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Personality development


See it―Feel it―Become it!

Sunday, 14 October, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Greetings my dear Students,
I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah and I welcome all of you to connect with me and feel the vibrations of the Trinity.  When you ask your Thought Adjuster  to connect you to me, does the Divine Operator make contact with those circuits that are necessary to tap into my consciousness here on the Circles of Jerusem where I can process any number of conscious connections with all of you.  Never am I too busy to speak to those who truly want my attention.  This receiver noted upon our connection this morning how beautiful, warm, and loving is the initial connection with me and made comment how he desires that all people could feel this wonderful loving vibration when speaking with spiritual beings.  It is possible for all of you reading this message to feel these spiritual vibrations that pluck the heart strings of the soul, for to reach for these connections with an attitude of sincerity and loving expectation, conditions the circuits of your mind to meet me on the common ground of love.  What experience can you share with me that brings you to this place of high vibration in love, truth, beauty, and goodness?

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About Overcoming Fear

Tuesday, 19 February, 2013
About Overcoming Fear

Teacher Thought Adjuster: 
There is no doubt that fear has spread all over this world. The overabundance of bad news and the way in which the worst of human nature is promoted by the media contributes to the sense of insecurity that is felt by many. This makes the population susceptible to manipulation and to making rash decisions based on the impulse of self preservation.

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Your Greatest Challenge

Sunday, 30 September, 2018
Your Greatest Challenge

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Greetings to you, my dearest students―I AM Uteah and I bring you the Love of the Universal Father, the Compassion of the Eternal Son, and the Breath and Beauty of the Infinite Spirit―may this Trinity of Divinity be forever imprinted on your heart and may it envelop the vessel of your souls. 

This statement is not only a salutation, but a reality, for as a Trinity Teacher, I bring the vibration of this Trinity in through my words and between the lines where it may saturate your being and activate the divine relationship between your soul and the Indwelling Spirit of the Father.

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New Era Transition 48 – Making contributions; Humanitarianism; Justice System

Tuesday, 2 October, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Machiventa’s multiple mind connections
  • How we assist in the clumping of individuals
  • Being highly spiritual is not necessary to make contributions
  • Knowing that you are guided
  • Discourse on Humanitarianism
  • The problem of homelessness
  • Surveillance of capitalism
  • Announcement by Xsamuel of “Monumental Significance”
  • Survival of democratic governments
  • Using the 7 values with the justice system
  • Closing statements

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On Physical Death

Friday, 20 July, 2018
On Physical Death

Teacher Prolotheos:
Death is an important and crucial moment in all human existence. Death may be an interruption in a life’s career or — for comparably few — an irrevocable ending to their existence — depending on whether during life a faith decision was made in respect to doing the will of the Father. Death is an important event because it is the moment of harvest — timely or untimely — of a life’s career. Death is exiting life by way of interruption of vital functions and is of consequence for human beings that did not reach the status of spiritual identification with their personal Thought Adjuster. 

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There is One Expectation you may hold onto

Sunday, 9 September, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Greetings to you―People of Urantia, I AM Uteah, Trinity Teacher, assigned to Planet 606.  You shall be hearing from me often and from other designated sources.  It is important that I speak plainly to you about the path ahead and that I prepare the Dedicated Core for the energetic transformation that must take place for the next phase of our work together.  Since the closure of the last of the rebel circuits, your planet has been cleared by the System Sovereign, Lanaforge, to be re-encircuited into the progressive fold of the Satania System of planets.

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Your First Lesson from a Trinity Teacher

Sunday, 26 August, 2018
Sacred Space

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Greetings of love and joy I bring to you, Dear Ones.  I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah.

Please sit quietly―in your peace and take in my divine vibration―breathe me in through your heart center―let us be of one mind, and one heart. Let my thoughts be your thoughts.  Do this when we come together and bind with me that higher part of your mind and the deepest part of your heart―the Indwelling Spirit of the Father has this space set aside for our union―move into it and feel my love for you―feel it saturate you―feel it move through every part of you―breathe deep.

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