The Eternal Mother’s teaching on us being perfected by our Paradise Parents – The Paradise Trinity-I AM

My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you – feeling your Love and Care for from within, and I do desire to receive your teaching on perfection and perfecting us on the way to Paradise – your dwelling abode and our destiny – bestowed by you upon all of us on Urantia – as you have commanded us – Be perfect even as I am perfect.


Sunday, 2 June, 2019
Teacher, The Beloved One

Teacher, The Beloved One:
Let us commune in the secret chamber of your heart, in the sacred violet flame, that burns ever so brightly whenever you enter here to be on hallowed ground.

It is here where I, your Pilot and Guide, unfold the mysteries of life – those insights which can only be told to the humble, who are truly the wise ones on the planet.

It is a life consecrated to doing the Will of God, and as well, it is a life dedicated to find the true meaning and values of life.

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The Still Voices

Sunday, 14 April, 2019
The Beloved One

Teacher: The Beloved One ―
When you bestow all your love and devotion onto others, The Giver of All fills you again, constantly. There needs to be a void on your part, because even when you think that you have nothing more to give, you can call on the Father for more. So give, give, give. In time you will learn that your cup is never empty but always filled to overflowing.

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Be an Instrument of Father's Will

Monday, 25 February, 2019
Be an Instrument of Father's Will

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Greetings Dear Students,
You are all dearly loved and cared for by the Creator Father.  By His grace do you have life and are you given the opportunity to live eternally--to "become perfect as he is perfect."  His love for you and all others is without condition and He is no respecter of persons.  For some this is a confusing statement that is sometimes misinterpreted. Many believe that if they are to become perfected they must gain Father's favor and will spend their time doing good deeds as a way to "prove" that they are worthy of Father's blessings.  Many also believe that prosperity is proof that they are in Father's favor.  Although doing good is a part of Father's will, it is the intention behind the act that determines its eternal value to you and others.

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About Free Energy

Monday, 3 September, 2018

Uteah – Trinity Teacher:
All connections occur at an energetic level. Human beings would grow in awareness as to the quality of their thoughts and emotions if they learned to accurately decipher their energetic charges. Ponder this for a moment. Whenever you feel depressed, you become energetically depleted. You tend to cut yourself off from social interactions, thus restricting, even more, the energy supply that you could benefit from, should you remain plugged into the compensating energetic pool of those who currently operate at a higher voltage.

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The Flash-Flood Of Love

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah
I was dispatched from Paradise to teach you about LOVE. Indeed, Paradise is the Source and Center of Love in Action. This is the reason why the Father blesses your planet with a Teacher that has the best credentials to help you open your heart more and more fully. What a beautiful moment it is to behold when we witness from on High the openings of many hearts—just as it is a breathtaking process to witness the coming to full bloom of a flower!

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Your Greatest Challenge

Sunday, 30 September, 2018
Your Greatest Challenge

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Greetings to you, my dearest students―I AM Uteah and I bring you the Love of the Universal Father, the Compassion of the Eternal Son, and the Breath and Beauty of the Infinite Spirit―may this Trinity of Divinity be forever imprinted on your heart and may it envelop the vessel of your souls. 

This statement is not only a salutation, but a reality, for as a Trinity Teacher, I bring the vibration of this Trinity in through my words and between the lines where it may saturate your being and activate the divine relationship between your soul and the Indwelling Spirit of the Father.

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New Era Transition 41 – Decision Logic; Tolerating Immorality; Motivators for Equality

Monday, 18 June, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Lesson on decision logic
  • Problems with other people are of interpretations
  • The seven values are motivators for equality
  • Misunderstanding of “love”
  • Develop rules of morality that evolves out of the seven values
  • What is missing is logic of intention
  • Some animals understand inequality
  • Activating the light body
  • Those that prey on empathy and compassion of others
  • Egregious behavior of social predators
  • Tolerating immorality makes you complicit
  • Moral evolution and dilemmas
  • The family is the fabric of society

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A Peaceful Mind And A Joyful Heart

Thursday, 14 April, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  
Dear child, much is being said about the planetary shift toward Light and Life.  What does that mean?  Such a shift is only enabled through Love in Action as Love is the original motive being All That Is. 
If you were sitting in an airplane flying at dusk, you would witness many lights being turned on—one by one--and illuminating the cities.  This is how the spreading of Light and Life appears to us from our vantage point.  One soul at a time is being activated by the conscious pursuit of higher intentions.  One soul at a time is being awakened and is joining forces with other awakened ones.  All these little lights are telling us that the Divine Presence within has been acknowledged and is being consulted and empowered. 

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Through the Eyes of Love

Sunday, 5 April, 2015

Teacher: Christ Michael
Good morning my children, this is Christ Michael.
Through the eyes of love can all things be seen as anew and all hearts healed. It is my desire for you, my child, to see the world through these eyes—my eyes, and know that peace can be a reality for you, for the Father and I are One, and we feel your pain, your disappointments, and broken hearts. Come to me and into my open arms—I will heal your heart and show you the love that I see through a Father’s eyes. I love you with a Father’s love—a higher love—a love that is deeper than any ocean, and a love that forgives all and holds no record of your weaknesses.

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What is it that you truly Desire?

Sunday, 12 October, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my dear friends, I have a question for you. What is it that you truly desire? I would like for you to sit with this question and narrow it down into the one most important thing that you feel would make you most complete and whole. Be completely honest with yourself and speak it openly: “The one most important thing that I desire that would make me feel complete and whole is _____________________________________________.”

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From This Day Forward, You are a Student of Love

Sunday, 7 September, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
The message for today is about self-worth, and self-love. One of the most limiting beliefs there are on your world today is the belief that you are somehow not worthy or not good enough to be accepted by God because of some failure in your past or because someone told you the lie that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough to achieve anything of importance in your life. How many of you as adults are walking “wounded” and carrying around these huge burdens of guilt and hurt from your past or from childhood that has left a deep mark on your psyche that prevents you from moving forward toward some hidden desire to become your “ideal self?”

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What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace”?

Sunday, 23 March, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
What does it mean to “be in your peace?” We hear many of you refer to this state of being for someone who has made the transition to the mansion worlds—that somehow by shedding the flesh they are transformed to this new way of being and that all their cares and struggles are over. Although there is some truth to this, for living on the mansion worlds does certainly bring peace to many, for others however, the struggle continues because they find they are not prepared for this new way of life where food hunger is absent, no money economy to master, no competition or corporate ladder to climb, and no mask to hide behind—all is revealed.

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