Сorrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been shut down on Urantia, August 31, 2018

UrantiaTeacher Xsamuel:
Greetings people of Urantia!  I AM Xsamuel, of the Absonite order of consciousness engineers.  I AM here to announce some exciting news.  Many of you know that there is a great contingent of personalities (both celestial and human) at work in the system of Satainia--working to free all 37 former apostate worlds from the deliberate corruption of the consciousness circuits by the Luciferian rebels.  It has been a most difficult and laborious effort to cleanse the circuits, and in some cases, replace them completely while moving the various levels of consciousness to the new circuitry.

The most difficult and important of all these circuits to dismantle were the circuits used by the rebel planetary princes--to dampen and control--to directly interfere with the consciousness circuits between human mind and the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father--the Thought Adjusters.  It was  Lucifer's intention to sever the divine connection between man and Creator and prevent the natural and  divine plan of ascension for His experiential children to aspire to perfection and god-likeness.

I AM here to announce that officially, the corrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been completely and permanently shut down on Urantia, Friday, August 31, in the year 2018!

What does this mean to the people of Urantia? It is the beginning of a new era of correction--one free from the direct interference of darkness to influence, infect, and control the path of evolution and the ascension path of its people.  With any virus, there is an auto-immune response and a recovery period.  So too will human mind need to adjust and recover from the infection of a rebellious disease.  Like addiction, human mind has become dependent on the systems that have been born out of this corrupt control circuit.  As a way to heal your world and bring it back to its natural path of evolution, Christ Michael has requested that new circuits of higher consciousness be introduced and available to those human minds that aspire to reach for greater attunement with their Indwelling Father Fragments.

Soon, the Distribution Centers will begin functioning and the greatest way for you to take advantage of this higher stream of consciousness coming in through the Trinity Teacher Nexus, is to first, heal and repair your physical and energetic systems for greater reception.  How do you do this?  You are to restore and cleanse your biological and energetic systems through healthy living.  Healthy living is decision based and all of you can make decisions to optimize your physical, mental, and energetic health.  When you "decide" to change the way you think and live, you are exercising your free-will to move into this higher stream of Adjuster attunement.  We (the celestial administration) can only provide the mechanisms and structures for the attainment of Light and Life.  It is you that must use your will and co-creative expression to go there.  Now, there is no direct interference in your ascension path--you are free to move into it if you so choose!

As you choose and move into "system optimization" you will naturally want to tap into these higher circuits of consciousness, and to do that you must begin healing your relationships both on the human side and on the Spirit side.  It is required that you use your minds to "listen" with the heart and think deeply about the values of life and your relationship with all of creation.  With each decision you make--a step forward on your path, you shall be guided to the next step.  In faith, you step out and take hold of the reality you want to see in your personal life, then expand it into what you want to see for your communities and the world at large.

Evolution, my dear ones, does not always crawl at snails pace--it can have sudden leaps and change can happen very quickly--and it can happen with you.  Ask for what you need, we are listening.

I AM Xsamuel--please take a moment and consider the monumental significance of what has happened on your world--and do celebrate with us!

♦ ♦ ♦

Receiver's note: An important thing to note here is that taking control of your personal health is the one thing that you can actively do to rid yourself of the last intrinsic control devices of the rebellion.  Choosing to responsibly act in what comes into the mouth, the ears, and the eyes can ultimately change the landscape of the entire planet. 

Xsamuel  - Announcement of Monumental Significance - 3 September, 2018 - Chris - Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Receiver: Chris Maurus, "11:11 Correcting Time"
Session: 3 September, 2018