8. Foundation for the Appearance and Rise of Progressives

The appearance of Progressives in democratic nations should not be unexpected. Though one person may not know or see the full spectrum of social, political, and economic development in a nation, the trending of millions of citizens provides great insight into what citizens disdain and what citizens yearn for. The trending of public issues is much the same.

When we examine the duration of the United States’ form of democracy as an experimental and developmental form of democracy, we can see that in many ways it has fulfilled its original mission requirements, and has exceeded its inherent design limitations. Its history reveals design flaws the Founders did not anticipate.

What we know too well, in the United States, is that the traditional primary political parties, (Republican and Democratic), are unable to create solutions to the many problems that are now becoming evident around the world, and particularly now in the United States. We will explore some of the reasons for that predicament in the following section, “The 1st Paradigm of Democracy.”