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New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group 9 – Thought Adjusters, Peace, Soul Growth, Cultural War

Monday, 12 July, 2021

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Broad Terms
  • For Godwin
  • The Peace of Jesus
  • Peace and competition
  • Planetary Thought Adjuster
  • Working with Thought Adjusters
  • Soul Growth and the evolving Supreme
  • Preventing the die-off
  • Moral responsibility for future generations
  • Relocation advice
  • Taking sides in America’s cultural war
  • When you choose Peace, you choose Peace
  • Be at Peace

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Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 1

Saturday, 17 July, 2021
Thought Adjuster

Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus
Dear Friends and Light Workers,
During the last six months I’ve been in contact with an extraordinary Mansion World Teacher, named Vutia. Many of you are familiar with her teachings through the messages received by me and published through this conduit of light — The 11:11 Progress Group. It became apparent to me early on in the engagement with Vutia, that she would not be paraphrasing more lessons on universe cosmology and re-stating the concepts of deity relationship. Uteah, Ophelius, and many other Teachers have done a tremendous service in bringing those understandings to our attention over the many years of this Correcting Time. Instead, Vutia said it was time to shift our thinking from understanding revelation to having actual experience in Conscious Contact with the Thought Adjuster.

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Developing Conscious Contact - Part 2

Sunday, 13 June, 2021
Thought Adjuster

Teacher: Vutia ―
Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! In the previous message I talked about the importance of having a vision of your progress—a long range view of your ascending soul and the integral part your Thought Adjuster plays in the divine/human partnership. We talked about how mansion world citizens are guided to have regular engagement with their Thought Adjusters as a way to show the Thought Adjuster that they are ready for a more progressive experience. This is what you may do to achieve the same here as you would hereafter—it is a continuance of life that is ever flowing toward a perfected consciousness. Through these teachings, I hope to demystify the elusiveness of the Thought Adjuster relationship that you may have confidence that all these ways of progress are available to you?

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Developing Conscious Contact

Sunday, 16 May, 2021
Developing Conscious Contact

Teacher: Vutia ―
Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! Today I will continue to speak about Afterlife and give you an understanding about how Mansion World Citizens use their mind to develop greater conscious contact with their Thought Adjusters —to create a construct in the mind for a vision of progress. To achieve this, you need to understand how important it is to have a “vision” of what lies ahead of you—not only here, but hereafter. To use your gift as a partner to the Universal Father’s Spirit Presence, each of you have been given a powerful imagination—this is inherent as a partner to the Creator’s Fragmented Nature that indwells your human mind, and this “virtual canvas” can be a vehicle to “see” that your soul is progressing.

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Understanding the Countermeasures

Sunday, 18 April, 2021
Vutia ― Understanding the Countermeasures

Teacher: Vutia —
Greetings, I AM Vutia of Ponoptia, speaking to you from the 5th sphere. There are many things about your world that are unique in the universe with regard to the guidance Urantia receives in this, your Correcting Time, to counter the injustices of the Lucifer Rebellion and all the tampering that was done by your defunct Planetary Prince, Caligastia, to create a dark domain for rebel habitation—separate and apart from Christ Michael’s sovereign rule. To understand the countermeasures put in place by Christ Michael, you must first understand why they were needed?

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The Ascendant Path of the Soul

Sunday, 21 February, 2021
The Ascendant Path of the Soul

Teacher: Vutia ―
Greetings to you my dear brother! My name is Vutia (Voot-cha) and I am an ascendant soul once residing on the planet called “Panoptia.” I belong to a group of seven that contacts you from the fifth mansion world and from its sea of glass. We are sanctioned mansion world teachers that may have contact with Urantians that seek more light in consciousness to understand mansion world life and the ascendant path of the soul.

We are willing to co-create an understanding from the human point of view for the rudiments of mansion world life and how this affects consciousness on your world. Knowing something about where you are headed, after your life on Urantia, serves to expand your minds and clarifies your understanding that you may see life as a continuum, and see mortal death, not as an end, but as a transition to higher worlds of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

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The Beginning (5:52)

Sunday, 17 January, 2021
The Beginning (5:52)

Teacher: The Collective of Urantia Thought Adjusters ―
This message is for all souls on Urantia that are willing—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind. We, the Thought Adjusters of Urantia, are making known to you—blessed souls—the meek, the kind, the loving, the beautiful, and the good, that by acknowledging this partnership (you + Thought Adjuster), you are to be the first group of souls to work in concert with your Thought Adjusters to develop and make use of the Enhanced Circuits now available at the discretion of your Thought Adjuster.

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NET103 – Responsibility, Stewardship, Joining Teaching Mission groups, Mental trauma, Learning and living

Monday, 2 November, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Maturing effect of the pandemic
  • Year 50 of 500
  • What have you provided?
  • We look for the committed
  • This is an experiential exercise
  • The parable of stewardship
  • You are desperately needed because you hold the light
  • Working co-creatively with your Guardian Seraphim
  • Differentiation of our Guardian Seraphim from our Thought Adjuster
  • Marijuana and gun ownership—freedoms and responsibility
  • Responsible use of marijuana
  • Spiritual practices
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder —you must not reinjure yourself
  • Health wisdom website
  • Finding the time
  • Joining with other Teaching Mission groups
  • Fetal pain during abortion
  • Facilitating Adjuster arrival in children
  • Spiritual value of disappointment
  • Working co-creatively with Spirit
  • Firearm education in other countries
  • The burdens of your spirituality are heavy at times
  • Live your life consciously in the moment
  • Learn from experience and gain wisdom

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The Desire Of The Soul

Saturday, 31 October, 2015
The Beloved One

Teacher: The Beloved One ―
All ‘willing hands are needed on deck’ during this very critical time on Urantia whilst the shadows of evil and darkness are seemingly looming closer. Few individuals are 100 percent committed to the growth of their eternal souls, which is the reason why humans have been given life, including the precious gift of free will to make this all-important choice whilst in the flesh; as the physical temple houses the immortal Spirit. Humans gradually are becoming aware of the significance of being alive at this time in the evolution of this planet when the important significance of the planet’s evolution is being thwarted and blockaded by greed.


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Enhanced Circuits Explained

Sunday, 20 September, 2020
The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters

Teacher: The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters
This message is for all souls on Urantia—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind. Each one of you has a powerful Fragment of deity (the Thought Adjuster) that works with you to see that your souls are progressing by providing insights to your consciousness that you may use for decision making. The resulting experiences you have in this life of decisions and actions is valuable to the Creator and to the emerging experiential part of Himself known as the Supreme. Because of the unusual circumstances throughout your planetary history and the ensuing rebellion that changed the intended path of your evolution, there are now “countermeasures” in place to carefully guide souls during this transition period that they may become more aware that they are the beloved children of a loving Creator Father.


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New Era Transition 98 – Unraveling World Politics and Economics, Cohesive Oneness

Monday, 24 August, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Your world seems to be coming unraveled
  • An opportunity for us….and for you
  • Quieting the mind for improving contact with your Thought Adjuster
  • What practices run counter to sustainability
  • Ivermectin for COVID
  • Melchizedek schools
  • When to stop pushing and have faith
  • Jenny’s progress—sociology and cultural anthropology
  • Machiventa discussion group on Zoom
  • A beautiful, magenta hat
  • Divine inspiration of evolutionary political and economic efforts
  • Waiting for mankind to be overjoyed at the thought of getting help
  • Framing of the political in terms of light and darkness
  • Democracies need to evolve
  • Need for a cohesive consciousness
  • Toward a mindfulness of oneness

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Actuate your Budding Potentials

Sunday, 23 August, 2020
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah ―
My Dear Students,
Many of you are enthusiastic about working directly with your Thought Adjuster—to attune and to consecrate your will that you may advance and progress in your spiritual understanding of the Divine Gift. This is a needful attitude—to hold the constancy of the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father living and working in your mind—leading you to discover the untapped potentials as a future Finalitor destined to stand before the Universal Father on Paradise. Holding this long-range view is essential, but to actuate your budding potentials, here and now, requires you to experience the co-ordinate and co-creative aspects of a spirit-led life.

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Meet Me at the Well

Sunday, 16 August, 2020
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah —
My Dear Students,
It should be no surprise to you that an enlightened age requires more and more of its citizens to understand the higher knowledge that is available to them through the Thought Adjuster circuit via the soul-mind/super-conscious mind. The enhanced circuits that carry Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge are now accessible to your Thought Adjuster and with your conscious intention, you may work with your Thought Adjuster and Destiny Guardians to attune your consciousness to receive this higher knowledge through insights, feelings, co-creative ideas, and visualizations. The potentials for spiritual growth are pregnant with possibilities, and you students have the support of your guidance teams to bring you to new levels of service and growth if you are so willing to reach for it?

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Leverage the Potentials

Sunday, 2 August, 2020
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah ―
My Dear Students,
In my last message, I talked about the newly energized circuits that your Thought Adjusters use to guide you and how Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge provides the quality of that guidance in accordance with the dispensation of planetary needs. As I have indicated, this enhanced circuitry may be utilized at the discretion of the Thought Adjusters to help their human partners grow through greater awareness of the inner world. Much of this work in communication is taking place in the super-consciousness, the sub-conscious mind, and during the sleep life. Those that have a conscious relationship with their Thought Adjusters can work directly to leverage the potentials of these enhanced circuits.

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The Circuits are Energized

Sunday, 26 July, 2020
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah —
My Dear Students,
I have a very important message on communication with your Indwelling Spirit of the Father—your Thought Adjuster that I would like for you to consider? During this time of correction on Urantia, there have been many changes in “policy” that affect the way consciousness operates. Given the current state of affairs on your world, there are now opportunities for these new policy changes to take hold and benefit humanity via changes to the Thought Adjuster circuits. The significance of these changes cannot be underestimated, and we see this “gift” of the Father as way to enable human consciousness to transcend its inherent limitations.

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