Peace of Mind Generates Mental Clarity

“You students on the path who consider yourselves “awakened” must realize that you have much to learn and just because you discovered some truth that has helped you to break out of your material slumber doesn’t mean that you can only know that truth and nothing else”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Thought Adjuster Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
Whenever your mind is clear, things fall into place quickly and organically. The fogginess of confusion and the nervousness it triggers within you are lifted, presenting you with a mental panorama more likely to nudge you toward making appropriate decisions. Mental clarity is crucial to a meaningful life, as it allows you to make up your mind based on reliable data. How else could you figure out what is worth pursuing?

If you are dealing with indecisiveness, take a time-out to clear your mind. Breathe in and out deeply to thoroughly circulate your life force and oxygenate all the cells, fibers, molecules, and layers of your complex being. It will provide you with an instant mental reboot.

By purging your thinking from its obsessive-compulsive preoccupations, you are freeing precious mental space, making room for the reception and assimilation of new insights. Once downloaded, they will ring your truth bells and provide you with information instrumental for your forward evolution.

Decisions are weighty, as they are always consequential. If made hastily and under coercive pressure, the chances are that you will come to regret them for their lack of foresight. Peace of mind generates mental clarity just like a windless day stills the lake's surface making it transparent.

By protecting your clear-thinking, you will witness how quickly your living conditions will improve. The manifestation of your reality starts from deep within you. Your imaginative mind writes the script that is enacted by your material form. You manifest a reality that has a boomerang effect on your inner world since each existential plane is part of a vast circulatory system — the Father’s World. Make sure that your initiatives are both pleasing to the eye and to the soul.

Thought Adjuster ― Peace of Mind Generates Mental Clarity ― June 23, 2020 ― Anyas ― Inner Sherpa, Inc ― Oregon, US of A
Received by Anyas
Session: June 23, 2020

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