Wisdom Cards

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Wisdom Cards

Our Celestial Teachers gave us a lot of useful,  infallible information on various subjects in a large number of transcripts for the past 20 years. It is a guide for the reconstruction of human society in the coming decades. Therefore, you must bring it to an active form, as a guide for operational use. How can we do that?

Information can be split into smaller units of meaning, cards, with a volume of no more than an A4 page. They may be called "Wisdom Cards". On average, it can be a few sentences of the third page. Next should be a classification by themes (it is the most complex task), with no more than three subcategories level. For example, the theme of "Politics" is the first level, with a subcategory "Conflict Management” of the 2nd level, which includes the third level - "Territory". This structure should be simple and understandable for everyone.

Information sources:

Work is multilingual. Navigation structure (taxonomy) is uniform for every web-site. Such cards can be created at any site that participates in the program of The Correcting Time. The uniform structure of taxonomy will allow to have a common database and to exchange cards. Cards can be created by any user after registration, enrollment and granting permission to edit.

wisdom cardsThrere is a diagram and presentation of Wisdom Cards for joint analysis and discussion. It is most important to make a list of the basic taxonomy, covering all aspects of human activity:

Level 1 (example):

  • Policy
  • Healthcare
  • Spiritual development
  • Social Sustainability
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Religion

For ease of navigation is necessary to limit the number of topics in each category.

  • Level 1 – 25 topics;
  • Level 2 – 25 topics;
  • Level 3 - 25 topics; 

But in fact, only actual practice will show the right solution for navigation.

Offer your lists the names by category. Here attached a file with the scheme in PowerPoint (here), you can download and edit your version of the scheme works. The scheme of this work can be applied to any website which supports Correcting Time.

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Offer your topics into the
Offer your topics into the thematic structure of the tree, just one word or more.
Current version is presented below:

Idioglossary of knowledge base

1.       Spirituality and morality

   1.1   Stillness
   1.2   Religion
   1.3   Psychology

2.      Social management

   2.1     Social sustainability
   2.2    Politics
       2.2.1    Conflict Management
       2.2.2    Migration
   2.3     Relationships
   2.4    Social formations
       2.4.1    Family
       2.4.2    Intentional community

3.       Economy

   3.1    Technologies

4.       Environment

   4.1   Climatie
   4.2    Ecology

5.     Science

   5.1    Technologies

6.       Health

   6.1   Epidemic
   6.2    Traditional medicine
   6.3    Folk medicine

7.       Education

8.       Justice and equity

   8.1    Laws and propriety

9.       Art

10.     Media

11.       Forecast of future

12.     The global situation

   12.1    Cataclysms


Dictionary - Area of Action

  1. Person
  2. Society
  3. Nature
  4. Habitation
  5. Energy