The Coming Times

"Life on your world and the struggles you face in your daily life provides the opportunity for you to choose which experiences you will have and how those choices affect the lives of those in your circles".
— Teacher Ophelius

coming timesTeacher Christ Michael:
I AM Michael of Nebadon, and I come to share My thoughts with you on the coming times.

Dear Ones,
You live in difficult times, and yet there are even more difficult times to come, as your world id reconfigured to allow more spiritual growth to take place and a whole new civilisation to be built by you. No longer will it be the prerogative of the rich and powerful to construct a society which disenfranchises most of the population, for it will be the responsibility of each and every person to make their contribution to building this new civilisation.

Of course, that means you will have to get off your butts and build it, and not spend all your time watching TV and engaged with other diversions. It’s very hard work building from the ground up, because whatever the shortcomings of your present civilisation, you just had to find your ready made slot in it because somebody else had already prepared it for you. It may not have been a nice place, but it was easy because it was all done for you.

Well, in the coming times on Earth, when she has been cleared of all the Dark Ones and the pollution, there will be a fresh start for you, and in many ways it will seem quite harsh for most of you, compared with what you are used to. One of the features of this society, once it reaches the appropriate point, is that you will have to govern it yourselves. That means you will not have a professional political class dedicated to taking the responsibility away from you, and fulfilling their own agenda. You Ones will have to choose fairly from the ordinary people, and select the ones to represent you. They will have a limited tenure and every so often there will be elections to replace individual representatives.

There will be no four or five year term of government, and then have to re-elect a new one en-masse, because Government will be perpetual, without political bias, and government by the people, for the people; not by the rich and powerful to keep the people poor as is current practice.

You will find that the easy life is over; and the policies which kept billions of people in near starvation conditions, and gave billions of other people aircraft hangar sized stores selling everything from a matchstick to an elephant, and 87 different varieties of hair shampoo, will have been abolished forever.

We are talking here about sustainability, healthy food and sourcing food and other products on a local basis, and having a much smaller population of the world. People will be expected to grow at least some of their own food, and that will remove much of the disconnection between the people and the food sources and allow many people to taste real wholesome food for the first time in their lives.

Money will become a means of exchange, to facilitate trade and purchases, and eventually you will be moving to a cashless society where barter and good companionship and fairness will abolish the need for coinage of any kind. This is what could be described as a Gifting Economy and works much better than money ever could. This type of economy is normal elsewhere in the cosmos on the other inhabited planets, of which there are very many. Ah yes, your brothers and sisters elsewhere are very much more advanced than you are, but that is due to you giving away your freedom to others, who keep you poor, and repress all of the new technologies which would give you so much better lives, for their own selfish interests.

It will not be long before these old methods are abolished, and they are really no big loss to you all, because there are better times ahead and a great deal more satisfaction to life, even though it will involve a great deal of hard work.

I AM Michael of Nebadon, and I place My seal on these words transmitted telepathically to Vince for transcription and publication on this day of 24th May 2010.

Christ Michael ― The Coming Times ― May 24, 2010 ― Vince ― Group: ERETHEA
Received by Vince
Session: May 24, 2010



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