NET103 – Responsibility, Stewardship, Joining Teaching Mission groups, Mental trauma, Learning and living

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Maturing effect of the pandemic
  2. Year 50 of 500
  3. What have you provided?
  4. We look for the committed
  5. This is an experiential exercise
  6. The parable of stewardship
  7. You are desperately needed because you hold the light
  8. Working co-creatively with your Guardian Seraphim
  9. Differentiation of our Guardian Seraphim from our Thought Adjuster
  10. Marijuana and gun ownership—freedoms and responsibility
  11. Responsible use of marijuana
  12. Spiritual practices
  13. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder —you must not reinjure yourself
  14. Health wisdom website
  15. Finding the time
  16. Joining with other Teaching Mission groups
  17. Fetal pain during abortion
  18. Facilitating Adjuster arrival in children
  19. Spiritual value of disappointment
  20. Working co-creatively with Spirit
  21. Firearm education in other countries
  22. The burdens of your spirituality are heavy at times
  23. Live your life consciously in the moment
  24. Learn from experience and gain wisdom

Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Participants from: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. If I missed your country, please let me (JT) know at [email protected]

Invocation: Raymon (Raymon recognized Juan Vicente Ramírez for his Spanish translations of these transcripts for, and James Leese for his work on Daniel’s recent videos on Planetary Management)

November 2, 2020

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager. It is delightful to be here. In some parts of the country you have wonderful, wonderful weather, and in other parts not so wonderful, as you would establish it. We are ever thankful for the weather angels who help arrange the weather over the earth. They work with the dynamics of Earth’s geophysical environment. They are complemental to it, and of course they work in God’s great stead where the rains fall upon the wicked as well as they do on the righteous.

1. Maturing effect of the pandemic

As I, my team and myself, look over the situation on the planet Urantia, we are slowly seeing evidence of maturity in individuals. The grinding of the COVID pandemic has had many results. Some of them most unfortunate, but many of them very fortunate for the long-term duration of humanity on this planet—particularly so for your civilization. The forces that bring about discernment (sometimes it is forced of necessity, of tragedy, and calamity) has begun to show its evidence. The pandemic in many ways is much like a hot skillet where you are rendering the fat out of a meat in that, with the increased heat, much more of the fat of your society and your culture is being rendered out. This may seem as though it is a gross and grisly perspective of what is happening, but you must realize that this is a gross and disgusting process of diminishing the numbers of humans on your planet. We again say that none of this was intended, designed, or put in place by any of the Creators or Life Carrier staff of Nebadon. This is the consequence of the development of pathogens which do great harm to your population. What is happening is that you, as a culture (as many cultures) are being separated from the gross privileges of great wealth, status, and position. And even that extends to some of the lowest levels of your societies where those who see themselves as distinct and separate from other people are being leveled to the same plane of death due to this COVID virus.

2. Year 50 of 500

As far as our plans for the advent of the Days of Light and Life, we are making progress. If I were to chart this out for you in terms of five centuries, with the beginning of the fifth century approximating the early stages of the Days of Light and Life—of planetary settlement—we would have to assign this current state at the 50th year which means that 10 times the progress has to be made to achieve the goal of the fifth century. We are fortunate there are many devout individuals from the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, and The Urantia Book communities who are devoted to Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and to the enlightenment of your planet. You have much progress to make concerning the fellowship between these groups though we admire the progress and friendliness that you extend to each other. This is not a matter of isolation, it is not a matter of us against them, it is simply that you are now doing the best you can with the populations you work with—those people in the general population of the world who are tuned to your type of work. And we give great thanks for these three groups.

3. What have you provided?

If you were a contractor, or let’s say you are a home owner, and the high winds have peeled off some of your roof so that the interior of your house is exposed to rain and the elements and that the tarp—the temporary cover you put up there—is only going to last so long. So, you call up a roofer and you ask this person to come over and give you an estimate for the repair of the damage. They say: “It’ll be this amount of money, and we require that you pay one-third of this total to me now as an agreement between ourselves that you will complete the payments after we finish the work.” The days go by, the weeks go by, the tarp is tattered and torn, you’ve had to replace it, and the roofer has not shown up. So, you call the roofer and say, “When will you be here with the materials? Show me what you have done so far.” And so, we are much like that as well. The planetary management of this planet, in co-creative union with you now, requires you to show us what you’ve done with your personal life, with your community life, with your efforts to assist us to re-roof this house you call your world. We have provided much to you. Now we ask in return: “What have you provided?”

4. We look for the committed

This is not an unfair question to ask at all. In a co-creative relationship, much like a marriage, you have your own roles. After you have settled into your marriage, you understand what those roles are regarding employment, the home, children, the upkeep of everything, and we have a similar arrangement with you: That we will do such and such, and you will do such and such.

You have seen our product. It is 35 years of our presence, of increasingly intimate contact with you and with your groups. We have learned much about humans—about mortals—and particularly for each nation and each culture. We have learned that there is some duplicitousness even in the relationship between the individual and with God and with us—some self-blinded ignorance to go your way and hopefully in the final days of your life you can recoup and be part of the charter bus to Havona in terms of the mansion worlds. This is a high-risk enterprise that you entail if you do that. We are looking for those committed individuals (which we see so many [of] right now before us) who are at attention to this message I provide.

5. This is an experiential exercise

You may think that my message today is a bit scattered—perhaps so. Perhaps it is a bit rough, but that is evidence of our becoming more and more acquainted with you. This is an experiential exercise on our part. Remember, the thing that God—the First Source and Center—does not have is experience of Itself becoming perfect. And so, It has provided his mortal children with the opportunity to grow with the gifts that It has given them in the process of becoming perfect, which the Thought Adjuster enjoys and strives to assist the individual to fulfill.

6. The parable of stewardship

Melchizedeks as well are short of experience. You see, we came into existence much as chickens do. That is a rough parallel I suppose, but there is just so much read-only memory that we bring with us. It is huge compared to your own, but, nonetheless, it is limited. So, we hone that with experience working with mortals. We begin by teaching new graduates into the morontial realm and, as we grow in experience there, some of us are sent to planets with mortals and begin teaching there—sometimes in material form but more often not. Always as invisible individuals, though rarely there are those that incarnate as a person of the realm. That’s why we are asking you to show us your experience—to share that with us. What have you done? This is not a pass-fail test at all. It is simply an accounting similar to Jesus’ parable of the master who was going out of country and gave some of his servants some of his wealth and asked them to take care of it while he was gone. You know this parable very well. One of them did nothing with it but hid it in the ground. So too, in this case, we have given you many skills and abilities. We have trained you; we have taught you; we have shared with you the wisdom that we have garnered from your civilizations over the past many thousands of years.

7. You are desperately needed because you hold the light

This is something for you to think about, for in the days and weeks and months ahead you will see that generosity being manifold in your own lives in many ways. And yes, during that interim time there will be many people who will lose their lives to the pandemic. This is not a matter of belief—of being saved—it is simply a matter of being in the right circumstances to survive. And you should know that you are desperately needed because you hold the light within you to carry forward for us as we work co-creatively with you. If you have questions concerning this or any other topic, you are most welcome to ask.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. Thank you for your message of hope today. You sound like you are in good spirits. Are you?

MACHIVENTA: Oh, my dear friend, I am surrounded by good spirits.

Liz: So, where are you exactly?

MACHIVENTA: Spiritually, morontially, physically?

Liz: Yes, spatially.

MACHIVENTA: Spatially, OK. Yes, I am at my Urantian headquarters which are non-visible, which are not made of any material that you would recognize. Thank you.

Liz: I know that you travel a lot, and yet you never fail to keep our appointment every other Monday morning. Are you able to interact with us while you are traveling?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. I have been afforded what you might call advanced technologies to do just that. Our work on these alternating Mondays is very important to our mission and the completion of our work. Thank you.

8. Working co-creatively with your Guardian Seraphim

Liz: Thank you. So, my question for today has to do with Guardian Seraphim. I would ask you to speak to us about them—what they do and what we can do to assist them in their endeavors.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. First of all, I would recommend you find as much information from The Urantia Book as you can on this subject as that is fairly well explained to you. For those of you who are what we would call advanced mortals of enlightenment, your Guardian is a personal Guardian. Their work is to assist you in being successful in your transition from mortality to becoming a morontial being, and then on through the spiritual realm and on to Paradise. For the personal Seraphim, this is the means by which they can enter into the embrace of the Creator—the Mother Spirit—in Paradise (The Infinite Spirit).

You have a particular relationship with your personalized seraphim. You are held to a much higher standard for your conduct, for your thoughts, for your words, and for your actions simply because it is known that it becomes easier for you to hold to a higher standard through your own ways of living, thinking, and speaking. You have, with a personalized Seraphim, passed beyond the tasks of curbing your antisocial, immoral, and unethical behavior— those detriments that you received as a child and [outgrew]. And of course, the same goes for your egoism which is reflected in narcissism, arrogance, and so on. As an individual who is in a co-creative relationship with their Guardian, that co-creative relationship simply means that you have a conscious, deliberate, and intentional relationship with your Guardian to achieve the best spiritual growth and maturity during your mortal years that remain.

In this status you have become a teacher—maybe not an accredited public education teacher, but in our minds, you are accredited to now transfer the wisdom that you have gained onto the minds and hearts of other individuals. You have become an extension of Jesus in your world. You are the Teacher with a capital T. You are [doing] as Jesus said, “Follow Me.” And as you’ve seen in various statues, He is there standing with His arm outstretched toward the future when He says “follow Me.” This is your work. The personalized Guardian ensures that the mortal is then exposed to new challenges—challenges that are intended to heal, correct, and transform the wounds and injuries of life and living as a mortal on Urantia into those wonderful talents of wisdom that you would glean and gain from that experience. When you are in the embrace of your Guardian and you have traversed so many trials, tribulations, and challenges, then you are soon approaching the stage of fusion as a mortal.

It is not necessary for the Guardian to assist you through fusion. That is a discussion that the planetary Thought Adjuster and your personal Thought Adjuster would make a decision about. You see, Guardian Seraphim take their work very seriously whether they have only one charge (personalized Seraphim) or one who has charge of a group of mortals. The work to them is highly serious because it, in fact, holds the destiny of their own course of growth and maturity. Thank you.

9. Differentiation of our Guardian Seraphim from our Thought Adjuster

Liz: Well, thank you for that lovely, very comprehensive answer. I guess I’m trying to differentiate the Guardian Seraphim with the Thought Adjuster in my private time, in my meditation time, but perhaps I don’t have to differentiate that at all. Is that true?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, that is true. You, in fact, would want to be in your meditation, or your time of discourse with Spirit. It’s one of the reasons why This One uses the word “spirit” as there are a number of entities—spiritual beings—who are near to you at all times. So, without having one to talk to, you speak to Spirit generally knowing that they have an intimate relationship with you and know exactly what you are trying to say.

Liz: Thank you very much for that. I love that answer, and that’s all I have for today. Thank you again for being with us.

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome. I have the pleasure to be here.

10. Marijuana and gun ownership—freedoms and responsibility

Walt: Good day Machiventa. This is Walt. It is my fervent prayer that you are not winding things down with us as I feel we have not even [scratched] the surface of the treasures of knowledge, wisdom, and insight that we can get from you. Thank you for everything you do for us. My first of three questions in this round is: Next year, my government will explore public consultation on implementing a legalized marijuana industry. This is believed to be vital to our economic diversification and survival.
And since I wish to engage in the national discussion, I am seeking your views on creating such a national marijuana industry.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. The discourse is as applicable to marijuana as it is [to] gun control. For there is a tremendous ignorance about the use of either. Children, adults, and each new generation are left in ignorance to discover the facts about those two substances—whether it’s marijuana or firearms. Both can be dangerous to one’s use. In the case of marijuana, there must be…. Let me speak generally to the subjects of harmful and deleterious substances and devices. When, in the case of the United States, there was a passage of the Bill of Rights (which became the first ten amendments of your constitution) that the ownership and use of firearms was granted so that people could own them without being arrested for ownership of firearms. In the current conditions it’s the same for marijuana, yet you know, and I want to remind all of you that, with the granting of freedoms there is also the obligation of responsibilities that must be attended to. Now, in the case of firearms and marijuana use, your governments are hazardously deficient in preparing individuals for ownership and use of either one.

If you were ever in the military (not meaning you personally Walt, but you as a generalized person) and you were in charge of firearms and of a firing range, you would know well the drill of the use and conduct of firearms whether they are loaded or unloaded. This is a skill; this is a responsibility for being a soldier to carry a firearm with live rounds. This training is not extended to citizens. This is where your governments are grossly and immorally deficient. I speak strongly about that because it is irrational to grant such freedoms without the requirement of attendant responsibilities. This is a discussion that has never been made in America. This is a most reprehensible situation that must be corrected. We of the spirit realm on Urantia have nothing against gun ownership.

It is neither a vile thing nor a wonderful thing. It is one of those responsibilities that simply needs to be attended to, and the best way to do that is through diligent, periodic training and passage of tests that show the person understands those rules. Then in times later, if a person were to use a firearm to harm someone, then they would knowingly understand the consequences of their actions which would make their situation even more difficult in the courts. However, such is not the case in the courts of any democracy, and this is a situation that will eventually be corrected although, of course, you and I know—we know—that many tens of thousands of people will die by the use of firearms before that happens.

11. Responsible use of marijuana

Now, marijuana is a substance which is well known to large portions of western and eastern civilization. Ganja has been in use for many thousands of years. It’s nothing new. It is a situation where overuse can cause indolence and damage to a person’s mind and brain. It must be used responsibly and not for harm or for escapism. We do understand that many people do use marijuana as a coping mechanism for the stresses of daily life. So too do they use alcohol in the same way. Both of these substances need to have responsibilities attached to them and training in the consequences of overuse and the hazards of it becoming used by juveniles and younger. Thank you.

Walt: Thank you so much for that Machiventa. Concerning addictions to opioids, illicit drugs, nicotine, and alcohol please provide us revelations on naturopathic medical and/or spiritual methods to break these chemical addictions.

MACHIVENTA: We will avoid answering your question as it is indicative that you have an answer in mind, and that it directs us to mention or to address a particular realm of treatment. You must present us with questions that involve the best treatments for doing so that have already been explored by yourselves and others. Thank you.

Walt: OK, thank you. That helps me with requestioning that. The last question for this round is: How soon does a soul associate with a human life, and what happens to that soul if there is an abortion?

MACHIVENTA: This is a discussion that has been answered and addressed many times in the past. Thank you.

Walt: OK. Thank you so much Machiventa.

David: I’d like to start out with a bit of an apology. First, I’d like to thank Machiventa for all you’ve done for the planet from your sojourn as the Sage of Salem, to taking up the Planetary Prince-ship, and even these sessions. And I’d like to apologize for asking even more of you specifically something more for myself although I don’t ask just for myself. There are a lot of people with the problem I face.

MACHIVENTA: And your question?

12. Spiritual practices

David: My question is: What are the names of current spiritual practices that I would have to pile together and synthesize to begin to effect things like your trainings as the Sage of Salem. I took you advice on a similar question before, and you said use your heart center and not your mind, and I found that there’s a break in function in my heart center all the way down to the _________ levels. That’s what I was looking for—those abilities to deal with the problem on that level that is somewhat beyond material medicine.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Let me guide you generally. You spoke and asked about spiritual practices. There is no shortcut for you and there’s no shortcut for anyone else. This is a matter of personal discernment training where you expose yourself to many spiritual practices. The goal of doing so is to determine their integrity. Is the integrity of this spiritual practice consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus? Are they consistent with the highest morality and ethics on your planet? Are they consistent with the best outcomes for an individual’s life on this planet? Do they make sense? Do they have a set of values that are integrated? Can you determine right and wrong from these values? First of all, do they state their values? Don’t assume that by reading the material you will know what those values are. We have found that many belief systems, systems of logic, [and systems] of morality and ethics do not have a consistent, integrated set of values to underwrite their moral and ethical decisions. They are simply not existent.

What will happen, you will see David, is that as you go through this process (which may take a lifetime) you mature, you grow, and you evolve. You become your own sage of spiritual/philosophical thought. You are able to weigh points of thought, logic, and reason with these religions. And you’ll find as you continue on, just as you continued from the simple four arithmetic functions of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication that soon you become more capable of discerning other levels of spiritual integrity within other religions that you examine.

We’re not saying that you need to become a Hindu. We’re not saying that you need to become an Avatar. You will take much time to achieve those levels. Spiritual practices vary from the most rudimentary to those that are highly advanced where you sit in meditation and you are, in fact, joined with your Thought Adjuster in that ecstatic moment of deep, intimate, gratitude.

This is quite an assignment I have given you. It’s one that you can accept or reject, but it is the same advice that I would give anybody else who is reading these transcripts or listening in at the moment. Thank You.

13. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder—you must not reinjure yourself

David: I appreciate that answer. I guess I was looking for a more technical side of things. I’m looking at a specific problem, namely, how to heal the neural degradations of something like an advanced trauma or maybe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but I do appreciate your answer in a more general sense.

MACHIVENTA: Let me be more specific since you are being more specific yourself. You know and we know that the mind is central to all that functions within your body. The mind controls at various levels (far more numerous levels than most psychiatrists are aware of) [through] the power of thought, and how to overcome those difficulties which would include PTSD and so on. This requires advanced thinking and meditation—time for the mind to heal. We have found that many mortals, in fact, recall those vivid events of great trauma in their life, and they continue to reinjure themselves, reinjure themselves, reinjure themselves again and again with the same traumas that they had before. It is important that the mind rid itself of those detrimental and harmful memories. It is an act of self-forgiveness then. There is no one else to forgive but the individual to forgive themselves—where the superconscious mind of the individual takes hold of the situation and blesses and begins to train the conscious mind how to think, how to behave, what to think, and how to assist the personality and soul growth of the individual.

Your question is very deep in many regards and touches upon many aspects of psychotherapy that have not been discovered yet. However, the individual, without understanding any of those technicalities, can as well do great benefit to their mind, to their life, and [to] conscious living from day to day. If a thought that runs through your mind is harmful and is difficult for you to tolerate, simply tell your mind to stop thinking that thought. That’s a good beginning.

David: I appreciate that, and again, I’d like to help pioneer those new developments that haven’t been thought yet, but I understand the difficulty in that endeavor.

14. Health wisdom website

Craig: Good morning Machiventa. This is Craig. I have three topics. Two of them are related ideas that I thought I might run by you. The main idea is: Often we, as a species, know certain things about health and medicine and yet, not everyone knows everything of course. Often it seems to me that less effective remedies are [often] being employed when someone has one of their many health problems. I was thinking it would maybe be good to have a website that linked to various health remedies that are known all over the internet (whether or not they are well known is another question) and which ones are the most effective is a question that people need to address. So, I was thinking that having a central website—I guess it might be a bit like the family wisdom website—it would be a health wisdom website which may either link to or itself download/upload various remedies so that they might become better known. Does that sound like a good thing to have?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. This is a good thing to have and we would definitely support such an effort.

Craig: OK. I’ll probably never have the time to do it myself, but I thought I would put it out there anyway. And the other was idea was related to that is that there might be a rating system and comments that people could make on these things so if someone tries a remedy and they say “Hey, that works well” they could give it 5 stars or if it doesn’t work well they could give it less and they could make comments on why or how it was effective to them. Does that sound like a good thing? I think that way the things that everybody was giving 5 stars to would become known as the best way to treat something.

MACHIVENTA: We would agree with that. You might find similar technologies in auto repair YouTube videos. Thank you.

15. Finding the time

Craig: OK. Thank you. The last thing was: As we were being given all this knowledge, techniques, and wisdom by you and your team for doing things for the future, on just a personal note, I myself find myself so busy I have little time to spare thought for such things as much as I would like to. I don’t know if other people are in the same situation or if that’s just me.

MACHIVENTA: It is not just you. It is many people and your absence from attending to these things (I could say responsibilities) is not a thing to feel guilty about. It is either you do, or you don’t. You must do what works for your life, though we do encourage people to be of service where they can to others.

Craig: OK. Thank you.

16. Joining with other Teaching Mission groups

James: Machiventa, there has been increased communication and talk of coordinating with other Teaching Mission groups. We’d appreciate some guidance and advice as to joining with other Teaching Mission groups.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. This is Machiventa. We would ask to what ends? That’s a question. And what is the intention? There is nothing clear in the question or the statement to encourage us to support that work or not to. Is this another means by which an individual can gain an empire? Is this a means by which they can be of greater service, and if so, what would those services be? How is this relevant to the group? Individual comradery is wonderful. Individual fellowship is wonderful. The fellowship between groups then becomes something to look askance at. The intentions for same must be very clear for both groups or all groups involved, and that it is understood what this is all about. If you want to get together once a year and have a picnic together at some wonderful park in your nations, then go ahead and do so, but as an ongoing weekly, biweekly, or bimonthly process it must address itself to the questions that are pertinent to such an activity. Is this just to get together to drink coffee and play cards, or is it [for] something else? You can be as effective as an individual praying in a small group as you could in a large group. Sometimes even more effective. It is not that we are against it—we are not, but we have learned to be cautious concerning the motives of individuals who recommend actions involving other groups. Remember, your work in the Teaching Mission is not political. It is not an either/or—us/them situation. It is the work [you] do for Christ Michael and Nebadonia and in service to your planet. How does that manifest through the association of groups please? Thank you.

James: Thank you very much. And we’ll go to Bea.

Bea: Good morning Machiventa. Thank you again for being here. I’m pleased to be here as well. I have two questions. The first may be brief, although I have to make a comment. I actually had a question in mind about abortion, and I had to laugh when Walt asked it as well. Although my question is also specific. People who are against abortion are very concerned about trauma that may occur to the fetus particularly because of their belief that the personality is already incarnated into the fetus, say, in the first trimester. I am of the belief or thinking (and I don’t know if I got this idea from The Urantia Book or from just my personal thinking) that Christ Michael and Nebadonia would not allow that kind of trauma or pain (specifically) to be felt by the fetus in case of a therapeutic abortion. Is this true?

MACHIVENTA: Say the last part again please.

17. Fetal pain during abortion

Bea: I would ask if that is true that any fetus would not suffer pain from a therapeutic abortion in the first trimester. Opponents of abortion claim that the fetus would experience great pain during such a procedure, and I’m wondering if that is the case.

MACHIVENTA: Your question is ambiguous. You’ve asked three questions within the space of one. First of all, they would not interfere in the abortion process nor take the pain away from the fetus. That is the answer for two questions.

Bea: Yes, you just answered my question. I’m sorry I was very ambiguous. I didn’t express my question very well.

MACHIVENTA: That’s no problem.

18. Facilitating Adjuster arrival in children

Bea: OK. I suppose my second question is on a different topic altogether. It has to do with sustainable families—particularly how to rear a child in the very important first five years of life. I’ve read in The Urantia Book that the Thought Adjuster usually does not enter into the mind of a young mortal until the average age of around five years old. Prior to this time, I’m going to assume that without the Adjuster that they are under the influence of other spiritual entities, but mainly their own mortal mind. I am wondering if you have any comments on how a parent might maximize the growth of a young mortal in preparation for the Thought Adjuster.

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly. This has been worked on in depth by This One and you will find the relevant information you seek in the manuscript that he and Avalah Melchizedek have created. It’s entitled Learning Centers for Sustainable Families. You will find that manuscript on the site, and in particular we would advise you to examine chapter two on page 15. The title is: The Formation of Positive Selfhood and Best Parenting Practices. That goes from page 15 to 22. The chapter continues on after that which you would, as well, find interesting.

Bea: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

MACHIVENTA: You’re most welcome.

19. Spiritual value of disappointment

Geoff: Hello MACHIVENTA: This is Geoff in South Wales. In the introduction to Paper 151 of The Urantia Book I was just reading the Master Jesus is said to have talked at length on the mission of adversity and the spiritual value of disappointment, though the content of this discourse is not divulged. Would it be appropriate at this time for you to comment on what is surely an important lesson for us to ponder through these difficult times?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, that surely would be a good topic to discuss at length at another time and circumstance. I’m not trying to evade your question or request as it is important, but I do suggest that you do a search within The Urantia Book about disappointment. That would be very enlightening for you. And if you find related topics which would be as important, then please research that as well. Let us know what you find please.

Geoff: Thank you very much.

Evan: Hello. I’m Evan from the Philippines. Hello Machiventa, it’s very nice to be here.

MACHIVENTA: It’s nice to hear from you.

20. Working co-creatively with Spirit

Evan: I wanted tell you that we have a lot of problems here in my country, especially because of the pandemic, and we have always had very, very much of this government graft and corruption and there’s a lot of poverty, and now we have a lot of hunger. So, we formed a group of women that has a goal to feed hungry families, but that is only for their physical problem. My question is: Is this something that is co-creative? How do we know it is also co-creative and could you give us some advice on how to proceed?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. The first step in co-creative activity where your efforts are joined with those of celestials is to meditate and ask for assistance in your efforts. And try to be definitive of what you want to occur through this co-creative relationship and then ask for guidance [on] how to proceed. Then, what you do next is the most difficult part—waiting for something to come into your life that shows you a way, the way—it’s not necessarily the way, but a way to proceed toward your accomplishment of your goals. Is it clear so far?

Evan: Yes, thank you. That’s about all I’ll ask today. Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: You’re welcome.

James: Evan, I’m glad you could make it today. It’s 2:00 o’clock in the morning where Evan is.

Daniel: They are having bad weather there.

Evan: Yes, it has been lately, but it’s gone now. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you.

21. Firearm education in other countries

Scott: This is Scott from the Niagara area, and it’s a pleasure to be in everyone’s company once again. As a student of politics and an activist for many decades, it’s also been many decades since I was in the educational system myself, but it occurred to me that there’s a lot of wisdom in what you suggested about the responsibility of gun ownership and better education as well as education for different types of drugs and what not. I know here in Canada we sort of pride ourselves on having superior training and registration requirements than our friends south of the border do. I know what my son went through in order to qualify to go duck hunting or goose hunting, for example, with his uncle who was a great mentor and a very responsible person in that regard. It just occurred to me that the educational systems are absolutely key in trying to educate our young people and help transform the irresponsible use of firearms and the lack of consequences that most people seem to understand. I was wondering if you have seen any good models worldwide that could be pointed to, Machiventa, that we could help to promote within our own respective governments and educational regulatory systems that might help with the progress in this regard?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there are a number of private educational organizations whose interest is in promoting safe hunting, for example, and safe gun ownership, and, even while they are promoting the use of firearms, they are promoting it as a responsibility and as a privilege. No one has a right to misuse firearms for example. Thank you.

Scott: Thank you. Are there any specific government jurisdictions where you see governments doing a good job or above average job on the planet that we could learn from and perhaps help promulgate some of those activities or best practices?

MACHIVENTA: Regarding firearms you would be well advised to contact a military unit whose responsibilities involve the topic you’re asking about.

Scott: Thank you.

Walt: Machiventa, since having successful relationships is like vital to cultivating sustainable families, would you advise on the key underlying causes and remedies to failed marriages and romantic relationships?

MACHIVENTA: Dear Walt, this is Machiventa, you have a talent for asking questions that ask me to provide information that you could readily find on your own. It’s not that I am withdrawing from providing helpful information, but I would be more concerned about helping you with your intimate relationships. Thank you.

Walt: OK, understood. The next question is: What can you tell us about the truthfulness about a current universe administration program for rehabilitating repentant rebel angels by having them incarnate here?

MACHIVENTA: I repeat: Your fishing expeditions do not help our situation or the answering in this forum. Thank you.

Walt: OK. The other question is regarding the Brexit referendum in the UK. Do you and your colleagues sense a shift in public attitudes that favors remaining in the EU? And if yes, what is the best sociopolitical approach for the UK to reverse course?

MACHIVENTA: Your question is just another refrain put in different words about another subject. We wish you to become more concrete about your questions Walt. It’s not that we are hesitant or withdrawing from being of assistance, but we’re not your news agency. Thank you.

Walt: Oh, wow. The last question that I would ask is: We know that optimum health depends upon the quality and quantity of foods we consume, however the appetite is our enemy. What advice can you give us to make our appetites consistently subject to our wills?

MACHIVENTA: I will pass on your question thank you.

Walt: OK. I will leave it at that. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you.

James: That’s all the time we have for questions today. Do you have a closing Machiventa ?

22. The burdens of your spirituality are heavy at times

MACHIVENTA: Yes, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. The burdens of your spirituality are heavy at times. The burdens of your duties to fulfill them can be diverse and sometimes not comfortable. We see in your questions the challenges of your existence as a mortal of the realm. We see too that we are not your panacea for life and living. You have the responsibility to care for yourself—both as a physical mortal and as a growing spiritual being with responsibilities to fill your soul with those permanent wisdoms that you can live by. The emphasis here in these lessons is to live by the wisdoms that you have gathered in your lifetime and from your teachings from Christ Michael and the various Teachers within The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission.

23. Live your life consciously in the moment

It is insufficient for you to just do, but you also must reason the purpose of your being. You are not an automaton soldier to live a life making decisions that you don’t know the repercussions to, but to live a life consciously—to live it moment to moment, to live in the moment consciously—to become one with that moment only in which God lives when your Thought Adjuster can assist you. When you project yourself to the what-if’s and how-about’s, you have left the planet so to speak, and you are disconnected from your mortal life. The wisdom that we care and want to show you, to share with you, and teach you how to use, lies within this moment. We could answer many of your questions that would provide some assistance to you, but where would be the wisdom in that?

24. Learn from experience and gain wisdom

It is not that you are left alone to live out the travail of a mortal lifetime as The Urantia Book has discussed. You have in your company your Thought Adjuster, the God Presence, and your own Guardian Angel whether it is personalized, or you are part of a group. By asking questions, you begin to learn. By asking questions and living your life, you learn through experience, and from your experience you gain wisdom. It is important that your questions allow us to answer them with wisdom—to assist you in living life generally, sometimes specifically, but not remotely. We wish you a good day and a safe and well life. Thank you.

James: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel. And can I ask everyone to pray for the United States in the coming week or month through our election process—that it be a peaceful process.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― New Era Transition 103 ― November 2, 2020 ― Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US ― NOCO group
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: November 2, 2020



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