Towards an Ethical Society

Monday, 21 March, 2011

Teacher, Magisterial Son Monjoronson:
In an advanced society where money and ownership by the individual or corporation are not required, many of you would see it as Communism, and if you live in a Capitalist country the thought of living in a Communist society will fill you with dread. And yet the advanced society is as far away from being a Communist regime as you could imagine.
When everything is given to the community, it becomes far richer than any country in your world today, and life is far more pleasant and rewarding. If you were to remove the military and politicians, together with the police, the security services and the revenue departments, you would instantly become a wealthy community. Then dispose of the bankers of all kinds, including the privately owned central banks, and you are beginning to talk about retaining some seriously large assets.

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Community Leadership Models, Power & Control Issues

Sunday, 11 August, 2002

Teacher Rayson:
Today we will continue a very important lesson of community. If you would think of community as a ship, one ship in an armada, a fleet of ships, going in a direction towards Paradise of mortal, spiritual ascension, how would they get to their destination? They of course would have a fleet Admiral in charge, who would understand the overall plans and journey and mission of the armada. This admiral would be privy to the greatest designs of its nation and its positive purpose for its world. Think of the Admiral as Machiventa, who is privy to the grand plans of your planet with Michael, the plan is the Correcting Time. Now the Admiral cannot be on every ship, can he? Of course not. So this is shared with captains of each ship. And each ship has various departments/sections and work areas, and each of those has a leader who knows what they are to do in their respective area. And in the best armadas, every sailor knows the way, every sailor knows the function and mission and destination of its ship, and its fleet and its armada.

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Urantia's Capacity to Survive

Sunday, 25 August, 2002

Teacher Rayson:
You may know that we have our urban planners, city planners, intentional community planners on this side — Celestial agents/teachers who are working with you and who will work with you as your planning committees develop and engage the real issues of community building. In these cases, we are first and foremost concerned to guide your efforts to the manifestation of really doable community, operational community, ones that are guided by ideals and fulfilled in reality, operational communities that can last. And only in these communities that last, will come forth individuals who are whole and complete and of immense soul survivable quality.

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Community As Social Organism

Friday, 19 July, 2002

Teacher: Rayson
Today, let us continue with our discussion of community. You will find that communities we have discussed are social organisms. They are brought together by designs, by intentions, and the underpinnings of them are more social, with goals and intentions in mind. Yet, there are far more challenges for you than these intellectual and spiritual pursuits, there will also be the challenges of coming to like-mindedness, to agreement with others in actually carrying out the designs and intentions for building an intentional community. Where agreement is not possible, then find compromise or workable options.

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Conference Highlights

Sunday, 7 July, 2002

Teacher, Rayson:
Community building is essential to the survival of your world. Some nations do this better than others, and some locales and communities in the United States do this better than others. Even the simple camaraderie that you might find at a council meeting is evidence of community building, a willingness to cooperate, a willingness to participate equally with others, and invite those who have no voice to share theirs.

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Development of Intentional Communities

Sunday, 2 June, 2002

Teacher: Rayson
Let us continue then with the development of intentional community. The following construct may be a bit difficult for some of you to visualize; for others of you, it will be quite easy. But I want you to visualize a two-dimensional schematic of a community. You’ve done this before, you’ve seen organizational maps, organizational structures on two-dimensions, and in this case, the focus is upon the individual. Last time we met, we spoke about the "intention of community" is to raise and develop and to grow individuals who are of soul-survivable capacity, to be integrated with a larger community, to make a contribution in a meaningful way. So this schematic has the individual at a point or a nexus; from that person radiate connecting lines to all agencies, facilities, organizations, bodies that assist in the growth, support, maintenance and development of the individual.

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Self Sustaning, Intentional Communities

Sunday, 19 May, 2002

We will continue our discussion about community, it building upon the prior lessons and discussions about the inner healing of your lives. And I hope that you are still working your "sticky notes," bringing to consciousness those issues you wish to remove, that you command to remove, and those qualities and values and beliefs you wish to, command to, be instilled and operant in your mind so that your lives become expressions of these new beliefs, and that the old beliefs are gone.

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