Origination of soul

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Origination of soul

How the soul comes into existence? Where does it come from?

It may looks strange, but this answer to this question I knew always, even before I read any books on this topic, and even before learning of the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book does not enlighten conception of soul origination, but gives many about its understanding.

We know much about human constitution which is quite complex in its design, having many interacting systems and functions. With simplified view a soul looks like a certain cloudlet which leaves body in the moment of physical death. In truth the soul is vastly complex in its design than the body itself. It has many complex systems, interconnections, internal contours and energy organs.

I foresee many disputes about - what the soul is and what it is. In fact such disputes are similar to discussions about origin of human - whether it has descent from ape or it has celestial origin? The fact is that both statements are right and wrong simultaneously.

Yes - human is direct descendant of ape. No - because the ape is just one evolutional step, and there is a long queue of animal metamorphosis started from protoplasm embedded by Life Carriers in warm seas.

Yes - human has the divine origin, as far as it has own pattern in Havona which Life Carriers reproducing. No - because human evolutionary descended from animal world.

* * *
How about the soul? The same duality corresponds to the soul development. Personalities of central universe Havona all are created originally perfect, at once. We are evolutional beings, and this relates not only to body, but also to the soul.

It is difficult to say where a first interrelation is started but that which will be named as a soul is giving birth at intercellular level. It means when a cell appears then its functioning is following by a spiritual component, which come into form together with the first cell on that prehistoric time. This first spiritual bundle starts writing down empirical information into itself. To say more precisely, it is not “writing down” but it is self-forming out of this interaction information between first cell and environment.

At the same time we should not forget that processes are possible in the presence of a local universe Mother Spirit - Nebadonia. She gives growth and organizing medium for spiritual life, as well as for any extraterrestrial life.

Living cells begin develop forming different organisms, which are passing whole living path that is described in The Urantia Book as evolutional animas. Meanwhile we need to know, a spiritual component is always following to the animal body, which absorbs experience of animal into itself. It develops and getting more complex, more proficient and practised. Animal body dies but its gained experience left in spiritual state - nothing lost in universe in vain. For example, it explains instantaneous knowledge of worker ants, what do they need to do after birth.

This spiritual unite possess more and more complex bodies as it acquires experience of life. It improves by emotions, interacting with material world. During the time as it develops the emotions give a way to learn values and meanings. At a certain point of time this spiritual essence acquires human body (inheriting every animal emotions), which spiritualized by arriving of the Thought Adjuster (or more precisely - at five years, ten months, and four days according to The Urantia Book).

* * *
I hope this understanding will be able gradually to change slighting relation to animals, where we come from - in every sense. Showing atrocity to animals a human is taking the same stand, lowing own soul quality that he acquired before.
Quality of the soul is its vibrations, that it consists of, and it lives at the expense of. Judgment Epoch has already begins at our planet, and when Paradise Son Monjoronson will look at human soul for its estimation, he looks at those vibrations - if they are enough for this soul to live in spiritual world. Certainly, there are many things that are taking into account, like beliefs, decisions, actions, inclinations, attained the aim of destiny and others.