Be Spiritual Victors!

Wednesday, 4 November, 2020
Be Spiritual Victors!

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
After a tumultuous political campaign in the United States, your world is waiting for its official outcome. Regrettably, many of you exhibited little moral decency while voicing their convictions. Their political fervor placed a gag order on the voice of reason of the Golden Rule, thus aggravating the state of divisiveness and hostility among men.

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Remain focused on the Light!

Tuesday, 3 November, 2020
Remain focused on the Light

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
While the United States' citizenship is called to make a weighty decision by selecting a president, invoke the light of God into your consciousness to make a moral decision, validated by the reassuring peace that will come over you.

Which type of influence do you choose to exert energetically? No matter the outcome of this election, it represents an opportunity for you to practice humility and love in action by intending to act as an agent of positive change. Do not allow yourself to be engulfed by negative emotions.

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Is Urantia In for a New Great War?

Sunday, 7 July, 2019
Is Urantia In for a New Great War?

Teacher: Prolotheos ―
You have not been available to me or to other Teachers for a long time. Your question also originated in other minds — many minds, in truth — it is most relevant any time, but particularly now: “Is Urantia in for a new Great World War?” While there is no more definite answer than the one given to your Progress Group Leader by Samuel of Panoptia (“Only the Father knows”), there is some evidence (signals) that allow us to conjecture with a reasonable margin of certainty, only by remembering what you already know about wars and applying it to the present day.

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New Era Transition 81 – Reform, Punishment, Mass Migration

Monday, 13 January, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • A modest proposal
  • Criminal courts and social courts
  • Functional, long term reform of social institutions
  • Punishment as deterrent
  • Issues at the end of mortal life
  • A podcast of these transcripts
  • Political lessons from cataclysm
  • Current political challenges as a lesson of history: All have failed! Not rooted in the seven core values
  • Collapse of financial systems
  • Morontial among us
  • Zero-point energy
  • Mass migration and overpopulation
  • Most Highs are pleased with…
  • Machiventa’s team
  • Request for Life Carrier participation
  • Amazing lifeforms – especially dogs!
  • Human capacity for further evolution
  • Thanks for Daniel and Sherille
  • The fabric of society depends on the moral person who comes from a family of love.

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War is a Business Enterprise

Tuesday, 18 May, 2010
War is a Business Enterprise

Teacher S333:
It is in human nature to have disagreements with friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, and even strangers in the street. That has something to do with the level of spiritual attainment of the individuals acting as the aggressor, where relatively low spirituality causes the aggression.
Collective aggression is another matter altogether though, for it is unusual for a collection of people to become aggressive at the same time and about the same subject, unless it is planned by a leader or supervisory group. In such circumstances there is usually an ulterior motive for that individual or group to plan collective aggression, and this is largely to do with money, greed and power, tinged with secondary but no less powerful motives connected with sex, drugs, murder, torture and related matters.

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New Era Transition 04 – Evolution of Democracies

Monday, 3 October, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Political evolution of democracies
  • Revolt, rebellion and revolution
  • Monjoronson’s insights
  • Overpopulation as a generator of problems
  • Problems evolving the democratic process
  • Using design teams to reform democracies
  • Political parties
  • Evolution of social institutions and organizations
  • The transition era
  • Library of wisdom
  • Problem of self-interest in economics and financial realm
  • New political parties already in development
  • Having hope of constructively changing the political system
  • Being actively involved
  • The Urantia Book speaks of the ideal democracies
  • Becoming political, social and economic activists

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A War No One Can Win

Monday, 23 May, 2016

The Damascus Scribe (Sananda): All is in a flux right now. The United States, Russia and China, who all truly need each other, are all on a treadmill, which, if set into motion, may put paid to the larger part of Urantia’s population. That is all I wish to say on the status of this (our) world. Let us do our utmost together with you for all involved to see reason, to respect our close neighbors on this tiny planet 606 of Satania. And let us pray we will be spared a devastating war that no one can win.

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New Era Conversations 7 – Syria

Saturday, 31 August, 2013

Teacher:  Charles, a Mighty Messenger

  • The situation in Syria
  • The destiny of the Americas
  • The upholder of moral action on a global scale
  • The Syrian government is morally corrupt
  • Bringing about peace on a primitive planet like Urantia
  • The unraveling of societies and economies
  • A moral responsibility to be part of the reconstruction
  • The vectors of spreading disease
  • The decline of societies will be very rapid
  • The majority of people worldwide are unprepared
  • The need for new paradigms in politics and economics
  • The purpose and intentions of the Triumvirate
  • The lack of planetary management perspective by societies
  • The sovereignty of “all,” of “oneness”
  • Who or what brought us to this precipice?
  • Innate commonalities—the three core values
  • A question on the decrease of population
  • Closing remarks

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Conversations with Monjoronson 59 - Divine Justice

Friday, 7 September, 2012
Divine Justice

Teacher: Monjoronson 

  • The Escalating, Disruptive Political and Military Situations;
  • Equal Protection Pacts among Nations;
  • Refrain from Making Rash Decisions as a Nation;
  • Divine Justice Versus Human Justice;
  • Integrating Divine Law into Human Society;
  • Our Legal System Reflects the Morality of Our Culture;
  • A Proactive Moral Base;
  • The Problem of Terrorism;
  • Forming a New Type of Political Party;
  • Changing the World’s Culture over Time;

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