, having been affected from without, cannot allow his soul to knock on it by its pure voice. Thus, the soul encounters additional obstacles: not only bribery, but also an intensive drowning of the real and true self of the briber by his ever new outer actions, so that he would not have to stay alone and talk sincerely with himself. Then, he is looking for the people who pursue similar interests, who also follow the interests of their own ego. They calm themselves down by holding rich parties, by demonstrating to each other their outer shining, and the environment within which this glitter might attract the eyes of their brethren with a similar ego, and receive a pleasing assessment from them. And these brethren of mine, apart from this similar glitter from without, have one more similarity which is within – they avoid and fear a sincere conversation, not only with me or with the Father, but also with their own conscience, with their soul, with their true self, that might open up and open the eyes of their fake and animal self. And to prevent this from happening, these brethren of yours, and of mine, resort to energetic activity so that they can submerge exclusively into it and have no time to settle a score with their own self, whose true, sincere, and quiet self of the soul, filled only with the Father’s love, is not seen, due to the outer glitter of the animal and fake self.

98. A Parable?

All my teachings are simple, understandable to many, and produce joy for the soul. And this attitude shows that the mortal is already starting to feel the vibrations of his own soul by his own human mind as well. And if he begins to follow my teachings ever more, to open ever more to the Father who indwells that mind through His own spirit, Thought Adjuster, this mortal for certain will discover the Father within himself if he has not yet discovered Him. And he will start to follow my teachings and submit himself ever more to the leading of the Father’s love from within so that he would not feel fear any more but rather boldly and resolutely would begin to live in the Father’s love and truth.

And the ambience that is attempting to make him live in exactly the very same low vibrations in which it lives itself, will not scare him any more. Only then will he be capable of transcending the low vibrations of the environment however threatening it might have seemed to him earlier, and to surpass the trepidation and even the fear it has caused to his mind. It is only this sort of man who will be ready to carry a torch of the Father‘s love and light around through a night-dark and threatening forest. And this torch will be nothing but that man‘s good deeds performed for the benefit of all rather than selfishly, just for himself. And this torch will light up the very path and even the one who will carry it to others. And fairly many, having seen this diffused light, similarly will cease to fear this frightening darkness which has surrounded them and they will desire to catch the flame from this torch of the Father’s love and light for their own small torches, to join this magnificently lit carrier of the torch and thus brightly light up the path for all. And that carrier of the torch will wisely teach this other one who desires to take the flame for his own torch, that this fire is not an ordinary one, it does not burn down the way an ordinary fire burns down and destroys material things. It is not possible to catch the flame directly from that very torch. It is possible only to light it by opening oneself to the Source and Center of love and truth – the Father. And this man who has a desire to feel courage and peace within, even as he now sees the torch bearer being bold and peaceful within, will sincerely learn by listening to the bearer of the shining torch in what manner it is necessary to light up the torch from within so that it would light up the path and the ambience without. And having made sincere and steadfast efforts, he will also experience that his torch begins to blaze as well. And it does not burn the body but rather pleasantly warms, calms, and lights the outer environment which is no more so intimidating and threatening, and in a similar way it lights up the carrier from within so that the inner fear and anxiety vanish, for they are replaced by a pleasant and ever strengthening love that seems to be so unlike the love previously perceived. Now it is being radiated to all without any choice, without any calculation, without any disposition.

And the most pleasant discovery is the fact that there sprouts out a desire from within to turn ever more to the Source of this very fire that is being felt as a loving Father of yours and of all. And as this desire ever grows you start to turn to the Father ever more and you even begin to talk with Him even as with a wonderful friend whom you love, without any fear, without any, even the least, worry and doubt that you must not talk with Him in any manner, that it is inappropriate to talk with Him in any way, for He is so mighty, He can even light the fire on the torch. You start feeling from within that He loves you and that He really desires that you would commune with Him without any mask, without any formality, without any artificial respect, commune with Him just as sincerely as possible. And you notice that the fire on the torch turns ever greater. It begins to blaze up ever stronger but it does not scorch anyone just lights up an ever greater area around that many more brethren would notice this fire of love and truth. And then it is repeated again, the same that was experienced by this man when he noticed the first torch-bearer of the Father’s love and truth and expressed his desire to have his own personal blazing torch so that he could also light the path.

And now many more people noticed these two torches which were shining ever brighter, because both torch-bearers had a closer communion with the Father and they looked upon themselves not only as upon the torchbearers, but also as their brethren, mutually united by the very same Source of love and truth – the Father. And then they began not only to understand ever better, but also to experience, by their mutual cooperation and the relationship with the Father, that all other people, who are still frightened and enveloped in the fear of darkness, are also their brethren since they can also light up their torches similar to the way in which they both lit up theirs – having turned to the Father within themselves. And they started explaining to those living in the darkness and fearing that very same darkness, how to light up their torches of love and truth to enable them to diffuse darkness and fear, to enable them to experience love within themselves and live in truth while doing good deeds to each other.

And now among the frightened ones, there appeared those who dared to try to ignite their torches. However, the majority, the absolute majority of them, feared it and tried to dissuade others from doing it by saying that they might burn themselves, that none of their ancestors had walked with those torches anywhere and had not lit any path for anyone, and they all lived in much greater concord, therefore now they should also live the way their parents and the parents of their parents lived. But such speculation looked especially ridiculous to the young, for they were thirsty for light. They desired to see not only the environment, but also the direction they had to walk on the path of their life. They were not content with the darkness. Their inner selves were feeling oppressed and dissatisfied with something, and all the time they were searching for something, only being unaware of what they desired or how to meet these desires. Their material wealth, accumulated in the darkness, neither warmed them nor enlightened their inner selves. Therefore, the anxiety they were feeling within, did not disappear, however much material wealth they had piled up which did not shine. It was invisible in the darkness. It was like a stone hanging around the neck and submerging them ever deeper into that darkness.

And the younger ones, who had not yet saturated themselves with that fear of darkness, tried to liberate themselves from this darkness exactly in a similar manner as the very first ones had delivered themselves from it. And they also noticed that their torches did ignite. And they also enlightened the ambience and even lit up the direction of their life path – to live for the benefit of all. And then they realized that even the wealth which had been accumulated with such difficulty and which now was dragging them down to the darkness, was necessary to be used wisely for themselves as well as for the enlightenment of all. And as they discovered this manner of applying their material wealth, they immediately began to use it, not only for their own benefit or for the benefit of their own families, but also for the benefit of all. And then they and all others noticed that their wealth ceased to cause them anxiety and drag them deeper down into the darkness as it had done before, but rather started shining ever more, even in that dark ambience. And the wealth itself and the ways of acquiring it stopped wearing them out but rather began to acquire meaning. And these very young people were feeling, in the light of their torches and in the light of the other torches all around, especially due to their inner love and truth, that the meaning of their lives was to earn wealth for each other rather than for oneself. The one who has greater capability in one sphere uses it so that the outcome of this sincere and meaningful effort would be directed to the enlightenment of the whole, to the development of all, so that darkness would begin to diffuse because this light will be seen by an ever greater number of other young and active people, as a joyful life and an ever improving wellbeing of their young colleagues and friends who carry this light. And they will also ask for this teaching as to how they might also light their torches to calm themselves down while seeing both the path of their life and the meaning of their activity.

What I told you now is not a parable. That is reality. Only you have not yet discovered this reality. Therefore, you do not see it, for you do not even look for it. However, this reality is not far away. This is the only reality that has any chance to exist. Simply there cannot be any other reality. Any other reality would only deny the law of the Father’s love and the Father himself as the Father of all who spreads love, radiates it to all, and universally without any calculation or privilege. It is the only reality of such a loving Father that can be the only reality in which we all, and each of us personally, carry the torch of the Father’s love and truth and light up the whole of creation. Any part of creation which violates the law of the Father’s love also experiences the operation of the only principle of creation – the principle of cause-action-consequence. Therefore, you must comprehend well that nobody else but you, each of you personally, can contribute to reducing or increasing your suffering, as well as the suffering of all, depending upon your choice: whether or not you want to carry the torch of the Father’s love and truth. It is only your decision of free will which can light up the path of life for you as well as for anybody else. And the greater the number of those carrying the Father’s torch the more loving and living in truth the society shall be.

You, each of you, cannot desire and decide for another one what and how that one needs to seek. You can make only your own personal decision, and in relation to yourself. However, having made your personal decision, you, each of you, become this only torch of the Father’s love and truth which will show you your personal true path. And another one will see his own true path. Still another one will do it too. And this fire of the Father’s love and truth will bring each one individually into a brotherly family since this light, even though lit up by each of you personally, and blazing with an individual light matching one’s ability to see that light and not get blinded by it, all the same, is leading you to this very path – to a mutual brotherhood within an enormous spiritual family of the whole of Father’s creation.

And this Father’s family starts its existence already today, and already on this world; not some time after your resurrection, not after your death that you are so scared of and that, due to your ignorance, must take you somewhere to non-existence, but as soon as you, each of you personally, light up this very torch of the Father‘s love and truth.

It is difficult for you to believe it. It is even more difficult for you to perceive it since the present time ambience is so selfish and so completely isolated, even though you do travel, keep contacts among yourselves, and communicate, but that does not eliminate your true mutual isolation. You associate among yourselves only as bodies rather than as souls. Therefore, your present association is nothing more than the isolation of your souls. And this is why there is no true society that would entertain common pursuits, that these pursuits would unite it as a community. Now there is a sum total of separate individuals pursuing their own personal, or at best, group interests, seeking their implementation. However, this sum total of individuals is far from being a true society. And you already understand well that the Father’s creation far transcends the society concept; for it is the Father’s family.

Therefore, any stage of humanity’s development will march on all the time until eventually it reaches such a phase in which each of you will hold the torch of the Father’s love and truth, light up your path and enlighten the ambience. And due to the inner relationship with the Father you will receive the teachings of how to walk on this meaningful path boldly and resolutely so that others would also feel this unquenchable desire to embark upon it. And this inner link of the family, of the family of humanity, of the family of the whole of creation through the Father will allow you, each of you, to understand, and even to experience, the meaning of this reality, and even to submit yourselves to the Source and Center of all Reality of Love and Truth – the Father – ever more.

And then there will not remain for you even a concept what is crime or wars, what is a lie or violence, what is fear or anxiety, and what is any negative emotion which today mercilessly is eating you up from within and destroying your health; and not only your personal health but also that of all your family, of the society, of mankind.

99. A Spiritual View Of The Environment And The Destruction Of Negative Emotions

By taking a spiritual rather than material look upon all creation, very soon and truly, you will begin to feel a real and uninterrupted link to the vibrations of love, of the Father’s love. And while experiencing this link at every moment, you will not want any longer to raise your hand against your sister or brother in spirit, physically, even in your thoughts. You will experience by yourselves that you started breathing this very love, and this breathing changed qualitatively. It became more rhythmical, deeper, and healthier. You started experiencing by yourselves that your previous living had lost its reality and glamor. Even though you might be surrounded by the same colleagues and close people, but your attitude to them shall have been tremendously changed.

Unexpectedly to yourselves, you will acknowledge the fact that the traits you have earlier noticed in the character of your relatives, friends, or colleagues, ceased to irritate you as much as they used to irritate you. After some time you will notice that the manifestation of these negative traits of their character stopped irritating you at all. And that peaceful tolerance of yours to the manifestation of the negative traits of their character will be noticed by them too. At first they will be irritated by this calmness. They will get irritated not by the fact that you do not get angry, but rather by the fact that they cannot remain calm within themselves while you remain calm. They will be irritated by the tranquility emitted by you and the vibrations of peace, unknown to them, which absolutely do not correspond to their inner low vibrations. They will begin to feel that you are different. And this approach of theirs will start to cause anxiety for them. They will not be able to listen quietly to your speculations on the brighter things, believing that it is nothing but unreal or overestimated theoretical ravings. And even your calmness, as their bitter remarks will not influence your inner vibration field, and as you preserve your tranquility both within and without, will be absolutely beyond their understanding. Therefore they will even attempt calling you hypocrites who are able to pretend well.

They shall be absolutely unable to comprehend that this peace is real and coming from the Father; from an ever greater and more live associative relationship with a living Father. What has become the reality for you and what does not require any willful efforts on your part any more, all this seems to them to be the enormous efforts of your own will and the forcing of your character. And they will begin to explain to you that to let out the negative emotions accumulated within is not only worth doing it but even healthy so that they would not pile up within and that man would not fall ill. They will even present to you the examples of what and when they have read or heard about teaching ordinary people this way by even the so-called professional psychologists and psychiatrists. For them, the outbursts of anger are completely a normal human reaction meant for one’s self-protection, similar to a fuse of an electric circuit to protect the devices connected into the circuit from overheating and breaking down. And your attempts to explain to them that an outburst of one’s negative emotions is not the source of health will be beyond understanding for the majority of them.

It is only possible to melt these negative emotions in the Father’s love that can be discovered within one’s own self when a sincere communion with the Father is begun. And this association is ever tighter, engulfing every cell, as an ever deeper tranquility and bliss within the soul begins to be felt. And no more personal willful efforts are required to achieve this tranquility and bliss in an attempt to suppress negative emotions within oneself. These very negative emotions have simply disappeared. The mortal cannot explain in a detailed way when and how it happens. Neither knows he this mechanism, yet he can share his experience that these negative emotions have really vanished and he has only a pleasant sensation of bliss which remains and that it gets even stronger and becomes prolonged if a personal will of the mortal is directed to a permanent and sincere communion with the Father, rather than to the struggle with the shortcomings and vices of his character, as is taught by psychologists and teachers.

It might seem that it cannot be so that the negative emotions which torment, not only the mortal’s soul, but also destroy his material body, could disappear without making any efforts to eliminate them. It contradicts all books which have been written to date by psychologists, psychiatrists, extra-sensors, whose assertions are thus turned upside down.

Man cannot believe these things since there is such an avalanche of information before him, such an enormous multitude of information, and all people, as if by an agreement, are claiming the same; that man’s personal efforts are always necessary in directing an individual to have positive thoughts, to a positive manner of thinking, because accumulating and keeping negative emotions within is harmful to every individual. The accumulated negative emotions, if unreleased from within can lead to very grave disruptions of the central nervous system and they can manifest themselves by different diseases such as depression, weakening of the immune system of the body, and, due to this, they might even manifest themselves by somatic diseases, and the like.

Therefore, the so-called authorities of yours by all means are pressing upon you, upon your consciousness and sub-consciousness, an idea that you may release these emotions out and feel a relief and by this protect yourselves from a greater negative influence on your body. You even justify a person who commits a crime in such a state that you have named as the state of affect.

All this explanation and approach to man’s life are erroneous. Your psychologists, psychiatrists, and representatives of all other spheres of science do not explain anything about discovering the Father within one’s own self, about directing all one’s personal efforts, instead of overcoming one’s negative emotions by one’s willful efforts or even by a required release of these emotions out, to completely submitting oneself to the Father, and, by this, melting all these very negative animal qualities which torment oneself, in the ocean of the Father’s love that over floods the whole of the inner self of a mortal, without any additional efforts to conquer these negative qualities.

You must comprehend that animal ego cannot conquer that which also has animal nature. That which is animal cannot struggle against that which is also of animal nature in order to completely conquer it and survive as such. And since it cannot survive remaining of animal nature, neither can it, in any way, struggle against itself, struggle in order to annihilate itself. That which is of animal nature can be conquered by that which is superior. Therefore, man’s higher ego can win against his lower ego. But man’s higher ego is not of animal nature but rather is divine, for it is one’s personality bestowed by the Father which has a chance to live for ever if he walks on the path of the Father’s love and returns home to the Father who is the Source of Personality.

Therefore, it is only turning to this Source that you can destroy the negative and animal qualities of your lower self, replacing them by the features of a different quality – by the features of love, truth, mercy, goodness, beauty, and the desire for and manifestation of service. And this is achieved only by ever more becoming even as the Father, indwelling your own selves. You have this saying, “You will become even as the one you associate with.” Or you also have this saying, “Tell me what is your friend and I shall tell you what you are.”

That is why if you desire to eliminate any negative traits of your untrue and animal character, instead of vainly fighting against these very traits, for you will get tired of this struggle, you will be exhausted and get frustrated because you are not getting any closer to victory, you, each of you, must always turn to the Source of the divine traits present within you through His fragment, and by this very connected live channel, let in His living water which is of the same quality.

This is the only true way for you to win against your negative qualities that destroy you from within, even though you do not desire to admit it, and keep claiming that you do not feel fear or anxiety, that you are calm, and that you are strong and healthy. However, these allegations of yours are lies at the very surface of your consciousness.

Your sub-consciousness is a hot ball of living nerves which is blazing up in fear and anxiety, and which is demonstrated by your permanent and chaotic dreams. When you calm down in your sub-consciousness your dreams will vanish. Your dreams are nothing more than a reflection, in your sub-consciousness, of your chaotic and troublesome living. And they can disappear so that you might have a clean channel in your sub-consciousness for the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster, to convey to you the teachings during your sleep when your consciousness is disconnected.

Therefore, you must comprehend that your health, the physical health of the body, directly depends upon your sincere and living relationship with the Father rather than upon the use of the misleading information which is provided to you. However great the amount of information might be, it does not mean at all that it is correct. The information is correct only when it is given to you from the higher sources. Once you begin to interpret this information by yourselves, a very large part of it is distorted. And following these distortions you also make distorted and wrong decisions while teaching others and while trying to apply them in your own life.

100. The Help Of The Father’s Spirit Is Everywhere And Constant

In order to establish the correctness of information you must set up a direct bond with the Father who is present within you, each of you, through His spirit, Thought Adjuster. Who will be happy having purchased a book which contains distorted information? It is like buying salt without its taste and which is not fit for anything but to be thrown out, under one’s feet and trodden upon as that which no more possesses its sole quality – the taste of saltness.

Therefore, even in this significant sphere of the establishment of the correctness of information, you must, again turn to the Father. And this verification of the correctness of information does not cost you anything. You make these very same efforts even as you make them in your desire to get rid of your negative traits of the character of your lower animal self. These are the same efforts, rather than additional. And it is really worth devoting your time and making efforts to discover the Father within, to set up the relationship with Him, and to be born of the spirit, for there is not a single argument that might support your decision for the opposite. You enjoy your inner peace, experience love, feel mercy, desire to do goodness without any reward, rejoice in sound health of the body, and lead a very long life, according to your present human understanding; the more so that you have the most marvelous friend, even as I had, when I sojourned among you in the human flesh. And you, each of you, are accompanied by Him everywhere and always, and He is with you, each of you, and even within you, each of you. You, each of you, only need not spare your sincere and steadfast efforts to discover Him within your selves. And the reward of this discovery shall be beyond your current, even most vivid, imagination.

101. Relationship With The Father Does Not Come At Once As Is Also Witnessed By The Experience Of My Apostle

It is hard for you to believe my words, but for many years my words have been already testified to you by my present apostle who prior to the establishment of his current relationship with the Father, also experienced much fear and anxiety, a desire to achieve material heights, pain of betrayal, the turning away of his friends, and his total isolation from the environment and the family. And it was only after he had discovered the Father within himself, after he had been born of the spirit, that all the negative features of his character that had been tormenting him from within, were wiped off as if by somebody’s invisible hand, so that his soul would be able to see through a marvelously clean window-glass such a colorful and beautiful picture of creation, with your planet as being just a tiny poppy seed in it. It became so little to him and so beautifully loved by him that no room remained within him for dark and destructive emotions of fear and anger to be spread out; and instead, love, truth, and light of the Father discovered within him were shining to him and warming him. And he experienced all this, thanks to his efforts, thanks to his sincere desire to share his knowledge and light with others, even though he had not had any other teacher who might have explained to him how to take a little daily step, a definite step.

He trusted the great teachers who taught with light that was too bright for him, therefore lighting up everything too brightly. But in his daily and ordinary search for the direction of the path to God, to man, he had to stray by himself. He was reading many nice and truthful books but he personally needed a simple and understandable word of how to feel God’s love within himself, how to love God and man, even though he had read about it a lot. However, these sources did not point out definite steps as to what he needed to do that these wonderful assertions – one’s love for God and one’s love for man – might be felt, might be really experienced.

Thus, he strayed within himself, held deep monologues with himself, experienced pain and anguish within himself due to an abundant manifestation of force and materialism around him, even at the expense of curbing the free will of others, which posed ever new questions to which the answers presented in these written sources, even though very deep and full of light, did not turn into his own experience, therefore they were only dry theoretical teachings. And his trepidation lasted every day for many a year. But at some moments he would notice that a certain intangible peace would come in as he, being alone and staying with his eyes closed, would make an attempt to envision himself merging with some, inconceivable to him, Force in all cosmos. And this inconceivable merging with something which was beyond his comprehension in any definite form, in any definite state but only as vastness of cosmos in which there must be present a certain Superior Force, would give him a real experience of peace and satisfaction within himself that would last just for several minutes. And then again he would get back to his difficult environment. After one year of such meditations providing him moments of peace, he little by little, in the evening just before falling asleep, began to thank the Father and me for the day he had lived through. He started to thank a person without attempting to merge with the universe of space. Still later his gratitude to the Father and me began to acquire an expression of the desires of his higher self, of his soul; and this expression was tinged with sincerity but lacked faith. He was doing it as if being unable to understand himself, why he was doing it or how to do it, and whether it had to be done at all. His mind was watching it, as if from without, that something within him wanted to express certain bright aspirations to God in words.

And these aspirations were simple. Such as; that all people would be healthy and would enjoy a deeper mutual understanding, that he would be able to understand himself. His thoughts were similar to an expression of separate rather than interrelated desires which were devoted to God. He did not perceive, even himself, that it was exactly this sort of path that was meant for each mortal: To establish a sincere monologue with the Father or with me.

Man cannot hear the Father’s voice at once which is speaking inaudibly to each of you all the time. The beginning is always from a monologue of the mortal, from an incoherent, completely disorderly expression of one’s thoughts, that even the mortal himself hardly understands what he is doing at that moment, and how he is doing it, since the mortal’s mind has not been accustomed to these things which had not been clarified by anyone. Meanwhile the superior mind of the soul that does not yet have so much power over the lower human mind to suppress it altogether that it would not meddle in at all and, by this, would not disrupt the breakthrough of the thoughts which the lips of the mortal utter and which belong to the soul that is coming into existence.

It is for this purpose that my teachings are meant; that you would understand ever more that it is your true self, your personality bestowed by the Father that must break through the shell of your earthly and human selfish mind to be able to talk live and meaningfully with the Father, and even to serve Him and the whole of creation, while doing good deeds every day without expecting any material or any other reward that so attracts the lower and selfish human ego.

And to my would-be apostle those unclear thoughts, those weak aspirations of his soul started gradually transforming into adequate thoughts which were acquiring an ever deeper meaning. Little by little he began to realize that these thoughts laid some responsibility on him, they obligated him to something. Therefore he began to select what thoughts were too bold to be spoken out to the Father. For instance, sometimes he still had a desire to have a little bit of strong drinks or beer together with his friends. And he did not want to give up this form of association with them. And alcohol was also providing him relaxation. Therefore, in his conversations with the Father and with me he avoided giving any pledges and even petitions to the effect that he might be given a chance to associate with his friends without alcohol. He would explain to himself that any thought he expressed to the Father or to me had its meaning provided that it was rendered sincerely and at the same time if he was undertaking his own responsibility so that once this thought would reach the point of its expression in his life, whether or not he would accept this expression. Therefore for a long time he did not dare to include into his monologue this sort of ending – “Father, not mine but your will be done.” He would end these monologues without this final thought. Once he tried to include this winding up thought but right away took his words back by clarifying to himself:, “No, I cannot say this yet. And what if I do not like the Father’s will. And I shall have to do it all the same since I shall have told Him this myself. Maybe some time later. But today I still want to leave greater freedom to myself and that it would not be limited by the will of the Father since I do not know what His will is. You never know what He might entrust me to do. It is better not to pledge that which subsequently I would be unable to carry out.”

102. The Bird Of The Soul Presently Is In Captivity In A Cage

My teachings should not scare anyone of you for they are meant for you to discover the true peace within you. They will scare only those who desire to devote themselves to meeting the interests of their selfish selves at the cost of others, even at my cost, as when your religious leaders under the cover of my name, even calling the religion, established by them after my name, are trying to control you and manipulate your feelings. They are keeping you locked up in a cage as the most marvelous bird which so desires freedom, which so desires to feel the motion of a real flight, for which it has been created in particular, and to experience all the pleasure of flying that fills up the soul with joy and even with an ever deeper fusion with these air currents which raise the bird to this majestic height once it spreads out its wings and flaps them. It is the air currents of the flight which are a splendid love of the Father that is experienced when a mortal discovers Him within and has his faith in Him with all his soul-heart.

It is then that all the limitations of the cage vanish. It is then that the soul can spread out its wings and rise in these air currents to such a height that it can see, from without, what a wonderful creation is and even to experience bliss within, to experience what the Father’s love is, of which it heard so much when it was still in the cage and in captivity.

The cage of the soul is nothing else but dead mores and rituals which endlessly entangle the wings of the soul and it cannot rise. And it is even afraid of listening to the stories of other souls about their flight. And your current religious leaders are in no way different from the rabbis-Pharisees of my times when they were also afraid of my words and did not allow ordinary souls, thirsty for a free flight, to listen to them. As they began to realize ever more that my teaching started attracting a greater number of sincere and common people they resorted to such actions which led to closing all synagogues to me. I was not allowed preach even the word of God in the Father’s house. And it was done by those who treated themselves as servants of God. Not by those whom they considered to be ignorant about the Jewish God – Jahve – but rather by those who called themselves Scribes and who were well versed in the Scriptures, by those who were teaching the Jews the word of God and who were demanding from them that they would follow this word, by those who had to see further and broader than the ones whom they taught. It was they who closed to me my way to the synagogues, to the Father’s house.

Your present-day Pharisees – priests and theologians – act in an exactly similar way. They keep you in captivity of dead Scriptures and do not allow anyone of you to be liberated into a free flight of your soul so that you would be able to expand, and supplement by your own experience, and by your understanding of the Father and me, the writings you call the Scriptures. You cannot keep incarcerated even the writings you call the Scriptures for a single moment. They must be free from the dogmatic interpretations and teachings of your dogmatic Pharisees – your priests and theologians. And all the houses of the Father must be open to all religions and not just to one.

Now you will never come closer to each other if you do not allow the pious believers of another dead religion to enter your churches of your dead religion with their prayers, even though they keep the wings of their souls fettered. You must invite each other and share the houses of prayer. While now you consider them to be suitable to perform only your dead rituals, others build up the houses of prayer of their dead ritual religions. And you cannot find a common language among yourselves in any way. And you shall never find it as long as you cannot find the Father within yourselves, as long as you are not linked up by the Father’s love, being really experienced within each of you, and spread out to each of you.

While the Father’s love within you is not pulsating, you must search for a smaller link, even though a dead link, that might interconnect you. Begin to share the houses of prayer among yourselves. Those of you who now believe in me and who use my name for your own religion, start doing it.

Then you will start to associate among yourselves much more. And the closer the association, the better the knowledge of one another. And the better the knowledge, the sooner will you notice that you are not different at all, and even more, you are brothers and sisters in spirit while you just have different rituals and speak different languages.

You set up earthly families among yourselves and those who are bolder manage to surpass even these very dead religious rituals and dead dogmas when your hearts are awakened by the Father’s love. It is the very same love of the Father which you direct to a definite brother or sister in spirit of the opposite sex. It is the true love of the Father, when experienced, that transforms even such a soul, which is usually full of fear, into a courageous champion for providing meaning to its love, in a new and loving family which is being born.

And you also will begin to look upon the religious rituals of each other in a more tolerant way for they are being softened by the Father’s love pulsating within you. And this love spreads out its wings even more after the birth of a new life in this very family of the two representatives of different religions. You do not want the baby to suffer while choosing one religion and rejecting the other. You believe that by doing this the child might offend one of you; and either of the parents desires, with love, to explain to the beloved child his or her best concepts about his or her religion and about God. And the little one just gets richer due to this greater knowledge. These two religions will not be so repulsive to him any more the way they would be had he been born within the family of representatives of one religion.

And the earthly loving parents do not demand that their little child choose either of their religions which represent irreconcilable and opposing religions. It is from the Father’s love that such children of God, turn into tolerant ones, and even into those who explain with love to each other and to their baby the concepts of each other’s religion.

And this is the way to bring each other closer, when you might offer your houses for prayer to each other; to share them at least at a different time. But it is certain that very many people would also stay during the prayer service of their brethren which are braided with different rituals, and which they do not dare to do at the present time. And this would be done by both parties. It would improve your knowledge of their rituals, and even of the brethren themselves. This closer relationship would also expand your outlook. Meanwhile, a common maintenance and care of the houses for prayer would allow you to communicate among yourselves not only during the prayer time, but also in a much more liberal environment, as you are not restricted by the performance of the ritual as it is during the prayer service. But this example of rapprochement would also be shown to the split sects of other religions. Keep in mind that other religions also have their own sects, and like yours, they do not associate among themselves either.

This step is very difficult for your religious chiefs but not for sincere and common believers. The chiefs will lose their influence but they will become freer and know each other better and they will also to be able to learn from each other. It will become a regular thing for you to invite each other to the services of each other so that you would sincerely share your experience and hear the sermon not only from your own priests but also from those of your brethren who lead their services in a different manner.

103. Women Must Become Clergywomen As Men

As long as the church does not allow women to become religious leaders on an equal basis, such a church shall be dark and keep all its believers in captivity. In your sermons you often say that I did not abhor to associate with publicans and women of liberal behavior, and even one of them, Mary Magdalene, became famous among you as my follower whom I did not reject as an unworthy woman who was fallen for good.

Yes, it is really so that I gave her the same rights, even as I gave to any of my other most sincere followers among women. But I did not give any higher rights to any man than to a woman. And you came to know about Mary Magdalene not because she turned into my chaste follower out of a fallen woman of free-behavior, for she was not the only one of this sort. You learnt about her because I accepted her into the corps of the twelve women evangelists that preached my gospel together with my apostles, and with more than fifty other men, evangelists. At that time it was unheard that a woman would accost a man in public while I invited them to become religious teachers. The Jews had never heard or seen it before. It was Mary Magdalene who was appointed to keep contacts of the women evangelists with the believers once there was a need to tell them something on behalf of this group of women. It is due to this fact that she became better known to people rather than due to the fact that while being a woman of free behavior, she believed in the Father’s heavenly kingdom and was saved. That was just coincidental. These twelve women, themselves, assigned her that role of expressing their common opinion. And the fact that you do not know anything about the other women, also testifies to the fact that those human religious leaders pursued their own selfish goals, for they absolutely kept silent about this marvelous liberation of women from the then-rigid and tightly wound grasp of the priests as far back as two thousand years ago.

The time has come for you to liberate women in the religious sphere as well. You speak about equal rights for women within society, and you defend their rights in the family, industry, politics, and science. And these are righteous steps. The community cannot develop if one part of it cannot enjoy these very same rights that the other part does. This applies to discrimination on the grounds of sex. Do you still desire, even in this century, to further remain as have been your savage ancestors, rejecting one part of their people and closing them into a spiritual and social cage? This is why you must see to it that women might also lead prayer services even the way men do.

Do you, present day religious Pharisees, still desire to continue to treat yourselves as wiser and superior to women, your inseparable part? How come you, as the sons, true and loving sons of the Father, do not take into account the desires of the daughters of the Father also to preach the word of the Father from the pulpit, and carry the Father’s love and light to their brethren, in the same houses of the Father in which now you have forbidden them to do so. Not I. Those of you, who so scrupulously protect rituals and dogmas, do not see that you humiliate me who is resurrected and alive, by elevating yourselves even above the Father who loves all equally, both his sons and daughters. Therefore, love them even as I loved them while in the human flesh.

I also encountered a fierce resistance on the part of Pharisees when I appointed the twelve women as religious teachers. They never reconciled themselves with it. They crucified me because of their exclusive rights to explain about God that I also shared with women. Thus, why those of you who so zealously claim to others in words to follow me, do not you follow me yourselves, why do you not want to share your self-ascribed rights to govern the church with your sisters in spirit even as I shared this very right with them?

I am teaching you that which you are capable of doing yourselves. Who stops you, even today, from announcing from your high positions and pulpits: “Our sisters in spirit have exactly the very same rights and privileges to become priests even as we, men, who have already become such.” Who stops you from pronouncing the following: “We desire to share the Father’s houses with the believers of the other churches that bear my name, and even with the believers of other religions.” Your fear? Fear for your position, for your name, for your influence on others, for your future? However, I say to you all where there is fear there is the lack of love. This is a response to you whether you believe in me, whether you believe in the Father. Each one who has faith in me, in the Father, that one already has no fear for oneself. That child of the Father is motivated by that very love experienced within. And then an inner enlightenment comes; that no woman can be lower than man anywhere including religion. The Father has bestowed this very same free will upon all. And nobody can restrain it. Even you, the present-day Pharisees, by self-ascribing to yourselves the right to control believers, including women, and without providing them equal rights to become priests even as you are.

You took away free will from women while it had been given back to them much earlier, by politicians who do not consider themselves to be servants of God or my disciples the way you do. And they, not being that pious, as you regard yourselves, have given women more. They returned to them that which had been taken away from them – the right to vote and participate in politics on equal grounds. Now, just look how many women already win even the top state positions when they participate in open elections. However, those of you who consider yourselves to be the servants of the Lord of mercy and justice behave in a much more unjust and unmerciful way than the ones who, in their direct occupation, have no connection with the Lord.

Moreover, politicians in their daily activity, fairly often turn away from, and even betray the Father himself. Thus, why do those of you who must carry the Father’s light and spread mercy and love trample these very most essential foundations of the vitality of all creation, and at the same time self-assign to yourselves the right to violate the free will bestowed by the Father upon all the family of creation and upon each of its members?

By this you raise yourselves even above the Father.

My teachings are light even for those of you who now just cling to the dead rituals and profess dogmas, if only you sincerely desire to change yourselves for the better. It is this very desire to become better that is the very first, though very weak, pure desire of the Father, deeply and silently uttered by the voice of the soul – “Be perfect even as I am perfect.” And this voice of the soul will feel, ever more, that these teachings of mine start to move the soul ever more strongly. It will see an ever greater depth of the very same truth of the Father, and the soul itself will begin to think ever more freely. And due to this, my teachings will start penetrating the soul ever deeper. And the soul will enjoy this penetration of my teachings within it. It will experience an ever weaker desire to oppose them but rather it will desire to share them with other brethren. And then the soul will start thinking in a wiser and freer way. And it will arrive at comprehending one more significant aspect of the restraint of free will, even for men.

104. Catholic Priests Must Have Their Families

The Catholic church completely violates the free will of the Father once it forbids its priests to get married and have their families, to raise their children, and to share their experience in the up-bringing of their children with the believers so that the latter might follow an example offered and shown by the priests as to how, in concord and love, together with the Father, to develop the youth in such a spirit that they would really grow as the sons and daughters of the Father from their very childhood.

The Universal Father provides equal opportunities to all His children to experience Him within. Exactly similar and equal chances are given to all to feel attraction to the opposite sex to ensure the extension of mankind and the races. However, man himself, by turning away from the Father, designs restrictions for the representatives of one or another caste. This restraint is not from the Father. This restriction is the manifestation of the free will of the mortals who have turned away from the Father and who pursue their own goals, violating the free will of the Father. Therefore, such deviations that impact the development of all humanity appear on the stage.

The ban on having children, applied to the Catholic priests, is nothing but a dead tradition invented by you. The same is applied to monks and nuns, both among Buddhists and Christians. This is a violation of the Father’s free will and even a shortsighted punishment of mankind by your own decisions and actions.

Just ponder how many honest and sincere catholic priests, nuns and monks of different confessions, might contribute to the rehabilitation of honesty within family if they showed their own example of their family life to all other believers. It is they who might have become this salt of mine, even while clinging to the dead traditions and dogmas, to implant love with my name into their little children. And those little ones would have opened up to the Father themselves and would have changed those dead customs and dogmas that their parents, through generations, had not dared to do.

The Father gave the instinct of reproduction to animals, while man, apart from this instinct, was also given the spirit of the Father himself that leads mortals to apply the moral principles in practice, both within family and society. And if the morals and honesty of society greatly degrade, when man turns away from the Father’s spirit indwelling him, there is no one to awaken the society if those who must awaken it to a spiritual elevation do not know themselves what must be done, because they have not yet been awakened themselves. And if one of them wakes up, he does not have any experience in how to carry this light to the little ones because he has never had the practice of their up-bringing in his personal life. Therefore, there is not such a living teacher who would have discovered love and light within himself and who even would have accumulated a proper family experience that others might believe and follow that teacher. That is why all these religions, by imposing these family life restrictions, harm themselves and even the whole of humanity.

Present day humanity is dead and theoretical because it does not have a live relationship with God, about which it speculates a lot in synagogues and churches, in mosques and in any other houses of prayer, but these assertions are not practiced even among the believing brethren of their own religion. Therefore, everything remains on a theoretical level. And as you well know, even from the high school years, that any theory is but a dry tree, the green foliage of which is only produced by a practical application of the knowledge. Just theoretical lessons exhaust a child very quickly and his attention fades, and very soon such lessons become even abhorred and boring to him, so that he does not want to study anything at all.

And this reaction of a child is natural, for in the Father’s creation theory is always matched with practice, service. Religion and morals can become living and can bear a wonderful and vital desire to cherish them, provided that man starts tasting them in his practical life, when it is comprehended ever more that nice words about moral behavior are not only a theory, but that these very words possess vitality which can be felt by each who lives up to these moral principles together with the Father, and who has discovered Him within one’s own self. That is why priests have to experience the chores of the family life too, to be able not only to preach their higher morals to other families, but also to apply them in their own families.

105. The Father Has No Exceptional Son Or Daughter

Priests are not exceptional people even though you consider them to be special people. Priests are exactly the same children of the Father even as you are. And they have no additional rights beyond yours. I have neither appointed any priest, any pope, nor ordained anyone to any special rank but my twelve apostles and the 70 evangelists; and the contemporary, present day apostles of mine. However, they do not have any exclusive rights, and these honorable positions, offered by me, they have taken upon themselves willingly and of their own free will. But they are no more gifted than you are, they have no more privileges than you have, by no means have they any greater guarantees that they will not turn away from me or from the Father than you have, because they also have the very same free will bestowed by the Father, even as you have. And I have never restricted, neither do I restrict now nor shall ever I restrict the free will of any of them. Therefore, they have the same choice even as you have before you – to love the Father and always stay with Him, within Him, and feel Him within yourselves or to turn away from Him and devote yourselves only to performing a dead ritual and professing a dead dogma without even allowing others to make an attempt to change some ritual or remove a dogma.

My apostles and ambassadors of the Father have one exclusive quality – a living faith in the Father and relationship with Him, with me, and with my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, as well as with other helpers of mine that are your helpers too. That is the only quality of theirs which allows them to walk on this path that you do not dare to, even though you might also become my apostles – both men and women. I do not limit anyone’s free will.

Whenever your souls open up and submit to the leading of the living Father within with a whole heart and desire to do His will more than anything else, and if they desire it then I shall appoint such souls, all of them, as the ambassadors of the Father and my apostles, and the Father shall confirm this appointment and authorize them to preach HIS living word, teach and heal in HIS name. And I shall also confirm this authorization that my apostles and ambassadors of the Father would preach, teach, and heal in my name too, because the Father and I are one in spirit, even as the Father, I, and His ambassadors and my apostles are one in spirit.

I do desire and urge that all the present time priests and nuns and monks open up to me that they would feel a spiritual relationship with both the Father and me and that they would also begin to petition with their open souls for this very appointment as the ambassador of the Father and as my apostle. And I shall hear them even as the Father will hear them, and the desire of their souls will be satisfied. And then they will start preaching a living word of the Father, not from the Scriptures, but the Father himself will speak through their lips even as I shall speak through their lips whenever they desire, even the way this ambassador of the Father and my apostle talks with the Father and with me, and the Father speaks through his lips and I speak through his lips even as now he is receiving this teaching of mine that is meant for all of you.

Everything is in your own hands; in the hands of each of you. It is only you, and not I, who can decide what you want even though I know better than your mind does what your soul desires, but I cannot make a decision for you. Even the Father cannot do it for you. Free will cannot be violated even by the Father. If only the Father violated free will, bestowed by Him, all creation would break to pieces for it is developed by free will manifestations and experiencing the Father’s love.

That is why none of you, whatever religious rank you might assign to yourselves, may take away from priests, nuns, and monks, the chance to manifest their free will in having their own families. However, whether or not to have a family, each priest must also decide freely, but he must be given the possibility for this decision.

Meanwhile, all creatures must have equal possibilities. Possibilities are provided by your wisdom. Suppose you adopt laws which provide equal possibilities for all to enjoy them and to receive education, to receive medical care, to exercise your invented rights to work, to training, to high school education, to personal safety, to the security of society, to ensuring human rights, and some other rights designed by you such as freedom of speech, protection of private property, the right to private property, and the like.

In order to guarantee these very rights, equally to all, you adopt certain laws that help ensure the functioning and existence of an organized state, both within it and among other states. And as long as you abide by these very laws that you have collectively passed, all the citizens of that state are given equal possibilities to follow these laws and exercise them. However, the moment someone of you, individually or collectively, breaks any law and manages to escape punishment, the equal possibilities for exercising these very agreements which you have produced collectively and which you call laws, vanish.

When a person, or a whole group of persons, break a law and remain unpunished, as has been provided by your law, this person immediately violates these equal possibilities declared by this very law for all. If punishment immediately follows a violation of law, then equal possibilities for all are ensured, because the law provides a certain punishment for violating these equal possibilities for all. Since everyone has free will as to their choice to violate the law and risk losing their wellbeing, or to abide by law and gradually ensure the wellbeing for all. The manifestation of free will is always in existence, and it exists throughout creation even as on your planet.

However, when someone violates the law and remains unpunished, and it is seen by others, then, the equal possibilities are broken down. In this case the very law ensuring equal conditions of the game for all loses its meaning. Then it no longer ensures these very equal chances for all, it stops acting as the guarantee of equal possibilities for all but, on the contrary, it acts as evidence of the violation of these possibilities. And it exposes them so clearly that it generates a desire to change these impeding laws in such a way that would not be so clear and understandable in a uniform code. And this leads to creating such laws which confuse and which can be interpreted in different ways depending upon the skills of an interpreter.

And once equal possibilities for all are broken, a danger exists, not only for separate strata of the citizens of this country, and even for those who abide by these very laws, but also for the very existence of the state. You must comprehend the most crucial thing which has been ignored to date by both psychology and religion – the role of man’s sub-consciousness in his relationship with God as well as with other people.

When laws are being violated by an individual or by a separate group of people and despite the fact that these violations are evident, yet no punishment follows, but rather on the contrary, those people who break laws may even continue doing it and remain unpunished, in this situation the sub-consciousness of the people accumulates the low vibrations of dissatisfaction, both with those who carry out the actions, who break laws and escape punishment, and even more, they continue to occupy their high positions and lead a very comfortable life for their body and demonstrate it to their friends while television, newspapers, and journals spread this mode of living to all others, and with the ineffectiveness of laws and the institutions which are incapable of ensuring the administration of these laws, with this inconceivable difficulty of life while abiding by the law, with one’s own personal failures which, very often, are associated with this disorder in the state, and with some wrong decisions and actions made by the family members, which man’s sub-consciousness also relates to these very negative vibrations caused by this unfavorable environment, gradually people’s attitudes even to this very state, to the whole community, begin to acquire ever thicker negative and dark colors yet inconceived on their conscious level. And all these negative impulses of sub-consciousness, these low vibrations, start gradually destroying man’s body and the whole of his nervous system from within while he does not yet feel it.

But not a single quivering of one’s sub-consciousness vanishes, it just accumulates in sub-consciousness, and after having accumulated a sufficient amount of these vibrations and under the influence of a corresponding outer impulse, even a very innocent one such as somebody’s wrong look or word, and right then, the whole avalanche of low and negative, up to this moment consciously inconceived, thoughts and attitudes will acquire the manifestation of an avalanche of already well-comprehended, on the conscious level, and very powerful impulses to act, and to act in order to release the whole gamut of negative vibrations which press this person from within that he cannot withstand this pressure any longer. And these actions can be very aggressive and even uncharacteristic of this person.

Therefore, you must understand that man’s sub-consciousness is a very important depository which he can replenish with both positive and negative vibrations even without feeling it. All negative, or low vibrations are from man’s animal genetic inheritance that might be increased by the concepts and attitudes of man’s selfish, or human, ego. All positive, or high vibrations are from the Father’s spirit, the Thought Adjuster, who is influencing you through your sub-consciousness and waking up your true and divine ego. And when you violate laws and escape punishment keep in mind that by this you also contribute to making a spiritual awakening of your brethren more difficult because you are leading them to falling ill, to family conflicts, social conflicts, political conflicts, destruction of the state by putting its survival, literally, at the brink of ruining it. An insignificant impulse might be sufficient to cause the progress achieved in the course of many years within the state to fall down into this abyss together with this very state.

And this is done by those of you who violate the insurance of equal possibilities for the whole society when you break agreements-laws produced by you and remain unpunished, and continue to relish in bodily comfort.

I have already told you that the whole creation is a system and the break-down of a smooth operation of any of its links has an impact on a smooth functioning of the other links of the system. You cannot escape the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence in this case either. Since you do not grasp the operation of this very principle you do not even think that your own behavior influences the lives of the people whom you even do not know personally. And by violating equal possibilities for all you can become the cause of the premature death of a person whom you do not know at all: by this anti-divine behavior you can push someone to committing suicide, another one, even without consciously conceiving it, and merely due to the domination of low vibrations in one’s sub-consciousness, because of your selfish actions, can experience a stroke or a heart attack and ultimately passing away, out of this material body.

Therefore, you must get to know both creation and yourselves ever better, and you must also experience the Father within. It is only then that you will perceive that by any actions of breaking equal possibilities for all, you also do harm to the whole system. However, the greatest damage is done to yourselves. Here operates this same principle of cause-action-consequence. And it is applied to all uniformly. And its impact on each is exactly similar as in a case of bribery which I have already explained earlier. Therefore, once again, read my clarification about the impact of bribery on both an individual and the whole.

By breaking down the environment of equal possibilities for all, without perceiving and feeling it, you ceaselessly radiate your low vibrations into the ambience. And these vibrations are felt by others, especially by more sensitive people. Due to this they respond within themselves to your actions stronger. And by this they also harm themselves, and they also start emitting lower vibrations as against those they have radiated prior to the moment of learning of some negative news that shocked them. And this is also a path to your illnesses, as well as to a lower immunity to viruses, and a nervous ailment on the part of the whole community.

Now I must explain to you about different abilities, while even enjoying equal possibilities.

You notice already now that even little children can perform a similar job in a different way. Suppose you ask your children to tidy up the room. One child may react to your petition immediately with pleasure while for another one it is not sufficient to urge even several times. One child can perform the work entrusted very diligently while another one can do it off-handedly. One person can read fairly a lot without getting bored while another one, just after a couple of minutes of reading, finds it difficult to focus his attention and puts the book aside. One person can explain very sophisticated schemes while another one cannot fluently explain even the way to a supermarket. And all this is due to the fact that each man, and not only man, is different, unique, and matchless. Each one is weaving one’s own pattern into the picture of the whole of all the planet, even of all creation. The abilities of each are different. And they are determined not only by one’s genes, by one’s up-bringing, by one’s education, by accumulation of one’s experience but also by one’s relationship with the Father. And there are no two persons who would commune even with the Father alike.

I told you how I started communing with the Father once I was in the human flesh two thousand years ago. I simply did not have anyone to whom I might have addressed my questions which would rise to me, and to which I would have received satisfactory responses. And that was a new experience to me. It was the time of investigating, including the investigating of my own self. And nobody else could have either counseled me or helped me make my path easier. At that time the environment was very dark and permeated by the fear of God.

Today, my teachings will become this council for you, and they will make your path easier in the future provided that you apply them. If you reject them as unnecessary because your attention will be focused on other things, in that case your abilities will be of one type, if you really, in sincerity, read them, then your abilities will be largely expanded. Your free will is crucial for me and I shall never violate it. However, I am explaining to you that you can broaden your abilities extraordinarily while walking on the Father’s path. I am explaining it to you so that you would not make a mistake and would not mislead others by saying that once the Father, I, and you are one in spirit, thus all of us must be uniform and must think and act uniformly and by this make all creation into a uniform and dull stage for all those in uniformity. That would not be true. Creation is so diverse, there is such a versatile activity going on within it, so many different ideas are generated, there are so many different ways for everybody to make these ideas meaningful, so that there arises no thought about uniformity. This can strike your mind only because in your own environment there is only one order of life possessing free will – the mortal, or the human. However, subsequently, after the material death, as you will be resurrected in a higher form, in the soul form, which is called by a new term, in the morontia form, then, gradually, new life orders will be revealed to you ever more. And you will learn to associate with them and even to cooperate with them for the benefit of all rather than for your own.

Today, so far, you cannot find a common language even within one life order – the human being.

And you do not find touching points not only within this life order, because even this only free-will life order inhabiting your world at the present time has also different races and different religions, thus you are unable, so far, to find a common language even within one race or religion.

Therefore, I give you these teachings of mine so that you would look into your selves and discover the Father within, and everything you receive and experience from the Father, that you would give out to all races, to all religions, and even to all creation.

And it is only then that you will realize that possibilities differ from one’s abilities. Possibilities are equal throughout creation, to love the Father and each other, but one’s abilities differ even in the Father’s creation ruled by His love. And one’s free will determines how much each one desires to expand one’s personal abilities by equal possibilities provided.

And when man discovers the Father within, he does not violate the manifestation of the free will of others, but rather devotes his life to his personal growth together with the Father, ensuring equal possibilities for all.

106. Mutual Relationships

One of the most important fields of mortal life are the mutual relationships which manifest themselves everywhere starting with family, friends, classmates, colleagues, compatriots, and citizens, relationships among people on the street or in any other place. And having taken a more attentive look, you will notice the difference of your behavior in various places. You get much more relaxed within family and you may be liberal in loving, more in the way you understand love, or in being angrier and less tolerant. You restrain yourselves more with your friends and you do not allow yourselves to burst out as in your family. You restrict your actions with your colleagues even more. With the people on the street you do not even associate. However, if you go somewhere farther away from your city or state, then to you, each of you, even a stranger whom you have not known up to then, becomes a neighbor and you desire to approach him, you desire to share your experiences with him, to ask him about his experiences. And the farther away you are from your state, the closer the relationship with your compatriots.

However, during all this time you are the same man. You do not become another person when you associate with your friends or colleagues, when you are in your city or in a far off land. Thus, why is your behavior conditioned so much by the ambience, why do you behave so differently while even being the same person?

Your different behavior in different situations with different people is determined by your own human self. Each time it receives low vibrations, even beyond your conscious perception, the low vibrations coming out of your sub-consciousness motivate human consciousness to behave in one or another way. Human selfish animal mind immediately begins to act in the brain as the fastest computer, assessing the ambience and possible consequences if it behaves in one sort of environment exactly in the same way as in a different ambience. It is calculating in sub-consciousness, that one or another sort of behavior might cause much trouble to its own ego, might cause various problems if it gives a hug and a kiss to a friend in a similar way that it gives a hug and a kiss to his or her own son or brother. Still greater problems arise to one’s own ego if it behaves in this manner with a colleague. Meanwhile, by acting like this on the street it will provoke confusion even among many people because the person who will be attempted of being kissed will be scared and his reaction out of fear might be very aggressive and drag into that dynamic situation more passers-by, in no way connected with the situation, who will start expressing their own attitudes or even resort to some actions. However, if you behave in this manner after having encountered your compatriot in a very far off land his reaction will not be negative as it would be in your own land. In a far away country, the environment is unusual, alien to you, therefore every word you hear and understand or a noticed face from your own land, immediately brings you closer to each other and removes all barriers which would be immediately set up by a similar action in your own country. And the low vibrations being passed to your consciousness by your sub-consciousness to the effect that to behave in this manner in your land is inappropriate, are not judged so strictly any more in a far off land, and your consciousness blocks these very low vibrations and the brain receives a command from higher vibrations of consciousness to make a decision and give a hug to your compatriot.. This action by no means would be possible in your own land.

Does this mean that in one case this person behaves in a sober way while in the other one unwisely? Of course not. But in one case they might run into each other in their own city and pass by as two strangers and absolutely as alien people just because they are in their usual environment in which the actions of consciousness are determined by a multitude of information which lies deeply hidden in the layers of one’s sub-consciousness and which is ever accumulated through different events, through the stories heard, situations seen, accumulated unconsciously in addition to the attitudes man has already formed of an appropriate and inappropriate behavior on the street, and firmly established in his consciousness; so firmly established them that he has become a slave of these attitudes distorted by his consciousness, which forbid even to think that it is possible to behave otherwise than following these attitudes formed by his consciousness. Therefore, man behaves as a programmed robot – according to a program set by his consciousness and he does not think at all about any other sort of a more intimate behavior with people. And only after having come to a far off land, he begins to experience a completely different ambience. After some time he begins to feel that he misses his usual environment, even his native language, for he has to think hard in and speak a language that is alien to him and it wears out his mind. And this wear is suppressed by the experience of outer impressions, nevertheless it accumulates in man’s sub-consciousness all the same. And suddenly, after having heard the native tongue, an impulse from man’s sub-consciousness reaches his consciousness and it no longer resists this intimate and warm hug of a compatriot who, at least for a short while, removes tension, tiredness, and brings it back to the ordinary conditions of its functioning. Therefore, the former barriers and taboos set up by both man’s sub-consciousness and consciousness are easily overcome and one’s behavior approaches a sincere association even though the association is between the people who have not known each other up to that moment for they have never met each other before. However, they are brought closer to each other by the bond of their common language and nationality.

And during these moments, differences vanish which would necessarily exist in one’s own land – one’s social status, in what city one and the other live, whether one lives in the countryside and the other one in the city, what is their occupation, what their political views are, and many other separating barriers disappear, or if they do not vanish completely, at least they become much smaller so that they cease to impede their association. And these very obstacles spring up again to these very same people after having come back to and having met in their own land because when consciousness finds itself in its ordinary environment, the low sub-conscious vibrations which control a human animal ego, that sees danger to itself everywhere, begin to operate again. One’s frankness with others, one’s sincerity with others, one’s love for others, one’s mercy for others, one’s striving for truth, and similar things can be dangerous to one’s own ego, therefore this ego is hiding under different masks. It is nothing but a slavery of fear. And depending upon the ambience, it begins to liberate itself from fear. The longer man associates with others, the more he knows others, the more he begins to trust others, the less he begins to fear them, and therefore he can open up more and show more love.

Love is from the Universal Father. All creation receives the same love. There are no two sorts of love. There are only various interpretations of the vibrations of the same Father’s love, one’s own perception, sensing the vibrations being sent by Him, and spreading them to others by having already colored them with one’s own sensual experience, with the approach of one’s own human animal ego corresponding to the degree of self-protection of that ego.

Within family, if it is a loving and sincere family, human ego can experience the greatest relaxation and peace, and feel that it is safe, that it is not threatened by anything that could pose danger to it. Therefore, in this ambience human animal ego can experience more love sensations since love is inversely proportional to fear. And you, each of you, can experience it yourselves. Analyze your behavior within the family, with friends, with colleagues, with classmates, with people on the street, and you shall arrive at this very same conclusion – wherever you feel more anxiety, more fear, you feel less love there as well. You cannot associate there so sincerely as you can, and as you do, where you do not feel fear and anxiety. And that applies to all. There are no exceptions. Even beasts and animals behave exactly the same way. They feel peace and do not behave aggressively where they feel love. And on the contrary, the instinct of self-protection starts operating immediately, and right away aggressiveness arises where there is anxiety, fear; provided that the beast is not hungry. When the feeling of hunger dictates such a behavior, it has to satisfy the feeling of hunger.

107. Your Faith And Birth Of The Spirit

However, man is much more than a beast or an animal beyond comparison. He is a son or daughter of the Father. He has a survival possibility as has no other living being on your planet. It is only you who might be awakened from your death sleep. No other living being can experience resurrection. And that is ensured by the gift of personality bestowed upon you by the Father. It is this gift of personality that singles you out of all fauna throughout the planet and raises you to the height beyond reach for any other animal since you have the most developed brain and the spirit, the Thought Adjuster, bestowed upon you by the Father himself. And it is these two gifts, as well as free will, that provide you equal possibilities to be resurrected from the death sleep. And this resurrection does not absolutely depend upon your material status, business rank, popularity, good or bad deeds performed, race, religion, intellectual development, relations within family, or any other things except one and the only thing – faith. It is faith that determines the time of your resurrection. And if only you have faith your life changes so much that very soon you, each of you, begin to notice your changed attitude to the environment. And gradually you begin to see that you assess the actions of others in an ever more forgiving way.

Faith is your living relationship with the Father when your life acquires the meaning of directing all your efforts to making life better for others. It does not mean that you fawn upon others. On the contrary, if earlier you have toadied to others, now that you have faith, your fawning disappears because your own human animal ego begins to weaken and its place is being taken ever more by the true and divine personality ego, bestowed by the Father that has not the slightest intention of ingratiating with the human animal ego. Your divine ego does not look for its own benefit at the cost of others, even as it does not seek to elevate itself above all the other people by all means in order to boastfully demonstrate its activity before others.

However, it does not attempt to hide behind the backs of others either, once it has a chance to manifest itself, and a chance is always provided. It is only the human animal ego that blocks the divine ego from seeing it and using it and by this service become stronger and ever more suppress the voice of the mind of the animal ego.

You can make your faith stronger by your prayer and live conversation with the Father, and once you feel ever stronger the soul desire to serve others seeking no rewards, once you have a live communion with the Father, in your own words, in your own thoughts, and ever more sincerely, then you shall experience your own birth of the spirit that I have mentioned before. You will still possess your present material body but the bad qualities of your character, unexpectedly to you, will turn into the good ones. The love of the Father shall reign within you and you shall be feeling it all the time. And it is through this love of the Father, through a living communion with the Father, and service to all, that you will see that your human animal ego has vanished as it has been replaced by the divine ego to whom, suddenly, all people have become brethren.

And now the mutual relationships are grounded in the Father’s love that is really experienced. And they continue to improve since the Father’s love is being experienced ever stronger the more of it that is being given to others without any calculation. And it is only now that one desires to embrace, press against one’s chest, and kiss every person encountered even in one’s own city and not only in a far off country. And this desire is real, for it is from the very depth of the soul in which the Father’s love has planted its living root so that a strong and living tree of the Father’s love would grow ever stronger bearing spiritual fruit of good deeds.

And now man perceives and even truly experiences that there is not even a shadow of fear remaining in him. He no longer fears that after having revealed too much of himself somebody might use his sincerity against him. He does not fear any more that which earlier scared nothing but his human animal ego which considered its own self as the most important thing. Now that the divine ego was born the most important thing is the whole, others. Therefore, there did not remain that which might be hurt by others.

It is only now that even in a far off land, that very same mortal feels comfortable, and does not experience any fear or tension about demonstrating his exceptional feelings to his compatriot whom he ran into in this far away land. Now all people have become neighbors to him irrespective of their race, religion, or language. Now the divine human ego views the ambience with the Father’s sight. He shows to all exactly the same love that he experiences and receives from the Father. And such a human feels no difference between his family members, his friends, classmates, colleagues, and passers-by on the street. He radiates to all the same vibrations of the Father’s love which he experiences within himself.

However, so far only a few of you, throughout the world, are born of the spirit. Therefore, the behavior of even those children of the Father who are born of the spirit is restricted by your own abnormal and hostile behavior. Thus, they have to stifle their open outbursts of their love that their souls are eager to demonstrate. It is exactly the same as the Father also limits the vibrations of His love to you, to each of you, according to your, individual, desire to absorb these vibrations of His love. As it is painful to the Father once you reject His love that is being spread, poured out by Him to you so it is to His children who are already born of the spirit when they cannot openly share these very vibrations of the Father’s love in order not to scare you. Therefore, they have to curb their actions. However, they send these very vibrations of love to all of you, and each of you, and all creation by their inner radiation while you do not even see or understand it. And all this they do for your benefit, for the benefit of the whole.       

And these teachings of mine that you are reading at the moment are also meant to increase the number of those mortals born of the spirit so that you would begin to teach others that you are all brothers and sisters in spirit absolutely irrespective of where you live, what you do, what religion you profess, what race or nation you belong to, all of you are brethren. And it is only your ignorance and absence of faith that does not allow you to see this obvious thing – the Father is one to all.

And the sooner you believe it and have faith, the sooner you will be born of the spirit and turn all the world into a blossoming garden of the Father in which, by the service of all to each other, you will yield the spiritual fruits of the Father’s love with which you will nourish your souls. And it is then that you will see that you have ceased possessing your human animal ego to which you are now a slave and devote all your efforts and energy to build it up even greater, and by this to turn away and distance even further from each other. Meanwhile by getting further away from each other you are also getting further away from me even as you are getting further away from the Father who is within you since you do not search for Him within yourselves but rather try to look for Him without only.

Communion with the Father and with me is within the reach of each of you. There is not a single one who would be rejected or who would not be able to establish a relationship with me or with the Father having turned to one’s own self and having calmed down one’s restless mind which is meaninglessly wearing you down. And you can be certain of it, just try to calm down and talk with me or with the Father who, through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, all the same is within you all the time.

If the Father knows everything about you, even as I know everything about you, would it not be logical that you would also get to know about the Father and about me more than you know at the moment? Would you not desire to talk and commune with me, or with the Father, as with the living Father, and as with living me? You, each of you, desire it, only you do not know how to establish this living relationship so that you would be able to hear permanent teachings which would be meant for you even as they are heard by this apostle of mine, as they are heard by other mortals who sincerely aspire for this communion and who so sincerely commune. You must understand that you, each of you, are loved equally. And each of you has equal possibilities to commune with both me and the Father. Each of you is provided equal conditions to open up to one’s Thought Adjuster or to my spirit, the Spirit of Truth, or to the spirit of my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, which you call the Holy Spirit. But each of you has a different desire for this opening up, and even still less you strive for this opening up by considering that it is not a real thing or that it is not within your reach for you are in no way exceptional, merited, or distinguished in some particular way.

And even this teaching of mine is meant to sooth and strengthen you, so that you would make this step and allow this diffidence to diffuse once you, each of you, who desire this, might be certain that this experience is within your reach.

Therefore, you must give up the dead dogmas and rituals which have been keeping you in captivity already for many generations, so deeply that they have taken away your free will to commune with the Father and with me as with living, loving, and beloved persons instead of professing dogmas which just separate you from us and lead you further away from us. Your sincere desire expressed to us, even though very shyly, shall be heard for certain. And you will hear both the Father and me speaking to you.

You, each of you, make efforts to create a better material living for yourselves and for your own families, and you devote all your strength, all your energy, all your life to this end, and therefore you do not care about the fact that among these hard and sincere time-and-energy-consuming efforts there is no room left for a sincere conversation with the Father or with me. And you alone, thanks only to your own efforts, tread through your difficult and disorderly life just wasting it and without even giving a thought that you have wasted it. And it is very painful to both the Father and me to see you tormenting yourselves and giving everything for your material wellbeing and doing absolutely nothing for your spiritual welfare that is the essential foundation for you, for the blind mortals.

There is no human who could swap this numerator of the existence of creation with its denominator. You must comprehend that all creation makes up the whole and its basis, or the numerator, is spirit. Even all material universes, even a material Paradise, is just a dwelling place for spirits. And it is the spiritual interrelationship and service of spirits, souls, and even mortals that make all of creation living and operating. But not the other way round. All your efforts in life must be spiritual and directed to setting up a relationship on the grounds of love in all the spheres of your activity – politics, economy, art, sport, education, culture, family, religion, personal activity. Spiritual thinking must become the numerator of your living, while your present material thinking must go down from the current position of numerator to that of denominator. You must perceive that you will really begin to live much better when you restore a spiritual nominator to its place, when it takes up a dominant place, then the material denominator of your activity will have absolutely different tinges which at the present time you cannot even imagine. And the material wellbeing of all of you shall rise beyond recognition, since you shall devote all your activity to the Father and for the benefit of the whole rather than for the benefit of your own self and of your own family.

And to have this situation in dominance so that you would conceive by yourselves in what manner to manage your versatile activity, you will receive the teachings from both the Father and me if you are going to seek this sincerely and steadfastly. I urge each of you to stop being idlers in a spiritual sphere and get engaged in the activity even as you are engaged in a material activity. By this you will help yourselves, and even the whole of creation, and you will help your country, and the whole of humanity.

Spiritual efforts, on the part of each of you, have a tremendous impact on the rest of you. You should have already well perceived from my previous explanation that everything in creation is interrelated and operates as a system. And it is only upon your personal desire to get perfected spiritually, that depends this creation system depends as to how more or less smoothly it will operate as regards the manifestation of one individual within it.

You must understand that you will not break down the system but you can turn your personal living into a volcano which will never have peace, and therefore it will waste its energy without realizing that it also brings closer its own end from which there is no path to the eternal future. Therefore, even after having lived one’s entire life as a burning volcano all the time, and having received many nice words of acknowledgement, there will remain a cold emptiness within the soul which, while hearing no praise to one’s human animal ego, will submerge into even a deeper darkness and will feel still a greater anxiety. Neither one’s wealth nor one’s shining environment will invigorate the soul within the space in which the soul, in the state of bliss, could spread out its wings for a free-will flight in the air currents of the Father’s love.

It is to prevent this that I very earnestly urge you to turn to the Father indwelling you, each of you, and to start a sincere communion with Him.

108. The Establishment Of A Living Relationship With The Father

I have already mentioned to you about that path how to set up a sincere and live relationship with the Father. Now I shall repeat it once more for it is the most crucial thing in man’s life – to establish a living communion with the Father.

If two thousand years ago, when I was among you and as one of you, I had not communed with the Father I would not have been able to take in from Him wisdom, peace, patience, resolution, courage, and most of all, love, and by no means would I have been able to carry out my mission to the very end. It was only this living relationship with the Father that was upholding me as a mortal during my whole life in the human flesh when I started feeling ever deeper that the Father was that strongest rock onto which I could stand in peace while even finding myself in the very whirlpool of the severest storm.

And this very live relationship, provided by the Father, today is within reach for each of you. Do not push it away, do not ignore it, and do not be afraid of it, but rather use it since it has been designed by the Father himself for the benefit of all of you.

The place in which you might be, what time of day or night it might be is of no significance because this bond is always and everywhere accessible to you, each of you. It just opens up to you when you, having forgotten everything in the world, sincerely begin to talk with the Father even as with the best and most trustworthy friend. You relate your difficulties, pains, and hardships to Him, you share your joys and pleasant experiences with Him, and you talk with Him from of the depths of your heart since only a soul which is opened to Him can talk this way. And to make your opening easier, that your mind would calm down, prior to it, speak in your own words the following: “Father, I have read the teachings of Jesus where he speaks about this possible communion with you; I glorify you as the most marvelous Father who descends to the very least one that he might commune with you. I desire to associate with you, therefore I want to tell you everything that today worries and gladdens me, what troubles me and causes pain in me, what confuses and misleads me, what helps me and provides joy to me. Father, it is only you who can understand me like no one else because Jesus explains in his teachings that you are also within my own self. Therefore you can understand me that well as nobody else can get within me.”

And relate to Him everything about yourself, about your life. And this narrative is necessary to you. The Father knows you from within even better than you know yourself. This narration is necessary to you so that by revealing your soul you would calm down your mind, for it is only a peaceful mind that can hear what the Father is saying, and what I say.

And once you relate about yourself, from the very depth of the soul, so that even tears might wet your eyes, do not be ashamed of them, these are the tears of sincerity, these are the tears of a pure soul already capable of presenting its own attitudes. Then wait in silence and peace. Do not worry about anything. If you do not hear the Father’s voice do not get embarrassed. Vibrations of the Father’s voice are of a very high frequency while your soul has not yet had a chance to operate to be able to feel these high frequency vibrations. It has always been suppressed by the low vibrations of your human animal ego that have kept you in captivity all the time of only material thinking. Therefore, your soul might need a considerable period of time for such sincere conversations with the Father and for such still and peaceful sessions of listening, to be able to get accustomed to ever more spiritual moments of this sort of soul opening, and at the same time to reach a higher level of the Father’s vibrations so that it would also hear the messages of the Father meant personally for this soul.

It is only sincere and steadfast efforts that crown in success and the soul receives a blissful reward – begins to hear the Father speak to it. It is the moment when the soul in no way will stay passive any more as it has been. It will start manifesting its growing stronger voice and attitudes in relation to human selfish mind so that a moment will come when the human mind will give in to a superior and purer thinking of the soul mind which always leans upon the leading of the Father from within as well as upon a deeper wisdom, reaching the soul also from the Father, through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster.

It is only this relationship, a living relationship with the Father that shall change the man that much that he shall not be feeling a lack of self-confidence. He shall be feeling the reality of the Father, or of mine, depending upon whom he shall commune with, and he shall even begin to spread greater light to his other brethren since he shall receive such teachings that no one else has ever read and heard of up to then in understandable and simple words, for this son or daughter of the Father shall share not only the very teaching but also his or her experiences, rather than rendering quotations from the teachings read, or heard from others.

This sort of sharing of one’s experience is much more effective than a dry recounting of other teachings either read or heard. In sharing one’s own experience one’s soul also participates, and it is the soul that has experienced all this that the person is relating to others at that moment. And at certain moments, as the process of sharing this experience proceeds, the soul sends its higher vibrations to the human material mind so that the person, for a moment, again experiences these very similar sensations that he has felt, only they were much stronger during the communion with the Father. And a sincere listener or even several of them, react in a more receptive way to the rendering of this experience in comparison with the presentation of any, even similar, information void of one’s experience.

Thus, experience is valued more than just a theoretical speculation, even though it is a very wise one. Experience provides growth to the one who experiences it, and while sharing it with others, the higher energy vibrations of one’s soul are also passed to those who are listening, because the soul itself is sending its direct and higher vibrations rather than just the human consciousness, the vibrations of which are much lower.

A live communion with the Father, or with me, is not only your personal development but also a spiritual development of the whole of the community. Two thousand years ago my brethren did not yet enjoy these possibilities when, because of the Lucifer rebellion, these equal possibilities in particular had been violated. And I had to expand the scale of my mission with one more task – to terminate the Lucifer rebellion in the Satania system of my universe. And I fully carried it out on the mount of Hermon having withstood the temptation of Satan. And, by this, the broken equal possibilities of communing with the Father were restored again when I ascended to the Father, and when we sent our spirits. The Father sent Thought Adjusters within each child of a normal mind, and I poured out my Spirit of Truth upon all flesh, and it also enters within, once man sincerely asks for it.

Now all of you have marvelous possibilities to make use of the assistance provided by these helpers, even as of the assistance of the Holy Spirit that has never been cut off, even under the conditions of the isolation of the rebellion. And if only you realized how much you, each of you, can contribute to the development of the whole of humanity, to its spiritual build-up, if only you realized how little you make use of the means available to you, then you would well understand why there is such a deplorable situation on your planet, why you, up to date, have so much suffering and pain in your inner life and even within your physical body that is tormented by different physical diseases.

And only one qualitatively enormous step on your part is sufficient; to have faith and set up a living relationship with the Father. And the troubles and pains of humanity shall flow away like clouds in the sky, while man does not even notice who has blown them somewhere far away effortlessly.

And once you have faith and a bond with the Father, all tormenting hardships, without making any efforts to overcome these very hardships, will all be carried away, no one knows where. They will not remain.

Today you cannot believe it. But I know altogether much more than you can even imagine that such things might be known, because you do not know anything even about the very existence of these things. Therefore, if you lean upon my teaching and make an attempt to use it by applying it in your every day personal life you will experience the righteousness of my words yourselves, each of you.

However, whether or not you will apply these teachings in your life, the decision lies within you, each of you, personally. Even though you gather together into a similar-minded group and make a common decision to make use of these teachings, the decision would all the same be made personally rather than by the group. There is no greater influence, even within the most united group, than the Father’s influence within each of you. Therefore, sooner or later, each of you will have to make such a decision. A united group can shorten the path of a personal choice or make it easier, yet even the most spiritual collective cannot make a personal decision for that very member of the collective. Free will can operate provided that it is personal but not collective. A collective will is when a decision is made by the majority, and the minority has to obey the decision made by the majority. However, in the relationship with the Father, upon the path of one’s spiritual growth, everything is determined by a free will decision.

109. Association With Ordinary People Of Other Lands Draws These Lands Closer

When I was in the human flesh, people were also interested in what was developing in other lands. And the only source of this news was in traveling. I did experience many pleasant moments while associating with the passengers of the camel caravans, traveling via Nazareth around all the then-world of the Roman Empire. Since my very childhood I was lucky to have been able to associate with different people so much because very many conductors of caravans would come to my father, to his small blacksmith’s workshop for the repair of their broken belts with metal buckles or the camel harnesses. When there was a need, my father did work as both a carpenter and smith and even repaired the camel harnesses, belts, and various leather baskets.

I remembered very well all the news from the other lands that I heard my father discuss with the visitors. I had a very strong desire to see these lands myself so that I could also experience that variety of life which had been experienced by the conductors of the caravans while traveling for weeks along the Mediterranean shore or further deep into the Roman Empire. I desired to participate in these conversations myself rather than merely to listen to what others were saying. And very early, I myself, started asking the visitors that which interested me. If my father was more interested in the safety of traveling, in how often caravans could be attacked and robbed of all the goods by robbers, meanwhile my interest preferably lay in the every day life experience of these people. I was thirsty to know the customs of different lands, in what manner people associated among themselves, what sort of life they lived daily, what interests they had every day. Therefore, I, myself, began to ask them these things more often. I was answered as a grown-up rather than as a child. However, they were scared by my questions about the religions of different lands, about the belief in God in these nations, since they were little interested in such things about other lands which did not match their own belief. Thus, even during their travels they could not see the life of these nations from within; they saw it only as much as they themselves would make contact with a different way of life in their own daily matters; and not more. Therefore, I began to feel an ever growing desire to experience the life of these nations from within, to feel with all my soul what these people’s daily life was like from within, what the spirit of their living was, rather than getting acquainted only with their outer life visible just to material eyes.

Now that you have different means of broadcasting the news as well as such fast means of traveling, you can associate among yourselves more easily than in those times. And you can help those who cannot travel for different reasons. You can show these travels on television or online, you can describe them in newspapers and books, you can tell about them on radio so that as many people get to know each other as possible. However, you must do all this by participating in the everyday life experience in other lands yourselves rather than just looking on the surface like those travelers of caravans were doing. A tourist shall never see a life of any other nation if he associates only with a local guide and walks along those routes which are meant for excursions. Such travels do not provide the true taste of knowing another nation, it is similar to partaking of an unsalted food. You are eating it and feeling that something is missing to feel the fullness of all the taste.

It is for this fullness of taste that I traveled around the remote lands of the Mediterranean and put out to sea visiting islands, and reaching Rome, Athens, and many other cities to live there and spend time with ordinary people so that through this association with them I could know such a life of theirs that cannot be seen just by material eyes in such a short time, however much they might desire it.

And a better knowledge of others brings them closer to one another. While associating with common people you learn about others and even others learn about your land to which they might have never been and even maybe they will never have a chance to go. And then you begin to feel that you, even being alone, at this moment represent all of your land since others look upon you in such a way as if in your land all the people are similar to you.

Your present traveling is a search for impressions and entertainment while it must be a search for your own deeper understanding of man so that by expanding your knowledge you would be able to get closer to your brethren. And those who meet you in other countries look upon you as visitors from whom they might profit rather than upon their brethren.

Now the goal of tourism does not correspond to its true quality at all. For, instead of the knowledge of different cultures, and rather than drawing them closer, it is turned by selfish businessmen into a source of making profits.

And it is just due to the fact that you have not discovered the Father within you that you do not dare to change the direction of tourism from commerce to a means of rapprochement so that people rather than staying in luxurious hotels might stay with families, and together with these families they might participate in their daily lives, while in the evening they might gather together in one expanded common family in order to know each other better and share their experiences.

Now your interest is directed to buildings, to architectural structures of which you have heard or seen, to entertainment and relaxation while leaving the ordinary man and the flavor of his daily living from within, absolutely outside of your attention.

This type of tourism seems to you to be impossible, but in the future it will be widely spread throughout the planet. Just a search for outer glamor for one’s eyes and comfort for one’s material body in a different environment does not differ from your life in your own land where you also strive for only glamorous things on the surface. Therefore, this sort of tourism supplies you with plenty of impressions and pleasures but it does not build up your soul and does not allow you to discover your new brethren who dwell in a different ambience, entertain a different concept of the purpose and meaning of life as well as of God, and who even belong to a different race.

And by your direct association within the family you might also expand the views of these families. And it would be absolutely irrelevant that you could not speak their language for it would be your open souls who would be speaking, and this language is common to all. You would understand fairly much by definite gestures and actions. Meanwhile, every day an interpreter would live with a different family so that at least for one day you could have a deeper association with the members of that family. And in the evening there would be held a joint gathering by one of the hosting families.

As long as this type of tourism does not exist, it seems to be unpopular, maybe even exhausting. However, the sooner it starts the more of you will desire to participate in it. You need just to transform yourselves. And this transformation is the only one – to discover the Father within so that you would consider all people, irrespective of where they live and their race, to be your brethren. And then you will begin to desire to know these brethren of yours, inhabiting other lands, by directly associating with them, with their families, and with their children, rather than through a bus window. And then you will begin to perceive ever more that they are also the children of the Father even as you are. They also have their love and pain, joy and sorrow; their every day problems and dreams. And then you will begin to look upon the shows which are currently imposed on you by television in a totally different way. You will begin to see and perceive that you have been poisoned by just shallow jokes, by an outer superficial glamor and a multitude of scenes of violence in both films and news programs or on the pages of newspapers and journals.

110. Low Vibrations Of The Present Television, Radio, Press, And Online Do Harm To Humanity

You are constantly offered information that, actually, incites only low vibrations. You do not receive anything positive since those who promote such programs and articles to you live within these low vibrations themselves. They are even unable to understand that by this activity of theirs they are ruining the genetic fund of all of you. They are weakening the immune system of all of you, they are exciting only low desires – anger, jealousy, revenge, striving for popularity, striving for wealth, striving for power, demonstration of violence, crime, drug addiction, and distancing from the Father.

I have already explained to you about a harmful influence of bribery for the one who gives a bribe and for the one who receives it, as well as about the harm they produce by radiating their low vibrations on those who are around them, especially on those who associate with them most of all – their family members and colleagues – and even on the whole of community. The spreading of bribery is detrimental to even society’s immunity to different diseases.

The same applies to any information presented by the mass media which incites and strengthens low vibrations of the human animal ego. If you watch such programs or read such articles which deal with crime, episodes of war, any actions of violence, grand parties and receptions, mean behavior of politicians, material wealth or with any other issues that are not related to the development of your real spiritual self, then these low vibrations are activated in your sub-consciousness even stronger, which do not yet reach the level of your consciousness, if you are not interested in these things permanently. However, if you watch such programs regularly or read such articles often, thus, if you feel, at least for a moment, an impulse of jealousy for the living of the rich people described or an irritation because of the dishonesty of a politician it already means that these low vibrations have broken through from your sub-consciousness to the level of your consciousness. And if you do not stop watching such programs or reading such articles these low vibrations will drag you in and you will lose peace and even experience health disorders of your physical body. Now you are being sucked in by an awful swamp of low vibrations that you become like a briber or a drug-addict – you are unable to turn away from the TV set just to hear some flat jokes and banal reports, or read such vulgar articles which are killing you from within. You become an information-addict exactly like a drug-addict.

The current situation of television, radio, the press, and online in the world is disastrous to the whole of humanity just because they have been turned into a business for profit rather than a means of light for the association and a better knowledge of the world. And that is not determined by humanity as the whole but rather by those rich who are imposing this rhythm and quality of living on all others who, so far, do not enjoy a similar choice of greater knowledge of the world and its people. They have just a free will bestowed by the Father – to stop watching such programs at all, to stop listening to such radio programs, to stop browsing for the websites online provoking these low vibrations, to stop reading such articles and to stop subscribing to such newspapers and journals.

This is the only way to be protected from illnesses. Moreover, this is the only way to save society because this negative influence has a very strong impact on children.. And the younger the children when they get accustomed to these programs or computer games, provoking low vibrations, the easier and sooner they lose their immunity to diseases. You do not even understand that it is namely by allowing your children to watch the films of violence and to play similar computer games that you are already now laying the foundation for their painful living with illnesses and despair and a very early physical death.

Therefore, the failure to comprehend by the present owners and workers of television, radio, press, and online websites that profit at any cost at the same time is the destruction of this very profit because if you do not change your present views to your vantage-point that you must serve others for the benefit of all, very soon there will be no one left to use your distorted, selfish, and destructive services.

When you see the mass of deaths of young people and of children around you ever more, then no one will ever show any interest in the things which enslave and suck all of you in like a bog today. You will also begin to panic when even your own child will be begging you in despair for help, while it will be already too late to render assistance for the child since you will have also made your own contribution to the death of your child by this harmful activity which now seems to you to be yielding you a good profit. This is a deceptive illusion. And the sooner those who today, form up the ideals, the material ideals of the young generation – to be like your own invented idols; rich music stars or athletes, influential politicians or businessmen – deliver themselves from this illusion, the better for the youth, and for the whole of society, whose foundations for the future you are laying now.

Attempts to live this day without insight into the future are destructive to the whole of society; if everything is directed to the pleasures of the moment without relating the consequences of these very pleasures to the future – it is equal to signing the death verdict to oneself and to making the community life more difficult. Now your motto – “Life is one, let us make use of it to the very end!” – which you are fond of so much, does not correspond to reality if this very motto is not made meaningful and if it is looked upon only from a quantitative vantage-point. Therefore, it would be more truthful to replace it by the following: “Life is one and it is eternal only with the Father within, let us discover Him within!”

And if only you started following the motto I have proposed very soon you would notice that which prevents you from making this motto your life’s aspiration. And you would notice that the greatest obstacle is your own mind which is unprepared and very egocentric. It sees the interest of its own self everywhere, and measures everything by it only. Therefore, it is trying to get satiated with everything, and as much as possible, and during the shortest time possible. As many impressions as possible while traveling, as much money as possible at work, as many friends as possible in the environment, as much wealth as possible at home, as much comfort to one’s body as possible. And all these are just the quantitative aspects of one’s living. Not a single one of them is a qualitative aspect. Why do you not replace these very aspirations with qualitative ones – as many spiritual experiences as possible while traveling, a job done as good as possible, one’s own revealing to one’s brethren and sharing one’s experiences with them as much as possible, as much of a spiritual love within a family and in the environment as possible, as much of service as possible?

And when you begin to think this way, when you begin to teach your children this, and the teachers teach their pupils these things as well, then all your daily aspirations which are today overshadowed by the desire of satisfying only your quantitative needs will turn into meaningful every day aspirations, always – today to make more perfect that which has been done yesterday. And then you will start to notice that the qualitative aspirations give you greater satisfaction than the quantitative ones, for it is they that help you develop your insight into your every day actions and provide a more attentive look into the future. Then you will notice that there is somebody who helps you in this activity, who strengthens you, as if some invisible hand is raising you when there is a need to get over some obstacle which has seemed to be insurmountable. Your qualitative insight starts assessing the future perspectives for yourself and the members of your family in a different way because within this assessment there is room for the future of the whole of community which actually did not exist for you previously when you strived just for the quantitative pleasures.

A quantitative life of man is full of tension and anxiety to the end that it has not yet done everything to experience ever more pleasures. Everything that man’s selfish ego desires for himself, the full satisfaction he desires to achieve and receive, is nothing but a mere illusion.

111. Humanity Has Become Hostage To Advertisements

You see by yourselves what a multitude of different and nice products, goods, and articles are manufactured in the world and how all this is presented glamorously to your eyes and ears, how all this is pressed upon you that your mind would be tempted ever more to seek these things at all cost. And that you call advertisement. Advertisement is your self-destruction, rejection of your true self for your enslavement by illusion. You do not even think that every commercial broadcast imprints into your sub-consciousness one more vibration, a low vibration, not yet perceived by your consciousness, to direct your efforts to seek similar things. It is not necessarily these definite things shown in the commercials. Maybe these are beyond your reach, but it is possible to purchase a simpler thing, not that attractive and not that fashionable. But all the same you are pressed by an idea – to buy.

The commercials which you offer in order to knock at your consciousness, through your sub-consciousness, make use of a great many subtle things which are even beyond your ordinary eye’s reach, but your sub-consciousness registers them. A certain product advertised is presented in such a way as if it were your closest friend. If a commercial includes a bigger product, let us say, an automobile, then its swift thrust, its aggressiveness, is emphasized, for it is this sort of a commercial that attracts the people of such character.

This is a means of deception designed by you that has also enslaved you. Now you are not able to liberate yourselves out of the slavery of commercials because for those who make and broadcast them they bring a big fortune. And even though it violates man’s free will, you cannot change anything to eliminate it from the television or radio programs. And according to you the most valuable programs are particularly those which run the most expensive commercials. And it is of no importance that they are disliked by some of you, but all the same you dance your death dance within a commercial whirlpool, and you do not even ponder that this dance is real, that it shall have tragic consequences to the whole of humanity.

You are still little and inexperienced children. Therefore you do not have anyone to counsel with. You do not have a wiser and loving family Father as children have in their family so that whenever they do not know something right away they run to him and ask him. Now you are the fathers of your children while you have not yet discovered your own true Father within yourselves, and therefore you play a very hazardous game with a fire that shall burst into a blaze. It has already been lit up only you do not see it yet because the fire is ablaze still in your sub-consciousness, however when it breaks through to your consciousness it will be in no way possible to put it out without running casualties. And the suffering shall touch all; absolutely all; even the most innocent and beloved little ones of yours who do not know anything about the commercials.

Holding the whole of humanity hostage to advertisements when even the times of the world sport events are adjusted to the whims of one television network which purchased the rights of broadcasting, as you put it, when you have no mechanism in the world which can bring delivery from this trap of commercials, humanity is doomed to experience a worldwide disaster. The low vibrations of the producers and broadcasters of commercials, striving for a profit for themselves only, and as high as possible, at the cost of all others, are emitted by the ones who make the commercials and who broadcast them both as individuals and as groups, and even more, these low vibrations are also emitted by the commercials themselves which are broadcast throughout the world. And thus each person watching these commercials is impacted by these very low vibrations that sink into the sub-consciousness of any viewer or listener. And they are accumulating all the time. And there are moments when they also reach the level of consciousness but only for a short while. During these moments the viewer or listener begins to feel irritation that the commercials do not allow him to watch some program in peace; a movie, or a sport broadcast. It is an evidence of the fact that there are plenty of low vibrations accumulated in his sub-consciousness. The more so since even certain programs also add their own ratio of their vibrations. Some of them produce higher while others lower vibrations. And those programs which show the achievements of human selfish ego, and to them belong all sport broadcasting, make these low vibrations still stronger. And all this chain of low vibrations is destroying human physical health just like as drugs or bribery; and not only of an individual taken separately, but also of the whole of society, and of the whole of humanity. And it is destroying their health and even their chance to survive physically.

In addition to this, advertising, like any other selfish activity, has a tremendous impact on the human genetic resources. Therefore, those of you who regularly watch commercials or films of violence or any other programs that are abundant with passion, fighting, and any other type of promotion of a selfish human animal ego, are running a risk that your children and the children of your children will be born weaker and less immune to illnesses than they would be born to you if you did not watch such programs.

These things have not been explained to you to date therefore you have been behaving unwisely. The time has come to think not only about the goals of your life but primarily to think about how to replace them qualitatively. This is the reality which you do not see because you live in an illusion which you erroneously take for reality.

And very few of you will manage to liberate yourselves from this illusion because just too few of you will believe my words; but only at this moment. The time shall come when the reality of my words shall be witnessed by your own personal experience. Only this will be painful and shocking to you. But the other path was unacceptable to you. Therefore you will have chosen this experience by yourselves while I offered you an absolutely different path – The Father’s path. And it is only while walking on it that man is protected even from these very low vibrations that currently so mercilessly and destructively are emitted by all the commercials.

You already know of the harm of radioactive rays to man’s body, even though you cannot feel either their scent or taste. The body is unable to register them. However, you begin to protect yourselves from them. Meanwhile, you do not feel the low vibrations that are emitted from the commercials and other programs of the selfish human animal ego, and you do not even know anything about them at all. Therefore, their danger is greater, for they envelop the whole planet, since television is now popular throughout the world, rather than in some definite place. And the on-line commercials and entertainments offered for the human animal ego are catching up with television at a very high pace.

112. What Is One’s Learning And Its Meaning?

Only two thousand years have passed since my sojourn among you in the human flesh. What progress you have made during these two thousand years in the quantitative spheres of your living. If the then-brethren of mine found themselves in your contemporary ambience they would completely lose their orientation. They would not be able to believe they are among people rather than among gods. However you might try explaining to them that you are people similar to them, yet no explanation would convince them. Such enormous and obvious progress has been made. However, all the progress embraces exclusively a quantitative side of your life. Meanwhile a qualitative side of your living has remained in stasis of the past moment of these two thousand years. During this course of time you have not even approached my spiritual concepts which I taught both my apostles and all my disciples. And some of them assimilated my living teaching. Meanwhile, you must do it now.

You must start right with what my apostles and all of my disciples started. It means that your qualitative life must return as if to a two-thousand-year past, and you must ponder my live good tidings – the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man – and to expand it to the present day knowledge and level, even as it has also been expanded by this apostle of mine to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. Since now you are already seeking to set up your communication with mind from other planets, you have already stopped so categorically denying the existence of life on other planets. Therefore, life on other planets also includes your brethren who have one Father – the Universal Father. And it is only in such a family of the Father that you can have both eternity and the quality of living which also embraces all quantity. For however many new experiences you might undergo during the whole of eternity, they are all colored with the Father’s love, warmed up by your heart and service for the benefit of all.

Very often you perceive your learning only as a hard and wearing duty that is imposed upon you by your parents or already by your own mature, adult mind. You must perceive your learning as your growth, the growth of your own self, when you can live ever easier since you know the causes of the phenomena operating in the ambience and therefore you can foresee the consequences of their operation in relation to both the whole and an individual or a separate area. And the knowledge which you accumulated you can apply in practice while keeping contacts with the environment and with your own brethren.

Your learning is nothing but your living. You must change your attitude which has emphasized to date that your learning is necessary for you only as much as it helps you find a better job, that you could earn more money. This is no more than a barbarian approach which has nothing in common with the attitudes to the learning entertained by a worthy son or daughter of the Father. The attitudes of a son and a daughter are absolutely unlike your current poor approach which wears you down, who do not know the Father, and who are His orphan children. Their approach to their learning is based on a living relationship with the Father that enables them to perceive that all their existence and activity would lose their meaning, that even the very real existence of one’s own self, as an individual, would cease, if due to their unwise attitudes, suddenly, at some moment of their living they stopped, or altogether ceased their learning. They well know that they can exist in creation only while learning.

All creation is permanently changing. There is nothing within it which would not change. And if only a creature stopped seeking a greater knowledge of it, he would be doomed to discontinuing his progress. The whole of creation could not lure this type of a creature by its new discoveries and by the application of these discoveries in revealing his self in ever new colors while keeping relations with other creatures. Creation is such a changing and ever expanding ocean of love rays and operation of the Father, so that all those who are traveling to the Father within it, and by this, becoming ever better children of the Father, will never be able to experience a moment when they might be told: “Enough, you have achieved everything that was possible of achieving, therefore now have only rest and entertainment and do not learn anything any more since you have a command of everything.” You shall never and nowhere hear this type of an attitude throughout eternity. And therefore your growth through learning and teaching others will never end. Thus you may already now assume such a disposition to this type of eternal life which will always be full of new and interesting teachings and their application in an every day environment, which will always expand for you until ultimately it will embrace the whole of cosmic space. But it is greater beyond comparison, millions of times greater than that which you see today when you look up at the sky.

Therefore think, already now, in what way you will be able to serve, to do good deeds in that cosmic space which houses an incredibly great multitude of worlds with different orders of life if, today, you cannot do good deeds to your brethren, and even do not desire to. You cannot do good deeds to them, and even do not desire to, since you have not been taught this by either your parents or teachers or even by your own mind which is governed by low and selfish interests, which are truly unworthy of the shining of your true self which is impossible of achieving without perpetual learning and service.

Therefore I present to you these current teachings of mine that you would begin to feel their significance in the lives of each of you. These teachings are my assistance to my brethren of the present generation. Other generations due to the fact that you will assimilate them and begin to apply them in practice would possess a deeper and higher thinking. And it will be you who will contribute to the achievement of their higher level, for you will become their teachers by the way of your living, that in their turn they might pass even a higher spiritual way of living to their children and grandchildren. While learning yourselves, you also teach others once you begin to lead your daily life based on my teachings. A creature at the same time is both a student and a teacher.

Therefore, you must start looking upon your learning as an inseparable part of your living which never ends.

Some of you will become my apostles and ambassadors of the Father and completely consecrate yourselves to preaching my teachings and the living word of the Father. This living word is very important and necessary to those brethren of yours who cannot yet assimilate my teaching so soon, and who do not even dare to choose which way to walk in their lives. They are in doubt and searching. They are at a loss and worried. It is for such orphan children of the Father that this help and support are necessary so that they would hear a living and strengthening word from their brethren which is tinged with a living experience of that person who teaches rather than with a theory of the teaching. And it is the experience rather than a theoretical narrative that is the most effective means and part of the teaching. Therefore, it is the application of my teachings in one’s personal and daily living, and a sharing of these experiences with other brethren, that makes up part and parcel of my teaching.

My teaching, even like a living word of the Father, shall never stop moving you, or the inhabitants of other worlds, for it is living and experiential. You, each of you, can both test and experience this teaching ever more. There is nothing that could be insurmountable for you already today. Each of you can apply my teachings already now and gradually start feeling an enormous difference between your life which you have led prior to the application of the teachings and the life you led while applying them.

113. Your Interests And Needs Have Impact On The Whole Of Creation

My teaching, even as the whole leading of the Father throughout creation, is devoted to the benefit of all, and each of you. It does not pursue the aim of providing you with a better job or a higher salary at which you currently aim. Its purpose is to help you become your true and better self so that while doing any job you could do it better and with love. It is only then that you will begin to realize that there is no job which would not be good or even holy as you often call it. And this exclusively depends upon your vantage-point on your relation to the environment, to creation, to the Father. Once you are filled with the Father’s love, then each job will be performed with love, provided that this job does not contradict the will of the Father’s love – to spread love to all and enlighten all by the work which you have performed.

You do not always enjoy your job, and very often you even dislike it, but all the same you continue to do it because the ambience makes you behave this way. And if only you follow my teaching, very soon you will begin to feel that even the job which you hardly enjoyed turns into that which you start liking ever more because you begin ever more to see its meaning to all. However, do not get surprised that there will be many of your brethren who will quit their current jobs since they will notice the harm they do to them and to the whole.

And those who quit their jobs, after having seen their harm to creation, must not feel anxiety. Instead of the old jobs they will get new ones which will be truly meaningful and valuable to them and to all. And do not be afraid that your income will be lower, that your needs will change, since everything has its meaning in relation to both an individual and the whole. Even one’s smaller needs have their effect on the income increase in the budget of an individual or a family even though a real income has not increased at all.

And if you, after this teaching, begin to assess your actions, your interests, and your needs in an absolutely different light, by this, you will also contribute to the change of the actions, interests, and needs of the whole. Exclusively your personal choice, however insignificant it might be according to your understanding, will impact the whole. The whole cannot change its needs and interests by itself without having them changed by an individual. The whole is not some theoretical abstraction. The whole is made up of real individuals, and the interests and needs of each of them have influence upon it. The whole is a system rather than isolated elements which do not act reciprocally.

Humanity, as a tiny particle of the Father’s family of all creation, is also made up of separate individuals who are mutually associated into smaller associations which keep mutual relationships. And it is the quality of this relationship that determines the direction of the development of the whole. Therefore, the interests and needs of each of you have a direct impact on the whole as well. But this influence is not noticed by your material mind during an interval of time which you sense. In order to feel an impact of one individual on the whole of mankind it is necessary to have a much superior level of vision and perception than that of a contemporary man. Therefore, now you would do well to trust my teaching and believe that the thoughts and actions of each of you have influence on all of humanity if you extend the time span from the current life span of man to the period of millions of years which is hardly possible for you to perceive.

Therefore, already now, you must begin to perceive that by your own personal interests and needs you immediately influence the future generations as much as they either will reject your current interests and needs as worthless stuff to anyone, or will cherish and develop them.

And if you just feel the pulse of all creation, if you begin to live according to its pulse beat rather than attempt to arbitrarily change it, at which you will fail all the same, then you will be certain that your interests and needs never will be thrown overboard as worthless stuff, but rather for certain will be continued and developed by your other brethren. And for you not to err I present my teaching. It is an auxiliary means on your path to form up and develop your own interests and needs.

114. Verification Of Spiritual Teaching By One’s Experience

It is necessary for you to understand one of the most important things – never believe anything just because it is said by your friend or a teacher if you cannot feel this teaching with your opened soul. You must know that no spiritual teacher of yours will ever tell you that part of truth which would be unacceptable to your soul. If that part of truth which you hear from your spiritual teacher is acceptable to your opened soul, in this case this spiritual teacher is providing you with that part of the whole spiritual teaching which matches the stage of your soul development.

If your sincerely opened soul opposes something in this spiritual teaching, it means that this teaching is either too deep or already too shallow for your soul. In either case it will not feel a profound bliss because of the fact that it does experience what it hears or reads, to support this teaching, but rather it will feel anxiety and even resistance to this teaching, in one case, or it will notice that most likely it has also already experienced this part of the teaching some time before, in the other case. However, there are quite a few common spiritual points in each spiritual teaching any way. Thus, it is most valuable to mark these common points while those things which split apart in this or that spiritual teaching must be left until a new spiritual teacher appears on your path to explain them.

Therefore never be hasty to categorically reject any spiritual teaching just because it does not correspond to your current outlook. However, in order to be able to find at least some peace within yourselves and explain the teaching to others, try to assess all teachings by one and the same measure – whether it corresponds to the law of the Father’s love which never coerces anyone, which never intimidates anyone but rather spreads goodness and urges all to make a decision of one’s own free will to march to a loving Father who does not punish or torment anyone, to eternity which is real rather than an invented illusion.

And take into account the fact that it is possible to experience a living spiritual teaching, and by this, to verify how much it is applicable in one’s daily living. Even in your present life span you can experience, truly experience it, as to how much better your life will be after your resurrection from the sleep which you call a material death. Once you begin to keep a live communion with the Father discovered within you by ever more opening up to Him, your true self, through an ever-getting-stronger soul, begins to feel bliss and a powerful desire to fuse with the Father ever more, to submit itself to the Father in doing only good deeds to all. Thus this sensation is a foretasting of the post-mortal life, what a blissful life will be after your resurrection. And no two souls can experience this bliss in a similar way. Each of them will have a different experience because their bond with the Father is different and their sensation is different. However, even the soul cannot explain to itself how pleasant this sensation is because the present means of expression are not sufficient to render it. But experience reveals much more than any other means can convey even to this very soul.

It is then that it is possible to experience the correctness of that very spiritual teaching which explains about the Father and one’s eternal life with Him, within Him, and experiencing Him within oneself, as much as today, man is capable of verifying it while looking even into his own future after his resurrection, not to mention those parts of the teaching which speak about the current daily life experiences which are available to each one who follows this teaching.

I explain it to you for one more reason, namely that you might assess by yourselves what level of a spiritual teaching your soul desires, what it strives for, how much it is liberated from being controlled by the material, mortal mind, and how much influence it has, by its superior mind, on the decisions and actions of the current material mind of its lower mortal self.

Learning and teaching are always a joyful and blissful process for the soul. It is never wearing even though it requires the use of energy and personal efforts. Teaching is always directed to enriching one’s own self for the benefit of the whole and, at the same time, for the benefit of this very individual, for it is only an individual who becomes richer that can better reveal himself or herself to the Father and commune with Him out of love rather than out of fear.

Therefore, my teaching is also meant for you to get enriched and to begin to feel the Father’s love that pierces everything and all. And it is only while experiencing these very vibrations of the Father’s love that you, each of you, also get richer. You get enriched in His love so much that you start sharing it with others, for such is the true influence on your soul of this spiritual and eternal wealth of love – to make your other brethren also richer by sharing it; and not only around you but also throughout the whole of creation. Therefore, I teach you that this relationship of brotherhood can also be experienced. And this experience also brings you closer to each other through the Father’s love which is experienced by the opened souls.

By my teaching I do not hide anything from you. I just call on you and urge you to taste it so that you would begin to feel the taste of that which my teaching speaks.

115. The Sprout Of The Mortal Soul Is Within You

I am well aware of your foibles and desires. Therefore I do not blame anyone of you for your attitudes and decisions of your inner self that are so strongly controlled by them. You do not even ponder over your foibles. You lead your life as if these weaknesses were part and parcel of you, and due to this you ignore them, you do not even attempt to deliver yourselves from them, or at least to reduce them. At the present time your soul is in such a state, if I compare this state with that of a plant, it is not even possible to call it sprouted.

It will sprout when, at least for short moments, you begin to ponder over that which impedes you from becoming a better self. And if you start thinking about it more often, the offshoot of your soul will also begin to break the shell of the character of your human-animal self. It is this shell that impedes your soul from sprouting. And you erroneously consider all your present qualities to be inherited and therefore unchangeable; the more so that your scientists also press this attitude upon you ever deeper.

However, the time has come for you to know more than even your geneticists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists know – the sprout of a pure soul of a mortal can sprout and break through even the hardest and darkest shell. And the soul is capable of doing it just due to the fact that it is the original impulse of your spiritual rather than material self within this material shell of your physical body to which the beginning has been provided by a genetic inheritance. And a greater momentum, or a stronger growth stimulus, to this initial impulse of your spiritual self can also be given by your present animal self, if only it begins to think more about love, goodness, beauty, service, mercy, and brotherhood, if it begins to clean its thick and hard cortex of the genetic inheritance while all the time making it softer with good thoughts. This will remind you of cleaning a dirty window so that your eyes would see a nice view of the environment through a well cleaned window. However, even through a well cleaned window your eyes see a nice view of the ambience through a wall of glass. It still separates you from that very view. You are not yet within that view. Therefore, your sense of the sight is not yet that deep and all-embracing as it would be if you opened the window and got out into the ambience of that very view.

Today the absolute majority of you are satisfied with your current status in a spiritual sphere so that you do not even attempt to clean your window at all. You do not even think that it must be cleaned in any way, as you neither have been nor are being taught this. And it is only very few of you who hear this knocking of the Father’s spirit from within and submit yourselves to doing His will. And very soon you begin to single out this person and even to call him with some derision as a saint. And he is no saint at all. He has just become a true and normal human. And it is this sort of human that you, each of you, must also become.

And then you will see that you have really become a true human rather than a saint. This type of living without vices and diseases which currently torment you is a real living and a true light. Therefore, by no means, would you be able even to think that you might turn back to your previous way of living when you did not think about the necessity of wiping the glass of your spiritual window so that your soul eyes can see a true vision without being distorted by any vices. However, you would also know for certain that only to marvel at a nice view through a well wiped window is not sufficient for your soul because it desires to feel the reality of this very sight by being present within the environment of this very view rather than seeing it through glass. And then it would fly out through an open window to do good deeds to all who are within this sight or who are also just looking at this view through the window of their soul which they have already started cleaning, while some of them, even as you are among them at the moment, do not yet think that there is such a window which must be cleaned of the mud of your vices.

After some time your current vices will remind you of exactly similar whims of a child as he demonstrates them when his parents do not satisfy his desire. Wise parents find a clue to the heart of their little one, unwise parents are annoyed by and even get angry with the child because of the whims the little one demonstrates. And they begin to punish him, they begin to toady to him, but they do not try to find a path to his little heart. But as in the case of the little one, so it is in yours. If no solution is sought as to how such whims could be melted by sincere love and in a live association with the child, rather than seeking to buy oneself out of all such whims or trying to drill and punish the child, it is possible, very easily, to damage the whole life of the child. However, these whims, these caprices of the child do not seem to the parents to be serious. Therefore they remain childish all the time.

It is exactly the same with your current vices, such as fear, anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, a desire to meet all interests of your animal self at the cost of others, and the like, which are nothing but these same childish whims. Your soul has not yet sprouted through a thick layer of these vices, therefore they torment those around you even as little children torment their unwise parents with their whims.

The soul cannot bloom out by itself in all its luminosity in one moment. It is similar to a child who cannot give up all his whims at once. It is a long process which requires your effort. And to some of you it is not only painful but even tragic. Therefore, you must realize that you must begin to clean the windows of your soul now for this will help the situation as to how soon your future children will be able to give up their whims and will do it without pain.

By cleaning the window of your soul of the mud of vices, you can contribute to the wise direction of the whims of the children of all of mankind towards their building strong character without touches of selfishness. The cleaner you wipe the window of your soul, the brighter the reflection of the view gets in and invites you to open the window itself that the soul would be able to escape from within into a vast space where it can manifest itself by its own shining. And this shining will attract the eyes of others looking out through their own windows which are cleaned by their souls. And such a soul will never attempt to suppress the whims of a little child by force or toadying. It will always look for a path to the child’s heart so that it would be able to teach that child from its very early days to clean the window of the soul that it would never turn so dirty.

And even though the current and childish vices of your character are not sufficiently seen by you, as you do not see such bright, shining examples who are without these vices in their daily living, so, you do not even attempt to fight them, yet they can cause you many grave problems if you tolerate and continue to toady them the way you do it now. I see much deeper than you do and much further than you can imagine. I am aware of the very roots of the origin of your vices. I know where they can lead you, each of you, for where I am, there are no such vices, and I know the cost of getting there. Therefore, I give you these teachings so that you would also know it.

116. The Flourishing Of The Current Vices Can Cross Out Your Survival

Even the cost of your current childish vices can be very high to you, each of you. It can make up even the cost of your survival. You risk very much. You can cross out your survival after the so-called material death. Cross it out with your own hand. It is only because you do not know what a horrible price it might cost if you continue to sleep in the bag of your childish vices.

The way a child, with his childish whims, can grow into a selfish man who can cripple by his decisions not just other people but a multitude of people if these childish whims are allowed to develop and flourish, so in a similar way your childish vices, which give evidence to nothing but your immaturity, your childishness, if you allow them to control you, they are certain to lead you further away from the Father and, by this, further away from your resurrection from your material death sleep.

The only thing that is necessary for one‘s resurrection is one’s personal decision to do the Father’s will and to have faith. In order to be resurrected, you do not have to be a good and perfect man, even as I am depicted by you when I was in the human flesh. Neither was I a perfect man however you would desire to present me as such to each other. I was led by the Father in a similar way as you, each of you, are also being led. And I was not born perfect and without vices. And the moments of anxiety and irritation governed me when something did not go my way even as they also govern you. However, I discovered a relationship with the Father, and this relationship was developing, reassuring, and strengthening me to walk particularly along this path, even though I had exactly the same number of other paths before me, even as other young people of my age had. It was only in the relationship with the Father that was ensured the choice of the path of my future life and my walk along this path to the very end. Without the Father, without my living relationship with Him, neither would have I walked along this path nor would have I been able to carry out my mission – to experience your human life in the flesh in order to know it from within and to reveal the Father to you, and to reveal you to the Father. I was doing it as a mortal, as a human who consciously gave up any support from the spiritual beings of the universe and the institutions of my jurisdiction. Do you really believe that I would not have been able to get down off the cross? If you believe this then you are absolutely wrong. I am a Co-Ruler of the Universe – the one, who, together with my Partner, who had been accompanying me since the very beginning of the creation of the universe and together with whom I had created it and all the species of life within it – and I could, at any moment, at the most tragic moment when creatures were mocking at the Creator and even torturing him to the most horrible death on the cross, have stepped down off the cross without a single bleeding wound left on the surface of my exhausted body, and could have turned the tears of pain and horror into the tears and chanting of joy and pleasure of many. However, by this action I would have crossed your future, your chance, that by merely by your faith and devotion to doing the Father’s will out of love for Him, to transcend any physical suffering and spiritual calamities so that you could really get to the Father.

This action, demonstrated by me, is devoted to all mortals on all planets inhabited by people who are looking for their delivery from the paths of their vices so that while talking about my death they would not think about my suffering and pain but rather would think about the Father’s love and their own devotion to Him. For it is only this that can raise man to the most supreme level – to the level of the Father’s spiritual relationship in which there is nothing else apart from love – no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, no fear, no jealousy, no anger, no desire to conquer others, no desire to push another in order to occupy the position of the humiliated one, but there is only love, love, and love within it.

And your present vices, if you allow them to flourish freely, will cover the windows of your soul ever more so that very soon you will stop realizing that such a window can exist at all. And if you lose this perception you will stop thinking about any cleaning of it as well. You will live in a material illusion, fancied up by you, and experience much pain, suffering, and fear. And this type of living will begin to wear you out and gradually, you will also lose any joy in it even though you might own great material possessions. And still later you will begin to feel a physical pain in the body; diseases, which must not cause you any trouble.

However, the saddest thing is that you might not turn to the Father throughout your material life span at all. And that will be the greatest danger to you. The danger that you will be precluded from progressing to the Father on Paradise if while being controlled by your present vices, which already flourish, you begin to revolt against Him, to deny Him.

Then, even the Father himself shall not be able to help you any more since He cannot change your free-will decision by His own free will. And it is the present childish vices of yours that shall have taken you to this ultimate decision on freely rejecting the Father, and it is as the whims of a little child, if not weeded out, lead him to a selfish life of the grown-up. Only here there is a difference in that the whims of a child, if they have not turned into big weeds, are still possible to weed out even while being a grown-up, meanwhile without weeding out the vices of the grown-up and ultimately turning away from the Father there is no future path at all. It ends. For such has been the choice of the human’s free will.

Therefore, it is very important to weed out both the childish whims of the little one, and the vices of a grown-up, since they are two things mutually interrelated.

Always keep in mind that your current life on this world is only the very first one. Even though many of you believe in reincarnation, which does not exist, all the same this initial world on your path to the Father’s eternity has the most significant meaning on your personal road. Even though it lasts for just a flash of several scores of years if you lead it improperly, indecently, without the Father discovered within yourself, you risk that you might reject this path of the Father’s love, truth, and eternity, and by this you might never, throughout all eternity, exist as a separate individual. It is this significance in particular that the Father placed upon your initial world and upon inhabiting you on it. Therefore, you must get a good command of my current teachings, which you read, and begin to find out within yourselves as to how much you have already traveled on this path to eternity to the Father on Paradise or, to the contrary, away from Him. And these reflections, along with my teachings that you have read, will help you make the right decision, if you have not yet made it, or change it, or in a way to specify the decision already taken, when it is not obviously one-sided – to discover the Father within yourself and do His will.

117. Teach Children To Discover The Father Within – It Is The Greatest Gift To Them

You often keep reiterating that you do everything for your children, that you even live for them, and try to give them everything that is the best. But there is nothing better for them than to teach them to discover the Father within themselves. It is beyond your imagination that it would be the most wonderful gift for them and the most fitting path of providing meaning and enlightenment to humanity, if you, each of you, taught your children to discover the Father within them.

This discovery of the Father, alone, already now, should start changing the whole of humanity even as it has never managed to change itself throughout all the course of its existence of one million years. And just several generations will be sufficient to implant these changes throughout the world to the measure that all your allocations devoted to the armaments, maintenance of the states, advertisement, ineffective fight against drugs, crime, even to the rehabilitation of the areas ravaged by the elements, would be saved by you as these things would not impact and torment you the way they do now.

Just think if all this money were channeled to improving your well-being and expanding and deepening your mutual association. Nothing would be wasted any more on the things which would turn against you. And that would be done just due to the fact that you would have taught your children to discover the Father within. And that would change their lives so much that they would never look upon any of their contemporaries as the enemy to be annihilated as they have offended the generation of your parents or grandparents but rather they would look upon them as their brethren. And they would desire to associate with them as with the same children of the Father who are loved by the Father even as they are loved by Him.

And that is the implementation such a bright future for the whole of humanity by one task given to you just on a personal basis!

It is only upon you that your personal living depends as well as that of your children: whether this living will be bright or turbid on this world. You must clearly understand that the Father does not give you either your past life or one more life to live so that you might correct your mistakes. Just one life is sufficient for Him to test you, each of you, whether or not you desire to go to Him along the path of love and truth. He does not demand from you that which would be too difficult for you to reach on this world – to become immediately perfect even as He is perfect. For this purpose He grants you, each of you, the path of the whole of eternity to grow and become more like Him. He only asks you to make a sincere choice whether you desire, from the depth of your heart, to walk along the path offered by Him.

Is this path of love and truth unacceptable for you? If unacceptable, then He shall satisfy your personal free will through His Sons who would not be developing you to perfection any more for after the material death of your body you shall not be resurrected. Your will is supreme for the Father. And He satisfies it.

118. The Development Of The Soul After The Resurrection

When children start attending school their teachers begin to tell them about different things they would be able to do when they grow up, when they finish school. However, after this school there follows still another school where they will learn the skills of their profession.

It is exactly the same with your present life. It is only the very primary stage of your studies, for you to begin to have faith in That who is invisible but who initiates the whole of creation and generates everything out of energy. He even generates energy which generates all the rest, while He himself is not created. He has never been created by anyone, for He has always been, is, and shall ever be. In order for you to understand Him ever better and deeper so that you would also be able to teach others about Him, with time, after prolonged, very complicated and interesting teachings, you have to finish this primary life school to be able to start attending another one, only a higher one but already on another world and in a superior form than the one you are currently in.

Therefore, you must also listen to my teachings as attentively as little children listen to their teacher who explains to them what they will be able to do when they grow up and finish this school. Thus, as those little ones who cannot understand what it means to be a grown-up and to do a grown-up’s job, say, to pilot a plane or to be a researcher looking for natural resources, you cannot understand what you will have to do after your resurrection, to know the ambience better and experience the Father’s presence everywhere.

Each new world will be such as to provide you a joy of new discoveries and even to confirm the knowledge you have received on the previous world. All knowledge will be given to you so that you would not boast of it before others, but rather you would have a better orientation on the world of a new and higher order, while cooperating with the beings who similarly to you, are progressing to the Father on Paradise along the path of perfection. And by this you would receive your additional training; how to cooperate with the inhabitants of higher worlds so that your growth could continue. And to be able to grow, you have to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. It is only in this way that you will be able to prepare the next step-stone for yourself on which you will be able to accumulate new knowledge which you will again have to apply in practice. And this sort of path will continue from world to world all the way while in the form of the soul.

And the time will come when you appear on the same world from which I govern all my creation with the power given to me by the Father. And I govern it even as the Father would were He personally present rather than through me in this universe of mine. We, I, and each of you, shall be associating directly. You will see me and associate with me even as now you see each other and associate with each other face to face.

By that time your soul vision will be so expanded, your understanding will be so great, that you will not need any additional adjustment of my vibrations to those of yours that you could see me. Then you will become an eternal spirit.

Having reached the headquarters of my universe, you will have completed the whole training of your soul which extends for thousands of years reckoning by your time, and which makes up one part of your training. By this time you will have already seen me on certain occasions as the vibrations of my spirit form have been specially lowered for your still undeveloped soul vision to be able to see my form. Meanwhile, having become a spirit yourself you will be ready to associate with me directly as brother with brother.

And during all this long course of the soul development, you will be trained ever more how to work and cooperate with many souls from other worlds which also learn these very same things while seeking the best revelation and application of their qualities for the benefit of the whole.

You must realize the most essential thing that only the Creator and all those created by the Creators who originated from Him are perfect. Meanwhile, all the evolutionary creatures, which have been created in the time and space universes, are seeking one goal – to reveal, as best as possible, all their potential which has been bestowed by the Father upon each of them as the gift of personality. Therefore, this striving demands one’s personal efforts, studying, and a practical application of the teaching to build up one’s skills ever better. Neither would your present life be possible without practice. Such is the Father’s evolutionary plan on the development of any creature; from the very lowest to the very highest. Only those who have been created perfect develop their experience by descending to ever lower creatures to experience their association with these very least children of the creation.

And this sort of evolution through practical experience develops both the most supreme beings, for they encounter imperfect and low children of the Father whose attitudes are very selfish, and the lowest beings, for they see how they are being served with love by the most supreme children of the Father so that they would also do it with love for the benefit of all.

Life in creation is not a mad race for the only prize which can be won just by a single one, by the one who will be the first. Life in creation is the cleaning of the mirror of one’s true self, by one’s daily learning and service, so that the image of that true self in the mirror would be seen ever more distinctly, that its true shining would be seen and even felt from within by everyone. Therefore, in creation, definitely there is not that wearing tension which dominates your world where you desire to outstrip one another to present yourselves better before others and receive a greater reward in a material sense. It is your distorted understanding of the meaning of living that causes you permanent stress which is wearing you out and leading you to the illnesses of the physical body since you are convinced that living on this world without physical comfort for the body and pleasant impressions for your eyes is not worthy, that it is not employed to the very end, and therefore it brings dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, one’s life on the higher worlds, where there is no money and payment for service, has a completely different meaning from that which you attribute to it. Would any one of you object that each of you could feel much stronger, that you would develop your abilities much better, that you would see much broader, that you would understand much deeper, that you would experience everything in a much more lively way? You will not find any man who would be at the same time sincere and who would not desire to live this way. And it is not because man himself just desires this. This is exclusively due to the fact that the Father has designed such a plan on perfecting mortals that embraces his striving for more and better. However, because of man’s unbalanced material and spiritual development he has paid all his attention to the development of meeting only the needs of his lower and animal self. And it is just due to this that even after the resurrection you will have to make plenty of efforts to be able to transform your current vices to your service full of the Father’s love for others, without absolutely expecting praises for this service; even though you shall receive them. However, not because you will expect them but rather because you will serve with love, and your teachers and guides will motivate you by commending you to more steadfastly walk along this path which helps you disclose your true self with all its good qualities within. They are just hidden under the dusty, unclean surface of the mirror of your self. Many layers still cover your true self, yet a more real sight of your self is being ever more disclosed even to you. And this sight also provides you with pleasure because you feel the true value of your self which has already been revealed to you, but you feel even more within yourself what a powerful force of the Father’s love is within you which is still to reveal in the future, after many thousand years of teachings and experiences, even such traits and capabilities of your self which at present are beyond your thinking.

119. Give Up Avoiding Decisions

And all this is done throughout creation under conditions of sincere and loving cooperation rather than under conditions of tension and stress. Since mistakes are inevitable, thus after having made them, you do not get upset the way you do on this world, but rather you make the second, or the third, or even the fourth attempt at solving that task. You stop avoiding to solve a task if you have failed to tackle it right away. You do not put off the implementation of the hard decisions which you are constantly doing today.

Your avoidance of tackling ordinary daily tasks wears you out and degrades you and at the same time even leads you to irresolution, diffidence in your own power, and to the strengthening of a bad habit – to put everything off for the future. However, you must realize that the future has new decisions in store for you which must be based on the implementation of the decisions of today. Just by constantly putting decisions off, you delay your own personal development.

Envision what would happen, if at least for a moment, the Father would decide to put off sending His love to you and to the whole of creation. Creation would cease to exist at that very moment since it all is grounded exclusively on the energy of love vibrations emitted by the Father. And if only for a moment its flow were stopped, even though this is a crude example, it will give you a fairly good example: If in the space which you see above, you were to watch a countless number of aircraft flying in a file at a supersonic speed and suddenly, the very first aircraft stops just for a moment. What would happen with all the countless aircraft in the file? Even the very last plane which will be thousands of miles away from the first one shall experience the same tragic fate of the second aircraft which inevitably shall crash into the first one standing still. Of course, this example is evidently not the one which you would be able to imagine because the aircraft being drawn by the earth’s gravity shall plummet down to earth. But I give you this example so that you might try to perceive such a file of the aircraft where the first one stops and does not fall down, which is a hypothetical example even as is this very assertion that the Father would cease at least for a single moment the pouring out of His love to the whole of creation.

By this, I desire to tell you that the Father teaches us all not to put off anything for the next moment which we must do at this moment, and we teach you that you would make your decisions without postponing them just because making a decision is unpleasant for you or wearing you out. If you have some doubts about something, you may also ask the Father, counsel with Him how to make a better decision which would correspond to the Father’s will and would be for the benefit of the whole. But by no means try to avoid it. Avoidance is not a means of your growth. The means of your growth are decisions and their implementation for the benefit of the whole. Your growth is personal, your decisions are personal, their implementation is collective or personal, and the fruits are also always collective and personal.

120. One’s Growth Is Due To One’s Experience At The Present Moment

Whatever views you might hold on your present life you can still expand and improve them. Never think that you cannot become better any more and by this also improve your very living. Neither must you think that you are sufficiently good and that you cannot become still better and that your life can also become much better. Even though you must always be calm, do not entertain a feeling that you have achieved everything in your life so that you would not desire to strive for something more.

This stance, even on a spiritual path, is very dangerous and leads to putting yourself in such a position as when man loses the taste of salt of his current living. Such a human stops seeing meaning in his daily living and his thoughts ever more tend to the future, even to that future which will be after the resurrection. However, it might still be a long way to go to this future, since the body still has plenty of unused energy and can move mountains while its inner self has already lost a desire to do anything in this form and is already designing ever more as to how much it would like to act after the death of this form. This inner state is such, as if it were ahead of events and of time. And it also wears out the human who has found himself in this state. He has faith, he entertains a wonderful attitude toward the environment and service but he misses the turning point of the driving power of love in the present moment. It is all focused in the future while in the present moment it is disposed as much as it is necessary to sustain the very action just to proceed.

When this very driving power of love is turned to the past, when all energy is spent only on the research of history, on revering the ancestors, or cherishing traditions, or on reminiscences, this type of human does not employ his present potential either; the potential that he is capable of using for the benefit of the whole, and he becomes like the one who directs his present potential only to the future. By this attitude they come very close to each other. However, the situation in which the two do not use their present potential has absolutely different motives and different causes. But the outcome is very similar – neither of them feels any satisfaction in the present moment with his spiritual growth. And one’s spiritual growth, without relishing the very process of growing, can only cause one’s dissatisfaction with, and even despair in this very moment and due to this, it can lead to one’s isolation from the ambience.

It is particularly because of this that one’s spiritual growth, even as one’s physical growth, cannot be either speeded up or slowed down in the ultimate sense. It is like that which corresponds to an individual’s desire to grow by his participation in this very moment, which envelops him during the very process of his growth. One’s spiritual growth is that individual’s desire to grow. And this very desire can either slow down, postpone this very spiritual growth, or outstrip this very moment. However, the very process of one’s spiritual growth is unstoppable and it progresses only by way of one’s acquisition of experience. And he cannot acquire his experience by even strongly desiring to grow faster, to get more perfect faster, or to be more spiritual faster. He grows, gets more perfect, gets more spiritual, only during the moment of his experience and he is as spiritual as he is spiritual at this very moment. It is only the present moment which determines the spiritual level of every individual in all of creation.

121. The Significance Of One’s Desire To Grow Spiritually And To Experience

One’s desire to grow spiritually contributes much to the progress of this growth. And this progress would be according to the evolutionary plan as designed. Without an individual’s desire, such spiritual growth is impossible. There is no spiritual growth by force or out of duty. Both compulsion and duty to some individuals might be only as benchmarks for pondering, but decisions on embarking upon this path of one’s spiritual growth are voluntary, and they are always made only by one’s free will. Therefore, an individual’s desire can only either increase or diminish the revealing of the potential of that very individual at one or another moment. However, it is by no means possible that this very revealing of the potential would speed up the individual’s spiritual growth itself which is exclusively comprised of one’s own experience.

I shall tell you that the Father already now, knows when you, each of you, will reach Him on Paradise, He already regards you, each of you, as being on Paradise because time does not exist to Him; He embraces all eternity within the present moment, and knows everything, each beginning from the end. Therefore, you, each of you, cannot either speed up or slow down your progression to the Father, even by just a single second. The Father knows all your previous, current, and future deviations from your straight path to Him. And these deviations consist of your doubts and distrust of the Father, and the resulting distrust in your very path and consequently diminished experience on this path. But you cannot proceed along this path in some other way. You proceed only in the way that you desire and in the way in which you carry out this desire by your experience at the present moment. And if your desire just carries you away from the present moment, to the past or the future, then you cannot add this experience to the sum of your growth in all its depth at this very definite moment, when you particularly would gain it. Therefore, moments of the past or the future can only either increase or diminish one’s desire to accumulate one’s experience at present. Such moments are not hazardous. They are even welcome, because they help one experience pleasant moments and achieve one’s relaxation from the hard efforts of the present action. It is exactly similar to the way the transmigration to the future provides one with an additional desire to make even greater efforts within the present activity. The danger arises when attempts are made to essentially replace the present by either the past or the future.

When I speak to you about an individual’s desire which can either slow down or speed up one’s spiritual growth, as well as that of all creation, in this case I speak to you about one’s reaching the very depth of one‘s experience which constitutes one’s spiritual growth in particular. And if you have a greater or lesser desire to grow spiritually, it is then that you can experience more or less, and by this, spiritually grow more or less, in your own experiences in every definite moment of the present. Spiritual growth in each of you takes place only in the present moment, and exclusively by accumulating experience. There is just no other way. And here, nothing depends upon your desire to grow faster or better. Your acquiring of experience determines everything. And no experience can be acquired only by one’s desire, even by great desire. Experience is being acquired while experiencing. And one cannot experience that which one has not experienced at a past moment by trying to replay this or that moment in one’s mind. Neither can one experience anything while trying to envision one‘s life in the future.

Therefore, even your greatest desires for a better life for yourselves and for others, all the same, are based on the present moment, on an ever deeper experience with the Father by you, each of you, at the present moment. It is this desire of yours that will contribute to the fact that you as a personality will be able to reveal your potential at the present moment and translate it into the actual part of yourself which is acquiring experience in particular. And by this present experience of yours, you, each of you, are becoming ever more real. Similar to a child, when he learns ever more, and finishes one more grade at school he grows ever more in his knowledge and in his ability to apply this knowledge. And by this, he becomes ever more his true self that the current educational system, even though very much distorted, has trained him for – to be able to adapt himself to the environment and to survive in this ambience. And this child, by progressing from grade to grade, however much he would desire to live by either the reminiscences of the moments of the past or only within the fancies of the future, will not be able to add anything to his experience apart from the experience he accumulates at a particular moment. It is only his experience that is making him that which he is as a personality at this particular moment. Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for one’s growth. For one’s growth and for revealing one’s self, the true self, it is necessary to apply one’s theoretical knowledge, to have one’s experience. Therefore it is possible to know a lot, but if you are unable to apply the knowledge, or you have had no chance of doing it, then you must not claim that you have assimilated that knowledge and that you are capable of using it and at the same time of knowing your true self. Even if you have a great desire to succeed in applying this knowledge in practice, your desire alone is not sufficient, though it is very important. It is necessary to apply this knowledge, to have one’s experience.

That is why not only one’s striving for a new knowledge is important, but also its application, so that one’s inner self can grow by accumulating one’s experience.

And the whole of creation is a marvelous school and a laboratory of practical application of knowledge in all spheres of activity of which you have not the slightest idea since you are just starting your path. Such a splendid stage of accumulating experience is in store for you, an endless stage, though possessing its own definite boundaries. But for you, all the same, it will long seem as if it had no limits. It will look as though it is impossible to embrace either the variety of activities going on, the vastness of its space, or the multitude of its worlds. And during all eternity into which you are making the very first step already now, on this world of your material living, there shall never be a single moment in which you could speed up your spiritual progress even by a second. The whole process of your development, for each of you, is only as much as you experience, as much as you apply the acquired knowledge provided by the marvelous spiritual teachers, in a similar way as you now are provided with knowledge by your teachers at school. Only they will use different methods and different content than your teachers. And all the acquired information, you must apply in practice, and in order to gain skills for a higher step.

When, for instance, you learn to drive a car, you do not get into the car right away. You have to learn many other things before you start to drive it. You have to learn traffic regulations, to know the purpose and position of each device in the car necessary for driving, to be able to use it, being aware of where to find it and how to turn it on. But even though you know traffic regulations very well, even though you also know very well all the appliances in the car necessary for driving it, you cannot claim that you can drive a car. It is only now that you start applying this knowledge in practice. And then you begin to realize that what has been easy for you to understand, and what seemed to you to be easy to implement, is not so easy and simple once you have to do all this by yourself. The lack of experience makes all your knowledge such that is not yet awakened to be operating in your daily actions. And it is only after a long and steadfast effort that you begin, gradually, to drive this very same car ever better. And the more often you drive it the greater the skill you acquire, the more reliable is your driving. And now look upon my example from the perspective of the moments of the past and the future.

You take lessons in driving. However, in the past you had a very strong desire to drive a car but had no chance of doing it. Has this desire speeded up the process of your learning to drive a car? Just desire alone has not provided you with driving skills. It means that however much you desire something this desire does not substitute for the very process of driving. The very desire does not add anything to one’s ability of driving if the experience of the moment of the very process of driving is missing. It is exactly the same with a future moment. If you have lessons in driving a car and if you have a very strong desire to drive it very well, just because of this desire alone you cannot drive it very well. You drive it only to the extent you can drive it at this moment, to the extent that you have acquired your experience in driving it. And here, just one’s desire alone, cannot add anything to that which is being acquired through one’s experience.

However, despite the fact that the very desire cannot replace experience, still it is a very significant factor in acquiring this very experience. One’s desire is as a catalyst for a chemical reaction to proceed. If one’s desire is missing, the process will be developing with difficulty and painfully. One’s desire helps one acquire one’s experience easier, even though it does not replace the very experience.

Therefore your desire to grow spiritually is very important because this desire is stimulating you to seek new experiences with the Father at the present moment.

122. The Depth And The Foundation Of Children’s Up-bringing

My beloved brethren, I, Christ, want to go back once again to the issue of children’s up-bringing since today it is not explained to you anywhere. Different text books on children’s psychology, different books devoted to children’s up-bringing do not teach you the association with children as the principal subject which always has to be grounded on your conversations about the Father. In many ways you do not conform to truth while pursuing momentary results as to how to raise the child healthily, joyful, enjoying a good relationship with his parents and with the environment, but you absolutely do not raise him as a grown-up child of the Father. It is here that all the roots of your present pain and suffering lie. You want to raise your child only the way it seems to you that he might be a good child or a grown-up person. But how will you raise him such if you are not good yourselves and never show a live example which your child might follow. It is due to this problem that I would like to return once again to this key issue of humanity.

Today the whole system of children’s development and education is far from being in conformity with the evolutionary plan of the spiritual development of an individual designed by the Father. Therefore, it is necessary that, what does not conform to it be put back onto a normal track.

When more than thirty-eight-thousand years ago Adam and Eve, a son and daughter of the Father, who were created by me and whom we call the Material Sons and Daughters, arrived on your planet, they were on the main mission – to create the violet race, and by this, to improve your biological development, to improve your biological resistance to diseases. And even your spiritual receptivity depended upon their mission. Unfortunately, they failed in their mission and you received almost none of their violet life plasm. Therefore, now it is so difficult for you to comprehend spiritual teachings which are sought only by a very small part of humanity. Due to this you do not know how to raise your children following a spiritual method rather than an intellectual one which at present is dominant.

And still the Father’s plan is unstoppable for it is designed for the spiritual development of the whole of creation. And no creature is capable of stopping or ceasing it. Therefore, now you must also make a choice whether you desire that other generations of your brethren would also suffer the way you do, or on the contrary, you desire to reduce their suffering, and even to contribute to their physical and spiritual growth to a much higher one than your current level. Decisions and actions are yours while the fruits will be used by the future generations through wiser decisions and actions made by your children, grandchildren, and further generations, in all their walks of life.

Adam and Eve were transported in from the Satania system to which your world, named Urantia, also belongs, and their life plasm, implanted at a certain time into your ancient ancestors, today would already have also yielded to you very good fruits both genetic and spiritual. While now it is you who must be in Adam and Eve’s place and lay a better foundation even to a genetic legacy for generations to come by much higher spiritual development of your children.

That is why you must at first perfect yourselves spiritually, by consciously choosing this path of being perfected, rather than by rushing around from one path to another and still being unable to understand where you are. And in order to grasp this you might use these teachings of mine. However, these teachings are superficial and they are meant for your daily application. Much more thorough and profound teachings are presented in the Revelation which is called The Urantia Book, and in which you might read a consistent description of my life in the human flesh, which has been presented in this Revelation with my approval. From it you will also get to know about my efforts in raising my junior brothers and sisters after the tragic death of my father, Joseph, while I was only fourteen years old. It will help you get a better idea of both my adolescent years and my attitude to the then-system of education which did not allow girls to attend school so that I had no other choice but to take up the teacher’s role at home and teach my sisters the same subjects which I had at school. Now I would like to emphasize the up-bringing of children for you to understand that peace and concord within society depend upon the children.

No child is born in any way different but as one to be formed by your environment. He is born as a blank sheet of paper on which you can draw a picture as a painter does one on the canvas, you can paint a picture which can either sooth and arouse admiration or cause pain and suffering. Every picture reflects the character and feelings of the painter.

As the parents of the child you can raise him as an enlightened son or daughter of the Father, but you can also be disinterested in all these things and leave your child victim to the instincts of his animal self, and even strengthen them. Today you forgot your children and you see only dolls which you call your children. Whenever you want to play with a doll you approach your child but whenever you do not want it your child cannot call for your attention. But even the fact that your child does not receive your exclusive and full-of-love attention is also his up-bringing. He learns how he will have to associate with his children. It is only the Father’s spirit that is knocking on your soul and on the child’s soul – get closer to each other by a spiritual bond of the Father’s love, take a look at each other by the relationship of a permanent spiritual association with the child, full of love rather than by a look which would be just for brief moments and to satisfy your pleasure.

No father or mother must ever toady to any whims of the child that ruin the character of the child’s personality from within. I taught my apostles that a wise father would never give his child a sea snake if it was caught in a fish net together with other fish even though the child might be pleading for it. Such a whim of the child might have a very high price to this very child. Will the child be satisfied if this whim was not met? Of course not. Realizing the consequences, will you not approve of this wise father’s decision either, even as the child? Of course you will approve of it. You see much further and clearer than the child, and realize that the child does not yet understand such a tragic outcome to himself. Therefore, there is no opposition since the example of a possible dire outcome, should the father concede to the child’s whim, is so obvious. However, do not you see these very same things within your own families? Why are you so unwise and so many of you hand in a sea snake to your child as soon as he desires it? Is it just because you are as little children yourselves and unable to comprehend these tragic consequences to your children once you rush to meet their whims no sooner than your little offspring desires something? Not at all, since you were told by your parents and you read that pampering one’s children always causes problems as the child grows, since, with years, his desires also multiply. And you experienced it yourselves many a time as a thought pierces your mind what you would have to do further on as the requests for presents are ever greater. And you give presents to them with all your might. You hand in a snake to your child. And then you get surprised that problems ever grow. There is no end to them, your relations do not get stronger in any way, there is no warmth and understanding. There is only a headache alone. Your children are not interested in anything, or they show their interest in that in which you would not desire them to be interested. And you permanently wonder as to what your child lacks, why this ingratitude, even though everything which is the best within the family is given to him?

At first, you have to learn to discern fish from a water snake yourselves. It is only then that you will be certain that you are not giving it to your child. By using this metaphor I had no snake in mind literally but rather all good and evil which is present in one’s life. Any evil can turn in a very hazardous angle against each of you or against the whole of society if no efforts are made to convert it to goodness. And how to translate evil to goodness it is this teaching of mine that gives explanations to you.

Now I can explain to you a lot and in detail how you must raise your children but my words will still remain to you just vain if you do not try to discover the Father within. And it is only after you discover the Father within yourselves that you will sense that only now you have comprehended in what way you must raise your children, associate with them, and grow together with them so that they would feel a living flow of the Father’s love pouring out from you. And they will immediately react to this living vibration of love. Now you are unable to permanently emit the vibrations of the Father’s love, for as soon as you step away from your child, these vibrations are immediately blocked within you since you take up other jobs without the Father’s love. Only while seeing your beloved offspring you can liberate these very vibrations of the Father’s love. And even in then, provided that there is no tension in your business, if you are not wearied out by other problems, if your mind is not preoccupied with any thoughts on a meeting with your friends, if you neither are preparing in your thoughts for any date with anyone nor hiding it. All the thoughts which are not tinged with the vibrations of the Father’s love immediately block these very vibrations. And you can check it yourselves when your association with your child is full of love and sincere and when it is only outward and fake as if you were carrying a heavy burden from which you would desire to get unburdened as soon as possible.

And as this artificial association becomes ever more frequent, as the moments of it turn ever longer, your child stops feeling your love vibrations, which you emitted and he begins to demand your attention, he desires to associate with you, and at this moment you make the very first step to bribe him by giving him the first snake – some rattle toy so that the child would be busy and leave you alone, at least for a moment. That is your first mistake in associating with your child. Actually it is equal to your betrayal. It might be called a mistake just because nobody has taught you that this association must proceed without rattles but rather live. However, it is your first betrayal when your little one is asking for your love but you do not give it to him rather offering him its surrogate – artificial toys which are designed by businessmen; and as time runs on they become more sophisticated and obviously more expensive. And your betrayal is becoming ever greater for you also feel irritation because of the fact that very soon your child gets bored with the toy, and you must buy him a new one. And that is an expensive thing to satisfy the outer pleasure of the child.

It is a live relationship, a live association that is necessary for the child, while you buy him with the dead toys that have no value for his growth. Wrong attitudes are pressed upon you by psychologists, nursery teachers, school teachers, industry, and commercials. All these things do not build up the child’s character.

On the contrary, they bring on a ceaseless growth of the whims of the child. And again you hold out a snake to the child because he particularly asks for it. And your live association with the child you limit to the very minimum. However, even this minimum is not a live association. If you talk with the child for a moment or two, you are in your thoughts already somewhere else, and you try to distance yourself from this association with your child as soon as possible. And again your child does not receive from you the vibrations of the Father’s love, he does not receive the Father’s living water for his soul. And how can he receive it if you do not have it yourself, if your own vessel is empty? Therefore, you are trying to pour out upon your child just your outer attention without your inner life.

Can you do any job well if you do not focus all your attention on it? Of course, not. Each job is particularly meant for concentrating one’s entire attention on. And the one who breaks this principle very often encounters very painful consequences while even doing minor work. And if any tools, especially the sharp ones, or any machinery must be used for doing that work, you can also get injured, or you can injure others.

The child’s up-bringing is still more dangerous. You can injure or completely kill the child’s soul. That is the greatest possible pain to the whole of creation when a soul has no possibilities to bloom out in order to rise in a free flight after its resurrection.

Therefore, while raising your child you must always be very attentive. Never be such that your thoughts would wander somewhere else. While being with your child, always associate with him sincerely. You are painting a picture grounded in your sincere feelings. The painter will be judged by it. Others will judge you by your children. And if all the time while staying with your child, you associate with him sincerely, if you stay opened to him all the time, then this relationship transcends any rattles or any toys, though very expensive and nice, but dead. And this living relationship of yours cannot be replaced by any toys, even the most expensive.

A live association is nothing but talking with the child. Talk with him all the time. Tell him about your feelings, describe to him the environment, tell him nice fairy tales, fancied by you, and sing him songs. And do everything very sincerely, all the time repeating ordinary correct words of your own language rather than imitating the sounds of the little one.

And then you will see how receptive are these little ones and how much they can perceive.

When you do not allow them to rise gradually, to your level, but rather by toadying to them, adapt yourselves to their level and start talking their own language, how then they can hear a standard language and learn it faster and better? A live association is also your playing together. You can invent plenty of games yourselves. You are a creator. You are really painting a picture. Let your fancy carry you away, let it manifest itself in your association with your child if there is no other room for it to manifest itself. At the same time you will develop the mind of your child as well; and beyond any dead toys. But the most important thing is that you must reveal to him the environment and the Source of this environment – the Father – everywhere. The child must experience from his very early days that in the whole of the environment there is a loving hand of the Father which is always helping and soothing, even better than that of yours. All this will set in deeply in the sub-consciousness of the little one. And it will enable him to know the Father much better as he grows up. This way you raise your child as a new son or daughter of the Father for the whole of creation as it was designed by the Father’s evolutionary plan for the development of mortals. And this way you will form the sprouts of love and goodness in his soul which can manifest by good thoughts and deeds much earlier. And it will also tremendously impact the child’s physical health. The child will grow much stronger and healthier than the other children of his age who are not raised in this way.

It is the family that must play the main role for humanity to embark upon the path of its spiritual development. Therefore, no nursery schools can tackle this task. This task is meant exclusively for the family. Thus, nursery schools will gradually disappear for there will be no need for them. Children will grow within families. All orphans will be adopted as well. Now my words do not sound convincing. However, it shall be so, exactly as I am saying. There shall be no more abandoned children. For this time to come sooner, much depends upon your personal decision, by each of you, to turn to the Father, discover Him within yourselves, and devote all you jobs only to Him, consecrate all your living only to Him, and lead a full-blooded and very active daily life just providing it with the motive of the Father’s love and service.

123. The Meaning

Each day, each moment has its value and meaning which are just, as such as is attributed to them by your soul. If you do not live with an open soul, it means you do not live that day, that moment, at all. It is a wasted day or moment if it is not devoted to a meaningful and valuable searching of your own self. You may waste your time on meaningless jobs as much as you like, and ever more degrade rather than rise as a personality. And nobody: either angels, or I, or the Father, in the least measure, shall reproach you for doing it. However, we all teach you, each of you, and we teach you every day, that you would start living meaningfully. You do not even give a thought to the meaningfulness of your life. I have explained to you about the quantity and quality of one’s living. And I urged you to turn it from your quantitative living, when you seek everything only for yourself, or maybe for your own family members, into your qualitative living, when you start living for the whole, even for the whole of creation. It is just this sort of life that is qualitative. And it is only this sort of life that is meaningful.

However, meaningfulness has also another level which you may call an additional level. You must begin to feel the meaning of every action performed for the expansion, for the knowledge of your own self. You must begin to see the meaning in a sunrise and a sunset, in a rainfall and in a snowstorm, in the dropping of leaves from trees and in the bursting of buds, in the blooming out and the withering of flowers, in people’s anger and love, goodness and evil, joy and sorrow, pain and bliss. You must begin to see the meaning in any environment. It is only the seeing of the meaning that provides the depth of the growth of your character.

When you begin to notice the meaning, even where there is an opposition to doing the Father’s will, and once you realize that this opposition is the manifestation of one’s immaturity, it is then that you see the meaning of the operation of free will. It is possible to turn away from doing the Father’s will only by one’s own free will, and by this confirm different level of spiritual development of those free-will people who make up your environment. And thank the Father for being given this experience, because of this will. For it is only through this experience that you can test the manifestation of your own free will; whether it will further remain on the path of the knowledge of the Father’s love and truth, or it will choose a simpler and more understandable path – to behave in the manner offered by the ambience. It is just a shade of human evil that can render the meaning to the manifestation of your own free will within the shining light of the Father’s love and truth without a shade.

When I teach you to notice in every action, even in a bad one, the meaning of that action rather than just the very action, by no means do I teach you to support these actions and repeat them. By discerning the meaning, even in them, you start sensing the difference of your own thinking while comparing your own past and present assessments. This way you can notice the cleanness of the mirror of your own self as to what extent you see in it the image of your true self, to what extent your true self does not support the actions of evil, and what sort of actions, and why, it does not support, and still whether it loves those who perform these acts of evil; whether it feels anger and even hatred for the doers of these actions?

Love is not the theoretical statement “I love you.” Love is the Father’s real vibrations which begin ever more to reign within your soul that is opening up to the Father. Therefore, the soul begins to love ever more those who are close to it, the members of its own family, and even a greater number of mortals in the whole of its environment. And love needs to be ever grown and expanded, for it is easy to love only those who just do good deeds. However, when you ask yourself sincerely: “Do I love the one who hurt me, hit me, occupied my position in the office and in such an indecent way at that, the one who takes bribes, who commits crimes, who is not the sort, doing the Father’s will the way I do, do I love such a stumbling brother or sister in spirit?” And when you sincerely confess to yourself that you do not yet love him, it will serve as a clarification for you, that even evil enables you to assess the growth of your self, even evil gives you meaning, even evil provides you with a chance to control yourself ever more and to grow to the size which only you realize, for it is only you who can sincerely feel your own inner state.

And your inner state must reach the one which has been provided to you by the Father, through the bestowal of His spirit, to assist you in revealing your true self. You must begin to feel exactly this very same inner state of love vibrations within yourself for those who are good and do the Father’s will as well as for those who so far are bad and violate the Father’s will. Your inner state must not differ in relation to the doers of these actions once you witness the actions of the former and latter ones. The Father loves them uniformly, even as He loves me, even as I love them uniformly, because I love them with the Father’s love since the Father and I are one. Even as the Father, I, and the whole of creation are one. It is due to this that the sun shines uniformly on both the good and bad, and rain uniformly rains upon both the good and bad. And you, each of you, must feel the very same love vibrations to the good and bad. And these love vibrations in no way must be different from the love vibrations which you radiate to the least of your little children which you fondle while swaying him in your arms with a fatherly or motherly love. It is this very love of the Father that you are directing to your little child. It is not your love. This love of the Father you have privatized. The time has come to let it out into the flight of freedom. It is for this purpose, so that you would be able to do it, that I present these teachings of mine.

Thanks to these teachings, you will begin to feel and assess ever deeper your own self, your true self, and your animal self. And it is only then that you will sense this enormous path you have walked within your own self once you look at yourself at a certain moment of the past and try to recall your reactions to these very same acts of evil and to the doers of these acts then and now.

It is only in this way that you will be able to understand that you have liberated yourself from the negative assessment of another person whatever their evil acts might be. It is evil that has helped you grow up as a true child of the Father since you have liberated yourself from it through your relationship with the Father discovered within you. And this live relationship gave you a real experience that your true self started to embrace all uniformly in the Father’s love without any calculation. This way you noticed the meaning, even in evil. However, the benchmarks of evil are left behind in the past ever more, and the vistas of goodness become ever clearer in the future, so that you get convinced ever more that in the future there is nothing but goodness, goodness, and only goodness.

You must see the meaning absolutely everywhere, even in the existence of insects, such as ants, for they also make up a necessary part of the whole system. The will of the Father comprises the whole. And that which might seem to you cruel and relentless today will also appear in a different light after many thousands of years on this planet. And that which seems to you to be not in conformity with the Father’s will today, will have turned into a marvelous concordance after thousands of years. However, this visible concordance of nature, animal life, and man will not have been achieved in one moment, and will be achieved only by wise decisions. In the course of these thousands of years there will have taken place many painful developments which will have seemed to the participants of these moments as cruel and unjust episodes of the manifestation of the Father’s will.

Your vision is very narrow and your life span on this world is so short that any deeper and more correct conclusions are beyond your reach since the current environment does not demonstrate such tendencies. Therefore, I desire to expand the framework of your thinking so that you would be able, even within the present environment, to view everything in such a way that you would see the meaning everywhere. There is nothing without meaning. Even each gnat has its meaning, for it is part of the whole system, even though it does not survive, it impacts the whole system by passing to another form of energy manifestation.

Therefore, everywhere and always see the meaning even though in the present moment and in your present view, everything that transpires on the planet might have no meaning to you, for it far from corresponds to your concept of that which is the will of the Father.

Rather than looking with your own eyes, try to look with those of the Father through your own inner and true self which senses the Father within. And then you will see that gradually you will begin to notice ever more the meaning in all the actions of the environment.

Is there a meaning in your actions which ravage nature, and destroy all humanity? If you assess them just superficially you will see no meaning in this destruction. You are cutting off the branch on which you are sitting. And you are not sitting on it alone, or very few of you, but rather all of you, and each of you. Therefore, according to your understanding there cannot be meaning in destroying yourselves and ravaging the ambience this way. However, when a child strikes a match and burns his finger, is there any meaning in this burning? It is painful to the child, he suffers. His parents are worried, they desire to help their child and they comfort him, but the child feels pain all the same. And it causes still greater inner suffering to the parents. They would prefer to feel this pain themselves instead of their beloved little one so that he would not have to suffer this physical affliction. However, it is this burn that has meaning because through this action the child acquired his experience which enables him eventually to hear the frequent warnings of his parents not to play with the matches and even to memorize very well what it means to get burnt by a match flame. This understanding, originating from the experience, made the burn meaningful.

It is exactly the same with you. While I was in the human flesh among you I did not teach you anything more than I teach you now. I spoke to you then and I speak to you now about the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men and even as my apostle expanded this teaching of mine to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. However, all the same, the meaning of my teaching did not change as regards its quality. But you did not listen to me, and now you do not listen to your wise brethren as they present my teachings to you. You behave the way little children do when they play with a flame. You do not hear the warnings that this game is hazardous and you can get burned off. Just a match in your hands is nothing, but it is your behavior; of each of you, among yourselves and with nature. I tell you now that you all, and each of you, must turn to your inner selves and discover the Father just within your inner selves. Two thousand years ago I kept telling you all the time: “I shall knock, and whoever opens the door of one’s heart I shall enter.” I did not say that I would pass by. I taught you to open the door of your heart for me to get inside so that I could strengthen you from within rather than from without. And the Father also placed His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, within your mind.

We can reach you only from within whenever you begin to sense us within your own selves. Since this did not happen, you did not pay any attention to the warnings of your other brethren from without and continued to play a hazardous game with the matches. And the sooner the matches strike, the sooner you burn your fingers, the sooner you hear that which you have been told by many – do not pollute the waters, do not deforest, do not produce chemicals, do not develop weapons, do not kill wild animals, do not annihilate people, do not be heartless, do not sink among material things, and do not do many other things that sooner or later will burn you.

It will not only burn you, each of you, but will also cause much pain to me, and to my and your Father. However, you pay no attention to our warnings, passed to you through other sons and daughters of the Father, for you continue to design new plans for how to wear out the land, how to destroy forests, how to kill animals and people, just satisfying the whims of your untrue, animal, and selfish self. The match is already burning. It is not a long one. The hands already begin to feel the heat and the fingers start drawing ever back but your selfishness all the same does not want to give up its plans. Therefore it is imminent that the fingers shall get burnt off. And not only of those who have struck this match but even of those children of the Father who have no relationship with them whatever.

The planet is also a united body. Destruction even of minor species at one end of the planet shall cause repercussions at the other end of the planet. But you, so far the absolute majority of you, do not see this relationship. However, it is real. And it shall strike back painfully to all. This blow would have already been struck but all the time we did our best to prevent it. However, your selfishness has no limits at all.

You attribute all the achievements of the present civilization to yourselves without even giving a thought to it, that it is due to our leading, only thanks to us, that you receive great ideas and solutions to implement these ideas.

It is those of you who are more receptive to the transmission of our vibrations, who make discoveries and inventions. They do not invent all the thoughts themselves which develop the human civilization. Such thoughts are passed to you via our channels in order for you to have a better life. However, in what way do you subsequently use these ideas? You even arrived at the thought of patenting and by this dared to monopolize ideas and appropriate them only to yourselves, to one or few of you. And you did it just to receive from their application as much money for yourselves as possible.

However, all the ideas on the development of civilization are given to you that they would belong to all rather than to be privatized by swindlers and deceivers. And in what way are you using all the best thoughts and ideas? In the development of weapons. Even a nuclear reaction of the atom’s fission, you have applied in the manufacture of a bomb, and currently you have become hostage to it as you began to wave it like a savage would wave a club. It is too early for you to possess these ideas. However, that which has been believed that you might use for the benefit of progress you use for selfish purposes. And that is a striking of the match with your own hands. Each good deed might be defamed by a bad motive. Your motives are selfish. Therefore, your civilization is at stake that a burning flame of the match will burn off a very great number of people. And not only will it burn them but also it will burn them completely. But this decision was chosen by you, and freely.

And still, even within this action of an enormous fire, and which is not just a fire of the match any longer, there is the meaning. Through afflictions, through pain, when just less than one third of the whole of mankind remains it will enable this remaining one third of humanity to perceive the consequences of the fire caused by that planetary match and see that which means a recklessly selfish life and the turning away from the Father in one’s heart.

When I speak of the fire I use this word as a symbolic image which is related to a flame produced by a match. Meanwhile in reality this flame of the fire you will experience in the form of floods, diseases, violence and wars, and chaos and darkness. It is then that you shall need a real and invisible upholder when all that which is seen shall no longer be in the state to lean upon.

Riches shall lose their value within a moment. A dignified position of a boss shall go down as a balloon with its air deflated, presidents and kings shall have no one to rule because the states without their people shall lose the meaning.

It is in this ambience that those sons and daughters of the living faith of the Father who will feel that strongest and most reliable upholder – the Father – within themselves, and will manifest themselves.

I told you two thousand years ago about the future destruction of Jerusalem. And that destruction did occur. And today I tell you about the destruction of your New Jerusalem – about your present civilization – about the destruction which shall be different from the former physical destruction of the city. That shall be your own selfish choice of the path and the consequences, possessing the traits I have just pointed out, produced by this path.

And that is the meaning of all meaning – even your turning away from the Father will enable others to comprehend the destructiveness of this turning away, and therefore to see the only right direction which always remains only with the Father, in the Father, and in discovering the Father within. It is by your turning away from the Father and by your selfish way of living, that you shall produce the meaning, so that by your meaningless choice and your life directed only to your self rather than to your brethren, you will serve others more than the other brethren served you by teaching you goodness and truth; only unsuccessfully. However, your failure will generate success for those others, who will manage to discern the meaning in the whole of your tragedy so as not to repeat it.

124. The Purpose Of My Teachings

My teachings are meant for those of you who sincerely desire to seek for more than you have already achieved. Those who are satisfied with their position, and with the environment, will not be interested in these teachings and they will disdain them as useless and even to be disturbing their lives. However, you must bear in mind that the major part of your and of my brethren desire these teachings for they are unable to understand by themselves why chaos prevails, why there is such a thing as love and truth which cannot break through different barriers and obstacles, why such simple and obvious words can make their way into man’s heart-soul, and life with such difficulty. Therefore, these teachings will serve them as a springboard for their jump into their daily lives.

But this very same Father’s love and truth have also been dominating throughout creation until now, and until the current presentation of these teachings of mine. But you had a feeling that you were missing some sort of truth presentation so that you can know your whereabouts and find a more solid path in your life than the one along which you were walking and which was wearing you out so much and causing you so much anxiety from within and without. It is for those who feel this anxiety, for those who ask many questions within themselves, who sincerely search for the answers to their questions, who try with all their possible strength to withstand a sucking-in force of evil, that my teachings shall be as a source of strength.

And they are truly meant for strengthening and energizing you, each of you, so that while walking on your own path you would progress exclusively on the path of the Father’s love and truth, even though you might be offered any other path which would be tempting and wealthy from the material point of view, and comfortable to your body. My teachings are meant for building up the character of each of you so that you could, by yourselves, begin to feel your own positive changes and, by this, experience the victory of your true self over your animal self which is full of passions and selfish aspirations that make up obstacles and barriers for love and truth. And when many of you of this type gather together, it is then, that by all means, you start to strive for making the path of spreading love and truth more difficult so that even others could neither see it nor strive for it. It is you who become this force of evil which impedes your own growth as well as that of others.

Neither the Father nor I hide love and truth from you. No. It is you who are hiding from it yourselves. Therefore, the time has come for me, as for a Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, in which you start your journey to eternity, your path to the Father on Paradise, to present these teachings of mine. Even though you know me by the name of Jesus Christ, I present these teachings now being not only as Christ but as one of the Creators and Supreme Rulers of the Universe. I present them as the highest universe power, which is the power of the Father’s love and truth in the whole universe.

Therefore, I am telling you that those of you who will believe these teachings of mine and start applying them in your daily lives shall have no insurmountable obstacles in order to become the revealers of love and truth to your other brethren, however unfavorable circumstances might be. Together with the Father and me, and being assisted by your angel guardians, the seraphim, you shall manage to overcome all obstacles so that love and truth would shine around you and they would beam so strongly within you that you would begin to nourish yourselves with these very living vibrations of love and truth. And all this shall happen, for such is the will of the Father, and such is my will that you would deliver yourselves from the slavery of lies and fear, that you would become free children of the Father.

It is for this purpose that my teachings are meant. To deliver you from the fetters designed by you, which strangle, and rub your hands, legs, and neck till they bleed. Meanwhile, you must feel bliss and experience no abrading, no pain. And you must follow my teachings in order to feel perpetual bliss, the bliss which is offered to you by the Father, and which reaches and embraces you. They will harm no one. My teachings will not be harmful even to those who do not desire to read them, even to those who hurt and torment you. By no means will they take away a free-will choice from any of you. It is only your free will that will decide whether or not it is worth progressing along this path, whether or not it is worth, as you say, “to blow against a head wind.” It is you, each one personally, who must make a decision. However, you must also know that to those who will make a choice “to blow against a head wind,” to blow against the slavery and fetters of rituals and dogmas, vices and poverty that you have put on your own shoulders, the Father shall come to their assistance. I, as well as my whole universe, shall assist those of you, for no one in my universe must be a slave against one’s own will. Therefore, all the vast family of the universe, of which you have no idea, will join in your spiritual ascent and delivery.

You had a chance to hear something about the angel guardians. These angel guardians have a corresponding name – seraphim. And they are always working together with you to help you get liberated from these fetters of slavery. However, when you personally, on your conscious level, make this decision, your guardians will receive enormous support for their own activity and therefore it will proceed much more successfully. And in a similar way the angels of nations, the church angels, the angels of progress, the angels-social architects, Midwayers, Melchizedeks, Physical Controllers will also contribute to this activity. To each of you, assistance will be rendered of that type of which even the richest king of your material states cannot dream.

Now this assistance is also rendered to you, however, as long as your free will is turned to the direction of evil rather than to the direction of the Father this help is not within your reach, and you cannot make use of it since you do not know anything about it, nor that you think about it. And it is necessary for you to make only one step – sincerely and personally of your own free will, to make a decision on choosing the path of the Father’s love and truth. And this path is free. Walk upon it bravely and throughout all eternity. My teachings will help you make this decision and use it so that in your daily living you would broaden this path of love and truth, and that you would light it up for others. Your steps will encourage others. The greater the number of those walking on the path of love and truth, the stronger is the very stride.

However to those of you who will be among the first to walk along this path, it is my teachings that will be this support from without that you will be able to read them and verify your stride, until you learn to commune with the Father or with me directly, and live in order to address us for your counsel.

By your single decision you absolutely change your future. From a slave you become a free person. This is a wonderful change and experience. And after you discover the Father within, the inner sense of your freedom will be so great that you will not be able to hold this jubilation because it will be only then that you will realize that you have become His son or daughter. Only then you will realize as a human being that you have ceased being any longer a servant of the Father and have become a loving and beloved son of the Father. That is a wonderful inner transformation into your true self.

But until you reach it, my teachings serve you as a supporting handrail while ascending on this staircase which leads up. And this is the only staircase leading to love and truth. All the other paths lead to the domination of your animal self ever more and to the experience of still greater suffering. However, what you strive for in this life you are certain to get. If you are looking to satisfy only material needs for your animal self, then you must take part in a game which is based on the rules designed by the similar animal selves, and which will bring you a great many moments of despair and pain, because the rules of this game do not provide the manifestation of love and truth. And if it does not provide them, you cannot expect either love or truth within it. Thus, neither can you expect comfort, compassion, soothing, nor understanding in it. You must expect tension, injustice, and the reign of force. If this path, leading your soul to destruction, is acceptable to you then you may use your will to choose it. However, it is a very painful and destructive deadlock. You will not get anywhere on it. You will only wear yourself out ever more and experience such disappointment that at the very last moment before your sick body, that has suffered a lot, will consume the very last drops of its energy you will acknowledge to yourself: “I have experienced many things in my life – joy and pain, but I have not experienced love and happiness.” And this will be true; because no one who is turned away from the Father, who does not open up to Him, can experience love and happiness. And that one who opens up to Him can no longer lead such a selfish life. That one chooses another path – the path of life rather than of death.

125. Different Views Of Death

There is not a single man who, while staying turned away from the Father, would not fear death. And on the contrary, there is no man who, while staying turned to the Father, would be scared of death. They are two antipodes of the way man passes away from this world. And by the final body-sigh you can judge whether the man has been with the Father or he has lived having turned away from Him. However you would desire to deceive others, yet it is impossible to deceive the Father, for He is beyond deception due to one reason – He is love. And love is beyond destruction, it is possible to despise it, it is possible to turn away from it, it is possible to jeer at it, it is possible to betray it, but it is impossible to destroy it; because it is from the Father who is merciful. And if you turn to Him within your inner self, turn to Him with all your being, with all your soul, rather than in words or in thoughts, and it is then that you will start to sense both a relief and a live flow of the Father’s love. And it is of no significance if you do it right before running out of the very last drop of energy of your present material body. All the same, you will feel this relief and speak out: “I am with the Father, and I feel His love and His peace. I am not afraid of dying any longer since I am going to the Father.” And the phenomenon of death shall transpire without stress, but rather in the state of peace, for such is the path of the Father’s love and truth, even at the very last moment in one’s material body on this world. And many do say at this moment: “I raced through my life. I worked very hard but I have not felt bliss. While now that I feel there is a power which is comforting me, I am feeling bliss.”

And my teachings are meant for the purpose that you also would help others pass away from your world, those who are afraid of leaving it, for they have led their lives on it without the Father, as real orphans. Therefore, help them during their very last moment while they are here, turn to the Father so that they would eventually begin to feel peace and bliss from the Father already within them. The Father is always reacting even to the weakest flicker, impulse of one’s brain, if it is only a sincere calling and opening up to Him. He is not imposing anything by force, yet no any other force is capable of preventing Him from providing that very in-depth peace and bliss if there is the slightest vibration of a sincere desire in one’s brain. Even though the man is paralyzed and cannot speak or move, explain even to him that the Father responds not only to a sincere word but also to a sincere thought, to a sincere desire of pleading to Him for soothing and assistance. And assistance comes instantaneously. There is no obstacle which would block the path for supplying this bliss. And on the contrary, there are no such powerful and strong words of pleading which would make the Father give this bliss to a dying human if he is waving away this help himself. Free will of each individual is supreme and inviolate. Therefore, by your prayers you will achieve just this; that by praying, in your own and sincere words or thoughts, you will receive peace within yourselves and the whole agony of death will seem to you as nothing more but the manifestation before your eyes of the principle of creation – of the cause-action-consequence – in which you can change nothing.

The one who pushes away the Father with one’s free will dies in agony. And this vision produces consternation on the close relatives of the dying person. However, should you know more about the Father you would relieve this suffering of yours by millions of times, for the Father must watch a great multitude of His children passing away at a time and who are pushing Him away, turning away from Him while He loves them all in the same way even as His children who love Him. And He knows well that these children of His disappear from creation. And they are irreplaceable. It means that during all eternity there shall be no such children as those who have disappeared. There will be other children of the Father. But they will be other children and not the ones who have vanished. And the Father has to endure this pain every moment and throughout creation. Can you realize how enormous Father’s pain is which is experienced ever again and again as soon as the mortal body passes away from a material world within which one’s life has been lived without the Father?

Your current mortal life being led without the Father will be beyond understanding for the future generations. In a similar way the lives of the savage cave men is beyond your understanding. The fact that you live in a developed material civilization does not make you any different from the savage people who lived in the environment of the cave civilization. By the level of your spiritual thinking you are even lagging behind them, since the cave people lived in a natural environment of their development while you possess the Father’s fragment, the Father’s spirit, within each of you, and still you continue to live having turned away from the Father. It only shows that your spiritual thinking is even lagging behind that of the cave man. Had the cave man had such a powerful and perfect Monitor he would have responded to the leading of the Father from within much stronger. And the difference in your favor is only this that your mind, from an objective point of view, has progressed more on the level of thinking than that of the cave man therefore you can receive the fragment of the Father within your mind which the cave man could not yet do. However, relatively, he would have really been more devoted to this spiritual leading which you are denying. Your current denial of the Father leads you to perish. And you realize it and yet refuse to change yourselves; and not just to change yourselves but to change yourselves for the better, and for your own sake. Thus, how unwise must be this mind which realizes its tragic future and yet does not strive to prevent it? Could the caveman savage behave like this? No, by all means not. By the way of his thinking, the savage matched his ambience, while you are lagging, and by many times at that, behind the environment of your material development, and even behind the circumstances provided to you in a spiritual sphere.

Therefore, my teachings also have the purpose once again to attract your attention to, and arouse your spiritual thinking. And to remind you, in your age, once again that even many thousand years after the prophets came to the world and carried my light, even though not so bright, you killed them and despised them and you smeared and slandered their light, and today you do exactly the same things. And you ridicule the words of the present-day prophets and the prophets themselves, you do reject as insane. Even though they wish you and desire for you only one thing – to open up your spiritual vision so that you would notice your brethren around you as well as the reality and impact on you of the words conveyed by them, which are actually not theirs but the Father’s and mine.

126. Once Again About Non-existent Reincarnation, Faith, And Your Experiences

Due to the fact that your wisdom has declined, or to put it better, is not risen from the level of its animal and selfish self, I had no other choice but once again to address you myself as Jesus Christ, with my teachings, and once again to awaken your souls in order to protect you from pain and tears which are frightening you so and killing you. And in order that I would wipe them off for you, and that you would do it for others; these teachings of mine are the most important, for it is due to them that you would find comfort yourselves and would comfort others since you would see the environment with a much deeper and more discerning sight rather than with your narrow view.

Read them and pass a word to your brethren so that as many people would get acquainted with them as possible and would ponder their lives to date, and would make a free will decision on becoming from a materialist, into a son or daughter of the Father, and by this would ensure a peaceful and full-blooded life on this world and in the resurrection after material death as you call it. You shall not have the second life and you shall not experience a reincarnation. Remember this. Even the teachings I passed through other people and which make a hint about reincarnation is nothing but my condescension to the mind of men so that they, being so deeply influenced by the idea of reincarnation, would not get lost themselves and would not give up their path to the Father altogether should the foundation for their spiritual development be knocked out from under their feet. And this concession was made as a compromise to you. And I already spoke about it in these teachings of mine as well. Now I shall still add the following. The Father does not need an endless repetition of your living in the mortal flesh. However many times would you be allowed to live in the human flesh, all the same you would be unable to accumulate all human experiences, just due to the fact that human experiences in another generation are different and their solutions are also different. Therefore, your testing in relation to your experiences is meaningless.

Meanwhile there is one, and the only experience which not only denies any concept of the reality of the existence of reincarnation, but which is also your correct and righteous verification – your personal faith in the Father. And all the other personal experiences of yours, of good or bad deeds, lose their meaning if there is no faith experience. This experience is the only one and unchanging throughout all eternity not only to the man, but also to the soul and to the spirit. It is so always, and for good, that faith is such experience which cannot be either purchased or learnt. It is a living relationship with the Father; and it is personal. Even at a collective prayer, it remains a live personal relationship which transcends all the experiences previously accumulated by one’s inner self. It is one’s inner communion with That true and real Creator that has been discovered by the mortal within himself. It is this experience of yours that is the key and guarantee for us to verify your decision, rather than the fact of how good or bad you are. It is for this purpose that the Father has created me and a multitude of my Paradise Brothers and Sisters so that we would create the universes for you, and create you, and prepare the path to Him for you to walk on through your faith, and that you will walk on while even being in a material human form. And you do not have to roam, but rather to have faith. You must have just this only element of your testing: Your faith rather than your experience.

The Father and I prepared for you a great multitude of worlds where you will accumulate your experience after your resurrection. And this accumulation of your experience will take you billions of years only on the path to the Father alone. You still will be tested as souls after your resurrection, and it is only then that you shall become the eternal spirits preserving your own same selves which start this journey to eternity today by the manifestation of the human and animal selves.

Since you are on the very initial world no one requests great experiences from you. Even the fact that you have your animal vices such as jealousy, anger, revenge, hatred, fear, and the like, is not bad by itself because all these negative manifestations of your animal selves shall be replaced by the Father’s love on a long path to Him. Therefore, today you would also melt a great part of them just by your faith; by your faith and by your living relationship with the Father rather than by your exercises of suggestion or by your psychological training.

I shall tell you even more. Once you pass through the stage of the soul development lasting for thousands of years, measured by your time, and once you become a spirit, then you will say farewell to my universe and you will progress to the Father in the center of creation – on Paradise. And my universe is just a little part of the whole creation which is still expanding. And beyond the boundaries of my universe, on a much higher level than my universe, you will acquire ever greater new experiences and you will grow in your spiritual development. Even though by this time, billions of years will have passed since the moment you left my universe. And you will ever be acquiring your experience. And you will know the whole of creation ever better, and you will ever more distinguish the Father from the Son, and both of them from the Spirit, because you will know the three of them as separate persons. And that experience which you have once started accumulating at the initial stage of a mortal on this world of mortals, will not seem to you any greater than an invisible, tiny particle of dust.

Therefore, it is only out of ignorance that you cling to the idea of reincarnation, which does not exist, just because of the fact that the Father is loving and He has prepared for you a multitude of worlds on which you accumulate your experience. And it is simply impossible to accumulate many experiences just on one world, and on the initial one at that, when you have the path of the whole of creation laid down before you. Therefore, stop wasting your time on entertaining any ideas about a non-existing reincarnation, but rather look for a living relationship with the Father in order to have faith.

If you cling on to the idea of reincarnation in the human life, you risk getting lost and will not find the true key of faith which unlocks the door of resurrection to a higher level of existence. And I shall not provide you with the second chance to repeat your life here again. It is for this purpose that I am presenting these teachings to you so that you might ponder and make a decision.

Life is not given to you on this world to be wasted so that you would erroneously believe that once again you will be able to lead a more pleasant life. It is given to you so that being in possession of your free will, you might turn it into a pleasant one already now, on any level of your development. Pleasure is bestowed by the Father. Therefore, you must have faith in order to feel pleasure already now, and the pleasure of the meaning of even this life. And the pleasure of the meaning of one‘s living cannot be felt by just accumulating ever greater experience if there is no faith. In one’s life which seems to be tedious, monotonous, and wearing one out, faith alone is sufficient for this life to acquire only the meaning of pleasure. It is only one’s faith that opens the door for the mortal to these inner and outer heights of which he has never even thought before. And now I tell you that this very same faith also opens the door to me. You shall not get to the Father otherwise but through me. That is why by having faith in the Father you also have faith in me as in His Son and your senior Brother. Therefore, you know that in a loving family the elder brother always takes care of his younger brothers and sisters. And this care within the Father’s divine family transcends the care by the loving brother for his younger brothers and sisters in any earthly family.

The Father and I are one. It is because of this that by having ever greater faith in the Father, you will exercise not only an ever greater trust in the Father but also in me. You also will all begin to experience my support for you, each of you, since the Father entitled me to take care of all of you, and of each of you individually. Therefore, the Father’s and my care for you is the same care. It is not the way that the Father cares for you more than I do. I care for you even the way the Father does because He has given me the whole of the universe in order that I would rule within it the way He would, were He personally present in my universe rather than on Paradise. Therefore, the Father’s care and my care for you is the same care.

127. The Reward For Your Faith Is Your Resurrection

Thus, I tell you that by having faith in me you also have faith in the Father. There is no faith in me without one’s faith in the Father. However, by having faith in the Father you have faith in me as in your senior Brother who helps you progress on the very initial world to the Father, and who shall also help you further when you wake up from your sleep of death in an enormous and beautiful hall in which the souls of my universe are awakened. And then you will feel even greater love for both the Father and me because of this wonderful plan of the Father, that it is only due to your faith, rather than due to accumulating ever new reincarnation experiences, that you have survived your material death and you have been resurrected. And you not only were resurrected the way you wake up from a night sleep but you were resurrected in a new body which will not torment you with pain and diseases any longer for its purpose is to serve the Father by good deeds merely on a higher level than the mortal one. And you will realize very well that even though you are in a new ambience, which is unfamiliar to you, still you are this very same awakened self who feels recuperated like after the soundest sleep. And who not only feels recuperated, but who also entertains a sincere desire as of a child, to find out his whereabouts, what is happening around, and why. And this desire shall be satisfied.

And not only will you learn how you have arrived here and where you are, but you will also see this very world and its boiling and meaningful life activity, and maybe you will also join it. You will watch it and you will wonder as to how beautiful and pleasant this life is to your sight, what great pleasure it provides you from within. You will sense peace and bliss beyond description, and inexplicable inner joy, that you are seeing all of this. And you will entertain an ever growing desire to do something personally and to participate in this activity, yet you will not know how to begin. And it will be explained to you as to when and in what way your participation will begin in this life on a much higher level, in comparison with your life on the world from which you arrived.

While I lived among you in the human flesh, I was no different from you. And my faith in the Father was ever growing and deepening due to my personal relationship with the Father. It was only this relationship with the Father that enabled me to experience the life which I experienced. Now you call me the Son of God just because I called myself by this name at the end of my mission. At the beginning I was calling myself the Son of Man. I did not want to scare you by revealing myself at once, as the one who had come from the Father. I was just explaining, and demonstrating by my living, how it was possible to lean upon the Father and love all people. And to love them not only as one’s brethren with one’s brotherly love but to love them with a fatherly love which never requests this love to be returned. It is only a fatherly love that loves a son or daughter even though the son or daughter does not show any love. It was this type of love that I demonstrated by my living. And should it be too difficult for you to comprehend my teaching then by seeing my way of living, you may reproduce it by your own life of fatherly love. And it was not necessary for you to call me Master. In a similar way, I could have led my life by doing the carpenter’s job, or by becoming a merchant. I could have also become a philosopher; and even the leader of the Galilee Jews in their struggle against the gentile oppression. However, I chose the path of a spiritual guide. But by no way does it mean that the path which I chose was better than the other ones which I could not choose any more for it was impossible to walk along two paths at the same time. I chose such a path which could provide ordinary people who were being harmed, with as much light and comfort as possible, so that they could become stronger in those difficult circumstances which were dominant on your planet.

However, had your spiritual level been much higher, I would have chosen a different path to reach out for an ever greater number of your hearts. Had you then developed yourselves much more, even in comparison with your present development in the material, political, and social spheres, I might have become the leader of some state, and particularly in this sphere of activity, I would have demonstrated to the world how to govern a country together with the Father. Now I tell you this because you must understand that the activity of the Sons of the Father of my order during the term of their human incarnation, which is very short, can enjoy a great diversity. It is not limited just to the activity in which I was engaged. But in each sphere of activity all the Sons of the Father of my spiritual rank, while in the human flesh, demonstrate doing the Father’s will by living in whatever capacity they might serve and in whatever they might do.

And the higher the level of humanity’s development, the freer the choice for the path we can walk along while demonstrating the doing of the Father’s will. In a poorly developed society the choice is also poor. For there is very little among men that can be changed on a wider scale if the choice is made for such an occupation which will not embrace direct contact with a great number of people. It is only in a more developed community that it is possible to present a teaching, and just by making this teaching public, even from the position of the head of a state, to help people choose a more correct path to the wellbeing of the whole. However, this community must have already given up by this time such animal vices as selfishness and fear. They must already live up to the higher ideals of mutual understanding and cooperation based on love.

128. Dead Rituals And Dogmas Are The Greatest Obstacles To Your Relationship With The Father

The path of my human life that I chose two thousand years ago, corresponded to the then- conditions and I adapted myself to them. The present day conditions are greatly different from the vantage point of material development and the means of communication. However, your present conditions are much more difficult for your spiritual growth than those of my times. During the term of my incarnation, I had to struggle against the dominant and most progressive of that time, the Jewish religion which, with its dead superstitious rituals and dogmas enslaved all of Jewry, even beyond the boundaries of Palestine.

It is extremely difficult to conquer superstitious rituals. However, it was easier to overcome them at that time than it is now. Today you have superstitious rituals and dogmas of many religions rather than just of one religion. And each of these religions keeps you spiritually enslaved, and it holds you so strongly that you do not dare to deliver yourselves from these rituals. And you do not dare to do it because you do not know what to believe without rituals, rather than because you are pleased with them. Neither at home, at school, nor in church is it explained to you by any one, about applying in your daily life a belief without superstitious rituals. Therefore, while even believing in God, you continue to cling just to the dead superstitious rituals and to profess dogmas without a living experience with the Father. It is this live experience with the Father that is faith. And it is this that the whole world is missing in particular. There are many religions but there is no faith in them. That is why you cannot experience the Father. You cannot feel His real presence around and even most importantly within your inner selves. You feel the lack of the Father’s love within yourselves. And it shows that you are still orphans, even in the presence of the living Father.

You comfort yourselves with the fact that you do believe because you attend church. Those who lead the service in church are also the orphans of the Living Father for they lead the service by merely performing a dead ritual without having a living relationship with the Father. Therefore they neither pray out of the spirit nor allow you to feel a spiritual bond with the Father during the service for it is the performance of a dead ritual that impedes the establishment of such a living relationship with the Father as well as among all of you. And in order that the believers who come would not run away, their attention is distracted from a live communion with the Father by the colorful attire of the clergymen-priests which is ever changed depending upon the ritualistic holidays. Rituals are not only visual but also audio as well as in the form of scents. There is a different ringing of bells, the use of incenses, kneeling down and standing up, the moving of the priests from one place to another. All this has no relation whatever either with the Father or with me since both the Father and I speak only through your opened soul rather than through material actions performed by you and seen by your eyes when your soul is not yet awakened.

All this is absolutely unrelated to your living faith relationship with the Father that must proceed through the opening up of your soul to the Father and through your live communion with Him while worshipping Him as your opened soul is speaking by its live vibrations directed to both the Father and its brethren who are present in the church, synagogue, mosque, or in nature wherever this live worship of the Father might take place, as well as to those brethren who are not present in the worship place but who live and work in other places, in other lands, on other worlds, and even on the higher worlds to which you are still to get after your resurrection. And in a similar way the love vibrations of your opened souls must also be directed to the whole of creation because not a single love flicker disappears throughout eternity. It only enlightens creation.

And it is only when such a live opening up of your soul to its very depth is present, that you will begin to experience, within your inner selves, a live relationship with the Father, and will feel a creative power; energy of a living faith within yourselves. And after this type of the prayer service you shall never walk out in anxiety or sadness. You will always feel that you have been filled with such love and peace of the Father that you will share it with others. You will not have to wish peace to each other for all of you shall be full of it, and you shall be radiating the vibrations of the Father’s love to all, because during the service you shall also be feeling the Father’s love ever stronger.

129. My Address To The Clergymen

Therefore, now I address those who lead the prayer service and whom you call priests, pastors, imams, or rabbis. Open up to the Father with your soul in order to start sensing His love vibrations, and then you shall begin to feel how the Father’s spirit, indwelling you, even as any other, starts to direct you to the spring of a living Father’s water within you, to your awakening soul. And do not halter it. Let it stretch out for a free and mighty leap which will wake up the souls of your parishioners. You will be able to make your contribution to their awakening only when you deliver your own souls from the slavery of rituals. This liberation of your souls is awaited by the millions of your brethren; including me. And the Father is awaiting it too.

Have not I told my apostles, before ascending to the Father on high, that they should not fear as to what they would have to say before their judges once they were brought up to them, for it would be the Father’s spirit that would speak then? Now I am also telling you: Do not fear to open up to the Father, let His spirit speak out through your lips, energized by your soul. Open up to the Father with all your soul and worship the Father the way your opened soul desires to. And it shall itself utter the words of the worship and prayer. Do not worry that these words will not correspond to the words written in the books of prayers. Your opened soul will be receiving the vibrations of the Father’s love and it will translate them into the prayer words to be heard by others. And all the opened souls will at once start to sense the love vibrations of these pure and loudly pronounced words. And they will react so obviously that many a soul will begin to weep. They will weep with the tears of soul purification. And such tears will wet not only the eyes of women but also of men. And even of children.

Just do not be afraid to open up, and after having opened up yourselves and having felt the Father within, do not fear to let your soul speak so that it would worship the Father and pray so freely and sincerely, the way it is possible to worship the Father and pray freely and sincerely. Without any rituals, without any ritualistic attire embroidered in gilt, without any dogmas. Only with an opened soul which will be pouring out its live prayers to all those assembled.

And they will be happy about their souls opening up and being filled with the Father’s love and peace ever more. And during the worship prayer of the Father they begin to feel the state of bliss beyond words in which they would desire to stay after the prayer as well. Therefore, do not hasten back again to reading or to a sermon. Remain in this state of bliss for some time. It is while being in this state that your soul can best take in the word of the Father being told personally to each of you. And that word in particular which is necessary for you at this particular moment. And it is of no significance that you will not hear the Father’s words right away after the prayer, maybe you will understand it on the way home or when you are back at home. But you are certain to receive strengthening and counseling from the Father.

And do not fear, when due to breaking of these dead rituals of the prayer service you shall be accused by your hierarchy. I was also accused and cursed, I was even called as being possessed by the devil and serving him. You will have experienced the opening up of your soul and a relationship with the Father, a living relationship, and you will know that it is now, only now, that you have embarked upon the Father’s path on which I also walked. And you will already see that this path is live, without rites, because you will have already experienced the power of the prayer while being in a living relationship with the Father which is missing any ritualistic prayer.

And you will be strengthened even more by the testimony of your brethren when, after your service, they come up to you and thank you for their magnificent experience and peace. The believers will thank you that you have awakened their souls to a living relationship with the Father. And do not fear anything when you are condemned and despised by others, and even accused by them of destroying the church while it is namely you who try to revive the ruined ritualistic church to a new life. Do not fear these accusations, for I was also accused of ruining the belief of the ancestors, and the doors of synagogues were shut down to me, I was persecuted, and I was even crucified only because I carried the word of the Father’s love. Therefore, do not fear anything, for the Father and I shall always help you in all your work of love and light. Even when having conspired against you and they shall have turned you out of church, fear neither them nor the consequences. I shall fetch to you the souls who are worried and who are thirsty for love and truth, so that you would comfort them and teach them a living relationship with the Father without any mediator. Teach them the only true path of communion with the Father – through their sincere opening up to Him. And you will find the key to their souls, and you will strengthen them even as I strengthened them. But to do it, to be able to walk on the Father’s path, even as I walked on it. First it is you who have to open up to the Father. And after that you must make a decision whether you desire to help your other brethren, even as I desired to help them.

The path is the Father’s. He laid this path for each of you. I walked along it bravely and always trusting the Father. You also can walk along it. You must make a decision, each one of you personally and freely. I invite you to this path. It is a living path. And it is a real challenge to the character of your true divine self to walk along it. However, keep in mind once you make your choice to follow this path I shall always go ahead of you, and the Father shall always go within you. You shall never be left alone. Not for a moment. And your seraphim angels shall provide you with constant assistance, for such is the ordainment of my Partner, Co-Creator and Co-Ruler of the Universe, to her angelic children – to lead the mortal children of the Father over to Him by assisting them from without, even as the Father, as I, and as the Holy Spirit can provide you with the assistance from within. Therefore, each of your living steps with the Father is met with a joyful upholding, understanding, and support on the part of us all. Progress on, bravely and without fear, leaning upon the Father, being present within you through His spirit.

There is not a single organism throughout creation which would not obey the law of the Father’s love. Even the smallest organism which is invisible to your eyes, also operates within the field of the law of the Father’s love. It is the operation of this law that is shaped by the vibrations of the higher organism which either allows, or on the contrary, does not allow the lower organisms to function. But in either case the operation of all of them is within the field of the Father’s love that is dominated by the only law which is the law of the Father’s love. And you are the only material inhabitants on the planet possessing a free will of choice as to how to relate yourselves to the whole of ambience: To strengthen and care for it or to ruin and annihilate it. However, behaving either way, you all the same are unable to escape the manifestation of the field of the Father’s love. You cannot operate beyond the boundaries of the Father‘s creation. That cannot be done by any living organism. Therefore, your activity within creation can also be either matched, by your free will, with the operation of the law of the Father’s love or it can resist this law. However, it has no power to impact the operation of the law. You can impact only the operation of others within this same field of the manifestation of the Father’s love. Therefore, your choice can only have influence on the decision making of others of their own free will.

130. Faith And Food

If you make a decision now to discover the Father within your inner self through living faith, and if you sincerely and steadfastly strive for it, a moment shall come when you are born of the spirit. This type of birth will replace the faulty qualities of your character such as fear, jealousy, anger, revenge, selfishness, striving for honor, power, popularity, priority, and the like, which wear you out and provide no peace to your inner self. All of this will be replaced by a marvelous and profound sense of love for the whole, and for each individual taken separately, irrespective of whether it is a human, an animal, a plant, or a stone. And a ceaseless river of a deep love shall stream upon everything, and bathe all of this in a living flow of love.

And it is then that you will suddenly realize that you cannot cling to the diet you have had. And you do not want to have it any longer. You simply, and fairly naturally, do not want to eat any meat any more, any fish, any living organism which can move and feel pain at the approach of its death. It does not only feel its approaching death literally, the way you might believe it must sense it. It feels the environmental change. And that change in the ambience influences the whole organism of the animal.

However, the main reason that you cannot eat meat or fish any longer is the vibrations of the Father’s love flickering with enormous power within you which your soul, opening up ever more and feeling them ever stronger, finds any action, which does not match these vibrations of the Father’s love, unacceptable. No animal is killed when the vibrations of the Father’s love are manifested. Annihilation is only carried out where the manifestation of these vibrations is strongly blocked.

There is not a single son of the Father, born of the spirit, who would carry on eating the flesh food. Such is the inner state of the mortal when he feels an overwhelming surge of love which submerges any old desire to partake of the flesh food.

When I lived among you in the human flesh I had to make myself eat the flesh food and my soul was always weeping for partaking of this sort of food. However, I had to adjust myself to your concepts and traditions. I had to bear in mind my principal task to reveal the Father and the good tidings to you that you are all brethren, even the gentiles. Had I started teaching you, in addition, your diet, you would not have listened to me at all for even without this teaching you turned away from me.

Today, I also may tell you more about the food which you eat daily. It is harmful rather than just improper. You do not have healthy and natural food any longer. Because of your covetousness you started to use artificial stimulants, chemical fertilizers to receive a higher harvest in order to earn more money for yourselves rather than to provide people with food.

If you stopped receiving money for this, you would altogether cease to grow crops, and raise the cattle and poultry, even though these very same people would be in need of food. However, your feeling of love is just for money rather than for people. Therefore you strive for it even by killing your brethren; even babies.

Today, you do not know what must be done, for there are plenty of different diseases around you which you are unable to cure, and you will never manage to, however much money and energy you will devote to it. You, who call yourselves farmers, also contribute to this spreading of diseases by your free will consent to use chemicals manufactured by your other selfish brethren. You comfort yourselves that all others do the same, and if you do not do it you are certain not to survive for you will go bankrupt. You have not even tried to give up these chemicals and you have already prevented yourselves from making the choice of a different path – the path of love and truth. You do not even understand that you might receive rich harvests by means of natural fertilizers and crop alternation, once you allow the soil to breathe and have rest rather then force it and wear it out. Only have courage to go this way.

At the moment you are running like a squirrel in a wheel, and you cannot stop because you do not know how to stop since all around you keep talking only about the necessity to grow more, to fertilize more applying ever newer and stronger chemical fertilizers. And what do you grow out of it? Just the most favorable environment for the multiplication of viruses because each grain and animal which is raised by means of stimulants is lacking these positive vibrations being received from the environment naturally, for they are all destroyed by the use of artificial elements.

And when such a product arrives on your table, and when you consume it as your food, you must be certain that the consequences will be very grave for the whole of organism because a natural cell demands a natural and healthy sustenance. However, instead of this it receives an artificially expanded, or increased, unnatural cell of a plant or animal. Even though the cell has the same structure its proportions are destroyed. Its integument, or membrane, is increased while the nucleus is reduced. The membrane, due to its expansion therefore, does not allow so much of the vital substances into the cell for its nourishment in order to keep up its normal vitality. That is why the nucleus, even as the cell itself, does not receive a proper feeding. Thus, in due course, its activity turns abnormal. And instead of an elastic and vital cell, there appears a blown up but not so flexible and efficient cell, which loses its immunity to diseases and to any changes of nature. And for the plant or animal to survive under these conditions, it is necessary to stimulate this very living cell again artificially with chemical elements. And they all accumulate both within the membrane of the cell and within the cell itself, and in its nucleus. It is exactly like a drug addicted plant or animal produced by you. And the way of living and its efficiency of the drug addicts, you already see, yourselves.

Meanwhile, it is you who narcotize plants and animals out of your covetousness for money. And, then, you gradually become drug addicts yourselves by consuming this sort of food every day. Only the doses are not of the street drug addicts. But the consequences are very similar because you are victimized by diseases no less than the street drug addicts.

Therefore ponder, prior to attempting to waste billions on completely meaningless projects, which in any way, being far from useful for you, are even harmful for your body, when you produce ever new chemical narcotics which, for some reason, you call medicine. Stop narcotizing both plants with chemical fertilizers and animals with artificial preparations, which are also chemical. Shut down all such chemical factories as soon as possible. That will be your first step to saving billions of allocations and even to bringing back a healthy diet for your life.

131. The Mode Of Living And The Diet

You deviate from the path of the Father’s love so much that when you again have a desire to walk on it, you will have to make changes in all the spheres of your life starting with your personal faith and ending with politics, economy, education, family, and mutual relationships. And these changes will be really shocking to many of you. However, it is only these changes that can save you from destruction which is impending over you because of your unwise actions and living against the will of the Father.

My teaching is meant for those who desire to seek changes for the benefit of the Father’s creation, for the benefit of humanity, for the benefit of the whole, and at the same time for one’s own benefit rather than for selfish purposes. Therefore, I point out to them the direction they must follow. Till now they did not know which direction to go, therefore they had walked the way they had been led by their most active brethren, and at the same time the most selfish ones. However, this direction is destructive. And it is felt by many. They just cannot understand what must be changed so that the whole system would start to live in a different way. That is why my teaching is meant particularly for those who desire to know what must be changed and how this change must be achieved.

But I cannot make this change for you. It is you who are those omnipotent in this field and who are capable of doing it. You are the only ones of this sort. Even the Father cannot do it for you.

The time has come for very serious decisions. The direction of the development of the whole of humanity depends upon your agreement to make a decision of your free will as soon as possible; already now. Whether you will continue to float as an inert mass, which does not have any desire to change anything, because it also sees only a similar sluggish mass around it, all this depends upon your personal and independent decision and upon the implementation of this decision. Even though the decision is made by only one human his decision shall impact all; the whole of humanity. Therefore, do not think that you are such who cannot change anything. You can. Only turn to the Father within each of you and your life will be transformed from suffering and pain to bliss and peace. And it is then that you will experience that you have become the mighty children of the Father who can overthrow mountains together with the Father.

And then your hand will not rise any longer to harm your brethren by destroying them with chemicals, which you spray into the soil or give to animals so that subsequently they would be consumed by your brethren while eating bread or meat, vegetables or fish. However, there is even a more horrible thing, when by this way of contaminating plants and animals you also contaminate yourselves. You do all this out of your covetousness. Therefore, the vibrations of your soul, being higher and shorter, cannot break through the low and long vibrations which are radiated by your selfish and animal self. It means that you go to your animals and into your field just out of selfishness rather than out of love, and while surveying the growing crops you see the growing money, and you even look at your animals without love but only with a tinge of benefit for yourselves. And the animal, even as the plant, does not receive from you the true vibrations of love which the soul desires to radiate while receiving them from the Father. And by contaminating the fields and animals with chemicals, you do not receive from them the reflection of natural vibrations of the Father’s love either when you walk in the fields or to the herds of your animals. You walk through them and these vibrations are being emitted in a distorted way. And it is you who have distorted them, and it is neither the fields nor the animals that have made them as such, but you. It resembles a dusty window through which you cannot see a clear view any longer. In addition to this, you also wear glasses which have not been cleaned well. Thus the sight is even less clear. And the only way to see this dirty sight clearly is to take off the glasses and altogether open the dirty window so that you could begin to feel a pure and living relationship with the ambience without any artificial interference.

And to achieve this, it is necessary to have a live relationship with the Father. It is only thanks to Him, thanks to His love vibrations being experienced by you that you will cure yourselves of the disease of covetousness. And you will clean yourselves of the inner pollutants, to be able to get a look with your opened soul at your wonderful fields and nice herds which will gladden your soul because all this is raised with the Father’s love and out of love for your brethren. And once you begin to feel this soul quiver, it is hardly possible that your hand will rise to take away life from these animals which will have been cared for with such love, and with such love not only for the animals but also for the whole environment. And the environment will pay you back with these same vibrations of the Father’s love as it can pay back so naturally, without any artificiality.

And you will not raise the herds to butcher them, but rather to keep them in order to gladden both you and those who will visit you, because they will grow healthy and strong. And only the old herds and those animals which will die naturally will be used for the food of those of your brethren who will not yet have given up meat. And the meat of these animals, raised in love, shall be tastier and softer than the meat of the youngest calves and lambs consumed by you now. However, with time, the number of such people who still will use meat or fish will ever go down. And the need to keep herds or other animals for food will disappear. Then they shall be kept for using them on the farm and to sustain the beauty of nature in order to gladden one’s soul.

132. The Knowledge Of The Environment

The present time on your planet, even though it is very tough for you, and fairly wearing and full of anxiety for many of you, is so wonderful for us, your spiritual helpers, because we watch the effort being taken by you while making a choice between good and evil, between truth and lies. We see your inner anguish while you are doing something wrong and sensing that which you call remorse. And this testifies to your awakening relationship with your higher self, with your soul which sends you the impulses that your living must not be of the sort that you lead now. However, the most remarkable thing is that it is particularly at this time that you can feel, and even see with your material eyes, like in a movie, the changing sights of such life which immediately surrounds you. The current time provides you with so many changes on the scale of the whole of humanity, in traveling from one land to another, in possibilities of rendering these impressions from your travels to your other brethren by different means, in applying an expanded variety of communication and different means of travel. And all this is happening at this particular time rather than at some time in the past or in a distant future; and it is unfolding before your eyes.

And you know how to make use of these things very well, and you employ them. And you must only be commended for it and even more encouraged to strive to implement still bolder ideas. Therefore, this time provides you with many pleasant experiences and conveniences which will remain in this form indelibly imprinted in the memory of many of you.

Therefore you must look upon the environment with gratitude for it provides you with such wonderful chances to know a much broader environment than ever before as well as to tell about yourselves in these lands which have no idea about your land. This present time does not generate such fear and anxiety any longer the way the ancient times did when a traveler set off on a journey, which was rare, and not that far off as it is today. And it means that you know the environment much better than your most prominent brethren who devoted all their lives to traveling and whose courageous effort in carrying out their journeys crowned them with fame, while for you they provided a possibility to travel so widely without fear and anxiety.

However, since those times, the planet has neither increased nor decreased in size. Man has not grown up to double his height or the size of his brain. It is exclusively your own experience that enables you to know the environment better, while this knowledge of the environment allows you to understand what and where might pose you a danger, even a threat to your life, and how to avoid these dangers. Your better knowledge of the environment enables you to acquire peace, and to stop fearing the environment to the extent that your brethren who lived before you feared it, and who were not in possession of such means for investigating the ambience.

This enables you to comprehend much more as to what is real and what is not, what is eternal and what is temporal. And you, possessing the means for the research of the present time environment, must accordingly, wisely make use of everything that has been created in the material sphere, so that in a similar, enthusiastic and efficient way, you would create your true selves while investigating a spiritual sphere.

Now, in the spiritual sphere, you are in a similar position as the first investigators of your material world once were. They sailed off to uncertainty. They discovered new shores ever farther away from their native port, until eventually they sailed around the whole planet and proved that the planet was not flat; that it was possible to sail around it; for after having left a port it was possible to get back by sailing ever farther away rather than returning by the same route. Even though in reality each-mile-ever-farther-away, was ever closer to that very same native port from which the ship had departed.

And your spiritual journey must be ever deeper into your own inner self to discover the Father within it, and then you would begin to feel that all fear has vanished, the fear of other brethren, for they might be of a different belief, of a different face color, of a different culture. This fear is particularly due to your lack of inner experience with the Father. As a traveler sailing on the ocean reaches the shores, islands, and countries, so will you, while traveling in the Father’s spiritual ocean of love, reach the shores, islands, and countries where you will discover your brethren who are also, in a similar way, sailing in this very same ocean of the spirit and searching for the shores, islands, and countries. And then you will notice that you posses a common link, the Father, who enabled each of you to experience Him in your own way, by your own personal experience. But each of you will know that this experience unites you, for very soon you will experience in your soul the vibrations of the Father’s love which are radiated by another soul, as this other soul begins to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love being emanated from your soul, and you will realize that you discovered a common island in this ocean of the Father’s love. And this discovery will provide you with a deeper knowledge and greater self-confidence as well as greater trust in the discovered brother or sister in spirit, since this trust will be coming out of the Father’s love.

133. The Good Pilot And The Captain

As you recognize your brethren ever more, then you will realize that you have sailed to the other shore rather than to a separate island. And you will see a multitude of your brethren there, even though wearing different clothes, even though having different customs and a different culture and yet in a similar way being thirsty for peace, bliss, and love, even as you desire them. This desire in particular, lured you out to sail in this spiritual ocean of the Father’s love in search of new lands in which you would discover your brethren.

And the Father has seen to it that all those sailing in this ocean would certainly discover their brethren, whom neither have they known nor heard anything of their existence before, because in this spiritual journey, the Father is the pilot of your ship. But it is you personally, each of you, who remain the captain. And it is only you who decide in what port on this enormous voyage to cast anchor for your ship, in order to find your other brethren. And this port might be your neighbor or an absolute stranger on the street, or maybe your seat companion on a flight when you fly to another country to have rest or on business. Or, maybe, you fly after you have been stricken by some misfortune or illness. The Pilot shows you only a safe direction for the ship to sail while the stops are chosen by the captain. For it is only the free will of the captain that decides where and when to stop and drop anchor. The Pilot is only an adviser rather than a decision maker.

However, on this spiritual journey, the Pilot is within your inner self and always operates perfectly and unerringly. It is only the captain who can err. Therefore, it is always worthwhile for the captain to turn ever more to his inner self to hear the counsel of the Pilot as to in what port and when to cast anchor. Moreover, this Pilot never leaves the captain, and the captain may use his services at any time, and in any circumstances. The more so, this Pilot also impacts other captains, and by this, unites them so that the captains might recognize each other and begin to feel love for each other, and by means of these love vibrations, as of the most wonderful and reliable locator, escape a collision of the ships.

But the most magnificent thing in the ocean of the Father’s love is the fact that the Pilot is the Father Himself who leads the ships without collision so that the greater number of captains who begin to feel love vibrations from the Pilot, the closer they sail to the other ships, the safer they feel themselves. And the greater the number of ships, and the closer they are to one another the safer is the ocean to each vessel.

The spiritual ocean of the Father’s love safely accommodates all ships. And they never collide once the captains begin to sense the vibrations which are sent to them by the Pilot, and once they trust them, completely and to the end. It is only this sort of devotion to the Pilot and this trust in Him that enable the captain to feel peace and even to share this peace with others who are also sailing in their own vessels, as well as with those who do not yet dare to set off on the ocean of the Father’s love themselves because they do not even know where this ocean is.

However, it is even more surprising that this Pilot leads the ship of the captain among other ships. And He is glad to lead an ever greater number of such vessels. And rather than receiving a high profit, He is glad that the captains are safe and the ships sail safely because the captains trust the Pilot who does not request any pay for His services. He leads the ships out of love for all the captains and the ships for he is the Good Pilot.

Therefore, your current time is splendid, for you can discover your Good Pilot within your selves. In my times, when I lived among you, man did not yet have such a possibility. Now, after the completion of my mission, this possibility has been available to you, to each of you, for two thousand years. However, what a small number of you have set off to these vast and live waters of the spiritual ocean of the Father’s love. Even today, very few of you desire to sail out into these waters.

You still show greater trust in the material means of traveling, and material journeys, even though they are expensive and wear you out physically. My teaching is meant for you, that you also would start your spiritual traveling and would not be afraid of setting off to the spiritual waters of the ocean of the Father’s love which are within each of you. Even though they are within you, they are all the same, the deepest waters. However, while drowning in them you will not lose your life. On the contrary, you will experience bliss and a strong desire also to show others how to sail off your shore, to this ocean of the Father’s love which is within your inner selves.

134. The Present Time And Your Decision

Your current time is magnificent by what it will testify to you in spiritual changes within many of you; even such changes of which you had no idea. The way the material discoveries changed your living, so will the spiritual victories also change you, and even more than the material achievements. And due to this, the purpose and quality of your material living will change, for there will appear an ever greater number of such sons and daughters of the Father who will teach others spiritual truths and how to change their material lives of quantity into lives of quality which is dominated by love and truth.

This period of your life is magnificent for you, each of you personally, since you have a chance to get acquainted with my teachings devoted to the people of the present times who search for me, search for the Father like the little children who get lost and who are unable to find us since they do not walk to the direction where they can find both me and the Father. And you also have a chance to become similar spiritual teachers even as I was when among you in the human flesh. And having become the spiritual teachers you will help your other brethren even more than I helped them since now you will be able to make use of all the means of communication and association which were unavailable to me in my time.

The present time of your living is also magnificent by the fact that you have such a wonderful book which reveals a more profound truth than has ever been revealed to men and which is titled The Urantia Book. You will also find in it a small part of my life which has not been described in any other book written by humans. However, while reading this book keep in mind that it is just a very tiny particle of reality and of the Father’s truth, as well as of my human incarnation. And all the same, this book of revelation will play even a greater role than my coming among you in the human flesh, for it reveals to you so much of reality which I could not reveal so as not to scare the generation of your ancestors.

Therefore, you must just be happy about these enormous possibilities provided to you, each of you, to grow in spirit, to become ever more like your true self which has been bestowed upon you by the Father as the gift of personality. The contemporaries of my times did not enjoy these possibilities. They lived even in a darker oppression of dead rituals and dogmas. However, they also did their best in search of greater light and love in a very similar way even as you do. But only very few dared to walk upon the living path of the Father that I offered them.

Do not repeat their mistake so that after several generations your offspring would not have to lead only an outer quantitative life any longer. So that it would not be the case that they should not have tasted the fruit of spiritual knowledge, just due to the fact that their ancestors have been cowardly and refused to cast off the chains of rituals and dogmas, and to turn from slaves and servants into free and loving sons and daughters of the Father.

Your current decision shall also determine the quality of living of the generations to come, your descendants. Therefore, the decision made by you, each of you, is so significant that its impact shall be felt by all generations while by that time, you personally will have been in a different form for long.

And I desire very much that you would not feel upset and sad because of your irresolution and mistakes when you, personally, each of you, are shown the episodes of your present life so that you would be able to compare your perception of your status with that which you possessed while in the human flesh in this life, your initial life to eternity, to the Father on Paradise.

It is not a reproach or a desire to belittle you. It is just evidence of how much you have grown up on your spiritual path on the way to the Father. Therefore, you individually will be shown your decisions made in this life so that you would not experience any uneasiness before others. But even while watching your present life, which by that time will be already in the past, you will be feeling a pleasant and supportive sensation within because of some decisions which you have made, yet as regards other decisions you will be feeling a desire that it should have been much better had you made different decisions which would have led to different consequences for you, each of you personally, and for all. And you will be especially saddened by your personal decisions that you have already made after the spiritual teachings which explained to you how similar decisions impacted you personally, you and the whole, and yet you chose a selfish and limited decision, out of fear of changing your stagnant concepts. Watching these decisions which you have made in this current life, you will feel similar to the way that you feel now when you are told by someone about your actions in the past which you recall with pleasure, or which you do not desire to remember due to your improper behavior during that episode of the past. And this recounting neither condemns nor commends you it just reminds you of the events which might be either pleasant or unpleasant to you.

Therefore, my teachings are presented to you for another reason which is to make you feel unpleasant vibrations within as little as possible while you will be watching the episodes of your current life as the ones of your fairly recent past.

135. After Your Resurrection

When from time to time you ponder as to what eventually awaits you after the so-called death, you cannot envision anything definite since there is no evidence of it from your beloved ones who already earlier set off on this path. Therefore, now I shall give you some sketches of your future life, which to many of you, will seem as a wonderful life on Paradise. However, it is not the true Paradise which is the goal and destiny of your journey.

You already know that a pass to the hall of resurrection is your faith, only faith. And when you have faith, when you begin to lead, rather than a quantitative life, accumulating everything only for yourself – wealth, only for yourself, popularity, only for yourself, pleasures, only for yourself, and any experiences offered by your life, only for yourself – a qualitative life, devoting everything to the whole – sharing your wealth with the whole, possessing power only because you might spread your light to others and make living easier for all, rather than striving for popularity; associating with all in love, and therefore feeling both love and respect from others, devoting all your life to meaningful service to the Father and creation – in this case your resurrection is ensured.

When you lead your meaningful life while keeping a live relationship with the Father, you are sensing His reality out of the living vibrations of love. And if, in addition, you keep a constant communion with Him in order to hear His teachings, to talk with Him like you do with your brethren, then this living relationship is only strengthening. And while leading this type of life you are nearing the completion of the vital energy of your material body, you know for sure when this will happen. But you do not feel any anxiety. You feel a pleasant quiver and excitement in a similar way as you now feel before a long and wonderful journey during which you expect, and even sense, that there will surely be wonderful experiences, impressions, and pleasant sights.

And you also begin to prepare for this journey. You finish all your affairs which have not yet been completed so that those of your dear ones who remain here would not need to rack their brains as to what you have not yet done and what they would have to do, but they do not even know what to begin with, for many affairs have not been discussed, and some of them are not even known to them to have been started at all. In a word, you behave very wisely and explain to them in love that your passing away from here is approaching.

Your peace and devotion as a living example shall witness to your dear ones that everything is possible with the Father and even one’s death is not such an end when the dying one vanishes into the unknown and never exists any longer as this same self. It is this sort of death that you are currently presented with even by the religion which calls itself by my name, even though it is divided by different rituals and regard death differently. Some of you, even bring food right to the grave yard for those who have already departed, and desire to feed the soul of the departed one, even though you bring food to the grave of a material body. Others put saucers on the table, also cherishing a desire to feed the one who has been dear to you and who is not any longer among you.

The seraphim angels guard you and help you in this life by ever stimulating you to show confidence, and for the benefit of the Father, to cross still another intersection of decisions which are offered to you. However, they do not finish their angelic work of guardianship even after the death of your body. They safeguard your soul which is unconscious, and without its form, within themselves, for they have this ability which is possessed by the angels only of their order, so that the identity vibrations of the souls, not yet resurrected from the sleep of death, are accumulated within them and await the verdict as to the resurrection of the soul. The verdict on the soul resurrection is pronounced on the third day after the death of the body. The seraphim, while awaiting the verdict, arrive into the resurrection hall of the local system, which is on the first mansion world of your Local System of Satania. And their preparation for your resurrection is very intensive, and it will be attended not only by the seraphim but even by other spirits related to manipulating energy and providing a life form. Therefore, your new body will be prepared by the Morontia Energy Supervisors, Life Carriers, Melchizedeks, and some other spiritual beings associated with providing you with a higher type of a morontia mind after your resurrection.

When the verdict on your resurrection, as well as anyone else’s, is received, because the number of those resurrecting tops millions, a marvelously exciting activity begins in the resurrection halls that is beyond understanding even for the spirits taking part in this very process of awakening. Each spirit knows his task and performs it perfectly without any mistakes for it is not the process of spiritual growth when it is possible to do something better or worse. This process is possible to perform only the way it is possible to perform it. Therefore, it has to be attended not only by one spirit, so that each of them would make his own contribution to your resurrection, the contribution which that spirit is capable of and qualified for.

The resurrection of the soul identity is not such an act as an awakening of a sleeping human after a deep and prolonged sleep by softly urging him to wake up. It is a very sophisticated process of transformation and adjustment of energy which has to correspond to the potential of the consciousness of a new quality, which is being formed up, and to a life vehicle of that consciousness, matching the energy vibrations of the potential of that consciousness after the resurrection of the soul identity. Therefore, the process itself progresses stage by stage rather than at one time. Once the spirits of one category are through with their work, the other ones start operating instead of them. Even your material body which needs about nine months to be formed up within the womb of the mother is an energy mechanism of extraordinary complexity possessing a life sparkle of Deity which is not just keeping up the vitality of this sophisticated system, its growing, its accumulation of experiences, but even is capable of assessing as to what is goodness and evil. The mechanism of the soul life is much more complex and subtler than your material body. Therefore, it is impossible to create it by the same means which are used to create a living material body.

This soul body is not just being created, it is being created personally for you, each of you, so that after the resurrection of your soul identity, your consciousness, which has disconnected itself when your material body has exhausted all its vital energy vibrations and your brain ceased emitting any impulses, once it is restored, or to put it in a more specified way, is encircuited into the life energy circuits, has to match the energy vibrations particularly of your consciousness and not anyone else’s. It would be very crude, but you may compare it to the situation when one’s heart is transplanted and then it is awaited to determine if there is a reaction of its rejection, whether the body will accept this fundamental part, ensuring the blood circulation, taken from another body. Only this comparison is very relative because your consciousness shall certainly receive the energy vehicle which will perfectly match its vibrations, and even such a vehicle which will be possible to change for an ever subtler one, so that it would correspond to ever growing vibrations of your consciousness.

Once your resurrection is completed, the spirit of the Father, your personal Thought Adjuster who led you as the Good Pilot through all the storms and calamities during your human life while indwelling your material mind, again returns to the higher level of your soul-mind which is no longer material. Since the spirit of the Father knows you from within, even better than you can know yourselves, since he knows all your thoughts, therefore contrary to your material mind, which was and is so poorly developed that many of your thoughts you forget very soon, the Thought Adjuster preserves them and does not lose a single one. It is this copy of all your thoughts, preserved by the Thought Adjuster that enables the disclosure of the motives of your earthly life when it is necessary to pass a judgment whether or not to resurrect your soul. Therefore, the Thought Adjuster after his return to your consciousness brings back a cleaned copy of your former thoughts and concepts. Since a great multitude of your previous thoughts were unnecessary lumber, they are cleaned off and only those, which are meaningful to the current development of your character, are left.

However, this does not mean that the copy of your thoughts is in any way improved. You are just given back only those thoughts with which you must renew your spiritual progress to Paradise, since, for short, it has been cut by the death of your material body. And out of your previous thoughts, the ones which would enable you to perceive the price and meaning of your decisions in the past are left to you. Here I might also give you the following comparison of cleaning grain as the chaff is sifted away from it. However, not all grain is good either. The same applies to your thoughts when a lumber is separated as chaff, because it is these meaningless thoughts which occupy much room in your earthly life that are cleaned. However, among the thoughts which are left, there are plenty of those which are as a rotten grain from which no one can get flour and bake bread. But it is for this purpose that the next stage of your spiritual growth – the stage of one’s soul life – is meant. Death as your personal experience did not provide you with any spiritual growth. As the body dies, after the resurrection of the soul identity, its consciousness in no way is different from the level of that consciousness when the body ceased operating as the material vehicle of that consciousness.

Therefore, after your resurrection the new vehicle of your soul shall precisely correspond to the energy vibrations of your consciousness. And there shall be no reaction of rejection.

However, in order that you do not feel anxiety after the soul resurrection, you will be granted a possibility to see your seraphim angels who so carefully supervised and guarded you from without in your earthly life, and you will even receive a guide in your new life who will help you get acquainted with the ambience.

The new energy vehicle of your soul is a much more beautiful form than the material body you have possessed. Your energy radiation is of a much higher frequency than the vibrations which have been emanated from your material body. Since you do not have any material part, your nutrition will be based on a completely different principle. You are not yet ready to sustain yourselves exclusively with the energy provided by the energy circuits, therefore the food you consume has also a much higher energy vibration as compared to that of your present material food. You still have to recuperate the energy which you wear out by means of your sleep and food.

Your new body, even though of a much higher standard than your present material one, is not so highly developed to be eternal. And that which is not eternal must be sustained by food and keep its energy balance by sleeping. Your new body might also experience energy disruptions which you might compare with your current mechanical traumas, injuries. However, it will not experience diseases any more. It will not experience that which your material brain experiences as pain, which you currently still experience while running into physical traumas.

Once you are given a chance, right away after your resurrection, to get acquainted with your new world you will also be provided with the assistance of your new leader-guide. It is thanks to him that you will be able to understand what a wonderful environment is revealed before you. Your vision will be expanded, therefore you will see much more and experience much more in comparison with your present ability to see and experience. You will understand the explanations of your guide just because you will receive a translator who is well known to you as your angel seraphim. Seraphim angels know all the human languages perfectly.

The means of transportation are beyond your current understanding. When you travel from one world to another then you are carried by the transporter angels while traveling from one place to another on the same world you will have to use the individual means of transportation of that world that are difficult of portrayal to you since you have not encountered morontia energy at all.

Even though it is a very crude comparison, try to envision your body of much higher vibrations so that its material parts and the whole body disappear but instead of it there appears a light form which is shining, and this shining form is placed into another shining form which can carry it at an incredibly high speed from one place to another thousands of kilometers away from each other. And this form of the carrier is also conscious and wise. It is not such which still needs another pilot or driver because the carrier is both the pilot and the means carrying the personality of the soul. Moreover, it can change the direction of the flight and even its speed, as such need comes up, and it produces no audible sound to a material ear. And it can land anywhere and at any time according to the need. It is beyond your perception that there can exist such means of transportation which is capable of covering distances of thousands of kilometers without making any noise characteristic of your aircraft and who is the wise pilot as well as the means of transportation.

When you travel around this world which is your first world, you will notice what a harmonious gamut of colors there is in the plants and animals there, which also have a higher frequency of energy vibration which corresponds to your expanded vision. You will see thousands of tints among animals and plants. You will keep wondering as to how the plants are arranged according to their colors and height, according to their form and density, according to the environment and its needs.

What you will certainly not see there is the high-rises which you have designed in your contemporary large cities. You will see magnificent buildings which you will admire by their form and embellishment which you have never seen before on your present planet. And you will notice how the form fits its function. The environment is harmoniously combined where dwelling houses are built there are plants and animals, many open spaces, and water reservoirs. Within an area of activity, buildings are suited for the fashion of that activity. You will watch it as if it were a well-adjusted live system. In each place, one sort of activity seems to be replicating the previous one yet supplementing it with something different. This is a world of learning; a world of theoretical studies and of their practical application. Therefore, in some places you will see a certain activity progressing in the groups of those who, like you, have been recently resurrected and who have already acquainted themselves with the world and started their own practical progress to Paradise on this higher level than the one in your first world.

You will also see those who, like you, watch with great interest those who already operate on a practical level. Your guide will explain to you as to what sort of activity is in progress and what type of buildings you see, as well as what they are embellished with. And you will be greatly surprised that diamonds, gold, platinum, so greatly valued by you, and even metals unfamiliar to you are used for the embellishment of the buildings there.

Since this material world is the first world after your resurrection, and all the worlds are material, only their chemical elements become more varied the farther away from your initial and present world, while progressing closer to Paradise, which is the center of creation, and that is why you will see a great multitude of material structures. In addition, since you embark upon your path to Paradise as a material mortal, therefore throughout eternity you will maintain your ability to recognize material structures and any matter, even the simplest. And it is also due to this that at the initial stage of your spiritual growth, which comprises the stage of your soul testing until you become an eternal spirit, you are still closer to a material creature than to a spirit of the supreme level, that is why there will be plenty of material structures on the worlds of your studies even though their number will ever decrease. However, as their number goes down exponentially their architecture and embellishment will become subtler and greater.

And your own dwelling houses will have not only material forms of energy expression but also those of the morontial energy expression. You will dwell in separate houses with a vast space and plenty of vegetation around them so that in your ambience you could form out of them your concepts of beauty in accordance with your spiritual growth. And you will do it with love and desire. You also will adjust the animal life to the environment. Therefore, even the way you combine the animal life with the plant life, and by the manifestation of your personal efforts, it will be possible to judge to what extent your creative idea is implemented in your ambience. You will enjoy all the possibilities provided to you for everything. Even for those very dreams which you had no chance of carrying out during your earthly life. Everything will be based on your personal desire – whether you still want to carry out your fancies which were not carried out.

And you will be surprised by each new step in your growth. You will reveal for yourselves ever more that you become ever better. It might seem to you that the limit of goodness has already been reached, but after it is achieved, a new and still greater limit of the manifestation of goodness opens up. Now you have a difficulty associating among yourselves even though you associate with the people who are well known to you and who make up your human family, your dear ones, your colleagues, your neighbors, your brethren you encounter on the street. However, your association has exclusively the tint of selfishness. You do not know how to devote yourselves to each other so that you could establish such an association which would supply others with greater self-confidence and trust. You hurt others by offending them, physically injuring them, and even taking away life from each other which has been given to you for sharing the Father’s love with each other. Therefore, you have not yet started to expand the boundaries of goodness but rather suppressed them altogether, and goodness does not manifest itself among you the way it shall.

Therefore, it will be strange and pleasant for you when you start experiencing on the new world of your spiritual growth in the form of the soul, that the feeling of anxiety and distrust gets ever weaker and is replaced by that of a deeper understanding and trusting of each other. Your surprise will be even greater since you will associate with the souls that will have come from different worlds. Thus, this variety will also enable you to know life on other worlds. And the level of your spiritual growth and maturity will ever expand the depth of your vision of the environment because you will discover that you notice ever more such activity which earlier has absolutely eluded you. The same applies to the beauty of the environment – plant life and animal life. It will seem to you that it has become more abundant and more varied. However, the greatest surprise will be the fact that you will be happy about all this and share your happiness with your other associates which you have not done earlier because you had no need for it.

Your spiritual growth from within also corresponds to your personal desire to share all your kindness and goodness with others. Therefore, you will desire to participate in the creation of this beauty ever more and you will volunteer for missions as soon as there is a need for such missions. And this need will always arise as you receive new knowledge so that you might apply it in practice. Your present striving for avoidance of jobs very soon will be replaced by your desire to volunteer for jobs for the benefit of the whole. And this desire will be so natural that you will keep wondering at your new attitudes. However, it is just the very beginning.

And once you acquire information and learn to practically apply this assimilated information for the benefit of the whole on one world, because it is only theoretical information applied in practice, following the principle of cooperation, which is considered as the assimilated information, then your angel seraphim will submit a petition for examining the level of your spiritual growth. And after a successfully passed examination, you will proceed to another world of higher spiritual development. You will be carried to another world by the transport angels who can carry spiritual and soul, or morontia, beings for long distances when these beings cannot cover such distances by themselves. While traveling, you will be asleep in a similar way as you will have been asleep during your death sleep while being carried by your seraphim to the resurrection world. Only now you will already have a morontia, or soul, form. Therefore, you will be carried by the transport angel rather than by your seraphim. However, your seraphim will also accompany you. And so that you would not get tired while traveling and use your energy, your consciousness will be disconnected. Therefore, once your consciousness is restored, on another world, you will feel like after a sound sleep.

And on this world everything will start anew in a similar manner as on the first world. You will be given a chance to get acquainted with the environment of this world and after this, your spiritual level will be tested as to whether it corresponds to, or exceeds, the teaching provided on this world. If it exceeds it, then you will travel to still another world. However, after each restoration of your consciousness, after the travel sleep, the energy vehicle of your soul is of a higher energy vibration so that your vision and senses would be correspondingly expanded and adapted to the needs of a higher spiritual teaching. Therefore, your ability to see and experience will grow all the time. But you will never lose the possibility and your ability to see the lower energy forms which you used to see on a lower level of your spiritual development. The divine plan provides that evolutionary creatures, on the path of their spiritual growth, do not scatter away their experiences so that the level previously passed would disappear, but rather embraces a lower level as such which is superimposed by a higher one preserving it throughout eternity. Therefore, even after having reached Paradise and having become perfected spirits, you will still be able to see material humans and material structures, even though matter will not be any longer an obstacle to you as it is today to your material form.

Your life after the resurrection will become ever more real with each new assimilated world and the teaching it provides. The world will be to you that which today is school to you. Only the present-day school does not teach you the truth of life but rather stuffs you just with information alone and mostly not useful at that. The school absolutely does not teach you mutual cooperation and the knowledge of your inner selves as to how this information must be applied for the benefit of all. Meanwhile on the world-universities of spiritual development, you will be provided with all the means to receive particular information which develops you, which expands your concept about the Creator and creation, and about service to the Creator and creation. And it is only this teaching that has a practical application which can give everyone a vigorous and great desire to strive for it because everyone sees what changes transpire within the whole, and how within the whole, each one also changes personally due to these personal efforts.

136. Educational System Must Educate Children For The Benefit Of The Whole Rather Than For That Of The Individual

Individualistic-egoistic teaching does harm to the whole and to the individual. Therefore, the sooner you perceive it the sooner you get rid of this vicious teaching system which is entirely based on an egoistic striving of an individual for the benefit of one’s self at any price. Even at the price of damaging the whole.

Such a nearsighted approach to education and a child’s up-bringing already today produces plenty of painful results when you see that less than one per cent of the whole of mankind controls the rest of humanity. The percentage of the leaders of humanity cannot be greater, yet the problem is that these leaders subdued everything for their own interests rather than for those of the whole. And that is the outcome, consequence, of your children’s up-bringing and education.

You do not have teachers, therefore, you cannot draft good programs for children’s up-bringing so that these teachers might be trained. There are no good programs on teacher training, therefore there are no skillfully trained teachers. It might seem to be a vicious circle. However, it is not a vicious circle at all. It can be removed very quickly and on a very large scale, on the world scale, without any of its trace left. So that it would burst like a bubble. It is just sufficient for each of you to discover the Father within. And then, instantaneously, each one who discovers the Father within will know how to bring up his children, what they must be taught, and in what way. And the programs will not be necessary as they will be dictated by the Father through your soul. And it is only then that you will realize that the child’s up-bringing and development start with filling him with the content of love rather than with cramming dry scholastic information without absolutely comprehending either the possibilities of its application or its use for society and humanity.

You must keep in mind the essential thing – you live in the creation of the Creator-Father and you participate, truly participate up to your capabilities, in the project of the development of the whole of creation. Therefore, you will never achieve good results either in science or industry if you eliminate the role of this very Creator-Father from your activity, and the more so from the child’s up-bringing and education.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you discover the Creator-Father within yourselves, the sooner you eliminate this seemingly vicious circle in the current up-bringing and education of children; and without any additional investment, and on the widest scale, and within the shortest span of time.

When your experiencing of the Father enters your own daily life, the quality of your decisions will change right away. And that which seems today to be a driving power, a competition, or individualism, you will clearly see that it is your destruction; destruction of all. And then you will vigorously thrust yourselves into correcting this type of distorted situation on the world. No scientists, no politicians shall tell you this, you must hear it from the Father the way you hear this very message now being rendered to you through my apostle. However, now you are reading it, yet it is not close to your heart, and it is not ringing to you the way it will when you discover the Father within yourselves and experience Him. Then you will realize that transferring industry to less developed areas for a higher profit is absolutely not the same as sharing one’s experience so that even these less developed areas might get engaged in industry and learn cooperation. It is only the Father who will tell you, each of you, as you open up to Him, what must be done, and in what way, so that this cooperation would benefit the whole as a harmonious family. It is only with the Father that you will have courage and resolution to take this step which will deny all your current assertions which you call scientific, that it is only competition that can ensure the development of humanity and that it is an indispensable stimulator of progress.

These are the most erroneous assertions invented already by intelligent people. If you continue to cling to these nearsighted attitudes, it is inevitable that you will come up to such a line as to stand up against each other as the greatest enemies. Then you will not be interested in either a profit or industry, or even in the very assertions any longer because you will be thinking of how to survive. However, there will be no place to hide since chaos will reign everywhere. And chaos causes not only disorder but also panic. In its turn panic makes chaos even greater. And in this situation, no one desires to listen to anyone. Under these conditions a common language is merely impossible.

Therefore, I call on you to draw your conclusions as soon as possible and turn to the Father within you with all your soul in order to discover Him, to be born of the spirit, and then to start a normal human life as the sons and daughters of the Father who know how to raise their children and what to teach them, and in what way to teach them at school. And these young people after having finished school will be well aware of the meaning of their lives – to give their entire love, received from the Creator, and devote their entire activity for the benefit of the whole. And they will strive for implementing this in their daily lives.

It is then that your teaching programs will change into one program of real life – to serve each other with love, even as the Father serves you. It is only then that your schools and universities will become true schools and universities, for it is only then that the fluctuation in teaching popular professions at some definite time segment will cease, since it is expedient for an individual and the university from the point of view of profit-income while other professions cannot attract students at all. These are the diseases of an immature society and they must be healed because they will sway the vessel of humanity ever stronger. The remedy is only one – faith.

It is only then that prestigious and profitable professions will disappear because one’s job will be regarded as a chance to reveal the abilities of one’s higher and true self through service to all rather than as self-aggrandizement of one’s animal self. It is only then that one’s judgment by status of one’s wealth or the power of one’s impact will disappear. It is only then that each one will enjoy enormously expanded opportunities to express oneself in a particular field to which one’s heart is inclined. And the quality of a job is higher beyond comparison if one’s heart is given to it. It is only then that you will realize that cooperation and emulation for a better outcome, so that your newly invented and better methods subsequently would be shared with others, so that they might also achieve better results, is incomparably a much greater driving power of progress which humanity has not yet known. In this way, you will be able to equalize the uneven economic development of the world, and to reduce a chaotic migration when people die of hunger in one country since they have no jobs and means for living, while in another country there is great overabundance which attracts people there.

There is not a single unsolvable problem. So far, there are just unwise methods of their solution. Even now you often repeat that with God everything is possible. So, why do you not apply this assertion in your practical daily living to tackle the problems which so heavily oppress you in the spheres of economy, politics, children’s up-bringing, education, enlightenment, and society’s development? Turn to the Creator-Father and start your cooperation with Him, and then you will notice that you learn from Him how to cooperate among yourselves. Because of your new attitude and way of living, all will get richer. Each of you, personally, will also get richer. Just take a practical step towards the Father who already made His own step because He even bestowed a fragment of Himself, His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, upon you, each of you, and inhabited him within your mind. Now the Father is waiting, patiently waiting, for you to respond to Him in a similar way, and to turn to Him with your entire heart so that your opened soul would start experiencing a live relationship with Him. Open up to Him, and then you will be able to tackle all the problems, personal and social, which are still unsolvable at this moment.

137. Patience

Your knowledge of reality is just beginning. Therefore, you must be happy about the fact that your Guide and Teacher is the Father himself through His spirit, His fragment, indwelling your mind and called the Thought Adjuster, so that you could understand His operation easier. It is by this method, only in love vibrations, that the Father adjusts your thoughts, the thoughts of each of you to correspond ever more to the level designed for you, to become ever brighter and purer. Therefore, His fragment, spirit, this Mystery Monitor who is not seen by you but who can be felt and experienced in certain states of your opening up to Him in a prayer, in a living communion with the Father, helps you achieve such levels of your thought adjustment with the vibrations of the Father, which far transcend the level of your richest imagination.   

Therefore, do not hasten to call your other brethren insane or by even sharper words if they tell you about such experiences, presenting to you orally or in writing such teachings which you cannot yet fully understand. It is from their Mystery Monitors that they receive these teachings. The time will come when all people talk with the Father in their own thoughts, in their own words from a very early age. And nobody will get surprised at this communion. Therefore, have patience with your generalizations and ultimate conclusions and wait until society becomes more spiritual.    

The haste of people to experience everything as quickly and intensively as possible is the manifestation of their animal and lower selves in a material life. Spiritual life provides man with a very gradual and patient development of one’s own divine self, devoted to the Father. This is a very intensive but simultaneously very consistent and even imperceptible development of one’s self. And to turn this process into impatience or into one’s striving for sensing and experiencing everything at once is nothing but a violation of this very process.

You, in the human flesh, while performing such a job as charging an automobile battery, know that it is charged better and more at the full once it is charged with a lower current for a longer period rather than with a higher current for a shorter time. Meanwhile, spiritual development provides one with the charge of one’s self more fully while pondering and considering that which even this very spiritual development of the creature is. And no shortcuts can be taken in this process. You are as that battery, for you can be charged as much as your capacity is. The difference between a material battery and your spiritual battery is that your battery is your living self who expands and develops its spiritual capacity during the time of its spiritual growth. It is the same self but its capacity can grow infinitely. One’s spiritual capacity has no limits.

And the greater the impatience, the hastier the general and ultimate conclusions, the lower the spiritual capacity of this creature at any specific moment. However, it might be expanded. Therefore, any ultimate conclusion cannot be ultimate because very soon it will be just more specified, expanded, or maybe even denied. And the only way that guarantees your current conclusions, also to be corrected, is to submit yourself to the leading of your Mystery Monitor from within and do not resist him as he adjusts your thoughts while you are asleep, while your consciousness is disconnected, and the Thought Adjuster operates through your sub-consciousness when its channel is not occupied by the visions of dreams.

It is then that your conclusions will be ever more correct, even though not ultimately, but they will always be directed one way: to an ever greater tilt towards the Father, and ever greater devotion to Him, and ever deeper trust in Him. Then your conclusions and generalizations will not be a hasty fruit of your lower and impatient self, but rather an ever subtler look through the eyes of the Father, upon a wider horizon of the reality of the true soul-child, who ever more reveals and manifests himself; the horizon that is inaccessible and therefore inconceivable and imperceptible for a hasty self.

Patience is one of the main qualities of the character of a will creature. One’s haste can never supply firm knowledge and a reliable understanding in any sphere of one’s activity.

Patience does not mean prolonging one’s activity and delaying it. Patience is one’s aspiration to know all aspects of this activity in order to make it not only understandable but also close to one’s heart, due to one’s ever deeper knowledge of it and one’s experience in it. Patience is the quality of one’s character opposite to impatience which operates as poison to any activity, because impatience focuses the creature’s entire attention to the outcome of the activity rather than to the activity itself. By aiming at the outcome, without understanding the process of the activity and without feeling the meaning of the experience of that activity, it is impossible to reach an expected result either. Therefore you must develop your own patient attitude to everything that you do. You must always and everywhere perform any job in such a way as to do it as well as your capabilities enable you to do it. You must give up the following attitude: This will be o.k. O.K. is the only way you can do it best at this specific time.

However, to be able to do the task that you must do, you have to focus your entire attention to the performance of this very task, rather than to its outcome of any quality. Patience has a kindred feature which you call zeal. The one who performs everything diligently is also patient. Therefore, try to do all jobs zealously and your patience will also grow. Meanwhile, your diligence is developed by your interest in the task which has been given to you to be implemented. If you show no interest in the job which you must do, you will attempt at doing it as fast as possible. And it means that your diligence will have no room to blossom since your entire attention will be directed to achieve the quickest outcome rather than to do this very job which requires your zeal.

Patience transcends zeal in that it is an all embracing quality of character which always manifests itself, even when there is no need to carry out any task. Suppose you need to wait for a bus in the station. And when it is necessary to wait longer, an impatient person might lose his good mood, begin to feel anxiety over waiting too long, or he might even generate such thoughts which might begin to irritate him. Meanwhile, a patient person while even waiting for his bus finds a meaningful occupation for himself by watching the environment, by talking with himself within his mind, and one who has faith, by talking with the Father or with me.

Patience not only soothes one’s character which tends to pulsate, boil, and to be restless all the time, but also enables this very character to become stronger and forged, so that its master, your true self, could know himself better. A patient man analyzes himself more than an impatient one. A patient man weighs his actions more than an impatient one. Therefore, a patient man might be compared with the person who takes up a task as if he were prepared for it better. And even if he fails to perform it the way he has expected, he does not get irritated.

Patience is the main sphere of developing your character. It is only by regulating it that you can build and strengthen the character of your divine self and become more like the Father.

Can you imagine what would become of the whole of creation, of you, each of you, if the Father were not patient? Do you think that the Father who is the Source and Center of perfection, while watching you so reluctantly doing your jobs, with such difficulty in making yourselves do anything zealously, without any reward, and seeing you perform these jobs not as perfectly as He desires you to perform them, were He not patient, would He put up with this sort of attitude and living of yours? However, since He is the Source of Perfection, He perfectly comprehends that now you take just your very first step to your own perfection, and you will achieve perfection only when you stand in His very presence on Paradise, therefore He allows you to grow by developing yourselves and by developing your patience.

That is why you must submit yourselves to the leading of the Father’s spirit from within to be able to develop this trait of your character – patience. You must also be patient with your brethren, even as the Father is patient with you. Maybe some of their actions or attitudes might even arouse your irritation but you must remain patient with them. Even though you encounter different situations in your life, do not lose your patience in any of them. It is only by acting patiently that will bring you a wonderful reward – your firm character, which has been polished by you and which shines like a gem, and it will help you strive for your similarity to the Father during your entire and long journey-career to Paradise to the Father.

A patient character is not only one’s diligence while performing a task but it is also one’s protection from erring. When one who is patient is lingering and thinking, one who is impatient is acting, having not yet comprehended the situation, and due to this, having not analyzed it. Without comprehending the ambience there is a very slim probability that the action performed will match in its best way the requirements of the situation. Therefore, patience protects you from additional suffering which is caused by your erring. Meanwhile, additional suffering for an impatient human reduces his patience, which is already so thin, even more, therefore his next actions will be again hasty, just to resort to any means to correct this situation as soon as possible without even pondering, that instead of being corrected it gets even more complicated. And this chain of erroneous decisions causes the chain of erroneous actions, and this one, in its turn, produces the chain of one’s life suffering which sooner or later leads this person to illness; and very often also to his premature death.

And if one’s life pains have still pushed such an impatient human to direct his impatience against the Father, there is a high probability that this man also signs under the verdict of a painful death of his physical body. And even such a verdict which will also be confirmed by God. And after this man’s revolt against the Father and after a natural death of his body, there will be no resurrection for this mortal in a higher form – in the soul form with this very same and living self. This resurrection will not be provided to this rebelling mortal who accuses the Father of all his suffering, and therefore who made a decision not to walk on the Father’s path which is offered to him. And who has made his ultimate decision.

Patience is such a marvelous quality of one’s character that a person possessing it will never accuse God of his own difficult condition, but rather he will pray for his still greater patience to live through this situation.

Therefore, impatience is very dangerous to anyone because it truly makes one’s material life more difficult, turns it into a perpetual running race against time while always striving for short-cutting it. However, on the path to the Father on Paradise, it is not possible to shortcut anything. You cannot get to Him while being of another sort than He has designed you to be in His presence. And being Perfection and the Source of Patience, He also develops you so that you would be patient, even on the stage of your initial step to Him while you are still just in the mortal flesh, while you have not yet stepped over the threshold of the death of your material body, while you have not yet made a single step after the resurrection in the form of the soul, while it is still a very long way for you to go until you reach the form of the spirit, and while your training, which will last for billions of years, in the form of the spirit is still ahead for you. However, the Father offers you already now to taste the fruits which are produced by the patience of your character once you begin to feel yourselves how patience is tempering and strengthening you, providing you with an ever deeper experience with the Father, and enables even your material and very vulnerable body to feel stronger and healthier.

However, the most important thing is that patience, being one of the qualities of divine character, brings man ever closer to the Father since such a man is patiently seeking his similarity to the Father and trying to commune with Him. And even though he fails to hear the Father for a long time, all the same, he patiently strives for a living relationship with the Father within him. And patience always crowns this bond with the Father.

The building up of one’s patience can never harm anyone. It is only thanks to patience that you overcome the problems which arise on your path as tasks for you, as for a child of the Father, in the course of a testing span in this earthly life of yours.

138. Ravaging Of Natural Resources Is Destructive To You

Today your natural resources are ravaged. You treat thoughtlessly that which you are given by nature, by the planet. You do not even give it a thought that you harm it by literally exhausting it. And it is not you who are its masters and owners, but you behave as if you had bought it and were keeping it in your ownership.

As you ruthlessly devastate it, as you do not protect its resources, by this you demonstrate the level of the development of your thinking. This is improper thinking which absolutely does not correspond to, and even contrasts with your present material level of civilization. And as to your spiritual level, it testifies to the fact that your spiritual chick has not yet broken the shell of its egg to see a greater world. You really harm yourselves, and you are blind children of the Father. You must realize that creation operates as a system, your body operates as a system, and your planet operates as a system which it is also part of the system of the whole of creation. Therefore, it is upon your behavior with the planet, on which you start your very first step to eternity, that the environment of your planet depends, for the other generations whose appearance is yet to come.

Were you the owners of this planet, you would never leave it. Were you the masters of this planet, you would certainly not destroy your own property. Now you are similar to such children who have gathered to play in a sand box but instead of playing in it in concord and association among themselves, they engaged themselves in breaking the sand box. And it will not be long before the box will be broken and the sand will begin to run out of it. Thus, soon it will be spread around, it will be taken out and there will be no desire for the children to gather together and play in it the way they desired, to create an image of reality in a nice sand box. Simply uncomprehending children broke it altogether with their own hands. And there was no one to warn them and to stop them since the grown-up-children were busy with exactly similar activity in other sand boxes.

Therefore, these teachings of mine, presented to you, are meant to warn you that you play with a fire which is dangerous to you. You destroy your own life environment and commit a crime against the coming generations for whom you do not leave a clean and cozy environment, beautified by your own souls and hands. Meanwhile, even the one which has already been created, not by your hands but by my hands when I created, as a Creator Son of the Father, together with my helpers, this universe and this sand box, for you to play your life game in it in harmony and friendship, you so systematically ravage it that we cannot watch it any longer the way we have till now. You cause, by yourselves, such disastrous phenomena as tsunamis and enormous natural disasters which claim so many victims, and inflict upon you physical pain and material losses. However, it is this sort of thoughtless living that makes you suffer.

Keep in mind, but for your thoughtless behavior with the environment, with natural resources, and with each other, to date your environmental conditions would be far better than they were earlier. We did our best to make this devastating and frightening-to-you process on the planet softer and even delay it. We have both the means and the power for this. However, this delayed and relatively quiet ambience does not activate you into harmonious association and cooperation among yourselves. On the contrary, your insatiable covetousness and inability to raise your eyesight from material wealth and from getting richer, to spiritual searching and the implementation of concord, as well as domination by some of you within family, society, politics, economy grow even more and there seem to be no limits to all this. Therefore, we must gradually open up a protective vapor valve, so that the pressure cooker would not blast altogether. And we are opening it slowly allowing the forces of the pressure of energy-heat of nature-planet to erupt very gradually from within to the surface

Pumping out gas and oil, and from ever deeper, without any care, you create separate cavity areas under the crust of your planet. You well know that where there is any hole in a system it must be filled up all the same if the system operates and if it is not blocked. Therefore, even these cavities begin to impact the direction of the heat pressure under the crust towards where any, even the smallest, cavity opens up or where the volume of oil or gas is reduced. However, this flow of heat pressure can provoke both a flood and an earthquake even in very far off areas of the planet, for even this hot matter which is under the crust, and which you see by yourselves how enormously devastating it is during volcanic eruptions, is also connected with the entire planetary system and always reacts to any changes under the crust. And the influence of heat pressure of nearly two thousand degrees, of the nucleus of your planet, though it gets cooler towards the crust of the planet and the bed of the ocean, all the same is so great that it can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the tsunami waves in the ocean, as you call them, in the weakest areas of the crust where the matter density is lower, or where cavities appear. The surface of the crust of the planet moves, though not so actively as it did hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Meanwhile your actions, out of your covetousness, for the sake of higher profits for separate companies and for separate groups of your brethren, impact this relative tranquility of the crust as if you were awakening a sleeping lion. However, the lion might not yet be that dangerous if it is absolutely full and consequently is lazy. In this case you are lucky. But the crust is not a replete lion. It responds to any change in the pressure of heat. And even the slightest change generates its actions. And that causes an enormous reaction in the water basin of the planet. Therefore the ocean also reacts. And this reaction you see yourselves when the waves of the tsunami sweep away huge buildings as sand castles built by children.

And if we were not trying to equalize this pressure of heat by the means which delay it, which also reduce it, the tsunami wave would be by many times more awful by its consequences and the areas devastated. This way we only diminish the effect. We cannot stop an evolutionary process of the settling of the matter of the planet. It settles down in the course of millions of years. And those eons of perpetual eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes, floods and continental drifts are in the past. The current eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes are just their distant echo. However, you still desire to tease the sleeping lion with the high tides of your constant greed.

Therefore, instead of robbing earth of its resources and wasting them frivolously you would rather develop your mind by trying to comprehend more progressive methods of receiving the energy resources which are so necessary for you, and which will neither pollute the environment nor wake up the sleeping lion.

You must realize that even your present mind is already capable of implementing such plans which would liberate you from receiving energy resources by the method that is disastrous to you. And to be able to design and carry out such schemes, seek to discover the Father within for it is only then that you will start working efficiently in mutual cooperation rather than by competing among yourselves out of covetousness for better and more profitable orders. When you open up to the Father, when your energy and efforts are directed for the benefit of all rather than for seeking your own profit it is only then that you will be able to make use of the assistance of more powerful thoughts and projects which already now are provided to you by your unseen but real and true helpers who love you and help you even though you do not see them.

Creation, your planet is also a tiny part of it, was made by the Father for all those who participate in this creative game-process so that they would create and gladly enjoy this creative process of their growth, and while growing would associate among themselves rather than devastate and destroy it. And that they all would turn to and lean upon the Creator-Father of All, and would worship Him for having made this marvelous sand box – Creation.

Your material wellbeing will never improve if you do not create your inner spiritual welfare. The inner man is reflected by your outer actions the way the outer actions reflect your inner man. Therefore, if only you begin to cherish your inner person, if only you begin to develop your soul by submitting yourselves to the leading of the Father from within, then you will also begin to care for the whole of the environment. And you will creatively supplement it by your living full of love, rather than destroy and ravage it.

It is only then that you will understand that you must leave nature for the future generations cleaner than you have received it from the previous generations. You must cherish and protect it as a very precious wealth entrusted to you. You are not the owners and masters of this great wealth. You manage this precious property only as trustees who have been authorized to use it for the benefit of your generation and other generations to come. Therefore, to other generations you must pass this empowering, which has been granted to you, while keeping your head highly raised, that you have done everything in your power and that you have carefully preserved the entire wealth and even made your own contribution to increase it so that the next generation would enjoy even better conditions in comparison with these of your generation, to govern this great wealth as trustees.

It is only this type of attitude on the planet of your initial living that will ensure its careful protection and cherishing. It is only this approach that will enable you to think that by proceeding along the current lines when the planet is weeping because of your cruelty and greediness, that it has no other way out but to react to your selfish living according to the provided principle of cause-action-consequence. And it has to react. We cannot annul this principle. It is in our power to delay its operation in time, and by this to soften its consequences for you. However, to the mind, obscured by covetousness, it does not seem that by its activity it contributes to the consequences of the operation of this principle which are so painful for you. This sort of thinking is very erroneous. And it must be corrected as soon as possible, for otherwise, very soon these consequences will be even more painful.

And do not look around at others. Begin it with yourself. Keep in mind, however little and weak man might seem to be on this world, yet he can enormously impact the whole of the environment when he begins his life with and for the Father, and carries on his regular daily activity. And when his activity is permeated with the vibrations of the Father’s love which he consciously perceives and directs to this activity, then it becomes holy. Therefore, even though there is no one around you who would perceive and experience the Father’s love, and who would consecrate their daily activity in this way, do it yourselves, each of you, in your own daily lives. Start everything with yourselves rather than with a neighbor. If he harms or hurts you, if he does not associate with you and even if he despises you, send him vibrations of the Father’s love in your sincere prayer during your communion with the Creator, and pray for his spiritual awakening, for his spiritual insight. Do the same for those who ravage your environment. Send your love vibrations to them as well so that they would begin to feel a flicker of this love from you at the greatest distance, even thousands of kilometers away. Pray for light and love, wisdom and understanding for them. Do the same for your political leaders; so that they would also gain their spiritual insight. And always be faithful to the Creator – the Father – by your holy steps in your daily living. It is this way that you will begin to protect the planetary riches entrusted to you, even though you do not literally govern them as a trustee. This will be your help to all those who do govern them. And do all this with love and very sincerely. And do it not only individually but also in groups for as you remember it is a collective prayer that is more powerful because its impact increases exponentially to the number of those praying collectively.

139. Do Not Waste A Single Moment

Each wasted year when you do not care for the meaning and quality of your life, not only makes your own living more difficult and deteriorates your health, even though you might not yet feel it for long, but also distances you from the Father though He is within your inner self. Therefore, do not signify the flames of the outer fireworks and salutes which so colorfully light a New-Year-night sky so that you begin to feel joy like little children. Your New Year must be within you rather than without. You must measure the New Year by how much better and more merciful, more loving and serving you have become rather than by how much you have done. Therefore, you must meet any New Year by manifesting your higher spiritual height and a more mature self. And no colorful, even the brightest outer fireworks will substitute for that which you experience within while growing with the Father, within the Father, and sensing the Father within yourself.

It is only this yardstick that shows that you do not waste your time. Moreover, you cherish it and use it in a very meaningful way. This is the only gift that you can present to the Father; all, and each of you. And this gift never bores Him. He also wants to give you, and does give you, the gift of a meaningful eternity so that it would be better for you. Therefore, you must also begin to sense the meaning, not only of the whole year, but also of each moment of the day. However, as long as your eyes will marvel at the lights of only the outer fireworks, without giving a thought to the fireworks of the inner Father’s spiritual love placed within you, that long you will just waste your time by accumulating the experience of only a quantitative living without realizing what incredible beauty exists within you. Only, not yet experienced by you and therefore seeming to you unreal.

You can feel the value and meaning of each minute only when you establish a relationship with the Father for it is the Father and the bond with Him that provide the meaning to all creatures of the whole of creation. For it is the Father who is The Source of Meaning of creation. Therefore, anyone enjoying an ability to set up a relationship, and keeping a live communion with the Father, begins to feel the meaning and its sweetness. However, for you, the lowest of the will creatures, who are in the flesh, it is almost impossible in your present form to begin to feel The Source of Spirits who is entirely spiritual. But, to make this task easier for you, the Father has bestowed upon you, each of you, Himself, His own fragment, His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, by inhabiting him in the mind of your material form. Therefore, being conscious, you can both feel and experience that what His spiritual love and leading from within are, what beauty and mercy are, what service and altruism are. And these feelings will never vanish from your experience whenever you open up to the Father present within you. It is thanks to the Father that you can feel the meaning of each moment. It is due to Him that you can gradually approach, with the feelings of your spiritualized material mind, such concepts as eternity and infinity, though being unable to comprehend and embrace them, but ever deeper and more truly regard them as your destiny, and assess the moments of your present life in relation to their quality rather than quantity.

It is this that will reveal to you, personally to you, not to others, the level of the development of your consciousness in assessing the meaning of each moment of your living, and to a small extent it will also be noticed by others. And it is only you, personally each of you, and the Father within you that will be able to perceive it. Others will not be able to perceive it because their spiritual level and experience will be different and individual though equally unique and unrepeatable and equally meaningful even as yours.

Therefore each of you will be able to assess personally only yourself.

However, a tiny part of the meaning of the life moments of your other brethren will also be felt by those of you who will have already opened to the Father and, due to this, will have experienced not only the meaning of similar moments in their lives but also established a relationship with the Father, as a living link with other brethren. And it is this living relationship with the Father that will enable you to sense more profoundly that which your just material mind would not be capable of doing. It is capable of doing this only thanks to the Father’s spirit and only after having established a living bond with him.

Thus, in order that every moment, every episode of your living would acquire its meaning and would provide you with full pleasure and satisfaction, you must commune with the Father through His fragment, His spirit, indwelling you. And this bond is real and living. It is always accessible to you whenever you desire this sincere and live communion with the Father. He is together with you, even within you, during every moment. Your relationship with the Father depends upon your personal desire and decision. The Father is always opened to you. He patiently awaits your opening up to Him. Therefore, everything is in the hands of each of you. The decision as to when and where you will begin to feel the meaning of each moment of your life and start assessing your every action in relation to this sort of meaningfulness which will be passed to you by this living relationship with the Father can be made only by you personally, by each of you.

And this decision will change your present life to the type of living which will begin to provide you with a sensation of pleasure. And you will begin to feel a taste of living itself which you have not yet felt since you are too preoccupied with carrying out the interests of your egoistic self. And your current sort of living brings you a lot of tension, shock, and suffering, while the moments of joy are so rare, that you actually lead the life of a real martyr. For the Father, as well as for me, it is very painful to watch you suffer and strive so, only for material pleasures and for respite from tension, by satisfying, again, your other material interests.

And when we see you walk in the opposite direction, to that side where there are even greater experiences of tension and suffering in store, where your mind will experience even greater stress and just short moments of relaxation from it, it is very painful for us to see your spiritual blindness and your unwillingness to recover your spiritual eyesight. You demonstrate an enviable steadfastness while striving for material victories yet a deplorable ignorance and shortsightedness by failing to understand that all this leads you to new suffering and to a hazardous life which borders upon your completely vanishing from creation after the death of your material body.

By making no attempt to discover the meaning of each moment you run great risk. And this risk will never pay off.

After having recovered your spiritual sight you will also regret that so many years of your life have been wasted in vain without giving you anything. You were just spinning your wheels in one place like a car on ice, even though there was a box of sand at hand only you did not notice it, and carried on pressing on the accelerator just to move forward; but in vain. The car was not moving forward but rather, little by little, sliding backwards. Therefore, stop being so blind and look around to see whether there is something which might help you start moving forward.

Your present attitude in wasting your time is absolutely acceptable to you, because you do not envision any other way of spending your time. You learn from your parents, friends, and the environment. However, you do not even give a thought that they might also fail to understand that this way of spending one’s time is not meaningful. And it is you who might be the ones to cut this hapless Gordian knot. You can be those who will start assessing time from the vantage-point of its quality rather than quantity. Assessing it by how you have acted rather than by how much you have acted during the same time. If, during the same time, you tried to act for the benefit of the whole while pursuing a personal noble motive, it means that you did not waste your time in vain.

However, if all the time just a selfish motive prevails in mind – I do the job just because I am paid for it – in this case, the entire work time is nothing but a waste of time. It is just a wearing and tormenting serfdom to your soul and mind. And it is your motive that determines your attitude in work and leisure, whether it is just a waste of time or a meaningful development of your inner self.

Any spending of your leisure when it is dominated by alcohol is both a waste of your time, irrespective of the fact that you experience joy at that moment, and a greater tormenting of your higher and spiritual self in captivity. You are given the evidence of that by your poor condition the next morning, by your moral anxiety over some thoughtless actions performed, and by your desire that it would not have happened at all. It shows that your actions have been of the sort to have suppressed your inner and true self so much that now even your lower and animal self feels bitterness and anxiety rather than yesterday’s pleasure. It shows that after your brain ceased to be affected by the outer narcotizing substances, your elevated condition vanished, and that the high vibrations of your consciousness are totally out of balance and you are not elevated but rather downcast within. It shows that your time spent in this way was wasted despite your even very high spirits while you were spending it this way.

And there is just the opposite feeling after one’s time was spent meaningfully. You experience the state of an inner joy. It does not cause, in any way, anxiety or disillusionment, anguish or regret for the time spent in that manner. There are no reproaches to either yourself or others. There is a feeling of inner bliss that the time provided you with new experiences which produced joy and bliss to your soul. And there is a desire to extend that moment even longer, to repeat it even in a deeper way. The bliss emerges because the soul senses the wonderful vibrations of the moments experienced and it desires to prolong them. The soul experiences a sensation of lightness and elevation. It desires to experience this feeling of fullness even longer so that it could blossom even stronger in its growth.

This feeling is present because the soul recognizes the vibrations of the Father’s spirit sent to it and radiated to it through your mind, and, in its memory, it also replays these very vibrations experienced in your mind during the leisure time. Therefore, the state of bliss is now as if prolonged, and the soul desires to experience additional experiences which would produce a similar state of bliss, only more intensively.

And these high vibrations being felt and experienced by the soul make it nobler and more sensitive and even strengthen and develop it. Therefore after this meaningfully spent leisure the soul feels stronger in comparison with its state prior to spending the leisure period. It is grateful for the moments experienced during this leisure period. And the soul thanks the Father for them for it has been His will that the soul would feel these meaningful vibrations of the Father during the leisure time experiences. It shows that the leisure time experiences corresponded to the high frequency of the vibrations of the Father and due to this they were developing the soul. These experiences were liberating one’s higher self rather than enslaving it even more within the grasp of the domination of one’s lower animal self.

And while assessing the meaning of your life moments you are always in possession of an unerring measure – your soul’s relationship with the Father’s spirit who is within you. And whenever you begin to feel deeply in your soul, a blissful satisfaction in relation to a certain episode, in relation to one or another moment of your living, in relation to one or another action performed, it shows that the moment spent, the action performed, was building up your soul and at the same time was meaningful to your higher self, to your true rather than animal self.

And the deeper and more often you commune with the Father, the better you begin to assess the meaning of the time of your living and even perceive how eventually to stop wasting your time on satisfying your quantitative interests and start to strive for the implementation of your qualitative moments. And your ability to make a distinction between quantitative and qualitative moments gives evidence to your spiritual stride. And it will ever get stronger if you stride. Any step – both material and spiritual – gets stronger while making it.

And it will not be long before you will consciously realize that it is your qualitative life that can only be your true life. It is just this living that gives bliss to your soul and delivers you from your material suffering and moments of anxiety. Therefore, you no longer desire to get back to the quantitative moments of living for any material wealth of the world.

You already understand how to use your material wealth that is in your possession, and that which you carry on earning for the benefit of the whole, and at the same time, convert it into qualitative and spiritual wealth in a material form. And you are capable of doing all of this just because you allowed your soul to be liberated from the dominance of your lower human, animal self so that it could freely grow and turn into your true and higher self, bestowed by the Father in the form of your personality with its potential throughout eternity, who has already managed to make a distinction between the wasting of one’s time and the meaningful moments of one’s living.

140. Expand Your Concept Of Creation

Your present knowledge about me and creation is far from coinciding with reality. Therefore, I desire to explain to you that my universe, that part of creation which I have made together with my Partner that you have not heard of, The Mother Spirit of the Universe, makes up one out of the seven hundred thousand similar universes. You confuse many astronomic terms altogether by claiming that there is only one universe. However, you do not know anything about life in the universes therefore you cannot divide them on any grounds. Universes are made out of energy. They are not accidental in the cosmos which is also created. You do not know anything about the manipulators of energy, such beings who assisted me, and keep assisting me in ensuring energy balance in our universe. Therefore, now I shall supply you with greater knowledge of the physical structure of the universe.

The whole of creation has leadership in its smaller segments. You must not think that it is only you who have the heads of your states. A cosmic creation is also marvelously governed, even as it does look marvelously beautiful as your eyes see but a very tiny part of it in a night sky when there is no curtain of clouds. However, you do not see any of those myriads of planets which are meant for the control of this magnificent dome. These planets are not shining stars therefore, it is simply impossible to see them with your vision. But you must understand that if your planet which is so backward in its thinking has its own government, the more so God’s creation must have its own government. You must not think that God is such who does not create more worlds, perfect worlds. And what is the meaning of creating them if they were not inhabited by other than your life forms? Therefore, these life forms must also have their activity corresponding to their level and to their capabilities. That is why these worlds must also be of a corresponding level so that this life form might apply its corresponding capabilities.

As you watch and analyze the results of your activity, as well as the activity itself, you can perceive at least to a small degree that your activity is far from that sort which you would desire it to be were you a miracle maker, capable of making everything within an instant. And not only to make it very quickly but rather to make such a thing about which you can only dream since this thing has never been made by anyone. For instance, you would like to fly to other worlds, associate with other live organisms on these worlds, because even now you look for different evidence of the existence of life on other planets, evidence of some others who visit your world. You would like to see your friends and your dear ones who live far away from you, to know how they are doing at the time. You would like your job to be easier to do by such means that would help you do them within a glimpse, and very well. You would desire never to be ill, and while having fallen ill, to recover immediately so that your body would not experience any pain and suffering. And such means do exist only you cannot yet master them since your methods of energy control are very crude and primitive. However, there are such worlds and such beings that control energy perfectly, and that about which you dream is an ordinary arena of their activity. You cannot achieve this level of energy command while in the flesh; since it is the very initial form of life which cannot control energy. It can only make an attempt, to a little degree, to change one form to another. But even in this case it must develop its own spiritual level for otherwise even a very primitive change of energy from one form to another might destroy you as physical organisms.

Now you try to use energy only for the destruction of others. You were allowed, prematurely, for an experiment, to discover nuclear energy of atomic fission. However, even this very hazardous reaction to your physical bodies you primarily used for producing a weapon rather than for meeting your own needs. Your backward spiritual level dictates to you your selfish decisions, even in mastering different energy methods. At the same time those groups, or states, after having reached at least some superiority in this sphere, right away attempt to dictate their conditions to the countries which are less developed, in order to achieve the implementation of their own interests in their association with these less developed lands.

That is not the principle of the operation of the law of the Father’s love. This way you cannot develop your planet, even economically, for instead of receiving our assistance in tackling your different problems of mastering energy on a higher level, you will not get it since it has been stopped and you will not discover the new methods of mastering energy which would enable you to visit other planets having life, so that you would not use them for annihilation as well.

Your planet is not only experimental, which is usually every tenth planet inhabited by humans, but in addition it has been isolated from the interplanetary communication circuits and from the communication circuits of the local system for over two hundred thousand years. Therefore, it was only in experimental order that you were allowed to know the method of receiving nuclear energy. However, now we see that this method has been granted to you prematurely. The planet which has been in spiritual isolation for so long, while even possessing a high level of material civilization, is no different from a child who plays with matches on an enormous stack of hay.

However, you are not the only ones in creation. And not all are only on the initial stage of their spiritual development. Therefore, you must know that there is a great multitude of other places and worlds in creation where you will be able to carry out your present boldest dreams. There is not a single thought of yours, even the most fantastic, which subsequently you would not be able to implement in reality. Your fancy is nothing more than your idea ahead of its time and place. But it is a real fragment of reality. Only it is a fragment which is not of this world, since creation has a multitude of places, a multitude of worlds where you will also be able to implement that which presently your mind would consider to be a miracle and science fiction.

Since all worlds have their spiritual leaders, it goes without saying that these leaders must be more developed than the ordinary inhabitants of that world, in order to be able to provide them with governing, matching their level. And this level can be provided only by such leaders who are themselves of a higher level. Otherwise there would be no growth. Therefore, after your resurrection from the sleep of death of your physical body, once you receive your new form, a soul form, which will not have a material body any longer, a theoretical and practical education on a multitude of other worlds-universities awaits you so that after having reached the center of the whole of creation – Paradise – you would be perfectly trained, not only to govern different segments of a physical creation, to employ such types of energy of which you have no knowledge at the present time, but also to serve the least of the creatures of creation; humans, such as yourselves at the moment. And to serve them with the same Father’s love which can also be felt for you, by those least among the least creatures of creation

Physical creation is so enormous that the Father divided it into many different segments. And each segment, together with the other similar segments, makes up a corresponding category as regards its governance. Therefore, you do not know that there are seven-hundred-thousand universes similar to mine. And they are supplied with energy to be able to normally operate. However, my universe also has smaller segments, and even itself, is one of the segments of still greater units throughout creation. And all this is divided, because energy emitted from the physical source of energy – Paradise – is very powerful. Therefore, it is necessary to lower it so that it might be adapted to the lower constituent parts. And the farther away from Paradise out into cosmic space, the lower or weaker manifestation of this very same energy must receive smaller constituent parts. It has to be done so that the lowest life form – a material life – would not be destroyed. Already now you do realize what a grave danger an atomic-nuclear energy poses to your material life.

The way the energy, being emitted from Paradise, is being transformed ever lower down to the very lowest level of your sun by similar stages, but by manifold more sophisticated ones, the spiritual manifestation of the Father is lowered through ever smaller segments of creation down to such planets which are inhabited by material life which receives its beginning from a life plasm and due to the method of evolution develops up to man, capable of becoming a son or daughter of God, and after the death of his material body, he experiences his resurrection with his own self which has existed in that material body, and he continues his progress to Paradise to the Father in the form of the soul, and still later in the form of the spirit.

And this entire path of growth extends via higher worlds, which are all in a cosmic space but not as separate and isolated units but rather as those interconnected into adequate and higher constituent parts, while proceeding to the center of creation. And all these units are provided with a necessary amount of energy, with its corresponding supervisors and regulators as well as with an adequate structure of government and the beings ensuring this government.

And as you progress from the very lowest level of creation to its very center, even to the Father, you must be certain that every new and ever more beautiful world, assimilated by you, gives you a hint that this beauty will grow along your path. Therefore, the governing as well as those living and real spiritual personalities ensuring the rule of those ever more beautiful worlds will also become more beautiful and grow in the depth of their wisdom.

I am known to you by the name of Jesus Christ. However, my real spiritual status is the status of a Creator Son. I have already explained earlier that I was created by God the Father and God the Son whom some of you confused with my person. God the Son as a Person, as The Second Person of the Paradise Trinity, is always on Paradise. He does not ever move out of Paradise personally. However, he has his own representatives in the other segments of creation. And these Sons of the Father, even as my order, represent him.

And it is the Father to whom you progress. And you cannot reach the Father otherwise but by having earlier perceived who the Eternal Son, namely this very same God the Son, is. But you will not be able to perceive him before your comprehension of me, still billions of worlds for you to go till your comprehension of him. You, any one of you, will not be able to leave the boundaries of my local universe until you perceive me and before you stand in the form of the spirit in my presence. Already in the form of an eternal spirit, rather than as a soul, with the same self who today just starts in my local universe, in the very initial universe where your testing takes place, this journey to the Father, to eternity – at first in the form of a human material creature possessing free will, then, if you have faith, after your resurrection in the form of the soul. And it is only after your complete testing in the form of the soul that in my universe you will turn into an eternal spirit. And I shall personally see you off to proceed further on and into your career of a higher universe; to the next stage of your studies. Only to a much longer stage than the one you will have spent in my universe. You will set off to the minor sectors of the superuniverse. And after you assimilate their teachings you will move on to the major sectors. And from them you will proceed to the superuniverse; to the very center of the Milky Way galaxy. However, after this intensive training you will journey still further on – to the divine universe, the central universe.

And all these constituent parts of creation have their material worlds of a tremendous beauty. Even though your spiritual development ever grows and deepens, still all the time you will live and operate on material worlds. They are not seen to your astronomers. However, all these worlds are splendidly provided with necessary energy and with wonderful leaders and spiritual teachers who will present to you spiritual teachings of a higher level. And all this will transpire on real, material worlds which make up part of the physical energy of creation, transformed into these, invisible to your astronomers, and that is why they are unknown to them, worlds of your future living and learning.

And only while traveling through creation and getting a greater knowledge of it you will notice how little is known about it by your present-day astronomers and therefore how many wrong conclusions are drawn by them. But they need to be told many good words at least for their steadfast effort to discover other worlds. However, one’s steadfastness is not sufficient. It is necessary to have faith in the Father and a much deeper and more thorough comprehension of physical creation.

141. My Teachings Lead To Love And Truth And Point The Direction To One’s Survival

My teaching is not being imposed on you and it is not the one that must necessarily be carried out to improve your living. My teaching is meant for you to survive altogether as your own identity after the resurrection. My teaching is related to your future life which will start after the resurrection. Your present life is so messed up and confused that you do not even realize how deeply you are submerged in the bog of materialism. Therefore, the effort by many a generation will be required that the current swamp of materialism might be consistently, generation upon generation, and with the Father’s love, cleaned up by your offspring. And it is only then that your life will improve. However, prior to this improvement an enormous shock, great physical suffering, and losses await you. But your survival depends whether or not you will start to follow my current teaching, which remains the same as it was two thousand years ago – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men, and even as my present apostle expanded it to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. A practical application of my teaching will not be able to change the living in the current form so much that it would become true and just for all and right away. It is only the one who will turn my teaching into the principle of one’s living and who will turn to the Father, after having discovered Him within oneself, into one’s corner stone on which one will firmly stand, it is such a son of the Father who will sense the meaning of his living and therefore will stop feeling this great pain and suffering because of the injustice which he presently feels.

However, neither pain nor harm will disappear for others. Therefore, even a man of faith will be impacted by his inner pain and torment in relation to injustice and harm which are experienced by others. Then his sensitivity will not be directed to inside of his self, and to his desire to improve only his living, but rather his view will be pointed to the outside, to his other brethren who are suffering at the moment.

And it is only then that inner comprehension will come that it is impossible to change the environment for others individually, since the whole of creation is one family of the Father. And if at least one member of this family suffers, in this case, the whole loving family also suffers. Therefore, brotherhood embraces the spreading of mutual love and service. It is only then that you will begin to understand, once you start to apply my teaching, that you cannot stand aside from the pain and suffering of others when personally you do not feel either pain or suffering any longer, for you have discovered The Source of Peace – the Father – within your inner self. And He soothes you. But at the same time He leads you to help others, who still suffer and experience injustice, discover the Father within so that they would also begin to experience peace within themselves, that their pain and suffering would be melted in the Father’s love discovered and being experienced.

However, it is only one sphere of activity of this brother in spirit. My teaching, even though it is full of love and mercy for each of you, it also has a charge for spiritual acting which will make you resort to wise means of helping others, and by this enlightening even those who are full of injustice and deception, who harm their brethren being incapable of counteracting them in any other way but with their inner suffering, inner anxiety, inner pain, and inner shrinking, when any humaneness is missing on both sides. Brothers and sisters in spirit become enemies, hating each other. Only one side is strong with its wealth and position and therefore dictates their own conditions of how to live for the others, who are dependant upon the former ones from the material point of view, and thus they cannot live the way they desire to. The other side is made up of the brethren who are weak and poor, by their position, therefore they have to obey the will of the former ones and give up their own will altogether and they gradually forget how to live of their own free will when all decisions are made for them by those mighty ones. And the poor ones have only to perform what they are commanded to. The restraint of one’s free will starts damaging the growth of the personality character.

They begin to deviate from the path of light and fairness and even shrink still more without seeing a way out of the situation in which they are, for they notice that exactly similar things develop in another job and that they will not be provided with better conditions anywhere, and thus dejection transforms into long-term disappointment in such a way of living.

And it is only my teaching that will help all brethren straighten themselves as respectable mortals who, while even being poor, will begin to grow as straight and beautiful trees, in order to provide others with shade on a hot day and with refuge from wind and with shelter from rain on a windy or rainy day. Those who will start to follow my teachings will begin to change, for they will feel within themselves how the Father leads and strengthens them, they will feel my support, my Partner’s, Mother’s Spirit of the Universe support, they will feel the support of angels, and they also will even feel inner urging to act with love and truth. And they will start acting, each in one’s job, each in one’s life, and they will start acting in a way that even the most powerful and the richest brethren will notice their activity, and they will become speechless because of this bold activity even within their own company, even where they will have considered themselves to be the rulers to that moment.

And this activity of the elevated brethren will be not a revolt, not resistance, but love and truth. Love and truth will be planted in that environment where the awakened brethren will work. They will be implanting the Father’s love and truth, not to appear to be the champions for love and truth, but because they will not be able to live otherwise. This will be their mode of living and it will differ from their earlier life, which was full of anxiety and fear, and from that of their brethren who will not yet have awakened. It is these very love vibrations that will be emitted into the environment from such vigorous people, acting in love and truth. And other men who will work together with them and their employers will begin to feel them. And the latter will have nothing to nag at for they also will be surprised by this change. And they will see that this change is somewhat beyond comprehension and it is not just artificial, it is such that gives them power and strength from within, to live this way and without fear. And these vibrations of higher frequency will bring peace to some while they will irritate others, yet even those irritated will be unaware of how to react to regain peace. Ever greater numbers of people will look for patronage from their brethren who will have awakened to love and truth. And they will receive their help because both the Father and I shall act through them even as now we act through your brother in spirit who is taking down these teachings of mine so that you could see light on your path to love and truth.

You must understand that we do not lead you towards ourselves by force or orders. All the time the Father and I are calling on you and urging you not to be afraid to stride towards us. We provide you with enormous support. Only do not reject it but rather accept it. Our entire activity is meant to provide you with assistance rather than to put up barriers to burden you, making your way to us more difficult for you to elbow through. We have prepared for you and provided you with everything. Only make use of all the tools. Love and truth have already been provided to you by the Father, and upheld by me, within yourselves.

It is those who will discover the Father within who will discover both love and truth. And it is only because they will see it and feel it that they will be able to give it to others, and help them see it. And this will be so obvious, so real for them, that for the others who will see neither love nor truth within themselves, it will seem very strange how they can see it, and even how they are not scared to spread it to others; and to all; and to do it only with love, and without any deception, without any selfish calculation.

They will see their awakened brethren walk without looking sideways as to where they might be putting their foot on in the darkness, but rather boldly striding straightforward, as if someone invisible were lighting the path for them. It is that firmness of pace and straightforwardness of striding that will fascinate others who will not be able to understand from whence this certainty is, for as recently as only yesterday, they were downcast and at a loss, angry and dissatisfied, while today they are full of certainty and peace, resolution and desire to walk along this very path, the existence of which, yesterday, they had no idea at all. And they will walk on this path, not for the benefit of their egoistic selves, but rather for the benefit of their higher and divine selves, by helping others. All. Even their own employers whom they disliked so much as recently as just yesterday.

This is the life in the vibrations of one’s survival, of the survival of one’s inner self in eternity. This is not the life of today but rather of tomorrow, and even of eternity. However, it is lived today. And it produces a much better life for the generations to come when the number of such awakened brethren becomes much greater. And my teaching is meant to enable you, each of you, to make a personal decision, and to start living with the Father within you, and at the same time, to discover Him sooner within your inner selves to be certain of your own survival. Already now, you would be certain of your survival. And you would not lead your life in misery and poverty any longer but rather in dignity as fits a son or daughter of the Father. It does not fit you to lead a life which is in confusion, shrunk, and incomprehensible. That is not the path of a son or daughter of the Father.

My teaching calls on you to wake up, look around, and notice the direction of the path to your personal survival through your faith, and your discovery of the Father within. However, my teaching is neither the faith nor the discovery of the Father within. This must be done by you, by each of you individually. I cannot do it for you. It is only you, each of you, who make a decision; whether you desire to experience your survival after the death of your material body, or your current life is sufficient for you.

If you are tired of and disappointed with your current life, then I do offer you the direction of a true and blissful living towards the Father who is present within you, each of you. If these horizons of bliss, starting within you, do not lure you, in this case, my teachings shall not move you and you shall not choose your survival. Therefore, the Father shall satisfy your free-will decision – to reject your own survival – however painful it might be for Him not to grant the resurrection to His son or daughter so that He would lead on His son or daughter alive, to Himself.

Try to envision yourself in the boots of the Father when your beloved children do not desire to remain alive together with you and they prefer death, due to their ignorance, of the life with which you are capable of providing them. And when the number of such sons and daughters of the Father is enormous, try to envision what an enormous suffering these children cause to Him as they consciously, and of their own free will, decide not to walk on the path of eternity.

Therefore, my teachings are meant for you, each of you, so that you would make a wise decision of your own free will. It is not an obligatory teaching, even as your decision does not have to necessarily be only in favor of your personal survival. My teaching is meant for you to find the Father within yourselves, to experience His love, and after that your decision, of your own free will, shall be firm and always, in any circumstances, only for your survival. However, this sort of decision will be due to your experiencing the bliss of the Father’s love within yourself, and you will desire to experience it ever more, rather than due to my teaching. And this bliss experience leads you, each of you, ever closer to the Father. And your blossoming soul begins to feel such an ever growing desire to fuse with the Father that there is no longer any need to even hint about the rejection of survival. Any, even the slightest doubts have melted in a deep and living relationship with the Father and in a wonderful and all-embracing experience of the Father’s love.

142. Create A New Life And Cherish It Only Together With The Father

As I sojourned on your planet two thousand years ago, by the time I set up a live relationship with the Father, I had not known anything about the resurrection. Until that time I was constantly tormented by the questions: What happens once a human dies? And why does he die? Why is this sort of end of a human life necessary? Why do our beloved ones have to die? Why cannot God, whom all called Jahve, show mercy for them to prolong their lives? What sort of life – full of riches or faith – has value?

And it was only after I had established a living communion with the spirit of the Father who also indwelt my mind that very gradually I began to realize that the Father had designed the resurrection exclusively out of love so that we would not stay here for long for it was just the very beginning of the beginnings, this flash of one’s material life. And it is fairly sufficient for everyone to decide whether one desires to go to the Father, whether one’s faith has reached the level so that one’s desire to go to the Father starts changing the living pace and decisions of this human being in such a way as to make him better, more merciful, and more just to others. And faith enables this human to start sensing greater power within him. And the operation of this inner power also expands this very human’s perception of the environment and strengthens his knowledge that this life is not the only one, that the death of his material body is certainly not the end. And this perception that after one’s death there is a life of a different sort, that there is one’s survival, ever grows and deepens.

A very significant aspect of your living is the raising of your babies and children based on vibrations of the Father’s love, rather than on your selfish and acquisitive love for your child as for a thing rather than as for a human-personality possessing his free will received from the Father. Exactly the very same free will as you parents possess. You must not regard your baby that you hold in your arms, that you are feeding from your breast, as your property. You hold in your arms, you feed from your breast a new, just born, son or daughter of the Father. Even as you are a son or daughter of the Father. You are in no way different, apart from the intervening years between your birth and that of this child of the Father, and the experience you have already accumulated. However, it is a very short flashing moment to make you truly different. This time interval will pass very quickly and the child’s experience will exceed yours if you contribute to it with all your soul.

Therefore, you, a father and a mother, while even expecting a baby, must begin to feel your love for the Father and the whole of the environment within yourselves. And you can begin to sense it provided that you discover the Father within yourselves. Therefore, it is only after having discovered the Father that you will be expecting your baby while being yourselves already enveloped by the love vibrations of the Father and experiencing these very same vibrations from the Father within each of you. Still happier are those parents who even before encountering each other and getting married, have already discovered the Father within. In this way their mutual love, from the very beginning of their encounter, had this indissoluble link – a living love of the Father which is experienced within each of them, and for each other. And such a couple gets married while truly sensing the leading of the Father’s love, rather than out of either material calculation or sexual attraction to each other. And it is such a couple already while creating a new baby, who is creating it together with the Father, by calling in the Father with their love vibrations, to participate in this act of creation of a new child of the Father as a Co-creator. And they feel this additional vital energy, emanating from the Father during this very sexual intercourse of love, in which the Father himself is really present after having been called in with love by the future parents of the baby. And this is a guarantee that the development of a new son or daughter of the Father, from the very first moment, shall be smooth and without complications. And the baby shall be born healthy, strong, and of great vitality.

And it is determined by the love vibrations of the parents which reach them from the Father through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, and perpetually radiated to both each other, a developing embryo in the womb of the mother, the environment, the Father himself, and the whole of creation. And all creation also protects and cares for such a new fetus so that it would be born as a new member of the entire creation. A physical member, who would subsequently, thanks to his up-bringing by the parents, will become a mature spiritual member even though still in the flesh.

After the baby’s birth, the mother must not be separated from the baby. The father, according to the conditions, must also try to be by the baby as much as possible. For you must know that the baby is nourished not only by the mother’s milk which she gives him with love but also with the love vibrations of the father which are live and real. Therefore, that which the father has to give up primarily after the birth of his baby is the consumption of any alcoholic drinks and tobacco, not to mention even much stronger narcotic drugs. All these intoxicating substances, and in reality the substances suppressing one’s brain activity, lower inner energy vibrations of the father to a very low level, and they also suppress energy vibrations of the baby, the higher vibrations by the lower ones. And this is a very important factor because the lower the vibrations in this weak body, the higher the tendency to illnesses, even to the minor ones.

Therefore, the father’s participation, starting with the birth of the baby and ending with the child’s up-bringing, is necessary so that he could pass his love vibrations to the mother and to the baby, and thus directly contribute to a healthy birth of the baby, so that it would be as painless as possible, and even altogether painless.

That depends upon the degree of faith of the mother and the father. And, already now, a mother having faith can give birth to a baby without physical pain when the vibrations of the Father’s love and her devotion to Him are imbibing and melting all physical pain. And the husband-father can also make his own contribution to it.

For the baby who has just been born the most wonderful diet is the love and warmth of the mother as well as the love vibrations of the father. And the mother’s milk has not only nutritional substances but also a certain taste. And the more it has of the vibrations of the Father’s love, the more pleasant is the taste of the mother’s milk. However, you can destroy this taste if you do not feel the Father’s love by yourselves and if you partake of such food which claims the death of another organism. Therefore, even the love vibrations, emanating from within you, will not provide the milk of the mother with a pleasant taste if she eats animal food; the more so that this sort of food is also harmful to the body of the mother.

Therefore, one’s faith, prayer, and living relationship with the Father are very important so that you would begin to look upon everything as upon a system. Moreover, you must realize that this system does really operate, following the principle of cause-action-consequence, and neither can you change nor annul it. Nobody, apart from the Creators, can eliminate or stop its operation. But such arbitrary intervention on their part would also lead to consequences for the whole of creation. And it is only after having been born of the spirit, only after having started to feel a living love of the Father for the whole environment that you will no longer, in peace, be able to partake of the food which claims the life of another animal. Therefore, your food shall change into a vegetable diet and, by this, into a healthier one. You will eat just diverse vegetable food. It is only this way that you will