The Ego – An Aspect of the Human Self?

“Being open, curious, and having a willingness to learn will serve you well and is the beginning of wisdom—to live those experiences that embrace truth, beauty, and goodness”.
— Teacher Ophelius

spiritual growthPrayer:
I state my gratitude for this connection, this format that we access now and ask what say you teachers about this element of ego, this aspect of the human self? Perhaps you may help us in defining this aspect.

Teacher: Inner Voice ―
I am honored to be able to field this question from the crowd, as it were. I am given the latitude to step forward as this one’s Inner Voice who has been granted peace, love, the material voice and vocabulary and structure of thought that allows me to access this channel of communication. I understand that there is present a question to familiarize the participants with this aspect of themselves, this component of their being they are referring to as this ego. This aspect of the human condition that you are referring to is your internal drive mechanism. It is the aspect of you which is inspired to pursue your vision and to activate your creative prerogative. It is a motivator, it is a champion for your cause, it brings inspiration and can channel creative forces as you would so direct.

Just as your mind is a component of your being and you are learning the importance of the focus of this tool in the implementation of your desires to move about in spirit, so this phenomenon of the ego, as you refer to it, is simply another tool in your toolbox. It is completely at your command as is your mind function. It has been referred to as the part of you to blame for actions when they are undesirable, this drive that pushed you to make these errant choices and create this unfortunate reality before you. Therefore there has been this desire to use this force of creativity, this drive of the ego, to blame for when things go wrong.

However, it is also to blame for everything that goes right. It is the force itself of drive, of initiative, of forward momentum and if it is used to implement decisions which are contrary to divine will and principles, then it will be successful in bringing the results that are manufactured. If it is used to propel you in the direction of service, of love, of the creation of positive influence and the propagation of love, when used in this fashion, your ego is a golden tool, may be used to propel you to seek spirit, to approach the divine, to become close to your divine parents. It is the same force, it is merely how you apply it. Much like the mind, it is simply a force to be reckoned with, a force to be brought under your command and made to focus at your desire.

So I advise you to reconsider the part that the ego, as you refer to this driving component, is it responsible, is it to be blamed, is it to be sought after? It is merely an aspect of your being, another one of your tools in your toolbox to bring under your command and implement its properties. Any tool may be used for a variety of purposes and some are in contrast to its purpose and they will not survive and thrive. Others are part of the purpose of this tool and may be utilized and accessed at your will as a result of your awareness and your willingness to work with these dimensions.

Indeed in asking these questions about the components of your being you are learning to bring them under your jurisdiction, to incorporate them in your being, to embrace that aspect of yourself as being a legitimate part of your capacities, of your abilities, of your senses and in so incorporating these various aspects of your individual being you are literally forming a composite being, a being capable of utilizing these various tools and avenues of approach and abilities of perception and as you incorporate these other aspects, you are also here in pursuit of incorporating another aspect of your being, your Inner Guide, your Divine Voice, another grand tool that is part of your composition, is part of your very being. You are discovering and allowing that this aspect of your being has dimension. You are growing this portion of yourself by focusing on it and feeding it with your energy, developing its parameters as you explore its dimensions.

And with the same results of developing a composite being, a being of many facets, of many realities, a being who has been great with a mortal experience of flesh and blood and pain and doubt and darkness and light, where all these things are so very significant in the material realm, alongside this experience you are sensing something else, something greater, something more real, more permanent, more enduring and you sense this part of yourself, this piece of your being and you desire to connect with it. This is where we wait for you, this is the moment of your choosing, this is when your time is ready and when your state has been achieved, when your environment has been conditioned and when your purpose has been stated and granted.This is where we find ourselves even now and it is a pleasure to make reference to all that is in process and all that is transpiring, even as we discuss this potential.

I invite you to consider bringing in all of these elements of yourself into your parlor of spirit and consideration. Bring in your desire to grow and help and move forward and pursue your Divine Parents. Bring the focus of your mind to prepare your environment and condition your state so that you may access an altogether different sense, a different type of awareness and enjoy the latitude that moving into this spirit dimension brings you. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you have connected the part with the whole, that your desire to find your Divine Parents and your divine origins have indeed found you the way and express your internal gratitude for having found this path and having found the embrace of spirit while traversing this path. All of this positions and aligns you to connect with the grace from on high and the peace extended to you as you seek and search.

We have had a practice of focused intention, combined focused intention, so I invite us to reproduce such an experience. I invite us to once again envision Mother Earth, Mother Spirit embodied as Mother Earth and project all manner of goodness, of peace, of love, of beauty and of gratitude for such magnificent service and such loving and complete care provided to all those who are born as children. This material manifestation of love is a gift to all that have a beginning here and I invite us to train our gaze, to refine our focus, to illuminate and send the light to Mother Spirit who may be incarnated as Mother Earth in order to provide the very womb for your existence. Express your gratitude through this portal, express your desire for help and do this through this portal. Focus our combined intentions directed through this portal and it most certainly be so, even now.

I invite you to sense not the words, not the vibrations of sound, but behind these signals the sensation of divine signal, of connecting with the grand circuit of your Indwelling Guides, connecting with this grand antenna you have access to, another tool in your toolbox. With so many potent and powerful tools, certainly you may have great affect on circumstances and situations you choose to apply yourselves to. After all, it has been stated, with God, all things are possible. You, as messengers of God, are desiring merely to learn how to effectively implement this truth, how to manifest this reality, how to be the one in service. When all things are possible and you are in league with God, what then will be your action? What then will be your purpose?

It all tends to come back to the golden moment of choice, each moment, every moment, all moments are subject to your choosing as to how you will react. Those moments are the turning points where you may redirect the energies and refocus the vision and this is only made possible if you are aware that it is so and if you are in fact aware that it is so, that if paying attention moment by moment, the mind application that you have is very busy indeed. It does not tend to like to be idle and will generate its own direction if left unattended. Therefore it becomes incumbent upon the owner, the observer, to take control and to seize the reins of what will transpire if there is no other guidance. These are the golden moments of choice, this is where you may choose to interject a higher value, a grander vision, a greater perception and in so doing you redirect the energies at play and this causes a reorganization of the organism and causes a more perfect pattern to be implemented as a result of your efforts.

So be it, as it is even now. As we consider these things and as your thoughts are generated and issued forth they are things, they are as realities that are awaiting your choosing and your further investments. They are potentials at play that you have launched and created and are available to you to manifest more fully and create additional dimensions of your vision. It is grand to refer to such conditions and aspects of your being while you are in the mortal condition. In this paradigm, often it is difficult to even learn of the many aspects of the human being, let alone establish any control or command over these elements of self. It is my pleasure to assist you in whatever way I may. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and I am grateful for my associate’s desire to serve as well.

I take my leave and allow for you to consider the many different references made and allow the Spirit of Truth to pervade your being and enlighten your perspective and bring you the awareness and the grace that are destined to be yours. Let it be so, even now. Good day to you all, I bid you farewell.

Inner Voice ― The Ego – An Aspect of the Human Self? ― August 05, 2021― Mark Rogers ― Lightline Teleconference
Received by Mark Rogers
Session: August 05, 2021



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