Guidelines and Protocols for Discerning Messages of Light


  Michael McCray M.D. 
Daniel Raphael PhD. 
Roxanne Andrews

Most of you have come to this paper because it is part of a larger series of papers and books that tell us how we can work co-creatively with our celestial brothers and sisters. This paper tells how revelation comes to us and how we can be more discerning in its production and as an audience. To recognize revelation, you must discern what is of God and what is not of God.

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Table of Contents

1 - New Revelation: Personal Revelation and Transmitting/Receiving
2 - Familiarizing Yourselves with Spiritual Beings
3 - Impediments to Transmitting
4 - The Art of Discernment
5 - Protocols for TRing, Recording, Transcribing, Editing, and Publishing Spiritually Transmitted Sessions


This paper has been written to help anyone who receives, produces, listens to or reads a transmission from a being of light to discern the value of that message. It is written to help you all discern what is of God and what is not of God.

In section 1, we illuminate how new revelation is shared with the individual through personal revelation. When these same messages are shared with a larger audience the individual doing so is not a prophet, he or she is known as a Transmitter/Receiver. In this section we also give the reader information as to where he or she might find further instruction in personal revelation and Transmitting/Receiving.

In the second section, we look at the characteristics of Spiritual Beings. For celestial beings of light to be the source of these messages, the message must be consistent with the characteristics of the Creator and its grand hierarchy of spiritual beings throughout the universe.

In section three we try to delineate at least some of the impediments to transmitting receiving.

Section four looks at the art of discernment. Discernment is the epitome of human mental development and one of the most powerful mental activities we exercise in our lives if we choose to exercise it.

Section five is: Protocols for Transmitting/Receiving, Recording, Transcribing, Editing, and Publishing Spiritually Transmitted Sessions. We give instruction in how to actually conduct a Transmitting/Receiving session and the procedural steps needed to make the audio or written transcript available to the public.

The historical record of the messages received through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission are housed as audio recordings and/or transcripts in the Teaching Mission Archives 1, The Teaching Mission Dialogues 2 (archives) as well as other locations, [are] principally collections of transmissions by individuals. These messages have been received by individuals known as Transmitter/ Receivers and made available to the public. Up until recently, most of the transcripts entering the archives have come through a core group of Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission Transmitter/ Receivers. We are currently seeing an increase in the number of transcripts that have come from Transmitter/ Receivers who are not part of this group. Considering that many of the design teams will want their own Transmitter/ Receivers this trend is bound to continue into the future.

We may indeed find that the transcripts of those teachers and Transmitter/ Receivers associated with the design teams will be housed along with their designs. Regardless of where these messages are to be kept, the import for this paper and us is that all of these archived messages accurately depict the original message from the being of light. The intention of this paper is to help each of you discern which messages actually come from a being of light, with the aim that only messages from beings of light enter the archives.

1- New Revelation: Personal Revelation and Transmitting Receiving

“It is immensely important for you to accept personal revelation that occurs new to each generation. God speaks to you. God speaks to you through himself as your Thought Adjuster; God speaks to you through His delegates, His hierarchy of light. These are directly in alignment with His authority and His personhood. Christ Michael  speaks to you personally, as personal revelation of the Father.” 3

Through the same mechanisms of meditation and prayer that Jesus used you can begin to hear God and his delegates speak to you. This begins with your willingness to open yourself up to these spiritual entities, and allowing them the space to bring you a few nourishing words. There exists an Island of Peace deep within you, where you can come and rest for a while and ‘settle your frazzled nerves’. There is a place of Spirit within you where you can find rest and nourishment for your body and mind.

This practice of allowing God and his delegates the space to bring you a few words we call practicing stillness. Stillness is a technique that can be learned 4. Stillness combines the meditative component of body and mind rest similar to Buddhist meditation and the intention of prayer and listening for an answer. This allows you to talk with The God Within or His delegates and hear what they may say to you in reply. As in all things some are better suited to do this than others but with practice all of us are destined to establish unbroken communication with our God Presence.

To hear the God Presence within you, your Guardian Angel, Celestial Teacher and/or Spirit Guide speaking to you is the essence of personal revelation. Personal Revelation is a necessary part of your survival and ascension plan because you are a unique individual with a unique path to God. Other’s paths may be similar but they are not the same. You will have unique problems along the way, unique prayers, unique questions and therefore you have been given your own counselors to help you deal with the travails of this life and the mysteries of the next.

It should only take you moments to realize that it is the presence of God within you, your Thought Adjuster that makes prayer that is heard and answerable possible. It is through this same pathway that not only personal revelation but also new revelation is passed on to us through Transmitters/ Receivers, aka Clairaudient Channelers.

Typically we speak of Mediums as channeling messages from the dead. Transmitter/Receivers are only interested in receiving and transmitting messages from Beings of Light. This is an important distinction from other forms of spirit channelers.

In the session for New Era Conversations 5, 7.26.2013, I asked Monjoronson this question:

“Where does the work of training more Transmitter/Receivers (TRs) stand? Is it done?”
MONJORONSON: “No, far from it! We have only teased you with possibilities. The necessity of training TRs is vital, but what we are finding is that many individuals who have heard the work of TRs see this as an objective practice, much like practicing your times tables. However, this is a development—TRing is a development that comes out of your meditative practice, one that is developmental and evolutionary and spiritually uplifting. It is the passage from simply being one of the audience to being in the conversation with those who are presenting. So, it is something that can be developed with the correct intentions. To simply become a clairaudient channel is not of any value in itself, but to have the intention to reveal God’s Will, God’s work through Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s corps of angels, now that is another matter, and that has a different purpose, and it will most surely have our support. TRing is a vital function of our work, and the capability of what we can do. This skill needs to be developed in many others. No, TRing and the teaching of TRing and practice of TRing and its development is not dead. Once this new pragmatic era of work begins to be expressed, one of the programs that will rise again are the Melchizedek Schools and the intentional practice of teaching individuals to enter into the deeper stillness, into the realm of no thought, with the intention of being open and receptive to hear the voice of celestial and spiritual beings. Thank you for your question; it is very timely”.

I am told that at some point in the future all of us will be able to transmit /receive. The world desperately needs more Transmitters /Receivers, those that are able to receive the Celestial’s message clearly enough to be able to transmit it to others without significant distortion. Of course some of us are more capable than others to do this but as one Transmitter /Receiver tells us, there are ways to learn to be a Transmitter /Receiver.

“It is both a privilege and responsibility to be a Transmitter/Receiver— T/R. Over the course of my transmitting experience since 1992 I encountered the various phases of training—from learning how to discern the voice of the celestial from my own mind to being able to now “see” in my mind’s eye the various personalities who are speaking through me. It is a refining process that takes time, diligence, patience and effort, but if you commit your heart to it the blessings and benefits far exceed the efforts.
“Sometimes I made mistakes along the way in discernment (which is very common, normal and expected at first), but I never gave up, and the results led me to opening to my divine life purpose and achieve higher consciousness which assisted my overcoming many unlovely habits of thinking and acting. Each person will experience their training process uniquely, but the common benefits of being a T/R are greater peace of mind and heart, deeper insights into the lessons they convey through you, enjoyment of cooperation and co-creation with spirit personalities who love you dearly, and the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a great service to humanity and the universe.
“So have fun, don’t allow your doubts and fears to hold you back, which inevitably occur in the beginning of training. Let go of your own ideas, expectations and agendas so the various celestial personalities can convey inspirational messages in and through you. You will experience a deeper understanding of what they convey in your being, and enrich your spiritual journey exponentially. It really is a most joyful and thrilling adventure to partner with your celestial helpers by transmitting /receiving and the doors of the universe that will open to you as you transmit will thrill you to the depths of your soul.
“To your success!”
Donna D’Ingillo
Center for Christ Consciousness
Open your Heart, Expand your Mind, Unite with God 4

Beginners usually practice by writing down what they hear, typing it out on a keyboard, or by using a tape recorder and then transcribing the recording for practice sessions. But as another long time TR tells me: “I think you may want to differentiate between ‘repeating verbatim transmitting /receiving’, ‘paraphrase transmitting /receiving’, and the ‘fluid clairaudient channeling’ that you hear come through me (now). Repeat and paraphrase TRing is what I did in the beginning, and it is fraught with error causing problems.” 5 . It should be obvious to those of you who want to become Transmitters /Receivers that practice is essential and that you cannot allow yourselves to become discouraged easily, as this won’t happen overnight. And it might be a good idea to avail yourselves with courses of transmitting /receiving training through the Center for Christ Consciousness.

Transmitting /receiving is essentially personal revelation

Transmitting /receiving is essentially personal revelation that has been geared to include a larger audience. To experience either needs dedication and practice and both TRing and personal revelation are subject to the same types of problems; the individual’s bias, prejudices, preconceptions, etc. We will speak more about the problems the individual encounters in personal revelation and TRing in later sections. For now, whether you are listening to your own God Presence, one of your teachers or are listening to or reading one of these transmissions remember:

“Revelation continues; be open to it; discern it; learn it; and learn how to work in co-creative participation with us.” 6

2 - Familiarizing Yourselves with Spiritual Beings

Spiritual beings of light are easily identified by their infallible character.

How do you know if a statement that comes from Spirit is accurate and truthful, or not? For celestial beings of light, these messages must be consistent with the characteristics of the Creator and its grand hierarchy of spiritual beings throughout the universe. Once we understand the universal character of these beings, what comes from them in the form of messages through a TR becomes easier to discern.

Spiritual beings of light are uniquely, universally, and infinitely ethical and moral beings, they are consistent.

“God is always truthful, honest, authentic, genuine, steady, peaceful and always uniform.” “It is upon the consistency of the universe that all is established and known… Consistency is our hallmark.” 6

Spiritual Beings of Light DO NOT:

Lie, deceive, mislead, manipulate, gossip, or any of the other negative things that people tend to do. Spiritual beings of light also do not stimulate the development of fear or ego embellishment in mortals.

Angels will never give you bad advice, steer you into trouble, or say anything to make you feel or look bad. They will never suggest that you violate your own will or the will of any other person or being.

Spiritual Beings of Light DO:

Lead, guide, inspire, counsel, and advise. They remain honest, authentic, and transparent. They show up on time, stay present, and follow through; and frequently offer conscious insights about most anything that is meaningful to you when they are asked.

Angels will always defer to your own choices. They are straightforward and often very direct. They are not solicitous, conniving, “slick,” or seductive. They are honest and loving above all else. They will never force you into a corner of “making choices.” They will always advise you to make the highest value choice that leads to God, loving God, yourself, and others. Angels are angelic and give you angelic answers!

Integration and Separation

Spiritual beings of light provide guidance, and take action that brings integration rather than separation. Spirit moves us from separation to integration: wholeness and oneness. Separation is not sustainable and does not support an infinite life-experience. Ego, fear, mental illness or deterioration, even conflicting belief systems cause separation in some form.

  • Reading/listening to the words that are used in the message, ask: “What is dominant in the thinking of the TR, the message, or the spiritual being who provided the message?”
  • The question to ask about the spiritual being transmitting the message is, “Does he or she accurately represent the nature of the Creator?”

3 -  Impediments to Transmitting

Since the conversation between the being of light and the Transmitter /Receiver is a conscious conversation, anything that affects the Transmitter /Receiver’s consciousness will affect the ability of the Transmitter /Receiver to receive the message and therefore the quality of the message. The ethical Transmitter /Receiver would only attempt to relay a message when they are in a peaceful environment and able to enter stillness or meditation, while grounded, balanced, and centered. It is important that the Transmitter /Receiver be clear of mind and in good health. The ethical Transmitter /Receiver would not attempt to receive and transmit messages under the following conditions:

> If the Transmitter /Receiver  is in an environment that is disturbing.
> If the Transmitter /Receiver is unable to clear his mind of intrusive thoughts generated by his own consciousness.
> If the Transmitter /Receiver is experiencing a significant illness.
> If the Transmitter /Receiver is using mind altering drugs.
> If the Transmitter /Receiver is using alcohol.
> During or after experiencing strong emotional states.
> During eras of mental-emotional disturbance, whether diagnosed or not.

There are situations where the Transmitter /Receiver believes they are receiving and transmitting beings of light but they are not or they are garbling the message. Just because a Transmitter /Receiver believes they are transmitting /receiving a divine being is not a proof of same. As we know too well, what a person believes is irrefutable, i.e., a belief is a belief is a belief. It can exist separate and apart from any reality. Just because a Transmitter /Receiver says it is God talking to them does not prove it. In these cases some, most or the entire message comes from the Transmitter /Receiver’s imagination. These situations are not limited to the following:

> The person professing to hear angels or devils speaking to them has a real mental illness.
> The Transmitter /Receiver is inexperienced and cannot yet transmit a message that is free of error.
> A Transmitter /Receiver was once able to receive messages clearly but time and physical deterioration has limited their ability. They are no longer able to discern the difference in messages received from celestials and those generated by their own imagination.
> The belief system of the Transmitter /Receiver conflicts with how the universe is actually run and how the celestials actually comport themselves. The Transmitter /Receiver’s belief system then colors or biases the transmission.
> The Transmitter /Receiver’s bias, prejudices, preconceptions, etc. are embedded in the transmission
> The Transmitter /Receiver is experiencing or responding to ego or fear.

4 - The Art of Discernment

The art of discernment is one of the most powerful mental activities we can exercise in our lives, if we choose to exercise it.

We are taught to be listeners and to accept what we are being told, but human mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development is dependent upon asking questions. The process of discernment—like that of critical thinking— involves asking questions about what is read, seen or heard. Here you are using discernment to examine the information coming from a being of light through a Transmitter /Receiver and evaluating if this is this really the case or not? But Understanding this process and using it will allow the individual to examine any form of information presented from any source for its validity.

Skepticism is a virtue and an open mind is key to asking those questions pertaining to the message that need to be asked. You must then allow some time for the answer to be perceived within your mind and heart. A discerning mind does not accept what is read, seen or heard on face value. It examines this information while remaining open to higher ideas and information that are consistent with the laws and principles of the universe.

The discerning mind seeks first to recognize differences in any new information: distinctions from what is known and differences based on standards previously understood. Next, it defines how the information may differ: what is being conveyed, the tenor of the message, the circumstances in which the message is shared. The discerning mind must also realize that it contains its own set of assumptions, beliefs and expectations that must become recognized and accounted for before an evaluation can be made. When the discerning mind understands all of this, then an evaluation of the validity of the new information can be undertaken.

Monjoronson has spoken of some of the key questions used in discerning the value of a message.

“Who benefits by this information? Who gets a return on these transmissions? Is there some egoistic benefit to the one who brings this through? Is there some financial improvement in his life? Is he the “adored one” of many devotees? Does [the Transmitter /Receiver] experience or express a guru complex? What is the return here? Is this to be simply a communication device that is neutral, to bring through information, or is there some aggrandizement for himself [the Transmitter /Receiver], or is there some means by which he strives to bring fear and control into the minds of others?

“These are simple questions of discernment. Is there a benefit, or is there a fear factor? In the vast, vast majority of all the transmissions that have come through this one and through many other Transmitter /Receiver’s, they are hopeful; they provide guidance; there are lessons for how to live spiritually in attunement with God and with their Thought Adjuster and with their fellow brothers and sisters. They are not fear-based—even those which came through this one discussing the cataclysms that are to come, the intention of which was not to generate fear in individuals, but a true appreciation of the slow evolutionary dynamics of a society that is approaching ruin and disintegration.” 6

Gold Standards for Discernment: CONSISTENCY

The revelatory information contained in The URANTIA Book and celestial messages have been consistent and provide a unified look at reality and spiritual growth. While the two forms of information differ in their approach, there is a unifying strand that comprises the highest truth presented to humanity. Consistency might be called a “Gold Standard,” which can be used to evaluate the messages.

The URANTIA Book is certainly consistent within itself, as are all of the actual messages from celestials. The Father is consistent as are the celestials.

“God is good all the time; never mind the erroneous belief systems you have been raised in. These were simply a now no longer needed scaffolding, piece by piece falling away as greater truth is slowly dawning upon you. Give these important matters some thought and make attempts to clear your mirror whilst still in the flesh. Endeavor to make friends with your Pilot Light within, and establish a firm connection.” 7

Reading the transmitted messages through the eye of the revelation provides a guide to evaluate the truth content of the information.

> Is the information consistent with what has been previously stated? > Is it consistent with the larger aspects of our universe and how the universe works?
> Is the message given by the celestial consistent with the way spiritual beings conduct themselves?
> Is the message consistent within itself?
> Does the message make sense?
> Does the message report something new?
> How consistent is this with what has been conveyed in the past?
> Does the information expand on the revelation? Or are there significant changes being reported without a logical explanation for why the changes are necessary?
> What advantages do these changes bring?

If an inconsistency is perceived, use that as an indicator that discernment must be employed. Know that inconsistencies serve as a “red flag” to question the validity of the entire message and/or integrity of the Transmitter /Receiver. Inconsistencies come from the human mind and not from the Father and His spiritual beings. When we recognize inconsistencies in a message we should understand that they are generated by the Transmitter /Receiver and consider them accordingly.

Discernment is more than an intellectual exercise

> Does the message make the listener respond with a deeper sense of knowingness and upliftment?
> Does it appeal to both mind and heart?

Listeners hold the responsibility of discerning for themselves what resonates within them, what rings their “truth bells”, or that gut feeling letting you know whether or not something is beneficial. Discernment is more than an intellectual exercise and it can be most productive to call on your Thought Adjuster and rely on the Spirit of Truth in your discernment process.

Examining the Message

Examining the message is the primary means for discerning the reliability of the TR, the Spiritual Being, and the message itself.

> Does the message make a meaningful contribution to our knowledge, or does it appeal to our human curiosity?
> Is it something we need to know?
> Will the knowledge we gain from this message help us in our ascendant career?
> Is the message contributing to the individual’s spiritual growth—will this make me a more loving, compassionate, understanding, merciful, tolerant person?

“The environment in which you live overwhelmingly determines how you will live your life. There are many who even in the most ideal environments let themselves be misguided by their personal material tendencies – Abel, Judas – but the great majority are influenced by the environment. The Master said, ‘Show the best path first, so others are motivated to follow.’ In other words, live an exemplary life, so this life is able to serve as an illustration of how to live in the Kingdom, and do so better than your words could ever indicate.” 8

> Does the message show the best path?
> Does it create in us an environment in which we can go out and demonstrate the kingdom to others?
> Does the message contain slang, poor grammar, contractions? Celestials know our language better than we do, so it may be necessary for the listener to differentiate between a celestial who is being familiar and the slang and poor grammar of the Transmitter /Receiver.
> Does the belief system in the message conform to what we have come to expect from The URANTIA Book and previous transcripts? If not, where does it differ and why?

The Transmitter /Receiver must discern their own work

Herein lies a potential problem! If the Transmitter /Receiver is incapable of discerning their own work: if what they have transmitted is inaccurate It SHOULD NOT become published amid validated published works.

After a session of asking your celestial teachers questions, and listening to their answers, discern if the answers were “of God” or other.

During transmitting /receiving, do not engage questions in your mind whether or not the information is true and accurate. This stops the communication between the Transmitter /Receiver and the celestial personality. When talking to angels, be a child! Trust and accept what you hear, and then later after you have some time and emotional distance, evaluate the message. This type of discernment will build your trust and acceptance, and help you intuit the information with more objectivity. You must keep an open mind and be willing to discard any preconceived judgments about the message’s validity.

The Reader’s Responsibility

The reader has the responsibility for discerning their own biases, prejudices, beliefs and particularly their “WISHFUL THINKING” that seems to color their interpretation of what they are reading. That seems obvious to a discerning person, but it is almost invisible to the reader who is not “self- observing.”

Re: Discernment and the Self-Observing Person

Daniel Raphael, in a private communication offered the following concerning discernment and the self-observing person:

“The ultimate test of discernment for a Transmitter /Receiver is discerning self-thoughts from Celestial contact.
“Self-observation begins with observing one’s self interacting with others, in the form of behaviors.
“Self-observation evolves to the next stage of observing one’s self verbally interacting with others.
“Self-observation evolves yet to the next stage by the observing self – as the “commander” or “captain” of the conscious mind observing the conscious mind at work. It is only at this stage that the individual can discern both him/herself as the “commander/captain” of the conscious mind observing itself interacting with Celestials.
“Self-identity is separate from the conscious mind, which is simply software chatting on ad infinitum to itself. The self-identity/commander/captain must separate itself from this software, knowing it is the “commander” or “captain” of the inner domain. If that is not apparent, then the person sees their own thoughts as whom they are with no separation, and have no capacity to self-observation. [So, the Transmitter /Receiver cannot separate his own thought from those of the celestial.]
“Flaws of ego, flaws of self-identification and self-association and many other “flaws” in a person’s mind can easily sabotage the work of celestials.
“Few have the insight, awareness, to discern themselves from the processes of their conscious mind. I thank the Urantia Book for adding these concepts to my inner thought processes.
“It is essential [for the Transmitter /Receiver] to be a social person – it is only in relationship with others that we can learn how to be in relationship to the various parts of our mind mechanism, and to sort out that ‘I’ is not ‘you’ and ‘you’ are not ‘I.’”

Additional considerations

In this section, we have seen some of the problems brought to transmitting /receiving by the Transmitter /Receiver and the reader or listener. An awareness of these problems should help you form questions and make evaluations. That is, discern the Transmitter /Receiver’s and your own contribution to the message. The ideal message would have no human contribution at all. But we do not live in an ideal world. A message that has minimal distortion may still be acceptable. When reading or listening to a transmitted /received message, try to find the “gems” among the “stones.” Although the message may lack total accuracy, there may be insightful contributions in it. Knowing the difference between the gems and the stones is the key to the effective practice of discernment.

Due to the message coming through a conscious Transmitter /Receiver, the message can be colored by the unconscious and/or conscious personal involvement of the Transmitter /Receiver with the content of the message. Transmitted /received messages should be discerned for Transmitter /Receiver bias. If the content of a Transmitter /Receiver’s messages is consistently colored with bias and personal involvement (fear, ego) or if the Transmitter /Receiver’s belief system does not completely mesh with the reality of the cosmos, then the Transmitter /Receiver should not be used in future sessions.

In cases of aberrant thinking, it is not necessary to judge the person who transmitted /received a strange and unusual message. By simply seeing that the message does not conform to the way the universe, how the Father and spiritual beings operate, you have discerned enough to reject the message. Dealing with the messenger then takes tact, skill, grace, and perseverance to persuade them that their work is in error, and the Transmitter /Receiver may still be unwilling to self-correct.

5 - Protocols for Transmitting /Receiving, Recording, Transcribing, Editing, and Publishing Spiritually Transmitted Sessions

Transmitting /receiving is a conscious conversation entered into by both the human and spirit beings of light. This conversation can take several forms:

  1. A public conversation between a celestial, Transmitter /Receiver, and a group of individuals.
  2. A private conversation between a celestial, Transmitter /Receiver, and another individual.
  3. A private conversation between an individual and her or his Spirit within, guardian or teacher.

Any of these forms of conversations can result in an audio or written transcript submitted to the archives or otherwise published or made public. The question then arises: How do we know that the message being submitted actually comes from a being of light?

Initially Transmitter /Receivers may transmit alone as an auto writer or transcribing their own recordings for public dissemination. It is not unusual to see this early in the careers of Transmitter /Receivers. But typically in these cases there is no source outside of the Transmitter /Receiver to offer their discernment and authenticate the session prior to its being made available for public viewing. For this reason, if at all possible the Transmitter /Receiver should work with an audience in attendance at the session. This will help the Transmitter /Receiver to gain mastery in transmitting /receiving as the spiritual energy is enhanced when more people attend a transmission session.

It is the responsibility of the Transmitter /Receiver and the audience to insure as much as possible that the Transmitter /Receiver is actually and accurately receiving and transmitting a being of light. This is done through the process of discernment, asking probing questions about the validity of the message. This will help to clarify any question of authenticity on behalf of future readers and listeners of the recorded and transcribed session.


A discerning evaluation of a session might be helped greatly if certain procedures (protocols) are followed during the session and in preparing the audio and/or written transcript for submission to the archives or release to the public.

Protocols for a public group session, “live,” or over the telephone

If you attend a Transmitter /Receiver session, questions are always acceptable. Asking questions is essential to authenticate the spiritual being, the material, and the capabilities of the Transmitter /Receiver. Transmitting /receiving with an audience present provides a means of exploring the topics of discussion provided by the spiritual personality. The result of the audience’s questions tends to lend authenticity to the transmission or otherwise they might uncover problems in the transmission. In either case asking questions provide a training experience in discernment for the audience members.

Recording the session may make it available in audio, while transcribing the recorded transmission provides a permanent written copy of what transpired during that session. The audio or written transcript allows others who were not present to take part in discerning those lessons that the session provides. Additionally the written transcript provides a basis for a translation of the session and its lessons.

Request that everyone arrive on time and that they speak up and articulate their words clearly. Late arrivals can cause the Transmitter /Receiver much distraction and the group to lose focus. Turn off all cell phones and other electronic distractions.

It is most helpful to create the environment for a spiritually aligned session by beginning with a prayer or some form of centering. The group should also declare their intention for being there. Each attendee should assist the Transmitter /Receiver by lending their positive energy and hold it throughout the session— doodling, eating, and talking to one’s neighbors is poor manners and very distracting.

Recording Protocols

The quality of the recording is almost always dependent upon the quality of the microphones and where they are placed. Preferably two microphones are used, one for the Transmitter /Receiver and one for the audience. Of course microphones are not necessary when using or something similar where the group is participating by telephone. A clear recording helps avoid confusion of the choice of words that the transcriptionist hears on the tape.

Begin the recording by stating the: date, time, Transmitter /Receiver’s name, and group’s name. The recording of the session should be as continuous as possible. The recording is complete after the transmission has ended for that session. No one, not the Transmitter /Receiver, transcriptionist, nor anyone else from that point on is allowed to add to or remove substantive material from the transmission. After recording the transmission, if arrangements have been made, it may be submitted to the audio archives.9 In any case the recording of the transmission should be transcribed.

Transcribing Protocols

The transcription of the audio/video recording is done in a professional manner, and uses the “best judgment” of the transcriptionists as to where to place punctuation, end sentences and begin new paragraphs. The most important thing is to retain the exact meanings of the celestial when transcribing! The only corrections allowed are for grammatical corrections that generally come from the Transmitter /Receiver’s habits of speech or perhaps a word missed when being spoken.

The celestials all transmit in flawless English. In fact, they know our language better than we. When you encounter a grammatical error that may have come from the Transmitter /Receiver, mark it on the draft copy and send it to the Transmitter /Receiver to accept or reject the change. Perhaps a word needs to be added for clarity, or the subject and verb do not agree in number. Maybe a word is mispronounced by the Transmitter /Receiver, or the word order needs a slight change to read better. These are all things that can be misunderstood by the Transmitter /Receiver during the transmission. If you spot what may be an error in meaning, perhaps something that clashes with the URANTIA Book, have the Transmitter /Receiver contact the celestial and ask for a clarification.

Most frequently, the changes that need to be made for clarity are the questions from students who have trouble articulating their questions in a clear and concise manner. Ask the student to rephrase their question on the draft copy, or ask if you have permission to restate their question clearly for the transcript. 

Encourage the students to make their questions short and concise, and only ask one question at a time. That helps everyone greatly! Students often want to give a lengthy preamble, but that is unnecessary unless the celestial asks for more information. Usually, they know what we are concerned about even before we ask the question, as they have access to our guardian angels and celestial guides who are aware of our mental and emotional states. Occasionally, the celestial will ask the student to give some background for the readers’ understanding, especially if it refers to something from a previous session.

Occasionally the Transmitter /Receiver may interject thoughts of his/her own during a Transmitter /Receiver session. Set these apart with brackets to show that they are the Transmitter /Receiver's comments. Any added material—even a word or two—is set apart in brackets, so as not to confuse the reader about who is speaking and that it is not a part of the actual celestial transmission.

There are times when your group may go off on a tangent in the middle of a session and have a discussion among the students. Discussions that have no relevancy to the transcript, and do not contain comments by the celestial are generally omitted from the published text, but are retained in the draft copy and audio tape.

Each group needs to set their own ground rules, such as whether student's names are revealed or not. If not, then the student is simply identified as Student 1, Student 2, etc. or by their initials. These and other sensitive issues are also transcribed and retained on the draft copy and on the audio tape. They can be omitted from the public copy at the discretion of the Transmitter /Receiver and the group or individual.

Then, this original DRAFT copy is returned to the Transmitter /Receiver for his or her corrections.

Editing Protocols

The Transmitter /Receiver may make corrections to the draft presented to them by the transcriptionist to correct errors to help the reader more fully grasp the topic and the celestial’s meaning. Sometimes it will be necessary for the Transmitter /Receiver to change punctuation, grammar, or where the transcriptionists began and ended sentences.

The Transmitter /Receiver will review the transcript, and connect with the celestials when there is confusion or lack of clarity in the material, then make necessary changes. The Transmitter /Receiver is the one to know if the meanings are stated correctly. Sometimes this may require simplifying complex sentences, while retaining the celestial's meanings.

It is the Transmitter /Receivers responsibility to see that the final transcript genuinely portrays the ideas and concepts of the original transmission from the celestial or teacher. When the Transmitter /Receiver has finished edits to the transcripts, this FINAL COPY is ready to be published.

Protocols for Making Sessions Public

Earlier we spoke of three forms that the TRed conversation might take:

1. The protocol for public conversation between a celestial, a Transmitter /Receiver and a group of individuals is outlined above. To consider “publishing” this material it only need be made available in audio form to the Audio Archives 9 or in written form to Tmarchives, the Daynal Institute and/or other public outlets.

2. A session with an individual and a celestial through a Transmitter /Receiver. In this case the audio and/or transcript becomes the property of the individual. These sessions rarely become public but if so, it would need to undergo the same types of validation steps as the form with only the celestial and Transmitter /Receiver.

3. Private conversations between a celestial and a Transmitter /Receiver. When there is no audience to ask questions of the source and content of a transmitted /received session, it is of primary importance that the Transmitter /Receiver do so on behalf of the reading/listening audience. These questions and answers should be published as part of the content of the session.

It is rare that a Transmitter /Receiver ever asks, “Is this something Christ Michael wants published for public review?” But this is a critical question a lone Transmitter /Receiver must ask and have answered before making the session public.

When Not to Publish

In the event a Transmitter /Receiver discerns that he or she may not have the details of the topic or questions correct or if the Transmitter /Receiver has any questions about the validity of the message, then it is advisable to ask another respected Transmitter /Receiver to transmit an inquiry regarding the topic. When asking for the help of another Transmitter /Receiver, the first Transmitter /Receiver should avoid “poisoning the well” by providing too many details about the topic. If there is disagreement, it is suggested that the contents of the session not be made public.

Professional Fees

The celestials have repeatedly said that there is no conflict for charging for the Transmitter /Receiver’s time to Transmitter /Receiver. Particularly during a private session. The majority of Transmitter /Receivers do not charge for group sessions.

File Retention Protocols

Each Transmitter /Receiver, group, and or transcriptionist will need to develop their own protocols how the recordings, the original draft copies and final copies of the sessions are stored. This is in addition to any publication of the recordings or transcripts.


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Beings of Light, Celestials, God’s delegates, His hierarchy of light - A partial list of the being of light; a Fragment of the Father within us (Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor), our Creative Parents, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, Guardian Angels, Spiritual Mentors or Teachers.

Christ Michael, Michael of Nebadon, Joshua ben Joseph, Jesus - Jesus was a man who lived on Earth 2000 years ago, before this he was and is a Creator Son of God, a Michael Son. Since his ascension he has been known as Christ Michael. Christ Michael is the sovereign of Nebadon a local universe about 1/100,000 the size of our Milky Way Galaxy. Nebadonia is his consort and shares in his creative functions.

Design Teams - Teams of individual humans organized to design plans for a socially sustainable world. A single design team would work on a single aspect of the larger plan, i.e. a local healthcare clinic, a city government, verifying laws as socially sustainable.

Discern - Please note the synonyms:

Discern (verb):

  • Distinguish; Tell the difference, Separate, Discriminate, Differentiate, Determine, Detect, Recognize.
  • Perceive; Understand, Fathom, Detect, Be aware of.
  • Make out; Notice, See, Discover, Observe, Catch sight of, Glimpse, Spot. 
  • To see or notice something that is not very clear or obvious.
  • To understand something, something that is not immediately obvious. 

Discerning (adjective):

  • Discriminating; Sharp, Astute, Judicious, Perceptive, Sensitive, Shrewd, Showing good judgment and good taste.

Discernment (noun):

  • Keenly selective judgment and good taste

Magisterial Mission - A Co- Creative mission between humans and celestials. This mission focuses on groups of individuals working together to better our world.

Monjoronson - An Avonal son of God involved with Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek in a plan to work co-creatively with men and women to bring about a stable and sustainable civilization on Earth.

Nebadonia - Spirit of the local universe of Nebadon, The Holy Spirit, Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, Consort of Michael of Nebadon she shares in his creative functions.

Planetary Managers - Certain Local Sons of God who act as the managers of inhabited planets.

Spirit of Truth - The helper mentioned in the Bible left behind by Jesus so that we might discern the content of truth in all things.

Stillness - Technique for quieting the mind and body and communicating with The God Within and His delegates.

Teaching Mission - Co-Creative mission between humans and celestials. The teachers of the Teaching Mission came here to do several things, one of which was to tell you that you are sons of God, that God is within you, that you need to learn the moral, ethical socially conscious ways of living to grow spiritually, to identify and discern what is of the Father and what is not. And in this discerning, you discern also what is from the Father through your fellow brothers and sisters.

Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, Father Fragment, The God Within, The Kingdom Within - Fragment of God the Father that comes unbidden to children on this world when they have made their first moral decision. The Thought Adjuster along with the individual co-create that person’s soul. The Thought Adjuster is destined with time to fuse with the individual.

Transmitters/ Receivers, aka Clairaudient Channelers, TRs, T/Rs; also Transmitting/ Receiving, TRing; TRed; etc.- Individual receiving a message from a being of light and transmitting that message to other individuals.

The Urantia Book, (UB) - Multiple celestial authors, published by The Urantia Foundation in 1955. The Urantia Book is made up of 196 papers that span subjects from the Universal Father to the Faith of Jesus. Much of the Father’s kingdom is explained here.

Urantia” - We refer to our planet as Earth. The Father and the rest of his kingdom know it as Urantia.


Protocols and rules: