Changing the destiny

This is the Father’s teaching about changing the destiny of those of us who do not accumulate all the human experience on Urantia.

Prayer: My beloved Father, I worship you. I worship you for your love and out of love for you and for the family of the whole creation. I worship you because my soul desires to worship you of my own free will bestowed by you. My will is that your will be done. Amen.
Master Creator Son, Michael, Mother Spirit of the Local Universe, Nebadonia, Father, thank you for all my experience I have gone through, and for the experience I am undergoing right at this moment of my communion with you. I am praying to you for my greater discernment of your truth in your wisdom. My will is that your will be done. Amen.

Alg.: My beloved Father, I do desire to expand my knowledge and then enlighten my brethren with your truth and light which I get from your teachings. This time I desire to know about the destiny of those brethren who die on Urantia at their early age without yet having accumulated all their human experience.
Father: My beloved son, your desire to know more about the destiny of your brethren is truly worth attention of both your own self and your brethren because this issue is very important and it has not been dealt in your new epochal revelation called The Urantia Book.
This issue is of vital significance to all of you since you know that I have commanded you to be perfect even as I am perfect. And this perfection is possible to reach once you land on the shores of Paradise and get mustered into the Corp of Mortal Finality. But this command is carried out by very few of you since the absolute majority of you do not believe in Me, and do not even think of implementing it. And due to your ignorance, but most of all, due to your unwillingness to do My will you find yourselves in such circumstances that tragically end your experience on Urantia without allowing you to accumulate the whole of human experience which implies human’s spiritual development to the level of your personal and conscious decision to do My will.

It does not mean that you must have physically a long human career on Urantia but rather it means that your career must be rich and full from the vantage-point of its quality rather than quantity. And this sort of living on Urantia, when you consciously choose My will and make actual steps in your service to Me through serving your brethren, makes your life on Urantia meaningful to the whole creation and safely leads you to Me on Paradise and into the Finality Corp of Mortals after having personally received the Paradise Citizenship which is granting you your permanent residence on Paradise and your ability to travel throughout creation individually without any additional means of transportation and at a speed exceeding that of light.

This is your destiny, and if you reach it, you become My son in whom I am satisfied very much since you are My son who has followed My command to be perfect even as I am perfect and implemented it fully. Your destiny has been reached by you personally. And this outcome gladdens My heart.

However, the absolute majority of you use your own free will to change your destiny. You decide to correct My plan and by this you lose your current destiny since it is meant only for those of you who carry out My command fully.
If you die prematurely, if you die at an early age, if you decide to turn away from Me altogether, and even if you cherish strong doubts about My reality you change your destiny and, by this, influence the evolutionary plan I have designed to enlighten and develop the whole creation.

Whatever is your choice it does not in the least affect My love for you. However your decision influences the development of the whole. This you must always keep in mind whenever you make a choice in different situations.
If you die at a young age you shall not be mustered into the Paradise Corp of Mortal Finality. The same must be said about those who die in different natural catastrophes if you have not yet made your final decision to do My will out of love for Me, or about those who die because of different, even the so-called fatal and incurable illnesses, or in some  accidents, or if they are killed by your savage and brutal brethren. They also die prematurely and they shall not be mustered into the Mortal Finality Corp on Paradise.

By saying this I do not want to scare you. On the contrary, I do desire to help you that you would know this information and begin to assess your life in an absolutely different light.

You cannot be certain as to when you might pass away from Urantia and if you do it without yet having made your ultimate decision to do My will you shall change your personal destiny. This change of your destiny does not stop you from progressing on your path to Paradise, but it makes some readjustments in your teaching on the course for you will not be trained as the one who is following My command to be perfect even as I am perfect. Therefore, your training will be different from those who have fully accumulated their human experience on Urantia.
Alg:  My beloved Father, does it mean that these brethren of ours behave in a different way while progressing to Paradise than those who will be accepted to the Finality Corp of Mortals on Paradise?
Father: My beloved son, your approach to your brethren differs from Mine which has no distinction and differentiation in relation to them as living beings. They are loved universally. Therefore, they behave in the same way because they feel the same love vibrations from Me. The difference is just in their function. They are trained for specific tasks that will be performed by the members of the Mortal Finality Corp on Paradise.
Alg.: Father, what about those who kill their brethren on Urantia? Do they have any chance of reaching Paradise if they kill their brethren?
Father: My beloved child, you, again, begin to differentiate My sons because of their different behavior. I love all of you universally, and I do not make any distinction among you because I look at that which lies beyond your actions, I look into your motives and into your souls.
You treat murderers in a different way. Those who kill children you hate more than those who kill their grown-up brethren, while those who kill their brethren accidentally do not get any contempt. But you do not look into the motives of every fatal act, you do not look into the decision making process going on within your brain. I always know your mind from within because I indwell you through my spirit, the Thought Adjuster, and I read your mind even better than your own brain does.

And what concerns the destiny of those of you who kill your brethren it is also changed by your actions. You become similar to those who walk on the brink of disappearance because in this case your soul is hardened and it will be extremely difficult for it to open to Me and have faith in Me for it is the faith that opens the door to the resurrection of the soul with its own unique identity. And those who are permanently engaged in planning selfish actions and doing them spend their existence in darkness and fear within the soul and the soul cannot reach the mind of the mortal due to his selfishness and low level of his consciousness.

But if, by some accident, such mortal discovers Me within and begins to exercise his faith, he shall be resurrected as the one who has discovered Me and had plenty of hardships on this path and would also have a different destiny from the original one.

My sons are given equal chances of survival of their souls because I am providing My spirit to all of you. If you neglect the operation of My spirit within you the outcome will also be different in comparison with the outcome of those brethren of yours who have willingly embraced My path offered to their souls. But it was their individual choice and it was a natural consequence of their decisions made and actions performed.

Therefore, keep in mind, if you commit suicide, if you die in your early days, if you kill others, even if you die in accidents but if at these moments you have not yet made your ultimate decision to do My will it changes your destiny from pursuing your Paradise Citizenship and the Corp of Mortal Finality to progressing to Paradise and reaching Me as My beloved children but having failed to perform My commandment to be perfect even as I am perfect.
Alg.: But my beloved Father, some of my brethren might consider that you are cruel if you change the destiny of those who die very early, even having lived for a day or two. What is their fault here so that they have a different destiny from that of their brethren who have successfully passed through their childhood and through their all adulthood career?
Father:  My beloved son, you must not look upon their future career along their path to Me on Paradise, failing to reach the Finality Corp of Mortals on Paradise, as in any way worse or less respectful. There is not such a career in all My universe which might be looked upon as inferior even though it might have, and does have, certain different aspects in practical service to Me and to the whole of My divine family.

Meanwhile, by having granted you free will I have introduced the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence throughout creation and this principle is operating in the same manner all the time. Had not your spiritual leaders gone astray you would have achieved such heights of your spiritual development that all your brethren would be choosing their true destiny – to be perfect even as I am perfect. Your biological development would have topped the level when your life expectancy would have reached several hundred years without any fatal diseases and moreover without any deaths of your infant-brethren. But this very same principle of cause-action-consequence operates and is yielding today very bitter fruits, to your contemporary mind, even though the causes and actions of this distorted unspiritual harvest date back to several hundred thousand years.

Thus, raise your eyes to Me, within you, and you shall discover that My creation needs all of you, and even each you, unless you make your own personal and ultimate decision to choose your own annihilation, the annihilation of your own identity.   
Alg.: Thank you my, beloved Father, for this wonderful teaching. My will is that your will be done. Amen.               

Vilnius, Lithuania
2008-03-30, 21.33

Peace be upon you.
With brotherly love,


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