War is a Business Enterprise

"These survival value memories, my friends, are the most valuable to you as an ascendant personality, for they are the building blocks of the soul and will become the “new child” of the universe in the hereafter".
— Teacher Ophelius

Teacher S333May 18, 2010

Teacher S333:
Hello My Dear Ones,

We are pleased to be the one with the first message to be posted on the new ERETHEA Blog, and we want to start off with a message which paints a picture for you of why war exists. Many people think war is about the defence of their country which is being attacked by another, or merely being threatened with attack.

It is in human nature to have disagreements with friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, and even strangers in the street. That has something to do with the level of spiritual attainment of the individuals acting as the aggressor, where relatively low spirituality causes the aggression.

Collective aggression is another matter altogether though, for it is unusual for a collection of people to become aggressive at the same time and about the same subject, unless it is planned by a leader or supervisory group. In such circumstances there is usually an ulterior motive for that individual or group to plan collective aggression, and this is largely to do with money, greed and power, tinged with secondary but no less powerful motives connected with sex, drugs, murder, torture and related matters.

In days gone by, and in modern day ‘developing’ countries, this can be as simple as a village head-man or witch-doctor rounding up his warriors to attack another settlement to wipe it out, grab all the material wealth, raze the hutments to the ground and return home the victors; or it may be a response to avenge a previous attack on the individuals concerned.

To wage war on one or more countries, by one or more countries as exemplified by World Wars 1 & 2, elevates the whole business of warmongering to an art form. It requires massive planning, huge funding, and manipulation of all sides in the conflict by a relatively few people responsible for the decision to wage global aggression on such a vast scale.

Over millennia it has been the sport of Kings, Queens, Emperors and Presidents to send their warriors abroad to subdue the populations of foreign countries, become the ruling power, explore the territory gained and plunder all of its’ wealth. In more recent centuries, there has been a number of family groupings in the world, who have collectively sought riches of staggering proportions, to own and run the money supply, run the governments, and keep the populations in financial, intellectual, spiritual, and wherever possible, physical slavery. To a large extent they have been successful, and their schemes keep rolling along.

What do you need to run a war in current times? Well, materiel such as aircraft, missiles, naval craft, weapons of all kinds, manpower, and masses of logistical equipment and materials to supply the war machine, and all this has to be paid for. In the event that the civil population becomes involved in the conflict, as in the case of World War 2, then destruction of the built environment was on such a vast scale that in post-war reconstruction there was a need for massive funds to finance these recovery programmes.

This is where the collection of these Crime Families, plotted these wars, financed all sides, financed the reconstruction programmes, and made vast fortunes beyond the understanding of most people, and even today somewhere in the world populations are still paying a percentage of their taxation to repay the vast loans involved. This is all part of the financial slavery ordinary people find themselves in. No matter what reasons were given for these countries going to war, all of these major wars were planned and executed with the sole purpose of making these Crime Families vastly wealthy at your expense, for it is nothing more than a slick Business Enterprise, and a very evil one at that. The biggest profits are made when the streets run with blood!!!

Don’t look to your governments for help, as they are appointed by the Crime Families; for seldom if ever does anyone get to the upper echelons of a political party, without them being placed there by these financial criminals. Don’t look to your church, mosque or temple for help either, for their job is to keep the population subdued and remove yet more of its wealth.

It’s a Business Enterprise, my dears; and most of you can’t see it. You are the cash cows to be milked at every opportunity, and be kept in a state of relative fear; for in that state you will spend even more. Ever hear of insurance, well that’s another Business Enterprise, where the masses are made afraid of an increasingly long list of things to the point that they take out ever more unnecessary insurances so they can sleep at night; but that’s another story?

I AM S333, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and I have given you this message telepathically and my channelling partner Vince, an aspect of his mind/ spirit/ soul complex Erethea, has transcribed it for publication. 18th May 2010.

And so it is....................

S333 ― War is a Business Enterprise ― May 18, 2010 ― Vince ― Group: ERETHEA
Received by Vince
Session: May 18, 2010



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