A lesson in remediation

«We feel your joy as you sit in the presence of the great I AM, and we benefit from the strength of signal you receive when the higher vibrations from His presence still linger and pulse within you».
— Thought Adjuster

Trinity Teacher Uteah Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah ―
Crises are mighty game-changers and should be welcomed as such, as it does put a positive spin on them and motivates those affected to come up with innovative solutions through the use of their brainpower.

Your entire planet is currently undergoing such a mighty reshuffling. How you individually face the challenges determine which trump card you get to play in that intense Game of Life.

The extended quarantine mode has led many to sense that the planet is on the brink of a new evolutionary phase. Initially, they grudgingly complied with the forced confinement, as it was hard to let go of what they considered as essentials to their welfare.

After having ‘done without’ for a while, their first stroke of insight occurred when they admitted that many of these items were expendables that distracted them from attending to more pressing matters. What then?

Their natural second move should then be to conduct a thorough audit of their life up to that point and devise a remodeling plan for a more vibrant inner life. The denial phase has now given way to a carpe diem stance.

Get in touch with your unsuspected super-powers and activate them toward the manifestation of best-case scenarios—seceding from the collective pessimism that only brings about more of the same. Your self-reformation contributes to the planetary upgrade.

In the tale of “The Fisherman’s Wife,” a fisherman catches a large fish, who then pleads for its life. The fisherman agrees to release him. The fish, to repay the man’s kindness, offers to grant the man a wish. And then begins the trouble. The fisherman’s wife has him make greater and greater wishes—going from just being comfortable to living in a castle. Eventually, the fisherman and his wife are returned to their original old home with no more wishes.

The moral of this tale is not to ask for more than what you need. As well, it is a metaphor for the fact that you manifest what you focus on. Due to a lack of present moment awareness, many foolishly squander some promising opportunities.

Be the visionaries, and manifesters of the new Earth! Break the hypnotical spell thrown by mass media who have become expert at emotional manipulation. Secede from their hold and generate your mediatic influence by allying with those who are busy going after their dreams, thus manifesting a much more utopic world, conducive to the unprecedented unleashing of their God-given creativity.

Trinity Teacher Uteah ― A lesson in remediation ― April 24 ― Anyas ― Inner Sherpa, Inc ― Oregon, US of A
Received by Anyas
Session: April 24, 2020



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