Spiritual Globalization


A.: My beloved Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother of Creation, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister of Creation, I worship you for your love and light which I feel within as my soul opens to you and desires this living communion. I worship you out of love and of my free will, bestowed by you.

Nowadays, our brethren do talk about globalization on our planet while some of them even act for and against it. You also favor a unity of creation family. I desire to receive a teaching on this issue, and our role in it, from any of the Three of you.

Eternal Son-Mother-Brother:
It is I, whom you call Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, and I will provide you with this teaching to expand your view on globalization from our point of view.

Globalization as such is a process which is instigated in your soul by us – Paradise Trinity – to the whole of creation for we desire you to feel our love and get united into the family of creation which we have started out of love.

However, the motives might be different to carry out this task. Once you open your heart to us you do it, to make the family real, which is around you on your planet, out of love, even as we do; but as soon as you tinge this motive with your personal interest of selfishness this very process is marred by your human desires and aspirations which convert our bright family idea into your selfish enterprise to suit the interests of some groups of people, or even clans which are interrelated by different selfish interests. Unfortunately, these goals are being achieved by dirty means, which have nothing to do with our love and light in reality, even though you might put them into nice words as an attractive dressing for a dish to look and taste nice.

But that is an illusion that you might be doing our will when you pursue your own interests at the cost of the whole. Meanwhile, we pursue the interests of love and light of the whole at the cost of an individual who does not yet realize that this very growth of his own person, even though is painful for him in this very moment, is pregnant with wonderful manifestation of his own true self for the benefit of all in the near future once he opens his soul to us.

Therefore it is only his opened soul that is capable of making such wise decisions which lead him to us and which are grounded on our love and light.

The globalization you pursue, on your planet, at the present time, is not the one which meets the interests of humanity but rather those of a small group of your brethren who come to power and who desire to increase it even more, despite the protests on the part of their brethren, who see far beyond their selfish actions, even though they are camouflaged by very nice words yet they are all directed against the poor and weak majority of humanity.

When you begin to interact on the grass level among yourselves by creating associations among ordinary people out of love such as intermarriages, joint ventures for the benefit of all, common activity in the spheres of culture and politics, among families you shall begin to feel and see what you need to make your life and activity more vigorous; and you shall act to reach this goal, and then, only then, you shall be able to act as our sons and daughters of light and love. And this operation will unite you in spirit without pursuing any selfish interests because any material interests divide people rather than unite them because people change and their interests also change and it is only spiritual values are eternal and even produce a wider perspective as you grow for the benefit of all. Therefore the globalization which we have already designed for you as that of your planet, and even as that of the whole of creation, must initially start within your hearts and souls by discovering the Father within.

And this one single act shall make the globalization process fruitful in our eyes for it shall be just the right direction to follow doing our will.

And this process shall unite you all into your integral family of humanity on Urantia and even as the whole of creation.

Meanwhile, that which you call globalization today is not globalization at all for it is the very defeat of your conquering of new markets and state powerful influences over others to protect and defend yourselves from other stronger groups of your brethren who are also equally dark and unspiritual therefore acting against our will, which is to unite you all by our love and light rather than by blank slogans and temporary actions which provoke indignation and anger of other brethren who see such hypocritical actions and tremendous injustice to nature and economy, to political and family values, to social and inter-human relations and peace.

Therefore this current globalization shall go bankrupt since it is not built on our leading, which your souls can feel within, but rather on your human animal intellect, which is ruthless and greedy, which is seeking power and glory for itself rather than a better life for others.

That which is not from us shall perish, and very soon.

We are acting through our children of light and love, through those who devote and dedicate their lives to doing our will out of love and of their own free will bestowed by us. Therefore you must be certain the time will come when you come to top power and lead these states which shall demolish currently existing borders and call on your brethren to associate in our love and light, protecting and cherishing not only the poor and neglected, outcast and suffering brethren but also nature and its resources in the form of natural excavations and wild life.

We are preparing you for the mission of love and light globalization so that you might shine this love and light beyond the current material and selfish globalization process which is doomed to failure since it is not filled up with our love and light on the part of your current political and economic-financial leaders who are dark and blind in spirit, and who need your support for you already know us as living and real beings by your own personal experience and by communing with us while worshiping us and rendering to us your petitions, for which we thank you, and which help your planet awaken spiritually. Send your petitions to us out of love and of your own free will, bestowed by us, that your political leaders of different states wake up from a spiritual slumber, so that they would look around and realize that the train is moving too fast while the locomotive driver is asleep and cannot control its speed and direction.

We always urge you to pray to us even as often as your opened soul desires, and the more often you pray the brighter shall be your ambience.

You must know that while praying your super-consciousness opens to our living communion and right in his moment  your consciousness is capable of sending these high frequency vibrations out of your true self, and these real vibrations reach every person you direct them to and make a soft tapping on his sub-consciousness so that even his consciousness might feel some strange and unfamiliar impulse and this impulse makes him change his former decision and think it over, and look for a better solution. By this you make your own impact on the ambience similar to the rays of the sun in a dense mist, when ever stronger sun rays dissipate the mist and you can see the landscape which has been hidden completely from your sight just a while ago.

Thus, we urge you to pray for your politicians ever stronger and ever more often and in greater numbers so that you would spread more rays of your love, which is actually ours,  and by this your high frequency vibrations shall disperse the fog around those brethren of yours who make political and economic-financial decisions affecting the lives of all of you. They shall make their own decisions and of their own free will but having at least a different environment of energy vibrations than before.

It is your weak faith and trust in us that make you think that you do not have to pray for others for all the same nothing will change. I have just told you that you are our children and acting as sun rays to dissipate a dense fog. Would you prefer living in a fog or in a sun-lit environment? No one would like to live in a fog. Thus act as our light beacons and  
melt this fog by your light rays made up of your love vibrations which are not seen yet they are real and very active. By this you will really help us awaken your brethren, our other children, whom we love, even as we love you, and we urge them from within, while your petition prayers will help us awaken them from without.

Let us act together for the sake of a spiritual globalization which will ultimately lead you to a political and economic globalization and which will be our globalization.

And that shall be the true globalization designed by us for your planet. And you already now act as the pioneers of this true globalization which shall not encounter any antiglobalist demonstrations of protests but rather an ever expanding support of our children in collective communion with us and among themselves in worshiping us and living day in day out in our love and for the benefit of all exercising your free will truly fused with ours.

Thus I, and My Co-ordinate Paradise PARTNERS, urge you to set up this sort of global spiritual union and boldly and resolutely walk on this path together with us, for we are ALL THREE within you and leading you from within for the benefit of the whole of creation family; and THIS PATH is for your personal benefit even more. 

A.: My beloved Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, thank you for this wonderful teaching which is surely enlarging our eyesight. I desire to feel your leading from within ever stronger to greater contribute to your globalization designed for us here on Urantia. My will is that your will be done. Amen.             

* * *
Well, ponder the current process of globalization and put your soul to it to make it truly divine even as has been designed by the Paradise Trinity.

Peace be upon you

Eternal Son - Spiritual Globalization - Okt 12, 2009 - Algimantas - Vilnius, Lithuania

Spiritual Globalization
T/R: Algimantas

Oktober 12, 2009


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