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Sunday, 16 February, 2020
The I AM

Teacher: The I AM
The I AM within you speaks.  
I know all of your thoughts and your hopes for an exciting future, yet I require you to bring your concerns to Me that you may work them out against the realities of your life and the fantasies of your mind where I can show you what is real and what is imagined.  Sometimes what you focus on distracts you from your own spiritual growth.  Fear of the unknown or fear of a future that falls short of your own expectations is mostly unfounded.  Whether or not you understand our relationship does not change how I operate to mold you into a vessel of My expression and how I work without end to spiritualize your mind.  When I stand at the door of your heart and knock, and you pass by the door without answer, I move to another door.  I will continue to find ways of engaging your mind to help you understand the realities of your world and how to grow from the experiences in life.

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Wednesday, 13 November, 2019
Teacher Charles

Teacher Charles:
I salute you all. I am Charles, a Mighty Messenger who is responsible for the encircuitment of the new receivers. Many of you wonder who I am, so what you need to know is that I am from Orvonton and just like you, I was an evolutionary being who lived on a planet that knew rebellion there aeons ago. I am with you as a Finaliter and to accompany Machiventa, Monjoronson and Christ Michael in various tasks assigned to me.

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Lessons on Motivation

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019
Thought Adjuster

A Thought Adjuster Speaks:
Allow Me to lead you into the subject of motivation, and what it is that motivates humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts in a certain way, because most acts are instinctive and have become habits, which are ingrained, and therefore also hard to change. Underneath all of this, however, is a cause which has been set in motion, and which is part of motivation.

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New Era Transition 71 – Crises Eras; Leadership; Brain Health; Celestial Guidance

Monday, 26 August, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince

  • Long-term planning of strategic team
  • The pre-crisis era
  • All facets of human existence
  • The middle section, the crisis era
  • Ask the right questions
  • The angst of this current crisis era
  • The post-crisis era
  • Leadership of the crises eras
  • The process has already begun
  • Businesses have already begun team solutions
  • Group intelligence is primary to solving societal problems
  • Recognize that we are in crisis!
  • Today you will be looking for leaders
  • Who supports the potential leaders?
  • You will begin to see the conflagration of events
  • The good news
  • Are the seven values due to genetics or adjutant mind spirits or both?
  • How do we account for other species surviving and thriving?
  • “Life is not a value but rather a phenomenon; survival is the value”
  • Equality is intrinsic for humans, but not other species
  • The relationships between personal growth and will
  • Why use 200,000 years as the reference point for the seven values?
  • Call to action: starting an enterprise
  • Formation of non-profit foundations
  • Brain chemistry and health
  • Combining peripheral medicines and ideologies
  • Infra-red light and brain health
  • Heavy metals and brain health
  • What causes humans to be reluctant about making requests of celestials?
  • Is making requests similar to giving commands?
  • Asking permission of celestials
  • A personal question about asking for guidance
  • A personal question about a website in progress
  • Group intelligence in the post-crisis era
  • Is it useful to discern which celestial is helping us?
  • Question on “grace”
  • Closing statement concerning stress

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Light and Life Teaching Corps

Monday, 29 April, 2019
I AM Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
There is a need for dedicated and highly motivated student teachers to take up the work of teaching people the meanings and values of Light and Life. This takes great dedication, time, and patience to become an effective teacher that will work with sanctioned mansion world teachers and to develop teaching methods and lesson materials of a co-creative nature. The development of these student teachers will be an ongoing activity far into the future and will be loosely organized until that time when they are brought under the wing of the Magisterial Son. It is imperative that new teacher corps are developed and become the foundation for future generations of student teachers to stand on. Each generation will build on and expand the ideas of those dedicated teachers before them. A world coming into Light and Life requires an ongoing "lineage of light" and these teacher corps shall serve this need.

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Keep Moving Forward

Tuesday, 2 April, 2013
spiritual service - Keep Moving Forward

Teacher ― Thought Adjuster:
The purpose of material life at this stage is to get as close as possible to the eternal aim, to the achievement of perfection and the likeness to the Father. This task is going to take ages, but the foundation is established here, in this world. It is now when, as a creature, you can begin to get closer to the Creator and establish a working relationship with the Father through His Divine Presence: The Thought Adjuster within your being. This is the priority for those who aspire to achieve an eternal life of loving service and endless discoveries.

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About Fire Drills

Sunday, 10 February, 2019
About Fire Drills

Teacher ― Thought Adjuster:
 In hindsight, many of your life’s perceived trials merely amounted to Fire Drills. How else could you be prepared for such eventualities if you had not rehearsed various case scenarios? It is the reason why you are called to address many situations without knowing if they are dry runs or real emergencies. A flight simulator is very effective in honing the skills of a pilot by artificially testing his coping mechanisms in life and death situations. What matters are the survival objectives of such excercises.

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