About thought-forms

“As you go about your day, think kindly of the one in need often, and keep an open connection to this person. They will sense this love feeling in their spirit and it will help them heal themselves”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
Thoughts 'form' in the mind. It is not a metaphor but the way it goes with the thinking process. Myriads of thoughts pop willy-nilly in your mind through the constant brain activity of neurons. Once an embryonic thought-form catches your attention, you mentally zoom in to further investigate and develop it. 'Thought-appeal' can exert a good or bad influence according to its content in truth, beauty, and goodness.

By putting your attention on a specific thought-seed, you fertilize it and nurture it energetically and, consequently, it ‘shapes up,' as thoughts have substance. How else could an idea, insight, or invention change the course of life on your material world—or beyond? What does it tell you about the latent manifesting power of thoughts?

Beware of how you use your grey matter. Your mind is a gateway to inter-realm communications. How else could Spirit deliver your homework assignments? It drops miscellaneous clues, and yours is to follow through and figure out how to arrange them intelligently to solve the riddles presented to you by life itself.

Great minds are proactively developed. Your imagination originates in the First Source and Center and is one of the nuts and bolts of Its ever-ongoing creative endeavors. The Father keeps imagining THROUGH you, thus introducing many elements of surprise in His ever-unfolding Great Plan.

Use your imaginative powers constructively. Think things through before you launch their implementation phase. Once the whistle of the station master gives the green light to a freight or passenger train, it requires time and effort to bring it to a halt. Do not allow for your train of thoughts to run away and land you in a nasty wreck! Form your thoughts cautiously—not recklessly.

Thought Adjuster ― About thought-forms ― April 27, 2020 ― Anyas ― Inner Sherpa, Inc ― Oregon, US of A
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Session: April 27, 2020



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