Universal Father


God as a Pronoun

Tuesday, 28 July, 2020

In each and every reference I make to God, it becomes a struggle for me to represent the ‘First Source of All’ in gender related pronouns. Should God be called He, She or It? Our cultures are becoming more and more sensitive to the need to correct our gender prejudice and yet many of us have been raised on theological terms that identify our Creator in male terms and some in female terms.

Teacher: Monjoronson ―
This is indeed a worthy consideration since many of you are knee deep in the correction of a variety of cultural prejudices that as you grow spiritually, glare out at you in full view, leaving you very uncomfortable. The dominance of patriarchal beliefs and practices in most of your societies, creates a feeling among you that if you use a masculine pronoun to refer to the First Source, you are indeed feeding a prejudice toward the female gender and vice versa. So, let us explore this topic of gender more thoroughly.

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