Correcting Time Action Group - 21

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: Kona

November 13, 2023

Kona: Our heavenly parents, Christ Michael, Mother Nebadonia, celestial guides, counselors, angels, and siblings, we welcome first here the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit of trust into this space. We give you our thanks and our gratitude for every person who has chosen to be here in this space with us and with you to gather and to glean what each and every one of us can do in our lives together and separately. We just thank you for all of the preparation, all of the years, all of the hours of time spent in our training to become grounded and centered in spirit and to prepare us for the opportunity to come together again and work towards a better future on our planet. We welcome you Celestials here in and amongst us. The Word says, “Where two or more of you are gathered in my name, I'm there in the midst of you.” We know you are here with us. We're so thankful and so grateful. [We] just pray now that the spirit of peace, spirit of divine love, divine joy, and divine abundance be here and among us as well and that each person participating would receive what they came looking for in their spirit, in their mind, in their heart, and that they would receive this graciously and take it forward in their circle of influence, in their calling, and that we can go forth from this place and do the work that we're called to do.

Christ Michael, Mother Nebadonia, we thank you again and we pray these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Others: Amen. Amen.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Thank you for your invitation and for preparing this space in which I and my team can meet with you and gather this way. You know that the game we play is a long game, but what we're doing today, what we are doing now with this group, is laying a foundation. We are planting seeds, plowing the ground. We are preparing for the day when a new light dawns upon this world and where the seeds we are planting today will push their heads up above the ground and then that new light will quickly grow and bear forth the fruits of our labors.

The day that we're working for is a preparation for the Magisterial Mission. There is much to do before Monjoronson can incarnate as a mortal of the realm and walk amongst the people on this world. And so we begin that task, we continue that task, and we put ourselves to it with joy. We are grateful for this opportunity in divine service to our sovereign Christ Michael and our mother Nebadonia. I look forward to your questions. I look forward to a conversation with you to see how our co-creativity manifests. So, without further comment from me I will open the floor and let us converse together and talk about how we might best do this. Thank you.

JT: Thank you Machiventa, thank you John.

Deborah: Machiventa, I'm going to ask the question that the leadership team came up with for you. It comes from David, and we want to know what you think our priorities should be as a leadership team.

MACHIVENTA: Right. Thank you, David.

I will take us back a few moments in time to when the Planetary Management Group made this transition to the Correcting Time Action Group. And my asking of that group at that time was that they would make my presence known—find a way to let this world begin to know that I am here. Now, that's not a simple task. It's not something that will be done easily. There are many facets to it. What I would ask is that, while you organize yourselves, that you not forget that it is a primary concern of ours on this side that we do make our presence known—that we are here and that we have a plan. So, I can put some ideas out there, but they must be discussed amongst yourselves, and you'll come up with your own ideas. You have two websites. One has a more secular approach to it, the other has a more spiritual flavor. These are both two sides of the same coin. Those websites could be developed, there could be pages added to each one. There should be a simple statement, a page maybe two at the most, on what an overview of our plan is. There ought to be a page that ties us to The Urantia Book. You could call it our roots, you could call it the history, but people should be able to come to and know that there is The Urantia Book and that Urantia revelation out of which [came] the Teaching Mission and which is all a part of the Correcting Time. On that page would be all the links to the Urantia Foundation, brotherhoods, whatever, and people should know that they have access to that.

There ought to be pages on that tie into the body of material that talks about social sustainability. That training was designed to make people think as planetary managers, and so that should be something they have access to in a concise way. There are other pages you can think of in time that would be added—pages about democracy and pages about the family—but there ought to be some pages on there that also lay out and instruct people in the spiritual practice of this Correcting Time. Much of the early Teaching Mission was about getting in touch with your Indwelling Spirit—your Thought Adjuster. There is marvelous material there and people should be able to click on a page rather easily and find out how to go about creating their own personal, spiritual practice.

So, these are just ideas. This group is growing now to the point where I think it's safe for me to say: there is no directive that comes from our side of the veil that should be ever followed blindly. Rather, this is a conversation and in your own quiet time, in your own stillness practice, you should always seek confirmation from your Thought Adjuster for this is the era that is now dawning upon Urantia—that people are consciously aware of their Indwelling Spirit;
1) that they even have one and
2) How do they connect with it?
How do they develop the practice to connect with that, to begin to seek that guidance within, and to become confident daughters and sons of faith that their faith so grows that they know that they're being guided, and then these marvelous entities—these divine Paradise spirits that indwell you—will put them into places where they need to be to facilitate our work and to help it grow exponentially. Along the way to do all this, there is a great deal of organizing that needs to be put into place. There should be donate buttons on these websites that allow for people who are so moved to donate so that the organization, from an administrative point of view, can continue to grow and we can begin to fund the type of positions and the type of outreach that needs to be done.

There should be a page there that makes it easy for people to get in touch with the material from the Teaching Mission—links to the different sites that host this kind of material. There should be an outreach effort to begin to make these websites aware so that people can make themselves available to them, they can contact them and begin their own process of spiritual growth.

It is our intention to create interest, to create a way that people can get themselves to the starting gate. And we're very interested in making that happen. Once they're in the blocks and they begin their process, it really becomes a matter between them and their Indwelling Spirit. We're not here to drag anybody over a finish line, but to just help them get started. So, these are some ideas, and I'm sure that these spark other ideas, and so the co-creative process continues, but these are some thoughts I wanted to share with you today. Thank you.

Deborah: I just wanted to thank Machiventa for such a complete answer that includes more than just the leadership team.

Salvatore: I agree with everything. In fact, the pieces of the puzzle are all together here and The Urantia Book is key to our forward template about the government on a neighboring planet, a government on our planet. I believe this effort should foster that government on our planet and it's based on the knowledge of The Urantia Book and like I say, the glue is knowing the truth that God loves Urantia experiences and that voting—the point of making a vote—a monetary value to join the organization or the government that we are developing here. And basically, we integrate what you have already established. I mean, there's nothing new learned here. The Urantia Book as a template about the kingdom of heaven, is already there. We have to develop our government to interface intellectually, spiritually, design, analog to digital. I'm an interface [man?]. I've done that at IBM and I'm sure all the talent that we have here can accomplish that goal.

My point is it's not an easy chore. We all know people, everybody within seven people when I grew up knew each other. Now it's about three and with the technologies we got today, the effort now is now. And I agree with this effort, and I don't like to see it fail. I’ve said enough.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. Let me just express our gratitude for your sentiments. We also have no intention of letting this effort fail. As you can see, if you look back at the history that you have available to you, any effort on the worlds of time to bring them along, whether they were decimal planets, whether they were normal worlds, whether they experienced rebellion or not, was all done in the vein of a teaching effort, divine dispensations, and revelations [come] at the right moment to encourage and teach the inhabitants of Michael's worlds to grow in their ability to process new information, to internalize it, and then to make decisions—because you are all here to make decisions. This is the development of your soul. This is the importance of maintaining an integrity with yourself that you do not blindly follow what I or anyone says, but that you internalize these conversations and this information. And whether it is epochal revelation or it is auto revelation, you have to come to a decision of where you stand with it and what you're going to do about it because sooner or later it should thrill your hearts to be obligated with divine service to Christ Michael and his efforts in establishing Nebadon in light and life. That should bring great joy [in the] the hearts and minds of all those who can consciously make a decision to wholeheartedly enter into this service as we do. Thank you.

Salvatore: When Van and Amadon were preparing the Gardens of Eden for Adam and Eve, I believe the people here should form a corporeal staff for the coming of Monjoronson in a monetary aspect of our government. Do you not agree?

MACHIVENTA: Indeed, we wholeheartedly agree. Is that not, in fact, what is happening here. You now have in place a leadership team.

Salvatore: I agree.

MACHIVENTA: However we view it, we are here to begin that process of preparing our world, this world, your world, for the advent of the coming of Monjoronson. Absolutely.

Bea: I have three questions. I don't think they're very extensive. The first question is actually sort of about a question from me or people like me. I totally believe I have an indwelling Thought Adjuster, but I am the type, as you probably know, that has difficulty quieting my mind or going into stillness. What would you suggest for either myself or people like me?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, Bea, and there are a great deal of people like you. Understanding the function of mind is important. It's part of the spiritual process, but it's difficult in this world where there has been so much stimulation of mind for many people to do that initially. One of the best ways that you can begin that process of stilling your mind is to be out in the beautiful displays of nature in the natural world. When you can begin to appreciate the beauty and the awe of the natural world, that is the beginning of worship. And so that can go a long way to help you; to just be still in the natural world and look at the beauty, a nice walk in a beautiful place, however you do it. Now, I will say that eventually sitting down and persevering in the attempt to quiet your mind will bear fruit if you don't give up. You can ask for mother spirit's help. Mind is her gift to us. If you set an intention when you first sit down, then practice this—five minutes at first. Five minutes will grow to 10, 10 will grow to 15, and eventually you'll be pleasantly surprised at your progress. Thank you.

Bea: Thank you Machiventa. That's very good. My second question has to do with the Course in Miracles. I'm curious as to whether or not it has any part in the mission or if it's related in any way.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. The Course in Miracles is an example of many on this world who are in touch with their superconscious parts of their mind and then they translate that part of their mind into all sorts of teachings. So, while it is not our part to comment on the validity of such teachings, they are all there for you to explore and you must, on the basis of what you know—your acquired wisdom—make a decision as to what you think those teachings should be a part of in your personal life. In a formal sense, this mission will not endorse those sorts of programs. Our foundation is in The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission and [it] is sufficient there to stand alone as a body of work in this world. But not only the Course of Miracles, the Pathwork Foundation—Eve Pierrakos’ claim to be translating Jesus, The Divine Love Sanctuary translating Jesus. Jesus is not limited to our singularity of what we think our mission is for all on this world are his children and he will never refuse to fellowship with all sincere hearts and minds that seek his company.

You have your compass within you, this divine spirit. Ask it about these things—what is appropriate for your divine plan, your personal spiritual outline that this divine spirit holds and do not be afraid to explore new ideas wherever they come from. Thank you.

Bea: Thank you Machiventa. I have a small question out of your response and that is: is there any difference between Jesus versus our sovereign Michael?

MACHIVENTA: They are one and the same. Christ Michael incarnated as Jesus, so it's forever a part of him, but it was Christ Michael who incarnated as Jesus. They are the same.
Thank you.

Bea: Okay, so when some groups are transmitting Jesus, they are really transmitting Christ Michael.

MACHIVENTA: Again, it is not for me to pass judgment on that. It is for you to look at your experience, what you have available to you, the knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips, and as you integrate all of that through the guidance, hopefully, of your Indwelling Spirit where you consciously seek that guidance, you'll get your answer.

Bea: I understand completely. That's great. Thank you. My third question is somewhat of a curiosity question, so you might decline it, but I will ask anyway. Are other planets, worlds in the local universe of Nebadon actually actively watching events on your Urantia?

MACHIVENTA: Well, you know, The Urantia Book is an interesting book when you really look at some aspects of it. It was highly unusual, although was thought to be fortuitous to add that paper about a government on a neighboring planet. But now that opens up a whole lot of curiosity. If you think about 10 million planets eventually in the build out of this [local] universe, all in various stages—some much older and some settled in light and life already, others not yet being created, you live in a wonderful neighborhood, and we are the focus of great interest simply because our sovereign did incarnate his final bestowal mission here. So, the answer is yes. Our neighboring planets are not only very intensely watching us, but I'll say this: there are many more advanced societies that would love to assist us in many of the problems that we have here with advanced technologies. And so, you can imagine that part of the help that has come to our world from all over Nebadon, from all over our superuniverse, and from Paradise even, that among them are what some on this world have called our cosmic cousins. They have a limited mandate to be here, but they're intensely studying the kinds of help we are going to need when this current transition period is over to bring this world back to the divine intention of being a beautiful garden planet. So welcome curious thoughts about our neighboring worlds and mortal societies on them of various levels of attainment who have a vested interest in our progress and the progress of other worlds who have experienced rebellion because we are in a sense of drag on the development of the whole; as the part goes, so goes a whole, so they have a real interest in us getting our act together shall we say. Thank you.

Bea: Okay, thank you very much. That's very enlightening, but that's kind of what I sensed. Okay, thanks.

MACHIVENTA: You're welcome.

Jacques: Bon jour, Machiventa. It’s always a pleasure to be with you and with my family here.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you as well, Jacques. Thank you.

Jacques: In your introduction you said to let the world know our presence and that we have a plan. When you refer to the world, I suppose you refer to the entire world. I mean today how do we reach other continents, people of other religions? For example, how do we reach the Middle East with the Muslim, the Indian, how do we reach South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, China, and even Russia? Because today we are concentrated on English speaking to promote The Urantia Book, but what is your recommendation or suggestion to start promoting outside?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. Yes, as you can see, there is much work to be done. We have to start where we are, and so we are here primarily amongst English speakers with this work, but it must grow and the way it will grow is by individuals at each of these places somehow finding this work, this body of work, and then taking on the arduous task of making that work available in their language. So, this is not something that's going to happen overnight, but it needs to be kept in the minds of the leadership that at some point in time there will be translation projects.

Right now, with links to the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Fellowship and the Spiritual Brotherhood, they have done a lot of work in translating The Urantia Book into different languages, and so that's a good beginning. It could use a boost, so to speak, from our side to let people know that this book is available in their language without interfering in anything that they're doing, but simply by linking what they've done to our website in some fashion. That's one idea. And as you make succinct these different ideas of our plan, our training, different ideas that we have put forward in the New Era conversations and the Planetary Managers Group about planetary management, then those documents here and there could begin to be translated where there's interest. I hope that I've answered your question, Jacques.

Jacques: Yes, yes. My second question is also linked with that: personally, I'm not aware of the, let's say Teaching Mission transcript or message received on another continent like China or Asia. Is it true or am I missing something?

MACHIVENTA: There are [people] in those places that are aware of this and who are connecting to different websites and receiving different transcripts. Yes.

Jacques: Okay. Okay. Thank you. That's it for me.

Marthe: I've really enjoyed your answers tonight. I wanted to ask a difficult question about how we can, with the knowledge you've shared with us, make any difference in the two, well, I guess there are many more than two, major conflicts on our planet. There are conflicts in Myanmar, in DRC, but the conflicts in Ukraine between Ukraine and Russia and taking place in Gaza, how do we, knowing what you've shared with us, effectively share a message. Should we share a message? Is there something we can do that would make any difference to what's happening and what the outcome might be? Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, Martha. This question has many facets to it. Simply by the fact that you desire to make a difference, that you desire for peace to pervade these places, that you desire the wellbeing of these people that are suffering in those places makes a difference. Now to consciously connect together as a group and seed the consciousness of Urantia with this intention, with these desires, is of great benefit to your world. And this work is already being done. Through Donna and the Institute of Christ consciousness you can join in that group effort to make a difference in the consciousness of this world. And so, the more people that join in these efforts, the more powerful it becomes. So, whether you get together in a small prayer group or whether you join Donna and her efforts, find a way to literally multiply exponentially your own personal efforts by gathering together. And you know that our master said wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am. It's part of the understanding of that teaching this gathering together in groups to pray for our world, to pray for an increase in conscious awareness of divine Love, and to begin to birth the idea of this golden rule, this treating one another as we would like to be treated so that peace can have a chance to really take hold and grow. To directly try to contact these groups right now with this kind of information would probably not bear a great deal of fruit in the current moment, but you must do as you are moved and as your Thought Adjuster guides. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much. Thanks, Machiventa.

Salvatore: I got a question. How do we get these other organizations, other Urantia Book societies and groups more in unison and not starting to keep splintering and this effort that we're doing here become more of the effort for all of us to be buying into in the government on our planet and how do we go about doing that with other friends and family?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. Of course, it's done on several levels, but I think it behooves us as a group here to get our own house in order first before we make any major outreaches to these other groups in a formal way. But when they can click on our websites and see that we have laid out a comprehensive, cohesive retelling of this revelation in a way that is up to date with the Teaching Mission, is forward-looking in proclaiming not only the presence of myself and planetary management, but also of the coming Magisterial Mission in Monjoronson. When we're at that point, then it will become obvious how to begin to do this outreach. But right now, it would seem premature in my opinion. Thank you.

Salvatore: But don’t we have to have one focal point?

MACHIVENTA: Well again, this is multilayered. There may eventually be one focal point and of course as planetary manager and the spiritual administration, I am that focal point in a sense, but there can never be just one focal point on a world where you have eight plus billion individuals all indwelt with a spirit of their creator. So, there will always be diversity and within that diversity is a holism. So, it's both/and and it won't be either/or ever. So, we allow for that. We welcome that as Jesus taught: Those who aren't against us are for us.

Salvatore: I understand, but I'm looking at in the moment of the now to bring those groups together now and not watch them falter in their own way and look for a focal group, website, organization, government.

MACHIVENTA: Yes. We hope that this group will evolve into being a gathering place to provide that focus because it would be the most up-to-date focus out there and it would also hopefully be a nexus point, a nodule with many tangents to it to connect to all these other places. But [because of] the diversity on this world—the result of the effects of rebellion—it will be sometime before there's a willingness of other groups to give up this illusion of independence and see the need for greater cooperation. It will eventually happen, and we are in the beginning of providing a platform that may be able to facilitate this. Thank you.

Byron: Hello Machiventa. [It’s] so great to be with you again today. What Sal brings up is also on my mind, and I'd like to reintroduce the idea we've talked about before that CTAG is an umbrella organization, which is more of an administrative organization for other organizations that are aligned with us that are actually doing the ministries and doing the particular tasks that need to be done rather than us being like this octopus that's doing all of these things. It's been discussed, I think, for several weeks now that our mission statement would be one of an umbrella organization that could invite, as Sal is saying, others to work with us if they feel aligned with the principles that we establish as our principles. Then we would be the clearinghouse for this larger movement, as you said, the updated Fifth Epochal Revelation. So, I wonder how you see that now?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you for your question. We see it as a future possibility for this group to at some point function perhaps more in an administrative way as a clearing house, but that's not really where we're at yet from our point of view. I mean if you think of your spiritual planetary administration functioning in an administrative way where we might one day have connections with the Magisterial Mission on your world and through them work to influence governments in all the nations of this world to adopt these plans for social sustainability, these principles, you can see that right now if we would try this, we wouldn't get much of a positive reception from these governments. So, it's immature and the time isn't quite there. So, imagine now how in your current state of development as the CTAG group, you would approach the Urantia Foundation and say, “Here's what we hope to do for you. We're going to do this for you. We want to act as an administrative clearing house and function for what you're doing.” And do you think that they would say, “Wow, we have just been waiting for you, thank you!” Or do you think that they might kind of just say “Thanks, but we're pretty happy doing what we're doing and don't wish to have a lot of contact with you?” So, there's the gulf here, there's some development that needs to happen. Even at spiritual administration, so much of the early work we've done through the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time is as a teaching organization; providing teachers, providing lesson material, trying to grow a seed group of spiritually mature and awakened individuals who can now begin to perhaps develop a core group of people in an administrative capacity, but you in fact have to duplicate what we've done. You have to have enough of this teaching out there to attract people to begin to grow yourselves, to have something that when people begin to come to you and say, what is it that are your principles? What are you about? What do you promote? What is it that you would have other organizations do and how do we fit into this? They have to have a pretty good idea of an overview of the body of these lessons in the Teaching Mission, of the training of planetary management principles so that they can really feel the integrity of this group, the ideas that are here that are attractive, and it's something they want to participate in. And it will take some time, but please feel free to ask for more clarity on this Byron, if I haven't answered you adequately.

Byron: Yes. To clarify, I didn't mean going to the Urantia Foundation or to other nations. What it meant was simply the people that already have organizations such as Donna D’Ingillio’s organization or Chris Morris's organization to be in a kind of federation with them where we're supporting them and not competing with their ministries, but rather a kind of… I meant something on a much smaller scale.

MACHIVENTA: I have a hard time sometimes narrowing my focus down because I see the world as my focus as planetary manager, but we do not wish to compete with those who are aware of this effort that is being done right now, Chris, Donna, Bob, Tom, and all these people. No. Ours is not to duplicate what they're doing, but to maybe ask them to assist us in fleshing out our two websites with material so that we can begin to attract people to us and then through us to them and vice versa so that there's this larger awareness taking place, this larger synergy that what we're about as CTAG or whatever you choose to name yourselves has well-defined ideas about how we're going to go about bringing the beginning of an era of light and life to this world and making this world ready for the Magisterial Mission. And so, we have to kind of flesh that out and show people—even the ones that are within this Teaching Mission—that we're serious, we have a well thought out plan, we have something beneficial to offer them, and of course we are here to support them and we'll learn how to grow spiritually by learning how to cooperate with one another and pull this whole idea off.

Byron: I think we got the clarity that I was hoping for, and I'll just add that there could be support services that CTAG could provide to all of those aligned organizations who are already in our sphere. It could be training, it could be fundraising, it could be having a single portal website. And that's all I meant that I think that's what you're agreeing with, and I thank you for speaking to this. If you have more to add, please do.

MACHIVENTA: No, I mean this will evolve with time. Some of it is very useful in these gatherings like today, in which all interested people can ask questions and participate in this, but when you have your leadership meetings and you seriously begin to do this work, there's also a great deal that I can do to help you in a smaller group with some of these ideas directly that you've been entrusted with and I and my staff are certainly willing to do that when it's appropriate. Thank you.

Byron: Thank you.

Bea: I have a sort of a question. My impression, and correct me if I'm wrong, my impression of what you as a planetary manager and your team would like us to do is to become sort of like a point of attraction bringing together multiple components of The Urantia Book and hence the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission because I sense that there are other groups [whose] tasks or goals are a bit specialized such as Donna D’Ingillio (it definitely overlaps) but these different groups to me seem to have some slightly different specializations. And I kind of see this organization as trying to be sort of a central gathering place that can bring a lot of people together while also trying to expand our membership; like facilitating the message of your existence here out. Okay, that didn't sound as good as it did in my head. Sorry.

MACHIVENTA: No, thank you Bea, exactly. It's wonderful to ask these kinds of questions and stimulate this kind of conversation. This is Machiventa. Now, there is a word that I will use here, and it is coherence. This Urantia Book movement and the Teaching Mission stand at a crossroad, and everything can continue to go down the road of splitting into splinter groups with everybody grabbing a piece of this as they see fit and are led to do so. And that's fine, that process will likely continue. But at some point, there needs to be a coherence, a gathering together of all of this, and have it stated in a comprehensive way that paints a big picture. And that big picture is that there is a planetary administration here to assist this world. This world has help. It's not alone.

That, while the challenges are immense, there is a plan to grow out of this self-destructive mindset and into an original intention that was always here for this world before rebellion. So, we are trying to reestablish that original intention and make it a comprehensive view or vision for people in a way that they are able to wrap their imagination around it and begin to envision it for themselves without them having to get too deep into the weeds of any one of these other organizations we might be an umbrella for. And then people will find their place of service. They may gravitate towards one organization more than another, which is fine, but our viewpoint is from the planetary manager's point of view. And it would be wonderful to be able to coherently state this vision, to paint this picture and then have all ties to other organizations where people can explore this at will. So, I hope that I've answered your question, Bea.

Bea: Yes, you have answered my question. Would you agree with this group being a sort of an application of The Urantia Book? In other words, with The Urantia Book being the revelation with many good ideas, would our group be one of the groups that tries to apply The Urantia Book into real life?

MACHIVENTA: Well, our focus, really, our revelation as this group is absolutely the personification of the Urantia revelation evolving and moving forward. The actual promotion of The Urantia Book other than as the epochal revelation that gave rise to our work is all that we need to do. There are others that are actively promoting The Urantia Book, so that is not primary to us, but it's inevitable that we are linked to it and that we acknowledge that. But we are a continuing growth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and then there will be another revelation when Monjoronson incarnates here and begins the revelation of the Magisterial Mission. The Urantia Book truly is meant for that time as far as a text that will be widely studied and applied. It's in many ways far in advance of the average consciousness on this world, but, as you know, there are enough individuals here awakening to make use of this book and this will continue to grow and unfold. So, I hope that you can see that there's a big picture point of view here that we're trying to coherently bring into focus so that people can come to it and pick up a wide variety of diverse ideas that they might be attracted to and then work with that, take that idea back to their particular situation in life and continue consciously or otherwise this work of preparing our world for a Magisterial Mission. Thank you.

Bea: Thank you. I think I understand that. Thanks.

Errol: There are so many passages in The Urantia Book that I see as pivotal trigger points and I'd like to get your comment about two of them in particular because they seem so crucial to me in terms of how it affects our behavior and any actions we might take. The first one is in this section on ethical sensitizers where it says the seed and secret of the continued and purposeful growth of society and government, both human and superhuman, is the morality of interpersonal relationships. The seed and secret of the continued and purposeful growth of society and government, both human and superhuman, is the morality of interpersonal relationships. And I'd just be really interested in your comment about that passage because it just seems so critical to me if it in fact is the seed and secret. So that's my first question. I'll wait for an answer.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you. The Urantia Book is full of exactly those sorts of forward-looking questions. So, if there's to be a seed planted and it is the secret of social sustainability and the beginning of the era of light and life on this world, then who is to be the so-called Johnny Appleseed and plant these seeds? Let me give you an idea of another statement in The Urantia Book, and this is in Paper 195. “The call to the adventure of building a new and transformed human society by means of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus’ brotherhood of the kingdom should thrill all who believe in him as men and women have not been stirred since the days when they walked about on this earth as his companions in the flesh.” So, we are being called to this adventure and we should be thrilled by the obligation of our divine service. It is early days for some of these forward ideas. The Thought Adjuster is key. And so, The Urantia Book is replete and full of mentions of the Thought Adjuster throughout the whole book—the example of Jesus constantly setting himself apart, aside to seek guidance from his Thought Adjuster.

These ideas have to take hold in the minds of men and women and it's doing it. It is happening slowly but surely around this world.

Errol: I was particularly interested in your comment about that crucial point (what I see as a crucial point) and how we might work on, focus on, and develop a deeper appreciation for specifically the morality of interpersonal relationships. And it is kind of a question thrown out to the group too because how can we facilitate that and what do we mean by the morality of interpersonal relationships and how significant is that in our process together?

MACHIVENTA: Well, there are several layers to that. Here in these groups that have devoted themselves to studying and incarnating in their personal lives The Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission, and all this material, it's personal between you and whoever you are in relationship with. Your ability to be as clear a reflection of unconditional divine love as you possibly can is the secret to planting these seeds and demonstrating a living morality. So, one side of this is extremely personal. It is between you and your Thought Adjuster, your personal stillness practice, your personal effort and growth in completing the seven cosmic circles, and making conscious contact with your Thought Adjuster because that is the secret to your personal morality, to your personal divine inspiration, to be not only a moral individual as this world understands it, but a super moral individual from the point of view of spirit. In other words, you can practice unconditional, divine love with all you meet—huge task! Now in this group we have the benefit of mature individuals who are devoted to this in various stages learning to work together and cooperate. So then, in effect, we become a living cooperative of this new morality, and we show by our example as being able to work together first in this group, then as we join with these other umbrella organizations, and then in organizations as time goes on, an ability to live this morality with one another. This world will be transformed not through any particular big effort in an overall sense on our part, but by one open heart at a time on the individuals who come into contact with other fragrantly spiritual and moral individuals. So, when Monjoronson arrives here and begins his mission, he will focus on gathering about himself mature individuals, training them, developing them, and then they will in turn go out to different parts of the world and duplicate this process. This is an educational process, experiential, and in the process of doing this we are all adding to the evolution of the Supreme. So, it is through our personal ministry, understanding, and growth and maturity that really these seeds of a greater morality are going to take hold on this world. Thank you.

Kona: Yes, thank you Machiventa for that and Errol since he posed it to the group as well. To simplify; morality can be a very big term across the globe, but if we keep it very simple—at the very least I say do no harm—and in the greatest moment love unconditionally. It's that balance in between, and morality is anchored to those teachings as opposed to a societal conditioning of how we think or operate but elevate it to the teachings of Christ. We have that greater universal morality that we can begin to operate with within ourselves. So that would be my response to the group.

I do have a question for Machiventa that we were discussing within our leadership team. And my curiosity is from previous discussions and for my own learning is: we have talked a great deal and surveyed this group between the formation of a design team in conjunction with or before or after the development of a board of directors.

And in this transmission my curiosity came about how the celestials work in forming your groups and how you look at… So, let's say you're our planetary manager and you're clearly in charge of everything and you have a team around you. And so, what does that look like as a circular or a teamwork with you in charge in comparison to some of our more archaic ways of operating on this planet which are very top down, pyramidal, and linear. Because what we would like to create is something that would more mirror how the celestials operate if we are even at that point in capacity yet, but to create something where the core values that have been given to us can be mirrored in the structure of our leadership team, our design team, and our board of directors. So, if you could give us kind of a picture of what that looks like with you and/or how you could direct us to begin creating that in our leadership team here. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you Kona. And let me say we on our side do appreciate the work that you who have volunteered to be leaders are taking on. It's incredibly necessary, it's incredibly important to us, to our plans, and we look forward to continue to support you and to co-create with you a platform that can be a point of connection for other like-minded individuals looking for a way to experience these higher ideals and to grow in the knowledge of internalizing the ideas of social sustainability, the seven core values, design teams, and how to make decisions. So let me try to give you a picture of what you asked for here about how we do it on my side of the realm as I am the planetary manager. What makes this so difficult is that while you are incarnated in your mortal career, you are subject to the urges of your animal inheritance that consciously or otherwise have a great deal of influence in a lot of the ways you see things. You're concerned about your survival. You are concerned at some level about reproduction; now not necessarily literally leaving heirs on the world, but that animal urge to reproduce because that's part of survival.

And then you're concerned about the basic things like food—getting your next meal—and seeing others—every other—as a threat to that. And so, you're guarded, and you suffer really from fear. Whether you're conscious of the influence that this fear has in your thinking or not, nevertheless, it's there. Now imagine a body not at all concerned about survival, not at all concerned about any threat to it, not at all concerned about its next meal, and where the animal urge of reproduction is not even a possibility.

Now in that morontial body that you will get when you awaken on Mansonia One, you also have more senses than the five or six that you have here. You also are going to have a mind totally expanded, totally more sensitive to the reality in which you find yourself, totally more capable of understanding mota as well as just experiential wisdom. And so how we work together here, absent all those influences that are within you as a mortal, you would not really be able to grasp very well because it is not at all [like] a prince in the manner of your fairytales on your world where this prince is a top-down leader, he commands armies, he gives orders, and expects obedience. We cooperate here because that's what we love to do and we're all on the same page. We're all at various stages of growth in this ascension process, in this descension process, but where we do not have conflict around is our intentions and our motives to do the will of our creator. And so, it makes for a completely different way of relationships, of how we cooperate, of how we can connect with multiple individuals simultaneously at the same time. It's just so different. And yet here we are trying to blend these two styles with you reaching up for something that is truly punching above your weight and yet able to grasp it because of your Indwelling Spirit, and us reaching down to meet you where you are in that effort to co-create a new possibility.

And by doing so, raise the consciousness of the whole world—a world that is coming out of the effects of rebellion. And while the leaders of this rebellion are no longer with us, the effects of the rebellion are still playing out. And so, this is a sizable challenge on a normal world that never suffered rebellion. It is an amazingly interesting challenge on this world, but therein lies the possibility for all of you to make amazing progress in what remains of your mortal careers in this effort. So, it's an incredible opportunity. We welcome the challenges, and we appreciate your willingness to share them with us. I don't know that I've given you anything to help you understand how it is on our side, but it's really very difficult for me to do that. But you will get a flavor of it through personal involvement and experience with this group. Thank you.

Kona: What a tremendous explanation Machiventa, and you gave so much clarity in the difference. I greatly appreciate that. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: You’re welcome.

Deborah: So, Machiventa, what I'm getting here is that you want us to start focusing on being a teaching organization so that we can make the announcement that we are not alone on this world with our problems, that our spiritual administration is here. And I'm concerned that maybe our leadership team is in danger of kind of spinning around in circles on whether we should be a design team or a board of directors when it seems clear to me that you want us to at least do that first priority, and we could do that as a very informal design team, just our five and calling you in as needed for insights just to get the first priority done. Is that a good summary of what you've been saying?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, Deborah. It is fairly accurate, yes. Now things happen simultaneously—at the same time. It's not that it's only one thing, but to do some of the other things that we want to do, we need to have a basis of operations to work from so that people can relate [to who we are.] They can get a feel for what we are, who we are, where we're coming from, and then people can decide if they want to participate with that or not. So, from our point of view, the world is at a place in the development of consciousness to begin to understand these concepts that we've trained you in in terms of planetary management and in terms of personal relationship to your Thought Adjusters. And to put all of this together in one place, succinctly, does not take an academic process akin to writing a PhD paper. But you know these things. You have amongst you very capable individuals who can rather quickly take these two websites and get them to a place where people can understand what it is we're here for and what it is we're going to ask them to participate in and cooperate with. And so yes, we see that as a necessary development, but this is not a top-down directive. This is a co-creative process. We will work with you in whatever you choose to do, but we put these ideas out there for your consideration as well. Thank you.

Katrina: Thank you, James. Hello Machiventa. I am Katrina and I'm honored to be here in your presence. I am new to this whole concept here, so I have some feedback. Machiventa, our dear friend, started us out saying this is for the whole group to discuss amongst ourselves. So first off, James, thank you for getting the emails to me so easily and quickly. That made it very, very easy for me. Thank you. Kona, your opening prayer today was delightful, and it rang so true to me and I truly, truly appreciate that. Since I am so new to this, I have gone to the websites, and then the one on Monjoronson. And at first when I clicked on the contact me point on, it didn't go anywhere. So, I'm glad to see that it does go to an Outlook email. Now my feedback on that, being new, would be for the part that says “send me a pocket guide” that you go to a box that has a name, email address or mailing address, and then that's done. Then have an “I have a question” or “I want to learn more” and then you go to an email for people to comment and put in their requests that way.

Since I know nothing about this Teaching Mission, it would've been nice to have a page there that I could go to learn what the Teaching Mission is and how does that relate to The Urantia Book? I did like learning about Monjoronson. I did like learning about They need to be a bit fuller, fleshed out. I'm all in when it comes to The Urantia Book. You don't know me, but I've been reading for a very long time. I don't care what the organization is, I am all for spreading the word amongst my brethren and doing that in a very personal way. Dear Machiventa, I was going to ask you a question, but I think you kind of answered it when Bea asked her question. I did go explore a website, the Serara Forum, and had a talk with this person. He uses your name in his transmissions, he uses Monjoronson, and Jesus, and Christ Michael, and yet they don't ring true to The Urantia Book. So how does that get included since there are those kinds of sites out there? So that would be my question for you, sir.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. You bring us a lot of joy and chuckle. So it begins this intermingling of Urantia people and Teaching Mission people. And you can see that we all are united in our intentions and our purpose. So, in The Urantia Book there's an interesting story of the apostles coming to Jesus, and they're incensed with this person trying to cast out demons and heal people in his name and they're not really part of the apostolic group. And so, I would ask you to look that up and read the master's response to it because it's sort of the same thing here. We will not police anybody who says they're teaching in someone's name, or this name, or whatever if they don't ring true. That has to be allowed and indeed it is allowed. That tolerance can only come from a place of absolute self-confidence and assuredness of the Paradise deities’ love for all their creators, their creations, and their creatures. We will stay focused on what we feel led to do, what our spirit leads us to do, and let others do the same. We will not judge them. We certainly will not police them. We won't encourage them if we don't feel an alignment, we simply won't give them a great deal of attention at all. And we'll stay focused on what we feel our mission is. Thank you.

Katrina: Thank you.

Jeff: Machiventa, our intent with the spiritual website was to offer you a platform where you could say I would like to have this posted or that posted. So, listening to your comments earlier about an overview page, at some point (this is just my opinion and I'm throwing it out to the group and to you) it would be helpful, at least in my mind, if when opening the overview page there was a direct quote from you establishing the authority of this website to quote you. The previous question essentially asks or begs the question of authority to post quotes. We're not obviously saying that we're going to heal people in Christ's name, but at some point, along the maturity of the structure, we need to have some statement of authority that this is your website—this is where you want to announce your presence. Certainly, we're challenged with that as the CTAG group, but at some point, you're going to have other groups that are going to want to declare in their native language or their social constructs that you and your spiritual fellows are here on this planet to help heal it. And I think you get the drift of my question.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I do, Jeff, thank you. And it goes back to an earlier question of how do we do things on our side of the veil and how do things happen on your side? I am loath to use that word [authority i.e.,] I am the authority, or I am authorizing, and for the simple reason that as a spiritual practitioner in Nebadon, as a Melchizedek I’m happy saying I am representative of the sovereign of this universe. I am here at His behest as the Planetary Prince on this planet to implement his plans, but the word and the idea of setting up any singular personality as an authority should always be directed to your Thought Adjuster. For that truly is how you determine who is and who isn't an authority in your life. And we wouldn't take that possibility away from any individual who begins this process of seeking the will of God for their life. Truly, there is no authority except your Indwelling Spirit and how you see that as it relates to you and how you wish then to follow that divine blueprint, which is not even really an authority, but a very well-placed suggestion for your life, and you exercise the sovereignty of your free will. It is so crucial to your spiritual growth and development as an individual indwelt by the spirit of the First Source and Center to have robust experiences, including failures, mistakes, and exercising the sovereignty of your own free will in trying to discern the will of the Father for you.

And so, I'm happy to work with your leadership team and craft the kind of statement that we can co-create together that would function as a means of introduction to who I am, what I'm about, and what I envision for this world short of establishing myself by my own words as an authority. Even our master, when he walked upon this earth at one point asked his students, his disciples “Who do you say I am?” And so, it is a group consensus that will establish the validity of this work, and it will be attractive to those who are truly in touch with their Thought Adjusters and through that Thought Adjuster circuit will this world be transformed and made ready for the Magisterial Mission? Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you. I think that helps us a great deal Machiventa.

JT: We're out of time and that sounded like a closing to me, so I’ll bring this to an end.

MACHIVENTA: Well, let me just say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your questions are wonderful. They're indicative of individuals who are seeking, who want to know, who intend to make a difference in this world, and we so welcome that. Thank you, and good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa, thank you John, and thank you everyone who attended today.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Correcting Time Action Group 21 ― November 13, 2023 ― John Morris ― CTAG ― US
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Session: November 13, 2023



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