Our heart is a meeting place

"Today we would like you to bring your attention to the Universal Father by acknowledging the presence of your Thought Adjuster, for it is the Adjuster that connects you directly with the Father on Paradise instantaneously whenever you wish to communicate, pray, or worship. It is the Adjuster’s “job” to be the Master Operator in your mind that coordinates all spiritual activity...".
— Teacher Ophelius

Comments Wivine
: This session are answers to questions posed by Bernard from Rwanda, following session # 9 - 2020 announcing the birth of "Uni". I thought they could be of interest to others also.

Bernard Question # 1: I wondered why our planet is so special to be able to welcome three Sons and Daughters of Heaven?

Wivine: all of this relates to the future of our local universe Nebadon and its role in the next era - of the Supreme Being where we will be the Creator Sons and Creative Daughters of the future.

Not created by the Paradise Deities, but by becoming it through the ascension of our soul – through the fusion with our God Fragment - to eventually reach God in Paradise as Divinized Creatures. Resembling in our perfection to God, a perfection acquired through experiences during our ascension without being God. This Divine perfection will among other things give us the capacity of a Creator Son and a Creative Daughter currently created by the Deities of the Trinity.

The Creator Sons and Creative Daughters from Paradise will then be given other tasks to accomplish as they too will have gained experiences and abilities at their divine level. Evolution never ends regardless the spiritual level. Never!

There will always be another adventure waiting for us behind every step taken with great effort. This applies to all created life, including animals, plants, and the mineral world.

The Universal Father did not create with the purpose that Creation would one day come to an end. Yes, some evolution steps which are in fact preparations for the next step.

These three Paradise Sons and Daughters - Aaron, Luova and Uni - did not come here just for our planet, nor for the other rebellious planets. They are here to prepare the future of this planet and the role it will have to play in the Future Era of God The Supreme or the Great Universal Mother in which we live.

Question # 2: Why is it on our planet, through you, that The Supreme Being realized that She wanted to communicate directly with the children of the planets? Can you explain this to me because I think you are in the best position to do so? How did you feel when you came in contact with Her?

Wivine: I've been looking for my Celestial Mum for years. The one who is the Partner of the Universal Father in the Great Creation.

I was born from a mom and a dad. My parents divorced when I was a teenager and I suffered a lot from it as my parents and grandparents urged me to side with one or the other. It broke my heart and I became unbalanced at the time. Having to choose between my parents was not an option for me. It was out of the question, their disagreements were not my business. I needed both and always kept in touch with both whether others liked it or not.

It was very important for me to find a Heavenly Dad and Mom at the Trinity level. If there is a Father - there had to be a Mother. If it is at the bottom like on the top - Where was The Mother?

All Bibles, even the Urantia Book, describe all Great Deities as masculine and of course the English language, which is mostly masculine, does not help. I don't even want to talk about all Christian sects that exist, as well as other religions like Hinduism and so on. There are so many religious beliefs in the world and almost all of them are Patriarchal.

Intuitively I felt that the sweetness of a Heavenly Great Mother was missing and probably I was driven to seek Her, to understand Her so that I could reveal Her.

I first encountered the Mother Spirit of our local universe. Then the Infinite Spirit and then The Eternal Son-Mother. But I still had the impression that it wasn't Them, that the Heavenly Great Mother was someone else.

When I finally grasped Her, understood Her on my human level, an intense love flowed from my heart to Her. A love so intense and spontaneous - comparable to what a child would feel who lost her mother and finds her back - that I screamed to Her, asking to hear me, to speak to me, to take me in Her arms.

She heard me, She hugged me like a baby. She showed me that I was living in Her, She showed me Her shape in space, the seven Superuniverses that revolve around Havona and the Isle of Paradise and also the four outside levels of emerging worlds that are revolving around the seven Superuniverses.

Then She shook me to make me understand that I had to listen. After a few tries I ended up hearing a sound - a regular basic sound like a drum - like a heartbeat. The universe had a beating heart.

Luckily I didn't know back then that She wasn’t aware of all individual souls growing in Her, nor that She didn't know how to communicate with us individually. I probably wouldn’t even have tried. I just wondered why She hadn't spoken to me. It was much later that I understood Her problem.

It lasted many years before any explanation came up. Before Her desire to be able to communicate more directly with us was disclosed.

It was out of love for Her that I was able to contact Her. Only out of love and nothing else. You can do the same as long as you are doing it out of love and not out of curiosity. She knows how to make the difference, She will not be fooled by your intentions, just as the Universal Father cannot be fooled.

It's all about the value of the love you feel for Them.

Was it really just me who was able to make Her aware of our individual existence or did many humans from all Superuniverses already send their Love to Her over the decades? Or was my "call" to Her just the last trigger, the last push She needed to become aware of us and feel the need to communicate with us?

Personally I feel in my heart that it is due to a common effort.

Take the example of nine people pulling a cart full of marble stones towards the top of the mountain. At one point it becomes too difficult for them because the slope becomes too steep. They need an extra hand to help them lift their load. This person arrives and they can finish the job. The marble stones are at the top of the mountain.

Can we say that it was only the 10th person that achieved it? No, she certainly helped and without her the other nine wouldn't have made it, but that's all we can say about it.

All the major stages of the spiritual evolution of a human being, of a planet, of a local universe or a Superuniverse, take place through team work where each one contributes with his qualities. Sometimes the teams are very small, sometimes bigger, sometimes when it’s about a planet these teams don't even meet in their lifetime. Because their souls are gathered in school classes – in groups - during their meditations or sleep without being aware of it during their daily life. They receive the necessary lessons to be able to achieve some tasks in their physical environment or even at other levels, or somewhere else.

It is a Melchizedek technique which is now widely used in our world. Otherwise, it would not be possible to get the same messages across the world, in all cultures, all religious beliefs almost simultaneously. It doesn’t even matter what level of school education you received during your human life.

A soul develops through the greatness of her love and the intelligence of her heart, an intelligence far superior to any human mind. The soul will always understand more than your human intelligence or brain capacity.

This is why you are told over and over and over again that you should
think with your heart and not with your brain intellect.

Our heart is a meeting place. The meeting place of

- your incorruptible God Fragment (spiritual)
- with your growing (morontia) soul,
- your emotions and capacity to love
- as well as the needs of your (physical) body.

It’s in the heart that all confrontations take place until the day these levels of human existence (spiritual-morontia-physical) grow together - fuse and become ONE.

Even in Paradise, you will find this principle of teamwork where loyalty and honesty within a team are highly valued qualities. They are the core values that determine a team’s success.

It is also important to realize that the approach of the Universal Mother is different from the Universal Father. Their role in our growth is different.

The Universal Father has given us our "personality" and one of His Fragments (Thought Adjuster) which guides us to become one day like Him. It is The Father who guides us with His Love and Wisdom towards our Divine destiny. It is in the first place Him that we must reach by fusing with His God Fragment to continue our ascent to Paradise. This is our most important mission.

Our Universal Mother is our home, our caretaker. She created our environment in which we evolve and will later create. The Love of the Mother is different from the Love of the Father and I hope that one day everyone will feel Her sweetness.

It is the Love of both that we will learn to unite in our hearts in order to continue our ascent to Paradise in a more balanced way.

hearts      Before !
    After !

Question # 3: Do you have any idea of what is happening on other planets to compare it with what is happening on our planet to better understand why it is so special.

Wivine: It's not just about us, the people of earth; this concerns all life in all Superuniverses.

It is our Master Spirit # 7 - AYA - of our Superuniverse # 7 who is the spokesperson for The Supreme Being. He knows Her Will and Her role in the Creation of the Universal Father. He will therefore play a leading role in the next Era of God the Supreme. We live in his Superuniverse.

It is also on our planet that Christ Michael (Jesus) lived as a human being.

I am not able to answer you why exactly and extensively our planet is so special. I don’t know what is happening on other planets, not even all what is happening here. It has nothing to do with you or me, we are too

young - it is a decision made at Paradise level by the Highest Spiritual Creatures and this decision was made long before we were born.

One day we will know everything. For sure! One day!! In the meantime let's take small steps and have patience.

I'm a human being like you, Bernard, forty years older. And in 40 years you learn a lot of things by trial and error. Especially when you want to know the reason for your existence, when you search and knock on the right door with a lot of love in your heart. This also applies to you.

In addition, we are only at the beginning of our great spiritual career. So there is nothing to get excited about.

There are planets where humans are much more evolved than we are. They did not experience Lucifer.

I don't know why, but I feel that one day, looking back, we'll end up thanking him, our famous Lucifer for having done what he did.

Good and bad - seen from above and with retrospection - becomes very relative.


Wivine ― Our heart is a meeting place ― 25 September 2020 ― Mezza Verde Group ― Mezzaverde in Belgium
Speaker: Wivine
Session #10– English translation– Original French



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