Gadget Slavery

"Those light workers that have the knowledge should step up their efforts to assist those that are currently bearing the weight--all are being called to duty, and all have something to offer".
— Teacher Athenia

christ, gadget slaveryTeacher Christ Michael:
Hello Dear Ones,

I wanted to talk to you about the reason there are so many gadgets available for you to buy, and the potential effects on you. The reason that members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are taking time to discuss this with humanity is that we recognise the serious effect it has on individuals, and mostly they don’t understand that.

When the currencies of the world were taken off the Gold Standard, they were no longer backed by precious metal deposits, and after the governmental and banking criminal classes stole these assets to enrich themselves, only worthless paper money and base metal coinage was left; fiat money as it is known.

These crime families can make vast profits in paper money and figures on computer screens, by lending fake credit. For every 100 monetary units (Dollars, Pounds, Euros, etc.) which are either deposited in a bank, paid on a credit card or debit card, or signed up to in regular monthly payments, the crooks lend a high proportion of that 100 units out many times over. I am not getting into the figures here as this is a spiritual message and not a treatise on financial fraud.

So, every time you buy something taxable, a percentage of that bottom line price ends up in the coffers of the central banks, which are run by the crooks and are not owned by the people and government, via the revenue collectors. For every 100 units you spend, the crooks make vast profits from loans and vast profits from taxation.

Now we come to the gadgets part of the message, and if you are a modest adult with upright personality, then you won’t have gadgets falling off shelves at you. But you are not all like this, and a goodly percentage of the population find these items very tempting.

Well, a fraudulent banking system requires more creative methods of sustaining itself year-on-year, for it is not underpinned on tangible assets, and is thus inflationary. Every year more and more creative schemes have to be put in place to get more of your assets into the system to keep it running and turning out vast paper profits for the crime families. That is where gadgets come in.

Have you noticed that whenever a product is introduced, it isn’t very long before the mk2 version comes out; or in new flavours or scents over and above the original, or ‘New Improved Wizzo’ for example (a name I made up)? Do you think this is for your benefit? Well, mostly is isn’t, because it just creates a new revenue stream, and in a lot of cases this wonderful upgraded product is actually worse, or made from cheaper components or ingredients; or sent for manufacture in a developing country where vast sweat-shops exist, employing exploited cheap labour; and these methods ramp up the profit margins considerably.

Things like cell phones, MP3 & 4 players; LCD & Plasma TV’s, CD & DVD players, recorders, HDD recorders, games machines, SatNav and a whole raft of gadgets had their origins in the minds of technical wizards and engineers, as did the ATM banking system. The original products were fairly modest during their development, but when their potential was realised and finance was provided for further development and production, then there was an exponential explosion everywhere on Earth. For example, it seems like people living in mud huts and slums in shanty towns have mobile phones, yet may have insufficient to eat. Does that seem sensible?

How many people develop a kind of love affair with their cell phone? Stand in the streets in any town, and a large proportion of people are talking on their phone, what are they all talking about, and does it improve the collective lives of humanity, no it does not. It is a diversion, and for the crime families it is a very profitable one. So many gadgets work out like this and become yet another crutch or diversion in peoples’ lives.

This is Gadget Slavery, and in many, many instances this takes away from people the most important aspect of their lives, and that is the search for the God within. Now, I’m not talking about any particular version of God presented to you by the religions of the world, I’m talking about the real God; the God within. When we were created by God using part of his own fabric, we were therefore God’s ourselves in the early stages of development, and many people alive today are on the outset of that journey, and others on Earth are older and wiser and here for a spiritual purpose.

If the waking hours of much of humanity are spent engaged with digital gadgets, then they have been diverted from the major reason for which they were incarnated, and that was to develop spiritually and find the God within, and then live in harmony with Divine Law. Don’t mistake spiritual development for what passes for religion in your society, because much of that is another control mechanism put in place to help control you. But finding and being with the real God inside of you, will bring you riches beyond imagination; not of a material nature, but spiritual riches which have a value of their own throughout the many vast areas of Creation.

Don’t let the criminals stop you finding the inner pathway to God.

I AM Michael of Nebadon, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, telepathically transmitting this message through Vince for him to transcribe and publish this day, 20th May 2010.

I Place My Seal on these Words.

Christ Michael ― Gadget Slavery ― May 20, 2010 ― Vince ― Group: ERETHEA
Received by Vince
Session: May 20, 2010



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