New Era Transition 100 – Implementation, Divine intervention, Pragmatic idealism

Monday, 21 September, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Implementation has begun—a long approach
  • Changing the culture of Western civilization (democratic nations)
  • New video series—the evolution of democracies
  • The United States is in an existential crisis
  • Only democracies can adapt to current uncertainties—incorporating the seven values
  • You are on a crash course
  • Reforming the foundations of your civilization using all seven core values
  • The heart of humanity must come forward
  • An appeal for Divine intervention
  • Free will is sovereign in all regards
  • Celestial team “moving ahead” or waiting for humanity
  • Necessity for major cataclysmic trauma?
  • God is the Center of all
  • Coming in a great clap of thunder—free will and co-creativity
  • Use your free will to become part of God’s grandeur
  • We do not offer hints, but you need to have forethought
  • The excellent and just balance
  • Ethics in artificial intelligence
  • Guidance on being a Transmitter/Receiver
  • A mass awakening today?
  • Support those who make sense
  • Pragmatic idealism
  • Evolution in the democratic process
  • Feedback in democratic systems
  • Rebuilding in alignment with the seven values
  • Asking for help and growth—be open to it
  • Liz on a journey—personality gravity
  • Who has the power to change that?
  • Power is very fluid
  • Empower yourself, empower your society
  • You are not powerless. You have the power of the God Presence within you

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Shift in consciousness and a tiny virus

Tuesday, 31 March, 2020
Malavatia Melchizedek

Visitor: Malavatia Melchizedek
Hello my friends.
I'm here to bring you some good news. Look forward to everything that is going on in your world right now. God offers you a great opportunity to discover your potential for kindness, love and mutual help; to transform your governments and political institutions.
You are all in the same box. You are all on the same boat, you are all living on the same planet.
You realized in a quarter of a second that if someone coughs on the other side of the world, you get a cold. All planned wars stopped, soldiers are brought back to their countries to help their own people.

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What about Health?

Sunday, 5 March, 2017
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza

Teacher: Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8):
Much of the lack of more effective health on Urantia is due to the incomplete Adamic Bestowal on the human races. Although the Andonic race was mostly pure, being the first race on Urantia, it lacked cosmic insight and effective resistance against diseases. Caligastia’s One Hundred gave humanity its first genetic boost with their superior plasma; however, the decisive one, the Adamic genetic up-stepping program was, unfortunately, aborted by Adam and Eve’s default. Since then, Health on Urantia is not a given, but rather a struggle, a result of an aleatory genetic inheritance, and social and scientific achievements.

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The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men

Thursday, 8 November, 2018
Most Highs Rule

Teacher Prolotheos:
Urantia and all the other inhabited spheres in the Super Universe of Orvonton receive three levels of government, care, and supervision. From Uversa, our super-universe capital comes the general supervision for all local universes by the agencies of the Ancient of Days. From the local universes comes the government of the Creator Sons, like our Christ Michael (Jesus) who most capably governs His Nebadon Universe. And finally, from the Systems is dispatched, for the inhabited worlds, a Planetary Prince, for the local government.

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The Ultimate Goal of Evolution

Wednesday, 8 August, 2018
The Ultimate Goal of Evolution

The Beloved One:
Allow your heart to be stirred into action by the unseen activities of heaven. The celestials are waiting to see which mortal will next answer the call of Sprit, and start exercising that precious free-will power of choice and decision-making to wake up and align the self to the will of the eternal God.


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