Formal inauguration of implementation – Aug. 21, 2017

core values of social sustainabilityMachiventa Melchizedek:
Yesterday was the eclipse in North America; it was also the Birthday of Jesus, Christ Michael, in his mortal lifetime, and so you must think and know that this is an auspicious time in this year for the work that we are doing — and you would be right. What is unknown to you through the years, this birthday is what I would call an inauguration time of the implementation. We have been leading up to this point for quite some time and now it is officially engaged and ceremoniously put into place by us at this time yesterday. Many of you, however, will not see much of the way of manifest implementation on the material plane, yet some individuals will feel the beginning, and this is where we will start with a few individuals and go from there. We have a number of projects that have come to our mind co-creatively with several of you and we will be engaging these projects promptly. You can count on us to be there with you as you sit down together with the individuals who can help you implement this for the benefit of everyone, and particularly the project, and what comes after your project, is developed.

More detail, see: New Era Transition 22 – Inauguration of Implementation; Be at Peace With Developments