The Twilight zone and Summerland

“By living the fruits of the spirit in one's daily life and by being a living example of God's will to those in your life circles, you are learning the keys to successful communication and true happiness in your pursuit for perfection attainment in this life. You must blossom like a beautiful flower, then, even your greatest critics cannot deny the sweetness of your fragrance”.
— Teacher Ophelius

The Twilight zone and Summerland Teacher: Judas ―
My dear brother, today I come to continue with my description of the earth planes. Before the digression, when I let you know a little bit about the meaning of the word “light” in the spirit world, I told you how I passed from my hell to the region called the twilight zone. I also informed you that this is the most populated area in the spirit world, and that the great majority of spirits start their trip to their perfection at this place, to perfection in natural love or in Divine Love.

It is really a very attractive area for many spirits. There is neither cold nor excessive heat, people live in freedom, there is neither dominion nor slavery, spirits there don’t need to worry about how to earn their living, because as you already know, spirits don’t need to eat, their clothes don’t wear out, in short, it is an environment of freedom and happiness. That is why many spirits stay there for many years, happy with their situation, which in fact in the great majority of cases is much better than the condition in which they had to live on Earth.

I told you that in spite of this marvellous situation there is still a great deal of negativity in this area, which expresses itself through gossip, small differences of opinion, anger, etc. But the same things exist on Earth so therefore spirits don’t find these very annoying. It is the kind of world to which they are accustomed.

The level of ignorance can be awful. And I’m referring to spiritual ignorance. Of course, the believers of the various churches continue in their same beliefs that they cherished on Earth, the materialists wonder what has gone wrong, because they continue living. The question that is uppermost concerns whether God really exists, and all related discussions.

Ignorance is also expressed in other ways. I have told you how dark spirits from the deep hells visit Earth, in order to satisfy their addictions and perversions, or simply to cause evil. The spirits of that hell where I lived don’t usually visit Earth frequently, because more than evil, it is shame which constitutes their dominant motivation, and they spend most of their time worrying about their recollections and stuck in their thoughts during most of their stay. But the inhabitants of the upper areas of the Earth planes, yes, they usually do visit Earth frequently. They are the kind of spirits that we call “Earth-bound.” They are still interested in the life of their relatives, they like to communicate at séances, and they like to give their opinions and beliefs, presenting them as the absolute truth and the most advanced knowledge of the universe.

You remember that you once read how a spirit materialized at a séance, offering his hand for greeting. When one of the participants wanted to shake his hand, this suddenly deformed, as if dripping away. The participant was scared to death, and the spirit went away laughing. This is a typical case of a mischievous spirit. This kind of spirit is not evil, but very immature, naughty and badly behaved, like those similar characters on Earth, very attached to material things and the small pleasures which he may enjoy.

There is another kind, those who try to indoctrinate people with their opinions. If they imagine God as some supreme being full of wrath and vengeance, they present Him that way, and in order to give authority to their messages, they assume Jesus’ name or they even say that they are God the Father. They don’t do this out of wickedness, but because they try to help people. However they are like the blind who want to lead the blind. Yes, you are right, this is what happens in Vassula Ryden’s case. Therefore I repeat, it is necessary to read all messages from the beyond with much care. If you don’t feel love in them, be careful. They will surely come from poorly developed spirits.

What spirits enjoy most in the twilight zone is that they no longer need to work in jobs they don’t like, but rather find the opportunity for developing their inclinations and to live happily with the task that they have chosen for themselves. There are many who don’t know what they really want, but it is there where they learn how to recognize and to appreciate their natural gifts, which all mortals and spirits possess, although they may not know them.

Even when this area is extraordinary attractive, the spirits soon find out that there is something better, which they may even visit and learn to know. And through their activity and development in the twilight zone, there comes the time, sooner or later, for leaving and heading to a new destination.

This new place is called “Summerland” in the spiritualist literature. They describe it as the third sphere, but this is not true. It is part of the Earth planes, the highest part, but it is still a very material region, in its environment as well as in the mentality of its inhabitants.

The biggest surprise, which one finds there, is the great number of children that live in Summerland. Let’s continue using this name, because it is a very appropriate description. The presence of children is due to the fact that they arrive there when they die prematurely. They did not live long enough to acquire bad habits or deformations of their souls due to a bad style of living. They are pure souls, but not developed, and Summerland provides them with an ideal atmosphere to develop and to start their progress. We have already discussed that there are certain specially selected spirits who take care of them and give them an appropriate education. They show them the way to the perfect man, and also the Celestial path, and the children, after growing up and developing, are allowed to decide freely later. The babies’ growth and development is much quicker than on Earth, because they don’t depend on material bodies, and the soul’s capacity to grow is much superior.

This country is really a land of summer, or of eternal spring, with pretty landscapes, with beautiful cities and beautiful villages, a place for any taste or desire. And there is something very special to it.

As I have told you, the spirits of the twilight zone are already able to improve a great part of their spiritual bodies’ defects; they look like people on Earth, more or less. The aspect of the spiritual body, as the reflection of the soul’s condition, is due to the creative forces of the soul. In Summerland these forces increase. The spirits still cannot control them, but they can unconsciously, through their desires, direct the development of their bodies. That is why they look really beautiful. It is a pleasure which they enjoy for quite some time, but little by little it loses its attractiveness.

Imagine that you have a tremendously muscular body, beautiful teeth, full and dense hair, etc. and you stroll along the beach, and you attract the gaze of all people full of admiration. Isn’t this beautiful! But when suddenly everybody walks with such a “perfect” body, you are only one among many, and this is not very funny anymore.

I have told you that even this area, despite its beauty, is still a fully material region. We will investigate superficially an effect of materialism.

Imagine somebody seeing that his neighbor owns a nice car. “Oh, if I had such a car, I would be the happiest person in the world!” he says. But when some time after he actually gets this car, he sees another neighbor driving a brand-new BMW, suddenly his happiness is gone. Now he wants the BMW, and then a Mercedes Benz, and then perhaps a helicopter, and then… it is an endless chain. When he has achieved all he can at the material level, he still doesn’t feel happy. He wants more. Perhaps he enters politics, trying to gain more power, but that will never be enough either, or he tries drugs, because he finds everything so empty. In short he doesn’t find true happiness. These are only fleeting moments of contentment. You can observe this every day, and it is absurd, but in spite of it, everybody wants to copy this behavior.

Something similar happens in Summerland. Spirits still seek their pleasure and their fulfillment in material things. But the moment comes when they realize that things don’t work out this way. And it is then, when they suddenly open up their eyes to the spiritual things that their awareness expands. Then the time has come for leaving and for seeking a substantially different world. It is then when the gates of the second sphere open up for them. But this I shall describe on another occasion.

As for me, I didn’t stay long either in the twilight zone, or in Summerland. And that was due to my guide, Andrew, and to my strong desire of uniting with my old mates, the apostles and other disciples, and mainly, with the Master. The blessing of having known him on Earth also turned out to be a blessing in progressing through the spirit world.

There is just one more thing I wish to say, that is that spirits in the highest zones of the Earth planes know that their most serious sins have already been forgiven them. They have possibly suffered in hell, but they have not yet lent any true service as a work of atonement, except that they have helped one another. But they still lack a lot in order to offer appropriate help. But we will speak about this later.

Well, my brother, we have crossed the Earth planes, and now you have some idea of how things are there. It is an incomplete idea, but sufficient to quench the major part of your curiosity. It is not a very spiritual subject, but as the Bible states, man shall not live by bread alone. Everybody wants to know what is awaiting them, and this is a legitimate right. Therefore it is correct to give this kind of information.

Have a nice day, and enjoy your visit. I hope tomorrow we shall meet again, but if not, don’t worry, it will be another day.

God bless you,

Your brother in Christ, who always watches over you,


Judas ― The Twilight zone and Summerland ― September 8th, 2001 ― James Padgett ― © Soul Truth ― Cuenca, Ecuador
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