The Mind of the Observer

“It is not for you to make others think like you, but to inspire others to see the potentials for truth, beauty, and goodness in themselves”.
— Teacher Ophelius

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The ability to ‘listen’ and the willingness to follow the guidance of the Thought Adjuster are two very different things. However, the willingness of a human being can facilitate or hinder the capacity to listen or somehow receive the words of the Thought Adjuster. In reality, there are no issues in the communication between a Thought Adjuster and her charge. The Thought Adjuster is always able to make her messages ‘heard’ by her human charges. It is the human who can ignore, misinterpret, or corrupt what it is received according to her level of faith, her expectations, and her spiritual development.

Your Thought Adjuster is constantly striving to reach you. At every instant she gives you everything you need for the success of your spiritual endeavors. However, it is your willingness to listen – your interest in growing spiritually – the tool that tunes your mind to the Voice of the Father in your life. Human beings have the ability to focus their attention and filter out all other stimuli they receive from their environment. If your interests are solely focused in material things you will effectively ignore all spiritual impulses.

It is a common occurrence when several people experience some event together to later discover that each person remembers different things. This happens because each person will perceive and give priority to the stimuli that are more tuned to the things in which the attention of that person is focused at that moment. Some may remember music that was playing at that particular moment. Some may remember how cold the climate of the place was. Your experiences are based on these ‘filters’ that you have placed in your minds – the filters of your attention, your interests, and your focus.

Your science is starting to discover that the physical stimuli do not make up all of your reality. When you see an image, your optic nerve does not register a faithful copy of that image. Instead, just a few things are registered – shadows, contours, contrasts – and your brain, using the information from your previous experience, builds a complete scene. Later, when you remember that scene, you are remembering what your brain reconstructed, not a photographic copy of the image. This is part of the reason why something that somebody may consider ugly is the total opposite for somebody else. Characterizing something as ugly or beautiful has little to do with the observed object and a lot to do with the contents of the mind of the observer.

Imagine what occurs in the minds of those who every day strive to find their Father in their being and their experience. They start seeing the world with new eyes and minds – that have received progressive revelations of truth provided by the Thought Adjuster – and are able to ‘read between the lines’ and perceive the hands of the Creator behind reality. When – through faith – you are tuned to the frequencies sent by your Thought Adjuster, you can receive additional information that allows you to build a more complete image of reality, creating a spiritual counterpart of your experience that you will take with you beyond this world.

Thought Adjuster ― The Mind of the Observer ― July 10, 2013 ― Oscar ― The 11:11 Progress Group ― Alabama, US of A
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Session: July 10, 2013

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