Mission Urantia - 10

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: Mark Rogers
Invocation: JT

April 29, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa. Why do you doubt me? Why do you question my presence and my ability to reach across this veil and contact you? Do you not know by now the reality of Spirit and your place in Creation? My dear ones, you are all children of light, and each of you is attended to as if you were the only begotten child of our Heavenly Father. You needn't worry that you are forgotten or alone. We are in an amazing era of transition on this world. As your current society descends into chaos, and confusion plagues your contemporaries, you are the salt that will provide the leavening that will rise up a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at how to live upon this world in cooperation with Spirit. You are the ones seeding the soil of change so new thought patterns will sprout in the minds of succeeding generations and grow into a new and glorious humanity no longer hobbled by the influence of the Lucifer rebellion. This is a rite of passage for this generation: to eschew the status quo, to find, in spite of a lack of visible proof, a connection to Spirit and a new way of looking at life. In doing so, you provide a trail of light for others to follow. Even as the cataclysms intensify and the order in this world descends into disarray, you shall be the ones with a calm demeanor and a clear vision who will inspire others to follow your lead and find the way out of darkness into the light of a new and better day. It is Spirit that holds the power to enact the changes this world needs. You are the faithful that bring Spirit to the world and demonstrate this power to overcome greed, materialism, violence, and the pleasure seeking of this current generation. By your willingness to love one another, forgive one another, and stand firm where you are in loving your universe Sovereign Christ Michael who so valiantly demonstrated what mortals can do when they go in partnership with God, your influence will change the course of humanity. I and my staff are here to assist you to do this, to support you in your efforts. This is your world, and the mortals living upon it are the ones responsible for its progress. Seek within for the guidance necessary, and you shall find the path of least resistance to the future of your hopes and dreams. Now, I would open this up for questions and for conversation. Thank you.

JT: Thank you, Machiventa. Thank you, John.

Sal: Yeah. Jim, we were talking earlier before the meeting. We were discussing the request of Adam and Eve for the Melchizedeks to stay when they thought that they couldn't handle the situation by themselves for a while, but they left. And I also questioned the other reasonings that you on the other side of the fence do that reflect us on this side of the fence, like the creation of a chosen people? Can you comment on that?

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Sal, I would be happy to have a conversation with you about these things. These are honest questions and honest doubts. First, let's talk about the material sons and daughters of Jerusem and how they are brought into existence for specific purposes, and how they are very well trained. The material son and daughter that came here, that we know as Adam and Eve, were thoroughly apprised of the condition of this world, and they were thoroughly prepared and trained to be here. They spent a great deal of time studying this world, they knew of the rebellion, and they knew of the default by Caligastia. They were well prepared for the task that they were given, not only that they were given, but they volunteered for amongst a great many other material sons and daughters and were delighted that they were the ones chosen. They came here and in spite of all their preparation and training, it was more difficult than they had imagined. The one thing that they couldn't really prepare for very well was the spiritual quarantine Urantia was under. They had never experienced spiritual isolation. It was a heavy burden to bear. They were alone. They very much wanted to not be alone and wanted [to keep] the only connection they really had to their former existence on Jerusem and to Spirit. These were the Melchizedeks that were present on Urantia. They wanted them to stay. And I can certainly see how that would be. We did not leave them alone out of any sort of judgment or negative thought process at all. We left them alone because we knew what their mission was, what they had signed up for, and that as long as they leaned upon us, they would not be about their mission. They needed to be fully invested in the mission they had signed up for and be given every opportunity to pursue that mission without interference.

They were downcast and lonely for a little bit, but they soon rallied and put themselves into their mission and went about it with a great deal of faith and effort. They were ensnared in their plans by Caligastia, and they defaulted. It's hard to know how difficult it was for them in their isolation, in their loneliness, and how that weighed upon them. And so they, like us, suffered the consequences of their decisions. Since there was no intent to default in terms of the betrayal of Christ Michael, they simply had to live out the natural course of events of their life, and they did an amazing job of trying to resurrect what they could of their mission, to keep as much of it intact as they could. They lived a long time on this world and labored valiantly for the welfare of this world and do so, even to this day. But in the end, they had to pass through the transition of mortal death like everyone else and move on to the mansion worlds.

Sal: I understand that, but things are no better today than they were then. And if Adam and Eve were to come today, they would run in the same situation they ran into then needing help from the Melchizedeks because this planet has not gotten any better, it's gotten even worse. As you know, they crucified our Creator Son with the knowledge that he was putting out. So, I don't think we're on a good end of the stick here. On your end you're fine. But on our end, I want something to happen in my time, but I don't see that much has changed, even with the fifth epochal revelation that was here almost a hundred years ago.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. We are all faced with the very same dilemma and choice that Adam and Eve were. Here you are feeling alone, feeling abandoned by Spirit , and feeling that if only we could think of a way to get some results sooner than the divine plan, things would surely be better. Now you are face to face, Sal, with that test of faith; will you continue to believe in Christ Michael and His plans for this world even though you don't agree, don't understand, and don't have a lot of insight into the plans? Will you remain faithful and do all you can, where you are, to advance His plans? This you do in spite of no visible help, no visible proof, no visible connection. Only your eyes of faith can see the way forward for each one of you. If you will not question to the point of abandoning your faith, then you will see in time the great struggle that you're in the midst of and the great opportunity this is. On a world that has suffered rebellion, this is a severe test of your spiritual maturity, your spiritual insight, and your faith.

You cannot see behind the horizon of all the preparations that have been made and are being made for your world, but you are asked to go forth into each new day with the faith that all is well, that you are well, and that you are completely supported, cared for, and even if this whole world crashes and passes away, your future is held safe for you. There is no answer that I can give or would give that would rob you of your opportunity to exercise this faith you have, and to live each day as an adventure in faith. If you study your Urantia Book and you really examine how Jesus lived this life, every day he trusted his Father, got up determined to do the Father's will as best he understood it, and he took great risks and had great courage to go to Jerusalem even when he knew there was a death warrant out for him. So much love, faith, and courage. Even that night in Gethsemane, when his courage faltered, he prayed that this cup be taken from him, but when it was made plain that the will of his Father was that he live out his life according to the natural events of his day and age, he accepted it, and he gave an even greater example of love, and forgiveness, and demonstrated for all time and eternity: those who will not waver in their faith will one day realize the great reward of that faith, and carry on in this ascension career to one day stand before our Creator, and hear those words "Well done."

As far as chosen people go this is not something that's unique to the Jewish people. They might have a very well-articulated tradition of it, and have many rituals based around it, and be fairly aggressive in how they announced their belief, but if you look into every culture before them and since, you will find this virus of being chosen—being in the in-group. That is what the human ego does; that is all part of how Caligastia, with Satan and Lucifer, corrupted the mind circuits of humanity. Because this notion of being in the in-group automatically sets up those who aren't in it, and they're in the out group. And then you can do to those in the out group whatever you feel like, because they are not part of your group. That's a primitive, barbaric way of looking at life and looking at your fellow human beings, but every evolutionary religion on this planet has vestiges of this attitude, and you can certainly see it in Christianity. You can certainly see it in the other Abrahamic faith—Islam. You can see it in Buddhism; you can see it in Hinduism. This is a human thing, and while the Jewish people had a particular opportunity through Abraham to welcome the incarnation of our Creator sovereign Michael, they also defaulted on their trust. And they have paid a rather severe price for that default. Is there anything else you would like me to comment on Sal?

Sal: Well, you've done wonders. Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: You're welcome.

JT: That's a Wonderful answer. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Surely there are others of you who have questions. Now is the time.

Cheryl: Thank you so much. Hello everyone. Thank you so much, Machiventa. I so appreciate these meetings where we can get together and receive good counsel, because even as Urantia Book readers I think sometimes we tend to think that we are a chosen people and we're not. But we are very privileged to be able to look at all religions and all faiths and accept everyone right where they are, and that's something that we will always want to keep in mind, I think, because, you know, we could have a tendency to let our egos go crazy, too, because we are visiting with celestials or, you know, any of the other things that our ego might get involved with. So, I really do appreciate the fact that you were talking about that too because it is something that we have to continually fight against. I mean, The Truth Book quote for today too, was really a good one, talking about tact and tolerance and how we need that in our lives. And that's always been a valuable lesson for me too because I've had problems with that in the past in my workplace and just in life in general, you know, learning how to have tact and tolerance with everything else that's going on, getting to think too much of yourself sometimes. We need to be knocked down a few times so that we can get back up and start over fresh. And we know through the morontia worlds that we'll keep doing this for the rest of our lives. It’s a lesson that we have to learn, you know, because we will be stopped every time that comes up. It's something that's going to be stopped and allowed to continue to learn those lessons until we get them right.

So, it's really a great privilege that we have with the whole ascension plan and something that is really great that we can tell other people about, you know, we don't go to heaven and just sit there and do nothing. There are still lots of things to be done, and that's one of the great lessons in our lives and a great, loving provision that's been given to us that we can continue on this path for eternity and continue to learn these lessons and learn to get along with one another. Just imagine when we get to the mansion worlds, and we meet all these people from other planets that look so much different than us. You know, if we can't even get along with people on our planet, how can we get along with those that are on other planets? So, there's just so many things to think about. And I just basically wanted to just come in and express appreciation and that I'm just so happy that there's all these wonderful things that are happening on our planet right now. And those are the things that I really want to focus on—learning and getting better day by day. So, thank you so much.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Thank you, Cheryl. It is true that human beings have a tendency to want to know more, to beg for truth, to request truth, to desire truth. And then, as soon as they get a little bit of it, they forget that truth is relative. There are very few absolute truths on this world. Truths are relative to your capacity to understand, your capacity to receive, and to your willingness to keep an open mind. There are many in the Urantia community that have found their truth and hold on to it for dear life. They don't want one bit of it to change because they're so grateful for that truth. They forget that truth is ongoing, that the truth in The Urantia Book is a wonderful revelation for this world, but that the process of truth evolving and moving on continues. And The Urantia Book is a great beacon of light, but it's not absolute. There are things in The Urantia Book that were true at the time of its giving, its creation. that are beginning to fade—being challenged by new truth. This is the process that we will all have to deal with when we get to the mansion worlds, and those that will have the hardest time will be those that are so fixed in their truths, so close-minded about it that they won't allow new truth in.

It’s a good process to see how we do get challenged with new ideas. The whole idea of the Teaching Mission represents a big challenge to a lot of The Urantia Book readers and that community. The fact that this is an ongoing process, and we are here today talking is also a challenge in that this is a celestial/human co-creative process, and therefore subject to the flaws and imperfections of humanity. Even I as a Melchizedek, am not a perfect being. People like to point to that and say, therefore the whole process is suspect. But I would challenge each of you to always go within. This all represents this constant ongoing revelation of new truth, represents tremendous opportunities for discernment, and for you to consult your pilot light, your Indwelling Spirit, as to what is true for you. How does this bring about in your life the fruits of the Spirit? How will you experience this growth? Do you serve your fellows? The only command that Jesus ever gave his followers in the negative was judge not. That goes for ourselves too: to not judge ourselves for our faults, our doubts, our honest difficulties in assimilating new truths but to also not judge others for what they claim to be true for them. We can live with big hearts and open minds and achieve a great deal more in a much shorter time if we look at these people as our friends, as our allies, and that we share, at its root, the same love for our Creator and the same desire to live in a world of peace, of acceptance, of tolerance, of compassion with one another. When we look at that from that lens, there are a great many people already on this world working for the same ends we are. And we want to support, encourage, embrace, and enlarge the understanding of what is going on, what our circumstance is, what can be done to prevent the catastrophic failure of civilization and another Dark Age.

So, yes, we have a blessed privilege to be on the cutting edge of this transition, but because we're on the cutting edge, we're kind of going to bump into a lot of hard places that don't want to be moved, that don't want to be open, that don't want to let light in. Those who volunteer to be points of light will have to learn to accept that and find a way to deal with it without losing their life, without losing their faith, and without doubting our Savior—Christ Michael, His Correcting Time plan for us, and His ability to see these plans through to fruition. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much, James, and thank you so much, Machiventa. It's been really beautiful listening to you. I have a follow-up question to what you've been saying in terms of the work that we are here to do. And you've often spoken to us about self-mastery. The Urantia Book tells us about the seven psychic circles. We know that in our religious traditions, we see people with halos because they've reached a certain level of spiritual development. So, I wanted to ask you about the highest level of spiritual development we can reach, the kind that our religious traditions illustrate in terms of those who have reached the halos and how we change the parts of ourselves that need to change. Now, we've been taught that in conscious contact we can ask for healing, we can ask daily to see what that truth means for us, but I just want to go back and ask, is there anything more you can tell us about this process by which we have to implement self-mastery, deal with our less loving parts, and slowly move away from our animal lethargy to more spiritual, loving, unselfish love for other parts. Yeah, I guess, how do we improve ourselves daily? Is it only through our conscious contact? Are there other methodologies we should be looking at to become better daily? Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. Martha. This is a wonderful question because it gets to the root of the matter. One of the key words in your question, Marthe, was the word daily. This is a difficult transition. This is a time when the lines of spiritual communication and power have been reconnected to this world. The spiritual quarantine has been lifted, and so it is the time now for people to be able to connect more easily with Spirit , but the fact remains—this is a personal journey that each one must make. And as Jesus often said, and our Urantia text defines, the term religion is your personal relationship with God. In that personal relationship, the key to growth, to a continued trajectory of growth is intention. Every day when you engage in your stillness practice, it is good to state your intention. An example of that might be, “It is my intention to make conscious contact with you, Spirit. I intend to do the will of the Father. It is my intention that my will is the will of the Father.” Through the perseverance of this, you will be guided into what it is you have to work on in the beginning. Because in the beginning of this practice you will be shown the places within you where you hold on to pain, judgment, revenge, and fear. All these negative emotions are Spirit blockers, and they impede the flow of divine love through you. You must come to a place where you welcome this and you have a very rigorous ability to be honest with yourselves, to not look away, not defend, not rationalize, but to see these moments of unloved, unresolved issues, and ask for Spirit's help. Even when you fall down, sometimes it's a little stumble, but sometimes you do a face plant, and it hurts, but pick yourself back up and be right back in your stillness practice in the next moment asking for guidance.

It is the choice gift, the supreme gift that we can give our Creator. To, by our free will choice, devote our lives to trying to become more like our Creator. In other words, to understand His will and to try our best each day to do that no matter how we might fall short. That is the way to spiritual growth. That is the way you will increase your capacity. The highest level, Marthe, that we can grow to in this world was made available to us by Jesus' example when in the Jordan he was baptized by John and he would have fused with his Thought Adjuster in that moment, but then something unexpected, something more glorious happened. His Thought Adjuster became self-acting. The mind of Christ Michael had no need for a Thought Adjuster, and now the mind of Jesus had achieved unity with the Christ mind. As our Urantia Book illustrates, on worlds advancing in Light and Life, more and more people leave the planet by fusion—fusion with the Thought Adjuster. They don't pass through mortal death. At this time, in this world, it is indeed rare, but still a possibility. The main component besides perseverance that you add to your ability to accelerate your growth, to keep it on a steady, upward trajectory is sincerity. To be sincere in seeking the will of God and to be sincere in your wanting to be like God, that is the path. It requires a great deal of faith particularly in the beginning phases when it seems like all that you're dealing with is the unloving side of your nature and trying to understand it and release it.

The teacher Eckhardt Tolle uses the term pain bodies, that we have places within us where we literally stuff down painful traumas in our life, and we try to forget about them. Everyone on this world has many traumas that they are carrying with them from a childhood that was less than loving, less than kind and nurturing, from a world that is less than welcoming to the sensitive souls within it. In this very barbaric civilization where, particularly the females of this world have had a really hard time being treated as equals, we all carry a great deal of trauma. I recommend that you not shy away from this trauma, but when it gets triggered in you, that you recognize it as a wonderful opportunity for growth, and it's necessary to look at that and to understand it so that it can be brought out of the unconscious and subconscious mind into the conscious mind, and then you can offer it up to the light of divine love, Spirit luminosity. Then, like the sun rising on a cool morning when there's a great deal of ground fog, it slowly dissipates and evaporates by the shining of the light, and you are free of it. To ask questions of your personal practices is wonderful, and I love to talk about this with you because it is the secret to change on this world where we learn to love one another even as God loves us. It is that love that is the power to change this world. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much. That was so useful. Thanks.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Surely there must be others of you here who have questions about your own personal practice and relationship. I would suggest to you that this is a safe place to ask those questions, perhaps gain an insight that can help you lift off a plateau and begin another trail of steeper ascent to a higher level of understanding and insight. I would welcome these questions.

Bob: Hi Machiventa. I have a little trouble sometimes feeling my heart, I really do. I have a block somehow, sometimes feeling what's going on in my heart. I was wondering how I could possibly get that more malleable so I can better feel instead of just having the words involved with the feeling as well. Because I feel that supports and uplifts when I'm able to feel it. So, I was just wondering how that could happen.

MACHIVENTA: Yes. Thank you, Bob. It's a wonderful question. This can often be described as the way of the heart. There are teachings in the transcripts of this Teaching Mission, Correcting Time, and Magisterial Mission that talk about the heart as the true brain of the body, the software. They sometimes use an analogy that way. The heart is the software and the programming that runs the brain. The brain is just the hardware, the heart-mind is software that it runs on. So, to feel your heart, to allow your heart to open is to receive the divine love of Christ Michael, of Jesus, of our heavenly Father, of Mother Spirit, however you envision this love, but to truly receive it and accept that you are worthy of this love. It is to know that you are loved unconditionally as a child of the universe. When you look at everything that is in you that blocks you from receiving this love, you have all kinds of reasons why you don't feel worthy of it; things you've done, things you are, you're aware of your imperfections, your failures, how you've hurt others, how you've been hurt by others, not worthy, all of that. When you can honestly look at all of that, release it, begin to let it go, and know and receive that you are unconditionally loved, then you will feel your heart begin to soften, begin to open. Then how you look at others will change because you will see what great difficulty it is for you to receive this love, truly, into your heart. When you know how difficult it is for you, you will look at others with compassion because you know how difficult it is for them.

This way is not a way of thinking, a way of words, but a way of feeling. At some point, if you persist with this, you will have this sensation of your head falling into your heart, where you no longer are rationalizing through words what this process is, but you will simply be able to feel it. To feel this divine love in which you live. You are never, and can never be, separate from this divine love, this love of our God, because you are a divine expression of that love. When you begin to become confident in that love you will be inspired to bestow it upon your fellows, to give it away. The more you give away, the more you receive. And that is also a way to grow in this spiritual practice. It's not service done in some sort of rational sense, or a sense of codependency, or if I do this people will love me, but because it's just a spontaneous joy based on your knowing for certain you are loved unconditionally, and you'll just want to live that love with your fellows. So, this takes time. It's practice, but if you persevere with it and you ask your indwelling Spirit for help with this, I can assure you that in each plan, as unique and varied as they are, your Indwelling Spirit wants everyone, each of us, to open to this love, to receive this love, and then bestow it as generously as we can upon our fellows. Thank you.

Bob: Thank you. Machiventa. I appreciate that.

MACHIVENTA: You're welcome Bob.

JT: Anyone else? Machiventa, do you have a closing for us?

MACHIVENTA: No, but there is one here who does have a closing for this meeting. And I would gladly relinquish the podium, so to speak, to Him.

MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. My ear is ever open to the cries of My children. I hear your requests and I feel your need for reassurance. My path is hard, but My burden is light. If you will find no reason to abandon your love for Me and only have faith, you will come to a place of calm and rest. Your world is on the brink of an amazing transition. You cannot see behind the scenes at the preparation we have put in place. Yes, there will be weeping, wailing, and great sorrow for those who reject My offer of divine love. Many people may perish, but not because I would have it that way. Everyone has a choice and a decision to make. You have read in your text, what divine mercy cannot rehabilitate, divine justice will annihilate. If this seems harsh, consider the responsibilities that come with free will. Each is offered an opportunity to choose the higher way. The choice to reject this way has consequences. Divine mercy has been spurned by many. Now the harvest of this rejection is upon this world. This is an inevitable result of the refusal, of humanity's rejection of the better way. So be it. But the children of light need not worry. By cloaking yourself in divine light and dedicating yourself to My service you are safe in the arms of My love. But you mustn't allow fear to pull you out of My embrace. Come into the presence of My love each morning as you arise. Cloak yourself with the armor of faithfulness, and you shall survive these cataclysms. Find no reason to doubt Me but dare to live and love unconditionally all My children. Your earthly lives will follow the natural course of events on this world, even as My earthly life did. My example of forgiveness and of doing the Father's Will saw Me safely through to the everlasting arms of our Father's loving heart. Never again to know fear, pain, sorrow, and despair. Now is the time of your great test. Will you courageously remain steadfast in your faith in Me and find no reason to doubt Me? Do this and allow your love for Me to bring you into the safe harbor of My eternal embrace. In so doing, you will become the rock upon which I will build the era of Light and Life upon Urantia. Doubt not, but only believe. Your hearts shall be made glad, and your faithfulness rewarded. Carry My message of divine love for all, even to the ends of the world. And you shall come to Me when your earthly life is over. My love and My peace I leave with you.

JT: Thank you, Michael, and thank you John.

Jerry: This is Jerry. I would like to accept your invitation [to Transmitter/Receiver.] I believe you said May 13th.

JT: Yes. We're going to try and expand our Transmitter/Receiver base. The next time we are together we are going to mix in some experienced Transmitters/Receivers, which Jerry is, so John doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting, and we're also going to open it up to beginners, you know, people who want to dip their toes in the water of being a Transmitter/Receiver. This will be a safe place for you to do that if you're so inclined. Talk it over with your spiritual entourage. That's a new term for me I learned this week. And see if it's time for you to try that role. And so next time we'll have Jerry, and a volunteer to try something new for themselves and for the Celestials.

Cheryl: I like that idea. And I'm in favor. And I will certainly be practicing.

JT: Super.

Bob: I support that idea as well.

JT: I won't put anything from the beginners in the transcript. I'll transcribe that part just for you if you're new to Transmitting/Receiving, but I won't publish it. That's part of making it a safe place for you to attempt those connections.

Cheryl: It is a good idea to have it transcribed, even if it's only for yourself. Because, if you keep practicing, you'll begin to see the improvements in your transmissions. You'll have a record of it. That's what I experienced when I was in my Teaching Mission group back in the mid-90s. You know, it started out with being a very little amount that we'd say, and then after a while it was a page long.

John: Well, I think it's a great idea. And kudos to you, Jerry, for being willing to step up and do this. I think that for everyone that Transmitters/Receivers (I sometimes think of it in terms of a musical instrument) we all have our own unique tone and timber, and it does us all [good] to hear many different instruments in this divine family, not just always the same ones. And so, I think it's wonderful that you're willing to do this. And you know, I appreciate Mark for doing it last time.

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