God as a Pronoun

“As you grow more perfect—like the Creator, you are given greater capabilities to manipulate universe energy and your mind and consciousness is expanded to comprehend the sublime and astonishing experiences as you ascend toward perfection”.
— Teacher Ophelius

In each and every reference I make to God, it becomes a struggle for me to represent the ‘First Source of All’ in gender related pronouns. Should God be called He, She or It? Our cultures are becoming more and more sensitive to the need to correct our gender prejudice and yet many of us have been raised on theological terms that identify our Creator in male terms and some in female terms. As I participate in the writing and publishing of spiritual works, the uncertainty grows as to how I should address the First Source.

So, on March 21, 2018 I approached Monjoronson asking that he shine some light on this struggle for us. That interaction resulted in this transmission:

Teacher: Magisgterial Son, Monjoronson ―
This is indeed a worthy consideration since many of you are knee deep in the correction of a variety of cultural prejudices that as you grow spiritually, glare out at you in full view, leaving you very uncomfortable. The dominance of patriarchal beliefs and practices in most of your societies, creates a feeling among you that if you use a masculine pronoun to refer to the First Source, you are indeed feeding a prejudice toward the female gender and vice versa. So, let us explore this topic of gender more thoroughly.

From my view, I see that gender prejudice among humans exists against both genders of your species. Both genders have participated in gender bias toward the other. You have been influenced culturally by established roles of male and female throughout your mortal existence. The question of who is labeled more prejudiced often falls to who in that culture is more dominant and more oppressive against the other. And in most cases on your planet, it is the male gender that has imposed more controlling factors against the female gender in your current cultures that results in the identification of one society being more patriarchal than another.

From a spiritual standpoint, your Creator, the First Source, includes all and is virtually genderless. And as you progress through your eternal career, all the factors attributed to one gender or the other will be understood as merely genetic or cultural markers and descriptors in the worlds of time and space. It is within the borders of cultural relationships that gender prejudice emerges, not in the gender itself. One does not develop prejudice as a member of one gender or the other but as the member of a family, a community or a culture that supports and expresses prejudicial gender beliefs.

When you are born, the union of one male and female zygote identifies the anatomical reproductive structures of your gender. It defines if you will have the physical landmarks of a female or male. Along with the obvious sexual identifiers, you then possess a soup of hormones that allow you to function in your physically identified reproductive roles.

However, as you may have observed, for some, their physically identified gender is not necessarily definitive in determining their sexual identity. You already have within you an assortment of male and female factors that when reinforced by certain genetic and cultural factors could create the opposite gender identity of your physical counterparts. You could indeed have male physical parts with a female identity and vice versa. Or you may have male parts with a male identity who is still sexually attracted to other males. There are many variations. Regardless of the variety of ways one may view his or her gender identity, regardless of how one may respond sexually, and regardless of whether you are physically identified as a female or male, you are already a mix of male and female factors and quite honestly, you need both to function effectively.

Make no assumptions that one gender is superior over another, for your Сreator loves and values each and every one of you equally. Just as there is no chosen race, religion, or nation, there is no chosen gender.

When you leave this world and ascend into more of a morontial existence, you will at first, maintain your gender identity even in the absence of your physical reproductive parts because your identity has been influenced and created by many other factors. However, as you mature toward the acquisition of a pure spiritual being, you will integrate both male and female attributes in such a way that you shed your gender for a more unified identity much in the way that our Creator functions.

But in your current existence as gendered beings, the question still remains: “How do we then reconcile the appropriate gender usage for our Creator?

There is no question that our Creator encompasses ‘all’ including any gender or pronoun that you address Her/Him/It with. It would be simple if in your earthbound languages you were given an appropriate pronoun for one who is gender unified. However, as has happened before, we run up against the limitations of your language to describe cosmological realities. In most of your languages, “He” refers to males, “She” to females and “It” to objects or something that is not personalized. Even the reference of “I AM” feels awkward to some.

And yet, each one of you has determined which of these terms ‘feels’ more comfortable for you as an individual, to use as a reference to God, your Creator. That is because you are yourself the culmination of cultural, spiritual and religious experiences where certain pronouns were accepted as the proper terms and as you developed your own relationship with your Creator, you may have found that one pronoun fits your description or feeling of your Creator better than another. The solution lies in something other than defining the correct language usage.

So, in light of this, what would your Creator choose to be called? I would suggest that at this time in your development, that this become a lesson in diversity, a lesson in tolerance. I am sure that the Creator would want to be called by the name that you are most comfortable with and would ask in turn you accept the names that others are more comfortable with.

I would further recommend that in the act of discernment, you not place the value of a spiritual piece on the name used for the Creator but instead by the beauty, goodness and truth of the message. Let it be known in your words and actions that our Creator is one who loves you equally, who values your diversity, and only wishes that you would love and respect each other in the same way without prejudice.

Vicki: Hmm… So once again I am surprised at your response and yet it makes perfect sense.

Monjoronson: What one calls another is reflective of their relationship with that individual. Your relationship with the Creator is a very personal experience and that label or name needs to be respected.

Vicki: I can see this now. For me I call God, my Father and I really do not understand why I give him a male name and pronoun. Maybe it is because of my religious upbringing as you say or because of the love I feel for my earthly father. However, I know that God relates as well to my female parts as he does to my male parts and I do not in any way feel I am less than a male.

Monjoronson: (He smiles). I can sense that you are comfortable in your own gender identity. Your planet is at the beginning stages of the evolutionary process where gender serves a purpose in the reproduction of your species. Like many aspects of your mortal existence, you live in a state of duality, of separateness and of relative imperfection. It is part of your growth to begin to perceive yourself as a part of the whole and honor and respect the abundance of diversity that surrounds you as you become more perfect.

Many on your planet are still caught up in a very primitive perception that the diverse nature of other human beings is a threat to their very survival. That there is only one right way to think or to be. And yet, with the diverse nature of your current populations, it is truly time to transcend these very animalistic tendencies to discriminate against one another.

Vicki: In my studies, I see that even the Trinity defines its parts in male and female terms. For instance, the Infinite Spirit and her offspring is often referred to as the female Mother Spirit or Daughters and yet the Second Source and his offspring are referred to as the male Son. Is that strictly done for our level of understanding, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: In some sacred texts that have been passed down, those terms were chosen to best describe relationships that your species would understand at their level of development. However, the prejudice that you experience between genders on your planet tend to distort these relationships.

There is a nature and a role that is described in the male and female descriptions as they apply to the Trinity. It however does not include a measure of inequality as is often seen in the prejudiced response to gender on your world. In the universe, the female and male descriptors are valued equally and are equally needed. One does not dominate or override the other. They both serve an indispensable role and as compliments to the whole. This is how we wish you would relate to each other.

Vicki: I understand. However, it is interesting that you, Monjoronson was created through a union of the Son of God and the Infinite spirit as a perfected being. Why then are you considered a Magisterial Son and not a Magisterial Daughter?

Monjoronson: My designation is merely a reflection of the gendered model that has been presented to your world. It is a fact that male and female descriptors in the Trinity do not hold the same connotations or separations that you experience on Earth.

Know that I was created as a unified being without a gender designation along with others of my same origin and we encompass both male and female propensities. Though unified and perfected, we require considerable training to serve others. And through this training, we gain experience in living and expressing ourselves at times as gendered beings. After all, our work is often done in the worlds of time and space. We must then become adequately prepared to assist in evolutionary worlds like yours where gender plays a role.

Vicki: Then, have you also experienced yourself as one of female gender?

Monjoronson: Yes.

Vicki: I thought so. (Monjoronson laughs). You are so interesting Monjoronson. You give me so many reasons not to give up when I am struggling because you demonstrate how much more there is to learn and to experience beyond this world.

Monjoronson: Let me grace you with the same compliment because your journey is as unique to me as I am unique to you.

Vicki: (I smile). Thank you. I am truly humbled by that. Is there more you wish to share, Monjoronson before we close this session?

Monjoronson: Yes. Let me remind you, the reader, that even in your cultures, dual roles are often expressed as male and female counterparts such as the yin/yang comparisons. This use of gender as a defining descriptor and an organizational tool to assist individuals at varying stages of evolution is a common practice in other parts the universe as well. Once you gain this understanding, then it is all the more important that you remove the gender bias that prevails on your planet so that it does not carry over to these designations.

Freeing oneself of prejudice preserves the unique qualities of each gender and places individuals of either gender in equal standing as they were meant to be. Regardless of how you choose to address your Creator, She/He/It anxiously awaits your communications and your contributions to the welfare of this world. May you have the privilege of fully expressing yourself in the majesty of God’s presence.

Magisgterial Son, Monjoronson ― God as a Pronoun ― July 28, 2020 ― Vicki Vanderheyden ― Mattawan, Michigan US of A ― © The 11:11 Progress Group
Received by Vicki Vanderheyden
Session: March 21, 2018



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