Towards an Ethical Society

Teacher, Magisterial Son Monjoronson

1. Ethics, Community
2. Polarity
3. Money
4. Poverty

Transmitter/Receiver: Vince

eco-settlements21 March, 2011

Monjoronson: Good day to you my dear ones. I am here to explain a little more to you about the theft of your assets, just in case some of you don’t “get it” yet.

1. Ethics, Community

In an advanced society where money and ownership by the individual or corporation are not required, many of you would see it as Communism, and if you live in a Capitalist country the thought of living in a Communist society will fill you with dread. And yet the advanced society is as far away from being a Communist regime as you could imagine.

When everything is given to the community, it becomes far richer than any country in your world today, and life is far more pleasant and rewarding. If you were to remove the military and politicians, together with the police, the security services and the revenue departments, you would instantly become a wealthy community. Then dispose of the bankers of all kinds, including the privately owned central banks, and you are beginning to talk about retaining some seriously large assets.

But, I hear you ask, what happens when your country is attacked; when you need to build a new rail network; or your cell-phone has been stolen. Let’s get this straight before we continue; you could not have such an advanced society as I am explaining to you, for collectively you are spiritually backward. The advanced people I speak of do not steal, to not go to war, are truthful, loving and take personal responsibility very seriously indeed. They don’t fit gold railings to their boundary walls to make themselves look better than their neighbours, and if some people thought gold railings were a good idea, then the whole community would be able to have them as well, if they wanted to.

There are a few small isolated tribal communities on your planet who still carry the understanding of ethical societies, but mostly the others were converted to religions some time ago, for religions have been used as weaponised social engineering, to break down the natural propensity humans have for looking after their fellow beings. It would now be impossible to set you up as an advanced society where mutuality is the keynote, for the vast majority of people alive in your world today are quite selfish.

Now, I don’t mean this as an insult to you, but even the most generous and caring person is selfish, because that’s how your society works. You have individual bank accounts, his cars and hers cars, and a “this is mine and that is yours” kind of mindset. Many of you would find it difficult in an ethical community, because the mindset is a “this is ours” one. People on ethical planets have societies so ahead of yours that if I tried explaining it to you, you would find the systems they use difficult or impossible to grasp.

2. Polarity

When the time of change to the Earth’s surface has been completed, the Dark Ones will have been removed, and those people who remain will be a very mixed bunch. Some of them will be quite ethical and a whole lot more will be less than ethical; which means that there will be a polarisation of communities, with some who are beginning to strive for the collective, and the remainder striving for themselves again. That is not to say that the selfish ones are anything like the Dark Ones of your present times, but they will clearly be unable to function in a mutually beneficial society. Then will come a sorting out period, where only the ethical ones will be able to continue on Earth, and the others will go to another place more in keeping with their level of spiritual understanding, which will be better for them and their future development. Once that division has taken place, then comes the opportunity to go forward with plans to jointly create an ethical society where everyone benefits, and there is no crime and no war; and that is what we have been planning for.

At the moment there is great poverty of spirit in your world, and it is the very poor who pay the most to your rich Dark Ones. What you think of as normal; is anything but. Let us suppose you are one who lives on a small income, and your washing machine finally gives up and is declared deceased, what do you do? Well for many in that situation the options are; buy used, buy a cheap one on a finance plan or credit card, get a bank loan and buy a cheap one, get a loan from a loan-shark and buy a used one, or do without. Either way you’re in a difficult situation and unless you are going without, you’ll have to borrow money at some expensive rate of interest. Buying used and dealing with a loan-shark is the worst, for you’ll end up owing a fortune with another dead machine, quicker than you thought possible.

The Dark Ones have extracted so much of the resources from the community before you ever get what they decide you can have from what’s left, and then you have to go along to one of their businesses to borrow money on which you will have to pay interest, and in many cases the percentage is quite large. For them, this is a win-win situation, and I suspect that most of you will find this quite normal, and much of humanity is in debt on your planet. The way you are taxed and made to pay interest is all very wrong, and is the keystone of a “wage slave” society.

3. Money

Both taxation and the charging of interest on financial loans are unethical, because they divide the community in two, “us and them” and “the haves and the have not’s”. There are varying degrees of the full spectrum of richness and impoverishment, but taxation and interest are the largest cause, quickly followed by all forms of war, criminal activity and addiction to substances, gambling and the like; where you will find concentrations of the Dark Ones operating. They play on human weakness, and for those who follow a religious doctrine, they have already been weakened by design because their purpose is to control their followers and keep them from finding their true God.

Theft of your assets has been going on for such a long time that most of you see it as normal and quite unremarkable, but it is neither; it is immoral and indefensible. You are beings worth so very much more than being ripped-off by all and sundry, and kept in a state of relative poverty as “sheep”, to be farmed by the Dark Ones in ways I have mentioned here, but in so many other ways as well.

I have to write these pieces up to a maximum number of words at every occasion, for the process with my scribe uses up his energies fast, and we desire to give you messages as frequently as possible, so I have to paint you a broad picture, rather than give you all the very fine detail involved. When I say that a far better life is possible by living in an ethical community where everyone benefits, I say this from experience of working with such communities in other places and dimensions. Although there is a basic framework embedded in the individuals concerned, as in the case of your own small isolated tribal people, no two communities are the same because they have developed advanced models with the basic framework as the start-point. They have no need of money and personal property; and yet they live lives of riches far beyond your wildest imagination.

4. Poverty

The Dark Ones have reduced life on Earth to one of spiritual poverty for most and economic poverty for even more, and yet this is what you see as normal. It isn’t normal by the standards of all the other places I have visited, and the system has to go, and the Dark Ones with it. Then, and only then, can we begin the first stages of an interim system which will last through to the great divide of the remaining population, after which we can install the basic ethical model for you who remain to take forward in your own way, for the benefit of all. That is a point I am very much looking forward to, for I know your eyes will light up like a child opening a birthday present, only this present is for all of you.

God bless you all.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince, my scribe and friend.

Monjoronson ― Towards an Ethical Society ― March 21, 2011 ― Vince ― Group: ERETHEA
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Session: March 21, 2011



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