Personality development


Personality development


Five Important Names

Sunday, 20 November, 2016
spiritual path

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, light workers and students on the path, I have a “hypothetical” question to ask and an exercise that may be rather important for you: If you woke up one morning and had grown five invisible psychic chords that were attached to your soul, and you could request having each of them connected to another being—a human or a celestial being of light (any), that would bring you the most light, energy, and inspiration, and contribute most to your spiritual development and life mission, who would be on your list?

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The Spirit Quotient – Part 2

Sunday, 9 October, 2016
spirit IQ

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, dear one, we shall continue our discussion on the “Spirit Quotient”—the value that determines the measure of planetary consciousness. There is a popular phrase on your world called “the tipping point”. What that means in terms of mass consciousness is that there shall come a time when there are enough minds operating at a higher level of spiritual awareness that eventually there will be a marked upsurge in the majority of minds on the planet that will begin to awaken and start to recognize that something is wrong with the world. This awakening shall be the first heartbeat of the coalescing organism of humanity to move away from the old models of thought that keeps the mass consciousness of the planet divided and distracted from seeing the benefits of unity and brotherhood to improve the quality of life for all people around the world.

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The Spirit Quotient of Planetary Consciousness

Sunday, 2 October, 2016
spirit quotient

Teacher Ophelius:
Dear One, there have been questions asked about human nature, the quality of the soul, and why it is that some people, regardless of intelligence, seem to have more of an affinity for God consciousness and God seeking than others. If we all start out at birth with personality—the gift of the Universal Father, and then receive the Indwelling Spirit—the Thought Adjuster at or near age six when humans make their first moral decision, why do we see such disparity in the path of spiritual development? Is it in the DNA or are there some other factors that determine the path of spiritual growth? To even begin to understand these complex things at the individual level, we must first zoom out to see the bigger picture—something most on your world fail to see.

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Destiny Points—The Crossroads of Decision

Sunday, 23 November, 2014
Destiny Points

Thought Adjuster:
Dear One, it is I AM—your Beloved Indwelling. Within the lifetime of any person there is what I call, “Destiny Points” and there are many. These are conjunctions or intersections where the life plan of the soul and the life path of the individual come together at a crossroads and at this “point” there is a decision to be made. Sometimes the individual is aware of the importance of this decision and other times the Destiny Point is subtle and may not enter into one’s consciousness, yet it must still be acted on subconsciously. The Destiny Points are opportunities for growth and for the highest good of the soul and they are afforded to you by my direction as I AM your spiritual operator.

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In Divine Reality All are One

Sunday, 12 June, 2016
God is Love

Teacher Ophelius:
God is Love. God is Spirit. God is all Powerful, all Knowing, all Wise, and Everywhere Present. His Creation and every creature in it exist as the eventuation of His desire to know and possess All Experience—to know Himself. As an answer to His primal question, “Who Am I?” the birth of the time-space universes came into being—to be the theatre for His children to experience life and to freely choose the path of knowing what it is to climb the ladder of life from imperfection to god-like perfection.

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Dynamic Influence – The Link to Universe Destiny

Sunday, 17 April, 2016
Teacher The SUMERIAN:
The message for today is relative to every living soul on every developing world throughout the far flung universes of time. Nearly all are working toward the completion of the Great Plan in varying degrees of “willingness”. Some have become aware of this participation, and others are completely oblivious of their participation, yet each, by their very unique design as a child of the Creator, have certain “built-in” maps and plans—potentials that may contribute to the completion of universe destiny, which makes each soul an important “agent” of change. As the children of time awaken to the divine fact that they are indwelled by the spirit of the Father’s presence, they expand and accelerate this process of solving universe problems. Many who remain oblivious may actually add to the “queue” of certain universe problems, which in time will have to be solved through life experience before the scales of Light and Life tip toward completion of destiny.

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About Patience

Thursday, 24 March, 2016
Thought Adjuster:
Dear child, the thought came to your mind that Patience is a must in the human evolution. You cannot speed up growth as growth occurs about a period of time in the worlds of time and space. The mere wishing of being grown up does not miraculously transport you from childhood to adulthood. Yet, you can envision it in your mind—you can imagine how it will feel like when you reach that state. This is also made easier due to the many generations that are evolving in front of your eyes—that are way showers of things yet to come in your life.

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About AM Frequencies

Wednesday, 6 April, 2016
Thought Adjuster:
 Dear child, the thought came to your mind that human beings can be compared to little transmitter-receivers.  Thanks to their physical senses, they are connected to various experiential fields:  their eyes convey colors and the lay of the land; their sense of smell connects them with the invisible reality of smells and fragrances; their sense of touch connects them with various textures and sensations; etc.

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Death and Resurrection

Thursday, 21 March, 2013
Teacher Prolotheos:
Today we cover the subject of dying, and I want to talk about aspects of the process all of you have to one day face. Mortal death is not the end as you all know, but under certain circumstances it can be. Death, simply explained, is the passage of those physical and intellectual energies in you, presently in a kinetic state, to a static state because of dissolution. However, death can be either a remarkable event to you, which advances you to your next life, and to your next universe station, the Mansion Worlds, or in extremely rare circumstances a tragic episode which eventually and forever ends your existence as recognizable universe personality. Ponder the concept of permanent death.

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Give Yourself Permission

Sunday, 20 March, 2016
Teacher Ophelius:
Many of you students on the path go through phases where you feel you are regressing in your spiritual development—you feel distracted by your present life duties or career choices which seem to be encroaching on your meditative, creative, healing, or worship activities. There may also be some energetic interference in and around the various layers of the planet which may cause you to feel disconnected, and many are feeling this at present. Whatever the case may be—know this, Dear One: You are here to experience life in all the fullness and contrast that planetary life brings. There shall be times when your spiritual development may seem to wane and wavier, yet are you still growing through experience! Have no fear, for fear is the one most potent spirit poison there is for the creative mind. It shuts down the flow of creativity from the Inner Pilot who guides you.

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Sunday, 4 June, 1995
Teacher: Ham
  • Death, Sleeping Survivors
  • Near Death Experience
  • Training
  • Resurrection
  • Tree of Life
  • Progress
  • Near Death Experience, Fear, Greed
  • Teaching Mission
  • Coma, Euthanasia
  • Seven Psychic Circles
  • Values, Morality
  • Nature
  • Urantia Book, Urantia Movement

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Saturday, 27 June, 2009

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my beloveds, I would like to speak about depression. Many of you suffer from this state of mind for many reasons, real and imagined. For some it comes on because of a lack of purpose in their lives — a loss of drive to become more than what they are. It is stagnation and it leads to digression of soul development. Depression is one of the spirit poisons, and it separates one from the doing of the Father’s will. In many ways the state of being depressed can be used as a rationalized excuse for circumventing the Father’s will by ignoring the leadings of the indwelling spirit, and thus the guardian seraphim must take corrective action to get the person back upon the road to real soul building and spirit progression.

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