Birth of a Creative Daughter of Paradise on August 21, 2020

“Can we learn to recognize the lessons and the Teachers when they cross our path? Yes, but only when we reach a higher level of awareness through the circuits of wisdom, and wisdom only comes through experience. Some lessons will be hard and some will be joyful, and it is only by experiencing these intense trials and rewards do we build up a library of reference to compare new experiences with probable outcomes based on previous lessons. Thus does this provide a greater “toolset” for your Guides and Guardians to work with so they may help us to put the pieces together to make right decisions. This is how we build the soul, which determines our place in the next world (the mansion worlds). The rate at which we progress is determined by our thirst for truth, beauty, and goodness; and by our desire to align our will with God’s Will. It is the journey, my dear friends, which becomes our gift to the Supreme and it can be a beautiful, joyful journey, or it can be a painful one—it is up to us to decided”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Visitor : AYA – Master Spirit nr 7 of our Superunivers nr 7-Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity
and The voice of The Supreme Being – the Oversoul of Creation, our Universal Mother.

UniAYA : I am Aya – Master Spirit nr 7 of your Superunivers nr 7 ― Orvonton.

I am the Voice of the Trinity which is an indivisible Entity and the original Deity.

I am also the Voice of the Supreme Being ― the cosmic Oversoul in which all Creation resides, thus also the Seven Superuniverses in which She is currently active.

You live in The Supreme Being, in Her womb. She is a creation of the Trinity, or rather She flows from it. She is a derivative of it. Without Her life would not exist on the material, morontia and spiritual levels, in the 7 Superuniverses.

She is a young, growing Deity. She is the Goddess of Experience, of learning by living everything, therefore by effort. She is alive, She is evolving just like you through Her own experiences and through the accumulation of your lived experiences, your soul advancement. She already exerts power on the Energies and Forces which function in the Superuniverses.

One day She will receive full power to administer the Superuniverses as well as the 4 outer space levels with their worlds in formation which revolve around the seven Superuniverses.

The administration and management of the Grand Universe is currently carried out by the Trinity Deities and their descendants including the Creator Sons and Creative Daughters, as well as many other Spiritual Creatures from Paradise.

We can divide The Creation into three parts.

1. The Central Universe which includes the Isle of Paradise and Havona – they are eternal and immutable creations, without beginning or end.

2. The Grand Universe, which includes the Central Universe with the 7 Superuniverses revolving around it.

The Seven Superuniverses are currently organized and inhabited. They are on the other hand, temporal creations with a potential of seven billion inhabited planets all together. Which means that the Seven Superuniverses are still developing, shaping and transforming. They have yet to reach the state of Paradise perfection or Light and Life through experience.

Life in the present era is active at the level of the Grand Universe.

You are living in the age where the Paradise Personalities descend to the material, morontia, and spiritual worlds of the Superuniverses to manage, administer, create, and incarnate in order to gain experience. Where the developing creatures and souls on these worlds ascend to the Central universe to become deified by experience.

The next Era will come when the seven Superuniverses with their worlds and inhabitants are all anchored in Light and Life. It is then that the Supreme Being will become God the Supreme with all the powers to manage the next era: the Era of the Master universe.

3. The Master Universe includes the Grand Universe with the 4 outer space levels, of which the worlds of the first level are now in formation. The creation of creatures and souls, the administration and management on these future worlds will be done differently from what is happening today in the 7 Superuniverses.

The days of the Grand Universe where all evolution of creatures is based on experience, moving hand in hand with the Universal Goddess of experience, will then be over.

The era of the Master Universe will become the era of God The Supreme and your training to become Creator Sons and Creative Daughters in this era begins now and here.

outer space

The Supreme Being is in fact your home in the cosmos. She covers the whole Master Universe. Finding Her, communicating with Her, is a bit like coming home. This is what all of you, who tried to communicate with Her, felt. You finally found your Original Great Mother who bathes you in Her sweet, maternal and sparkling Love. A Love that you will make your own so that you can reveal it to others.

Why is it so important for your soul evolution to understand and know this already now? In particular you, children of the Earth, who are taking your first steps on the path to divinization?

This is what I will try to make you understand.

Keep in mind that all universes with their creatures, hence all of God's Creation, were created by two complementary forces which attract each other to create. It takes two to create a third. It takes a male and female pole to give birth, whether it is on the divine, spiritual, morontia or material level. You will therefore also find them in The Trinity.

The complete Creation of the 7 Superuniverses and the 4 levels of outer space with there worlds in formation, could not have taken place without the appearance of the Supreme Being, the Cosmic Oversoul. Her appearance was inevitable.

The Universal Father needed The Universal Mother, the Oversoul of the universes, to be able to create you and to let evolve your soul into His Spiritual and Divine Image.

Because the LOVE of the Universal Father is poured out on all Creation through the Universal Mother.

She is the Supreme Womb in which human souls go inside in search of the LOVE of the Father.

Even God Fragments eventually adjust to the Supreme Being.

Of course, originally they are identical to the Universal Father from which they come forth. But when they begin to work on the planets of the Superuniverses, when they indwell humans to help them evolve their soul, they come under HER influence and begin to resemble the Supreme Being.

It is through this interaction between the Universal Father and the Supreme Being that all ascending souls literally become the Children of the Universal Father and the Universal Mother.

You are truly the creation of a Cosmic Father and a Cosmic Mother.

This is why it is essential that you go in search of your Universal Mother in your heart and that you also discover Her influence and Love in all human beings.

Understand that the way to discover the Universal Father and the Supreme Being is different.

The Universal Father is approaching you personally. This means that every human can find The Father at a given moment in his/her evolution.

The Supreme Being, on the other hand, feels all of HER ascendant children as a whole. She does not know you individually and does not have the means to make contact with a human individually.

Each soul has always been able to discover God alone in her heart and reveal His fatherly Love to her fellowmen thanks to the personality and a God Fragment He grants you after birth ; both being in direct contact with The Father.

But discovering the Supreme Being with her gentle and tender motherly Love takes much longer. You have to be aware of HER and discover HER during the tribulations of your ascent to Paradise.

Direct communication with the Supreme Being was not an option ten years ago. She was not aware of human individuals on a planet. She had no ways of direct communication with a child on Urantia.

Everything changed when this little girl, through which I am transmitting now, sought contact with Her with such a spontaneous love, an attachment so strong that SHE heard it. It was then that SHE wanted us to set up a system of direct communication between you and Her. A system that we are currently setting up on your planet to test out.

In the meantime, other people have approached HER the same way and more will follow.

She has even given you a mind endowment to enable you to better apprehend Her, to better understand Her.

All of this led us to send you another Paradise Personality to facilitate this contact. To act as a relay between you and The Supreme Being.

Who is this Paradise Personality best placed to occupy this important position?

As you know
- the Creator Sons of Paradise are created by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son (Mother).

- The Creative Daughters of Paradise are created by the Infinite Spirit (Mother).

Each time a Creator Son is created, the Infinite Spirit automatically creates his perfect conjoint ― a Creative Daughter.

Although the 700,000 local universes in all 7 Superuniverses are endowed with a Creator Son and a Creative Daughter, the Trinity Deities continue to create Creator Sons with their respective Creative Daughters.

These Creator Sons who do not manage a local universe incarnate sometimes on inhabited planets for delicate tasks and thus obtain a rewarding experience for their future tasks in the next Era of God the Supreme. Although the Creative Daughters of local universes ― the Mother Spirits ― never incarnate, this is not the case with the conjoint of the Paradise Creator Sons of the next era.

On January 12, 2015, you received the birth of Aaron ― little boy ― Avonal Son from Paradise.

On January 19, 2019, you received the birth of Luoja – Paradise Creator Son who does not manage a local universe. Born as a little girl who responds to the name of Luova.

On August 21, 2020 you received the birth of another little girl – a Creative Paradise Daughter.

Her father received directly from us the following earthly name for her in his mother language

―translated in French and English:

French : ―‘Le plus grand Amour qu’elle va partager avec tous’ – l’Amour Uni-vers-Elle.

{ Uni-vers-Elle is a wordplay with the French word "Universelle" that only works in French}

English : ―‘The greatest love that she will share with all ’― United Love to Her.

The Love of the Supreme Being, of the Universal Mother of the Cosmos is a Unifying Love.

This little girl, sister of Luova, is the embodiment of a Creative Daughter of Paradise. She is the companion of the Creator Son Luoja.

This Divine couple has therefore incarnated on your planet in the same family. Why both like a little girl? You'll figure it out in the end if it doesn't already jump out at you. Three children of Paradise were born on your planet: a boy and two girls.

The role of "UNI" will be discreet. "Uni" is the name to which she will respond in her human life according to her parents desire. She will help you to enter into communication with the Supreme Being, to seek and express Her gentle, maternal Love, to make Her known to humanity in a more understandable and palpable way.

If your planet is so blessed, it is because it has an exceptional destiny. In very distant times, when the Supreme Being has become the Supreme Goddess, I will reside there.

Goodbye, my children. It has been a long time since I spoke to you.

I take this opportunity to tell the parents of these special children to educate them like any child. Do not treat them differently. It’s very important to them. They don't know who they are and must, just like you learn and discover everything before they are ready to take on their tasks as a human on your planet and as a Paradise Child on other levels.



AYA, Master Spirit #7 ― Birth of a Creative Daughter of Paradise on August 21, 2020 ― 9 September 2020 ― Wivine ― Group Mezza Verde ― Mezzaverde in Belgium
Received by Wivine
Session #9: 9 September 2020
English translation – Original French




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