The Neuro-Network – A New Campaign of Light

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we would like to speak about what is currently occurring on your world and what is happening on our side of the veil. The Correcting Time initiative and those Spirit agencies involved in the rehabilitation of your planet have entered into a new campaign of what we call “Neuro-Networking". What does this mean? It means that any “Light” resource on your planet—any individual, group, or organization willing to make a positive change for a better world, shall be presented with opportunities to grow their work by connecting them with others who share common interest or goals where the combined effort of the network can benefit or serve the greater good for the souls of this world.

The spiritual economy is being “supercharged” to maximize potentials and those of you who are sensitive to these energies are noticing these changes in subtle ways. Like a new season of growth, old and dead branches that produce no fruit will be cleared away allowing the light to warm the soil and foster new sprouts of living branches that can be nurtured to produce good fruit. The older branches that are capable, yet struggling, will grow deeper roots by tapping into the “Neuro-Network". Spirit is like the weather—the sun and rain giving just the right amount of energies to stimulate the new growth. There are legions of spirit forces around your planet involved in this network seeing to it that connections are made bringing individuals, ideas, and opportunities together that may produce the greatest harvest.

My dear friends, if ever there was a time you thought about beginning some new work or rekindling a promising idea to improve yourself or your community—to teach, to lead and direct, or to bring others together for an intrinsic common good, now is the time to “branch out”. Whatever you put your efforts toward; Spirit will get behind it and provide the opportunities for growth. Many of you will notice an increase in synchronicities—those signs and pointers that give you pause and bring you into the moment of your being where you feel Spirit is working with you to make a decision. Please “step into it,” because despite our greatest efforts, we cannot violate free will—you are the “boots on the ground” and you must make the decisions that will ultimately change your world and bring it into the age of Light and Life.

We are all one big family—Spirit and man, and we are connected by this Neuro-Network of the Creative Spirit and only now are we just beginning to work with you in ways most other “normal” developing planets have enjoyed knowing the Great Plan as a reality instead of some esoteric belief. You are One with us and it is time for you to understand this at a deeper level. Many of you are receiving information and energies to “attune” you for the work ahead and you perceive these subtle changes in different ways—count it all a blessing, my friends.

Please know that all the love, the true, beautiful, and good things that are happening are the combined efforts of the entire living organism that We are (Spirit and man) as One heart and One mind—the Spirit—the Will of the One Creator Father with the children of time.

God speed to you,

The Circle of Seven 
Ophelius - The Neuro-Network – A New Campaign of Light - March 29, 2015 - Michigan, US - Chris -
Received by Chris
Session: March 29, 2015


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Praise be to the Lord God the

Praise be to the Lord God the Father of all creation.

This is indeed a blessing. We anticipate our era of light and life and we will do whatever it takes to corporate with you guys, (Oops I just said guys - laughter - ) with such a huge info at our desposal and this great and well established strategic plan all things are indeed possible.

I will keep up and keep in touch with this heavenly technology NEURO - NETWORK.


TheJUST "shall live by his faith"