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“This quality gives meaning to life itself, for without it, there is no life. The measure of any soul can be weighed by the moments where this quality was freely willed as a choice over all other alternatives. The meaning of its value becomes more understood as it is expressed and experienced and never does it become undesirable. All sentient beings require it in increasing amounts for healthy growth of mind, body, and spirit. This quality is the divine vitamin for which all systems draw vitality. The answer to this riddle is within you, my dear friends, and the more you go within, the more understanding you will have of this most divine quality. It is for you to “allow” yourselves to express it and receive it—to change and become like it. If you know the answer to this riddle, then please write the answer on your heart and express it to those around you”.
— Teacher Ophelius

About ErrorsTeacher: Thought Adjuster ―
Sin is not necessary for evolution. The possibility of evil and error are enough to stimulate the development of wisdom and the power of the will to choose the right path, the path of the Father. All of you can learn from the mistakes of others, but it is not correct to suppose that these personalities were pre-destined to make those mistakes.

Free will is never countered, not even by the Paradise Father. Nobody is forced to make decisions against their will, even if that would result in good for all. Adam and Eve, and even Caligastia, Lucifer, or Judas, they were all free to choose their path and nobody coerced them in any way. Of course, they received all the possible guidance to prevent them from acting against the Will of the Father but, in the end, the decision was theirs. The mistake of Adam and Eve will truly serve as an example and a warning to all Material Sons and Daughters, but this mistake was not necessary. If Adam and Eve would have not succumbed to hopelessness and impatience and they would have succeeded in their enterprise, this would have been an even better example for all creation.

The Rebellion was not necessary and great souls would have been forged in Urantia without the need of so much difficulty. These souls would be capable of spiritual achievements much greater than anything that has occurred in this world, with the exception of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. However, because of the Rebellion and the resulting condition of this world, even the most insignificant spiritual impulse is recognized from on high as a great achievement. The achievements of the humble and confused human beings in this world qualify them for the highest endeavors of the universes, because if they develop their faith in this land of sorrow, confusion, and darkness, they will be reliable once they have seen the glories of spiritual life.

The justice of the Father is always perfect. If you have been deprived of what you need for your spiritual growth, eventually you will be compensated and you will be able to return to your normal development. If a lot is given, a lot is asked in return. Adam and Eve faced severe consequences for a simple error in judgment, because they enjoyed an extensive preparation and much more was expected of them. In contrast, a simple mortal in this world who has lived a life of errors and greater failures but, after discovering the Father in his heart desires to overcome his animalistic tendencies, is considered greater than Adam and Eve, because with very little they have still produced some spiritual progress.

Suffering, sin, confusion, and anxiety are not necessary to produce a great and noble soul. Many great souls have their origin in the most ancient planets of this universe without the need of facing such difficult challenges as the ones that face the mortals of Urantia. However, for those who have suffered much and who have experienced so many deprivations, is it not adequate that they receive more opportunities in the future to compensate everything they lacked? The mortals of this world are never condemned by the mistakes of the past. It is your present individual life what determines your eternal future. Those who among all deprivations and confusion have the necessary courage, will, and faith to establish an effective relationship with the Presence of God in their being and to start working toward understanding and living His Will, will be truly counted among the most precious pearls that have been produced in this planet and in creation.

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