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Embrace the Inner Guru

Sunday, 10 December, 2017
inner guru

Teacher Ophelius
Today we would like to address the Corps Students—those who have diligently followed this teaching program and have taken the messages and lessons to the “heart and soul” of their being. We also want you to know that we leave no one out who is actively engaged and may be only starting on this path, for you are all developing your mature spiritual personalities in waves (soul groups) and so today we address those groups that are ready to receive our guidance and instruction for their active participation in the Correcting Time and in Father’s Great Plan.

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The Degree of Attunement you have with Me

Sunday, 30 April, 2017

My Beloved, I delight when you come to me and ask Me to share in your joy—in your experiences with your friends and family and in those quiet moments alone. When you see a thing of beauty and you stop and appreciate the moment, give thanks, and ask ME to share in that moment, I come in close and give you that “warm nudge” that I am here with you. You are developing a “divine” relationship when you consciously choose to share your inner personal thought-life with Me—your Beloved Indwelling. No thing do you hide from me because we have a trust-bond—you remain open to me and maintain a continuous “knowing” that I AM ever guiding you. This is only the beginning of your faith journey with ME, yet this simple trust is the key to the eternal adventure.

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Invoke the Holy Union

Sunday, 12 November, 2017
Holy Union

The Circle of Seven:
Today, my dear students on the path, we would like for you to join with us in connecting with your Indwelling Spirit and continue to build your intimate relationship with this Perfect Spark that lives within you. The attunement process depends on this personal connection and is the key to all spiritual growth and ascension. Please set aside time alone to engage the Reason for your being. Once you have become familiar with this connection piece, please create your own soul expression to invoke the Holy Union.

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The Only True and Pure Constant in your Life

Sunday, 15 October, 2017
with your Thought Adjuster

Teacher Ophelius:
Today we would like to speak about the experience of being a conscious universe citizen. It is important for you to understand where you are in your development as a spiritual being having a human experience in time space. Many on your world still sleep and continue to seek identity with what they know not, but for you, my dear students, you are awakening to a much larger view of your life and what it means to be conscious both as a human and as a spiritual being. Knowing you have a greater destiny than those around you who sleep in the illusions of their making, you are the change makers and participants in the Great Plan to bring all things closer to the Universal Father’s idea of perfection in the universes.

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A Greater Degree of Contact

Sunday, 8 October, 2017

The Scribe:
Dear One, for those who are seeking to expand their spiritual understanding and achieve enlightenment in their life on Urantia, there is no greater way than to “make real” the relationship they have with their Indwelling Spirit of the Father—the Thought Adjuster. Being a Personalized Adjuster, I know wherefore I speak. I AM Chief of Adjusters on Urantia and I AM in communication with all Thought Adjusters on the planet. I AM privy to the data that shows the progress of Adjuster attunement world-wide and there is a great opportunity at present for all those who are willing to “make real” their relationship and become participants in the Universal Father’s Great Plan.

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Welcome to the Family!

Sunday, 17 September, 2017
family of soul

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, dear friends, we would like to introduce you to your own guidance teams. Nearly all of you reading this message are awakening and have stepped onto the spiritual path. Therefore have you been afforded certain spiritual resources that include Destiny Guardians, for some, and others, Guardian Angels that have been assigned smaller more personally managed groups of individuals. As you mature in personality and in spiritual growth, more of these spiritual resources are assigned to you to help manage your growth so that you may maximize the limited time you have on Urantia—a truly unique sphere in the universe where many great souls are being shaped and forged to go on and become valuable assets in the Father’s Great Plan of universe management.

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Active Participation in your Ascension

Sunday, 14 May, 2017
Active Participation

Teacher Ophelius:
Dear Students on the path, I would like to speak to you today about the single most effective way to attune and connect with your Divine Indwelling, your “Higher-self.” Certainly, all the previous messages that have been given on the subject of stillness and connecting to the Father Fragments is forthright and helpful, but there is one sure tried and true way that is most effective, and that is to simply go out into the world and engage others with a “Fatherly Love.” This Fatherly Love I speak of is not the love of a human father, but of The Divine Father—the Creator of all things. This is the love that Jesus spoke of to his Apostles that transcended the Golden Rule—to do unto your neighbor as you would have them do unto you.

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