Organization of Universe


Space Respiration

Space Respiration - Urantia Book
Space is, from the human viewpoint, nothing—negative; it exists only as related to something positive and nonspatial. Space is, however, real. It contains and conditions motion. It even moves. The space respiration is occurs, and all space alternately contracts and expands. This respiration affects both the horizontal extension of pervaded space and the vertical extensions of unpervaded space which exist in the vast space reservoirs above and below Paradise. In attempting to imagine the volume outlines of these space reservoirs, you might think of an hourglass.

The UNIVERSE of Universes, top view of the central part

universe constitution - top view of the central part - Urantia Book
The universes are engaged in an orderly, well-understood, and perfectly controlled processional, swinging in majestic grandeur around the Paradise Father and his residential universe - Havona. The seven superuniverses traverse a great ellipse, a gigantic and elongated circle. We are now passing through the very same space that our planetary system, or its predecessors, traversed ages ago. Practically all of the starry realms visible to the naked eye on Urantia belong to the seventh section of the grand universe, the superuniverse of Orvonton. The vast Milky Way starry system represents the central nucleus of Orvonton, being largely beyond the borders of our local universe.

UNIVERSE of Universes - side view

UNIVERSE of Universes - side view
The immensity of the far-flung creation of the of God the Father is utterly beyond the grasp of finite imagination. But the mortal mind can be taught much about the plan and arrangement of the universes; we can know something of their physical organization and marvelous administration from the Urantia Book. The infinite Creator is not yet manifest in finality of cosmic expression, that much of the cosmic potential of the Infinite is still self-contained and unrevealed. To created beings the master universe might appear to be almost infinite, but it is far from finished; there are still physical limits to the material creation, and the experiential revelation of the eternal purpose is still in progress.