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Introducing The Entourage

Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Teacher, Master Physical Controller, Slyonia:
A warm welcome to you, my friend! I AM Slyonia (SLEE-OWN-YA) — a Master Physical Controller from Orvonton. Although we made our acquaintance just last night, I AM here with you today to co-create a message for those participating in the corrective movement to ‘normalize’ mind on Urantia. Master Physical Controllers from the super-universe work with energy and in coordination with other orders to control energy, create communication lines; energy circuits; and power lanes to connect vast areas of the universes together. We also do specialized collaborative work in teams that provide the energies necessary to serve the more physical aspects of creature mind. It is in this capacity that we are here on Urantia.

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Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Sunday, 21 October, 2018
Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Teacher, Universal Censor - Qussi:
Greetings to you, dear friends, for I have been with you for some time during this campaign of correction on Urantia.  I AM a Universal Censor and I AM here as an adjudicator in the affairs of the deceased working with those detained energies in what you call, "The Borderland."  I AM a Trinity Origin being and I represent (in this case) the Ancients of Days and the Deity Absolute.  Similarly as the Absonites are here to see that Ultimate realities are served, I AM here to expedite the adjudication of matters concerning the I AM and Absolute destinies.  Urantia is a most unique sphere in the universe and could be considered the most unusual sphere in the super universe of Orvonton.  Because of its uniqueness and checkered history, the ripples and injustices from the Lucifer Rebellion have echoed far into the future affecting not only events in this local universe, but into the far outer space regions that have yet to be inspired--a delicate balance between opportunity and disaster.  I AM here to see that the unfolding events and the repercussions of the past on Urantia stay on the side of future opportunity.

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New Era Transition 40 – Our Life Mission; Defining the 30 Year Eras; Moving from Secular to non-secular basis

Monday, 4 June, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Correcting errors of the past
  • Might we start learning the Universe language now?
  • Discovering our own life mission, meaning and purpose
  • Does our life mission carry forward to the mansion worlds and beyond?
  • Seeking materials for the web site
  • You are already being led by your celestial team
  • Defining the 30 year eras and their importance
  • Will the cataclysms move us from a secular to a non-secular basis?

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New Era Transition 37 – Cycles; Genetics; Aberrant Behavior

Monday, 26 March, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • The arc
  • Christ Michael, the risk-taker
  • Cycles
  • Are genes or chromosomes directly related to the seven core values?
  • Are younger generations more attuned to this revelation?
  • Father Fragments of the Advanced or Supreme types
  • Exploring three areas equally?
  • Bringing younger Transmitter/Receivers on line
  • Areas for gaining experience in will-commanding
  • Question on praying
  • Question on web site
  • What are spiritual powers doing in regard to inferior and degenerate peoples?
  • Changing DNA to eliminate predators
  • Changing acceptance of aberrant behavior
  • Celestials support positive influences in other areas
  • Easter Week comments

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New Era Transition 35 – Making Command Decisions

Monday, 26 February, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • The arc of work of the Correcting Time
  • The new era of social evolution on Urantia
  • Making command decisions on behalf of Christ Michael
  • Protections for commands in violation of authority given
  • Your co-responsibility with the celestials
  • Formulating commands
  • Experimental design team
  • Compromises made with this team
  • Co-creativity + commands + Correcting Time
  • Knowing if your command has been effective
  • An example of a co-creative situation requiring a command
  • Using guidance in formation of a command
  • Using the family for positive enculturation and socialization clinics
  • How does this authority to command compare with the military?
  • Putting great emphasis on intention
  • Coordinating the end results
  • Our difficulty with the word “command”
  • A part of our spiritual ascendency is to know how to command
  • The authority to command
  • Those with errant personalities or have selfish proclivities are not empowered
  • Use this for your own development as well as for healing your world

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Your First Step in Service

Sunday, 4 February, 2018
attunement with your Thought Adjuster

There are certain individuals among you that have achieved a level of attunement with their Thought Adjusters—more fittingly—their Thought Controllers, and is nearly ready to step into “the work of correction” at a most auspicious time of converging events. These events are not something you shall witness on your TV screens or hear about in your media, but none the less, they are important in the plans of the Correcting Time and have a more energetic significance for the progress of the Planetary Supreme. My message to you today is subtly coded to “stir things” deep within you—to prepare those who would hear the call to serve as they have been prepared by their Destiny Guardians.

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You are Treading New Ground

Sunday, 21 January, 2018

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my dear students, there is a great need for spiritually aware individuals like you to participate more fully in the Correcting Time initiatives. We (spirit) are aware of each individual who reads these messages and takes the lessons “to heart” so to speak. It is you that we address today, for within you exists a great untapped potential, and so it is that you are recognized by your Thought Adjusters as “willing participants.” Many of you have reached the Third Psychic Circle and are now ready for accelerated growth—your Thought Adjusters are committed to “bringing you along” for the good and needful things required by those of advanced standing.

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