Protocols and handbooks

Design Team Procedure, Fundamental

design team

It is evident that Design Teams around the world have begun to spring up from the magnificent 1% of every community. All have essentially asked the same question, “How do we proceed?” The following should help everyone for a very long time whether you are working with social -societal, political-governmental, or financial-economic designs. We will use two investigative and solution-creating processes.
-- Daniel Raphael, PhD

Guidelines and Protocols for Discerning Messages of Light

It is part of a larger series of papers and books that tell us how we can work co-creatively with our celestial brothers and sisters. This paper tells how revelation comes to us and how we can be more discerning in its production and as an audience. To recognize revelation, you must discern what is of God and what is not of God. This paper has been written to help anyone who receives, produces, listens to or reads a transmission from a being of light to discern the value of that message.

The Art of Discernment

discernment, chanelling

How do you know when a statement that comes from Spirit is accurate and truthful, or not? This class will provide students with the tools and discipline to examine messages, whether from any celestial being, or human, for their validity. For celestial beings of light, these messages must be consistent with the characteristics of the Creator and Its grand hierarchy of spiritual beings throughout the universe. Once we understand the universal character of these beings, what comes from them in the form of channeled messages through a Transmitter/Receiver (TR) becomes easier to discern.