Whosoever Will, May Come

“The circuit of the Spirit of Truth is here for you to use—ask for the Christ consciousness to guide you and help you discern new truths and you will always feel confident that you are being guided in the right direction toward growth and progress”.  — Teacher Ophelius

Teacher, The Beloved OneTeacher, The Beloved One:
A calm peace and joy are slowly dawning in your heart, soul and mind. Trust this process of beginning to know My leadings within you.

Only you can experience this with Me, as each mortal can experience this with their own indwelling Spirit, which exists above and beyond all human reasoning but can be sensed by experiencing this Gift in the resulting calm and joy.

No one will be able to understand the peace you feel until they, too, have reached this point of trust. You will instantly know this when you meet kindred spirits, as you sense this fragrant calm about them.

It is recognition of sorts and a quiet rejoicing. In this rejoicing a heavenly friendship springs up and even when apart, a sense of spiritual connectedness remains forever.

Eventually, after you have reached your next stage of existence and destination in eternal life, you will again seek out this spiritual friendship. Even though you have never met in the mortal estate, you will sense this fragrance also in mortals from other planets.

The eternal Creator delights in creating as many different life-forms as possible. They are those who are indwelt with the capacity for wisdom and worship, and choose to answer the call of Spirit and the attraction of Paradise. They will learn to listen to the inner Guide, which the eternal God so graciously bestowed upon His mortal creatures to help them find their way to Paradise.

All shall by their free will and decision making ascend out of the dust of the material temple at the dissolution of the mortal estate. They will travel to the shores of the Mansion worlds to continue their training in the eternal quest of their search for God and His eternal Glory.

Many mysteries await those who accept this eternal challenge in faith and trust in the loving over-care and perfect Guidance on the road ahead.

Such are the plans of the Eternals. ‘Whosoever will, may come.’

The Beloved One ― Whosoever Will, May Come ― June 16, 2019 ― Lytske ― Urantia ― © The 11:11 Progress Group
Receiver: Lytske
Session:  June 16, 2019



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