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Progress To Date - September 07, 2011
Report Released to the BCC List September 11, 2011
Ronald Besser




September 07, 2011
From A Service Level #3 Group

[The European area has been the subject of much debate among all Melchizedeks because of the wars fought there and that it is the seat of western civilization. Work was initiated there at the behest of Malvantra Melchizedek at the beginning of the last ice age, but had to be stopped due to the prolonged wars between the nation states beginning about the 5th century B.C..  Because of these “on-the-ground-problems”, work has been slow to take effect.  Not until the last century and the beginning of this one have the Melchizedeks been successful in accomplish the task they set out to do millennia ago.

Recently, the Melchizedeks sent in a service level 3 team from South America which had family connections to the European continent, and were able to seize this opportunity to prepare to remove the corrupt anchors from Mauthausen, Germany and other places visited. The following is a report from Reflectivator Number One about what was accomplished during their stay in Germany. Thank you.  From Malvantra Melchizedek to the Grid Cleansing BCC List.]



It’s been some time since we were able to communicate with you, and many things happened in the meantime. Especially concerning the destruction of Caligastia and Lucifer’s dark grid. Your work in the three regions in Germany and Austria, Ingolstadt, Dachau, Mauthausen taught us many things. We have since been able to handle things differently.

Mauthausen was a very difficult thing to manage, and what we have discovered is hard to describe, but we have been able to liberate many. The conditions they were in are unbelievable, and there are still many in the sordid conditions of total loss, deep despair and unmitigated horror, especially among the human souls. Therefore, we will not describe this to you. All we want to tell you is that their liberation is done little by little. But nevertheless, every small step helps hundreds of thousands of souls and life forms created by Lucifer and Caligastia.

What is most regrettable is that the celestials who participated in this are the most difficult individuals to convince of our good intentions. Especially difficult is to help them understand that they will be forgiven, and that they will be re-educated, reoriented. They will not be punished.

Of course they will have to show their good intentions. We will not leave them on their own or at random in the universe in such deplorable condition and in the mental state they are in, but we have no intention to punish them whatsoever. [This report is being reflectivated in a hotel room elsewhere - Editor]. Many of them are here with you and surrounding you in this hotel room situated in a place where nature is so beautiful, and they are listening to me while I am talking to you. This message is mainly for them.

In Dachau, things were much different. We were expected and they awaited you. You saw the big open tower in which you entered to meditate, and which you dedicated it to Christ Michael to help the souls that are still living in the fear of death. Consequently, and to the numerous religious offices and masses that were previously held there, many of them were already expecting their liberation. Much love has been given to them, and more than one million followed immediately the Light, especially the human souls, some celestials, as well as those life forms that surrounded the human souls.

At Ingolstadt, Germany, there was a reactivation and a cleansing of an ancient Anchor of Light that had been placed there more than 10,000 years ago by the descendants of Adamson and Ratta. The beneficial effects are already noticeable in that area, and as Ingolstadt is only 50 miles or 80 km away from Dachau, it is a regional influence.




[To Reflectivator One] You have done a good job in Russia. We know that you had some difficulties during your journey, but after all, you came back safely to the European continent.

These far northern islands have always been holly places for more than 50,000 years, long before the

time of Adam and Eve and Adamson. They were already holy places during the time of Andon and Fonta, during the time where those people migrated through these islands to the Northern Baltic countries, to England, Ireland and Bretagne in France. Not much of their religion and their original culture are left. As you have discovered, these Anchors of Light, which were created by totally different ways than what you are using now are still very active and are portals through which we can pass for easy communication with beings who are of a more spiritual nature and who are searching for God.

We advise every person who so wishes to go there and visit them to do so. The Monastery has also been built on one of these Light Anchors.

These islands were a spiritual Lighthouse to all of Russia and the Baltic area for a long period of time.  Until the moment when the dark forces destroyed and spoiled the region some 50,000 years ago. The fact you both  came here and realigned the grid will now reactivate everything.

The Spiritual Light of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, as well as that of the Creator Son, Christ Michael, their light will be like a beacon and shine again over all Russia and the Baltic areas of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

These new light anchors will again become a place of pilgrimage, a place for tourism,  that will attract many people, and will become a place they can be spiritually exhilarating to humans again. There is still a lot of work to be done in Russia, but because many places have been desecrated during the wars, especially during World War II by the Nazis, and later by the Russian totalitarian communist regime. Many dark wounds are left to be cleaned, but at least a large Lighthouse of Light is now shining over the whole country with these revivified grid locations.

Thank you my children for all your work, to all those who were present, and to those who could not be present for the work they have previously done and that they still will do. Continue in the same way.  We are near you; you will always receive our help and everything you need to continue.

Good bye my friends, and I thank you in the name of all your invisible friends for the work you have done for us. Good bye.

Translated from the French to English by Akentoh.