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There are Two Plans for Urantia

Tuesday, 18 December, 2018
crossroads of Urantia

Teacher: Monjoronson
There are many agendas emerging on your world to be concerned about--coming from sources that work against the greater good of humanity and have been in planning for a very long time--some of which began at the on start of the Lucifer Rebellion itself.   Most of you would be shocked to learn the truth about these very real hidden plans and agendas that have been "scheduled" for deployment waiting for the technologies to catch up to the plan.  These plans are not so "hidden" now as they once were, and in many cases, they are in plain sight--the greatest cloak of all.  I'm asking all of you--those with discerning minds and an awareness of your Thought Adjusters, to pay attention to these disturbing signposts.

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