From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

“Trustworthiness is the true measure of self-mastery, character.” [UB 315:06]

Thought AdjusterTeacher ― Thought Adjuster:
This short statement provides much food for thought. Am I trustworthy? Are you trustworthy? Those are very significant inquiries. How so?

As a Divine Fragment, I dwell within you. It is not a form of ‘Spirit possession,’ as I would never trespass on your decision-making process, which is why My Presence goes unnoticed by many. I am a Father Fragment — His Personal Inner Ambassador of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness — Love in Action. Yes, I AM 100% worthy of your trust, as I only have your highest good at Heart.

What about you? Isn’t it amazing that, even though you start on your life’s journey as an immature and imperfect creature of time and space, I am eager to come and indwell you in your state of untrustworthiness? So many of you fall prey to self-doubt. Nevertheless, I trust in your potentials, as I hold dear the blueprint of the perfected you.

As you continue to overcome challenging situations that strengthen your character, you are growing in trustworthiness, and your self-doubt gives way to self-trust. As well, the positive sense of selfhood that you come to exude leads others to trust you as well.

Indeed, confidence and trust go in pairs. It is by subduing your unruly tendencies that you become a Master in the martial arts of life — both feet remaining firmly planted on the ground no matter what. Such a Self-Master also qualifies as a ‘trustworthy’ and dependable Sensei for wannabee Masters. It is how Jesus led His exemplary life, and numerous were the fruits of Spirit adorning His magnetic personality.

Thought Adjuster ― From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust ― February 20, 2019 ― Anyas ― Inner Sherpa, Inc ― Oregon, US of A
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Session: February 20, 2019



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