Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
429 2013-04-04 Thought Adjuster The Most Favourable Position Oscar Personality development
428 2019-06-03 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 65 – Good Parent; Overpopulation; New Energy Daniel Raphael Surviving
427 2019-06-02 Trinity Teacher Uteah An Exercise Anyone can use for Guidance Chris Personality development
426 2019-04-14 The Beloved One The Still Voices Lytske Faith, Morality, Love
425 2019-05-20 Trinity Teacher Uteah Vulnerability is the Key Chris Personality development
424 2019-05-03 The Beloved One The real Purpose Of Life Lytske Thought Adjuster
423 2019-05-20 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 64 – Vectors of Probability; Cultural Upheaval; What Are Individuals Not Doing? Daniel Raphael Activity of Heaven
422 2019-05-12 Trinity Teacher Uteah Operator of the Light Field - Part 2 Chris Thought Adjuster
421 2019-03-08 Machiventa Melchizedek Receiving and Transmitting Michel Levasseur Thought Adjuster
420 2019-05-05 Trinity Teacher Uteah The Operator of the Light Field Chris Thought Adjuster
419 2019-05-06 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 63 – Future Generations; New Revelation; Days of Light and Life Daniel Raphael Surviving
418 2019-02-20 Thought Adjuster From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust Anyas Thought Adjuster
417 2019-03-03 The Beloved One Listening to and Hearing from On High Lytske Personality development
416 2019-04-29 Trinity Teacher Uteah Light and Life Teaching Corps Chris Magisterial Mission
415 2019-04-21 Trinity Teacher Uteah Living in Immersive Faith Chris Faith, Morality, Love
414 2019-04-22 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 62 – Long Arc; Sharing concepts; Forgiveness; Making Foresightful Plans Daniel Raphael Social sustainability
413 2019-05-14 Trinity Teacher Uteah Learning to Relinquish Control is a Process Chris Personality development
412 2013-04-02 Thought Adjuster Keep Moving Forward Oscar Personality development
411 2013-04-03 Thought Adjuster One More Reason to Motivate You Oscar Magisterial Mission
410 2019-04-08 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 61 – Solutions Coming; Revelation; Psychic Circles; Resistant Germs Daniel Raphael Activity of Heaven
409 2019-02-10 Thought Adjuster About Fire Drills Anyas Personality development
408 2019-04-07 Trinity Teacher Uteah What does being "Guided in Light" really mean? Chris Personality development
407 2019-03-03 The Beloved One A Lesson about Eternity Lytske Personality development
406 2017-03-05 Midwayer Dr. Mendoza What about Health? Valdir Soares Healthcare
405 2019-03-25 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 60 – Eternal Rewards; Total Commitment; Celestials and Machiventa Daniel Raphael Activity of Heaven
404 2019-04-01 Trinity Teacher Uteah The Vital Understanding Chris Thought Adjuster
403 2019-03-11 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 59 – Stable Economy; Equalizing Wealth; Decreasing Population Daniel Raphael Economics
402 2019-01-14 Machiventa Melchizedek The Times to Come Michel Levasseur Apocalypse
401 2019-03-24 Trinity Teacher Uteah It Shall be the Tipping Point! Chris Father's Will
400 2013-03-28 Thought Adjuster What is important in life? Oscar Personality development