Mission Urantia - 8

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: JT

April 01, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. Today in our meeting I would like to remind us of the vision I had when I asked the CTAG group to announce my presence. My vision is to create a website that allows me to speak to this world, to remind the inhabitants that they are children of divine love and are not forgotten in the affairs of the universe, that there is a plan of personal salvation for each and every one. They have been gifted with the Spirit of their Creator, and if they so choose to cooperate with this Spirit, they can enjoy eternal life and an endless opportunity for growth. This is the basis for every other plan and there are many facets of this greater plan, but without each one's individual participation and free will cooperation in their personal plan of salvation and alignment of their individual will with the Will of our Creator, none of the other plans will bear fruit.

There are plans for the collective whole of humanity, the rehabilitation of this world, for an eventual era of Light and Life. There are plans to assist this world to begin to change the arc of civilization to become sustainable. All these plans are dependent upon the spiritual evolution of individual humans.

The ending of the spiritual quarantine of this world allows for the celestial realm to do much in the way of assisting humanity to correct many of the consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion. This is meant to be a co-creative effort—a human and celestial partnership. We are here to do our part. Now is the time to make this help known and what part humanity must play to participate in this effort to reclaim the world from the effects of rebellion and to set it on a course towards sustainability. Humanity needs to know they are children of light and have within them the power to effect this change. When each of you begins to access this power—and collectively—this world can begin to address the issues that threaten to destroy you. This information has been painstakingly presented in The Urantia Book text and in the Teaching Mission transcripts. Now it needs to be shared with the world in a coherent fashion so it can resonate with the many who are searching and seeking for hope, direction, and a way forward out of the darkness of the false doctrine of the separation from God. When present on your world, Jesus taught “I am the Way and the Truth, and no person comes to the Father except through me.” This now needs to be made plain as to how people do this; conscious contact with their Indwelling Spirit is the way. Let us remind this world of this and invite them to share our greater vision of social sustainability for our world. All has been given—we just need to make it known. What is needed now and what is missing is the response of the inhabitants of Urantia. Now if you have questions, please let us entertain them and talk together. Thank you.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you John. We have a written question today from

John. He says: I am a long-time reader of The Urantia Book for decades, but as a Black man, every time I read those words about the Indigo race, my heart aches, and breaks all over again. Please ask Machiventa why it was necessary for the authors of the papers on the six colored races of Urantia to write such negative, even racist information about the Indigo race, when the truth is all races have their degenerate, misfit, backwards, and least progressive members. Were the authors not aware of the racial struggles on the planet between the Black and White races and these unfortunate statements of how the Indigo race are a “secondary” peoples, not equal, plays into the hands of White supremacy? The white racist David Duke would absolutely love to read these words from the gods which justifies their hatred and slavery of Black people. He goes on, but that’s a good start.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you for that question. This is hard to understand in the history of your world how it can be that the lack of access to opportunity, that the isolation of certain races in the evolution of this planet led to the unfortunate predicament and history of the black race—the Indigo race. This was a recital in your text of the history of your world, and it would seem, in the context of today's movement of social evolution, that the reciting of this history could be seen as racist and inflammatory, but there is no intention by the authors of this work to condone racism or slavery.

Even now, your society struggles with how to teach the history of slavery. The recital in your Urantia Book text was more or less the recital of the history of the facts of how it was that the Black race ended up being so predominantly tied up in the institution of slavery. Slavery wasn't unique to the Black race. Even today it is not unique. There are many different practices of slavery in the very recent past, and the White race itself often practiced slavery in the history of its evolution. Whenever dominant tribes would conquer other tribes, they would often enslave captives. Romans were great at enslaving captive peoples to do work, but it remains a fact that the Black race suffered this more acutely, more directly, and more as a collective than any other instance of the institution of slavery on this world.

It is hard for people who have not suffered this and who have not been generationally and epigenetically imprinted with the consequences of slavery to truly understand slavery and how it could be practiced to such devastation and for so long tolerated. But there is nothing in The Urantia Book to condone slavery, to condone the practice of it, or to give any particular race of color preferential treatment. The history of this world must truly be known in order to correct the consequences of much of this evolutionary history. Even now western cultures, and particularly American culture, struggle with the idea of reparations and how to atone for the institution of slavery. There is no agreement on this, and it will be difficult to come to agreement until people are truly motivated by the Spirit of brotherly and sisterly love and can sit down and truly look at the value of equality, truly feel empathy, and can act with compassion and love to correct this history. It will one day happen, but you can see that, in the general culture of America, there is still a great deal of systemic racism. There is inequality to people of color, but particularly to African Americans and Native Americans of systemic bias and racism that has yet to be acknowledged and corrected.

So, we appreciate your questions on this matter. There is no answer to this question that will satisfy those who have suffered, and whose ancestors have suffered this history, but their will in time become a remedy and correction for this. Do not look askance at a plain and factual rendering of this history, and try to understand, from a spiritual point of view, that the need to have a plain telling of this history is necessary to truly move beyond it. Thank you.

JT: He asked specifically about the three of these Sangik races being termed “primary” (the red, yellow, and blue), and the other three (the orange, green, and indigo) as being “secondary.” He feels like (and as I recall) the revelators said the primary races had gotten a higher endowment of abilities and the secondary races had gotten a lesser endowment. Is that in agreement with the truth? Were these poor or insensitive word choices on the part of the revelators?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. It's an accurate stating of the facts. However, his interpretation of these facts is not necessarily the truth. You understand the Life Carriers planting life in this world in three places in the shallow, saline waters of the world and how life evolved from there. And if you look at a natural outworking of evolution, you see throughout the process of evolution, different endowments, different abilities, and different expressions of these abilities even within the same species and subspecies. And don’t forget that this was a decimal world—a world where new formulas of life were implanted with new, enhanced abilities for evolution that had never been allowed before this world or tried before. And when you look at how it played out, it should be no particular surprise that in the evolution of humanity there were gradations of abilities, attributes, and talents within the human species itself.

This was not particularly a conscious part of the plan. It was just on the continuum of probabilities the way it actually worked out on this world. And once the natural course of events is set in motion by the Life Carriers, and once human will evolved, then they withdraw from the manipulation and any more particular direct involvement of this process, and it is allowed to play out. And if this is difficult to understand why there would be primary and secondary races and how it could be tolerated that there wasn't equality, then you have to widen your horizon and understand the bigger picture that every possible iteration of imperfection must be allowed to be expressed in the overall plan of imperfection evolving to perfection.

So, while these seeming inequalities are played out on your world, it is certainly not the attitude of the celestials that manage this process to think or treat any group of will creatures as any less equal than any others. At the same time, there's a wide range of expression of these mortal children. You could look at certain worlds where there is the one brain type. Then here on Urantia we are two brain mortals, but there are worlds that are three brain mortals and have much more talent and abilities. These are all expressions of the great purpose of the First Source and Center, and though these attributes aren't equal in and of themselves when directly compared with one another, everyone has the equal opportunity to transcend their mortal life and carry on in the Paradise ascension plan and the greater mystery of time-space and the evolutionary universes and their movement towards, one day, perfection. There is a difficult process, a mystery, that humanity struggles to understand and cannot make sense of it all in the big picture, but you can find your place in it and make sense of it for yourself where you are. Thank you.

JT: He goes on to ask, were the statements about the Indigo race, the actual words of the revelators, or did the Sadler group infect the book with a racist mindset of the US in the early 1900’s?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. It's an interesting question is it not? Considering that we teach through the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time that nothing that passes through the mortal mind is not affected in some way by the tone, the quality, and the attitude of the transmitter and receiver that it comes through. Now you know that The Urantia Book came through a human mind so does it bear some taint of that human mind? Perhaps, but it is there that you are presented with the wonderful opportunity to discern for yourself what you will take as truth and what you will not.

As far as the taint coming from minds other than the receiver of this information, it's highly unlikely that there was taint from the minds of those who actually handled these papers and assembled them. There was probably very little chance that there was much bias at all, even if the questions they were asking had bias in them because the revelators would be able to separate that out as it was not directly a part of the transmitting/receiving process. But again, I would offer no definitive statement on the revelation of the Urantia text. I would simply not deprive each of you of the opportunity to reconcile these statements through your own process of discernment, through your own process of contact with a direct fragment of the First Source and Center whom you can ask these questions and get personal understanding of what this means for you. So, use discernment always in any sort of celestial communication that you receive because this is all a part of the imperfect evolving towards perfection. These transmissions and these transcripts are not perfect. They bear the mark of the transmitter/receiver and of the celestial contact person. It remains for human wisdom on an individual basis to discern what resonates with you and what you determined to be true. Thank you.

JT: He wonders, if these statements were purposely put there to slow down or stop racial mixing between the black and white races, which The Urantia Book even discouraged.

JT: I remember The Urantia Book saying that it would be a mistake to try and uplift the Indigo race by admixing it with the White.

Sal: I'd like to change the subject here. We can't change the past. We got to look at the present and the future. All these things that you're talking about are in The Urantia Book, and I would like to change the menu here to about what we're doing now, and The Urantia Book is a template for what we should be doing now in the way of creating a government on this planet based on celestial input. Am I not correct?

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Sal, you seem to struggle with the understanding that would come to you through your own Thought Adjuster if you would truly make the effort to persevere and connect. As I said in my opening remarks, there are plans upon plans upon plans, and the foundation for it is your own spiritual maturity. You should by now, with all that you have received, be able to formulate an understanding of the question you just asked, and therefore I do not intend to answer these types of questions from you anymore. As far as this idea of the past, this is a real question from an individual seeking to reconcile within himself an understanding of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. And so, it is not untoward for us to spend a little time as we have spent much time with you assisting this individual in their quest for understanding.

As far as that question goes, there was no deliberate attempt by the revelators to use the mechanism of racism for any outcome, desired or not, in this revelation. I can see where a person might think that way depending on their perspective, but there's never an intent on the celestial realm to use information in a way to disadvantage an individual or a race to achieve a desired outcome. It is not the way that we work our plans, and it was not the plan of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to intentionally use racist remarks (or what could be interpreted as racist remarks) to improve and uplift the mortals on this world. Thank you.

JT: It’s been a real stumbling block apparently for John. He is a Black man, and I can see why it might be a stumbling block for him. He's been reading The Urantia Book for decades, and this has always bothered him and inhibits him from sharing The Urantia Book with other Black people. Kona has her hand up. Kona?

Kona: Yes, thank you James. Thank you Machiventa. I'm very excited because the group that formed out of CTAG, out of this group, the officers that have been working, Machiventa, we are about to go live with the website, and so I have a question about your desire to announce there is a plan and how we should go about doing that. So, we have put together a landing page and we have plans for further development, but the big question is: Now, where do you want us to get the messages from you to put on the website? What is it next that you want on the website? Is it transmissions from days like today, is it going to be a transmission to our board of directors or our design team? That's really the question now. The business foundation has pretty much been laid and so now we are ready to move forward with your message and would love, love, love to hear from you on what that message is and how you want it presented. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. The message is pretty much there. It's there in your Urantia text, it's there in all the transmissions that for decades were going on, it's there in continuing transmissions including today. Now given that this information is there, what is really necessary is the participation of spiritually mature individuals who are conversant with not only the Urantia text but also the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission and have some real experience with conscious contact with their Indwelling Spirit. Because in the co-creative process, if I lay this all out for you and I tell you how I want it done and I give you a specific message and say, “This is my message, put this on this website,” I'm really doing things that you are very capable of doing for yourself. This is where you must use your discernment and craft a message that comes through human minds because this is how revelation begins to meet evolution, and I really think that this servant leadership team has enough talent to, between themselves, craft a message that they feel could be received by their contemporaries on this world. And then, when you have such a message, I would be happy to review it and comment on it before you put it on the website to assist you with perhaps fine-tuning it. But I would turn the process around and ask you to do it first and then bring it to me. Thank you.

Kona: Thank you so much for that. I had a thought, Machiventa, and you've addressed this wonderfully, we do have an extremely talented team and so the thought had been perhaps each person has a blog or a contribution who feels led to do that to review the Teaching Mission and work with the celestials and be inspired to present a piece either on a weekly basis or whatever works so that it's not just one group of editors from our team, but it's a conglomeration of each of the talented individuals making a contribution as they feel called to do. Is that something that you're thinking about or is that kind of in line with what you were saying here? Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Oh yes, we have many ideas for you once you get the foundation laid and take care of the business end of things and make this website a living place and I would share some of these ideas with you. Even in attendance here today we have other transmitter/receivers of great experience who do wonderful jobs and have a tone and quality to them that definitely needs to be more widely heard and represented, and this website offers the wonderful opportunity to do that. It also offers you a wonderful opportunity to answer your own question that you originally had, and that is to help to craft a message of what the plan is and how to talk about conscious contact with Indwelling Spirit, how to talk about the fact that humans are indwelt with the Spirit of their Creator. And it would be wonderful to see a little wider collaboration in the crafting of this message and asking some of these other Transmitters/Receivers for their input might be one way you would do that.

[We would like to see] a group of all the Transmitters/Receivers that sometimes get together just as a group of Transmitters/Receivers and share methods, share instruction with one another, and begin to develop a curriculum for how to bring younger people into the Transmitting/Receiving process. But there should be messages on this website from other Transmitters/Receivers (other than this one) that support a wider and more diverse aspect to my message because there are many minds out there in this world that will respond differently to one Transmitter/Receiver or another just by the tone, the vibration, the way a message comes through, and we shouldn't overlook any of that in our effort to encourage people to truly take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and development and be their own authority. Thank you.

Kona: Thank you so much. My very last question I think on this subject is for us to focus on this message rather than, and this is my question, should we focus on the message from the celestials as opposed to trying to tackle any of the problems on the planet per se. A lot of people are struggling with economics, violence, and those types of things, but I see our website is a place to help them become uplifted as opposed to try to answer their questions about the trauma on the planet. Or is there a balance between that and trying to help them understand, let's say the Luciferic Rebellion and how that might be impacting them? Could you speak to that just a moment?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. This is not an either/or type of situation and I know that you know this. It is both/and. So, we have our message relative to people's individual responsibilities, but we can also speak to our vision for collective responsibilities and how through the participation of spiritually maturing individuals we can address social sustainability, the seven core values and how they would apply to government, economics, finance, education, and the family. There's no need not to begin to address those things through the co-creative design team process and then put that up on the website and allow people to ask questions. This is one of the functions of this website that I would love to see for myself. I want people to know that they can ask me questions and receive answers and that, over time, there will grow for the benefit of individuals a list of frequently asked questions. Many will have the same type of questions and a good answer to that question would then be available to many—they could go there and see if their question is answered. But it should be a place for these questions to be received and a group of Transmitters/Receivers to have the opportunity to ask for answers and to have them posted on this website so that people can get a flavor for what it's like to commune with the celestial personality, in this case myself. They can ask questions and they can begin to receive answers to their questions. And so, it would become a living relationship that from our side we think would do a great deal to assist people and then having their own living relationship with their divine Spirit, the divine spark within them. Thank you.

Kona: Would that include an invitation to these types of sessions? And by the way, we have a phone number now so we can also begin taking phone calls. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: I think in time it would, this is Machiventa. I think in time, this is how it will grow. Right now, I think it's a little premature for that, but these will be things that we'll have to decide together once this gets out there in a wider world because it's going to receive attention and energy and things will kind of go where the energy is and where there's interest. And so, as people become interested, then things will expand. But you must consider this too: There will be many that will try to discredit our work, try to diminish our credibility and so there must be some discernment as to how you expand access to me or to any other celestial (e.g. Monjoronson) to those whose intentions are to discredit and to try and find flaws in the process, and use those flaws to exclaim to people why this is just not true—none of it is valid. Those are some things that we'll have to cross one at a time when the situation arises, but we certainly envision speaking to more people in these sessions eventually and seeing how that goes and how that expands. For right now, we would use caution [about] opening it up widely and instead go through a step process perhaps where people can send in questions to a core group of mature practitioners, mature individuals, and those questions can be vetted, and they can be edited to take out questions that have a malicious intent. But those questions are still worthy of being answered if they can be reframed in a way where the underlying question that someone is asking can be answered without falling prey to being dragged into a rabbit hole of trying to justify ourselves because we will not entertain arguments where we're trying to justify what we do. Our information, our ideas stand on their own merit. We're not here to argue the validity of them with people that don't appreciate them or deliberately want to oppose them because we're questioning the status quo, and that's something that they're benefiting from at the moment. So, this will evolve as we move forward. Thank you.

Kona: Thank you so much Machiventa. That concludes my questions.

JT: Marthe, I'm wondering if you had anything to add to the racial question with your experience in South Africa.

Marthe: Thanks James, thanks Machiventa, and thanks for being patient Sal. I know I'm going back to where you were trying to steer us from. I just wanted to say that I'm deeply grateful that we are asking this question because the issue of white supremacy is very much in the minds of many people at this time on our planet when there's so much havoc being wrought. There was recently a dialogue in the last week on the legacy of slavery organized by very wise African American and African women. It was deeply touching. And one of the things is I've been spending 20 years being guided by very wise African women, and I'm so aware that so many of them are wiser, kinder, and much more generous than I am. And so, for me it's been a wonderful experience coming from the Afrikaner race where so much inequality was forced upon people and so much misery was caused. And I personally feel very much burdened by the responsibility of trying to do what you mentioned, Machiventa, of correcting. And one of the things that has occurred to me recently is the methodology that's being used in prisons where people are conducting perpetrator-victim dialogues. So, I wanted to ask you, Machiventa, is the methodology of victim-perpetrator dialogues a useful one for us who are interested in trying to address the imbalances and atone for the past that has caused such pain? Do you think that's a useful approach? Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. These are indeed difficult issues on your world and while we support and encourage any method that would help bring people together in an attitude of love, equality, and appreciation for each one, truly, the power to overcome such difficult race relations and history as exists on this world is spiritual. The base for reparations, for atonement, for beginning to create a sustainable society—the real power—comes from Spirit. An enlightened secular humanism is wonderful, but it will not achieve, in the end, the kinds of results that are going to be necessary to put these issues to bed once and for all. So, know that there is no condemnation, there was never any approval on the part of the celestial administration that created the conditions for racism, for slavery, or for inequality. These are purely the natural outworking of the evolutionary experience of this decimal planet that was decimated by the twin defaults of their Planetary Prince and the Material Son and Daughter. Much of this would have been dealt with had there been no rebellion. Since that is not the case, and we are here where we are now with these issues, there can be no true healing as long as guilt remains. Guilt will not provide a sufficient platform or a personal relationship with those who have suffered to allow true healing to take place. Guilt actually holds inequality in place. So, when individuals can truly feel they are forgiven, they are loved unconditionally, and when they can live, act, and develop programs based on that position, that attitude, and that experience, then you will truly begin to see some of the harm go away—to be healed. But you can hardly have a healing as long as systemic racism remains embedded in cultures. And to try to say to people who suffer this that we want to make it better and then not relieve their circumstance so they have opportunities so they can make it better for themselves, is really where a lot of focus could be put. When people do not have equal access to opportunities, it can sound very hollow to say, “We want to help, we want to make change, we want to make a difference”. And all they want to hear really is “I want my children to go to good schools. I want to have access to decent work. I want to have an ability to provide a quality of life for my family as we see you doing”. And so, working to erase those barriers would bear much fruit. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much.

Sal: I'm not here to throw a monkey wrench into the process. I'm here to hopefully uplift the planet as best I can while I'm here in the now. I know there are a lot of people who have similar questions to mine that are not here. You asked for questions, but you don't want to answer the questions because you think I'm throwing a monkey wrench into the methodology that you're putting in place. So, I'm here to hopefully uplift the planet, not throw a monkey wrench into the process of uplifting the planet. Comment?

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. The comment has been made this session, the last session, and the session before, Sal. If you truly want to do the most you can do in this moment where this world is at in the current stage of events, then you can do that as an individual seeking conscious contact with your divine Spirit, and allow that growth, that individual growth, to happen within you. That is the attractive force that will come forth out of you as an individual to attract to you whatever other means and opportunities you may want. But to put the idea of creating a world government out there as your focus is not going to get any traction with me and my staff simply because, again, I will tell you: this world is not ready for that, and it would be premature and would be a disaster and a setback. So, I do not wish to entertain any more questions about the establishment of a human, corporeal corps, or world government. There's so much work that needs to be done before we get there. Yes, in the long-term medium-term, these plans exist, but they cannot be prematurely implemented without causing great harm. Thank you.

Sal: I wasn't even mentioning about a government which eventually will happen. I'm talking about in the now of the wars that's going on, the suffering that's going on, and what we can do in the now of it and not getting worse, but getting better with the knowledge that the circuits are open.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you. This is Machiventa. It is true that there is much on your world that would make you question the involvement of a God of love and kindness. This is the natural evolution, the natural outworking of immature beings given free will who suffered the disastrous consequences of the default of their spiritual administration. These are, again, problems on your world that you as human beings are going to have to resolve. We encourage you to support anyone in an organization that supports these values of equality, of generalized love for humanity, of compassion—that you may always support. But to do that work in the absence of doing your own inner work will not be nearly as effective if you do your inner work and raise the vibration of your being.

Now there's one thing that can happen that has great power that even this group by and large doesn't seem to notice. And that is the idea of group prayer. When large numbers of individuals get together and truly, as a group, align their will with the First Source and Center and pray for outcomes that are truly in line with this will of our Creator, it is the most powerful force and thing that you can do to address some of these issues of war, of what's going on in the Middle East, the Ukraine, of inequality on such a gross level that many people are being exploited for the good and the means of the very few. This group prayer is important, and it does have real world effects. Now the element that you supply is faith. To engage in such a practice, you must have the faith that it is real, that it is worth doing, and that it will alleviate and begin to help and change the situation on the ground because with that faith and your petition, miracles can happen. But you cannot predispose your effort of faith with expectations. You must simply surrender all outcomes to celestial guidance. But that is something that can be done. Thank you.

Sal: Thank you.

Deborah: So, I don't really have a question formulated, but I have a thought that entered my mind about Sal's question, and it's an analogy with that big container ship that plowed into the Baltimore Bridge and destroyed it. And the concept is momentum. Even if we were to drop anchor to stop violence in our world, there's a certain momentum of this violence that will continue on. And the only way to drop anchor is to help people to realize that the solution is in their spiritual life and to make that commitment to contacting the divine within them and hopefully as they learn more about Machiventa and his team to become involved with our celestial managers. So as much as we want the suffering to stop, Sal, I think we need to accept that there is that momentum to violence and it won't slow very fast if we aren't working on our own residual tendencies for violent forms of thinking. I mean we perpetrate these on ourselves even. I have many times by finding fault with myself or as Martha puts out by feeling guilty about something and thinking that that's the attitude to make enormous change, and it isn't.

So as much as the celestials would like to drop the anchor that stops everything, they won't do that because they need us to do our part. And somehow when I was a young person around even my early teens, I realized that the only way to change the world was to start to change myself. And that's an important message I think for Mission Urantia to get out there if we're going to address the issues of equality, social sustainability, and so on. As Machiventa says, we must start with ourselves! We must make time to be still, become more aware of our Spirit, and become co-partners in our decision making throughout the day. So, I think that there's a certain element of having to accept what is, and the violence of this world is what is. But we can start to slow it down. We can drop our anchors and, as Machiventa just said, prayer is a wonderful anchor that can start to truly transform the minds of other people.

So, I don't know if I have any more to say on this, but it just came to me what an analogy it had with that boat. Even though it did everything it could just stop itself, it could not, and it still plowed into something and caused major destruction and that's going to be our norm for a long time I think on this world. But it doesn't mean we can't eventually stop that boat of violence. We just have to keep after it—doing the steps, the personal steps, and then sharing our personal spiritual life with others so that they know they can do the same. And that's my take on what Machiventa is trying to get across and hopefully what you are feeling in your heart, Sal, wanting to make that difference in our world. If Machiventa had anything he wanted to comment on that, I'll leave that to him. But that's all I felt impelled to say unless you wanted to comment, Sal.

MACHIVENTA: Sal, do you wish to comment?

Sal: Well, we're all at different positions in life and where we see it, and it's like touching an elephant in a dark room—everybody sees something differently. The questions that I have about our future is what I'm concerned about, and I know everybody has their own way of looking at it. And this core group is what I assume would be the connection to the spiritual contact about doing something different than the norm of watching the tugboats, even if they were there, not stopping that massive boat, hitting that bridge.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. First of all, let me say how much I love each of you and appreciate each of you being here to even engage in a conversation like this. You can have no idea the interest on my side of the many beings who follow this meeting, this conversation, and marvel. On a world that has been so deprived of visible spiritual administration that there are even humans like you who can feel this deep heart connection to Spirit and be moved to begin to try and make a difference. Just the fact that you're here, each and every one of you, and you have a true intention in your heart to be that difference makes a tremendous difference.

You're blazing a trail of light. And though you can't possibly see it, believe me, it is visible to us. There are patterns of mind on this world that are deeply entrenched in violence, corruption, greed, and manipulation, and what we are doing—what you are doing here—is introducing new patterns of mind. And these patterns will exist here on this world long after you are not here on this world, and they will be available to be expanded upon, worked upon, and they create an opening for others to think differently because you have been there to open your minds to new possibilities.

Now, if you think of one of your great minds that lived here, Albert Einstein, and his whole concept about energy and how things remain in motion until met by an equal or greater force to change their motion and all of that applied to science, and if you apply that to the spirit realm, it's also true. And so, by collectively as individuals all over the world coming on as bright lights, as an individual, you begin to create an aggregate, a mass, a force that one day will change the direction of the rebellion mindset on this world and will help it change directions. Now, should you wish to augment that force, then group prayer and collective prayer is like a magnifying glass where you can take all these individual lights and focus them much as you did as children with magnifying glasses with sunlight. And you can focus the spiritual light that is available on this world into a greater force.

So, regarding your work as Mission Urantia and your website, an idea is to perhaps have a world prayer page where some of these big issues can be put up there and at a certain time and place, invite people to have a prayer. And this is the type of meeting that can be zoomed to all kinds of people, any who are interested, and can be led by one of the spiritually mature participants of this group to address a certain issue and focus worldwide prayer. And I can tell you that from our side, that would make a tremendous difference. These are new ideas. There are people doing that and there's no reason why there shouldn't be more people doing it. When enough people do that, you could shave a great deal of time off what it's going to take to correct this world.

And so, I would ask you to think about that idea—to go within in your individual practice to ask for guidance. And when you get together collectively, I would encourage you to remember what our Master said when he lived on this world: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am.” And that is the principle to marshal and focus these spiritual energies that we are only now becoming consciously aware of and begin to use them for the greater good of this world. And then you will truly see miracles happen.

I'm grateful for your participation and I love hearing your thoughts, your ideas, and I would encourage you to stay with this process and persevere for help is certainly here. Each and every one of you is a representative of that help, and we appreciate you so much. Thank you.

JT: I’ll let that be Machiventa’s closing for today. Let’s wrap it up. I think the generalized lack of satisfying closure on some of these issues is maybe indicative of the fact that we're right where we're supposed to be and working on the problems we’re supposed to be working on.

Sal: I've got one thing to say. I was attacked about the creation of a government, but The Urantia Book has a whole paper on a government on a neighboring planet. Can you comment on why they gave us that paper?

JT: Sal, I think we're done with that for now. I'm closing the meeting.

Sal: Okay.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Mission Urantia - 8― April 01, 2024 ― John Morris ― US
Received by John Morris
Session: April 01, 2024



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