The soul

“Look back now my friends and see how far you have come—sometimes it will look as if you were carried by the wind. Take joy now in those milestones you have passed and look joyfully forward to the new road ahead”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Teacher, Anonymous: Faith is the measure for the opening up of the soulTeacher: Anonymous —
The opening of the soul is not a passive attitude; it is something active, where you have to put your will and your efforts. You like comparisons so much, as many people do, because they facilitate an easy way to explain things that otherwise would be very difficult to render in words.

Well then, imagine the soul like a ball of glass, completely transparent, “open” to the passing of light. Its transparent surface allows the “Light” of Divine Love to enter. Even more, it allows a total communication with this wonderful world of Divinity. It also allows the light glowing inside, this flame stimulated by Divine Love, to shine forth, visible for everybody, manifesting its presence.

This is the pristine state of the soul, this total transparency, its entire surface like an interface to Divinity. Upon the soul’s incarnation, it receives the great gift of not only perceiving the Divinity that surrounds it, but of incorporating it, owning it, and then emitting the light that forms through the reaction of “fermentation,” caused by the incorporation of Divinity.

Unfortunately, with incarnation also come encrustments that cover the smooth surface, making it opaque, not transparent, and those don’t allow the entrance of light. But always, even in the worst of cases, there is a small crack through which the soul may know that something more exists out there, something irradiating warmth, light, happiness, something that is worth yearning for, worth trying to obtain.

Incarnation and the formation of the spiritual body and its abilities, however, also implies the formation of the material mind which, fostered by the kind of education we receive, finally asserts itself, squashing and suffocating the soul and its innate longings.

The opening up of the soul is something active - once it is open, and once a small portion of Divine Love has entered, it is not enough to rest satisfied with the achievement. No, it is the permanent work of keeping open this divine interface, of entering in a continuous communication with Divinity, communication that is necessarily reflected in the person’s attitude and daily living. If we allow this portion of Divine Love that has entered us to become inactive, that is to say, if we don’t contribute in any way to stimulate the “fermentation of the batch of dough,” the surface of the soul will turn opaque, and the Divine Light cannot penetrate. As well, the feeble light inside us cannot shine forth and it will be invisible to the world, as if it did not exist.

We call this part of Divinity, which is intended for the human souls, the Divine Love. We also say that it is not an abstract feeling, but rather that it is God’s Own Substance. And so it is. This Substance has many characteristics, and the most prominent is that of unconditional Love, the Love the Heavenly Father has for us. But there are other characteristics in It, which Its name doesn’t reveal immediately, because It is a name that we have chosen from the human vocabulary, an insufficient vocabulary born of the mind that doesn’t know how to describe with accuracy the world of our soul, even worse, it does not know how to describe the Great Soul of God.

Divine Love evokes attributes of health, that is to say, perfect balance, harmony, wisdom, knowledge, and much more. It is not human wisdom, but God’s true wisdom. The inflowing of Divine Love, therefore, increases these attributes in us.

The opening up of the soul permits a permanent exchange with Divinity, a permanent recharge of this healing energy that allows not only the reestablishment of lost health, but the continuity of health, providing such a perfect balance, even in the physical body, that noxious agents like bacteria and viruses cannot find any opportunity to unchain pathological reactions, which we commonly call illness.

You know that the presence of bacteria or viruses does not mean necessarily that the body falls ill. And knowing this, why did you state the contrary?

But, yes, it is correct to observe that a person perfected in their natural love, not having obtained any portion of Divinity, will always be subject to the natural laws with all their consequences. But imagine a perfect world, perfect in the natural love… Yes, you can visualize that humanity’s combined efforts to combat illness will achieve wonderful goals. You can understand that no longer would there be hunger or poverty, nor would there be corruption due to the aspiration for profit at another’s expense, and that this perfection, outside the scope of the Divine, can also leave very little space for disease. But it is true that people without the benefit of Divine Love would lack the protective shield which the intrinsic healing energies of Divine Love provide for those who pray for our Heavenly Father’s Grace.

The opening up of the soul brings other benefits. It allows communication from soul to soul, the only communication form that we use in the Celestial Heavens, the only valid communication of which the human soul may make good use to be in contact with God, and finally, it is the form that we use to communicate with mortals.

This explains why mediums who don’t strive to develop their souls in the Divine Love will never enter into contact with us, because we speak on a different “wavelength.” The medium without soul development forcibly tunes in to inferior frequencies and he or she will only receive information from spirits who communicate along the same frequency. It is not a communication from soul to soul, it is a communication from mind to mind, and here I refer to the material mind.

In soul development we arrive at some point when the soul definitively takes control, and the material mind, with its seat in the spiritual body, disappears. When this happens, the soul has obtained the capacity to enter the Seventh Sphere, and as long as the material mind exists, the soul could not live in that sphere, since it would be completely wanting of communication.

The Seventh Sphere, then, is the place of the soul’s total opening up, with all its consequences - for example, there is no need for languages because all our feelings, our thoughts, are transmitted in the form of information packages, directly from soul to soul, and the contents of our soul lies open for all other souls to see. You could call it the absolute “information society,” with free access to everything, where nothing is hidden from anybody. This abundance of information, these galaxies of positive experiences and feelings, are only one of the factors for our happiness.

You are thinking of your own thoughts - diffuse, unordered, many times even shameful. This is how the material mind works. In the soul, this does not exist.

Faith is the measure for the opening up of the soul; it is the measure for knowledge that has come to us without learning, like a gift. All of us have minimum faith: God exists and He awaits us. You already know that many times even this minimum is secluded and cornered into a dark room of material consciousness. Nevertheless, it still exists.

On the basis of this minimum knowledge we can begin to seek God, a search accompanied by longings, which in turn bring Love and Knowledge, allowing us to open up more to Divinity, and therefore, to increase our true knowledge, that is to say, our faith increases. We need faith to obtain the Father’s Love, and this Love in turn increases our faith. It is progress in the form of an exponential, non-linear curve, and the more we progress, the easier the next step is to take. The difficult thing is to get started; the difficult thing is to find that entrance, where the Light flows into our soul, and with this discovery, to awaken our curiosity and our longings.

As I have indicated previously, the spiritual body is the seat of the material mind, as men know it. It is also the seat of our senses which, while we live on earth, are handicapped or restricted by the physical body, which filters all impressions and observations through a rough mesh. Only the coarsest things are retained in that mesh, while the finer stuff passes unnoticed.

With our physical death that impediment disappears, and the senses of the spiritual body open up for a wider range of perception, and much quicker learning. But these senses will never open up to the fantastic world of the soul. It is only through the opening up of the soul that we can participate in the world of Divinity, and it is the opening up of the soul that launches a fantastic progress without limits, where the dualism of positive and negative no longer exists, where everything is positive, a world without shadows - Paradise.

This shall be your work: Open up your souls. Pray. It is a dynamic attitude; it is first to give, and then to receive in abundance. Everything is ready for you, but you have to give your small contribution, your will, to reach out with your hands for the light, like children do. We will take you by your hands and guide you.

Your world is but a shadow of the spirit world. The spirit world is only a feeble reflection of Divinity’s splendor. Open up and aspire for more…

[Who are you? You are not Jesus.]

I am not Jesus, but you know me. I have passed a great deal of time with you, and you know my identity.

God bless you.

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